Sarvatti *just* got libxfont00:00
Sarvattshoot cant use apt-get either00:00
brycegrumble grumble00:01
brycewell, at least I did verify this time that 190 applies00:01
Sarvattsomethings majorly screwed up, i better reboot and hope for the best00:01
johanbrhmm... nouveau + all the other bits from xorg-edgers fails for me, "error opening the drm"00:10
bryceSarvatt, luck?00:11
Sarvattyeah just something screwy. latest intel git doesnt boot x though which was fun to find out :D00:11
SarvattVersion: 7.0.16~git20091111.3ec82cd7-0ubuntu0sarvatt  Version: 7.0.15-1 for x11proto-core-dev, looks like the protos arent even built yet00:12
Sarvattoh hey00:14
Sarvatt190 actually applies to master now with your change00:14
RAOFArgh!  Why do I _still_ need to look up 'git help checkout' to switch to an upstream branch?00:14
Sarvattshoot, auto-xorg-git changes coming back to bite me now that it was updated, i used ~ instead of + in alot of the protos and libs so >=1.2.0 build deps fail for 1.2.0~whatever00:20
RAOFShould I upload a new nouveau-kernel-source package to Lucid, or wait for whatever falls out of the kernel team discussions?00:25
RAOFInteresting context: nouveau is currently untestable on Lucid, because the current nouveau-kernel-source fails to build against 2.6.32 kernels.00:26
bryceRAOF, I'd doublecheck with the kernel team first00:27
Sarvattoops, looks like 177_animated_cursor_change_master.patch needs to go too00:38
Sarvatt../../render/animcur.c: In function ‘AnimCurDisplayCursor’:00:39
Sarvatt../../render/animcur.c:222: error: ‘struct _DeviceIntRec’ has no member named ‘isMaster’00:39
Sarvattthats on master but will be the same on 1.7 branch -- http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/xserver/commit/?id=b12d302df8283186ce87882c29b2b0294adb277000:57
Sarvattdarn http://paste.ubuntu.com/334210/00:59
Sarvattyep 177 fails on 1.7.2 too01:06
Sarvattchecking if 190_cache-xkbcomp_output_for_fast_start_up.patch makes 1.7.2 fail to build now too like it does master01:08
Sarvattpushing this little atom cpu hard tonight :)01:09
brycehrm, wonder if there exists an updated version of 19001:11
brycebugger my pbuilder environment still isn't updated01:11
brycewell, we can leave 190 disabled for alpha-1, that won't be the end of the world01:12
bryceditto 17701:13
Sarvattyeah i'm using edgers just to see if things work, had to change x11proto-xf86bigfont-dev (>= 1.2.0), to x11proto-xf86bigfont-dev (>= 1.1.99), to make it build because of 1.2.0~ behind lower than 1.2.001:14
Sarvatthmm 01:15
Sarvattchecking for DMXMODULES... yes01:15
Sarvatt../configure: line 20715: XDMXCONFIG_DEP_CFLAGS: command not found01:15
Sarvatt../configure: line 20716: C: command not found01:15
Sarvatt../configure: line 20717: XDMXCONFIG_DEP_LIBS: command not found01:15
Sarvatt../configure: line 20718: linker: command not found01:15
Sarvatt(sorry for so many lines at once)01:15
Sarvatt1.7.2 failed the same as master with 190 applied :(01:17
jcristauSarvatt: that's fixed in 1.7.301:17
jcristauthat doesn't fail the build here tho01:18
Sarvattyeah doesnt fail, just saw the error while that one was building01:18
Sarvattsame failure on 1.7.2 with 190 though http://paste.ubuntu.com/334216/01:19
* bryce comments out in git01:25
bryceit's my fault, I said "190 was easy" earlier and jinxed us01:25
Sarvattnow its failing in hw/xfree86/common/xf86Events.c :(01:39
Sarvattpatch 13501:40
Sarvatttrying 1.7.2 to see if it fails there too01:41
Sarvattgotta love ccache01:41
RAOFOk.  So, nouveau would also like libdrm 2.4.16 for Lucid.01:44
Sarvattintel requires 2.4.16 to build now too01:45
RAOFAnd it looks like it's practically finished in pkg-xorg git.01:45
Sarvattdarn, ccache doesnt work when you build 2 seperate versions of the same package :D01:48
Sarvattand i'm an idiot.. disabled 135 when i built 1.7.2 to see if 135 made it fail that time :D01:56
Sarvattyeah 135 fails on 1.7.2 in origin/ubuntu too :( http://paste.ubuntu.com/334228/02:05
Sarvattbuilds fine without it02:05
Amaranthoh yeah, can we drop the XAA hack now? I don't think any driver that supports compiz uses XAA by default anymore02:08
AmaranthI can't drop the compiz half of it until the Xorg half is gone02:08
brycewhich XAA hack is this?02:10
* Amaranth looks for it02:10
brycethe radeon XAA hack for low mem cards?02:10
Amaranthit was a way to dynamically enable XaaNoOffscreenPixmaps02:10
Amaranthfrom way back in feisty or something02:11
Amaranthlooks like maybe it's gone already02:11
AmaranthI know it wasn't some time during karmic development though02:11
bryceif you spot it, let me know02:12
brycewe mostly don't care about XAA anymore02:12
Amaranthwell nothing in debian/patches mentions _COMPIZ_GL_INCLUDE_INFERIORS anymore so I guess it is gone02:12
bryceAmaranth, there actually is a situation where XAA is used on -ati02:13
bryceupstream found that on some antique cards they can't do EXA very well so they do XAA by default on them02:13
Sarvattthey'd have to be crazy to be using compiz in that situation where they have 32mb or under video ram though lol02:14
Amaranththose are the same ones that report invalid GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE, aren't they?02:14
brycehowever from what I've seen and heard this causes as much trouble as it solves, and I'm tempted to just force it all EXA anyway, and deal with the EXA bugs02:14
bryceSarvatt, what our users crazy?02:15
Amaranththat need KMS to do it properly because they create a buffer large enough to fit the screen when rotated so they run out of memory02:15
Sarvattdoesn't fglrx use XAA still? I dont use it but thought it did for some reason02:17
AmaranthPretty sure they have almost useful XRender acceleration so I don't think so02:18
Sarvattthats the most positive comment about fglrx 2d acceleration i've ever heard02:19
Sarvattwow 1.7.2 has a _huge_ load of dmx compile warnings, no wonder they rushed out 1.7.302:21
AmaranthWell, fglrx is almost faster than software :)02:22
Sarvatthow many times is this darn xserver compile going to run the tests02:30
Sarvatt...answer is 202:32
* Amaranth stabs xmodmap02:37
Sarvattyep fully compiles fine without 135_rethrow_signals.patch. not the full build log because my scrollback didnt go back far enough: http://sarvatt.com/downloads/xserver_1.7.2_buildlog.txt02:38
Sarvattnot the same build environment that is going to be in lucid as soon as the stuff builds though of course02:38
Amaranthbryce: Should I turn on the compiz reflection plugin to test your GPU wedge hook? :)02:58
Sarvattpatches.ubuntu.com doesnt have the extracted patch folders anymore? :(03:01
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Sarvatthmm, guess it isnt that big a deal not having the apport hooks in the edgers packages but i need to add a hook for the intel-gpu-tools recommends update03:06
Sarvattintel hasnt been stable upstream in almost a month now, i'm still having to use ones checked out on 11-1103:07
Sarvattoh wait its 11/06, forgot i reverted back and dated it higher so it'd override the broken ones even then03:10
Sarvatt2.9.99.901 release is ok except I cant use it on a 2.6.31 kernel without it killing x randomly, and cant suspend without the flickering problems under 2.6.32 on any 2.9.x release03:13
Sarvatthmmm so what all do I need for this new udev driven xserver? i see synaptics in experimental has a udev rule installed with it, need to do anything special with evdev?03:46
Sarvattoh theres a ubuntu branch for evdev now? sweet03:48
Sarvattubuntu did it different than debian before where hal installed the evdev fdi so i wasnt sure if udev installed an evdev rule or something like that03:49
Sarvattlets see how this udev xserver works now. when I dont come back things blew up horribly :)04:13
Sarvatti'm always disappointed when things just work :D04:15
Sarvattwas I supposed to purge hal first?04:17
tjaaltonbryce: yeah I don't think the protos/libs are all built and published yet06:02
tjaaltonSarvatt: good catch on that merge goof, I forgot to add the VCS bits back06:03
Sarvattthe publisher is screwed up or something, even ppa builds arent getting published even though they say they have been and the protos built 6 hours ago https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/i386/+builds?build_text=&build_state=all06:07
tjaaltonyes, well LP has been down for hours06:07
tjaaltonand been up maybe an hour or so06:07
tjaaltonah, those have been built fine, so it's the publisher alright06:08
Sarvattx11proto-xf86bigfont built about 45 minutes ago on edgers and it still isnt getting used building server06:09
Sarvattwatched it turn into a gear then finish getting published but still not up for download either06:10
Sarvatthmm looks like xfonts-utils is missing in the server build deps06:17
Sarvattfailed on the PPA configure.ac:41: error: must install fontutil 1.1 or later before running autoconf/autogen but its got font-util 1.1.1 in the PPA06:18
Sarvattmight be a xserver master only problem though06:21
tjaalton1.7 doesn't check fontutil at all06:54
Sarvattwell its starting to update, x11proto-xinerama is breaking gtk app builds ;D07:03
Sarvatthmm libx11 didnt get synced07:14
Sarvattsomeone just hit rebuild on all the dep wait libs at the same time, of course it's going to fail :D07:16
tjaaltonwell, there are errors too07:44
tjaaltonsince the headers were moved...07:44
tjaaltonalthough it shouldn't have mattered07:44
tjaaltonif the deps were right, the packages would have been waiting in the depwait queue07:45
tjaaltonstupid g-t can't open urls with epochs :)07:48
tjaaltonSarvatt: ok, maybe the build-deps should have been versioned, seems like four packages failed to build because the old version was available07:49
tjaaltonSarvatt: and libx11 can't be synced07:50
tjaaltonif we are going to keep the la_AU stuff07:50
tjaaltonso there are a couple of libs that need to bump the build-dep on libxext-dev07:56
tjaaltonwe are fine though, since the builds can be retried later07:57
hyperairSarvatt: it seems that X segfaults when changing resolution on i965..08:28
hyperairusing xorg-edger08:28
hyperair3: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers//intel_drv.so(i830_set_pixmap_bo+0x4b) [0x7fda715b2d6b]08:29
hyperair4: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers//intel_drv.so [0x7fda715c0f7d]08:29
hyperairweird that it's calling an i830 function08:30
hyperairhmm there's a new x-x-v-intel around so i'll just upgrade and see08:30
tjaaltonbryce: so, some libs failed to build because our libxext was newer than what the xextproto was set to Breaks. Once the synced libxext is everywhere, I'll order a round of rebuilds for the missing libs (four of them)08:33
hyperair...this has to be the first time i've ever seen X screw up so bad i can't even use a terminal09:02
paranis this the right place to report problems with packages from xorg-edgers ppa?13:24
tjaaltonif the guilty are here13:25
parantjaalton: fair enough13:35
tjaaltontormod and Sarvatt are the ones you want13:36
tjaaltontormod is missing atm13:36
paranSarvatt should be the guilty one in my case... Or, probably intel upstream13:37
paranI tried the latest intel packages (, too much glitches to even run a terminal windows13:38
parancharacters only show up as black boxes, until I switch desktop back and forth13:39
parangnome-terminal in a pretty much default karmic gnome installation13:40
paranthe previous version 2:2.9.1~git-0ubuntu0tormod caused some corrupted fonts after suspend (not the same corruption), but was otherwise ok.13:46
paranalso thanks a lot for the ppa-purge script, very useful :)13:47
freeflyi1ghi dudes, how to use thinkpad's trackpoint on karmic? 15:35
freeflyi1gI already configure it with gpointing-device-settings15:36
freeflyi1gX.0.log and lsinput output are here15:37
freeflyi1gtseliot: any clues?15:38
tseliotfreeflyi1g: it should work just like a mouse, in relative mode, I guess15:41
freeflyi1gtseliot: I didn't get that lucky :)15:42
tseliotfreeflyi1g: what's the problem?15:43
freeflyi1gtseliot: like scrolling can't be used15:44
tseliottjaalton: ^^15:45
* tseliot doesn't own a trackpoint15:45
tjaaltontseliot: can't check the urls now. xinput should work though16:28
tseliotdoes scrolling work with trackpoints?16:29
tseliotis it supposed to?16:29
tjaaltonit's disabled by default16:36
tjaaltonyou need to hold a button down and then scroll16:37
tjaaltonmiddlemouse by default16:38
freeflyi1gtjaalton: is there anything need to be done in kernel?16:42
tjaaltonfreeflyi1g: no16:42
freeflyi1gtjaalton: then trackpoint can't be detected here, I'm using lucid16:43
tjaaltonxinput list, xinput list-props $id, xinput set-int-prop...16:44
tjaaltonit doesn't work at all?16:44
freeflyi1gtjaalton: just the scrolling16:45
tjaaltonso use xinput16:45
tjaaltonto enble the property16:45
Sarvattdarn libxinerama needs to publish already, cant build anything right now16:50
brycetjaalton, aha.  did xextproto get fixed up?  anything I can do to help with this?16:51
tjaaltonbryce: everything should be ready, but apparently libxinerama needs a retry?16:51
Sarvattxinerama built fine16:53
Sarvattinstalling x11proto-xinerama-dev wanted to remove all of gnome dev packages too16:54
Sarvattproto breaks the old libxinerama-dev version is all16:55
tjaaltonI don't follow..16:55
Sarvatthyperair: you and me both! intel git is so messed up right now16:55
Sarvattlibgtk2.0-dev tries to pull in libxinerama-dev16:59
tjaaltonok, so it's just a matter of time then16:59
tormodSarvatt, I got libxinerama-dev 1.1 a few hours ago17:00
tjaaltonbryce: the drivers might make it in debian this weekend (depends if there are people to upload them), which would allow us to sync them on monday17:01
Sarvattok both of the mirrors i use are screwy then, one didnt have the protos at all17:01
tjaaltongotta go again ->17:01
brycetjaalton, ok17:01
bryceregarding xorg-edgers breakages... especially this cycle we probably should encourage people to look to upstream when they run into issues17:02
hyperairSarvatt: ..again, huh.17:02
tormodbryce, that's usually what we do when they use xorg-edgers17:02
brycetormod, ok17:03
hyperairSarvatt: well hopefully it'll get stable before the next release17:03
Sarvatthyperair: yeah its like a year ago only worse this past month in intel git :D i'm still using a checkout from 11/06 since it was the last time things just worked17:03
hyperairSarvatt: heh, i've gone back to using the one in karmic =D17:04
Sarvattoh not using lucid then?17:04
tormodbryce, it's also the main reason for xorg-edgers :) when upstream says "so you have a bug - try latest git"17:04
tormodwhat's cool now is that with lucid A1 + xorg-edgers, you have pretty much everything latest git, kernel, mesa, xserver, drivers17:06
Sarvattphew! the libxinerama problem was just a mirror problem, both of the ones I tried weren't updated17:06
hyperairSarvatt: no, not using lucid. i think i'll wait until somewhere around alpha 2 or so before upgrading17:06
tormodSarvatt, you might noticed libxinerama worked fine in xorg-edgers also :)17:09
brycetormod, right, I was just concerned with the number of people coming here for help with xorg-edgers issues17:09
bryceconcerned in the sense that I don't want Sarvatt wearing himself out!  :-)17:10
tormodbryce, well that's fine, so we know what's up and can tell them/upstream. as long as it does not get too busy in this channel :)17:11
tormodyes we don't want that!17:12
* Sarvatt disappears for months again17:12
Sarvattwoohoo, took 6 reboots but I made it into X with the latest intel :D17:24
tormodSarvatt, your 12-Add-libudev... does not apply against master?17:24
Sarvatti have a hook to wget a refreshed one that does17:25
tormodyes, the wget'ed one does not apply, unless I am doing something stupid17:26
tormodyes I did ^17:27
Sarvattwas going to say, it was working 30 minutes ago when i uploaded a new xserver17:28
tormodI had the old version laying around, did you just change it?17:28
Sarvattchange what? the patch? nope havent touched it since last night17:28
Sarvattahh i've gotta run, 2 hours late to a job :D17:29
Sarvattjcristau: the flashing on 2.6.32 is fixed in drm-intel-next for me. of course what fixed it i have no clue19:25
Sarvattdown to 7.4w idle power usage now from around 8.1 too. i just tried this out since drm-intel-next doesnt merge into 2.6.32 cleanly right now http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/drm-intel-next/current/19:28
jcristauSarvatt: ah.  would be nice to figure out what fixed it to get it into 2.6.32.x.. :)19:30
Sarvatt31 possibilities there19:31
jcristaumaybe i can try tomorrow.  need to work though, and right now i should get home..19:32
tormoddrm-next in kernel-ppa, that's awesome! how come I missed that19:47
tjaaltontormod: are you a DD now?-)20:06
tormodtjaalton, no why?20:07
tjaaltontormod: ah ok, saw the intel-gpu-tools upload, but that was sponsored?20:07
tormodat my current rate of Debian development I can be a DD in like ten years I guess :)20:07
tormodyes, I am a co-maintainer ("uploader" which is kind of wrong name) of some packages20:08
tormodI am discussing with the radeontool maintainer also20:09
tjaaltonheh ok. I guess we need a DD to upload the current stack to unstable, and the drivers once they are ready in git20:10
tormodstarts with j and ends with cristau :)20:10
tjaaltontoo busy I hear :)20:11
tjaaltonany DD, willing to do the job this weekend after everything is go, would do20:11
tormoddid you ask bgoglin?20:13
tjaaltonjcristau did, no reply so far. let's see how it goes :)20:16
jcristaui'm asking -release if that'd be ok with them, too..20:16
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brycetjaalton, anything I can help with on xserver 1.7 right now?21:02
bryceideally it would be nice to get xserver 1.7 uploaded today, but if that's not looking possible I have some bug tool work for the desktop team I should get to21:03
tjaaltonbryce: it wouldn't help much anyway, since all the drivers need a rebuild, and it's wise to do that as syncs from unstable21:11
tjaaltonor less work anyway21:12
tjaaltonI believe the uploads to unstable will happen this weekend21:13
tjaaltonso we could sync on monday21:13
tjaaltonsome drivers will remain broken though, like wacom an evtouch (which doesn't build against 1.7)21:13
tjaaltonbut that shouldn't matter much for a121:13
brycefair enough, although I'm off all next week (and wife has stated she's banishing me from the computer) so won't be able to assist21:14
tjaaltonoh :)21:14
pwnguinas long as you mention it in the release notes21:14
tjaaltonbryce: well, there shouldn't be much drama21:14
pwnguin(wacom, not vacation)21:14
brycetjaalton, tseliot might be able to help on the wacom and evtouch issues, could you touch base with him about it?  At least, like pwnguin says, it should be mentioned in release notes21:15
tjaaltonI thought evtouch is dead, evdev supports runtime calibration now..21:15
tjaaltonwacom needs xf86-input-wacom, but ron hasn't packaged it yet21:15
brycemaybe it is; from the touchpad session at UDS I got the impression it still had its uses21:22
brycehowever evdev was clearly the way forward, it just needs more hardware support21:22
tjaaltonruntime calibration support was added recently, so maybe it was just features missing from evdev that kept evtouch around21:28
tormodI remember recently some evdev bugs, and some people using evtouch instead, was it the eeetop maybe?21:32
tormodno that was 441408 which was fixed in evdev. I guess only older howto21:36
tormodhowto's talk about evtouch21:37
tjaaltonron packaged wacom after all http://people.debian.org/~ron/wacom/21:39
tormodxf86-input-evtouch (0.8.8-0ubuntu7) came recently, with fixes for eeetop21:40
tjaaltonwell, I mailed him about the progress yesterday or so21:40
tjaaltontormod: that's just calibration quirks21:42
tjaaltonsame thing can be done for evdev, it's just a matter of deciding where21:42
tjaaltonaiui quirks belong to the kernel21:42
tormodthe fix yes, but why are these people using evtouch?21:43
tjaaltonI believe ogra babbled about calibration once21:43
tjaaltondon't know where we stand now21:43
brycewe talked about it at length in a session on UDS21:47
bryceogra seemed extraordinarily depressed about the whole situation, but gave a ton of good info21:47
brycewe scoped out a plan for an updated calibration tool, although the blocker is finding someone to do the work (what's new)21:48
tjaaltonbryce: yeah maybe it was about the fact that evtouch had a tool for that. it should be a lot easier to make one for evdev now22:21
bryceyeah that rings a bell22:24
bryce(in my swiss cheese memory)22:24
tormodRAOF, is it linux-nouveau-modules instead of nouveau-kernel-source now?22:27

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