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MootBotMeeting started at 20:00. The chair is pleia2.02:00
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pleia2Hi folks, time for an Ubuntu Community Learning Project meeting :)02:00
pleia2the agenda for our meeting is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning/Agenda02:01
nigel_nbdo we wait, or start?02:02
pleia2let me see if I can snag a couple people02:02
akgranerpleia2, I am so glad I added meeting to autojoin... or I would have missed this meeting  :-/ sigh02:03
nigel_nbthats 3 :)02:04
pleia2ok, well we can get started then02:04
pleia2[TOPIC] Post-UDS Wrap-up02:05
MootBotNew Topic:  Post-UDS Wrap-up02:05
pleia2at UDS doctormo and I ran a session on the project02:05
pleia2it was primarily to introduce the project to folks at UDS, so nothing really news-worthy for us02:05
pleia2doctormo did talk to loads of people at UDS though, drumming up interest for the project02:07
* FFEMTcJ is here02:07
akgranerpleia2, is there anything I can do to tell more people who weren't at UDS about the project.. maybe and interview with you and doctormo ???02:07
pleia2akgraner: did you have a blueprint for your leadership doc?02:07
akgranerI haven't finished it as I didn't want to bug you all about adding action items...02:08
akgranerbut if the gobby doc is good I can finish it tonight02:08
pleia2I think it's fine, I'd like to move forward with converting it to asciidoc in the next week or so02:08
pleia2akgraner was one of the people we snagged :) she's writing a loco leadership document which will be put into our advocacy section02:08
pleia2well, she and her army02:09
akgranerpleia2, will there be a class on how to convert it02:09
pleia2akgraner: yes, that is our next topic!02:09
pleia2[TOPIC] bzr how-to and asciidoc format updates02:10
MootBotNew Topic:  bzr how-to and asciidoc format updates02:10
pleia2nigel_nb, doctormo and bioselement have been working on these02:10
nigel_nbthe bzr how-to is almost done02:10
pleia2should be done soon I think, once it is one of us (probably me) will be using it as a basis for a Classroom session02:10
cprofittpleia2: when we say done -- what formats are we talking about?02:11
pleia2nigel_nb: I was having trouble building it with the asciidoc command earlier, but I'll touch base with you about that later :)02:11
nigel_nbfor urgent purposes, doctormo's blog post can be used to substitute mine02:11
pleia2cprofitt: bzr, asciidoc and html02:11
cprofittis there a plan to make thse how-to courses in Asychronous Moodle courses?02:12
pleia2cprofitt: no plan yet, we need our moodle folks to give us some input once they're finished02:12
cprofittwhat input do you need from your Moodle folks?02:13
pleia2we're focusing on IRC and real life sessions right now because that's where we have the expertise at the moment02:13
nigel_nbI could volunteer for that, if someone could tell me how its done02:13
pleia2cprofitt: how we can go about putting the html docs into proper moodle format02:13
pleia2and whether it's appropriate content02:13
cprofittare there any Moodle folks other than me?02:14
pleia2cprofitt: you, dinda, bodhi02:14
cprofittI do not think bodhi has expereince with producing courses in Moodle... just admin of the server02:14
pleia2ah, ok02:14
pleia2anyway, in the next week or so we hope to have these docs in place and a scheduled -classroom session to teach how to contribute to this portion of the project02:15
nigel_nbpleia2: umm, about the new updates to asciidoc formatting?02:15
cprofittfrom what I am gathering then you have not worked out the details on how to take asciidoc content and use it in Moodle yet - correct?02:15
pleia2bios and doctormo had a great asciidoc format discusion earlier this week02:15
cprofittand you are looking for me to take these new courses and work through that?02:15
pleia2cprofitt: we put it into html, and you can put that into moodle, right?02:15
pleia2cprofitt: we'll at least need you to help advise us :)02:16
pleia2but we're working on the core structure still right now02:16
cprofittpleia2: as I have not seen a completed ascii doc course yet - I am not sure02:16
cprofittI want to take a completed course and do that...02:16
pleia2cprofitt: I know, I'm saying we're getting a finish one done this week...02:16
cprofittbut until I have I can not comment on how it transfers02:16
pleia2I know02:16
* pleia2 sighs02:16
cprofittCool... so the plan is for me to take that and work it in to Moodle... and report back on what I ran in to then... right?02:17
pleia2cprofitt: you or anyone who has experience with moodle and can do it02:17
pleia2I didn't intend to put you on the spot02:17
cprofittI do not feel on the spot. I want to move us forward...02:18
cprofittso I can do that.02:18
pleia2I'm just saying we haven't made progress with moodle because the current folks who are actively working on this don't have the expertise02:18
nigel_nbplus we still haven't got something to work with02:18
pleia2we are moving forward :)02:18
nigel_nbyes :)02:18
cprofittexperience will come -- once I take one course and convert it... then we can work on training the non-Moodle folks on Moodle and vice/versa02:19
pleia2and of course we'll mail the list when the courses are done and we have the -classroom session02:19
pleia2sounds good02:19
pleia2that's pretty much all we had for an agenda02:19
cprofittsorry I missed the first 9 minutes -- child got hurt02:20
nigel_nbpleia2: do we have an update on how to format asciidoc now?02:20
pleia2I just wanted to have a meeting to get everyone up to speed with our progress, and see if anyone else was working on things they wanted to update the team with02:20
cprofitthe was jumping on his bed :-)02:20
pleia2nigel_nb: bioselement and doctormo are the experts there02:20
nigel_nbafter doctormo's and bioselement's discussion02:20
pleia2nigel_nb: it's pretty similar to what you have now02:20
pleia2nigel_nb: hopefully that will be settled and documented by the time you are finished with your bzr doc02:20
cprofittpleia2: how many course developers do we have?02:21
pleia2cprofitt: bioselement, nigel, and paultag&swoody have committed to doing things when we have sorted02:21
pleia2plus doctormo and I02:21
pleia2we're holding back recruiting more until we have more docs in order02:21
pleia2and we've got a couple folks fleshing out wiki pages here and there as they have time02:22
cprofittsounds like a good start02:22
pleia2yep :)02:22
cprofittI do not know if you were made aware of my conversation with BiosElement earlier this week02:22
pleia2I don't think so02:23
cprofittI should have some extra time mid-December to work on learning Asciidoc02:23
pleia2oh great :)02:23
cprofittso I hope to really be able to document our process of converting from Asciidoc to Moodle or Moodle to Asciidoc02:23
pleia2[TOPIC] User Days02:24
MootBotNew Topic:  User Days02:24
pleia2For those of you not aware, the UCLP is leading the effort to run a User Day in January02:24
pleia2but I think everyone here knows and is involved :)02:24
pleia2off to a good start here too, but we need more instructors signing up in the next couple weeks02:25
nigel_nbwe have 4 instructors so far02:25
nigel_nbcorrection, 602:26
pleia2I'd like to have our schedule fleshed out 2 weeks from now, so we have about a month to promote02:26
pleia2nigel_nb: good :)02:26
FFEMTcJso we need 4 more plus the intro?02:26
pleia2FFEMTcJ: something like that02:27
cprofittpleia2: where will Ubuntu User Days be advertised?02:27
FFEMTcJpleia2: what are you thinking for the intro?02:27
nigel_nbcprofitt: blogs, twitter,02:27
pleia2cprofitt: similar to UOW, fridge, UWN, blogs, twitter02:27
nigel_nbpleia2: how about /topic?02:28
pleia2nigel_nb: where?02:28
nigel_nbon major channels where beginners are bound to come... ubuntu-beginners, -help02:28
nigel_nband if we can manage it, #ubuntu02:28
pleia2it'll be in Upcoming in the topic of -classroom as the date approaches (it's already on the Classroom wiki)02:28
pleia2nigel_nb: I don't think that'll be very feasible :\02:28
nigel_nblots of users see it, it would be major advertisement02:28
pleia2not in #ubuntu, you can check with BT if you want to see if it's ok with them02:29
nigel_nbI'll check02:29
pleia2well that's all I have meeting-wise02:29
akgranerpleia2, I'd like to help but have no idea where I could with Userdays...02:29
akgranerif you can think of something I can teach I would/will02:30
pleia2akgraner: I haven't engaged the community-team much since at UDS it was kinda handed off to the learning project02:30
akgranerahhh gotcha...02:30
pleia2but probably should, since they run Open Week :)02:30
pleia2might snag you to help with /topics and [QUESTION]s on the day of though ;)02:30
akgranerI helped with putting that together so let me know what I can do and I will02:31
pleia2great, thanks :)02:31
nigel_nbdo we have anything more pleia2?02:32
pleia2nigel_nb: I don't think so02:32
FFEMTcJpleia2: what were you thinking of doing for the intro?02:34
pleia2FFEMTcJ: sorry, you asked that earlier :)02:34
pleia2FFEMTcJ: not sure yet, intro to the premise of the day, maybe a quick ubuntu desktop intro too02:35
FFEMTcJnow akgraner is gonna make my cell go nuts since pleia2  stopped02:35
pleia2I have an intro prepped for "welcome to ubuntu" that is based on what doctormo teaches in classrooms in bazaar02:35
pleia2so I might work with that,we can talk about it though02:35
akgranerFFEMTcJ, :-P02:35
FFEMTcJok. cool02:35
pleia2ok, if that's it we'll wrap things up now :)02:36
FFEMTcJsounds good to me..02:36
MootBotMeeting finished at 20:36.02:36
pleia2thanks everyone!02:36
cprofittI motion to close the meeting if we need to be formal02:36
akgranerthanks pleia2 :-)02:37
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MyGameHi jose16:50
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keesjdstrand, mdeslaur: quick meeting?18:00
* jjohansen drops in18:00
jdstrandkees: sure18:00
keesheya jjohansen18:00
keesok.  I'm on triage this week.18:01
keesgonna try to find some low-hanging updates to do, but haven't reviewed the TODO list yet18:01
mdeslaurkees: triage?18:02
mdeslaurhow'd you figure?18:02
keesmdeslaur: aren't I?18:02
* kees assumed he was from bumping it last week18:02
mdeslauroh, okay then, I don't object18:02
* kees checks18:02
mdeslaurwho's on community?18:02
keesoh, my bad, I'm on community.18:03
keeswell, next time someone goes on vacation, I'm on triage.  :)18:03
mdeslaurhehe :)18:03
mdeslaurok, I'll update the topic now that that,s sorted out18:03
mdeslaurbah, you're faster than me :)18:03
keesoop, just did that18:03
keesAppArmor is no longer a limiting factor for initramfs.  http://people.canonical.com/~scott/daily-bootcharts/18:04
* robbiew waves18:04
jjohansenkees: thanks for doing that18:05
mdeslaurkees: how did you do it?18:05
keesso, I will claim the 1/10th of a second improvement in the bootcharts.  ;)18:05
Keybukkees: it isn't?18:05
jdstrandkees: acutally, you are on triage, and I am on community18:05
Keybukoh yeah18:05
jjohansen1/10th ? I thought loading was taking .418:05
jdstrandat least, that is what I thought we said18:06
Keybukjjohansen: that includes the init script I guess18:06
jjohansenah, yes18:06
keesjjohansen: well, that's what I calculated, but comparing 20091130 to 20091207 shows only a little18:06
* robbiew thinks Keybuk must have "bootchart" marked as an irc keyword18:06
keesKeybuk: yup, the early stuff has been moved to fancy ifupdown changes18:06
Keybukrobbiew: no, just my name, which is in the URL kees pasted ;)18:07
keesmdeslaur: basically, the only really early stuff we had to deal with was interface up/down.18:07
mdeslaurah, I see18:07
keesmdeslaur: so there's a new upstart job to bring up the early profiles only.18:08
keesjjohansen: and I'll be improving it based on your feedback.  :)18:08
keesI'm a bit out of the loop from a week off, so that's all I've got.18:08
keesjdstrand: ok, go.  :)18:09
jjohansenfor being off you sure did a lot18:09
keeswell, yeah, waiting for kernel builds, I had to do something.  :P18:09
keesI'll take another 2 days off as swap days at some point here18:09
mdeslaurjdstrand, kees: I'll let you two duke out who gets triage18:10
* jdstrand thought that was the plan all along18:11
keesI was expecting to do it, so I'm cool either way.18:11
jdstrandI should take community, cause I didn't do enough with it last week (thinking I had it this week)18:11
keesok, let's swap.18:11
mdeslaurok, my turn18:12
mdeslaurI just _finally_ released bind918:12
mdeslaurand will probably release gnome-screensaver for karmic this afternoon18:12
mdeslaurmy vacation starts thursday18:13
mdeslaurso tomorrow and wednesday, I'll probably work on the screen-locking wiki18:13
mdeslauralthough I may still be researching it at this point18:13
mdeslaurcurrent status: 2 known bugs, first bug will be taken care of in a security update, second bug is when using xubuntu/mythbuntu and there is no solution18:14
keesnice work on hunting all this madness down!18:14
mdeslauryes, madness is right18:15
mdeslaurthat's all from me18:16
jdstrandwell, I'm on community (surprise!)18:16
jdstrandI also have a bunch of pending stuff I need to finish testing and publish this week18:17
jdstrandthat stuff and a complicated merge took up a lot of my time last week, so I didn't do any SRUs last week. If I have time, I'll work on those too18:17
jdstrandthat's it from me18:18
kees(that reminds me: *deletes kernel-related packages from PPA*)18:18
keesour burndown chart appears to be going the wrong direction.  :P  http://piware.de/workitems/security/lucid/report.html18:19
* jdstrand warned about that :)18:19
keesheh.  I suspect this trend will continue.  ;)18:20
jdstrandours will be an ugly, ugly burndown chart :P18:20
keesanyway, I'm not worried; as long as the green bits go up, I'm happy.18:20
jdstrandof course, I don't have any dev work scheduled this week...18:21
jdstrandI guess I'll try not to add new taks then ;)18:21
keesno worries -- triage/updates first, dev work second. :)18:21
keeshttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/open-cves-6mon.png  THIS is the graph I want to see shaped like a burndown chart.  ;)18:21
jdstrandseems we did pretty well next week :P18:22
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keesok, cool.  meeting over, thanks!  :)18:24
mdeslaurthanks guys18:27
mdeslauroh, does anyone have anything they would like to discuss with the security team?18:28
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czamhi everyone :D22:59
dvz-hi there czam22:59
IngForiguaGood luck today23:00
Toluxerohi czam dvz-23:00
Michelle_QimoHi everyone23:00
mhall119Tonight's applicant list: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/Americas23:00
itnet7Good luck to everyone!23:01
* popey spies some familiar names on that list23:01
rickspencer3hi guyses23:01
itnet7hey there rickspencer3 !23:02
pleia2just rounding up the board so we have quorum :) starting soon I hope23:02
rickspencer3hi itnet723:02
dvz-this feels like the meet and greet before nominations/approvals :P23:02
akgranergood luck everyone!23:02
jorgevazqdvz-: xD23:02
* rickspencer3 crosses fingers23:02
* jorgevazq eats popcorn23:03
* dvz- plays poker on facebook23:03
* Michelle_Qimo has leftover BBQ23:03
technovikingjust waiting for a couple more folk so we have a quorum23:03
* mhall119 contemplates cookies23:03
* starcraftman waves hello to everyone.23:03
* IngForigua hello23:04
* Renard_D-Argent waves too23:04
* fetova waves :)23:04
* jorgevazq would wave, if his hands weren't busy with keyboards, popcorn and soda23:04
akgranerrickspencer3, hey!23:04
rickspencer3hi akgraner23:04
mhall119zoopster: was wondering where you were23:06
zoopstermhall119: long day...just made it back23:06
dvz-welcome zoopster23:07
zoopsterdvz-: thanks23:07
itnet7Hey there zoopster !!23:07
zoopsterhey itnet723:07
Michelle_QimoHey zoopster23:07
zoopsterhello Michelle_Qimo - back sore from all that heavy lifting?23:08
mhall119zoopster: she's not allowed to do any lifting23:08
zoopsterhah...lucky you Michelle_Qimo23:08
Michelle_Qimoum, not sure I'd go that far23:08
zoopstersorry I could not help today mhall119, Michelle_Qimo23:08
* robbiew-afk waves23:08
czamgood luck everyone ;)23:08
=== robbiew-afk is now known as robbiew
Michelle_Qimooh,it's OK, I know it was last minute, zoopster23:08
mhall119zoopster: it's okay, my folks came over, so I had help23:09
zoopsterah good mhall11923:09
mhall119did you see the pictures?23:09
zoopsternot yet23:09
mhall119zoopster: http://picasaweb.google.com/mhall119/Donations#23:09
zoopsterooh nice23:10
Michelle_QimoI'm SO excited about 'em23:10
itnet7wow very very nice Michelle_Qimo and mhall119 !23:10
mhall119zoopster: we're gonna schedule an install fest sometime soon23:10
mhall119itnet7: finally able to see the pictures?23:11
czamhi hollman :)23:11
zoopsterawsome mhall119 can't wait23:11
Michelle_Qimowill keep you posted on dates.23:11
hollmanhello * Ubuntu-co present :P23:11
mhall119popey: still missing people?23:12
popeymhall119: ask technoviking :)23:13
pleia2we're still one short23:13
popeyelky or lifeless about?23:13
elkyyou're lucky, just resumed.23:14
pleia2elky: up for a membership meeting?23:15
* popey points pleia2 at elky 23:15
pleia2americas needs quorum23:15
technovikingSorry folk, this is highly embrassing and unprofessional of the RMB-Ameicas, I'm deeply sorry23:15
* fetova , ubuntu-mx LoCo leader, present :P23:15
elkyuh sure23:15
jonopopey, elky can you both step up to help23:16
popeyi can23:16
pleia2thanks popey and elky :)23:16
elkymind, i am at work, so if i disappear, blame real life23:17
dvz-+1 popey and elky :D23:17
jonothanks popey elky23:17
czamun saludo a los latinos presentes ;)23:17
IngForiguaHola czam23:18
Toluxeroczam saludos!23:18
elkywho is the whip? pleia2?23:18
IngForigualatinos presentes23:18
MootBotMeeting started at 17:18. The chair is pleia2.23:18
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]23:18
pleia2ok folks, lets get this meeting started :)23:18
pleia2tenach isn't here23:18
pleia2Toluxero: you're up :)23:18
Toluxeropleia2, ok23:18
Toluxerohi everybody23:19
pleia2Toluxero: please introduce yourself and give a link to your wiki page23:19
Toluxerook mi wiki pages is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/toluxero23:19
technovikingLP is slow tonight:)23:20
ToluxeroI'am a member and admin of Ubuntu-mx23:20
Toluxero I've been involved in the LoCo for more than a year23:20
Toluxeroand I have kept myself as active as possible in the proyect diffunding ubuntu and the LoCo23:21
Toluxeroand making my best effort in order to see ubuntu-mx grow larger in members and influence in the country23:22
technovikingToluxero: how is the podcast going?23:23
itnet7technoviking: you stole my thoughts ;-P23:23
nixternalToluxero: how is the Mexico LoCo?23:24
Toluxerotechnoviking,  The podcast just aired its second chapter on November 25th23:24
* nixternal notes you need to spread out to Cabo San Lucas so when I visit I can hang out :)23:24
Toluxerotechnoviking,  we're working on a special chapter about Karmic for december ;)23:24
technovikingToluxero: excellent23:25
nixternalI just read something on the planet about ubuntu-mx iirc23:25
technovikingToluxero: what are your plans for the Lucid cycle?23:25
fetovahi, i'm fetova, ubuntu-mx LoCo leader, ubuntu member, i'm here to give my fully support to Toluxero :)23:26
Toluxeronixternal, The LoCo has undercome several changes in its structure, which we hope mahy increase our effectiveness and influence23:26
nixternalfetova: groovy, thanks!23:27
Toluxeronixternal, , the LoCo has made some very special advances this year23:27
elkyToluxero, what sort of tasks do you undertake in your admin role of the ubuntu-mexico website?23:27
Toluxeroelky, administration, logistic, and support, events and more23:29
Toluxerotechnoviking, for Lucyd, the plan is to diffund it not only as a version of an OS, but as the entrance to the world of Free Software and the Open Source movement23:29
Toluxeroelky: more includes my participation in the marketing, podcast and documentation teams23:30
technovikingToluxero: good, anyone here to cheer for Toluxero?23:30
jorgevazqhello, everybody, I'm jorgevazq, leader of ubuntu-mx-podcast team, and I'm here to support Toluxero23:30
DKcrossWe need people like Toluxero... his work is good and he is helps to Ubuntu México, we know this is a big and amazing project for this reason we need people with energy and love for Ubuntu Project... Go Toluxero +123:31
pleia2[VOTE] Toluxero for Membership23:31
MootBotPlease vote on:  Toluxero for Membership.23:31
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot23:31
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting23:31
MootBot+1 received from pleia2. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 123:32
MootBot+1 received from technoviking. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 223:32
MootBot+1 received from nixternal. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 323:32
MootBot+1 received from elky. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 423:32
MootBot+1 received from popey. 5 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 523:32
fetovagratz Toluxero !!!!!23:32
czamcongrats Toluxero ;)23:32
nixternalyou guys started voting while I was searching for that post I saw on the planet :)23:32
itnet7congrats to you Toluxero !!!23:32
greg-ghi, sorry I'm late23:32
jorgevazqToluxero: you did it!!23:32
nixternalcongrats and welcome Toluxero \o/23:32
Toluxerothanks everybody!23:32
dvz-gratz Toluxero23:32
czamfelicidades Toluxero ;)23:32
* Toluxero is happy!!! 23:32
* jorgevazq is happy23:33
hollmanToluxero, congrats from Colombia !!!23:33
DKcrossOrale we ! Toluxero23:33
Toluxerohollman, gracias23:33
* fetova is happy! :D23:33
jorgevazqmedigo DKcross por que no apoyaste?23:33
jorgevazqnah no hay pex23:33
jamesjedimasterhi, I'm jamesjedimaster, moderator and leader of ubuntu-mx-i18, and am here supporting Toluxero's nomination23:33
fetovaJoeb454, ... lo hizo :S23:33
ToluxeroDKcross, gracias :)23:33
pleia2starcraftman: you're up :)23:33
jorgevazqjamesjedimaster: ya lo aceptaron23:33
DKcrossno leiste :o jorgevazq23:33
jorgevazqDKcross: ups23:33
fetovasilencio compas :)23:33
IngForiguaVivan los latinos23:33
DKcrossme voy, congrats Toluxero23:34
starcraftmanHello everyone, I'm starcraft.man. Wiki page >https://wiki.ubuntu.com/starcraft.man23:34
MootBotFinal result is 5 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 523:34
technovikingstarcraftman: Lots of great forum and doc work.23:36
technovikingstarcraftman: What are your plans during the Lucid cycle?23:36
starcraftmanI'm a uni student up in canada, going into programming. Been doing lots of stuff with Ubuntu for a while, started on forums back in 2007 and been a longtime support person there. Lately been moving on from there and doing other things. I'm part of beginners team and head up the doc team, do support on our irc channel too.23:36
technovikingforums irc channel or #ubuntu?23:36
starcraftmantechnoviking: hmmm, well learning C++ and python myself atm, with java at uni. I hope to get into programming. Likely more doc work, I enjoy writing. No shortage of pages needed.23:37
starcraftmantechnoviking: #ubuntu-beginners-help.23:37
starcraftmanour own lil quieter channel guess ya can call it, #ubuntu too crowded I find.23:37
starcraftmanAlso been trying to get into loco but didn't make any meetings last cycle for quebec, I am hopeful this time around.23:38
greg-gstarcraftman: I've heard that loco is pretty good, do you know anyone in it?23:38
starcraftmanMost my major contributions linked on my page if ya want to see my doc work.23:38
nixternalstarcraftman: great wiki work!23:38
starcraftmangreg-g: aye, spoken to magicfab and komputes often. Need to attend definitely.23:39
starcraftmannixternal: thanks. I try.23:39
greg-gstarcraftman: good deal. Just making sure you know the right people to talk to.23:39
starcraftmannixternal: wish more people did backup, could solve many problems. That an a home partition.23:39
nixternalstarcraftman: seeing as you doc skills are pretty darn good, the documentation project is always looking for a few more good people, and from what I can see, even a little bit of your time would fit nicely23:40
* komputes awakes from its nocturnal slumber23:40
starcraftmannixternal: I am in doc team, beginners doc FG is a subgroup of them, I'm on the mail list. Just not exactly most respondant on there, been busy with uni exams coming.23:40
starcraftmansorry for ping komputes. Ya can go back to sleep :)23:41
nixternalyeah, just noticed that...you would think I would know that seeing how long I have been a doc team admin :p23:41
greg-gstarcraftman: do you have any ideas about specific areas that the docs team could improve?23:42
starcraftmannixternal: hehe, these things happen. Also can get a bit confusing way we structured under team.23:43
nixternalya, it is definitely a mess23:43
starcraftmangreg-g: most of my major pages have been towards expanding content, backup just happens to be something I like.  I'd like to think I might flush it out a bit more, probably will need to find a new section to work on after that. With my newly gotten admin powers I'll probably try and pitch in a bit more trying to organize it. Sometimes all ya need is help finding pages.23:44
pleia2[VOTE] starcraftman for Membership23:45
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talsemgeestI completely support starcraftman in his application, he is an extremely valuable member of the team. His help in #ubuntu-beginners-help reflects well the spirit of ubuntu, and his doc work cannot be beaten.23:45
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greg-g+1 # good work starcraftman23:45
starcraftmanhi there talsemgeest, thanks :)23:46
talsemgeeststarcraftman: A pleasure :)23:46
Renard_D-ArgentI also support starcraftman in his application.  He is both patient and caring.  An inspiration to others.  I support application 100%23:46
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komputesstarcraftman is a good community member23:46
czamcongrats starcraftman :)23:46
dvz-starcraftman has unbelievable potential, both in the development/programming realm and the documentation realm.23:46
jorgevazqwhen, I should be going now23:47
jorgevazqcongratulations starcraftman23:47
starcraftmanthanks, happy to be aboard helping. :)23:47
jorgevazqyou deserved it23:47
komputescongrats starcraftman23:47
pleia2komputes: only board members vote, please ;)23:47
technovikingplease only vote if you are on the membership board23:47
jorgevazqnice to meet you all guys!23:47
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komputessorry pleia223:47
* komputes goes back to sleep23:47
pleia2congrats starcraftman :)23:47
nixternalcongrats and welcome starcraftman \o/23:47
greg-gwelcome aboard starcraftman!23:47
dvz-congrats starcraftman23:48
pleia2tenach: around for the membership meeting?23:48
starcraftmanthanks pleia2 nixternal and greg-g23:48
akgranercongrats starcraftman !23:48
Renard_D-ArgentWell done23:48
technovikingdailystruggle: your up23:49
pleia2ok, doesn't look like tenach is around23:49
tenachI am around, but I do not think that I am ready at this time.23:49
pleia2tenach: can you remove your name from the wiki page, please?23:50
pleia2thanks :)23:50
technovikingtenach: thanks for the update23:50
dailystruggleHello may name is Daniel Stone my wiki is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Daniel-Stone23:50
nixternalyet another daniel stone :)  I saw your name and was like "wait a second, what am I missing here" :)23:51
nixternalthat little penguin that walks along your cairo dock provides a good chuckle23:51
elkynixternal, metoo23:51
dailystrugglenixternal lot of people like it23:51
* itnet7 met dailystruggle at uds-l! Hey there!23:52
nixternalI have watched a couple of your videos actually in the past...good stuff23:52
greg-gdailystruggle: I see you are a part of both the Texas team and the Wisconsin team, do you have two homes? A sumer and winter? :)23:52
dailystruggleinet7 hi23:52
dailystruggleI am an advocate for Ubuntu23:52
nixternalwinter home is in WI :p23:53
dailystrugglegreg-g I have relatives up north23:53
nixternalspeaking of winter...get ready greg-g, it will be here tomorrow in chicago, so it is only a few hours later til you get hit :)23:53
greg-gnixternal: I'm ready.23:53
greg-gdailystruggle: gotcha. Do you work with that LoCo team on anything? or is it just a affinity type of thing?23:54
dailystrugglegre-g it is more to particpate from remote since the Texasteam has not fully formed23:55
nixternalheh, a little bug monkey I see...I saw emails from Daneil Stone on some things, so I just looked past them....have quite a few emails with your name in them :)23:55
pleia2dailystruggle: are you familiar with the http://screencasts.ubuntu.com/ project? Might be worthy to contribute to since you do videos too23:55
dailystrugglegreg-g: it is so I can learn more from watching23:55
dailystruggleI believe I am part of that23:56
* nixternal needs to figure out screen casting one of these days23:56
greg-gdailystruggle: do you work with the screencasts team on anything collaboratively?23:56
dailystrugglegreg-g I have just started do screencasts in the past 6 months23:58
dailystrugglegreg-g:my goal is to help out where I can by making video and screenshots23:59
greg-gdailystruggle: I see. You might want to talk with them. They are great people and having all of the videos in one spot is useful for users.23:59

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