DanaGxfce fail:00:03
DanaG"permission denied".00:03
DanaGit tries to execute it, rather than opening it.00:03
dtchenI would have expected it to attempt execution.00:04
DanaGGnome opens it.00:05
DanaGThough, if I give it a file on my ntfs drive, gnome does attempt to execute it.00:05
DanaG(i've set it mounted exec.)00:05
charlie-tcaSo it does what you told it to?00:07
dtchenI'm pretty sure that's expected behavior, but I can't verify ATM00:08
charlie-tcame too00:08
DanaGYeah, thinking like a machine, attempting execution seems correct.00:08
DanaGBut, as a user, opening it would be nicer.00:08
DanaGso I guess "fail" is the wrong word.00:08
DanaGthat's "my assumption fail".00:08
DanaGgrr, somehow I killed xfwm4.00:11
DanaGTried to set resize window to alt-middlebutton.00:12
DanaGI had to kill it with FIRE00:13
DanaGor rather, with '9'.00:13
DanaGbah, back to kde.00:17
* yofel wants to try LXDE00:18
yofelbut I never manage to login00:18
yofelX segfaults00:18
knuehi, does somebody know the current state of nepomuk/strigi/sessame/virtuoso?00:19
BUGabundohalf broken I guess knue00:22
BUGabundoat least on my side, kmail complains a lot about nepomuk00:22
dtchenrelease notes for these alpha refreshes would be welcome, Adobe.00:23
dtchen3833aaf5efbc2e5d57330e47a9f11b1e02b1f55741de148ec569d44b32ffe7e4  libflashplayer-
knuei hope this stuff works in 4.4 final. nepomuk & co was by far too buggy to be useful00:23
knuein previous versions00:24
BUGabundodtchen: YAY00:25
* BUGabundo wonders why page tracking did not notify00:25
i_is_brokedang if pulseaudio aint making me mad again...grrr....whats the command to kill it?01:21
dtchenunsurprisingly, killall pulseaudio01:22
dtchenbe aware that it autospawns, so if you want to prevent it from starting, you need to do additional steps01:22
dtchenand, instead of moaning about how mad it makes you, you could help diagnose and fix it.01:22
i_is_brokeim trying but i have to restart it.01:23
i_is_brokesee if it does it again01:23
dtchenread https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio/Log01:23
i_is_brokethis is what i get from dmesg01:23
i_is_broke161.626643] Unknown OutputIN= OUT=virbr0 SRC= DST= LEN=96 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=64 ID=0 DF PROTO=UDP SPT=137 DPT=137 LEN=7601:23
dtchenthat iptables01:24
i_is_brokeah it is.01:24
i_is_brokewell why is pulse not working?01:24
dtchenhave you read the above web page?01:24
dtchenI can't well diagnose anything if you haven't provided sufficient information.01:25
i_is_brokenot yet give me a sec, computer is being really slow01:25
i_is_brokedidnt ask you too either...sheesh01:25
dtchenoh of course not, I'll just whine about how much PA sucks and do nothing to help fix it.01:25
DanaGyeah, people suck that way.01:28
i_is_brokesorry it wasnt pulse i figured it out.01:29
i_is_brokei do how ever need to figure out how to debug amarok, cause i just came off of a reboot and it shouldnt of errored like that.01:30
i_is_brokecool now i know what to do the next time.01:34
dtcheni_is_broke: if you're using Amarok, I presume you've configured Phonon (KDE System Settings > Multimedia) to prefer PA for all profiles?01:34
DanaGUnfortunately, kde 4.4 has that panel missing.01:35
DanaGFor now.01:35
i_is_brokedtchen, sorry for being rude earlier, im still new to this and i was fighting with it. and yes i have phonon set.01:35
dtcheni_is_broke: no prob, I'm used to being flamed.01:35
i_is_brokeit just seemed like the more i tried to close stuff the slower the computer would run...i had 10 instances of amarok running when i only told it to open once.01:36
i_is_brokei dont know if this was cause we lost power earlier and i just got the computer back up and running or if it was just a fluke.01:38
i_is_brokebut dtchen thanks for offering to help..like i said sorry about being rude..was just a little upset.01:40
i_is_brokebbiab supper calling.01:40
bjsniderused to being flamed...01:44
dtchenbjsnider: indeed02:52
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DanaGoh yeah, what's the status of nouveau in lucid?02:56
DanaGSetting up nouveau-kernel-source (0.0.15+git20091204-0~10.04~ppa1) ...02:59
bjsniderdtchen, didn't you know it's your responsibility to fix all of the world's ubuntu issues?03:01
dtchenDanaG: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2009-December/007910.html03:02
DanaGoh yeah, will that be on gmane, also?03:02
dtchenif kernel-teamis archived on gmane, sure03:02
dtchengrr, horrid latency & jitter03:03
DanaGgmane.linux.ubuntu.kernel.{general,bugs} are all I see.03:05
DanaGanyway, thanks.03:05
SarvattI suggest removing "quiet splash" from your grub boot stanza if you want to try nouveau :D03:06
Sarvattit kind of... doesnt work otherwise.03:07
DanaGI have modeset=1 on that old laptop.03:09
DanaGIt's a really weird beast... it somehow gets the bios-splash logo trampled on when you warm-reboot the thing.03:09
DanaGI'll actually see the previous "restarting..." message all the way up until X starts again, sometimes.03:11
RAOFDanaG: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2009-December/007989.html is a more current sort of nouveau idea.03:13
DanaGoh yeah, also: that laptop has weird behavior with console blanking... it fades to a smudgy white instead of backlight-off.03:14
DanaGoh, and I need to add drm_kms_helper to initramfs.03:18
DanaGmmm, netsplit.03:20
DanaGdang, now I'm hungry.03:20
DanaGspeaking of initramfs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub-installer/+bug/26886303:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 268863 in grub-installer "Ubuntu doesn't install on bootable SD-card" [Wishlist,Confirmed]03:21
DanaGProbably should be attached to initramfs-tools, too.03:21
RAOFDanaG: Oooh, cool.  Your LVDS bleeds instead of blanking?03:24
DanaGLaptop is the old spare Toshitba I've griped about too much. =þ03:25
DanaGGood thing it's a spare.03:25
DanaGEven weirder is that behavior on reboot.03:27
DanaGI get nothing at all, up until Xorg tries (and fails) to start.03:27
dtchenthat's the ultimate boot experience. it's consistent!03:28
i_is_brokehey i had that just the other day..lol03:29
i_is_brokewas very consistent...atleast i learned a little about irssi and purging packages and adding packages..lol03:29
DanaGdmesg | grep nouveau03:30
DanaGweird... I have an fb0 and an fb1.03:33
DanaG0 is     Name        : VGA16 VGA03:33
Sarvattlooks like it didnt build, or you have nvidia installed still03:33
DanaGweird... unloading and reloading drm and ttm worked.03:34
Sarvattnot using the drm module from the nouveau-kernel-source package there03:35
DanaGProbably an issue with initramfs?03:35
Sarvattprobably didnt stuff the new drm in the initramfs for some reason03:35
DanaGyeah, I did depmod and rebuilt initramfs.03:35
DanaGWeird: cold boot is giving me a screen full of garbage.03:35
DanaGBut hey, now xorg starts.03:36
Sarvattsudo update-initramfs -k `all` -u should work,  I have to remove the quiet splash from the boot stanza or else it gives a screen full of garbage for me03:36
DanaGI did remove quiet splash... and it still gives me garbage.03:37
DanaGIt seems it's  being driven by vga16fb, for some reason.03:37
Sarvattyeah loading nvidiafb there, i think video=-nvidiafb is the boot option to disable it?03:42
Sarvatti dont know why nvidiafb is even getting loaded there03:44
DanaGwait, I didn't see it loading nvidiafb...03:44
DanaGnope, no nvidiafb.03:45
DanaGhow about video=nouveau?03:45
DanaGhmm, gnome-shell seems to be not installable, for me.03:47
SarvattSAUCE: ensure vga16fb loads if no other driver claims the VGA device03:47
Sarvattthat explains why i didnt have the problem, started with 2.6.32-7 and i still use 2.6.32-6 on my nvidia box03:48
DanaGeeew.  I don't want that sauce.03:48
Sarvattyeah gnome-shell is broken right now03:48
Sarvattapw: looks like that vga16fb change is interfering with nouveau?03:48
DanaGI'll check if video=nouveau fixes it.03:49
DanaGooh, screen full of flashing characters.03:49
bjsniderthe comments on dtchen's blog are interesting. they reveal extreme frustration on both sides of the pulseaudio issue. on the one hand, there's the user with broken audio, and ont he other hand, there's the developer wanting but not receiving bug reports03:49
DanaGnot 0pointer, I assume?03:50
bjsnidermaybe reporting pulse bugs is too difficult because the information is too esoteric for the end user to track down03:50
* DanaG has ADI1984, which had an interesting capability in Linux (that's now no longer exposed): dual simultaneous independent capture streams.03:55
DanaGnew dmesg: http://pastebin.com/f3e9b6b5803:56
DanaGnope, video=nouveau did not help.03:57
Sarvattcan you blacklist vga16fb and rebuild the initramfs maybe?03:58
DanaGHow do I force vga16fb not to load?03:58
DanaGIt's not a module; that's a problem.03:58
DanaGIs there such a thing as "noload"?03:58
Sarvatti'm pretty sure its video=-vga16fb with the minus but will have to dig into the kernel parameters again to check03:58
Sarvatti've got to do it on my ibook to have radeonfb not load03:59
Sarvattto use a radeon kms fb instead03:59
DanaGI'll also try passing vga16fb.DONOTWANT=1 (i.e. an invalid parameter) do disable it.04:00
DanaGgoodie, at least one of those two things worked.04:00
DanaG[    2.060355] vga16fb: Unknown parameter `DONOTWANT'04:02
DanaGah yeah, I had to do that... it still tried to load anyway.04:02
DanaGI could've also passed it "vga16fb.DIEINAFIRE=1", or other various things... but those would not be so polite.04:03
DanaGweird... on that laptop, notify-osd is really, really tiny.04:05
DanaGLike, 4-point font, or something.04:05
DanaGhmm, that IS weird.04:15
DanaGso I guess that's a bug to file.04:16
Sarvattexa on 16MB video ram, that'll be fun!04:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 494062 in linux "i915: KMS disabled when vga16fb is loaded with Lucid Kernel 2.6.32-7.10" [Medium,Triaged]04:22
DanaGYup.  You can see why I gave the thing the host name I gave it.04:23
Sarvattlol wow, that actually explains alot04:24
Sarvattkms support is gone in the intel ddx i'm using, i couldnt start x with 2.6.32-7 on this machine either04:24
Sarvattso its not just nouveau it's screwing up, i imagine it's radeon too with the way they all load a drmfb later04:25
Sarvattnasty bug just in time for alpha 1 :(04:26
Sarvatti cant use nouveau without KMS as well04:26
Sarvatton any kernel for the past 6 months04:27
virtualdx works for me today on radeon but didn't yesterday04:27
virtualdon 2.6.3204:27
DanaGI added this:04:27
DanaGthen vga16fb bails on invalid parameter.04:28
Sarvattvirtuald: if it worked it wasn't KMS I'm guessing?04:34
Sarvattradeon still has UMS so it should be ok, intel on edgers doesn't :(04:35
virtualdhmm my /sys/module/radeon/parameters/modeset says 0, why do my screens look like shit before X starts then? It's mostly black when i enter my LUKS password, then just before X starts it there's som text but it doesn't look like the normal text mode04:35
virtualdbut it doesn't look like a frame buffer either04:35
Sarvattbecause you have a vga16fb console not a radeon one04:36
DanaGmore family-friendly way to say it: "garbage".04:36
virtualdoh ok04:36
virtualddanag: um okay thank you I guess04:37
DanaGvirtuald: workaround: edit /etc/default/grub (if grub2) to add "vga16fb.DONOTWANT=1" into the linux parameters.04:38
Sarvattjust blacklist vga16fb04:38
Sarvattyer never going to need it04:38
virtualdwhy is vga16fb there?04:38
DanaGNote that what you actually type for "DONOTWANT" doesn't matter... the idea is you'll be feeding it an invalid parameter.04:38
Sarvatti think it was added for plymouth04:38
DanaGDoes blacklisting affect things that are compiled-in?04:38
virtualdsarvatt: but that's not going in lucid?04:39
Sarvattso people could have a prettier console if a normal one didnt start up04:39
Sarvattyeah it is, already in there04:39
Sarvattjust not the default yet04:39
DanaGIt's not installable right now... or rather, it removes ?ubuntu-desktop.04:39
virtualdwhat is plymouth?04:39
Sarvatta prettier splash screen thingy04:40
virtualdso it needs a fb?04:40
DanaGA big rock.04:41
i_is_brokeplymouth, i cant believe they called it a plymouth...man i hated those cars...lol04:44
i_is_brokeugh i need sleep..lol i think im losing it. after fighting with xserver-core for 2 days. and finally getting a desktop gui back then to have the power go out and crash the hole damn system and network to start all over again today..:(04:45
virtualdif I install plymouth now will it blow up in my face and not ask for my LUKS password?04:48
DanaGeh, beats me.04:49
DanaGI won't install it until it stops wanting to remove ubuntu-desktop.04:49
virtualdthat's a good reason04:50
virtualddo you know why they don't have KMS ready for radeon?04:50
RAOFThe userspace hasn't caught up yet.04:51
virtualdmeaning libdrm, dri2?04:52
DanaGthe big thing that keeps me with fglrx, and thus with karmic xorg (yay, apt preferences) is lack of good power management in radeon KMS.04:58
RAOFvirtuald: Meaning, I think, mesa.04:59
DanaGweird... mouse cursor under nouveau is rotated 90 degrees clockwise.04:59
virtualddanag: that's also whats keeping me on radeon UMS05:00
DanaGRadeon with KMS uses like 15 or 20 watts more than fglrx.05:01
virtualdwho does mesa? is it the same guys who do the radeon driver?05:01
virtualdhow do you measure that?05:02
^arky^Hi, Any help on bug 366648 please05:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 366648 in openoffice.org "Language modules language defaults to Czech" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36664805:05
^arky^sorry I mean bug 49132705:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 491327 in at-spi "No module named pyatspi" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49132705:06
SarvattDanaG: I was wrong, vga16fb doesn't interfere with nouveau at all, thats really strange05:06
Sarvatton my machine I mean05:06
DanaGIt did for me.05:06
DanaGDo you get an fb0 and an fb1?05:06
DanaGI measure power by asking my battery.05:07
DanaGLaptop battery tells me wattage.05:07
virtualdso there's another reason to get a laptop, you have these cool sensors :p05:07
DanaGOnly some actually tell you the wattage, though.05:08
DanaGHP business ones do (or at least mine does), but HP consumer ones don't, for example.05:08
Sarvattpowertop works good too? :D05:08
Sarvattdown to ~7.1 watts idle with the latest drm-intel kernel, was around 8.4 with 2.6.31-3205:09
virtualdsarvatt: is it a known xorg bug that after log in my usb mouse stops working until i unplug and replug it?05:09
Sarvattif you said your xserver segfaulted i'd say yes :D05:09
virtualduhm not this time05:10
Sarvatti havent heard that one though05:10
virtualdi think it was like that on edgers too, i should check again05:10
virtualdbut i'm too god at forgetting these things05:11
virtualdbut it's like that every time i start x so i'll eventually do something if it isn't fixed in a while05:11
virtualdsarvatt: is there a new input system in lucid?05:13
virtualdi mean xinput05:13
Sarvattyay over 100 fps in openarena with nouveau gallium05:16
Sarvattwell theres a new input abi with all kinds of new features, and xserver uses udev for input devices now instead of hal like it used to if thats what you mean05:18
DanaGhmm, I get 15 watts as my uber-lowest idle.05:18
Sarvattthis is so low cus its a netbook05:18
DanaGLaptop has P8600 CPU, 4 gigs RAM, and an ATI HD3650.05:18
Sarvatt12 hours battery life with a 8863 mAh battery, same size battery in my normal laptop is only good for 3.5 or so05:19
DanaGhmm, what laptop?05:20
DanaGer, netbook.05:20
Sarvattthe input stuff is going to be quirky for a bit though with the new udev xserver05:20
Sarvattacer aspire one05:20
* DanaG is still using old X server.05:21
DanaGyay for apt pinning.05:21
Sarvattall the drivers have minversions set for 1.7+, guess you'll be living in the past for quite some time :D05:21
DanaGhmm, weird behavior on gdm on the spare laptop:05:22
Sarvatton nouveau?05:22
DanaGI get the sessions combobox overlapped by the accessibility doodad and the clock.05:22
Sarvattsmall screen?05:22
Sarvattjust noticed i have duplicate menu items for everyting  in gnome-menus..05:23
DanaGI'll build my own kernel once I can get the incoming kms-powersavings stuff.05:24
DanaGer, nice screenshot... totally black.05:24
DanaGone thing you CAN see, though:05:25
DanaGthere are TWO things wrong in that picture... can you find both?05:25
DanaGah, fixed screenshot.05:26
Sarvattnovember 23rd and the thumbnail actually showing the pic thats black when you uploaded it? :D05:27
DanaGNo, rather, I uploaded an older screenshot.05:27
DanaGThe newer one I uploaded over it, initially, was black... so I put the old one back.05:28
DanaGAnyway two hints: things that look like tooltips.05:28
DanaGer, a hint.05:28
SarvattI wish thumbnail icon sizes were uniform, gnome desktop sure is ugly these days :(05:30
DanaGOne thing is: systray icons are 100% invisible.05:30
DanaGOther thing is... well, look to the right.05:30
DanaGhmm, newer nouveau fixed my icons.  spiffy.05:30
DanaGSarvatt: do you see the issue yet?05:39
DanaGthe "what's wrong with this picture?" one, that is.05:39
DanaGhmm, how would you deal with the combo mic/headphone jack on this thing?06:05
DanaGgrrrr... can't mount eSATA in KDE!07:28
DanaGit says HAL refused to mount.07:28
DanaGwell, DUH, it's devkit-disks now!07:28
DanaGalso GRRRR: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dolphin/+bug/42180107:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 421801 in dolphin "anoying handling of rights in windows folders..." [Undecided,New]07:39
i_is_brokeoh i cant stay in the regular ubuntu channel to long..they give me a headache..lol08:37
oneirosFadeDoes anyone here have (or have experience with) eBooks (esp. the Sony PRS-300) under Linux?  I haven't been able to find a viable way to buy/download/manage eBooks with Ubuntu :(09:05
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coz_hey guys... it would be nice if the ubuntu crystal cursor  theme be used as default... it seems visually more appropriate for ubuntu than the defaults used already... this theme has been around for a year maybe two...submitted by it's author some time ago... it is available on gnome-look   but if it  has not been tried by any of you ..you may want to give it look :)12:23
SandGorgoncoz_, try the Protozoa cursor theme... nice !12:49
coz_SandGorgon,  I will thanks...have you seen the ubuntu crystal cursor?12:50
SandGorgonyup.. i like it12:50
coz_SandGorgon,  cool I will tyr the protozoa one now :)12:53
coz_SandGorgon,  ooooo  way to fancy for me lol12:53
yofelshouldn't this be something for brainstorm?12:55
robin0800coz_: I like the kde oxygen cursors extra ones12:56
coz_robin0800,  mm I havent used kde for weeks now so I kind of forget them but as I recall I do like kde's default cursor12:57
robin0800coz_: well the extra ones have lots of cool colours to choose from12:58
coz_robin0800,  oh ok :)   I do like kde's  "working"  cursor animation :)12:58
robin0800coz_: on ubuntu you only have to install the extras don't need original at all13:00
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BluesKajlucid looks for X in /usr/bin instead of /etc/. I could n't fix xorg.conf after generating with nvidia-xconf...had yo go back to 9.1014:24
bjsniderbug 49265914:25
ubottuBug 492659 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/492659 is private14:25
bjsniderthis is an outrage14:25
BluesKajgawd, I guess they got tired of the same bug being reported repeatedly14:29
bjsniderinsufficient checks in EXT4_IOC_MOVE_EXT14:30
om26ercannot boot after installing plymouth14:46
ikoniaom26er: what's the problem14:54
om26erikonia: won't boot then i have to run throught recovery mode14:55
coz_om26er,  I have not tried plymouth  and not sure about it since a patch to the kernel is necessarey I believe14:55
ikoniaom26er: expand on won't boot14:55
om26erikonia: plymouth screen is there and nothing else happen afterwards just the screen with Ubuntu written and the ubuntu logo14:56
ikonia!info plymouth14:56
ubottuplymouth (source: plymouth): graphical boot animation and logger - main package. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.0~-2 (lucid), package size 700 kB, installed size 1544 kB14:56
ikoniaom26er: have you tried removoing it ?14:57
om26erikonia: yes remove, and i can boot fine.14:57
ikoniaom26er: time to log a bug then14:57
om26erikonia: sure14:58
* om26er will try again.15:00
* BluesKaj waits til X bug is fixed ...whenever that will be :)15:01
BluesKajwell, the nividia-xconfig bug anyway15:02
coz_is anyone looking into animated bootsplash for lucid?15:02
coz_ here is another example ...although listed as for karmic   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWuGDugEqec15:05
coz_or this one   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh6-uhGvBIY15:06
coz_I the first one is more appealing15:09
coz_however  status bar / progress bar and "throbber"  are a bit old15:09
coz_ hoping someone adopts an animated boot seqence   I know the choices and chooseing a real nice one is going to be difficutl however15:10
om26erwill xsplash be used in Lucid? as boot time is gonna decrease in lucid so plymouth and xsplash will they both be used?15:32
mbeierlAnyone know of any plans for having two different rotations for multiple monitor configurations via hardware (like nvidia)?15:54
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nperryWho broke universe?16:18
DanaGI like the first one better, but it'd be nicer if the dots all faded in at the same time.16:19
DanaGIt looks weird having just one dot spinning around for that small moment.16:19
KetsubanI think I like the first one as is, to be honest.16:25
KetsubanThe second is too busy though.16:25
DanaGargh, kde keeps giving me this:16:27
DanaGThe window "Buddy List" is not responding. It belongs to the application Pidgin (Process ID = 3418, hostname = localhost). Do you wish to terminate the application process including all of its child windows?16:27
DanaGAny unsaved data will be lost.16:27
DanaGAnd yet, I'm talking in pidgin just fine right now.16:28
DanaGplymouth still conflicts with ubuntu-desktop.16:33
domjohnsonHas the alpha been released yet?16:36
domjohnsonWould you recomend updating to 10.04 (on a seperate partition)16:53
jmarsdendomjohnson: Use 10.4 for testing 10.4, not for any other purpose.  Either in a VM or on a separate partition, etc... but it's not likely to be ready for real use at this early stage.16:58
BluesKajjmarsden, yeah especially if you have nvidia pci graphics16:59
domjohnsonIs it good? I used 9.04 alpha 6 and i was like "yeah, pretty good, but a few probllems" and i got hooked :))16:59
jmarsdendomjohnson: And http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/releases/10.04/alpha-1/ is empty, so it seems Alpha 1 is probably not out yet.16:59
BluesKajthe motd says proprietary , so I guess X is borked17:00
jmarsdenAlpha 6 vs Alpha1 is a *whole* different level of "good" ness :)17:00
BluesKajI tried lucid last night for a while , it was ok til I installed the recommended graphics driver , then I rebooted , no X17:01
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bjsnideranybody using chrome + flash x64?17:28
joshjtlhi all, I need to fix my touchpad setup... right now the scroll is in the middle of the pad instead of the right... i have a dell inspiron 1525 ... can anyone direct me to directions please?17:38
Tscheesyjoshjtl: not really an Idea - but HAL shoud do this Job.. ask Google for Touchpad and HAL and ?Karmic17:53
joshjtlok thanks Tscheesy17:53
bjsniderhal is old news17:55
Tscheesynot for Input devices afaik17:55
joshjtlTscheesy: after i add a .fdi file to /etc/hal/fdi/policy/ how do i enable it so that i can test it?18:00
Tscheesyoh -sry- long time i read about this stuff - logout/in maybe - but this is just a guess18:01
joshjtlnevermind i got it just need to restart hal thx18:01
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nastascould anyone help me about a Sony Memory stick in a onboard laptop?18:14
nastas*onboard card reader :p18:14
pace_t_zuluare the torrents working for anyone?18:15
tretleany idea whether rgba is enabled globally by default in the alpha 1 build of lucid?18:29
Picidarthanubis: /topic  ;)18:57
darthanubisI was just linking to the article, I see the topic. Did I miss something?18:58
tretleis plymouth used in alpha 1?19:05
CosmiChaosyehaa actually upgrading19:38
CosmiChaosthen im going to rebuild 195.22 modules :)19:38
soeeis it safe and is it possible to upgrade to 4.4 alpha ?19:38
soeefrom 4.3.4 ofc19:39
yofel_soee: possible: yes, safe: not really19:39
soeeok thnx19:39
CosmiChaosalpha is never safe19:39
CosmiChaosactually lucid only got alpha of kde and implents the "stable" 2.6.3219:40
CosmiChaosthat approximately goes .1 during next week19:40
yofel_it has a new Xorg version too19:41
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soeei must say that im impressed with kde 4,3,4, i tried once 4.2 (long ago) and last year on gnome, but now i really love kde19:42
yofelsoee: me too ;)19:42
CosmiChaosi always proceed the way to dist-upgrade from any released "state" and inbetween only upgrade single pakages that are not critical19:42
soeedo u know how can i edit this outer glow around window ?19:43
CosmiChaosi only upgrade critical pakages if case of fault inbeetween the release steps, so i firstly watch on launchpad for example if any known bugs are known19:44
CosmiChaosworks prettey good that way19:44
yofelsoee: you mean around the active window? systemsettings->appearance->windows->window_decoration->shadow19:49
soeeyofel: yes the active widnow, ill check it19:49
DanaGugh, kde randomly lost all my plasmoid settings.20:26
DanaGer, some of them.20:27
DanaGOh, and the text on "cwp" plasmoid, for me, is about 400% of the size it should be.20:27
yofelhere just kdemicroblog doesn't remember my account password20:27
DanaGI have to set it to scale 0.25 to be readable-ish.20:27
peciskHi people, anyone tried Alpha1 on VirtualBox OSE? It loads painfully slow20:36
ikoniapecisk: that would be a virtual box issue - not an ubuntu issue20:36
soeepecisk: im downloading img, but the speed is very slow :/20:36
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pecisksoee, yeah, I got in a hour, everyone and his dog downloading Alpha 1, yay :)20:39
soee:P and its onlu alpha :) not rc or final20:40
peciskgnome-settings-daemon seems to become respawning hunry monster, eats up all memory quickly and dies in painful death, only to be reborn again20:42
DanaGinteresting... the "webcam" button on "PWC" cameras doesn't work unless the camera itself is in use.20:44
soee20sec and i have alpha1 :)21:15
rippsHow's ATI x-video performance in Lucid? Being able to watch my 720p videos is the only thing I'm not willing to give up for testing21:20
joaopintoripps, you understand that during testing things break, like you may not be able to watch videos at random events ?21:21
* Blues-Man low battery21:34
T_UNIXhello everybody22:04
T_UNIXis there a chance to enable the radeon driver without removing the vesa driver?22:04
tormodT_UNIX, the radeon driver should be automatically selected instead of vesa (if your card is supported)22:06
skyjumperxorg/nvidia still broken?22:10
oddmundsMy X won't start.22:25
oddmundsIs that happening to everybody?22:25
T_UNIXtormod, it doesn't22:30
tormodT_UNIX, what card? you tried without any xorg.conf, right?22:31
T_UNIXATI Technologies Inc Radeon HD 2400 XT rev 022:32
tormodT_UNIX, please pastebin your Xorg.0.log22:42
Sarvattby radeon driver he probably means fglrx22:42
T_UNIXnoub, fglrx doesn't work22:44
T_UNIXjockey doesn't offer it anyway22:44
tormodT_UNIX, (EE) Failed to load module "ati" (module does not exist, 0)22:49
tormoddid you remove -ati and -radeon packages?22:49
T_UNIXnoub, just ati22:50
T_UNIXI removed -ati package and kept -radeon package22:50
tormodT_UNIX, you should reinstall -ati package22:50
tormodit's a wrapper package that loads radeon, r128 or mach6422:51
T_UNIXthat also installs r12822:51
T_UNIXah okay22:51
T_UNIXI'll give it a try :-)22:52
T_UNIXis there a central file for CFLAGS or do they go to /etc/bash.bashrc ?22:52
T_UNIXis the radeonhd more recommended for RV610 based cards?23:01
T_UNIXor the entire 600-700 series?23:01
tormodT_UNIX, CFLAGS is for compiling stuff, goes in Makefile23:07
RAOFT_UNIX: My understanding of things is that radeonhd is recommended for these cards: {}, and radeon is recommended for r100-r80023:08
tormodwhat he said ^^23:08
T_UNIXso why are there two teams working on 600-700?23:08
tormodT_UNIX, ask the one team :)23:08
tormodhistorical reasons + some more23:09
T_UNIXtormod, I'd like to use -j2 as a general compiler flag23:09
bjsniderRAOF, did you see the mailing list posts today by linus regarding nouveau?23:09
RAOFT_UNIX: That's a make argument, not a CFLAG.23:09
RAOFbjsnider: Yeah; that came up in #ubuntu-x.23:10
bjsniderfunny stuff23:10
bjsnideri like it when he comes out and tears somebody a new one23:10
bjsnideri wonder if he's right or if there really is a legitimate reason why it isn't in the kernel23:12
T_UNIXROAF my fault... is there a way to set it for make globaly in case a Makefile misses it23:12
T_UNIXor would make automatically choose the number of processors e.g.?23:13
RAOFT_UNIX: I don't believe there's a way to set it globally, and it's not something that's defined in Makefiles, anyway.  It's something you _pass_ to make, and it won't necessarily work.23:15
T_UNIXokay thanks23:15
T_UNIXwell, radeon didn't work out that well23:19
T_UNIXeverything is flickering23:20
T_UNIXI hope flickering is the right word23:20
T_UNIXit looks a bit like noise23:21
T_UNIXif I want to try the radeonhd, I just remove radeon right?23:21
T_UNIXand leave ati23:21
T_UNIXmaybe it's just a wrong modline23:21

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