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asacok lucid build still snaps01:38
asac"pure virtual method called" still01:39
asac[6134:6134:3368164813:ERROR:/home/asac/chromium-browser-] Could not get pid01:40
asacsaw that when running in gdm01:40
asacfta: ^01:40
ftaasac, hm, try with --disable-sandbox01:42
asaci thnk i have probs with /dev01:45
asaclet me first sort that out01:45
asacfta: can you run chromium in a chroot well?01:57
ftanever tried01:58
ftanot sure the sandbox will work01:58
ftait does its own chroot01:59
shenkiawong: ffmpeg builds for arm as of a week or so ago. there was a small preprocessor issue that landed a few days ago, since then it builds from tot03:06
hansdampfi got a little problem with my beagle boar; i put a ubuntu 9.10 on my board and now i got the following problem: if i plug in a keyboard i get the following error: "hub 1-0:1.0 unable to enumerate USB device on port 2", if i plug in any other device, nothing happens10:02
hansdampfis this known... or has anybody experiences with this10:02
loolhansdampf: This is an issue with your kernel; we don't provide beagleboard/OMAP kernels, I would check with whoever provided your kernel10:34
ogra_nice, seems thumb2 already saves us 20MB in image size11:44
amitkogra_: but does the image work? ;)11:52
ogra_amitk, imx51 boots (which is my main target for an A1 image) but seems to have issues to install on B3.0 (test on 2.5 is just running) ... dove has issues11:53
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loolhey folks13:17
loolJust talked to a French Freescale guy13:17
loolwho told me that thumb 2 is mostly slower than regular arm code, I was aware the diffence was so significant13:17
loolLet's hope that the space savings in cache make up for it13:18
looland he also told me that thumb 2 was bugged on TO213:18
loolSo it might cause faultsevery 4 Kb or something he didn't have any detail on13:18
lool=> we should check for erratas from FSL on thumb 2 issues -- it might break random programs13:18
ogralool, dusing image install i cant see *any* difference in speed on my bababge with lucid13:18
ograi was actually expecting to see a speedup13:19
ograbut its as slow/fast as karmic was13:19
loologra: Ok13:26
ogralool, we have lucid babbage images, feel free to take a loo ;)13:27
ograand a look as well :P13:27
loolI don't have any babbage 2.x13:28
loolonly 113:28
ograah, yeah, you sent them to jamie13:28
looland to asac13:29
loolWell I left the 2.0 in london and think it was sent to asac13:29
ograno, he has a 3.013:29
loolBah where is that 2.0 then I wonder13:29
ograno idea13:29
ograbeen sold so they can pay your bonus :)13:30
ogra(note tha past tense :) )13:30
loologra: You've got a bonus?  I thought we were all sitting on our bonus this year due to the financial crisis!13:32
asaclool: ogra: i got the 2.0 and 3.0 at the same time13:33
asacwhich happened because i wasnt aware i was getting the 3.0 any time soon13:34
asacso i have two atm13:34
asacwhich is not really enough itlr13:34
asacwell. but i would give the 2.0 away if i can get a dove ... which currently is a deep whole in my hardware setup13:34
asacthough i would like to have a dove and two bbg13:35
asacor two doves .. etc. if i do porting stuff like the chromium thing i cannot do anything else13:35
loologra: I was just kidding BTW13:35
ogralool, indeed :)13:35
loolI hope you felt bad!  :)13:35
ograwell, *i* will get my bonus ... *you* will have to wait until asac sold your babbage :)13:36
asaci am holiding back lool bonus until he releases his dove board ;)13:36
loolI'm holding back my babbage until asac's dove gets sold to ogra!13:36
armin76i'm getting all boards13:37
ograsoo, how can we end up with 16M initrds now13:37
loolarmin76: Does Gentoo ship/plans to ship pre-build ARM binaries?13:37
loolarmin76: I wonder whether you build for hard float; I think that's not well supported with EABI13:38
armin76lool: we do already, but we don't support them13:38
armin76nope, no hardfloat13:38
loolarmin76: what's your optimization level for your public binaries?13:38
loolv5/6/7? thumb2?13:38
loolHmm that's old13:39
loolI guess you miss hardware for higher than v513:39
armin76why do you think i'm always saying that stuff i say? :)13:39
armin76i got an efika mx now, though13:42
loolThe one in a nice case?13:42
* asac runs update-initramfs in verbose mode13:42
armin76yep, but its a lange board anyway13:42
loolarmin76: Did you get a BSP / linux source code with it?13:42
armin76lool: yes13:43
armin76Linux efikamx 2.6.28-ER1-efikamx #4 PREEMPT Sat Nov 28 16:47:52 CST 2009 armv7l GNU/Linux13:44
loolarmin76: Oh nice, so you can easily redistribute these patches right?13:44
loolasac, ogra: ^ we could at least start from these patches13:44
loolAFAIK we still have no public patch stack from pegatron13:44
armin76lool: you should ask neko @ #efika13:45
loolHe came around here once13:45
armin76there's no patch, only patched source13:45
loolThat's "ok"13:45
loolThe only thing I need is a public source for it13:45
loolUntil now we only had non-publishable patches because of foo or bar13:46
persiaIsn't that why we have diff?13:46
persiaThe Netwalker sources (another i.MX51) are also open and available to the public.13:47
loolpersia: I mean a public location to retrive some form of source13:47
loolpersia: Good luck splitting the imx51 stuff apart with diff though13:47
persiaWell, true, but it's better than nothing, no?13:47
armin76lool: they aren't public though, they are included in the ssd13:47
ograasac, looks dfine to me13:48
asacogra: the produced initrd is better:13:48
asacoh no13:48
armin76lool: i'll exchange them with a dove *g*13:48
asacsorry misread13:48
asac-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1196802 2009-12-10 14:43 initrd.img-2.6.31-601-imx5113:48
ogra11M is still better than 1613:49
ograasac, i really think we need to compare the contents13:49
loolthat's 1 MB?13:49
lool1196802 => 1 196 80213:49
asacogra: the contents i already posted13:49
asacthose are all the modules added13:49
ograi mean unpack both initrd files13:50
ograand then run diff on a find output13:50
asacogra: i have those unpacked13:50
asacogra: thats what the paste is about13:50
asacjust for the modules13:50
ograoh, i was confused because it only shows the kernel dir13:51
asacyes. because the kernel modules dir has a different name13:51
asacso i ran inside13:51
ogralets compare the two configs13:52
asacogra: http://pastebin.com/f7538b9e513:52
asacthats the diff for all (ignore the modules)13:53
asacso for me it feels like this crypt* stuff is a good target13:53
asacthats all new at least13:54
ograah !13:54
asacusr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/cryptopenct  usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/cryptpassdev13:55
asacusr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/cryptopensc  usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/cryptroot13:55
ogra/lib/frimware ...13:55
ograhow big is that13:55
asac# This list needs to be kept in sync with the one defined in passdev.c13:55
asacfor fs in ext3 ext2 vfat reiserfs xfs isofs udf; do manual_add_modules "$fs" > /dev/null 2>&1 || true13:55
asacthats a bunch of new fs modules13:55
asaci guess13:55
asaclet me check13:55
ograogra@osiris:/var/build/images$ du -hcs /media/bb4fdb28-11f1-4c72-a345-cc7006aa4898/lib/firmware/13:55
ograthats karmic13:56
ogra2M difference in lucid13:56
asacogra: all the fs above are definitly one part13:56
ograyeah, that adds up :/13:57
ograthough i dont get why the casper initrd isnt that big then13:57
ograimage building should have failed13:57
ograthe casper initrd.lz is 2.8M13:58
asaccryptroot also adds a bunch of get_device_modules13:58
asacyes thats odd13:58
ograthat might shrink by 1M due to lzma13:58
asacbut all that netfilter module stuff13:58
asacwhere got that added?13:58
ograbut then it would still be only 3.8M13:58
ograkernel config13:59
dmartHi all— for those who didn't spot it, I raised a bug on squashfs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/squashfs/+bug/49466714:00
ubot4Launchpad bug 494667 in squashfs "[armel] non-ISO-C misaligned pointer punning causes slowness and SIGILLs" [Undecided,New]14:00
asacogra: but the "net" modules are explicitly listed in hook-functions14:00
asacso those are pulled in from somewhere else14:01
asacyou say that hook-functions also looks somewhere else?14:01
ograyou mean the NIC drivers or netfilter ?14:01
asacogra: no ... i mean all the netfilter/* modules14:01
asacthey are now added14:01
ogragenerally modules are added from hook-functions14:02
dmartSince we are stuck with the 2.6.28 kernel on the buildds for now, I think the quickest workaround is probably to avoid the mksquashfs crashes is  for __packed__ attributes to be added.  This isn't ideal, because it will result in slower execution, but it should avoid the SIGILLs.14:02
ograbut every hook script can put additional modules in14:02
cooloneyogra: i am going to build a BabbageImageFromScratch, but how to get the latest initrd.img?14:02
asacogra: really look in this: http://pastebin.com/f98ce43d tats really a huge amount of new modules14:02
asacogra: yes. but i dont see netfilter anywhere14:02
asacfeels like it was previously individual files and now its just the full "net" dir14:03
ogracooloney, use an old one, boot and run update-initramfs in the running system14:03
cooloneyogra: ok, thanks, downloading. heh14:03
asacdmart: thanks. let me read ;)14:03
ogracooloney, though if you have anything as module that you need to get the rootfs up, that wont work indeed14:03
persiaogra: Why not, as long as the module is in the initramfs?14:04
ograpersia, because you likely have a version mistmatch14:04
persiaogra: Ah, using an old initramfs with a new kernel.  I thought you were suggesting to boot the old initramfs and old kernel, and then install the new kernel and run update-initramfs.14:05
ograright, that works for sure14:06
cooloneyogra and persia, yeah, if that works, i can build a new disk with my new kernel installed right?14:06
ograjust drop the modules into /lib/modules and copy the kernel binary over vmlinuz14:06
ograthen run update-initramfs14:06
ograthat will just put them into fis14:06
cooloneyogra: ok, got it.14:07
cooloneyogra: where can i find the armel rootfs?14:07
asacdmart: hmm ok.14:07
asachow laborious is fixing the C code?14:07
ogracooloney, you dont have one installed yet ?14:07
cooloneyogra: i dd the karmice imx51 release image to a SD card.14:08
ograoh, you didnt install it ?14:08
cooloneyogra: so i guess this SD already has the rootfs, right?14:08
cooloneyogra: i installed it on a sata driver only,14:09
ograit only has the livefs14:09
cooloneyogra: ok, do i need to reinstall i on a SD card or USB disk14:10
ograi would recommend USB14:10
cooloneyand that installed usb stick contains the rootfs, right?14:11
persiacooloney: And a copy of the kernel and the modules, etc.14:11
persiaIt's a full installed system (although there is an extra copy of the kernel and initramfs in some boot location)14:11
cooloneypersia: yeah, understand.14:11
cooloneyso how big usb stick is enough for that?14:12
persiaRecommended minimum secondary storage for an Ubuntu installation is 4G.14:12
persiaI know some people have managed it with far less, but there's no promises it works with less.14:13
cooloneypersia and ogra ok, i got it. thanks a lot14:14
asacJamieBennett: what did we find so far for casper speed? anything we could fix easily?14:30
dmartasac: To me, it looked very laborious to convert the squashfs C code to do aligned access only, unless someone has a good idea about how to do it— it might require quite a lot of code to be rewritten, and the logic of how the output data is built up might have to change.  This doesn't feel feasible for now :(14:42
asacwe should at least carry tha tupstream though14:43
asacdmart: why did this start to happen in lucid only? and only on that hardware?14:43
dmart... hang on ...14:43
dmartBuilding with -marm might work.  The Jaunty kernel can't cope with all unaligned accesses in Thumb, but should cope if the userland code is ARM.14:44
dmartI've added that suggestion to the bug, and I'll give it a try.14:45
persiadmart: Would it just be building mksquashfs with -marm, or would the contents matter?14:45
asacok. i think -marm feels acceptable. its not something that impacts user machines.14:45
persiaasac: Doesn't it affect rootstock users?14:45
dmartpersia: Do you mean the squashfs contents?  I think that shouldn't matter14:46
asacyes. but thats development tool ;)14:46
asacso ... developer machines ... or am missing something ?14:46
persiaWell, most users *are* developers today :)14:46
dmartOnce we have true Karmic/Lucid buildds, we can switch to -mthumb and it should all work.  So -marm would be a temporary measure for this package.14:46
dmartI just rebuild squashfs-tool with -marm and re-ran my test on one of the nettops, and it ran without SIGILL, so I think this may work as a solution.14:53
asacthanks dmart14:58
asactargetted bug ... assigned to dyfet to prepare the debdiff15:02
* persia gets confused by http://packages.qa.debian.org/s/squashfs/news/20091202T163929Z.html15:02
persiaI found the issue.  cf. http://packages.qa.debian.org/s/squashfs-tools.html15:03
persiaBut since we have source/binary namespace issues, we run into the same sort of issues why `apt-get source linux` doesn't actually work.15:04
asacshould get removed from our arch too then15:04
persiaLooks like we need to chase that transition in Ubuntu for other reasons, and so would want to do the -marm stuff at the same time.15:04
persiaMight need a poke, as it's source removal but not binary removal (and stuff like that tends to confuse busy archive admins)15:05
asacdyfet: also look at the package rename at that time maybe15:05
ogralinux ?15:05
ograyou cant remove linux from armel, it builds versatile15:05
persiaogra: apt-get source linux pulls the linux-meta source.  We now have the same issue in that apt-get source squashfs pulls the squashfs source and apt-get source squashfs-tools pulls the squashfs source and apt-get source won't pull the squashfs-tools source without being hit about the head.15:06
ograi missed the meta reference :)15:06
dyfetOkay...adding -marm itself for arm arch seemed simple enough for squashfs-tools...15:06
dmartapt-get --source-only source sounds like it should work to solve this, but it never works for me; I usually have to resort to wget15:06
asacguess there is no way to fire off ubiquity at install stage ?15:06
asacdyfet: thanks. check if we also want to get the new source from debian or something15:07
persia(where hitting about the head is the --only-source parameter)15:07
ograasac, can you elaborate15:07
asacmaybe two steps15:07
persia(except this fails for some reason as well :( )15:07
dyfetasac: is there already a bug for this?15:07
asacogra: well. want to trial and error change hooks etc. to see what is adding all those modules15:07
ograasac, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/BabbageInstallVariants only ubiquity ?15:07
asacogra: and update-initramfs in chroot yielded a 1.6M initrd only15:08
ograah, thats what you want15:08
asacogra: i am in a live sesssion. ... wanted to rerun just the last step that triggers that15:08
ograno, it needs to get to the end of the install sadly15:08
ogra1.6M seems to small15:08
asacogra: so what is different from just running update-initramfs in chroot?15:08
ogragood question15:09
asacwhich is where i had the verbose output15:09
asacogra: how to best mount dev?15:09
asacseems like ubiquity doesnt mount /dev completely15:09
asacand the crypt hooks complain about /dev/null non-existing15:09
ograthat sounds buggy15:09
ogradid you check /dev in your initramfs ?15:09
asachmm. not inside it. i checked it in the /target mounted chroot15:10
ograprobably it copies any virtual fs15:10
asacand there only /dev/pts is mounted15:10
ograyeah, for apt15:10
ograit should mount dev and friends dynamiocally15:10
asacare you saying that the hooks are run even in the initramfs? (e.g. not in the /target) ?15:10
persiaasac: Are you trying to update a live image and then reboot it?15:11
asacno. i am trying to run the update-initramfs that is run at end of ubiquity before the flashing without running the whole ubiquity15:11
ograpersia, he tries to find out how update-initramfs is run from ubiquity15:12
ograasac, grep the ubioquity code is my best suggestion15:12
asaci see that its just run. but not sure what env it is run it ;)15:12
ograi know i added stuff to mount certain dirs that were missing in karmic, so i know it mounts unmounts dynamically for each command that needs it15:12
asacalso i wonder why there is no /dev/null in /target ;)15:13
asacok had to run the install anyway. seems that failing flash busts the SD card somewhat15:13
ogra /dev gets bind mounted dynamically15:13
asacso i had to re dd that15:13
asacogra: the full /dev?15:13
asacodd ... i will check that15:13
asaconly saw devpts mounted15:14
asacbut if its always unmounted that might explain it15:14
asacwill just do it then15:14
ogracheck the code, it should have some function like "prepare_chroot()" or some such15:14
ograthat calls the mount commands dynamically right before update-initramfs grub-install and other commands that need it15:14
ogramight be named differently ... prepare_target or so ... i dont remember the actual name15:15
asacright it bind mounts /dev15:16
asac        if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(self.target, 'proc/cmdline')):15:16
asac            self.chrex('mount', '-t', 'proc', 'proc', '/proc')15:16
asac        if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(self.target, 'sys/devices')):15:16
asac            self.chrex('mount', '-t', 'sysfs', 'sysfs', '/sys')15:16
asac        misc.execute('mount', '--bind', '/dev', os.path.join(self.target, 'dev'))15:16
asacits called chroot_setup15:16
ograah, right15:16
asacok great. odd that it it leaves devpts mounts behind though ;)15:17
asacwill check in a few minutes when install failed15:17
ogradevpts is used by dpkg/apt for logging15:17
ograthey might be needed at that stage15:17
persiaogra: To console?15:18
ograto nothing ... i dont even think they are actually used15:18
ograbut dpkg spills errors if it cant find them at the start of a package install15:18
ograi think its just kept around to quieten that15:18
* persia thought logs went to /var/log/* and to <stdout>15:18
ograi think d-i and ubiquity only log to /var/log/* ... d-i just runs a tail -f on tty415:19
JamieBennettasac: just got back, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/CasperSpeedup15:19
asacpersia: what is universe-contributor about?15:19
asacmy nm student wants to apply there, but i am not sure if he really should do that rather than motu15:20
asacJamieBennett: the more detailed analysis is the script content?15:21
asaclike for 10adduser?15:21
persiaasac: #ubuntu-motu or #ubuntu-devel are better places to ask that question, but it's a recognition of significant and sustained work within the Ubuntu development community.15:21
ograasac, i think debconf-communicate generally has speed issues15:22
persiaasac: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers#Ubuntu%20Contributing%20Developers15:22
JamieBennettasac: yeah, the timings are there for each slow part (i.e. a chroot or a locale generation e.t.c)15:22
persia(and feel free to have someone talk to me directly, either here or on oftc about that stuff)15:23
JamieBennettasac: next step is to look in more detail exactly what each of these code paths does and see if we can optimise them15:23
asacpersia: but is that really something developers should apply for?15:23
asaci mean developers that already do development for ubuntu?15:23
JamieBennettasac: ues15:23
asac(after that i will go to some other channel ;))15:23
persiaasac: Well, it depends on what they are doing.  Contributing Developers get @ubuntu.com email and authority to represent the Ubuntu project.15:23
persiaThere's no related specific upload rights.15:24
persiaSome development teams require Ubuntu Membership prior to application, and since all Contributing Developers are also members, this can be one way to get it.15:24
asacpersia: kk15:25
persiaasac: By the way, I suspect you're a member of the team (likely through inheritance).15:26
armin76he slacks15:26
* armin76 runs15:26
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asacfeels like i keep my old stuff for ever15:27
asacat least for the next 6 month i dont see any change :(15:28
ograjust stop doing it :)15:28
ograignorance ftw !15:28
persiaWell, both of you are not likely to care, really, because this is all stuff that matters more to people who don't already have root on tens of millions of systems :)15:28
asacfor NM i can stop and things will survive. for mozilla we all will get fired once the world notices that we are without security updates for year ;)15:28
ograwho cares, in one year we'll all use armel devices with chromium15:29
asacyeah. still distro reputation can go down quickly15:29
* persia will probably stick to epiphany15:29
asacalso mozilla sues us ;)15:29
asacin worst case making our brand damage reponsible for loosing their google money at some point ... that would be expensive ;)15:30
ograheh, i would like to see them actually sueing anyone15:30
ogradid they ever enforce their policy at court ?15:30
asacno. but they managed to get all distros not using it15:30
asacbut three: ubuntu/suse/redhat15:30
asacso i am sure they will be able to enforce it15:31
persiatrademark law has enough precedence that as long as they complain about it properly they don't need to have taken it to court.15:31
persia(well, perhaps not in some jurisdictions, but at least for most of the places they really care about)15:31
asacand since they are really running around forcing folks to stop doing that you cannot say they handled it to openly15:31
* ogra goes to call sudo make sandwich ... 15:32
asacdyfet: thanks for drafting the ooffice spec. in the work items i added a few options (from minimal to almost-perfect integration)15:44
asacdo those make sense? can you add them to the implementation section too?15:44
asachmm. noticed that bindmounting /dev is slightly different from the original /dev15:47
asaclike /dev/shm has different attributes in /dev than in the bindmounted location15:47
asacbindmounting /dev/shm somewhat fixes this15:47
ograshouldnt cause our issues though15:47
dyfetasac: I realized when reviewing specs that it got lost from when we did the original split....15:47
asacogra: no. but it cauess issues for chromium when run in chroot15:48
asacit uses /dev/shm for sandboxing15:48
asacdyfet: right. thanks a lot15:48
asacdyfet: to make it perfect putting one long sentence for the three integration variants i put into the work items would be great15:49
asacput that to implementation section15:49
asacproblem is that its pretty hard to do the integration compared to mailto:15:49
asacthats why i want three potential solutions to be in there15:49
dyfetyea...I was thinking about that issue :)15:49
asac1st. simple bookmark+ open browser integration15:49
asac2nd. auto import when double clicking (but no back and forth synch)15:49
asac3rd. gvfs gdocs mount for Documents folder15:50
asaci think those are the approaches i put into the work items ... having a sentence for each would be good15:50
dyfetasac: so your suggesting we turn the document into a browser bookmark entry?15:54
asacdyfet: no. 1st. approach is simple. it just allows you to open the borwser with gdocs if you click on the "office" launcher icon15:55
asacno import etc.15:55
asacalso adding a bookmark to the browser might be ok15:55
asac2nd. is about importing office documents if you want to open them15:56
asacusing libgdata15:56
asacand then opening a browser with just gdocs opened and the right folder maybe or even file15:56
asacif we are really smart we could rename that file at that time and replace it with a link to it in gdocs15:56
asacbut that can get out-of-sync15:56
asacso i am not sure15:56
asacrather would wnat to have 3. which would import it on first click and move it to the mounted Documents folder15:57
asacso starting there it would work to just open it in browser and also we wont get out of sync if you move files in gdocs15:57
dyfetyes, each has some ugly aspects...16:01
dyfetthough a simple mime helper app could be written in python to do any of these things...16:02
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asacdyfet: well. if you can think of a forth ... potential perfect option feel free to discuss that :)18:02
asacthe gvfs mount in Documents feels for me like the best solution18:02
dyfetIf I can I will18:02
asacalmost perfect.18:02
asacwhen you click on a file outside of the moint you would get asked if you want to import it18:02
asacand then the file would be moved to some "backup" location18:03
asacso you usually just use the mounted location18:03
asacdyfet: but imo all close to perfect solutions are off what we can do for lucid (e.g. 3. needs a bunch of work on the gdocs backend for gvfs)18:04
asacbut writing the ideas down makes sense still18:04
dyfetyes, there is always the option of deferring it, too, in this case18:04
asacdyfet: let me know when you wrote the 3 ideas down so i can just approve the spec for now ;)18:05
asacthat would make it done imo18:05
dyfetI initially added it to the spec already, but I think I need to expand on the third one18:05
asacdyfet: just write one sentence for each outlining the implementation/integration approach18:08
dyfetthats what I did18:08
* asac checks wiki again18:08
asacdyfet: maybe make bullet points out of the three approaches18:09
dyfetokay :)18:09
asacthat improves visual recognizability in the spec18:09
asacdyfet: the third would also open the browser with the right location after import18:09
asacalso if you click on the mounted documents the browser would be opened too of coures18:09
asac(or openoffice if user chooses to open with openoffice)18:10
asaccool. so what i will do is send a request to design team to make a design suggestion for the wizards ... i see three wizards atm: a) select preferred mail handler, b) select preferred office handler, c) import wizard (if we implemnt that)18:11
asacalso we need icons like outlined in the work items18:11
asacfor generic mail ... and office (with option to overlay webservice  branding based on users selection)18:11
asacogra: so yeah. cryptroot adds 13.5m of modules18:34
asacbasically all the drivers in the world18:34
asacnow i need to find that package ;)18:34
asacdpkg -S cryptroot on lucid anyone?18:34
asacbug 495161 filed18:42
ubot4Launchpad bug 495161 in cryptsetup "initramfs cryptroot hook bloats armel initrd by adding >13M of compressed modules" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49516118:42
* persia stops trying to install initramfs-tools on lucid to verify18:43
asacyeah ;)18:45
persiaI only had another 27 minutes to wait for the download to complete :)18:46
persia(including dependencies, etc.)18:46
asacpersia: heh. keep on going18:48
asachaving lucid ready will be handy ;)18:48
persiaI have lucids available for about half the architectures I use.  I should get to 75% this weekend, and probably 100% next week.18:49
persiaIt's just that I don't currently run any lucid live systems, so need to install the low-level stuff (rather than just forwarding X from a chroot).18:49
persia(again, I should have at least two running lucid environments by next week)18:50
awongasac: re the aac.c arm patch for chromium, hclam apparently has a fix open for it, and will be submitting it soon.  The -fPIC change should also land sometime today.  So, things should be good probably by later today or tomorrow.19:38
asacawong: great. thatnks for the update19:42
asacawong: so he will land more fixes than for ffmpeg?19:42
awongno prob. Thanks for bringing it up.19:42
awongfbarchard had the -fPIC change yestertday but it broke other parts of our build I think, so he had to revert.  hclam is working on various arm things (I actually don't know exactly what) and one of them is that compile fix.  I just asked him to try and submit that compile fix early.19:43
awongFYI, video performance on arm is probably going to be pretty dismal for chromium right now.  I saw some tests of the performance here, and it super slow/choppy.  There's actually some bugs in our rendering logic that doesn't handle super slow processers well for video and leads to exteremly bad behavior in the frame dropping code.  hclam was working on that last, but don't know his status exactly.19:45
ograasac, you rock !20:58
asacawong: thx. first we need a working build though ;)21:01
awongasac: completely agree. :)21:16
asachmm the installer is quite slow imo21:45
asacplars: so reformatting existing partitions seems to be buggy. crashes ubiquity. but deleting partition and creating works though22:01
persiaAdjusting partitions on flash tends to do wonky things with the FTL anyway (assuming you're looking at issues installing to USB flash)22:07
plarsplars: hmm, mine crashed even when repartitioning22:13
persiaplars: I tend to have better luck with much abused USB flash doing an erase rather than a write every once in a while.  How this really happens depends on the firmware, but at least for the Elecom keys I prefer, dd if=/dev/zero of=${flash device} bs=${flash eraseblock size} seems to do the right thing.22:15
persiaThen it needs to have a new partition table written from scratch, etc.22:16
asacplars: yes. reformatting is what makes it choke for me22:37
asacif i really add parition or something its ok22:37
asacjust if i select previously used partition and set it to / or something22:37
asachmm. bad issues ;)22:43
asacon reboot22:43
plarsasac: were you able to get around the install failure by removing the hook from /target22:43
asacalso usb errors about bad device descriptors22:43
asacplars: yes. after the "copying files ..." stage22:43
asacbut before "flashing kernel"22:43
asacyou need to remove the cryptroot stuff22:44
asacor actually comment out one line22:44
plarsgotta reboot, brb22:46
plarsasac: where would the line need to be commented from?22:53
asacplars: can you paste that file ;)22:55
asaci just lost it22:55
asac(and the image even)22:55
asacplars: are you good at launchpadlib writing ;)?22:57
asac(by coincident)22:58
plarsasac: good? I wouldn't say so, I've done some basic things though22:59
plarsasac: if you have ideas for scripts, I'd love to work on them though22:59
asacfor the relesae team report we basically need a script that gives info about lucid targetted bugs added/fixed/triaged in last week with armel tag i guess22:59
asacso that23:00
asacthe RC bugs section basically ;)23:00
asacsomehow automized23:00
asacnot sure if one can easily query if something got closed/etc. in last week though23:02
persiaI don't think that can be queried, but we can get a list e.g. daily or 6-hourly and then compare them periodically.23:02
persiaNeeds some client-side storage.23:02
awongasac: http://src.chromium.org/viewvc/chrome?view=rev&revision=34297  Hopefully that fixes the compile issues23:03
asacrock on23:03
asacyeah client side storage is bad ;)23:03
asacbut if thats the only way its better than having to look through all bugs ;)23:04
persiaclient-side storage doesn't need to be bad.  There are enough folk about with always-on servers.23:04
asacawong: great. so fPIC is still waiting for some issues?23:04
persiaI'm not sure I really want to code it, but I certainly could host it if nobody else wished to do so.23:05
asacthanks persia23:05
asacso getting a weekly dump of targetted bugs with its state in a filterable/diffable form23:05
asacwould be good i think23:05
* persia wonders what "thanks" is for23:06
asacfor the offer and for caring ;)23:08
awongasac: nope, that should be fixed too.  http://src.chromium.org/viewvc/chrome?view=rev&revision=3428423:08
persiaOh, good.  Let me know if nobody else will write it, as it would be an excuse to learn lplib, but hosting is easy.23:08
asacawong: hmm. there is no PIC mentioned there23:09
awongasac: yeah, it's int he changelog, but not in the diff.  However, if you look at the ffmpeg.gyp file, it has -fPIC in the cflags section for ['target_arch=="arm"', {.23:10
asacwe switched to 4am UTC for daily snapshots so i can copy that to builders for arm right away tomorrow morning23:10
awongno prob.  I didn't do the work. :)  Let me know if things still don't work for some reason.23:11
asachmm. i had one patch for chromium i gave fta23:11
asaclet me check23:11
asacits basically about brokenness for non armv7=0 builds23:11
asacah right23:11
asacits skia.gyp23:11
asacthe SSE source is not excluded if its not armv7=123:12
asacand also the opts are not added23:12
awongOkay.  If fta has the patch, he can submit it for review and the skia guys can have a look.23:13
asacthats the new block in skia.gyp needed23:13
asacreplacing it in skia.gyp23:13
* asac should get a git tree of chromium i guess23:13
asacor svn checkout at least ;)23:13
asacfta: do you need anything from me for the skia.gyp changes?23:13
awongheh. seeming like it. :)  And we should get you into the authors file to clear all the hurdles.23:13
asaci will take that as an action ;)23:14
asacto sign contributor agreement etc.23:14
asacand setup svn23:14
ftai don't really have much time atm23:15
asacall fine ;)23:15
ftabusy with work23:15
asacplars: what timezone are you in?23:17
persia( UTC -6 )23:21
asacweather clock is sorted by name23:21
asacnot UTC offset :/23:21
asacwhat is that? chicago?23:21
persiaI use Morelia for that timezone.23:21
asacwhat is morelia23:21
asacis that in US?23:21
awongfirst search result says Mexico.23:22
persiaYep, that's it.23:22
asacthe region selection in weather clock can be ... erm... improved ;)23:23
asacits like a zillion scrollable menu ;)23:23
persiaI know.  That's part of why I try to pick odd city names.23:23
asacmorelia is not in there :(23:24
asachmm i have dallas23:24
asacthats enough ;)23:24
persiaHrm.  Dallas works.23:24
asacyeah ;)23:25
awongclearly the right solution woudl be to reduce it down to one choice.  That way the users can't be confused with having too many options.  And ofcourse, that one choice should be something htat's 30minutes off of UTC.23:25
persiaawong: Why choose 30 minutes when 15 and 45 are available?23:25
asaci think we should just use the ubiquity timezo9n selector23:26
asacthats great thing23:26
asacthough some cities could deserve a point ;)23:26
asaci clicked on berlin and got prague or something similar close23:26
asactimezone is the same though23:27
persiaExcept weather doesn't work.23:27
persiaI was very annoyed last week because I couldn't pick a location near where I was, and so couldn't see the weather.23:27
asacweather was too broken so i only use it for time now ;)23:27
asacthe old weather thing worked at least23:27
persiaSo it's not 5 degrees, feels like 0.4 there?23:28
asacnot sure if they moved to an "open" serive to get weather datra now ;)23:28
awongpersia: are there actually timezones that are 15 and 45 mins off? I only knew of the 30-min ones...23:31
* persia hunts one up23:31
persiahttp://www.worldtimezone.com/wtz-names/wtz-wct.html is one example23:32
awongoh fun.23:32
awongI'm so glad icu exists.23:33
persiaOh, for the timezone calculations?23:35
persiaActually, I can't find any :15 timezones.  Only :00, :30, and :45.  Odd, that.23:36
asacis there a way to grab the pre-image livefs somewhere?23:38
asacwhat timezone is pacific e.g. what city?23:40
persiaSanta Fe23:40
persiaOr Portland23:40
asacits  not in there23:40
asaceven tokio isnt23:40
persiaLos Angeles?23:40
asacnor sf23:40
asaclet me check portland23:41
persiaTry Tokyo.  We don't spell it that way anymore.23:41
asacseattle neither23:41
asacpersia: well i looked for Tok*23:41
persiaMountain View?  Redmond?23:41
asacthere is a "United states" submenu ;)23:42
asacwith pacific23:42
persiaI'm surprised Tokyo isn't there.  Japan used to have lots of timezones, and settled on Tokyo time (except for Okinawa) about 50 years ago.23:42
asacmaybe there is a "japan" submenu23:42
asacor asia23:42
persiaProbably Asia/Tokyo23:42
persia(That's what LP calls my timezone)23:42
asacbut given the length of the top level list thats ridiculous23:43
asacantartica ;923:43
asacis a submenu23:43
asacbut no asia ;)23:43
persiaAustralia deserves a submenu: there's something like 10 timezones.23:43
asaceven chile and congo are submenus ;)23:43
persia(because some states do DST and others don't, and there's WCT, etc.)23:43
persiaChile gets interesting, just because there's something like a 3-hour gap in the middle of the timezones it spans.23:44
asacok added taiwan23:44
asacthats as close as i get to japan ;)23:44
persiaThat's not my timezone.23:44
persiaIt's off by one.23:44
asaci know23:44
asacwhat city do you have in weather applet?23:45
persiaSydney, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Boston, Morelia, Portland23:45
asacmorelia isnt there for me23:45
asactokyo neither :(23:45
asacdid you set that by latitude?23:45
persiaNope, but I set it in Jaunty.23:45
asacerr long...23:45
* persia upgrades rather than reinstalling23:46
asacok i give up23:46
asacenough time wsated scrolling an endless menu ;)23:46
persiaI can give you lat/long if that helps.23:46
asacguess i am better in my head :)23:46
persiaOK.  About livefs images.23:46
asacno. i can remember its taiwan + 1 ?23:46
asacor -1 ?23:46
persiaheh :)23:46
asacso its 8:45 ;)23:46
asacquite early :)23:46
persiaThey do exist.  They can be accessed, but I think they are only accessible to livefs-builder admins and ubuntu-cdimage by default.23:47
asacok livefs is much better ;)23:47
persiaI tend to just pull them from the image, because that's easier.23:47
asachave a script ready for that?23:47
asacor monuted?23:47
persia(or construct them myself with livecd-rootfs)23:47
asacdo you have a full mirror?23:48
asaci would like to have something that matches what we produce23:48
asacnot something "close"23:48
persia`sudo mount src/images/foo.img /mnt; cp /mnt/casper/squashfs.img src/scratch/squashfs.img; sudo umount /mnt`23:48
persiaAs long as the archive is consistent, running livecd-rootfs locally will produce the same thing as the livefs-builders, unless there is something odd about them.23:49
persia(like the mksquashfs bug we were discussing earlier)23:50
asacpersia: hm thought the image cannot be mounted because its has multiple partitions etc.23:50
asaci will figure ;)23:50
persiaOOps.  script error.23:50
persia `sudo mount src/images/foo.img /mnt; cp /mnt/casper/filesystem.squashfs  src/scratch/squashfs.img; sudo umount /mnt`23:51
persiaOh, if you're working with the multipartitioned SD image, just use losetup.23:51
* persia hunts up kirkland's excellent blog post23:51
persiaSo, you run losetup and kpartx before my script, and mount /dev/loopN to /mnt23:55
asacthat will do i guess23:55
asacbookmarked till i try23:55

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