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czamHi everyone, Is there any member of the IRC Council?03:19
czamI'm a new Ubuntu Member and I want to request an Ubuntu cloak!03:19
czamthis is my Launchpad Account (https://launchpad.net/~carlos.zambrano) for the Ubuntu Cloak03:23
m4vPici, jussi01: ping ^03:26
m4vczam: they seem to be away (or sleeping), so wait for a while03:27
czam m4v ok ;)03:30
m4vactually, I'm pretty sure they should be sleeping, so wait longer :P03:30
czamm4v yes, you are right, here in Colombia is just 22:33 :S03:33
blackxoredhello guys13:50
blackxoredI want a cloak13:50
jpdsPici, jussi01: ^13:50
jussi01argh, cant you give a nice clickable link? :P13:51
jpdsNo, I'm lazy.13:51
blackxoredI'm a new ubuntu member, so I think I should contact you here? maybe I'm wrong13:53
blackxoredjpds, hehehe :P13:53
jussi01Staff, nalioth niko etc please cloack blackxored with an ubuntu/member cloak13:54
jpdsblackxored: Here is fine.13:54
jussi01blackxored: I just had to check out everything was in order. :)13:54
blackxoredjpds, I wasn't that wrong then13:54
blackxoredjussi01, no problem13:55
Picijussi01: you could just use my handy script, then you wouldn't even need to click on any links.13:55
blackxoredPici, that's marketing :P13:55
jussi01Pici: does that check he is identified?13:55
jpdsjussi01: He has a cloak already.13:56
Picijussi01: All you need is their launchpad id. It checks if they're part of ubuntumembers (even indirectly) and adds them to the cloaked users team.13:56
blackxoredI have to re-identify with services?13:56
jussi01blackxored: you just need to wait for staff13:57
blackxoredI received a mail "you've been added to ubuntu-irc-cloaks"13:57
Piciblackxored: Indeed, we use that to track who we have cloaked.13:57
jussi01blackxored: freenode staff need to do thee actual cloaking13:58
blackxoredjussi01, oh staff you meant freenode, I was thinking at ubuntu-irc staff13:59
jpdsblackxored: Functionality like that will probably come in the future.13:59
blackxoredjpds, great14:01
blackxoredyes I whoised me :P now I saw the cloack14:01
blackxoredthank you guys14:02
jpdsNo problem.14:02
jpdsCongrats too.14:02
blackxoredsee you guys later14:06
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