dashcloudhi, I'm trying to follow the upgrade procedure, and on step 7 (restore the database) it keeps failing- ERROR: The specified backup file cannot be read.00:07
dashcloudInvalid backup filename, stopped at /usr/share/mythtv/mythconverg_restore.pl line 831.00:07
mranddashcloud: I don't know if I'll have enough time to help, but what command line are you using?00:08
dashcloud/usr/share/mythtv/mythconverg_restore.pl --verbose --directory /var/lib/mythtv/db_backups/ --filename mythconverg-1214-20091129174054.sql.gz00:09
mrandAnd is that file in that directory?00:10
mranddashcloud: I don't have any reason to suspect the version you are using is bad or wrong, but you might grab the latest one... I think yours may be a tad old.  What are the permissions on that mythconverg file?00:21
dashcloud-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root00:22
mrandThose are strange permissions.  Perhaps chown and grp to mythtv?00:26
mrandsorry, gotta run.  good luck!00:26
bllzIs there any documentation for recording tv shows with a Motorola DTA 100?02:41
bllzI have a PVR150 whith a coax-in that could record the output from the DTA02:41
bllzbut i was wondering if anybody has figured out the IRblaster situation yet02:41
bllzlol or is everybody AFK?02:43
dashcloudbllz: I would check the forums, and the mythtv wiki & user mailing list- other than that, I can't help you02:51
bllzdashcloud, thanks!  I checked those already02:56
bllzlol only one person seeding mythbuntu? wow04:18
aasgkkcan anybody help me with my problem?  http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/f1e63f3ba08:59
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rhpot1991aasgkk: what exactly is your problem?17:33
aasgkkthat i doesn't know the problem ;)     whating tv in mythtv works not good.. very unstable..17:44
aasgkksometimes mythbackend use permanently 100% cpu17:45
aasgkkchannelswitching is not possible17:47
aasgkkonly sky select works fine ;)17:47
rhpot1991you have a whole lot of these in your frontend log:17:51
rhpot19912009-12-10 09:40:16.175 [mpeg2video @ 0x58c56c0]ac-tex damaged at 33 2917:51
rhpot19912009-12-10 09:40:16.175 [mpeg2video @ 0x58c56c0]00 motion_type at 8 1117:51
rhpot1991might be a bad recording, or your tuner is having issues17:51
aasgkkmhmm i think the cable-installation is the mainproblem.. i think it is 30 years old.. no good time for dvbc17:52
wilberfanI want to have a working frontend and backend AND a gnome or xfce ubuntu 9.10 system...  Is it better to install mythbuntu first then ADD gnome, etc...or get Ubuntu up and running, then ADD mythtv?18:55
darthanubisget Ubuntu up and running, then ADD mythtv18:57
wilberfanthanks!  =]18:58
bllzHi, I have comcast digital cable, and i'll be setting up a PVR150 along with an IR blaster.  My question is, will the on-demand content still be available?  My understanding is that the stock comcast remote sends a "0" followed by an "enter" command to access the on-demand menu, so it *should* work, right?19:00
bllzAlso, I don't have a monitor (other than my TV, obviously)  can somebody recommend a VNC client for windows that will work well with the default vnc client in mythbuntu?  I'm hoping to do all the configuration that way19:03
rhpot1991bllz: well in theory you should be able to make it work, its only IR commands19:04
bllzrhpot1991:  that's what I figured, but in my experience it's always good to ask ahead of time =)19:05
bllzi have another question though19:05
rhpot1991I think I used tightvnc in the past on windows, its been a while19:06
bllzI've never used an IR blaster/set-top-box combination before.  Won't there be a problem with the on-screen display from the STB showing up when I change channels in myth?19:06
bllztightvnc.  I'll look into that, thanks19:06
rhpot1991bllz: you will be recording whatever is on screen19:07
rhpot1991unless you have 2 of them, you will be recording what you are watching19:07
bllzright, that's what i assumed, but is there any workaround?19:07
rhpot1991work around for what, watching what you record?19:07
bllzno no19:07
bllzI'm worried that when I change channels through myth, the OSD from the STB will appear and either a) look hideous with the OSD from myth or b)  end up in my recordings19:08
bllzsince it's on screen19:08
bllzso i'm wondering if anything can be done to resolve that19:08
rhpot1991bllz: nothing with on demand19:08
rhpot1991you need to use their stb to record that19:08
rhpot1991it will go away after a few seconds though19:09
bllzoh sorry, i wasn't clear.  I meant with TV in general as far as the OSD issue is concerned19:09
bllznot necessarily osd19:09
bllzdamn... i'm having trouble talking today =)19:09
Zinnbllz: Please watch your language.19:09
rhpot1991it should tune and then the recording should start19:10
rhpot1991for intance I use firewire and by the time its ready to record the osd is off of the screen for me19:10
rhpot1991bllz: gotta run and do something if you have any other questions ask away and I'll answer them when I get back if no one else stepped in19:11
bllzsounds good, thankx19:11
* bllzz bllz19:17
mrandrhpot1991: depending on his cable box, he might also be able to do channel changing via serial port.  My non-HD box provides for that, so that's what I use.  I've tested IR blasting and it works fine.  Well, on a PVR-USB2, not -150.20:04
rhpot1991mrand: yep, firewire may also be an option.  I assumed he has to IR blast but ya I shoulda tossed that out there20:05
rhpot1991looks like he is gone20:05
baggar11would there be any problems running a 32bit host, connecting to a 64bit backend?21:01
baggar1132bit host --> frontend21:01
rhpot1991baggar11: nope21:03
baggar11cool. thanks21:03
bllzwhy is there no 9.10 alt cd for mythbuntu?23:19
mrandbllz: it was very rarely used and the team was already stretched thin.23:21
mrandbllz: per your conversation earlier, if your STB has a serial port, you might be able to use that rather than IR blasting.  My older Time Warner cable box has it.23:22
bllzmrand: oh.  that's a shame.  i guess there's no way to set up an LVM after installing, is there?23:22
bllzmrand:  unfortunately it doesnt.  It's one of those motorola DCT700 models23:22
bllzthey're smaller and only have IR23:22
bllzcoax in/out23:23
bllzyeah i agree23:24
bllzi also got a DTA just in case that's easier23:24
mrandset up LVM after installing?  uhh, not that I know of.  From a myth perspective, LVM's are needed with the introduction of storage groups.23:24
bllzmrand:  yeah I was just hoping to span a volume over two drives23:25
bllzbut I guess that's not strictly necessary23:25
mrandDCT700?  Isn't that that old digital capable box?23:25
mrandOh wait, no... it isn't an old thing.  I got excited for a minute... the one I'm think of can be modified to allow firewire output.23:26
bllzyeah it definitely doesn't ahve firewire23:26
mrandI wonder if I can re-find what I'm thinking of.  It didn't come with firewire, but it could manually modified.23:27
mrandDCP501 is what I was thinking of.23:28
bllzand what could be done with that one?23:31
bllzyou could change channels via firewire?23:31
mrandI assume so.  More importantly, you can use it as your tuner... capture via firewire.  But you have to modify it to do that.  R5000 style.23:33
bllzwell it's a moot point, since i don't have it lol23:33
bllzso i also got a DTA from comcast... which do you think will be easier to use? the DTA or the STB?23:34
bllzthe dta connects to a separate IR receiver via a headphone-jack-looking plug (the same as my IR blaster for my PVR150) ... so i'm thinking I might be able to just use a double-male cable and avoid the whole IR quandry23:35
mrandHmmm.... well, if you have both, I'd try to use both, to be honest.  I think people have gotten both to work.  But does the DTA work for encrypted channels? You may need the STB to get most of your channels.23:37
bllzyeah the DTA works for everythign except on-demand23:39
rhpot1991firewire sucks, but other than that :)23:39
rhpot1991and definitely wont work for on demand, they lock that down23:40
rhpot1991hdpvr + firewire tuning is the way to go23:40
bllzyeah so it seems23:41
bllzunfortunately I have neither =)23:41
mrandDo a really good theme for mythtv and you can the HDPVR!23:41
mrandcan WIN the HDPVR23:41
mrandnot sure where those three letters went.  They were in my head, but didn't come out my fingers.23:42
bllzhaha I know nothing about graphic design23:42
bllzlol a la "i accidentally the whole thing"23:42
mrandIt's just some XML.23:42
bllzwhich I know nothing about23:42
bllz*nothing* lol23:42
bllzi have a pvr15023:42
mrandPVR150 won't help you with winning the theming competition23:43
bllzlol unfortunately23:43
bllzwell... looks like either way i'm giving up on this lvm idea and i'm just going to get the mythbuntu live cd23:43
bllzso i should probably start with that23:44
mrandbllz: btw, I mistyped above.  I meant to say "LVM's are UNneeded with the introduction of storage groups"23:44
* mrand slows his fingers down a bit.23:44
bllzthat changes everything lol23:44
bllzin that case, F**ck it23:44
mrandsorry for the misunderstanding.23:45
bllzi may be getting rid of that drive anyway23:45
bllzno, no worries23:45
bllzyou've been very helpful23:45
mrandGlad to hear.23:45
bllzhey wait a minute...23:45
bllzi have an old laptop23:46
bllzand an external enclosure that could hold my loud/annoying drive23:46
bllzcouldn't I set up some sort of secondary backend?23:46
bllzand use the storage group feature?23:46
bllzwell then23:47
bllzthat's settled23:47
bllzi'll worry about that later, however23:47
bllzalthough real quick, mrand, I assume the laptop in question doesn't ahve to be excessively powerful to handle this kind of taks?23:48
bllzbecause it's rather old23:48
bllzin fact, it can't even boot a xubuntu livecd23:48
mrandbllz: nope.  It could be either a slave backend, or actually you could just use it as a remote filesystem.  Streaming media from a drive can't be too difficult for even the oldest of machines.23:49
bllzthat's what I figured23:49
bllzwould a slave backend have GUI?23:50
bllzand also, what protocol would I want to use for a remote filesystem? smb?23:51
bllzyou there, mrand?23:54
rhpot1991depends what you are sharing23:54
rhpot1991mythtv will share most files itself23:54
rhpot1991music/photos/ISO files you will need smb or nfs23:54
mrandbllz: sorry, was interrupted.  slave backend doesn't have a frontend gui, but it might require a gui just to set the thing up.23:55
mrandon a very weak machine, I don't know that there is a reason to run it as a slave backend though, what do you think rhpot1991.23:56
mrandMaybe just use it as a smb or nfs fileserver.23:56
rhpot1991I missed the quetion, unless you need the expanded storage I wouldn't bother23:56
rhpot1991storage as in hard drive and pci slots for tuners23:56
rhpot1991also you can always add a slace backend later, get one running first :)23:57
bllzrhpot1991:  the issue is i have one VERY loud harddrive that I can potentially put in an enclosure and attach to a laptop23:57
bllzthe laptop could then either run a remote filesystem or a myth slave backend23:57
mrandweak laptop.  I think he's using it to get the loud drive away from everything else.23:57
bllzi.e. in the closet where it belongs lol23:57
rhpot1991how large is the drive?23:57
rhpot1991slave backend without a tuner wont do much for you23:57
rhpot1991each backend will record to its own storage groups (I'm pretty sure)23:58
mrandrhpot1991: yeah, that what I realized after thinking about it a second.23:58
bllzbut you can prioritize storage groups can't you?23:58
mrandbllz: A loud 500 GB?  Is it going bad? :-)23:58
rhpot1991bllz: without that drive you don't think you will have enough storage?23:58
bllzso Ilots of seek noise23:58
rhpot1991I'd just get a new drive :)23:58
bllzi have another 500gb drive in the frontend23:58
rhpot1991if its loud something is prob wrong23:58
rhpot1991and you can get a 1-2tb drive for cheap anymore23:58
mrandrhpot1991: me too :-)23:58
bllzrhpot1991:  no, it's just loud seek noise and it's a seagate so no AAM23:59
bllzyeah, the problem is i can't really afford a new drive right now =/23:59
mrandFind a sale over christmas.  1 TB was $60 over Thanksgiving.23:59
Zinnbllz: Please watch your language.23:59
bllzthat's not bad at all23:59
rhpot1991bllz: get the system up and running with one 500 for now?23:59
bllzZinn's a sensitive little bot isn't he?23:59

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