dholbachgood morning08:32
czajkowskidholbach: aloha :D08:36
dholbachhey czajkowski08:36
czajkowskidholbach: how's things?09:21
dholbachczajkowski: I'm a bit tired and have lots of stuff going on :)09:32
dholbachczajkowski: how 'bout you?09:32
czajkowskibit late stayed in in -women last night after meeting trying to work things out for myself.09:33
czajkowskithen worked on NGO stuff, and followed up on some stuff ivanka asked me to do re paper jams and NGO09:34
czajkowskiwe're gonna highlight one of the interviews09:34
czajkowskifrom apaper jam side of things09:34
czajkowskihttp://www.lczajkowski.com/2009/09/28/milieudefensie-friends-of-the-earth-netherlands-ngo-interview/  this one to start with09:34
dholbachyou're full of energy09:34
ebelHard drive has started it's journey to Kenya :)09:35
czajkowskino I was full of frustration last night and dug into Ubuntu work :)09:35
dholbachebel: nice09:35
czajkowskiebel: make sure to put all the info on the wiki please :D09:35
dholbachand blog about it :)09:35
ebelczajkowski: idea! I could introduce you to the people in Africa using ubuntu....09:36
* ebel shall look at that later.09:36
ebel(for the interviews that is)09:36
czajkowskiebel: Lovely!09:38
czajkowskiebel: I've also sent eoghan @ camara questions as I'd like to do an Irish interview, waiting on reply09:39
czajkowskiI hope the Ngos/pacaging folks on the mailing list actually reply to my paper jams mail or I'll be rather disapointed09:39
ebelCool cool. :)09:39
czajkowskiadahendra: aloha11:33
adahendrain Indonesia always use Repository from DVD for updating11:35
adahendrahow about offline updating we use Ubuntu DVD repository11:35
czajkowskiebel: ^^^^11:37
ebeladahendra: hello.11:37
ebeladahendra: I'm doing something similar for a friend in kenya11:38
ebelBut I sent a portable harddrive with ~30GB of stuff.11:38
ebelI didn't know about these DVDs, can you tell me more about it?11:38
adahendramany ubuntu users need updating package and install more package, but in indonesia for internet connection is expensive11:40
adahendrarepository ubuntu from dvd created by fajran, he is from ubuntu-id11:40
ebelcool cool.11:41
ebelmaking DVDs is really cool.11:41
ebelI'd love to try that sometime, cause DVDs are much cheaper to buy and post than USB harddrives.11:43
adahendrawe can build repository into dvd just using jigdo,11:45
adahendrajigdo build ubuntu repository into .iso11:46
ebelI have heard of jigdo, but never used it11:46
ebeladahendra: we have a wiki page about offline updating https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NGO/NoConnectivity and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NGO/OfflineUpdating11:47
ebelplease update that (or ask someone else to). The more knowledge that's in one place the better :D11:48
adahendrai will update11:48
czajkowskigreat stuff11:53
ebelcool cool11:53
ebelI'd love to investigate how this DVD works11:53
ebeladahendra: i see there are a few DVDs there, how do you update it? Put 4 DVDs in, one after the other?11:53
Hardikhttp://aptoncd.sourceforge.net/ I have found perfect in field, for off-line update :)12:44
czajkowskiHardik: aloha12:44
Hardikczajkowski, :) Just updated Wiki | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NGO/OfflineUpdating12:45
czajkowskiHardik: great thanks12:48
highvoltageczajkowski: reading "paper jam" is like listening to nails on a blackboard13:51
czajkowskiwhy ?13:59
czajkowskihighvoltage: ?13:59
highvoltageczajkowski: because paper jams can be terrifying!14:01
highvoltageczajkowski: have you never had to print something for a big meeting that happens in 2 minutes and then the printer says "Paper Jam" and it doesn't want to do anything until you almost take the printer completely apart just to get the piece of paper that's stuck out?14:02
czajkowskihighvoltage: yes but it's not a paper cut, it's something bigger14:03
czajkowskiand across system that may not effect just NGOs14:03
highvoltageczajkowski: yeah, well otherwise it's a clever name :)14:08
czajkowskihighvoltage: so would you please be nice and reply pon list with some sugggestions to get the ball rolling14:09
highvoltageczajkowski: I don't have any ideas but if you want I could make some noise to get it going :)14:11
jussi01where do I find more actual info on ubuntu NGO? I mean, where should I direct people I know (ie. a Charity strategy, planning and execution consultant)?14:15
czajkowskihighvoltage: yes, our list is missing noise14:15
czajkowskiand I know there are a lotta groups on it so I'm wondering why there is a lack of noiuse14:15
highvoltageczajkowski: well I just made a small reply hopefully that will put some peer pressure on others to respond :)14:15
czajkowskijussi01: have you seen the wiki page ????14:15
jussi01czajkowski: yes, but it doesnt have much info about it.14:15
jussi01its fairly sparse14:16
czajkowskijussi01: ok14:16
czajkowskijussi01: where could we improve it?14:16
jussi01the approach needs a lot more substance imho.14:17
jussi01ie. How does someone with a load of NGO knowledge and understanding, such as my friend, tell you what he needs, and you get the right information to create that?14:19
czajkowskijussi01: well I just asked for that info on the mail re paper jams14:19
czajkowskiperhaps I could add it to the wiki page??14:20
jussi01I havent seen the list, not on it (yet). However, that would be a good thing imho14:20
czajkowskijussi01: ok can u join the list?14:22
czajkowskiI also had a guy from finland email me last night14:22
czajkowskiabout interviews14:22
jussi01I think its important that the wiki has enough information for $randomperson to understand what to do to get something out of this.14:22
jussi01anyway, home time14:22
jussi01czajkowski: ooh, cool :D14:22
czajkowskijussi01: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ngo14:23
highvoltagejussi01: /topic should give you a good selection of pages to read as well14:26
czajkowskijussi01: if you come up with other ways to make the wiki more information can you poke myself or Pendulum and we'll try and sort it, or you can update it yourself if you like15:24

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