ubottuJontheEchidna called the ops in #kubuntu ()02:54
cody-somervillefyi ^02:56
FlannelYeah he hit up #u like 15 minutes ago02:57
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from brandon_)02:58
FlannelSpace Ghost seems to have discovered the bot02:59
dtchenslight issue in -devel03:04
FlannelMmmm, whos on the access list.03:05
cody-somervilleissue resolved03:05
Flannelah, n to the rescue!03:05
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu (D4e5_1 abusing bot)03:14
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu ()03:32
FlannelOh bugger, I had my ping turned off03:38
cody-somervilleIkoniaISaSLUT just spammed #xubuntu03:38
Madpilotlikewise #u03:39
Madpilotdid a nickban03:39
MadpilotFlannel, looks like your ban from about 40min ago in #u was the same creature?03:40
Madpilotthe tellas.gr IP03:40
cody-somervilleYes, same creature.03:41
FlannelMadpilot: Yeah04:00
=== Dominian is now known as BOFH
=== BOFH is now known as Dominian
ubottuleaf-sheep called the ops in #ubuntu (Query prkt Guest17958 (multiple lamers from same IP))04:40
ubottuQuery called the ops in #ubuntu (leaf-sheep (multiple fucker))04:41
AmaranthFlannel: heh, that just banned all of the troublemakers04:42
FlannelAmaranth: They're all the same, and asmodeus04:42
elkyeyes on mikhail in #u04:43
Flannelelky: Whys that?  Troublemaker elsewhere?04:43
elkysee his entrance (as mikhail2)04:44
elky<mikhail2> I am Mikhail Gorvachak04:44
Flannelelky: That was asmodeus renaming himself, I imagine to make it more difficult to kick/more collateral damage with a bad complete04:44
Flannelmikhail (1) is a different persn entirely, as far as I can tll04:44
Madpilothe's currently under Flannel's IP ban, so no worries04:44
elkyaha, good spot04:45
FlannelSpaceGhostC2C: Howdy, How can we help you today?04:50
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, fluffman said: !thegame is an ongoing game, the objective of which is to avoid thinking about The Game itself.  See !thegame-rules.04:50
SpaceGhostC2CHey, I wanted to know if there is a possibility to add a command to ubottu04:50
FlannelSpaceGhostC2C: Suggestions are always welcome, yes.04:51
SpaceGhostC2CHow would I go about this?04:51
FlannelSpaceGhostC2C: /msg ubottu foo is bar04:52
MadpilotFlannel, that /remove I just administered in -ot has your favourite IP in it...04:53
FlannelMadpilot: Same ones, yeah.04:53
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, fluffman said: !thegame-rules is 1) You are always playing the game.  2) When you think about the game, you lose. 3) When you lose the game, you must tell at least one person.  It is impossible to win the game; one can only attempt to avoid losing for as long as possible.04:54
Flannelubottu: tell fluffman about scope04:54
FlannelAh, PM spam.04:56
Madpilotfrom your favourite IP?04:57
FlannelMadpilot: It wasn't my favorite IP until they showed up in #u half an hour ago, but yeah.04:57
SpaceGhostC2CMay I know what this IP is?04:58
FlannelSpaceGhostC2C: It's no big deal.  Is there anything else we can help you with today?04:58
SpaceGhostC2CFlannel, so I would just say !command is whatever?04:59
SpaceGhostC2Cor just command is whatever?04:59
FlannelSpaceGhostC2C: Correct, a query or #ubuntu-bots is the best place04:59
ubottui_is_broke called the ops in #kubuntu (flooding)04:59
SpaceGhostC2CMay I make a test, to see how it works?05:00
FlannelSpaceGhostC2C: Sure05:00
FlannelOh fun.05:12
FlannelApparently he's claiming to be me in #freenode and that I stole this nick from him05:12
FlannelMadpilot: My most recent best friend05:23
Madpilotah, the entertainment we volunteer for05:23
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, SpaceGhostC2C said: !thegame is The Game is an ongoing game, the objective of which is to avoid thinking about The Game itself. Thinking about The Game constitutes a loss, which, according to the rules of The Game, must be announced each time it occurs. How to win The Game is not defined in the rules; players can only attempt to avoid losing for as long as possible. The Game has been described alternately as pointless and infuriatin05:23
FlannelHe's currently "Flannel1" apparently05:23
Flannelubottu: tell SpaceGhostC2C about scope05:23
SpaceGhostC2CFlannel, did I do something wrong?05:25
elkyi believe he was just letting you know the scope of factoids we exist05:33
SpaceGhostC2CDo you think that this factoid wouldn't be added?05:33
elkyhowever, i'm pretty sure a factoid specifically intended to annoy the heck out of people falls outside that scope05:34
SpaceGhostC2CI can see that point of view and understand it. I personally think it would be fun, and could be used to diffuse tense situations.05:35
SpaceGhostC2Cespecially in #ubuntu-offtopic.05:35
elkyannoying people isn't going to diffuse a situation in -offtopic.05:36
SpaceGhostC2CIt's an opinion. I can see how you would arrive at that.05:37
mneptokcody-somerville: you might think about adding some more people from the ops team to the #x access list.05:38
cody-somervillemneptok, I'm happy to do so if someone can provide me with some names (or rather nicks) of ops who frequent #x05:40
mneptokcody-somerville: we get reports of abuse here. and end up watching in impotent dismay as no one can do anything.05:41
cody-somervilleI thought with the UbuntuIrcCouncil nick being on the access list it would permit folks from the op team to op in #xubuntu05:44
cody-somervilleDid I not add it right?05:44
mneptokno, just the Council people05:44
mneptok(jussi and Pici)05:45
cody-somervillemneptok, Would adding you to the access list be effective in helping alleviate the issue?05:46
mneptokcody-somerville: depends on time of day. i do sleep. ;)05:47
* cody-somerville doesn't sleep.05:47
mneptokcody-somerville: i'd suggest bazhang, ikonia, Flannel, elky, and myself. that gets pretty decent coverage through most of the day.05:47
mneptokelky: i just voluntold you!05:48
mneptokcody-somerville: it will really help when the *total* nutjobs go cycling through every *buntu channel05:49
mneptokcody-somerville: with a few more eyes on #x, we can stop things before they start.05:49
mneptokcody-somerville: be sure to scream here if you find any one of us invasive to the channel's smooth operation05:50
cody-somervilleSounds good.05:50
cody-somervilleWe are generally much more tolerant than #ubuntu since its since a smaller channel but of course have very little patience for folks like IkoniaISaSLUT05:52
cody-somervilleoops, that second since should be a such <g>05:52
mneptokcody-somerville: since i don;t tend to idle in #x, i'm sure most of my involvement will be along the lines of the cavalry riding over the hill to save the village. not as town cop.05:52
Madpilotso you'll show up smelling like a horse and waving a curvy sword?05:53
mneptokdon't i always?05:57
mneptokdon't forget "bare-chested and well-oiled"05:57
cody-somervilleSpeaking on IkoniaISaSLUT, I set the following ban - is it doing what I want it to?: *!goliath@adsl-*.tellas.gr05:58
elkyikonia, ooh, you got upgraded from bitch?05:58
mneptokcody-somerville: might want to s/goliath/*goliath05:59
cody-somervilleelky, Whoever the individual is behind the "Ikonia is a ..." campaign really didn't enjoy getting klined and so decided to take things to the next level unfortunately.06:00
MadpilotI just did IkoniaISaSLUT!*@* in #ubuntu, for now06:00
Madpilotno variations on the theme have emerged, so it worked that far06:01
elkycody-somerville, yeah, it's been going on for a few days now. it was bitch just last night.06:01
FlannelMmmm, looks like I just got volunteered.06:05
FlannelWell, cody-somerville, I'm happy to help!06:05
Madpilotupdated the /topic in #ubuntu to note that yes, ubuntuforums are apparently down.06:17
vimpulseFlannel:  hello06:56
Flannelvimpulse: Howdy06:56
Flannelvimpulse: That's 100% totally absolutely incorrect and inappropriate.06:56
vimpulseFlannel:  if I may ask -- why?06:56
Flannelvimpulse: For the record, you were suggesting that someone was being rude in asking for help because their problem wasn't big enough, yes?06:57
vimpulseFlannel:  yes.  It seems to me that the asker's mouse pointer was disappearing for a few seconds, probably no more than once an hour.06:57
vimpulseFlannel:  or maybe not actually disappearing, but instead changing from being an arrow to a spinner06:58
Flannelvimpulse: Who are you to judge what problem is "significant" enough to be asked?  Moreso, who are you to berate someone for asking a question?06:58
vimpulseFlannel:  I see your side.  But I am still not 100% convinced that you are right.  :)07:01
vimpulsedear everyone else -- opinions?07:01
Flannelvimpulse: I'm 100% sure that I'm right.07:01
vimpulseFlannel:  of course -- otherwise you wouldn't've said it.  But *I* am not 100% sure that you are right.  :)07:02
Flannelvimpulse: And the fact that you're even considering the opposite side of this concerns me.07:02
elkyvimpulse, haranging people for seeking support is not permitted within any of our channels07:02
vimpulseis there no such thing as a support question too small to be worth asking supporters to spend their time on?07:03
elkyvimpulse, no.07:03
Flannelelky means yes, there is no such thing as a question too small.07:03
Madpilota small question might well have a small quick fix, and viola, one less irritated Ubuntu user07:04
vimpulseelky:  interesting.  I think there are channels with different philosophies.  For example, I think #centos.  But if the #ubuntu philosophy is that there is no too-small question, I will respect that when in #ubuntu.07:04
elkyvimpulse, that's all we ask.07:05
vimpulseNote:  Even though I will respect the philosophy, I still think you should change it.  For example, look at Delta__'s problem.07:05
elkyif you could take a look at the guidelines linked in the #ubuntu topic, then we will be sure we're on the right page in terms of behaviour in general07:06
Flannelvimpulse: I'm looking at it.  I don't see anything wrong with it.  I am totally sickened by the way you treated him though.07:06
vimpulseFlannel:  Delta__ is annoyed that Alsa is using 7-10% of CPU, I think when s/he's using a custom libao application.  Delta__ wants Folding@Home to run faster, so wants to reduce the CPU that Alsa uses.  But are there not more important support questions to be dealt with?07:08
elkyvimpulse, importance is not for you to decide.07:09
Flannelvimpulse: Again, you're rating importance.  Stop it.07:09
elkyvimpulse, if you dont want to answer it, dont answer it. fine by us07:09
elkybut to scold someone for asking is beyond rude.07:09
vimpulseelky:  Flannel:  as you are ops, I plan to respect your guidelines about importance.  But my point is I think that maybe you should change your channel guidelines a little closer to no-spoonfeeding.07:10
elkyvimpulse, we will do no such thing.07:10
macothat's not how this community works :)07:10
macowe like new users, you see07:10
Madpilotso who gets to define "spoonfeeding', vimpulse? You?07:10
Flannelvimpulse: How does "how do I make alsa use less CPU" equal spoonfeeding?07:11
vimpulseelky:  I read the guidelines on the wiki now.07:11
vimpulseMadpilot:  Flannel:  spoonfeeding was the wrong word here.07:11
Flannelvimpulse: You're saying we shouldn't be helpful.07:11
cody-somervillevimpulse, You're welcome to answer only the questions you want. However, there are others who might want to provide support for the questions you're not interested in answering which is cool too. However, if you tell users that their questions are illegitimate then you're not giving a chance to the other folks who want to help out have a chance to do so.07:12
Flannelvimpulse: This community does not RTFM.  "I know more than you, I can figure it out, why can't you?" is also the wrong stance to take.07:12
vimpulseFlannel:  no.  There are two things.  One is reduction of spoonfeeding.  That means that questions which are easily answered by Googling shouldn't be answered in-channel.  #centos is big on non-spoonfeeding.07:12
Flannelvimpulse: #ubuntu is not #centos07:12
vimpulseFlannel:  I know07:12
Flannelvimpulse: Then stop trying to tell us we need to become #centos07:13
Madpilotvimpulse, "JFGI" and "RTFM" are not, ever, permitted on #ubuntu07:13
macowe have a factoid for that07:13
vimpulseFlannel:  I am saying there are things you can learn from #centos.  If people insist on spoonfeeding, maybe a better thing to do is to point people to the right Google search terms to use.07:13
ubottuAcronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.07:13
Flannelvimpulse: No one's insisting on spoonfeeding.  Perhaps it's time you move along from #ubuntu and stick to #centos07:14
vimpulsecody-somerville:  good point, and good explanation of why rating questions is bad.07:14
vimpulseFlannel:  maybe so :)07:14
Madpilotvimpulse, again, you are using a definition of "spoonfeeding" that has no place in #ubuntu.07:14
macopointing someone to a specific webpage detailing an answer is certainly fine, but "google" is not a specific webpage07:14
macobasically, the concept of spoonfeeding doesnt exist in ubuntu. it's simply "helping"07:15
vimpulsemaco:  I said "point people to the right Google search terms to use".  Often, when I do that, I google it myself first.  I check that the terms are the best terms to use.  Then I point a user to try the search.  If they tell me they can't find their answer, then I give them a clearer answer.07:16
macowhy not just give them the page they need?07:18
vimpulsemaco:  I find that it is sometimes useful to try to teach people how to find info by themselves.07:18
maconot everyone wants to learn that lesson. and that's ok.07:18
macowe're not all researchers07:18
cody-somervillevimpulse, Thats an admirable endeavor but unfortunately not the purpose of the #ubuntu channel.07:18
elkyvimpulse, if you really desperately want #ubuntu to be like #centos, then by all means approach our Community Council and insist they set a "no spoonfeeding" rule. Only then will we bend to that demand. Until such a time, you will cease to insult people for the questions they ask in #ubuntu. You will not respond to questions you do not like. You will respect the guidelines of that channel just like everyone else07:18
vimpulseelky:  I already agreed to do that.07:18
elkythen why are we still having a discussion here about question worthiness and how they ought t be responded to?07:19
cody-somervilleApologizes elky, my fault07:19
vimpulseelky:  because now I am trying to convince you to change your guidelines :)07:19
elkyvimpulse, and i've told you how to do that.07:19
elkyvimpulse, read what i actually wrote please.07:19
vimpulseelky:  do you mean "... approach our Community Council ..."?07:20
cody-somervillevimpulse, Its not a guideline, its a fundamental difference in our community :)07:20
macoand then i would definitely not consider #ubuntu a place that i'd want to send my mum for help07:20
elkyvimpulse, i do indeed mean that.07:20
macovimpulse: the Ubuntu Community Council07:20
macoelky: i think a "what" was missing in vimpulse's sentence07:21
vimpulsemaco:  it wasn't.07:21
macooh ok07:21
macosorry :)07:21
vimpulsemaco:  :)07:21
vimpulsemaco:  if your mum learns to Google for, say, error message text, and someone on IRC teaches her to do so, then she *will* end up better off.  :)07:21
macomy mum shouldnt need to learn about error messages07:21
macoand so far, thankfully, has not :D07:21
elkyvimpulse, stop it. you've been told to move on.07:21
elkythis is a circular argument that is taking up the time of numerous operators. if you want to change how the ubuntu community works, speak to the Community Council.07:22
elkyI'll have my popcorn ready for that discussion.07:22
macome too07:22
Madpilotyeah, I'd show up for that CC meeting, even if it was at 0500 local time07:23
jussi01Guys, the sarcasm really isnt needed. lets help vimpulse to get where he needs to get and leave it there.07:24
FlannelMadpilot: I got approved by getting up at 5am local time.07:24
MadpilotFlannel, 0600 for me, actually. I got to sleep an hour later!07:24
jussi01vimpulse: is there anything else we can help you with?07:25
vimpulsejussi01:  nah, thanks.07:26
FlannelHmm, IRC Guidelines could use with a reordering actually.07:27
jussi01Peoples, this isnt your person chat room, its a place for dealing with people who have an issues in ubuntu channels, as well as administrative issues.07:27
elkyFlannel, it could do with better presentation, definitely07:27
jussi01Flannel: they need a re-write, its something the new ircc has on its agena07:27
FlannelSome of the important ones are near the bottom, while some of them that aren't generally applicable are near the top, etc.07:27
elkyi, however, lack the necessary wikifu :(07:27
Flanneljussi01: I'm not talking about a rewrite, just re-ordering of what's on there so some of the more important ones are more likely to be read (specifically in this case: when helpig, be helpful)07:28
jussi01Flannel: Im just saying the re-ordering could be don when the rewrite is done :)07:28
FlannelI'm going to refrain from making a comment about the IRCC rewriting it.  But I don't think there's much point in waiting for a month or two for that process to complete.07:29
elkyjussi01, one would require input/approval. one just moves stuff around. i dont see a convincing arg /against/ a shuffle now07:29
MenZaOho. Hadn't rejoined since my netsplit.07:36
elkyFlannel, still watching him?07:39
Flannelelky: I tabbed away about six minutes ago, but yeah, he's getting a lastlog regularly for the next few days07:40
Flannelmeh.  Is today "everybody just discovered factoids" day?07:42
Madpilotmr vimpulse seems to have just discovered the !anyone factiod... :)07:43
Flannel'dont work' would've been more appropriate in that instance anyway07:44
Flanneldoesnt, even.07:44
FlannelAlright, I can't deal with him currently, as I'm starting to make it personal.  I'll be back in a bit.07:48
* MenZa huggles Flannel 08:14
dholbachgood morning08:32
ikoniasorry about the flooding guys - freenode k-lined the guy and he's not happy about it.08:58
jussi01ikonia: ?08:58
ikonialast ikonia in #ubuntu #xubuntu #fedora #kubuntu08:59
ikoniaoh and #freenode08:59
jussi01oh, you got a fan. :) dont apologise on his behalf, not your fault09:00
ikoniastill bad form for multiple channels to get hit like that09:00
tsimpsonbusy night ey09:38
jussi01hello tsimpson09:39
tsimpson\o hello09:39
ardchoilleThere's a user in #ubuntu that needs to change his/her nick (jizzinmypants) due to keeping the channel family friendly09:55
ardchoilleMy 8 year old neice doesn't need to see that09:56
jizzinmypantslol xd sry10:15
jizzinmypantsbut this is just the name of a song it's not that bad... but anyway i'll change it hehe10:15
jussi01jizzinmypants: thanks10:16
jizzinmypantsnp ;)10:16
=== jizzinmypants is now known as obiwan_
obiwan_ok now hehe10:16
jussi01excellent :)10:16
jussi01obiwan_: thanks for your co-operation, we do appreciate it :)10:17
obiwan_this is my real nickname , i just use the other because if autoconnecting my client uses the obiwan nickname, and i like to avoid some people, so i enter with that nick, and if they aren't i use the real one. The problem is that if i'm out, whenever my conn drops it gets back the ji.... nick hehe10:18
obiwan_anyway, i don't know why i'm in ubuntu-ops chan :P is this a operators channel? i'm not op10:19
ardchoilleAnother questionable nick - CaptainPissWeak in #ubuntu10:19
jussi01obiwan_: you didnt join explicitly?10:23
obiwan_i don't think so, why would i have done so?10:24
Flannelobiwan_: You were forwarded here because of your inappropriate nick10:24
obiwan_hehe ok makes sense :)10:25
jussi01obiwan_: all sorted now, thanks for your understanding10:25
Tm_Talso his "realname" is interesting10:25
jussi01obiwan_: oh, could you please fix the realname also, thanks :)10:26
Tm_Trealname or ircname10:26
obiwan_which one?10:26
Tm_Tobiwan_: whatever says "notchafuknbizzmodofok4" or similar (:10:27
obiwan_sry i've got many ones10:27
obiwan_actually i don't know what the realname is, the ident? or my name?10:27
Tm_Tobiwan_: realname is same as ircname, that's what you provide along your nick, it's typically your real name but doesn't have to be10:29
obiwan_this all comes because of irssi can't handle with one ident/nick for each server, i just can have one for all networks and i don't like they see my real one in some ones10:30
Tm_Tobiwan_: so set something like "noname" or similar then (:10:30
obiwan_hmm i see, but that just appears with whois right? i don't like whoisers that's why i set it, nobody will read it unless they whois me right?10:31
Tm_Tobiwan_: or other methods, yes10:32
Tm_Tobiwan_: I see it when you join10:32
tsimpsonsome clients automatically use /who on a channel to show "realnames" along with nicks10:32
obiwan_what i can change is the ident (ident@host), does'nt sound good and everybody sees it when connecting10:33
jussi01my client shows it on a simple mouseover10:33
obiwan_hm i didn't know about whoing chanels i'll try hehe10:33
tsimpsondo it on a small channel, like this one10:34
tsimpson/who #ubuntu-ops10:34
ubottuardchoille called the ops in #ubuntu (tilt giving malicious advice)10:34
obiwan_nice didn't kow about that :)10:34
obiwan_ok i'll change it10:35
tonyyarussoI take it that iptables command basically just shuts down networking?10:36
ikoniablocks everything10:36
ikonia(pretty much)10:36
jussi01probably shoudl have used !danger, but yea10:37
obiwan_lol this is good10:37
obiwan_i set mytfbwy10:37
obiwan_it supposed to be may the force be with you, but when thinking twice it's also may the f*** be with you, which sounds good for me, but nobody else knows :)10:38
ikoniaplease don't star out swear words10:39
obiwan_why? there may be children here that way they don't understand10:40
tsimpsonif you have to disguise it, you probably shouldn't say it anyway10:40
obiwan_yeah, but anway everyone will understand force not the other, so the other meaning is reserved just for skiddies hehe10:44
obiwan_ok, i need to restart for changes taking place brb!10:44
jizzinmypantsit didn't work :/10:45
=== jizzinmypants is now known as obiwan_
ardchoillethis is the second time jizzinmypants has entered #ubuntu with that nick after being banned for it10:50
ardchoilleLooks like he's pushing the envelope10:50
tsimpsonthat's for staying so we can explain10:50
Tm_Tand why ardchoille doesn't use !ops if needed?10:51
=== jizzinmypants is now known as obiwan_
MenZaAm I the only one who doesn't like DrManhattan's attitude in -ot?10:52
obiwan_yeah in the end eheh10:52
MenZatsimpson: I'll let him know in a pm10:52
obiwan_what is ot? i think it's a tv series10:52
tsimpsonMenZa: he was banned from #u for bad language, and doesn't want to discuss it with us10:52
MenZatsimpson: Aye, I know10:52
tsimpsonobiwan_: "ot" refers to #ubuntu-offtopic10:53
obiwan_hheh ok :P10:53
MenZaobiwan_: Have you fixed your issue yet?10:53
obiwan_whois me :P10:53
jussi01obiwan_: excellent, please check our topic then :)10:54
Tm_Tobiwan_: does your nick stick now too?10:54
tsimpsonso you won't be that nick when you reconnect?10:54
obiwan_hmm yeah i think it still will be w8 hehe i'll try to change that too10:54
jussi01is it not with irssi that you cant change the config while connected/open?10:55
Flanneljussi01: You can with irssi10:56
jussi01ok, :)10:56
MenZaobiwan_: You might want to read /help network. Re-add freenode with -nick obiwan_ to keep it like that.10:57
obiwan_yeah but obiwan is registered and i don't want to set my pass in the computer just in case somebody stoles it10:58
obiwan_ok it's now changed10:58
obiwan_let me try10:58
obiwan_please if i come back with the bad nick don't ban me i'm really trying to solve it10:58
ikoniahe shouldn't come back with a bad nick10:58
FlannelTm_T: Because it's not a pressing issue, so there's no real need for the call.10:59
shellfishgreattt it worked now heheh10:59
Tm_TFlannel: but he does it even when it's urgent at times10:59
MenZashellfish: excellent!10:59
FlannelTm_T: Ah, I hadn't noticed10:59
Tm_TFlannel: and never stay in channel enough so we can reply in _any_ way11:00
shellfishthxxx menz :)11:00
Tm_Tthat doesn't mean I didn't appreciate his doings, I do11:00
MenZato be fair, ardchoille is only doing what the topic tells him to do.11:01
tsimpsonshellfish: thanks, you can leave here now :)11:02
shellfishok tsimpson :) many thanks everybody for the support and evrything11:03
Tm_TMenZa: I cannot read topic in way that it says "don't wait for reply"11:05
MenZa"Please do not idle here".11:06
Tm_TMenZa: waiting for answer or simple comment for even one minute is not idling (:11:06
MenZaWell, no.11:06
MenZaBut it could be interpreted like that.11:06
Tm_Tthat means our topic is not clear enough, I suppose11:07
FlannelHis answer ends up generally being the [trouble] [being taken care of]11:07
Tm_TI would be more happy with that than flyby (:11:08
Tm_Tbut that's me, I like to be able comment if needed11:08
jussi01shellfish: anything else you need from us?11:12
shellfishnope sry i forgot to part11:13
shellfishhave a nice day :)11:13
shellfishbyee and may the force be with you11:13
bazhangdrmanhattan seems to be treading a fine line here11:25
MenZaI'm tempted to forward him here to have a good chat with him.11:26
tsimpsonif he continues despite warnings, forward11:27
tsimpsonhello DrManhattan11:28
tsimpsonyou seem to want to discuss the Ubuntu operators, this is the place to do it11:29
MenZaDrManhattan: It seems to me that your approach, currently, is "Disregard #ubuntu rules, come complain in #ubuntu-offtopic, and talk down to the operators" -- could you confirm that?11:29
MenZaAlright then.11:29
tsimpsonI suggest changing the mute to a ban in #u11:31
MenZaChanged to a regular ban11:31
MenZaAlso, +1'ed, tsimpson11:31
tsimpsonthere's still %*!*@97-93-78-11.static.rvsd.ca.charter.com set11:31
ikoniano chance of getting him back in here to resolve it ?11:32
tsimpsonikonia: he has been asked on several occasions to come here to talk about it, he refuses11:32
Tm_Tbanforward or ban then11:32
bazhangtsimpson, removed the mute, changed to ban in #ubuntu11:33
MenZaI forced him in here this time, nothing. So now I'm just flat-out banning him.11:33
jussi01Id say keep the banforward on, maybe he will then be prompted to takk about it and maybe we can get to a resolution11:33
MenZaAccess to the channels are a privilege, not a right, and if you don't feel like making an effort when you've already violated the channel rules /several/ times, I don't see why you belong there.11:33
jussi01in as much as his state of mind may change at a different time of day11:33
jussi01ie. a banforward here11:34
MenZaWell, it hasn't changed in the past 2--3 days.11:34
MenZaI don't flat-out reject the idea of a banforward, but he knows the channel exists now.11:34
MenZaAt least a regular ban gives him the choice if he wants to discuss it or not.11:34
bazhangah nice. /notice'ing me in other channels11:35
MenZacute. anything exciting?11:35
MenZaEr, Mendocino @ #ubuntu?11:37
bazhanglooks like ongazevakir11:38
MenZawell, he certainly seems to know you :p11:39
bazhangmany PMs after a number of mutes11:39
MenZaAh, he's messaging me. Lovely.11:43
MenZa[2009-12-10 11:40:15 UTC]  <Mendocino> hello. wtfm have you got any problemz?11:43
MenZa[2009-12-10 11:43:10 UTC]  <Mendocino> ???11:43
MenZabazhang: Why mute? o_O11:44
bazhangMenZa, try to catalyze him; it has worked for stretches before11:45
bazhanghave in PM already11:45
ikoniahe's known13:24
ikoniawatching in #x13:24
ikoniastill being very offensive in pm to me, talking about taking revenge on ubuntu users and pegnuine fuckers13:42
* jussi01 hugs ikonia13:43
ikoniadoesn't bother me13:44
ikoniajust for the record really13:44
Picioh dear13:45
ikoniawatching him in #xubuntu13:46
Picijussi01: http://paste.ubuntu.com/338705/15:00
ikoniaPici: that looks cool15:02
jussi01Pici: how does it know its you (or me)?15:05
Picijussi01: launchpadlib will prompt you the first time you use it to login to lp and give authorization to that application to work on your behalf.  https://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib#Getting%20started explains what shows up15:06
jussi01Pici: where is the current version of this script ?15:07
PiciIf someone else uses the program they'll just get some unhandled exception that they weren't able to add the person to the team.15:08
Picijussi01: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~bnrubin/+junk/lpteam15:08
topylibtw, there's a great opportunity to cheer for topyli for irc council now, on the wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JuhaSiltala15:09
topylisorry for spamming15:09
* ikonia admires Pici's honesty of unhandled execption15:09
jussi01/arn topyli don't spam you! :P :P15:10
topylijussi01, too late, it's done :)15:11
Piciikonia: I honestly haven't tested it.15:11
ikoniaPici: nice to see honesty15:12
Picijussi01: if you use it, let it 'change non-private data' when lp asks.15:12
ikoniaPici: would you like me to run it to get some data for you ?15:12
Piciikonia: nah, its okay.15:13
ikoniano problem15:13
Piciikonia: Actually, it looks like it'll throw an HTTPError, which I am handling.15:17
ikoniaahhh modesty then15:17
ubottuIn #kubuntu-devel, daSkrEEch said: !nixternal is more uber than !anyone16:30
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and you expect me to respond to a ping? How depressing.17:51
MenZa"This is the Official blackhole of Ubuntu chatter" - #ubuntuforums topic17:58
PiciThats been there forever.17:59
Picinow hes messaging the floodbot.18:01
genii_Heads up for tsimpson , jussi01 , other #k ops... Have to take cornwall down for 15-20 minutes, we're shuffling stuff around here right now. One of the floodbots in #k is gonna go down for a bit19:00
PiciThanks for the heads up19:00
genii_OK, I'm out for now19:01
tsimpsonthe bots should cope with just 2 of them19:13
macodoes someone wanna have a word with gOLDfeesh?19:14
maco<gOLDfeesh> maco no, people need to learn that not everything is "fix it for me" and that they have quick help links that they can follow19:14
macowhen i told them they didnt need to use bot factoids after i'd already given answers19:15
ubottuIn #ubuntu, theball said: ubottu, my drive is not listed in fstab but it shows up in menu places and when i try to access it it asks for root password for the initial browse then its fully usable, any suggestions?19:50
IdleOnemikelevel auto responds in spanish to any writing in caps. nothing vulgar but still can be annoying19:56
ikoniaHmm looks like someones being naughty setting up #ubuntu-es-es to try to compete with #ubuntu-es20:01
tsimpsonthat was registered nearly 3 years ago apparently20:02
ikonianot checked but it seems odd20:02
tsimpsonit also has a mailing list @lists.ubuntu.com, odd indeed20:04
ubottumeowbuntu called the ops in #ubuntu ()21:21
ubottuIn ubottu, meowbuntu said: !no mintsupport is  Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:29
ubottuIn ubottu, meowbuntu said: !no mintsupport is  Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:32
ubottumaco called the ops in #ubuntu (James__d spam)21:54
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint on irc.spotchat.org21:55
ubottumintsupport has no aliases - added by Pici on 2008-05-22 18:18:08 - last edited by Pricey on 2009-01-30 00:28:0821:57
Amaranth!no mintsupport is <reply>Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:57
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, Amaranth said: !no mintsupport is <reply>Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:57
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:57
Amaranth!no mintsupport is <reply>Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:58
* genii hands Amaranth a strong mug of coffee21:58
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint on irc.spotchat.org21:58
macodidnt work21:58
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org22:00
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), crunchbang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #remote-exploit)22:33

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