slangasekis tester 'Ulysses' on IRC?01:14
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^arky^anyone faced any issues with manual partitioning07:50
arahey ^arky^08:11
ara^arky^, I fixed the script url in the blog post08:12
* ara is doing alt i386 manual partitioning, btw08:12
davmor2Morning all08:31
aramorning davmor208:32
^arky^hi ara , filed two one iso tracker, hope I got the process right08:35
^arky^s/one/new ones/08:35
ara^arky^, nice :)08:36
davmor2^arky^: if they show up on the tracker you almost certainly did :)08:37
* ara takes a coffee break08:38
aradavmor2, how is your testing going? any particular wtf I might know?09:17
davmor2oem->end user gdm loses keyboard09:21
davmor2when you reboot it works again09:22
davmor2there is no fglrx module09:22
davmor2and finally software center is in the wrong place09:23
davmor2oh and launchpad keeps timing out on the bug I'm trying to report09:23
davmor2ara: can you report a bug on lp09:27
aradavmor2, on the timing out?09:30
davmor2yeah every which way I try and word this description for the keyboard failing lp times out09:31
aradavmor2, it might be a temporal issue09:32
davmor2yeah just annoying09:32
YosHow do I make a txt file out of lspci to attach to a bug report?09:35
davmor2Yos: use lspci -vvnn > lspci.txt09:36
YosThanks again :)09:36
* ara takes alt i386 free software only10:19
davmor2takes ltsp10:36
arano matter how many times or configurations I try, vbox is always faster than kvm :-/10:37
davmor2ara: report it as a bug10:41
aradavmor2, like in "kvm is so damn slow" ?10:42
davmor2No but you could do kvm is consistantly slower than vbox this really shouldn't be the case10:43
ulysses__slangasek: I'm now here, sorry10:45
slangasekulysses__: oh, hello10:46
slangasekulysses__: I was wondering about your test report; if I remember which one it was, you said that OEM config hung after reboot, showing the udev messages from brltty?10:47
slangasekthe brltty udev messages shouldn't have caused a hang, so I think you have two bugs10:47
slangasekcould you file a bug report on oem-config about the second one?10:48
ulysses__The ISOs were rebuilt since then, so I think I should repeat the test, perhaps the bug was fixed.10:49
slangasekyes, that's a good idea10:50
sorenara: Is kvm /really/ slow for you, or just a bit slower than virtualbox?10:52
arasoren, ok, let's say it is just slower. but you can feel the difference :-)10:52
sorenara: Is this when doing alternate or server installs, by any chance?10:53
slangasekulysses__: I've uploaded the fix for brltty as well; I'm not rerolling any alpha1 CDs for it, but in a few hours it should be possible to definitively rule it out by pulling in the upgraded package from the network at install time10:53
arasoren, it was during alternate10:53
arasoren, alt installs, yes10:53
sorenara: Ok, that I can actually believe.10:53
sorenara: There are some architectural reasons why screen updates in kvm are really slow in the server and alternate installer, so it's reasonably well-known, actually.10:54
ulysses__slangasek: I will test, and report the bug if I can10:55
arasoren, good to know :)10:55
sorenThe installed system, as well as desktop installs, should be faster in kvm.10:55
sorenQuite a bit, actually.10:55
arasoren, I will give it a second try ;-)10:55
araUbuntu Server Team <3 KVM10:55
sorenIronically, even qemu does screen updates faster than kvm in the alternate and server installer.10:56
davmor2soren: that seems kinda back to front though surely?11:21
sorendavmor2: Yes. Hence,  "ironically".11:28
davmor2soren: I got the irony but it sounds so wrong still :(11:29
ulysses__slangasek: I repeated the OEM install, with the same error, here is the screenshot: http://imagebin.ca/view/bnnUh1R.html12:13
slangasekulysses__: please file a bug on oem-config, then12:17
davmor2ulysses__: is that on hw or vm12:22
ulysses__vm, virtualbox 3.112:23
davmor2live or alternate, i386 or amd 64?12:24
ulysses__alternate i386, the latest build12:25
davmor2okay cool I'll try a live 64bit oem on hw and see what results we get there, probably the same but it's worth a check12:26
ulysses__slangasek: I filed a bug, if you need more information, ask me, here is the link: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/oem-config/+bug/49501212:34
ubot4Launchpad bug 495012 in oem-config "Kubuntu OEM install hangs up on boot" [Undecided,New]12:34
slangasekulysses__: ok, thanks12:42
* ara -> lunch12:45
araslangasek, I saw that you already changed the ec2 / uc2 images in the tracker, thanks12:45
slangasekn/p :)12:46
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nperryulysses__: Bug has already been filed for that, bug 49177514:00
ubot4Launchpad bug 491775 in brltty "udevd warnings in /lib/udev/rules.d/85-brltty.rules" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49177514:00
ulysses__nperry: I know14:00
ulysses__but this is another problem with OEM installation14:00
nperryAh ok, sorry!14:01
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moustafafader_, cr3, davmor2 : Voyage à l'épicerie14:04
fader_moustafa: baguette!14:05
davmor2morning moustafa fader_ cr314:05
ulysses__I installed Kubuntu Lucid alternate i386 (erase entire disk), I could use it only after fixing broken packages from recovery console. The question is: passed or failed?14:06
fader_davmor2: Howdy14:06
fader_ulysses__: Yeah, that one sounds pretty bad... I'd personally fail it14:07
moustafafader_ : Hon hon!14:07
* fader_ is grabbing UNR to test some hardware and will pick up the UNR ISO test cases at the same time.14:07
davmor2ulysses__: on the latest image?14:08
ulysses__davmor2: yes, I use the dl-ubuntu-test-iso program14:08
davmor2ulysses__: okay just checking14:09
moustafafader_ : Were the images updated today?  Or are we using the same as yesterday?14:21
fader_moustafa: Yes. :)14:21
fader_moustafa: The ISO tracker shows the version we're testing; some are from today but not all14:21
moustafafader_ That was magically vague14:22
fader_moustafa: Then my work here is done ;)14:23
fader_moustafa: davmor2 is usually better plugged into what's going on than anyone else, so if he pops in and contradicts me, listen to him (for once)14:24
davmor2moustafa: kubuntu was14:24
davmor2ubuntu is the same as is xubuntu14:24
davmor2moustafa: what are you looking to test?14:25
moustafadavmor2: Anything I can test.14:25
moustafadavmor2: Should Ubuntu Studio be tested?  The rt kernel does offer its own share of quirks14:26
davmor2moustafa: anything on the list that has no tests is a good place to be14:26
moustafaOk, so I'll start with the DVDs, and the Netbook, and work my way to Ubuntu Studio14:27
fader_moustafa: We want to hit everything we can :)14:27
fader_moustafa: FYI, I am working on UNR right now so no need to grab that one14:27
moustafafader_: Are we testing ISOs or playing Contra?14:27
fader_Unless you want to that is... more testing is always good14:27
fader_moustafa: As the system boots, do up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right...14:28
moustafaa,b,a,b, select, start14:28
* moustafa really hopes DownThemAll! "rapes" the download limit14:30
fader_Nice... netbook-launcher segfaults in the live environment\14:33
fader_Heh, also, best bug title I've seen today: bug 37349814:34
ubot4Launchpad bug 373498 in netbook-launcher "Mutlimonitor UNR makes me want to start killing kittens (again)." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37349814:34
moustafaWhat's with all the kitty killing?14:39
fader_What worries me is the "again"14:39
davmor2moustafa: kittens are cute so if you need to kill one things must really be bad ;)14:40
davmor2moustafa: besides you wouldn't want to try and kill a tiger would you ;)14:41
moustafadavmor2: Unless you're just a sick fool who takes any excuse to kill kittens14:41
fader_davmor2: I think I could take a tiger kitten14:41
fader_If I had a long stick and a head start14:41
davmor2fader_: they can climb sticks dude ;)14:41
fader_davmor2: Did I mention this stick was hollow, made of steel, and shoots bullets?14:42
moustafafader_: A BOOMSTICK?14:42
fader_It goes with my chainsaw hand.14:43
davmor2fader_: but they you would P.O. mummy and daddy tiger :D  I would want to see the mess they'd make of you :)14:43
fader_Okay, so I lied about UNR testing -- if anybody else wants to take a look, see if netbook-launcher is segfaulting for you14:43
moustafaResuming downloads14:44
davmor2fader_: have a word with lool14:45
moustafaI should be able to test UNR in...20 minutes :(14:45
fader_At least in the live environment; I haven't finished an install yet14:45
fader_lool: davmor2 says I should bug you about netbook-launcher segfaulting14:45
moustafa8 minutes until I can test UNR14:49
fader_moustafa: You going to test it on real hardware or a VM?14:52
moustafafader_: Real hardware14:52
moustafafader_: I'll attempt to test as many things at the same time as I can, so I'll be using the machines in the lab14:52
fader_Cool... I have tried it on a Toshiba NB100, so please try something else... it might be specific to this hardware14:52
astechgeekwith yesterdays build for desktop amd64.iso was the desktop background supposed to be black?14:57
astechgeekbefore X started I got low graphics messages14:57
astechgeekmanual partitioning worked but there weren'14:59
astechgeekwere not any desktop icons14:59
fader_astechgeek: That does not sound like expected behavior, no15:01
techgeekYea I didn't think so... stupid question how would I file the results15:02
fader_techgeek: Probably the best way is to use ubuntu-bug on the affected system... e.g. open a terminal and run "ubuntu-bug xorg"15:03
fader_At least for the low-res graphics issue15:04
fader_The lack of icons sounds more like nautilus didn't start up -- do you get anything if you right-click on the desktop?15:04
techgeekno right clicking the desktop didn't do anything,15:07
techgeekokay you answered my question. File a bug15:07
fader_techgeek: Yep, sounds like you have two different issues; one for xorg and one for nautilus15:08
fader_moustafa: I'm getting the same netbook-launcher behavior after install, so it's probably enough to see if it happens in the live environment on other hardware15:09
araI think the person filing bug #500000 should get a prize or something15:23
arawe are getting close15:23
aralike in "Congrats!!! You just filed bug 500.000 in Launchpad!!!"15:23
fader_ara: We should give them a free copy of Ubuntu! :D15:23
arafader_, seeing the prices those get in the south american market, it can be a good prize indeed :D15:24
davmor2it could be I've found a few in kubuntu15:24
fader_ara: I should start selling Ubuntu CDs full-time for those prices15:25
arayou just go to uds, grab them all, and then sell them15:25
aracan anyone try to reproduce this in real hw?15:27
ubot4Launchpad bug 495082 in gdm "Changing from default user to guest session and back crashes gdm" [Undecided,New]15:27
fader_moustafa: ^^^ do you have any systems in the lab that are running the latest desktop image?15:28
moustafafader_ Not yet.  I tried to do too much on this laptop and the Celeron processor couldn't handle everything, so I had to give it a "breather".  I'm back on track, but delayed15:29
fader_moustafa: Okay, just looking to help test ara's bug as I don't have anything set up at the moment15:30
fader_ara: I should be able to try to reproduce this in an hour or two, but I suspect you'll be offline by then15:30
fader_If nobody gets it before then I'll add a comment to the bug15:31
moustafafader_ I have some Ubuntu desktop disks ready, I could install it and try it out15:31
fader_moustafa: Your call; I don't want you to try to do too much at once and end up thrashing :)15:31
davmor2ara: I get gdm but I don't get a desktop once logged in15:31
moustafafader_ That's ok, I love metal15:31
fader_I'm going to be doing desktop tests on real hardware once I finish up the netbook tests, so I'll be installing desktop anyway15:31
fader_moustafa: Go for it then dude :)15:32
aradavmor2, so, you get a normal session, as it had crashed?15:34
davmor2ara: I get normal->guest->gdm then after typing in the pass for normal user I get blackness and cursor the end15:35
aradavmor2, can you check /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old and /var/log/Xorg.0.log to look for crashes15:36
davmor2worlds biggest log file15:42
davmor2ara: I don't see anything that screams crash15:43
moustafafader_ What should I expect to see failing on UNR?15:49
fader_moustafa: netbook-launcher (the full-screen menu interface)15:50
fader_i.e. I got only the menu bar at the top and a blank desktop15:50
fader_If you get that, you can hit alt-f2, run gnome-terminal, and see if "netbook-launcher" segfaults when you run it15:50
aramoustafa, maximus (applications getting maximized by default)15:50
fader_ara: maximus worked for me, just no launcher15:51
arafader_, ok, I thought moustafa was asking for typical failings of unr15:51
fader_ara: gotcha :)15:51
moustafaI also had a jockey-gtk failure15:57
moustafaI'll try and launch the netbook-launcher15:57
fader_moustafa: so netbook-launcher did not start automatically?15:59
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moustafafader_ No, it did not.  I tried launching it with the terminal, and at first it didn't launch, and the second time it segfaulted16:00
fader_moustafa: Roger, thanks.  Can you mark bug 495066 as confirmed for me?16:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 495066 in netbook-launcher "Lucid netbook-launcher segfaults when started" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49506616:02
fader_moustafa: There's an HP mini in the lab somewhere, right?16:24
* fader_ is too lazy to look it up in the database.16:24
davmor2fader_: you have one :P16:25
fader_davmor2: Yeah, but since the model I've been testing isn't booting after install and my mini is the only working system I have right now, I'm not going to try putting Lucid A1 on it :)16:26
fader_moustafa: Can you try UNR on 200908-3474 when you have a moment?16:27
fader_That should be an HP Mini 100016:27
fader_Install seems to work for me but then it never boots16:28
moustafaI think that's what I used to test the netbook-launcher16:30
fader_Hmm, strange16:30
moustafafader_ I can confirm I'm using 200909-3474, but install is a bit slow16:31
fader_It may be flaky hardware then; I'll test it with karmic or something in a bit16:31
moustafa* 200908-347416:31
moustafaI'm actually installing...so...do I stop?16:31
fader_moustafa: Nope, I would be very interested if it works16:32
fader_I thought you had already installed on it, sorry16:33
jdstrandsoren: hi! fyi, I checked test-postgresql.py into qrt. This currently runs the testsuite in postgresql-common which should have ~1000 tests in it.17:02
jdstrandsoren: it might be nice to add an 'Integrate qa-regression-tests postgresql tests into checkbox: TODO' to qa-lucid-automated-server-testing17:02
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jdstrandsoren: fyi only... not trying to create more work for you ;)17:03
sal_what is the best way to report testing bits?17:12
* jdstrand wonders why he doesn't show up in http://piware.de/workitems/qa/lucid/report.html, when he clearly has a work item in qa-lucid-automated-server-testing17:13
jdstrandoh, it is showing up under soren's list17:14
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* moustafa is disappointed davmor2 isn't here :(17:42
fader_moustafa: Any luck on getting the HP Mini installed?17:45
moustafaHaven't checked on it yet, had some parallel issues alongside, I'll check right away17:46
moustafafader_ It's progressing excessively slowly17:51
moustafaAnd apparently, blanking disks with Brasero is a bad idea17:51
fader_How come?17:51
moustafafader_ The install is at 80%.  It's horrendously slow.  I'm not sure if I want to blame the hardware or the USB key18:00
fader_moustafa: I blame you personally :)18:00
* moustafa cries18:01
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jdstrandmarjo: fyi-- I noticed that some of the QA work item lists have the format:18:27
jdstrand [cr3] * Write script to branch qa-regression-testing: DONE18:27
jdstrandmarjo: that '*' shouldn't be there (see ubuntu-devel from a little while ago)18:27
marjojdstrand: ok, i'll fix them18:28
jdstrandmarjo: the script won't put 'cr3' in the right place in the workitems report if the '*' is there18:28
jdstrandmarjo: np!18:28
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moustafafader_ : Could the firewall be in the way of an installation where it would need to fetch items from a repository?19:20
fader_moustafa: Shouldn't be; it allows access to the repositories19:20
moustafafader_ : Ah, because the Ubuntu Studio 64-bit installer failed on the same spot :(19:21
fader_Which spot?19:21
moustafafader_ This is aggravating:  I (finally) finish the Netbook installer, let it reboot, and forget to have it skip the network install :(  Now I start it again by going straight to the installer, and it's already almost finished20:37
fader_moustafa: D'oh :(20:37
moustafaOh! Vanity!  Thy name is Farnsworth!20:37
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moustafafader_ In somewhat related news: What's the "Debian installer"?  The straight installer mode or the text install?20:41
fader_moustafa: That's the text-mode installer.  ubiquity is the graphical installer.20:41
moustafafader_ netbook-launcher segfaults after the install!20:44
fader_moustafa: Okay, good -- not just me then :)20:44
moustafafader_ : The performance is good.  Great, even.  But it's not quite what UNR is shown to be20:46
fader_moustafa: Eh?20:46
moustafafader: It boots up fast, runs smoothly, but since the netbook-launcher fails to start, it's not UNR20:47
fader_Hehe indeed20:48
moustafafader_ , cr3: Good evening, see you tomorrow!22:01
fader_moustafa: Cya!22:02
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