Sarvattdo chroot problems on launchpad automatically give back builds? no retry button and everything tormod uploaded an hour ago failed on amd6400:38
Sarvattlooks like nouveau isn't working on 2.6.32-7 because a modalias for vga16fb was added to match all gpus just after gpu modules get checked, but nouveau builds later and is at the end of the list04:03
Sarvattin /lib/modules/2.6.32-7-generic/modules.alias04:04
Sarvattguess I should bring that up in #ubuntu-kernel instead :D04:07
Sarvattalso with the udev stuff in xserver, Amaranth is having his applesmc (accelerometer) getting recognized as a joystick and moving his mouse04:12
Sarvattack, that vga16fb change in 2.6.32-7 is making ALL kms stop working04:34
RAOFSarvatt: Want to try my 2.6.32-7 kernel that builds nouveau in-tree?  _That_ works :)04:39
RAOFAmaranth: Can you now control your mouse by orienting your laptop?  Sweet!04:40
AmaranthRAOF: heck yeah04:40
SarvattRAOF: the bug actually is the vga16fb change making _all_ KMS stop working on 2.6.32-704:41
Amaranthoh, and pommed can control my backlight when using KMS so I guess whatever it does needs to be ported to the kernel to provide backlight support04:41
Sarvattradeon nouveau and intel04:41
RAOFSarvatt: Which is strange, because my 2.6.32-7 kernel appears to work fine?04:41
Amaranthand I have to use KMS now since the intel driver doesn't support anything else04:41
RAOFIs this a newer kernel than 2.6.32-7.10?04:41
Sarvattyeah it will if your userspace works with UMS04:41
Sarvattxorg-edgers intel doesnt have UMS support anymore :(04:42
Amaranthright, which is alright since pommed works for my backlight04:42
Sarvattsudo cat /sys/module/i915/parameters/modeset04:43
Sarvattor radeon or nouveau instead of i91504:43
AmaranthSarvatt: -104:43
Sarvattyep UMS :(04:43
Amarantherr, what?04:43
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Sarvattit would be 1 if you were using KMS04:43
AmaranthI can assure you I'm using KMS, my terminals look awesome04:44
Amaranthand if I boot with i915.modeset=0 I can't even get X04:44
Amaranthoh, and VT switching just crashed my fonts :/04:44
Sarvattare you using xorg-edgers or ubuntu?04:44
Sarvattdmesg | grep inteldrmfb04:45
Sarvattsays its loaded?04:45
AmaranthI can't tell what you said04:45
Amaranth[    2.212605] fb0: inteldrmfb frame buffer device04:45
AmaranthI can't tell what I said either04:46
Amaranthis that good?04:46
Amaranthoddly the fonts in chromium still look just fine04:48
Sarvattyep, must be something else about it then04:48
Sarvatti can't use 2.6.32-7, having that fb1 as a vga16fb screws things up04:48
Sarvattoh yeah, that applesmc being a joystick thing is supposed to be a _feature_ :D04:49
Sarvatti guess there was a hal fdi filtering it out or something before?04:49
Sarvattgoogled it and people wanted to use it as a joystick for neverball04:50
Amaranthyeah, must have been a hal thing filtering it04:50
Amaranthbrb, restarting X04:50
Amaranthah, there we go04:52
AmaranthI blindly trusted what you told me to run in a terminal, couldn't read it at all :P04:52
Sarvattinteldrmfb = a KMS framebuffer, it wouldn't say that if you didnt have KMS working04:53
Amaranthoh, fun fact, X crashes 2 or 3 times every time gdm tries to start04:55
Amaranththen it loads but if I type my password incorrectly it crashes a couple more times04:55
* Amaranth wonders where apport is04:55
RAOFStill disabled in Lucid, isn't it?04:58
Amaranthyeah, that's going to be bad04:59
Amaranthalpha 1 is going to be worthless wrt to people finding crashes04:59
Amaranthanyway, bed time for me04:59
SarvattRAOF: i think its something specific to that guys hardware he's using nouveau on, the vga16fb doesn't interfere with nouveau KMS here, just checked it05:00
Sarvatthyperair: got an magic fixes for a wildly unstable geany? :D05:53
hyperairSarvatt: what's up with geany?05:57
Sarvattcrashing when i build 1/10 times or so, getting Gtk:ERROR:/build/buildd/gtk+2.0-2.19.1/gtk/gtkfilesystemmodel.c:295:emit_row_changed_for_node: assertion failed: (id < (model)->files->len)06:00
Sarvattmaybe it just needs a rebuild against the new gtk+06:01
Sarvattbuilding the newest svn anyway, hoping that works06:02
Sarvattnope :(06:07
hyperairlooks like a gtk issue O_o06:08
hyperairi haven't noticed anything of this sort06:08
seb128hey there11:59
seb128does anybody know what code read locale.alias? and why that's done several time?11:59
seb128$ strace -e open xeyes 2>&1 | grep locale.alias12:00
seb128open("/usr/share/X11/locale/locale.alias", O_RDONLY) = 412:00
seb128open("/usr/share/X11/locale/locale.alias", O_RDONLY) = 412:00
seb128open("/usr/share/locale/locale.alias", O_RDONLY) = 412:00
seb128hum, same question about .ICEauthority12:05
tjaaltonseb128: the latter is gnome specific AIUI12:37
tjaaltonlocale.alias comes from libx1112:37
seb128tjaalton, the .ICEauthority comes from libICE14:13
tjaaltonseb128: heh, ok14:16
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tjaaltonheh, linus demands redhat to merge nouveau drm in the kernel18:01
tjaaltonon dri-devel@18:01
Sarvattohh i gotta check that thread out :D18:19
Amaranthheh, less flames from linus then I expected18:36
Duke`I often got freezes with recent drm when fast scrolling in firefox, is it a know issue?18:38
tjaaltonDuke`: how recent? haven't heard of such18:41
Duke`well I haven't tracked this bug a lot, but if I remember it started to appear begining december18:42
Duke`I have to revert to 2009-11-25's version to get back driver stability18:42
Duke`when the problem happens, there's a ton of error messages in dmesg in relation with drm and gem, and the GPU is screwed18:43
Duke`I can still switch to another tty to reboot properly18:43
tjaaltonon lucid?18:44
* Amaranth should figure out what pommed is doing to change his brightness18:57
AmaranthNeed to get that to the intel guys so they can make this all work without hacks18:58
Sarvattwe might even get nouveau in 2.6.33 at this rate :D19:04
tjaaltonSarvatt: yeah, I think Linus has a point..19:16
Duke`tjaalton, no on karmic19:18
Duke`64 bits19:18
tjaaltonDuke`: so a kernel update broke it?19:19
tjaaltonbest to file it against linux19:20
tjaaltonand mention that it's a regression19:20
Sarvatthe's using edgers, intel has been really unstable since the beginning of november, alot of speedup related things really destabalizing things19:20
Sarvattand getting reverted19:20
SarvattDuke`: 11-25 works for you? you dont have really bad rendering problems with it? are you on a 965+ maybe?19:24
Duke`Sarvatt, no problem with it (945), but just the libdrm2 and libdrm-intel! I have the latest xorg-video-intel19:24
Sarvattdo you see alignment errors in dmesg?19:25
Sarvattah 11-25 is the oldest libdrm you could even possibly use with the intel ddx from git19:26
Sarvattwhat kernel are you using?19:27
Sarvatttormod: if you read the ubuntu-x log before you push some updates I updated the xserver hooks to grab the patches from people.ubuntu.com instead of my server, not sure if i'm going to renew the vps this year and it went down for a bit today20:36
Sarvattoh the irony of the patch name in #xorg-devel :D21:06
Sarvattonly 91 more places to change 185 to 195 in debian/ for a new nvidia package now, yay22:29
johanbrI hope you're using sed22:31
Sarvattif i did i wouldnt see all these other dependency versions that need to be bumped in control22:32
SarvattConflicts: nvidia-glx-180 (<< 185.18.32)....22:32
Sarvatt185 is called Source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-180.. so convoluted22:33
Sarvatttempted to just call it nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 (185.18.36+really195.22) for the PPA to make it easy :)22:35
Sarvattoh dang, nvidia-settings never even got bumped in karmic even though the xv values changed and it was screwing it up huh22:41
johanbryikes... when I tried to switch to a tty, nouveau wedged the card hard enough that I had to install the blob to get back to a working state22:46
superm1Sarvatt, i thought you just have to change it in one place, and it updates all the others?22:49
superm1at least that's how it's supposed to work...22:49
superm1I personally think that package needs some major cleanup though.22:49
RAOFjohanbr: Sweet.  Is that with or without vga16fb loaded?22:49
johanbrRAOF, not sure... whatever the default is, probably22:50
johanbrI didn't mess with any frame buffer modules myself, anyway22:51
RAOFjohanbr: If you're using Lucid's current kernel, then it's loading vga16fb, and if that gets loaded first it makes nouveau quite unhappy.22:51
johanbrI am using the current Lucid kernel22:51
Sarvattif i'm not misunderstanding how it builds that only works right for the same major version? (like 185.xx to 185.yy)22:52
johanbrbut I had nouveau working well... this was in X, after having done several suspend/resume cycles22:52
RAOFThen vga16fb probably made nouveau quite unhappy, by writing stuff to the card behind its back.22:52
johanbrahh, okay22:52
Sarvatti mean its got stuff to update the dependencies in the .in's but nothing changes the names of the actual packages or anything in all these files that i can see22:52
johanbrso vga16fb wouldn't necessarily interfere with X operation?22:52
RAOFNo; although it appeared to sometimes cause corrupted EXA in X for me.22:53
johanbralright... I'll try blacklisting vga16fb22:53
RAOFSome boots it would work fine, some boots all sorts of icons would be replaced by random parts of the framebuffer.22:53
superm1Sarvatt, we really should get it to the point that it doesn't need those values hardcoded in so many places22:53
Sarvattsomeone in #ubuntu+1 last night couldn't even boot unless he disabled vga16fb on his machine.. it works ok on mine but i havent tried to vt switch yet actually22:54
superm1i think it's ridiculous to have to update so much for simply a newer version22:54
* RAOF just deleted the module.22:54
Sarvattits screwing up alot of people using sketchy PPA packages (because its so hard to update) then upgrading their ubuntu version and having it mess up too, seen a ton of bugs where thats happened and people blame ubuntu for it22:57
superm1yup, i don't doubt it22:57
RAOFI should ask apw whether there's anything more I can usefully do to help get nouveau in lucid's kernel.  Then, make nouveau magically as good a 3d driver as nvidia, then we drop the blob, and have cake!22:58
Sarvattnouveau is going to cause 100x more problems than there already are, I think its crazy to switch to the headache that is nouveau just for people to install the blob personally lol23:00
Sarvattonly works with KMS on some generations but not others, doesnt support old nvidia, if it was me I'd rather just use vesa for the initial install until I could install the blob23:01
Sarvattif it actually supported more cards than -nv maybe..23:03
Sarvattor we had gallium packaged :)23:03
Sarvattis the blob packaging in git or bzr anywhere?23:05
* Sarvatt doesn't understand the point of this debian.binary folder23:05
RAOFSarvatt: My understanding is that it _does_ support more cards than nv?  Doesn't support old nvidia?  You mean pre TNT2?23:05
Sarvatti haven't compared the detection to nv's in 6 months or so but it didnt before, and yeah i mean those old cards and IGP's we have patched into and working -nv23:12
RAOFNouveau doesn't have the same detection code; it doesn't rely on a list of PCIIDs like nv does.  It's entirely possible that nouveau is significantly worse on IGPs, though; I've not had experience there, but they seem more problematic.23:16
Sarvattnv doesn't either in the actual driver, thats a debian packaging thing23:16
RAOFOh, that's just so X will actually load nv?23:17
Sarvattyeah it has a big list of pci ids that debian/ubuntu pull the pci.ids out of but theres a further section that has entire ranges of pci ids that can be used generically based on generation and another section that looks behind an agp/pci-e bridge chip pci id that gets reported to see the actual chips id23:18
Sarvatti have no idea what everythings like now though, been a long time since i looked at it. fedora has a xserver patch with all the special pci id range exceptions they do for nouveau though, would dig it up if it didnt take a year to load their cvs on an atom cpu :D23:24
Sarvatthmm, guess nouveau did have some problems with vga16fb.. [   24.304799] [drm:drm_mode_getfb] *ERROR* invalid framebuffer id and in the xorg log [    1.476598] (WW) NOUVEAU(0): Failed to retrieve fbcon fb: id 023:29

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