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mbieblKeybuk: hi, remember my problem I had with bridge devices on karmic?21:54
Keybukremember that I said they don't work? :p21:55
mbieblI thought I turn the libvirt-bin sysv init script into an upstart job21:55
mbiebland use start on (net-device-up IFACE=br0 and net-device-up IFACE=br1 and filesystem)21:55
mbieblbut that didn't work as expected21:55
Keybukyou'd still have the fundamental problem that br0 and br1 won't come up21:55
mbiebl/etc/init/networking.conf only seemed to bring up br021:56
mbieblalthough I had both br0 and br1 configured as auto in /e/n/i21:56
Keybukyou were lucky it even did that21:57
mbieblwhat happens is, that "initctl emit" in /etc/network/if-up.d/upstart is blocking21:57
mbieblso ifup -a hangs at that point21:57
Keybukyou know how mountall carefully waits for devices, and has code to know that it needs two or more devices, and then only fscks and mounts devices when they are ready?21:57
Keybukwe need an equivalent for network devices21:58
Keybukwhich we don't have21:58
mbieblI used -n in the if-up.d hook and now it works fine for me21:58
Keybukyes, the -n will break other things21:58
Keybuk(most particularly, the UEC images iirc)21:58
Keybukthe right fix is to get rid of "ifup -a" as a "bring up anything we forgot" tool21:59
mbieblthe -n hack is just a workaround for my particular setup22:00
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