meowbuntuanyone know openoffice how to set nz english dictionary to be default it always comes up with usa when i spell check.00:01
meowbuntu^ i have set to NZ english in settings but dictionary is not y00:01
preecherif i do the port forwarding thing can i be able to log in from anywhere?00:01
TwoDWhy would Gedit suddenly hide all my .inc and .module files? I've got no filters on...00:01
Bridge|anyone know in vi is there a way to completely clear the line ur on and make it show it extracts that line as well(1 less line in document)??00:01
Seveaspreecher, yes00:02
aboBridgel, type dd00:02
Bridge|ok i'll try00:02
trismfdsa_: unfortunately, from my quick searches, it appears that it won't be easy to add nvidia drivers to the live cd, because even if you do, ubuntu casper will disable them on boot (it apparently does this with ati too)00:02
preecheris that something i set up on both ends?00:02
SeveasBridge|, ^D will delete contents, dd will delete the line00:02
Billiardpreecher: you might have to port forward twice with your dsl, id forward all the ports from the dsl to the router, then forward what you need from the router to your computer00:02
Bridge|THanks ssooooosssssooo much00:03
Bridge|dd is exactly what i needed00:03
fdsa_trism, im glad someone else has come to that conclusion00:03
SeveasBridge|, also: #vim :-)00:03
Billiardpreecher: only one end needs port forwarding00:03
fdsa_trism, would this be just an ubuntu or a debian issue as well?00:03
bllzis there a support channel for boxee on ubuntu?00:03
ActionParsnippreecher: you just need to set it up on the router and you can connect from ANYWHERE00:03
Seveasbllz, tried #boxee?00:03
preecherso log into my router settings?00:04
bllzSeveas:  no actually.  i tried ubuntu-boxee, but that is a good idea =)00:04
ActionParsnippreecher: use an SSH tunnel if you are connecting over WAN as there is no security in VNC connections00:04
abo\j #boxee00:04
ActionParsnippreecher: yes, you need to configure virtual server or port forwarding00:04
juanpablo\ ubuntu-es00:05
preecherif i am at home i live an hour from the office so i will be having to connect from my home network--will that work00:05
FloodBot2Berkin: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:05
ActionParsnippreecher: sure thing00:06
blackmani want to do something like chgrp username ./*{!excludedfile}00:06
preecherbut while here at the office i can connect thru the IP like i do now00:06
blackmanin other words, exclude files from *00:06
ActionParsnippreecher: providing your network dmins arent nazis and block the traffc00:06
|COM|Styxargh, this is weird.  the channel isn't responding much for me00:06
preecherok lemme see what i can do00:07
SJr|nxsyn-ack what about the fact that it doesn't have a BIOS and has that EFI crap00:07
|COM|Styxanyway, does anyone know if i can make apt mark a package as installed?00:07
Seveasblackman, find . -name -not excludedfile -print0 | xargs -0 echo chgrp username00:08
abohi, is there a way to check what bios I have from within ubuntu?00:08
preecherport forwarding/port triggering00:08
|COM|Styxi want to update the glib package, but the standard ubuntu package is horribly out of date00:08
ardchoille|COM|Styx: did you install it from source?00:08
Seveasdrop the 'echo' once you confermed it does what you want :)00:08
ActionParsnip|COM|Styx: find a ppa00:08
Seveasabo, sudo dmidecode00:08
MynameisHamehow do chaps, could someone gibe me a hand with folder permissions :300:08
ubottuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.00:08
|COM|Styxaah, thank you00:08
ActionParsnip|COM|Styx: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas00:08
ActionParsnip|COM|Styx: you can use that link to search the launcpad ppas00:09
ardchoille|COM|Styx: if you've installed it from ppa and you have the ppa in your sources, then it should be seen as installed if you installed it from the ppa00:09
aboSeveas, thanks a lot, a lot of info here..00:09
Zycannot compile xfoil 6.97 on karmic.. help please..00:09
|COM|Styxis there a better way then ppas?  that seems like more than what i need00:10
|COM|Styxi just want a recent version of glib00:10
Seveas|COM|Styx, why?00:10
Dictatorhi, quick question... i just got a usb dvd drive but can't find it to add to this command sudo growisofs -use-the-force-luke=dao -use-the-force-luke=break:1913760  -dvd-compat -speed=4 -Z ??????????=deadrising.iso00:10
syn-ackSJr|nx, I run a system with EFI just fine00:10
SeveasUbuntu's glib is the most recent one00:10
ActionParsnip|COM|Styx: then if someone has compiled it you can also use it00:10
Dictatorhow can i find the usb dvd drive? is it in /dev or /media00:10
Seveasand updating glib often means updating quite a few other things as well, better upgrade your ubuntu in that case00:11
|COM|Styxi have upgraded00:11
abois there a way to upgrade the bios from within ubuntu?00:11
fdsa_anyone know of a good livecd resource (aside from the ubuntu wiki)00:11
|COM|Styxi have compiled the latest glib00:11
TcPanyone knows how to get virtual box to go fullscreen the guest pc is windows 700:11
SeveasDictator, the device node (what the kernel talks to) lives in /dev, the mount point (where your files appear) lives in /media, usually /media/dvd00:11
preecherActionParsnip, its asking me thing like what kind of service and gives choices like quake,age of empire, ftp,http and stuff like that00:11
alankilaJust measured webkit 1.1.7 from lucid against the ubuntu ppa nightly build of chromium using sunspider. http://bel.fi/~alankila/webkit-1.1.17-vs-chromium-svn20091210r34249.txt00:11
|COM|Styxi am getting the error where the dll reports the wrong version00:11
ActionParsnippreecher: what is?00:12
ardchoillefdsa_: http://www.livecdlist.com/wiki/index.php/LiveCD_Creation_Resources00:12
preecherunder my router port forwarding/triggering setup page00:12
alankilawebkit got 558 ms as runtime, and chromium 655 ms. Thus, webkit 1.1.17's javascript beats google's efforts by nearly 20 %.00:12
ActionParsnippreecher: yuo'll need to read your manual00:12
preechero ok00:12
loshaabo: I don't think so....00:12
dennisterdo I do a dist-upgrade to jaunty from hardy? (new install, on a hp tablet notebook)00:13
abolosha, how can I update the bios?00:13
=== baba_b00i is now known as baba_B00ie
alankilathe 1.1.15 at karmic is at equal footing, they got basically the same numbers. But that was because webkit's string, regex and date functions were exceptionally slow. They have been fixed in 1.1.17, apparently, as they now are the same roughly as v8's.00:13
ActionParsnipabo: dos boot disk00:13
loshaabo: the update itself should come with instructions. Is it a mobo?00:13
syn-ackdennister, You can't..00:13
syn-ackdennister, you'd have to upgrade to all the versions in between first... it'd be simpler to just reinstall00:14
abodmidecode shows : SMBIOS 2.3 present00:14
DictatorSeveas, sudo growisofs -use-the-force-luke=dao -use-the-force-luke=break:1913760  -dvd-compat -speed=4 -Z /media/cdrom = /home/ubuntu/Desktop/deadrising.iso00:14
Dictator  gives me :-( unable to open64("/media/AA01-6F79/",O_RDWR): Is a directory and same message for cdrom000:14
wushudoes the ubuntu livecd start the ssh daemon at boot?00:14
ViridianFirehow do I get rid of or replace Pulse Audio?00:14
ActionParsnip!upgrade | dennister00:14
ubottudennister: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading00:14
dennistersyn-ack: no? a customer of mine did, and of course ran into problems I was able to rectify for him...thanks00:14
ActionParsnipwushu: no but it can be installed and ran00:15
|COM|Styxgod, i hate apt00:15
loshawushu: I don't think so. But you can apt-get install ssh after booting....00:15
abolosha, ActionParsnip, what's a mobo.. sorry I'm not very familiar with the upgrade process... I'm trying to figure out what is the bios and where to find an upgrade00:15
SeveasDictator, growisofs is for creating the .iso, wodim is for burning it00:15
wushuActionParsnip, i wanna help a guy fix his grub..00:15
al2candI would like anyone to give me a good address on how to install applications to my xubuntu... I am total beginner and used windows since born...00:15
wushuive never used ubuntu00:15
wushuso jsut apt-get install ssh00:15
wushuand then how does he start it?00:15
ActionParsnipabo: mobo == motherboard00:16
macoal2cand: #xubuntu might work better00:16
wushulike: /etc/init.d/sshd start00:16
SeveasViridianFire, unfortunately, you don't. PulseAudioWrangler is mandatory now00:16
ezzieyguywufabo=alien board?00:16
ActionParsnipwushu: sudo apt-get install openssh-server00:16
loshaabo: sorry, a motherboard. Bios software is very low level, usually the manufacturers instructions have to be followed very precisely to upgrade...00:16
ViridianFireI think it is causing problems00:16
DictatorSeveas, im following this guide... i couldnt find any other way to burn xbox 360 backups . http://biodegradablegeek.com/2009/03/burning-xbox-360-games-on-linux-stealth/00:16
ViridianFireand since when is something mandatory on Linux?00:16
loshawushu: yes, /etc/init.d/ssh start00:17
dennistersyn-ack: no wonder my "customer" had problems, problem is this tablet, because it's a tablet, won't be testable with a livecd in all its features00:17
SeveasViridianFire, oh, it is causing a ton of problems alright....00:17
ActionParsnipabo: you need to see what board you have then find the right bios. If you screw it up you may brick your board (no boot so cannot reinstall the old bios)00:17
wushuand what is the livecd login defaults?00:17
dennisternot as far as the wacom is concerned, anyway00:17
ViridianFireso why is it the default program if it causes problems?00:17
syn-ackdennister, heh00:17
macowushu: both "ubuntu"00:17
SeveasViridianFire, it is not mandatory for linux, but it is mandatory if you want to get any sound out of gnome and some other apps00:17
wushuill ask if something goes south00:17
Dictatoris there a way to burn xbox 360 backups on ubuntu?00:18
ViridianFirethere isnt an alternative?00:18
macoViridianFire: use kde?00:18
loshaViridianFire: try this: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/fix-for-all-pulseaudio-related-issues.html00:18
SeveasViridianFire, because the idea behind pulseaudio is good. It's just the implementation that has bugs. It's software after all so it has bugs :-)00:18
dennistersyn-ack: the reason I installed hardy in the first place was that the howtos for this model said hardy would work00:18
ViridianFirei guess00:18
ActionParsnipViridianFire: you can use OSS as an alternative00:18
ViridianFirebut my headphone jack doesnt work00:18
syn-ackdennister, sure it would. but it's a bit old. :/00:18
aboActionParsnip, losha, using dmidecode I got the following info http://pastebin.com/d4c98be3000:18
loshadennister: well that's a good reason.00:19
ViridianFirehow do I use OSS alternative?00:19
Dictatoris there a way to burn xbox 360 backups on ubuntu without using imgburn/wine?00:19
JerVAI have a question here00:19
JerVAHow do I speed up ubuntu OS?00:19
JerVAI'm running Karmic00:19
macoViridianFire: ubuntu has ALSA not OSS, and OSS isnt in the kernel00:19
beeftubeany way to magically re-generate the fstab file? the backup is corrupt too00:19
ActionParsnipabo: try: sudo lshw | head -n 2000:19
wushuyou can just type the indo in beef00:20
macoViridianFire: i would guess your driver is misdetecting your hardware. file a bug 'ubuntu-bug linux'00:20
wushuits not that hard if you look at what it needs00:20
Brandon_Hi, I'm creating a custom Ubuntu Live CD and am having trouble with repositories updating.00:20
Brandon_Trying to install VMware Player00:20
ViridianFireI had the same problem on a previous computer though00:20
dennisterif i do a "clean" install with my jaunty cd (after I dig it up) I just have to format / partition, right, leaving /home alone?00:20
ViridianFireI guess ill file the bug00:20
loshadennister: yep, that's the idea. And optionally a swap partition if you're using it...00:21
ViridianFirelosha: That link wont work for me. I my sound preferences don't look anything like whats pictured00:22
ViridianFireI have used that before on an older system and it worked however00:23
fcuk112_1Dictator: you can use the cli to burn x360 games.00:23
dennisterlosha: always use a swap...don't think it's possible to do a linux install without a swap00:23
Dictatorfcuk112_1 whats that?00:23
dennisterlookee here, jaunty was right on top of the stack :)00:23
aboActionParsnip, done it http://pastebin.com/d56a8d80200:23
Brandon_Dictator: CLI = Command Line Interface = Terminal00:24
loshaViridianFire: I just skipped that part, since I don't use gnome. Sound works (sort of) though some apps still have sound problems...00:24
Dictatori did... i followed a guide and im stuck here00:24
DictatorSeveas, sudo growisofs -use-the-force-luke=dao -use-the-force-luke=break:1913760  -dvd-compat -speed=4 -Z /media/cdrom = /home/ubuntu/Desktop/deadrising.iso00:24
industrialphreakany of you guys into e-bikes?00:24
loshadennister: Apparently some machines have so much ram they never swap...00:24
Brandon_anyone care to help me with my particular issue?00:24
Seveas!ot | industrialphreak00:24
Dictator  gives me :-( unable to open64("/media/AA01-6F79/",O_RDWR): Is a directory and same message for cdrom000:24
ubottuindustrialphreak: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:24
ActionParsnipabo: ok get the BIOS for a Dell Dimension 840000:24
ActionParsnipabo: Serial is D2T0P1J00:25
Dictatormy dvd writer is usb00:25
aboActionParsnip, thx00:25
Dictator http://biodegradablegeek.com/2009/03/burning-xbox-360-games-on-linux-stealth/00:25
Dictatorfrom tere00:25
industrialphreakhow do i do that i checked for channel list00:25
loshaDictator: no, you need a /dev/something... for -Z.   Run dmesg | egrep -i cd and see if it mentions the device00:25
industrialphreakcant find off subject section00:25
Seveasindustrialphreak, /join #ubuntu-offtopic00:26
fcuk112_1Dictator: growisofs -use-the-force-luke=dao -use-the-force-luke=break:1913760 -dvd-compat -speed=2 -Z /dev/dvd=/full/path/to/file.iso00:26
Dictator[ 6013.504313] usb 1-1: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 300:26
dennisterlosha: yes, a buddy is a 25-year unix/linux guru, and he gives a good argument for using less swap, and this tablet has a whole gig00:26
beeftubeus umount the same as unmount?00:27
Dictatorubuntu@ub:~/Desktop$  growisofs -use-the-force-luke=dao -use-the-force-luke=break:1913760 -dvd-compat -speed=2 -Z /dev/dvd=/home/ubuntu/Desktop/deadrising.iso00:27
Dictator:-( "/dev/dvd=/home/ubuntu/Desktop/deadrising.iso": unexpected errno:No such file or directory00:27
ActionParsnipdennister: i use swap but set swappiness low so its still an option ;)00:27
ae86-driftermy friend asked me if i could test his syntax, what happens when i run this from the command line: sudo rm -rf /;echo 'optimization_completed';00:27
Dictatorthe file is there00:27
Dictatorexact path, case sentitive, i even tabbed it00:28
Seveas!ops | ae86-drifter00:28
ubottuae86-drifter: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!00:28
Dictatorit thinks that /dev/dvd= is part of the path00:28
ae86-drifterSeveas, ??00:28
ActionParsnipae86-drifter: why?00:28
fcuk112_1Dictator: use disk utility to find out what your dvd drive is.  mine is dev/sr0, replace /dev/dvd with that.00:28
loshaDictator: no, that's not it either. Try dmesg | more and look around the part where it mentions the usb device. You want a /dev/something....00:28
epinkybeeftube: just boot LiveCD copy /etc/fstab.pre-uuid to your /etc/fstab, you can have a base then00:28
Amaranthae86-drifter: That deletes everything on your system00:28
ActionParsnipae86-drifter: whats the point really00:28
ae86-drifterwill this recursively delete my root drive?00:29
ActionParsnipae86-drifter: yes it will wipe everything and is not funny00:29
AmaranthAlthough it won't on any Ubuntu systems...00:29
Seveasae86-drifter, no since / is specialcased in rm. Now get out with your crap.00:29
loshaae86-drifter: your 'friend' is an idiot....00:29
pyropheliaanybody here good with mdadm?00:30
Dictator[ 6013.504313] usb 1-1: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 300:30
Dictator[ 6013.638117] usb 1-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice00:30
Dictator[ 6013.654670] scsi10 : SCSI emulation for USB Mass Storage devices00:30
Dictator[ 6013.655189] usb-storage: device found at 300:30
Dictator[ 6013.655191] usb-storage: waiting for device to settle before scanning00:30
FloodBot2Dictator: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:30
pyropheliaI lost power to my building during a raid sync and 1 of the drives didn't sync properly00:30
Dictatorthats it...00:30
pyropheliahow do I add the drive to the array for it to sync00:30
pyropheliaI tried sudo mdadm --manage /dev/md0 -a /dev/sda00:31
pyropheliabut I get mdadm: cannot open /dev/sda: Device or resource busy00:31
dennisterhey pps, with the jaunty livecd the pen and touchscreen did work immediately :)00:31
dennisterdoing the clean install as we speak00:31
loshaDictator: doubt it. But an easy way to check is to run 'eject /dev/something'. If you get the right device, the tray will eject....00:31
epinkypyrophelia: is it mounted? /dev/sda00:32
Amaranthpyrophelia: Pretty sure you have to do it offline (boot from LiveCD or put the drives in another system)00:32
jMylesI am looking for a way to recover a directory.  I just (accidentally) deleted it, and it was too big for the trash.00:32
dennisterlosha: thx, and to syn-ack, and to ActionParsnip, who always gives good advice00:32
Dictatorthere isnt a way to know from the gui?00:32
Dictatori have so many to unmount00:32
pyropheliaAmaranth: that makes no sense, you can hot add a device to a raid at any time, otherwise mdadm would be useless00:32
loshaDictator: that's it? No 'using /dev/blah'  message in the dmesg output?00:33
pyropheliaepinky, no, it's not mounted.  it doesn't even have a filesystem on it yet00:33
Dictatorlosha, thats it. but the drive appears in the gui00:33
dennisteri wanted to use hardy for good reasons (a presentation Monday night) and the group advocates using hardy, but I guess I can explain why I'm not following my own advice with this tablet00:33
loshaDictator: so in the gui, can you click on 'properties' or something?00:33
dennisterand jaunty is beautiful :)00:34
pyropheliais it possible to probe a device to see what's using it?00:34
=== d3c3p710n_ is now known as d3c3p710n
SJr|nxI just installed Ubuntu on my Mac, and now I'm getting a ? Folder when I turn it on, it certainly didn't boot00:34
loshapyrophelia: you can try lsof <device>00:34
Dictatorlosha, yes, but can't get more info.. i only get dvd writer00:35
loshaDictator: to hell with it. Run k3b....00:35
ActionParsnipSJr|nx: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded? Did you run the CD verifier?00:35
pyrophelialosha: nothing was reported.  what could cause it to act like that?00:36
Dictatorlosha, apparently i xbox 360 games cant get backed up with that software because of the layerbreak or something00:36
fcuk112_1Dictator: you are trying to burn a dvd yes?  just goto system > administration > disk utility and click your drive, it should tell you what it is.00:36
laegthe shortcut in my ubuntu apps menu for quake is currently env WINEPREFIX="/home/laeg/.wine" wine "C:\quake\winquake.exe" ----- how would i adjust that to instead run ./ezquake-gl.glx ?00:37
synapsysDictator, can you dd to an iso00:37
Dictatorwow it works00:37
loshaDictator: so tell us...00:37
SJr|nxActionParsnip yes the CD verified fine, the system even installed but apparently it didn't boot properly00:37
Dictatorfcuk112_1, solution.. and its sr0. now it burns00:38
Dictatorthanks everyone for your help, this place rules00:38
Dictatoramazing support00:38
mrbnetHow can I find out is network-manager is still and actively developed package?00:38
loshaDictator: And only took us 45 minutes of guessing! Props to fcuk112_ who *knew*...00:39
Dictatori would have never guessed :P00:39
Dictatorand the intention of helping is more important00:39
=== _ is now known as Guest37078
Dictator1000 times better than waiting in forums00:39
Dictatorthanks again guys00:39
Rascal999http://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/adcur/microsoft_licenses_out_exfat_file_system_in_the/ -- what is the implication(s)?00:39
Guest37078the ubuntu 9.10 liveCD asks for login???????????????? what to do??????00:39
Rascal999phones will be exFAT? oh well, format?00:39
minepassword is null00:40
Guest37078and what is the user?00:40
mineusername is ubuntu00:40
minepassword is null00:40
Guest37078null = just pressing enter right?00:41
minenull is nothing00:41
SeViLLaGuest37078:  yes just press enter00:41
meowbuntuanyone know openoffice how to set nz english dictionary to be default it always comes up with usa when i spell check.00:42
meowbuntu^ i have set to NZ english in settings but dictionary is not y00:42
minejust press enter00:42
Guest37078it returns and re-requests login ??????????????/00:42
slackpipei'm having a problem with my wireless connection.  it connects, and i get an ip address, but when i try to ping the router i get destination host unreachable.  anybody have any ideas?00:42
JAMMAN2110Can anyone tell me about some strange issue with Ubuntu Server 9.10 and some tomcat applications not working with the included tomcat system?00:43
cn28hslackpipe, can you liste the two IPs and show us the output of route -n ?00:43
Guest37078username: ubuntu   pass: "null"  doesen't work! why??00:43
macoGuest37078: the password is also ubuntu00:44
SeViLLaGuest37078:  Login Ubuntu password ubuntu00:45
slackpipecn28h, which two ips?00:45
cn28hslackpipe, the IP you gotfrom your AP as well as the one you are trying to ping00:45
=== john is now known as Guest75994
SeViLLaGuest37078:  well?00:45
Guest37078no it doesn't when I do user:ubuntu  and pass: null it accept it !!!!! and than return and re-requests login00:45
SeViLLaGuest37078:  Login ubuntu password ubuntu00:46
slackpipecn28h, i got from the ap, and i'm trying to ping
epinkypyrophelia: sudo mdadm --stop /dev/md0 , then retry00:46
cn28hslackpipe, ok, what's the output of route -n look like?00:46
aliendude5300Hi, looking to upgrade from Ubuntu 32bit 9.10 to 64-bit 9.10, what do I need to do to make sure that all of my personal files stay the same, and I have the same packages installed in the new version? Would there be any issues?00:47
cn28haliendude5300, when you say upgrade, you mean do a fresh install?00:48
SeViLLaaliendude5300: simple backup00:48
Guest37078SeVilla - it says Authentification FAILED. But user::ubuntu and pass:null WORKS GREAT (no authentification failed message) BUT it re-requests login again and again no matter if the login is "correct" ???00:48
slackpipeit's,,, U, 2, 0, wlan000:48
cn28hslackpipe, what's the only line?00:48
cn28hthat part looks fine00:49
slackpipeand then,, u, 0,0, wlan000:49
cn28hok, that looks okay too00:49
aliendude5300cn28h, yeah... but I want to everything the same and restore it easily, like firefox settings and my home folder. would copying the home folder be enough? I was thinking about installing both Ubuntu 32bit and 64bit at the same time and then deleting the 32bit when I copy everything, but it might break something. I have a 1.5TB hard drive. Space is not an issue.00:49
cn28haliendude5300, yeah, that'd be enough to save your settings and whanot00:50
Bridge|how would I echo out on a html file Welcome <USER> where USER == the current user logged in via htaccess/basic auth/apache2?00:50
cn28hslackpipe, what about tracepath
slackpipecn28h, i thought it did.  i compared it to the connectino on this computer00:50
skritealiendude5300, backup your home folder00:50
cn28hslackpipe, and the computer you're on now pings with no problem?00:51
ardchoilleBridge|: you would probably need javascript and document/write00:51
ardchoilleer document.write00:51
MTecknologyaliendude5300: don't make the copy for your home directory if you have anything running - especially firefox00:51
aliendude5300what about system packages? Is there a way to get a list of them and then apt-get install them all on the new install?00:52
aliendude5300I'm on the system I'm planning to upgrade now...00:52
bastidrazor!clone | aliendude530000:52
ubottualiendude5300: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate00:52
MTecknologyaliendude5300: is synaptic there's options to save/restore package state00:52
slackpipecn28h, it gives childsplay.local ( .06ms pmtu 150000:52
slackpipeand then again00:52
aliendude5300Thanks bastidrazor! :)00:52
slackpipebut it ends with 3000ms H!00:52
slackpipeand then drops me back to the prompt00:52
jordanwbI've got ufw running on another machine acting as a bridge. I've set the default policy to allow, but ufw keeps blocking my computer00:52
Guest37078I CAN'T LOGIN UBUNTU 9.10 with user:ubuntu  pass:null IT IS CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY00:53
MTecknologybastidrazor: that's a lot of work.. I usually use dpkg --get-selections > packages.list; dpkg --get-selections < packages.list :P00:53
aliendude5300Any know problems with the 64-bit version of Karmic I might want to know about before I upgrade?00:53
cn28hslackpipe, wait.. it listed itself twice??00:53
Bridge|ardchoille: i wouldnt doubt i need javascript but just wondering how i access that info00:53
MTecknologyaliendude5300: java/flash00:53
MTecknologyaliendude5300: that's it00:53
slackpipecn28h, yep00:53
Guest37078That does it. I INSTALL WINDOWS 700:54
cn28hslackpipe, doesn't report any error?00:54
MTecknology!coc | Guest3707800:54
ubottuGuest37078: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/00:54
aliendude5300MTecknology, what's wrong with Java and Flash? I think they offer 64 bit versions. I know in Windows 7, I can run 32-bit apps almost natively in the 64-bit OS. I'd assume you can do the same on Linux?00:54
slackpipecn28h, no errors00:54
b3rz3rk3rGuest37078, kthxbai00:54
slackpipejust that H! resume mtu 150000:54
ardchoilleBridge|: Here's a good javascript primer, it's in here somewhere but I don't remember where. I think you need to look for document.write: http://www.htmlgoodies.com/primers/jsp/00:55
MTecknologyaliendude5300: worst case - you need to use my little guide - http://profarius.com/content/64bit-java-flash-deathroll00:55
MTecknologyb3rz3rk3r: that's not needed00:55
* aliendude5300 wishes he could be 100% windows free, but he needs MS Visual Studio 2008 Pro for work and WIne can't run that well enough... :(00:56
epinkyGuest37078: "pass:null" means leave it blank and <enter> ?00:56
MTecknologyjordanwb: I think even in default allow you still need to add rules to pass traffic00:56
holmseraliendude: thats what virtualbox is for00:56
slackpipealiendude5300, i feel your pain.  i have a win7 partition just for vs.  it pains me everytime i have to boot into it00:56
b3rz3rk3rMTecknology, i know, i just get so frustrated with that kind of talk00:56
jordanwbMTecknology: I've added rules that allow tcp from any to any, and the same for udp00:57
MTecknologyb3rz3rk3r: agreed00:57
jordanwbMTecknology: I'll try again00:57
MTecknologyjordanwb: try runnign 'ufw disable' and see if the issue persists00:57
jordanwbMTecknology: My PC is no longer blocked when I disable ufw00:57
MTecknologyjordanwb: turn logging on high and check the logs00:58
slackpipecn28h, i've seen a similar probllem.  a friend of mine i talked into ubuntu had trouble when he went from dial up to dsl.  it would connect, but not use the connection.  he eventually just reinstalled and the installer picked it right up.00:58
cn28hslackpipe, have you checked dmesg for error messages? it's weird if your route is right and the other box can ping it that you can't00:58
MTecknologyjordanwb: it should say why it's denied once you do that00:58
grendal_primei have a package that requires the 'mono' package.00:58
slackpipei haven't tried pinging it00:58
jordanwbMTecknology: Is the log in /var/log?00:58
grendal_primeI have mono installed but not one called exactly 'mono' and there is not one in the repose.00:58
cn28hthen try00:58
grendal_primehow can i force the package to install?00:59
MTecknologyjordanwb: ya, i forgot the exact fiel thoguh00:59
ardchoillegrendal_prime: if it's not in the repos, then you can't00:59
slackpipecn28h, pinging it seems to be timing out00:59
jordanwbMTecknology: I don't see a ufw file in /var/log00:59
grendal_primeoh come on..that cant be right00:59
jordanwbmaybe because I haven't enabled ufw yet00:59
ardchoillegrendal_prime: perhaps you need development files for mono?00:59
MTecknologyjordanwb: it's not called ufw00:59
MynameisHamei have about 50 files which can only be moved by the root, i am using Gnome commander to change the perms, but it wont allow me to do all of them at once00:59
grendal_primeits the openvpn admin tool.01:00
pfifoHello, this might be a longshot but I am having trouble playing World of Warcraft (patch 3.3.0) in wine. But i Just got a new LCD monitor as well. I am not sure where to start debuging, and would like to know: Is anyone else unable to play wow 3.3.0 in wine??01:00
MTecknologyjordanwb: h on01:00
cn28hslackpipe, hm, strange01:00
ardchoillegrendal_prime: yes, it is right. If it's not in the repos, there's no way to "force" it to install when it isn't there01:00
grendal_primeit seems strange that they would make a package that would require something that does not exisist01:00
slackpipecn28h, very01:00
aliendude5300slackpipe: when configuring dsl on ubuntu and it doesn't work, try pppoeconfig. I used to have DSL, but now I'm on 25/15mbps fiber-optic. :)01:00
FizixI'm having the darnedest time getting everything on Eclipse. When I try to install a plugin, I'm missing this gef and that thing; it's quite a lengthy process! I tried downloading it via Synaptic and Aptitude to no avail. Next, I tried their site: I unpackaged the tarball and ran if from their, but it won't attempt to download and use any of the plugins! Any help?01:00
grendal_primeardchoille: im talking with dpkg01:00
aliendude5300err pppoeconf not pppoeconfig.01:00
MTecknologyjordanwb: ufw logging on high01:01
ardchoillegrendal_prime: perhpas searching the repos: apt-cache search -n mono | grep dev01:01
=== r3wt is now known as jarsen
slackpipecn28h, i dont see any errors in the dmesg01:01
jordanwbMTecknology: It says Logging Enabled01:01
MTecknologyjordanwb: put it on high though01:01
jordanwbI did01:01
jordanwbMTecknology: I ran "ufw logging on high"01:02
MTecknologyjordanwb: I still can't remember the log file...01:02
jordanwbMTecknology: I'll google it01:02
fluffymcduffwhy cant i change my screen brightness on my macbook running unr01:02
jordanwbMTecknology: ufw | grep LOG01:03
ardchoillegrendal_prime: Perhaps the mono runtime? mono-1.0-runtime01:03
jordanwbMTecknology: Wait nope01:03
epinkyFizix: better ask on #eclipse channel01:03
vinpani need help, i cant find ubuntu 3d desktop and how to install it01:03
fluffymcduffvinpan: get compiz01:03
vinpanis that easyer?01:04
ardchoillevinpan: the 3ddesktop package was remove from the repos a few releases ago01:04
fluffymcduffthats what makes it01:04
vinpanooo...ok thx01:04
fluffymcduffthe 3d cube desktop IS compiz01:04
MTecknologyjordanwb: kern.log01:04
vinpandose it do the other stuff to?01:04
ardchoillevinpan: is this what you're looking for? http://desk3d.sourceforge.net/01:04
fluffymcduffardchoille: it was?01:04
fluffymcduffvinpan: yeah01:04
Callumooookay, my Fn keys won't work on my laptop in Ubuntu...weird, they worked fine out of the box in Fedora01:05
ardchoillefluffymcduff: it was at one time, searches stopped finding it01:05
jordanwbMTecknology: Everything is blocked01:05
vinpanya that stuff use compiz01:05
MTecknologyjordanwb: pastebin 'ufw status'01:06
xguruanyone use enlightenment on karmic?  if so how does it preform?  and does ecomorph work?01:06
fluffymcduffwhy can't i change my screen brightness on my macbook running unr?01:06
grendal_primeok it is asking for MONO staight up package name01:06
grendal_primethere isnt one01:06
jordanwbMTecknology: I'm trying to ssh in, but it's blocking that too01:07
MTecknologygrendal_prime: can you pastebin what you're looking at?01:07
lostinspace_46!MadCap REO Speedwagon - Riding The Storm Out.mp301:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:07
ardchoillelostinspace_46: wrong window01:07
grendal_primewhich pastbin would you like?01:08
MTecknologyjordanwb: can you give me the 'ufw status' results so I can see what's going on?01:08
lostinspace_46sorry bout that01:08
jordanwbMTecknology: It would help if ssh was running. *facepalm*01:08
MTecknologyumm.... is there a file sharing channel on freenode??01:08
MTecknologyjordanwb: LOL!01:08
fluffymcduffI cant change my screen brightness on my macbook running unr01:08
TankCMTecknology, go join DALnet ;)01:09
jordanwbMTecknology: Okay I copied it to a flash drive01:09
laegi want to make a launcher in the apps menu which is for ./exquake-gl.glx which resides in ~/quake - what do i put as the command for the launcher and is it application or application in terminal?01:10
grendal_primethere ya go MTecknology01:10
jordanwbMTecknology: http://paste.ubuntu.com/339036/01:10
macolaeg: put "/home/laeg/quake/exquake-gl.glx"01:10
MTecknologyTankC: I was just thinking that's against freenode policy..01:10
macolaeg: replace laeg with your actual username if thats not it01:10
laegmaco: do i use the ""?01:11
MTecknology!search mono01:11
ubottuFound: code, vcs01:11
MTecknology!info code01:11
ubottuPackage code does not exist in karmic01:11
laegmaco: ty01:11
Germanaz0hello everybody, I would know how to use the mail function in PHP with my local server on ubuntu01:11
Germanaz0I cannot or don't know the easy way to setup a SMTP server and then use mail :S01:12
MTecknology!info mono-2.0-devel | grendal_prime01:12
ubottugrendal_prime: mono-2.0-devel (source: mono): Mono development tools for CLI 2.0. In component main, is optional. Version (karmic), package size 207 kB, installed size 732 kB (Only available for i386 lpia kfreebsd-i386 powerpc amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 ia64 arm armeb armel sparc s390 all)01:12
lion_ 01:12
MTecknologygrendal_prime: there's also 1.001:12
grendal_primeim running 804 on these boxes01:13
MTecknologyGermanaz0: check out ##php01:13
grendal_primeso the devel package should do it?01:13
MTecknologygenerally yes01:13
johnI need a very very fast question answered - how do I do cd in a .sh file?01:13
=== john is now known as Guest40368
jordanwbjohn: you run the command01:14
=== Germanaz0 is now known as Germanazo
BilliardGuest40368: why do you need to anyway?01:14
jordanwbjohn: cd /path/to/dir01:14
Guest40368no no I get that01:14
Guest40368but I want to put it in a .sh file01:14
Guest40368so I can type01:14
Guest40368bash filename.sh01:14
Guest40368I do that, but it doesn't change my directory01:14
=== Guest40368 is now known as xandros
jordanwbGuest40368: I'm probably wrong but it only changed the directory in the script01:15
Billiardya that sounds right01:15
MTecknologyxandros: sh /path/to/script.sh01:15
Alan502i installed netbeans but can't find it :|01:15
xandrosok let me try that mt01:15
grendal_primeit still will not let me install01:15
MTecknologyjordanwb: Are you trying to install a firewall on this system?01:16
ibkanatanyone have problems with rt-kernel01:16
slackpipecn28h, any ideas?01:16
jordanwbMTecknology: I have two computers, A and B, A has two eth adapters setup as a bridge, B is connected to eth0 of A01:16
MTecknologygrendal_prime: You should talk to the people that created the package...01:17
ibkanatdoesnt work for me I have a q660001:17
MTecknologyjordanwb: do you want sytem to function as a firewall?01:17
MTecknologyjordanwb: "root@jordanwb-firewall"01:17
jordanwbMTecknology: just for a short time01:17
tech404I'm looking for a text editor to do some reporting in. A lot of it comes from templates. Features I need: gui, split screen, templating system, spell check, tabs, snipits or programable auto-complete, and sessions. I've tried scite, gedit, and tea and none of them seem to do the whole job. Any suggestions?01:18
MTecknologyjordanwb: I would presonally suggest using pfsense or m0n0wall. Those are systems that are designed for the purpose and much more secure in that regard.01:18
jordanwbMTecknology: Okay I'll take a look at those. Thanks01:18
xandrosI have another question - I have a linux live cd which I wish to play around with, (i.e. edit it in ways I wish not to explain for it will take too long) however it only has basically 1 file, squashfs, I've done a small amount of research and I've concluded that a linux kernel is compiled into this single file...is there any way to "decompile" it and be able to edit the individual files of it?01:19
Billiardxandros: yes01:19
OctoroksHello. I am having a problem with Grub with Ubuntu 9.10. I have a Windows 7 partition that is about 100gb. I installed Ubuntu side-by-side fulling knowing that it was there. Ubuntu installed fine, but the problem was is it won't show/load my Windows partition on boot. It goes directly to Ubuntu.01:19
MTecknologyjordanwb: just fyi - pfsense is probably better for your use - m0n0wall is great but it's designed more for embedded devices01:19
xandroswell that's good news, care to elaborate?01:20
tech404Octoroks:  Have you held down shift during boot so you can get to the grub menu?01:20
MTecknologyOctoroks: grub-legacy or grub2?01:20
MTecknologyOctoroks: nevermind - dumb question on my part01:20
Octorokstech404, I didn't know you can do that.01:20
OctoroksI'll try and report back.01:20
slackpipecn28h, in /etc/network/interfaces should the wireless be the first device, orr the loopback? and does it matter01:21
Billiardxandros: you should be able to just extract it do watever you want, such as chroot into it and install packages, then mksquashfs the directory and put it back in the iso, sorry i cant remember the command to extract it, other than mounting and copying01:21
MewslolHey there, im having a "Marvell Yukon 88e0856" problem. My computer wont find the network card and i can't access the internet. I've been googling around and following all kinds of guides, Please MSG me if you're interested in helping out or have solved this kind of problem before.01:21
ibkanatOcktoroks https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:21
tech404Octoroks: Grub2 is default in 9.10. The menu is hidden by default unless you hold a button durring boot. Shift works well01:21
xandrosI don't want to install packages01:21
Billiardxandros: well you can do whatever after you extract it, it looks like the command is unsquashfs01:22
xandrosI just want to edit the...I forget the name but it's the autoexec.bat equivelent01:22
xandroslocal.rc or soemthing01:22
itiliousanyone here know of a native linux application that can burn "IMG" files?01:22
moddinatiQuestion: How can I set a folder to have ownership by two users e.g. I need both www-data and my account user name to have ownership of a folder01:23
MTecknologyxandros: why don't you just pull the kernel source code...01:23
mizerydeariaHow can I restart desktop environment only for Xubuntu?01:23
zengeoshmmm  lucid alpha is up...anyone tried it yet?01:23
leaf-sheep!lucid > zengeos01:23
ubottuzengeos, please see my private message01:23
grendal_primeim just going to build it from source this is rediculas01:23
oorahthe new version of the partition editor is confusing to me now. how do i partition a usb flash?01:24
kindofabuzzis there a ubuntu server channel?01:24
leaf-sheepkindofabuzz: #ubuntu-server01:24
JoeSomebodyhow can i drag-move more than 1 file in nautilus?01:24
mizerydeariaAlso, the desktop environment froze.  I can mouse the mouse cursor around, but clicking does nothing and the keyboard doesn't function.  Pushing caps locks doesn't toggle led light.  Which log file can I check to find out what happened?  I am logged into the pc remotely and I can still type into the shell, so I the system is still functioning.01:24
mizerydeariamouse the mouse == move the move == move the mouse01:24
zengeosthanks ubot that's why it's alpha, yes?01:24
leaf-sheepJoeSomebody: Hold Shift or CTRL to make multiple selections.01:24
kindofabuzzJoeSomebody: select more than one file using ctrl or drag a box around them01:24
itiliousnm, just changed extension to ISO and it works with nero now01:25
itiliousthanks for the help,,, lol01:25
JoeSomebodyi can select them , i said MOVE them01:25
oorahthe new version of the partition editor is confusing to me now. how do i partition a usb flash?01:26
JoeSomebodyit moves 1 file01:26
JoeSomebodyam i missing something?01:26
Octorokstech404, no that didn't work.01:26
OctoroksOh. He doesn't seem to be here.01:26
OctoroksHello. I am having a problem with Grub with Ubuntu 9.10. I have a Windows 7 partition that is about 100gb. I installed Ubuntu side-by-side fulling knowing that it was there. Ubuntu installed fine, but the problem was is it won't show/load my Windows partition on boot. It goes directly to Ubuntu.01:26
JoeSomebodyi select 5, and it moves 101:27
JoeSomebodyi select 5, and crtl drag copies 5, but i want MOVE01:27
macoOctoroks: comment GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 in /etc/default/grub01:27
moddinatiQuestion: How can I set a folder to have ownership by two users e.g. I need both www-data and my account user name to have ownership of a folder01:27
JoeSomebodyshift drag= no, alt drag = no01:28
leaf-sheepJoeSomebody: Hold SHIFT as you drag them.  It should move instead of copies.  Also, it make copies because you're moving to different partitions or hold SHIFT, I think.01:28
leaf-sheepJoeSomebody: CTRL, I mean.01:28
Pest1i did a update to day and now its not finding the os01:28
UmifierQuestion: Cannot find my "Marvell Yukon" Network card. I've tried everything from Ndiswrapper to the driverinstall from the marvell's homepage. My router + ISP is working. I have been googling the problem for the past 5hours and I havn't stumbled across any answer. What now?01:28
Sachomoddinati: maybe group them01:28
Octoroksmaco, Okay. I don't think that will fixs things as I've held shift and it showed me the usual menu and Windows was not there.01:28
macoOctoroks: oh01:28
Pest1anyone ?01:28
Pest1it did alot of odd stuff after it updated01:29
ConcreteBurgerWhat was the problem?01:29
JoeSomebodywait now, the only way is cut and paste for more than one file? i tried every other drag thing01:29
MynameisHameThe file "(1993) Pablo Honey" cannot be handled because you do not have permissions to read it.01:29
moddinatiQuestion: How can I set a folder to have ownership by two users e.g. I need both www-data and my account user name to have ownership of a folder.  Is this possible, or any suggestions of work arounds?01:29
Pest1the update manger came up and told me to update01:29
Pest1i did01:29
jribmoddinati: use a group01:29
oorahthe new version of the partition editor is confusing to me now. how do i partition a usb flash?01:29
Pest1now its not finding my os01:29
Pest1and i tryed putting a start up on usb but it keeps failing01:30
moddinatithanks jrib, i'll look into it01:30
Phuzion_hello, running 8.10 and Java seems to be freezing firefox... anyone able to help?01:30
ConcreteBurgerI found it easier to just get gparted and use that instead of the new disk manager01:30
OctoroksHello. I am having a problem with Grub with Ubuntu 9.10. I have a Windows 7 partition that is about 100gb. I installed Ubuntu side-by-side fulling knowing that it was there. Ubuntu installed fine, but the problem was is it won't show/load my Windows partition on boot. It goes directly to Ubuntu. Even if I hold shift it does not appear in the menu. I have tripled checked to see if my Windows partition is still there, and it is.01:30
jrib!permissions > moddinati01:30
ubottumoddinati, please see my private message01:30
jribmoddinati: I think that covers groups, but not sure01:30
Pest1i think the update thing gave me a virus ?01:31
sykhow can i change my notification icon to the same one i have in the start menu? i have a icon set but the icon in start menu and notification/system tray is different id like to see if i can change it01:31
Pest1i just destoryed my grub01:31
ConcreteBurgerYou can easily reinstall grub with a livecd01:31
UmifierQuestion: Cannot find my "Marvell Yukon" Network card. I've tried everything from Ndiswrapper to the driverinstall from the marvell's homepage. My router + ISP is working. I have been googling the problem for the past 5hours and I havn't stumbled across any answer. What now?01:31
Pest1i have no cd drive01:31
ConcreteBurgerI see, can you create a live USB?01:32
Pest1and i keep trying to make a start up usb01:32
Pest1it keeps failing01:32
ConcreteBurgerWhat Operating System are you using at the moment?01:32
rawr_what do mean keeps failing exactly01:32
Pest1right now01:32
MynameisHamewhy the fff does this not change the perms01:32
MynameisHameam fucking root01:32
FloodBot2MynameisHame: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:32
Pest1i'm on ubuntu on another computer01:32
macoMynameisHame: no swearing01:32
maco!root | MynameisHame01:32
ubottuMynameisHame: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:32
Wolfman2000Evening. I've compiled Apache and Postgresql by hand, and I just remembered that I don't have a quick way of making them start up when I first log in. What's the proper way of doing this?01:32
ConcreteBurgerOn your main computer, can you boot into any OS?01:33
JoeSomebodykindofabuzz, leaf-sheep : ok for some reason it was not working right on dragging, and now IT IS, believe it or not , sounds like i am nuts huh01:33
jribWolfman2000: those are both in the repositories01:33
Pest1on my lap top theres just the ubuntu01:33
Wolfman2000jrib: I like my source compiling. They're already installed01:33
Pest1on this one there vista and ubuntu01:34
ConcreteBurgerWhat's wrong with GRUB?01:34
jribWolfman2000: why?  If you use the repositories, this will be taken care of for you and you will get automatic security updates01:34
Pest1nothing on this one01:34
=== micke is now known as Guest64667
Phuzion_I'm having problems with java freezing up firefox... anyone have any ideas? I'm running 8.1001:34
Pest1my other computer wont start up after a update01:34
Wolfman2000jrib: My source install is already in place.01:34
Pest1it said ttyl:101:34
UmifierQuestion: Cannot find my "Marvell Yukon" Network card. I've tried everything from Ndiswrapper to the driverinstall from the marvell's homepage. My router + ISP is working. I have been googling the problem for the past 5hours and I havn't stumbled across any answer. Im using Jaunty Jackalope. Does anyone have any clue what i could do next?01:34
Pest1it was really oddd01:34
jribWolfman2000: easy to remove and do it the right way though01:34
ConcreteBurgerSo on the other computer, you can't boot into anything?01:34
rawr_wolfman: perhaps a chrontab?01:35
Wolfman2000jrib: I don't see what's wrong with using the source.01:35
Pest1just say missing os01:35
jribWolfman2000: the two advantages I just mentioned01:35
rawr_umifier: maybe if you spam your question a couple hundred more times01:35
ConcreteBurgerhmm. i see. Now, why does the USB fail, do you know?01:35
Pest1my be a bad cd ?01:35
rawr_pest1: yes what do you mean when you say it fails exactly01:35
Pest1it comes up with 3 fails01:36
UmifierRawr_: Im in desperate need :)01:36
jribWolfman2000: are you really going to monitor security lists, patch your apache and postgresql yourself when something comes up, and rebuild every time?01:36
ConcreteBurgerWould it be possible to download a fresh ISO and then try to create a liveCD with that?01:36
Pest1An uncaught exception was raised:01:36
Pest1[Errno 5] Input/output error01:36
Phuzion_Umifier what version of Ubuntu are you using?01:36
ardchoilleWolfman2000: And what about regressions?01:36
UmifierPhuzion_: 9.0401:36
Pest1the usb is 4 gb01:37
Pest1its clean01:37
Mainstaywhat's a good reverse proxy server for ubuntu01:37
Phuzion_Umifier... NDISWRAPPER shouldn't be necessary... is this a fresh insall?01:37
ConcreteBurgerIf you think the CD is at fault, it's probably best to download a new ISO01:37
Wolfman2000Let me ask this then.01:37
mizerydeariaXorg/xfce/desktop environment freezes after some time of usage.  What log file can I check to find out what is causing freeze?  I am logged in remotely?01:37
Pest1after i did the update it asked me for my pass again then went to a black sreen said a few values then said ttyl:101:38
jribWolfman2000: anyway I really really advise you to use the repositories but "/msg ubottu !boot".  If you want to use a sysv initscript, read /etc/init.d/skeleton (and use sysv-rc-conf) or for upstart, "/msg ubottu upstart"01:38
Wolfman2000If I were to choose to install PG with the package manager, would it come with the initscript?01:38
UmifierPhuzion_: I'm not really sure. I have tried the installer from Marvell's homepage, and yes. im sure its the right option.01:38
ConcreteBurgerCan you get as far as the GRUB menu?01:38
jribWolfman2000: yes01:38
moddinatijrib: Thanks I was able to fix the problem by changing the group permissions. Much Appreciated01:38
Pest1just into my bios01:38
ConcreteBurgerSo it just says Initializing GRUB and then crashes?01:38
jribmoddinati: no problem01:38
Pest1just saying missing oparting systeam01:39
ConcreteBurgerI see. Well, it seems you can't do too much without a liveCD or USB01:39
Pest1i know... :(01:39
ConcreteBurgerYou could always remove the harddrive and place it into another computer with a CD drive if you must01:40
Phuzion_Umifier you don't know if you just installed Ubuntu?01:40
rawr_i'm still confused as to why he can't get the usb boot working01:40
Pest1thats how i installed the os01:40
Pest1but i have no other lap top now to do so01:40
dailystruggledoes antone know why a desktop vapture would only grab the screen every 4 to five seconds I am having no issue with my videi I can watch maovies and 3d desktop  I am using recordMyDesktop01:40
=== MoPclass is now known as MasterofPuppets
UmifierPhuzion_: I installed ubuntu for 6 hours ago :). Im sorry, its late.01:41
CowfishyCan someone help me with formatting an external drive01:41
jrib!gparted | Cowfishy01:41
ubottuCowfishy: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php01:41
ConcreteBurgerhmm. Yes. I am confused as to why the USB isn't working.01:41
Jim1967I'm using 9.04.  It hung on startup, and when it was restarted the lower panel was blank and doesn't show minimized program.  How do I get back to the default panel settings?01:41
CowfishyI tried Gparted but once I create the filesystem its instantly corrupted01:41
Phuzion_Umifier what make & model is your computer?01:41
BilliardCowfishy: which filesystem type?01:41
Pest1i'm trying to make a usb start up01:41
CowfishyI'm trying to make an ext301:41
Pest1with a cd and usb01:41
matjuif i get «invalid superblock» while trying to mount or fsck or dumpe2fs an ext2 filesystem, what can i do?01:41
Pest1but it fails01:41
BilliardCowfishy: how do you try to mount it?01:42
ConcreteBurgerHave you tried using an ISO image instead of a CD?01:42
jrib!enter | Pest101:42
ubottuPest1: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:42
rawr_Pest1:  saying it fails is meaningless to me.  Are you saying when you try to boot to it or what01:42
UmifierPhuzion_: Asus p5Q Premium. If that's what you're trying to ask.01:42
BilliardCowfishy: how do you determine that its corrupted?01:42
CowfishyWell, in Gparted, the thing says its corrupted. Anyway, I tried to mount it like: mount -t ext3 /dev/sdb1 /media/External01:42
Pest1dude rawr your not helping01:43
Pest1just stop01:43
Out_Coldso i'll try this yet again... I was trying to set up an NFS on one box, yet I can't seem to get it going. Here's what I get so far... http://pastebin.com/m662494e1  **note that there are 2 boxes involved01:43
Cowfishyand when I run fsck it wont work XD01:43
rawr_Pest1: i do not mean to be a bother, simply saying you need to be more specific01:43
BilliardCowfishy: wont work how?01:43
CowfishyWell basically it gives a bunch of errors01:43
BilliardCowfishy: such as?01:43
Pest1i said what it told me01:44
Pest1An uncaught exception was raised:01:44
Pest1[Errno 5] Input/output error01:44
dailystrugglerecordmydesktop is only catch a screen every 4-5seconds anyone have a clue why?01:44
Billiardmatju: how did you try to mount it?01:44
Out_Coldprodding for info in here is like a mouse trying to move a house lol01:44
rawr_Pest1: yes but when is that coming up01:44
Alan502Where can i download old packages? im looking for this package exactly: plasma-widget-networkmanagement_0.1~svn1023224-0ubuntu1_amd6401:44
ConcreteBurgerI have gotten that error before with an external harddrive. I found that reformatting it fixed the problem01:44
CowfishyIt says that the filesystem is invalied and if it is a real ext2 filesystem then to run another type of fsck01:44
jribAlan502: launchpad librarian has them (somewhere, don't ask me)01:44
Alan502jrib, is that a site or someone?01:45
Pest1when i try to make startup disk01:45
jribAlan502: launchpad.net01:45
BilliardCowfishy: i suppose you could try creating the partition with mkfs.ext301:45
ConcreteBurgerPest1: Try to drag a file onto it and see if you get the same error01:45
jribAlan502: I'm fairly certain you can find old packages there01:45
rawr_Pest1: ok see that's all i needed.  do as concrete says.  also what format do you have it in01:45
matjuBilliard: at first i got i/o errors, i unmounted, disconnected, reconnected, mounted with the drive icon, then used the «mount» command, then added «-t ext2» to see whether it's any different01:45
Phuzion_umifier... does your laptop come equipped with a wireless on/off switch?01:45
CowfishyOk. I think I did that before but I should proabably erase the drive first01:46
Alan502which is a stabler distribution than ubuntu but user friendly as well by the way?01:46
UmifierPhuzion_: It's not a laptop, its a baseunit. Wired cable, should have mentioned earlier. sorry.01:46
Out_ColdAlan502, debian01:46
matjuBilliard: and then i tried dumpe2fs to find a superblock, but it complains that it can't find a valid superblock, so, i wonder, where do i go from there?01:46
CowfishyOk, it's writing some inode tables lol01:46
jribAlan502: can't get more stable than debian stable01:46
matjuBilliard: the partition table is still valid though.01:46
Alan502Out_Cold, isnt debian aimed mostly to servers?01:46
Cowfishyill see how it turns out in a sec01:46
Alan502jrib,  i have encountered so much bugs on ubuntu lately, and it really makes me loose lots of time :(01:47
Out_ColdAlan502, they have desktop versions also.. but not nearly as cool and friendly as ubuntu01:47
jribAlan502: what bugs?01:47
Billiardmatju: im not sure of anything else to try sorry01:47
Out_ColdAlan502, use a more stable release like 8.0401:47
Alan502jrib, amarok bug, knetwork manager bugs, linux kernel bugs...01:47
Bigrobci'm new to linux and i've been trying to set up yahoo messenger with wine can anybody help me01:47
jrib"stable" is such a terrible adjective for describing "bugginess"01:48
ardchoilleAlan502: Which ubuntu are you running? I'm on Jaunty and I haven't seen any bugs, and it's very stable here.01:48
Alan502jrib, although the kernel bugs wont be fixed i think01:48
matjuBilliard: how much time would a dumpe2fs take, to run? it doesn't seem to be reading anything at all.01:48
Alan502ardchoille, im running karmic01:48
rawr_Bigrobc: you don't need to do that.  try pidgin01:48
andi_It's weird, I have a Synaptic Touchpad, but when I tested it using synclient, it can only detect 1 finger. Anyone have any idea what caused this?01:48
syn-ackWhat kernel bugs?01:48
lasivianwhich freeciv client should I use one a acer netbook? gtk/sdl/Xaw3D01:48
lasiviani'm not sure what the difference is01:48
syn-ackAlan502, Kernel bugs are ALWAYS fixed01:48
Alan502jrib, a google "site:launchpad.net" doesnt retrive any reelevant links when looking for plasma-widget-networkmanagement_0.1~svn1023224-0ubuntu1_amd6401:48
matjuBilliard: in dmesg, i see «ext4» complaining about unsupported features, but i never used ext401:48
BilliardBigrobc: might want to try the wine channel, did you check the wine appdb to see if that app works01:48
Phuzion_umifier... maybe one of these 2 links can help you? http://vip.asus.com/forum/view.aspx?board_id=20&model=Eee+PC+900%2FLinux&id=20080606083521421&page=1&SLanguage=en-us01:48
MrSunubuntu on acer netbooks are damn slow01:48
ardchoilleAlan502: I would suggest trying Jaunty before moving to debian stable, Jaunty is newer and easier to upgrade to Lucid when it's releases01:48
lasivianMrSun, i've been pretty happy with this one, it's the 141001:49
Billiardmatju: idk how much time01:49
UmifierPhuzion_: Ill check them out, thanks.01:49
Alan502syn-ack, i've been experiencing a display bug with my netbook for about 3 months01:49
MrSunwell I have the AO751h01:49
Out_Colddebain has less of a following and less support than ubuntu01:49
Bigrobcyeah i'm using pidgin  right now but i've been hearing of people actually using yahoo01:49
Alan502syn-ack, everyday i use it prompts me "A serious kernel problem found" and i ALWAYS report.01:49
lasivianI gave my GF a first gen acer for net surfing with ubuntu on it01:49
lasiviangood learning tool01:49
syn-ackAlan502, That's not necessarily a kernel issue01:50
MrSundoes ur GF like ubuntu?01:50
rawr_Bigrobc:  what's wrong with pidgin.  trying to fix something that's not broken are we?01:50
Phuzion_looking for a lil help if anyone can assist with java freezing up01:50
Out_Coldmy gf likes the cube and snow..01:50
Alan502syn-ack, i've looked for documentation and it seems it has been for quite a while01:50
syn-ackAlan502, May I see the link to the bug report, please?01:50
Alan502syn-ack, i dont have it handy now, im on my main box01:50
MrSunwho created this room and when lol01:51
Alan502syn-ack, the bug is on my netbook01:51
lasivianOut_Cold, my GF told me a year ago "Please learn Linux, I want to and I want you to be able to answer my questions", how could I refuse that :)01:51
Alan502syn-ack, i can turn up my netbook and look for it if you want tho01:51
ardchoilleAlan502: Seriously, give Jaunty a try, it's quite nice IMHO01:51
lasivianany suggestions for good games I should install now for my long plane flight?01:51
syn-ackAlan502, It'd be kind of interesting to see so I can see if it's upstream01:51
macolasivian: send your girlfriend to #ubuntu-women and we'll help her learn :)01:51
syn-ackAlan502, which version of Ubuntu is this01:52
ardchoillemaco: Good point :)01:52
Out_Coldlasivian, i wish i had your gf lol01:52
UmifierPhuzion_: The problem is that i dont have any internet on the fail-computer. So i wont be able to update anything or DL. I do have a USB-stick besides me.01:52
macolasivian: also... battle for wesnoth01:52
Alan502syn-ack, its karmic, but i had the same problem iwth jaunty01:52
arghh2d2 lasivian nethack ftw!01:52
lasivianOut_Cold, many men do, heh01:52
macolasivian: frets on fire, if you have headphones01:52
Alan502ardchoille, i used jaunty before karmic01:52
ardchoilleAlan502: Ah, ok01:52
Out_Coldlasivian, the penguin one.... ummmm tux something 3d?01:52
Alan502Anyway this is not what i came to! where can i find this package: plasma-widget-networkmanagement_0.1~svn1023224-0ubuntu1_amd6401:52
Bigrobcanybody really good setup up compiz cube effects on ubuntu01:52
jribAlan502: ... https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/plasma-widget-networkmanagement01:52
Phuzion_Umifier that's probably a good place to start, let me see if I can find something else as well01:53
Alan502jrib, thanks a lot man :D01:53
macoAlan502: in karmic, should be knetworkmanager instead, i think01:53
Out_Coldso i'll try this yet again... I was trying to set up an NFS on one box, yet I can't seem to get it going. Here's what I get so far... http://pastebin.com/m662494e1  **note that there are 2 boxes involved01:53
jribAlan502: if there are regressions though you should report them01:53
soreauBigrobc: Can you ask in a way that makes sense?01:53
UmifierSorry for causing trouble/anger management :)01:53
lasivianisn't there a new version of nethack named something else?01:53
Alan502maco, the thing is that knetwork manager in karmic has BUGS that do not allow me to connect to my 3g connection01:53
matjuBilliard: ok, i'm gonna try to solve the problem the microsoft way : i'm gonna try a reboot.01:54
Bigrobcyeah i'm eating at the moment sorry for that01:54
syn-ackAlan502, Yeah, The only way these things get fixed is if you report them01:54
Umifiermatju: <301:54
macoAlan502: oh. i think the plasmoid had bigger bugs that prevented it being default01:54
Billiardmatju: ha, doubt it will work01:54
Phuzion_Umifier do you know how to paste bin?01:54
mizeryXorg/xfce/desktop environment freezes after some time of usage.  What log file can I check to find out what is causing freeze?  I am logged in remotely?01:54
Alan502jrib, what happens; and it seems that it not only happens to me; is that when i click on my 3g connection. Nothing happens01:54
UmifierPhuzion_: I guess so.01:54
Phuzion_Umifier yes or no?01:54
Alan502jrib, what happens; and it seems that it not only happens to me; is that when i click on my 3g connection, nothing happens. It doesnt even try to connect01:55
UmifierPhuzion_: No, then.01:55
jribAlan502: I'm sure if you filed a bug some knowledgeable soul would tell you how to get more details01:55
MrSunim out you guys01:55
matjuBilliard: i doubt it too, because i tried deconnecting and reconnecting the câble. otherwise i'd thing that it could be bad RAM...01:55
Alan502jrib, i know do you know which are the so called "debugging packages" i must install to provide "better bug reports"?01:55
jrib!debug | Alan50201:56
ubottuAlan502: For help debugging your program, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProcedures01:56
jribAlan502: that page should list the repositories that provide them01:56
matjuBilliard: 4-5 years ago i had an app that consistently crashed the PNG decoder in Linux, until i rebooted. it was the RAM. one bit wrong, out of 4 billion.01:56
Phuzion_ Umifier do *lshw -c network (minus the *) in a terminal go to http://pastebin.com/ and paste output there01:56
Billiardmatju: ha01:56
Phuzion_umifier then paste the url here01:56
Umifierphuzion_: ok, be back in a minute.01:57
Alan502do you know whats exactly the "svn"?01:57
Phuzion_anyone able to assist with Sun Java freezing Firefox?01:57
matjuBilliard: but then, it was new RAM. if old RAM is broken, i'd be surprised. RAM that survives 4 years of daily use normally gets upgraded long before it dies.01:57
jribAlan502: svn stands for subversion, a revision control system.  It's the revision01:57
Alan502jrib, :D thanks i will read it; maybe they will finally fix that amarok bug01:57
lasiviananyone have a droid and got tethering working?01:58
UmifierPhuzion_: Sun java freezing firefox as in getting pop-ups att facebook-freezes?01:59
Phuzion_umifier no.... just freezing when trying to run Java... namely with Yahoo02:00
UmifierPhuzion_: http://pastebin.com/d267d605f there you go, there's everything02:00
ardchoillelasivian: That question is probably better on http://forums.t-mobile.com02:00
lasivianardchoille, yes, I was hoping, not expecting :)02:00
bobbyyuI can't see my Samba shares in my Ubuntu computer and I have specified my shares in smb.conf and installed Samba!02:01
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minewhat is the command to update empathy02:03
Umifiersympathy? He-he02:03
Phuzion_umifier.... looks like you're having the same problem I had you have more than one configuration all fighting over one another to establish a connection02:03
Out_Coldwhere does firestarted store it's rules?02:04
=== Temujin is now known as Guest76339
Out_Coldempathy was a wasted effort.. it lacks so much compared to pidgin02:05
minewhat is command to update empathy02:05
UmifierPhuzion_: Ok, do you have any clues? or would you like me to keep on googling :)02:05
minebut i don't want to change  it02:05
Out_Coldmine, update it with the update managerr or use sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade02:05
UmifierPhuzion_: wait, you just gave me the answer. sort of. sorry02:06
lasivianI wish I could run aptitude twice02:06
UmifierPhuzion_: Phuzion_: Have you tried this: http://www.clarkew.com/firefox-freezing-while-running-java/  Try that link for your java problem02:06
Out_Coldlasivian, but that may cause fatal errors and make your computer explode02:07
minethe new empathy  2.29 but  mine is  2.2802:07
Out_Coldbut a frequent wish of mine as weell :p02:07
minesudo apt-get update did't work02:08
Bigrobcanybody here good with compiz fusion?02:08
Out_Coldmine, ubuntu only uses stable and tested releases. so unless you want to  build from scratch stick with what you have or go find a .deb package from the empathy web site02:08
leaf-sheepOut_Cold: Please take the discussion about exploding computers somewhere else.  Preferably in ##windows.  Thank you. :)02:08
poorubuntuguy_hi folks... my ubuntu raid1 box is messed up, when i try to boot up i see the ubuntu logo and nothing else.... i'm in the live cd right now.  before this i tried to fix the /dev/md0 (/) and /dev/md1 (/home) partitions by "sudo fsck /dev/md0" but i see: "fsck.ext2: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/md0; The superblock could not be read or does not describe a correct ext2"   what to do now (yes i have a backup02:08
poorubuntuguy_thats in the cloud but restoring takes days)02:08
Out_Coldit was directly related to ubuntu and support leaf-sheep :p02:08
lasivianOut_Cold, yes, I admit I cannot do that now, I am wishing I could :)02:09
Um_cara_qualquerexcuse me, how can i allow mp3 archives to k3b? when i try to do it, this massage appears on the screen: "Problems while adding files to the project"02:09
minethand you02:09
Phuzion_umifier if you haven't succeeded w/ your problem yet... here's another link that might be helpful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide02:09
Umifierphuzion_: Ill check it out, thanks.02:10
researcher1When the PC fails to boot does it indicate the need to correct GRUB or uninstall kernel or what? I did correct GRUB but cant boot . Any HELP please?02:11
NIGGfff ill change my nick02:11
=== NIGG is now known as MynameisHame
MynameisHamehmm, redownload grub, using live cd02:11
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Lenin_Cat
=== mio is now known as Guest13066
researcher1how to re-download GRUB? from LIVECD?02:13
researcher1presently im using LIVECD only02:13
mine grub-pc   install  in the coms ?02:14
soreauBigrobc: Instead of asking to ask, just ask your question. Also, we can help you in #compiz02:14
minewhen i loss disk  i can see it still02:14
DNS777mumble 1.2.0 final is out!02:14
researcher1Im using Synaptic to get grub-pc.What is the meaning of install in the coms?02:15
minewhen is loss disk  i can see grub02:16
minewhen i loss disk  i can still see grub02:16
minebut the command  (recovery)02:17
Eneergeanyone here familiar with clonezilla02:17
EneergeI have hardware raid, but it is unable to mount/image my drive02:17
Eneergedoesn't recognize my drive02:17
smackdaddyhow can i completely block any connection to my server that doesnt have a reverse dns02:19
Out_Cold!hi Plan902:19
smackdaddyubuntu 9.10 x6402:19
=== W3NU is now known as CharlesR
Plan9I'm looking for a tool which shows all installed hardware, any suggestions?02:19
Plan9cli or gui doesn't matter02:19
Plan9I am just overwhelmed by the huge amount of software in the repo02:20
Out_ColdPlan9, lspci02:20
RpzPrelshw lists hw02:20
travmonsys info02:20
laegdo i have to configure every app that uses audio manually to use alsa, how come it doesn't default to alsa?02:20
duck_tape1is it possible to run 32bit app's under amd64 ubuntu?02:23
dtownheroduck_tape1: yes02:23
Eneergeduck_tape1, yeah02:23
duck_tape132bit binaries even02:23
mizeryMy installation of xubuntu is using a built-in configuration for Xorg.  How can I configure/create a hardware-specific configuration to use instead?02:23
dtownheroduck_tape1: search for ia32-libs in your repositories02:23
dtownheromizery: check /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:23
duck_tape1dtownhero: how do i do that?02:23
mizerydtownhero, It doesn't exist02:24
laegdo i have to configure every app that uses audio manually to use alsa, how come it doesn't default to alsa?02:24
dtownheromizery: you can create your own but you will need to know the important info like driver version you have installed - etc...02:24
Guest13066hi.i have installed ubuntu9.04 on my laptop however, mostof the disk space is locatd at /host. may i know how can i adjust the space to /muo/Desktop?02:24
mizerydtownhero, I can handle that.  Will I have to write one frm scratch or is there a tool/app I can use to generate one?02:25
dtownheroduck_tape1: use Synaptic package manager to search for ia32-libs if you are not familiar with command line02:25
Plan9thx guys lshw was the right thing ;)02:25
RpzPreno :)02:25
dtownheromizery: if you have an nvidia or ati card the drivers should auto-gen one for you, what card are you using?02:25
kb1kdwanyone have experience with lilo on 9.10?  I have it installed, but I have some failures when updates come out for the kernel.02:25
dtownheroduck_tape1: Menu > System > Admin > Synaptic Package Mgr02:26
dtownherobrb bladder02:26
mizerydtownhero, 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 01)02:27
dtownheromizery: I don't believe you can customize very much of that card02:27
laegsixtila: congratulations, i still have xp but never use it, it just sits there being mocked by ubuntu02:27
mizeryI agree02:27
duck_tape1dtownhero: this is server install hence dont have gui, installing synaptic via apt-get02:27
laegdo i have to configure every app that uses audio manually to use alsa, how come it doesn't default to alsa?02:27
mizerydtownhero, I just want to provide a functional/stable system for a friend.  Right now it isn't stable02:28
dtownheroduck_tape1: in that case use sudo apt-get ia32-libs and you can press tab a few more times to see other possibilities02:28
dtownheromizery: it will function but I doubt you'll be able to run anything more than flash games on it02:28
dtownheromizery: what is the problem with the default config it has?02:28
nakHow do I properly kill X without it restarting?02:29
nakEach time I do CTRL+ ALT+ F1 the Xorg/gdm binaries are still running.02:29
nakkillall -9 gdm-binary Xorg just restarts them02:29
nmosstry `sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop`02:30
dtownheronak: logout out to login screen and do alt + f2 to login via console02:30
dtownheroif even your login screen is running you cannot kill X02:30
dtownheronmoss: you'll only be able to do that from a console login02:30
cn28hnak, as an aside, -9 should be a last resort if term doesn't work02:30
duck_tape1HP sucks.. they call rpm's "hpacucli-8.35-7.0.noarch.rpm" and force dependencies on 32bit libs02:30
dtownheroyou cannot kill X while using Xchat because it uses X02:30
dtownheroyou cannot kill X period while logged in any other way then via console02:31
dtownheroso logout02:31
dtownheroat login screen press alt + f202:31
dtownherologin via console02:31
dtownherodo sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop02:31
dtownherothen ps -ef|grep gdm to ensure no remnants are running02:32
cn28hor just pgrep gdm02:32
dtownherothat too02:32
Pest1anyone here that i was talking to just a bit ago02:32
nmossWell, AFAIK you *can* do it from e.g. gnometerm, as long as you're happy with it killing your session.02:32
dtownheroand if it kills your session what do you do?02:32
dtownheroyou login via console login02:32
dtownheroso you might as well just logout02:33
Bigrobccan anybody help me install the ATI display driver. i'm trying to setup compiz but its giving me an error with the default driver02:33
Pest1so it says it missed up sectors of my hard drive02:33
loshaNak: are you doing this in order to build/install nvidia drivers?02:33
dtownheroBigrobc: have you downloaded their shell script fromt he ATI site?02:33
soreauBigrobc: Pastebin the error02:33
TheLearningChi, how do you find a group?02:34
soreau! pastebin | Bigrobc02:34
ubottuBigrobc: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic02:34
dtownheroTheLearningC: a group for what?02:34
loshaTheLearningC: google, mostly...02:34
soreauBigrobc: And please come to #compiz so we can help you without all this noise02:34
naklosha: yes02:34
dtownheroyou mean channel?02:34
loshaNak: then dtownhero's sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop should work fine...02:35
dtownheroif there is a channel on this net for it you could do /join #adobe02:35
naklosha: I'm doing this to install nvidia drivers.02:35
dtownherolosha: what did I miss with nak?02:35
TheLearningCdtown, is there a way to search oall of the channels in every group?02:35
loshadtownhero: nothing, you were right, I was just confirming...02:35
dtownheroTheLearningC: only on every server02:36
dtownheroTheLearningC: do a /list02:36
LuisGMarineis there any command to check if someone is on my wireless network?02:36
dtownheroLuisGMarine: no, you will need to look at your router.02:36
LuisGMarineI turned off wireless routing on my router, but I walked out my room and there is this random ass guy just sitting here02:36
LuisGMarineand I think he's mooching off my internet02:36
LuisGMarineand as soon as I turned off my router he closed his laptop and left02:36
LuisGMarinenow my internet is back to normal speed, but when he was outside it was lagging02:37
dtownheroLuisGMarine: if wireless is off now he cannot access it. My recommendation is using Mac Filtering + WPA02:37
TheLearningCLuis, just restrict connection by Mac Adderss02:37
RpzPredam hackers :)02:37
dtownheroTheLearningC: even that can be spoofed.02:37
dtownheroit's very simple to spoof your mac for wireless access02:37
TheLearningCyes, but most of the time not02:37
TheLearningConly by hackers02:37
dtownherowell that's why I suggest multiple forms of security02:37
dtownherodoesn't take a hacker man02:37
dtownherojust somebody that can watch a youtube video02:38
LuisGMarinevery true02:38
TheLearningCI guess, it all available these days02:38
LuisGMarineif you can work google you can do anything02:38
dtownherothe thing is - the more methods of security you put in the less likely they are going to get in.02:38
dtownheroit's like a street block - you have 10 houses you can break into 3 have bars 4 have dogs 2 have alarms and one has nothing02:38
dtownherowhere are you gonna go?02:39
dtownheroput a few bars up I.E. mac filtering + wpa key - nobody is gonna bother02:39
dtownheroand if they do02:39
dtownheroyou probably know them already :p02:39
frogzoodtownhero: the one's with the alarms, duh02:39
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
dtownherofrogzoo: you may have a point LOL02:40
dtownheroI have a police scanner and trust me cops get tired of responding to false alarm buzzes02:40
muoi just installed ubuntu on my laptop02:41
dtownheromuo: grats!02:41
lifestreamwhat's your question? :P02:41
dtownherolifestream: I think he's just overjoyed02:42
jedivulcanubuntu = win02:42
researcher1I was suggested to install grub-pc in this chat but my PC still fails to boot. I can only see this  message  Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported.   For   the   first   word,  TAB  lists  possible  command    completions.  Anywhere else TAB lists the possible    completions of a device/filename. ]  grub>. Anybody can HELP? PLEASE?02:42
muobut the disk space most of them are located at /host. how can i shift to to /muo/Desktop02:42
zengeoshmmm...just had a thought02:42
lifestreamdtownhero, I'm overjoyed I install ubuntu,  since breezy badger02:42
dtownheromuo: you can use gparted to move stuff around but you can't really do that while the partitions are mounted I.E. you're using them02:42
zengeosit's a rare occurence!!!02:42
lifestreamdtownhero, but see, he did have a Q ;p02:42
dtownheromuo: you should have done that during the install02:42
gdizhello everyone, has anyone messed with the hulu desktop for linux?  Specifically does anyone know if you can run it from the terminal?  I'm getting a gtk error which makes me think not.02:43
dtownherolifestream: I'm sorry that I'm passing him the bad news. :(02:43
muodtownhero: when i install the ubuntu, it said..specify installatioin size.i selected only 10 GB02:43
muothe rest of the 150 GB is now at /host02:43
zengeosmuo that should be ok as long as you also have a swap space I would think02:44
muozengeos: i was expecting most of the disk space is located at my own /muo02:44
muorather than at /host02:44
dtownherozengeos: it's not OK to have 150g of space you cannot access02:44
dtownheromuo: if that space is not mounted you can do it02:44
muoi can access to the /host currently02:44
dtownheromuo: but you'll have to put it somewhere other then muo02:45
dtownheromuo: that's not a bad idea though, here is why02:45
Doubledownload the gpated boot disk http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php02:45
dtownherothe way you have it now, you can save your music and movies and whatever else to the 150g space in /host02:45
Mike_lifeguardHi, my flash plugin has stopped working after an upgrade. Could someone let me know a recent working version number so I can try reverting to that? (flashplugin-nonfree, I think?)02:45
dtownherothat way if you ever have to reinstall you only have to install over the 10g partition and you can save all of your files on the other partition02:46
dtownherohowever if you want to change stuff check out gparted02:46
dtownhero!gparted | muo02:46
ubottumuo: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php02:46
Out_ColdMike_lifeguard, try reinstalling the same version02:46
FizixHey guys, what's the name of that program that'll read ATI's windows drivers binary and allow you to use it for Ubuntu?02:46
muodtownhero: so i cant shuffle the remaining 150gb to /muo/?02:46
TMKMike: try grabbing the .tar.gz version of flash from adobe02:46
dtownheromuo: it depends on how you have things mounted02:46
ubuntu_Can someone help explain to me how to install grub on its own. I want to put grub on an external hard drive. Is this possible?02:46
dtownheromuo: but gparted will tell you what you need to know02:46
muoerr..im using 9.0402:46
muowhat should i sudo aptget install?02:47
Out_Coldmuo, you can mount that 150gb to /muo/muo/muo/muo if you wanted... just hve to adjust for it02:47
arooni-mobile2hi folks if my drive just hangs upon startup, does that mean i should just reinstall ubuntu on it?02:47
arooni-mobile2hi folks on boot up, ubuntu hangs and just shows me the logo, does that mean i should just reinstall ubuntu on it?02:47
dtownheromuo: you probably already have gparted but my recommendation would be to use a live cd to edit the partitions02:47
thinesh_i tried to make password proctect the folders but y it sdidt ask for the password again.02:48
dtownheromuo: this way you ensure none of the partitions are mounted and in use, while booted to the live CD02:48
dooglushow do I set configuration for xorg now that we don't have xorg.conf?02:48
dooglusI want to turn on the BackingStore02:48
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution02:48
darthanubismuo, my advise is to reinstall and this time choose a sane partition plan and use that02:48
macodooglus: xrandr02:48
muoi am now in the link youve given..which one should i choose to download ?02:48
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1202:48
dtownheromuo: unfortunately I agree with darthanubis.02:49
Doublecreate a new xorg.conf ??02:49
muodarthanubis: reinstall the whole ubuntu?02:49
dtownheromuo: not so fast02:49
muoso this time i should not select 10GB ..rather the whole 150GB as file installation size?02:49
dabomb69How would I enable X11 forwarding on Ubuntu?02:49
darthanubisa partition plan02:49
dtownheromuo: please PM me02:50
dooglusmaco: is that a guess?  there's no mention of BackingStore in the xrandr man page.  I don't think BackingStore is related to the xrandr extension is it?02:50
Doublewith ssh dabomb?02:50
dtownherodabomb69: you have openssh-server installed?02:50
macodooglus: i dont know what backingstore is02:50
dabomb69dtownhero, yup02:50
macodooglus: just that xrandr is how you configure X now02:50
darthanubis20 gb for / 30 gb for /home 2gb for swap and whatever is left for /storage02:50
dtownherodabomb69: when you connect to remote server use the -X and -Y flags02:50
Doublewas looking into it yesterday so had it bookmarked :D02:50
darthanubissomthing like that02:50
dooglusmaco: xrandr is how you configure the RandR extension only I think02:50
dabomb69dtownhero, k, ty. =)02:50
arooni-mobile2i need to send one of the drives in my raid1 array back to seagate... how do i DISABLE software raid1 i set up with mdadm so that i am only using sda ?02:50
Out_Colddarthanubis, i have a 300 gb home directory in lvm that continues to grow...02:51
macodooglus: are you trying to do something other than resolution, panning, screens, etc?02:51
rawr_i have a multi monitor setup, it defaults my left monitor as the main monitor but i wish to have the one on the right as the main monitor.  possible?02:51
dooglusmaco: RandR is "Resize and Rotate"02:51
macodooglus: aye....? what are you trying to do?02:51
Out_Coldrawr_, look into xrandr and yes it's possible02:51
Out_Coldrawr_, what graphics card?02:52
researcher1 I installed  grub-pc using LIVECD but my PC still fails to boot. I can only see this  message  Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported.   For   the   first   word,  TAB  lists  possible  command    completions.  Anywhere else TAB lists the possible    completions of a device/filename. ]  grub>. Anybody can HELP? PLEASE?02:52
rawr_Out_Cold: it's an ATI 487002:52
Doublewhat do you boot to researcher? a root shell?02:52
Out_Coldrawr_, yea xrandr is the way to go.. and although my syntax is garbage it's something like xrandr --output yourscreen --movetoleft or something02:53
rawr_Out_Cold: thanks so much!02:53
matjuare there channel(s) on FreeNode specialised in filesystems?02:53
Out_Coldrawr_, good luck ;)02:53
alfplayerarooni: it gets stuck in the logo screen?02:54
=== EcKstasy is now known as JNSamuel
matjuext2/ext3, actually02:54
edbianDoes anyone here use Banshee?  What is the point of the "now playing" section?  All it does is show the banshee logo.  Nice logo and all but it seems kinda pointless?  Are there visualizations or something I can get?02:54
matjuprobably not02:54
mizerydtownhero, Problem is: Xorg/xfce/desktop environment freezes after some time of usage.  I am able to log into the system remotely, however.  So it is a desktop issue.02:54
Mike_lifeguardmatju: #ext4 on irc.oftc.net02:54
vixermixeri am exploring different tools, and wonder why wireshark only captures the traffic from the machine i am running it on? I thought it is supposed to capture all network traffic, or does that require special config?02:54
Mike_lifeguardmatju: (which is also for ext2/3)02:54
mizerydtownhero, I am providing a configuration and I believe it will solve the issue02:54
matjuMike_lifeguard: ok, but if i have a hard problem with fs recovery, are they ok with that?02:55
Out_Coldvixermixer, requires certain configuration i think02:55
vixermixeroh ok02:55
dtownheromizery: ahh, you're sure it's not overheating?02:55
Out_Coldread the docs02:55
Mike_lifeguardmatju: Topic for #ext4 is: ext[234] development :: http://ext4.wiki.kernel.org :: list archives at http://marc.info/?l=linux-ext402:55
dtownheromizery: I have a lappy that dies on XFCE when overheating02:55
TheVenerableZis there an easy way to upgrade qt 4.5 to 4.6 in ubuntu, or do I have to do a clean install?02:55
Mike_lifeguardmatju: I don't think they advertise themselves as a support channel, but they've been helpful to me in the past02:55
matjuMike_lifeguard: great, i'm going there! :)02:56
melik_how can i set the mouse cursor theme with .xinitrc?02:56
vixermixerwhat is the easiest to configure mail server for ubuntu distro?02:56
Mike_lifeguardmatju: good luck!02:56
Out_Coldtotally offtopic but i'll take the hits... my bday is in 2 days and it's supposed to be -30 C. what garbage :'(02:56
matjuOut_Cold: where?02:57
Out_Coldcgy canada02:57
zengeosThat would put me Out Cold too!02:57
RiotingPacifistI've lost all sound :( http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=9b5a31c8a78a308e620798261b8feafdb6521e08 , it seams ok and then BANG the tools fail and i get no sound any ideas?02:57
josh__So im trying to add my wifi driver but have never had to add a .ucode how do i do this?02:58
matjuOut_Cold: wow, never seen the "cgy" abbreviation before02:58
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:58
mizerydtownhero, I'm sure it's not overheating.  It's  desktop02:59
matjuOut_Cold: yeah, i know, i could guess.02:59
dtownheromizery: ahh02:59
dtownheromizery: well there are no drivers for that card02:59
dtownheroso you'd have to hand code a x file02:59
=== melik_ is now known as melik
matjuOut_Cold: but there aren't many 3-letter abbrs that are used outside of airport codes... i always see MTL, BCN, NYC, not much more.02:59
mizeryI suppose I could stick a pci card into the system and use that.03:00
Out_Coldour airport code is yyc03:00
dtownheromizery: if xfce is freezing the system there is something else wrong with it03:00
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.03:00
dtownheromizery: have you checked power supply and that the chip is secure in the board?03:00
TheVenerableZhaha, glad ubottu knows what's up03:00
OttifantSirDoes anyone here know how I can get Desktop Drapes to work again? I told it to monitor a remote folder for backgrounds, a folder with apx 10,000 pictures. It locked up. I have purged the program and reinstalled it twice, but it still won't start anymore.03:00
matjuOut_Cold: well, airport codes in Canada are not abbreviations. but in some countries they are. I recall GRZ = Graz, for example03:00
mizerydtownhero, I am logged into the system via ssh.  I'm positive it is an issue with the vga chipset/driver.03:01
mizeryI can install a pci card and it should work.03:01
mizerypci gpu03:01
dtownheromizery: doesn't crazy via ssh?03:01
vixermixerwhat should the values for myhostname and mydestination in postfix be ?03:01
mizerydtownhero, nope, I am able to use the system normally via ssh03:01
dtownheromizery: yeah man you're on it, put a pci card in that hizzy03:01
RiotingPacifisthow do i redownload a config file?03:01
Doubledo a hostname -f in the shell03:01
=== kermit is now known as HughGrant
vixermixerok thats what i have for hostname when i restart postfix it gives misplaced delimiter error03:02
OttifantSirDoes anyone here know how I can get Desktop Drapes to work again? I told it to monitor a remote folder for backgrounds, a folder with apx 10,000 pictures. It locked up. I have purged the program and reinstalled it twice, but it still won't start anymore.03:02
matjuOut_Cold: ow, that's true, -30 on sunday!... lucky you, i am only getting -10 for the first time this saturday.03:02
vixermixervalid_hostname: misplaced delimiter: tralivali.hsd1.il.comcast.net.03:03
=== angelus is now known as AngelosMavro
Doublethe . at the end?03:04
Doubleyou need to type / quit without the space03:05
josh__how do you add .ucode drivers03:06
vixermixerok i was able to succesfully start postfix server after reinstallation. For a basic website SMTP do i need to change any settings?03:07
OttifantSirDoes anyone here know how I can get Desktop Drapes to work again? I told it to monitor a remote folder for backgrounds, a folder with apx 10,000 pictures. It locked up. I have purged the program and reinstalled it twice, but it still won't start anymore.03:07
Simtooni need to create a link to a folder03:08
Simtoonhow do i do it03:08
Simtoonwith commands?03:08
Doubleas in a softlink?03:08
Gummi_Simtoon, do you mean a symlink?03:08
Out_Coldi think the tool is ln03:08
Simtoonso how would i do it?03:08
Gummi_Out_Cold, Simtoon, it's   ln03:08
SimtoonGummi_, how would i use ln03:09
=== david is now known as Guest20044
Out_ColdSimtoon, start with man ln03:09
syn-ackHey I've got a somewhat odd question that I've never even considered... is there anyway I can add a directory to my "Places" menu?03:09
Gummi_Simtoon, dunno, want me to read the manual with you?03:09
vixermixerin postfix config can i enter my gmail address or it has to be servers account name to receive mail over smtp?03:09
macoSimtoon: ln -s existingfolder newname03:09
Doubleln -s /diriwanttolink  /where03:09
macoSimtoon: so like: ln -s /usr/share/sounds  ~/sounds03:09
Guest20044why can't i play flash movies on my firefox03:09
Doublels -l03:09
Gummi_Guest20044, because you dont have flash installed?03:10
vixermixer<Guest20044> uninstall all plugins like swfdec and gnash and then go to package manager and find flash installer...03:10
Doublevixermixer you cant recieve mail over smtp only send03:10
Guest20044i do have it installed03:10
dtownherovixermixer: that's a bit of overkill03:10
FizixI have problems with flash03:10
Guest20044i installed swfdec03:11
Gummi_Guest20044, what version of flash, what browser (version), how did you install it?03:11
ChamunksAnyone know how I could change http://myserver.com/torrentflux to http://myserver.com/something else with the version that installs from the repo's?03:11
Gummi_Guest20044, try flash-nonfree03:11
vixermixer<Double> thx, i dont need to receive any mail just send, but this line confuses me:: <Double>03:11
vixermixer │ If this value is left empty, such mail will be saved in                   │03:11
vixermixer │ /var/mail/nobody, which is not recommended.03:11
vixermixerGuest20044, uninstall swfdec and get flash installer03:12
IdleOneGuest20044: you want to install flashplugin-installer03:12
=== AngelosMavro is now known as angelus
vixermixeri386 and x64 both supported by native flash installer no need for 3rd party plugs03:12
Guest20044ok hold on03:12
dabomb69Is there a way to login as another user in terminal?03:13
vixermixer<dabomb69> sudo -s03:13
IdleOneGuest20044: also remove swfdec as vixermixer suggested03:13
dabomb69ok, ty03:13
vixermixersorry thats root access.. misread your q03:14
Bigrobcdo Jump Drives work on Ubuntu?03:14
OttifantSirDoes anyone here know how I can get Desktop Drapes to work again? I told it to monitor a remote folder for backgrounds, a folder with apx 10,000 pictures. It locked up. I have purged the program and reinstalled it twice, but it still won't start anymore.03:14
mitnickwrong nick03:15
vixermixerif Root and postmaster mail recipient:  is left blank in postfix - will smtp still work?03:15
xzcvczxxi am trying to install postgresql on ubuntu 8.04 on a vps, i have installed it successfully but none of the configuration options come up, is there a way to trigger these post install and just do it in the console?03:15
BrandonHi, but which repository can I download VMware Player from in Ubuntu 9.10? Because apt-get isn't finding the package?03:15
eaglestarhi how safe is it to upgrade from version 9.04 to 9.10 in the update manager?03:15
=== mitnick is now known as GarryMcKinnon
mattwj2002hi everyone03:15
IdleOneeaglestar: backup and upgrade :)03:15
GarryMcKinnonhi mattwj200203:15
mattwj2002I know this isn't the #ubuntu-cloud channel but there is no one home03:15
researcher1Double , I dont know what am I booting into. I just power on my PC. And this is what I see.Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported.   For   the   first   word,  TAB  lists  possible  command    completions.  Anywhere else TAB lists the possible    completions of a device/filename. ]  grub>03:15
Guest20044ok and install flash03:16
ChamunksAnyone know how I could change http://myserver.com/torrentflux to http://myserver.com/something else with the version that installs from the repo's?03:16
smackdaddyhow can i completely block any connection to my server that doesnt have a reverse dns   9.1003:16
mattwj2002can I still talk about it here?03:16
IdleOnemattwj2002: try asking, maybe someone knows03:16
vixermixeranyone know if apache2 directives enough to route domains from godaddy total dns manager, if i just point domains to same ip?03:16
Gummi_Brandon, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Player03:16
mattwj2002okay thanks03:17
vixermixeror would i need bind03:17
mattwj2002I am trying to use it to make a cluster03:17
Gummi_Brandon, virtualbox might also do the trick perhaps....03:17
mattwj2002does the cluster for uce work with regular 32 bit linux software?03:17
BrandonGummi_, it has to be from a repository03:17
Gummi_Brandon, doesn't virtualbox do it for you? it is in the official repo03:18
Doublethe server will still need its internal dns configured vixermixer to resolve the domain once the request hits the server03:18
BrandonGummi_, it also HAS to be  vmware player for what I'm doing. I apologize03:18
mattwj2002I love the idea of doing a cluster03:19
Doubleso you will need bind03:19
vixermixer<Double> oh well... i guess more playing with bind, it's just so abstract to me...03:19
=== sal is now known as Guest75258
BrandonGummi_, let me describe what I'm doing. I'm trying to make a live cd custom with vmware player on it.03:20
opticoni have hp deskjet f340 printer anyone know if theirs way to get drivers for this printer is shared on windows network im trying to install shared printer on ubuntu03:20
vixermixerbecause i am trying to config bind using the ubuntu server guide :) maybe when i hit the road block i ll ask here :)03:20
=== TheTosh is now known as Guest53676
BrandonGummi_, I'm following this guide to an extent03:21
eliot_why can't i render my videos to mp4 in kdenlive?03:21
Gummi_Brandon, you might then want to read in synaptic on what vmware-package does. it looks strange but might be what you might like03:22
=== Raziel2p` is now known as Raziel2p
researcher1I have ubutnu already installed03:23
researcher1presently on LIVE CD03:23
BrandonGummi_, It HAS to be vmware PLAYER03:23
muoanyone uses wubi?03:23
researcher1my ubuntu worked well until I install remastersys03:23
=== jaynano is now known as repdev
researcher1I backedup with remastersys and the systme now cant start03:23
Gummi_Brandon, no I think it creates vmware player package03:23
Doubleand you get gnome on the live cd?03:24
researcher1lemme check03:24
BrandonGummi_, it'd be easier to find the package in a repo instead though. I have to use vmware player or it does not count. Remember my goal here, I'm making a custom live cd with vmware player on it.03:24
researcher1yes I get genome03:24
Doubleand when do you get the message?03:25
researcher1when I power on. Just see black screen and ...03:25
Doublepowering on after an install?03:25
ChamunksAnyone know how I could change http://myserver.com/torrentflux to http://myserver.com/something else with the version that installs from the repo's?03:26
BrandonGummi_ continuing where I left off it has to be through apt-get03:26
researcher1and I see this message Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported.   For   the   first   word,  TAB  lists  possible  command    completions.  Anywhere else TAB lists the possible    completions of a device/filename. ]  grub>03:26
researcher1yes powering on after install after taking out LIVECD03:26
Sloppyso, i install ndiswrapper, get the proper windows drivers for the task, then i use ndiswrapper -i. and i get the following error: Error: no ndiswrapper utils found!03:26
Nperil<--- newb to ubuntu and finally found dial up and need to know how to connect it03:27
Sloppyndiswrapper -i netbc564.inf thats the command i used03:27
BrandonSloppy, contact your ISP03:27
mark__Hi all I was wondering if there is such an app or process that will shut down ubuntu at a certain time or a countdown timer? thanks03:27
Guest20044ok i still get nothing03:27
SloppyBrandon, no one at my ISP understands linux03:27
Sloppyndiswrapper is capable of handling my wireless issue03:28
Doublesounds like grubs corrupted or the install went wrong to me03:28
duck_tapehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/339062/ this is on ubuntu 9.0.4 amd64 server edition03:29
Orion777does ubuntu come with the newest drivers for everything preinstalled(minus video card)?03:29
kijamark__: app called gshutdown is available in the software rep03:29
duck_tapeanybody have any ideas why the rpm would fail on /bin/bash  among others?03:29
mark__thanks Kija03:29
Orion777I'm having internet problems, could there be newer drivers for my wifi card?03:30
researcher1so what shall I do now?03:30
IdleOneduck_tape: not sure what you are doing but why are you using an rpm?03:30
duck_tapeIdleOne: coz its the only thing HP provides03:30
=== HughGrant is now known as kermit
lwbmy 3d desktop can not work. I had done a lot of work.but it still can not work03:30
duck_tapeand yes HP *sucks*03:30
Nperil<--- newb to ubuntu and finally found dial up and need to know how to connect it03:30
syn-ackI beg to differ03:30
IdleOne!alien  | duck_tape03:31
ubottuduck_tape: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)03:31
syn-ackNperil, first does the modem actually work?03:31
ath_heya; wondering if anyone else is having any problems with the proprietary ati drivers on karmic 2.6.31-16?03:31
woodford_3d desktop need graphics driver from vendor03:31
BrandonGummi_ do you know what to do in this scenario03:31
Nperilas far as i know03:31
syn-ackNperil, have you tested it?03:32
ath_woodford_, that's not even vaguely helpful.03:32
Nperilwouldnt know how03:32
on3m0r3f15hjust sayin hi03:32
syn-ackNperil, the reason I'm asking is because MOST laptop modems don't work in linux well most modems don't by defualt03:32
Doubleresearcher1 easiest option reinstall03:32
lwbthank you,woodford .03:32
Nperilits on a pc03:32
syn-ackNperil, Can you see the modem in your lspci?03:32
woodford_ok what's your graphics card, nvidia or ATI?03:33
researcher1shall I reinstall the whole of UBUNTU 9.10 ?03:33
Sloppywell, since no one here can help me. i guess i'll just ditch ubuntu.03:33
syn-ackNperil, does lshw show it?03:33
researcher1Double:shall I reinstall the whole of UBUNTU 9.10 ?03:33
woodford_do you install nvidia's dirver?03:33
syn-ackNperil, chances are, its an Conexant modem then03:34
Nperilthink i need a new one03:34
syn-ackNperil, Go to linuxant.com and follow their directions03:34
syn-ackNperil, be warned however, that that method is NOT supported by Ubuntu and that it can and may break things03:34
Nperilooohhhhhh that might be a problem03:35
woodford_lsmod |grep nvidia03:35
syn-ackNperil, Actually, I can pretty much guarantee that you're going to break Pulse Audio with that driver03:35
lwbat first It can work.but after I upgrade the system to 9.10 .there is something wrong with it03:35
Nperilso it would be better to just get a new modem03:36
syn-ackNperil, if you can find one with a UART in it that'd be great.... meaning not a freaking winmodem03:36
Nperilshouldnt be hard03:37
syn-ackNperil, Those, I hate to say are a dying breed these days03:37
woodford_any echo when you run "lsmod |grep nvidia" ?03:37
rawr_i have a multi monitor setup and want to use my monitor on the right as the primary but x apparently insists on having my left monitor be the primary.  xrandr --output HDMI-0 --primary apparently is not correct.  been fishing through the xrandr help files and googling but can't seem to get it.  using an ATI 487003:37
syn-ackNperil, I know 3Com still makes the old 56k Serial Modems... even updated for USB! :P03:38
syn-ackThose are mucho expensive though03:38
Nperilyou guys are the best. and thanks syn ack03:38
syn-ackNperil, np03:38
Guest20044it works03:38
lwbwhat's the problem03:38
Nperilwell if it has to have it then it has to have it. thanks03:38
woodford_it seems you need reinstall nvidia driver03:38
rawr_bleh that sounds fun :(03:39
rawr_also notice ATI 487003:39
Kenseyweird issue when I log into KDE03:39
lwbok.I'll have a try03:39
Kenseycompiz.real + Xorg eat ~95% CPU03:39
FizixThat it's not Gnome? I have that issue too :P03:39
soreaurawr_: Switch the monitor cables ;)03:40
Kenseyif I go to a prompt and type compiz --replace & everything stabilizes03:40
researcher1If I reinstall will it delete earlier program installations,settings and configurations?03:40
rawr_soreau: tried that.  it seems whatever monitor i select as being on the left it uses as primary03:40
soreauKensey: Possible diver memory leak03:40
Kenseyobviously I need it to run whatever that is instead of compiz.real, but how?03:40
Kenseywell this is a Dell Lat with Intel graphics03:40
kijaubuntu shows blank screen after 5 min.. cannot watch videos.. really annoying.. how to fix it?03:40
Kenseyso I think it's trying to do acceleration but not AIGLX.  Or something?  Dunno really03:41
soreauKensey: on ubuntu, compiz is a script that runs compiz.real (the binary) with appropriate options based on your setup03:41
soreauKensey: So it is likely some graphics driver issue, possibly a memory leak03:42
Kenseybut why would running compiz again fix it?03:42
soreauKensey: Which graphics driver are you using?03:43
Kenseyand why would it be specific to KDE?03:43
soreauBecause kde sucks?03:43
KenseyI set it up to use AIGLX but that was like two releases ago.  I haven't actually configured it in years.03:43
FizixMmm, I'll second that soreau03:43
Kenseyhardware-wise I think it sees an Intel 915 device03:44
skeet0rhey all, anyone know of a way to play a .divx movie with .idx files in VLC?03:45
skeet0rwhenever I try to open a .idx I get an error with VLC03:45
kijaskeet0r: try mplayer03:47
skeet0rkija, have you had any luck with that?03:47
mheldI don't understand why I can see a file, but when I try to execute it, I get a "No file or directory" error (I've chmod 777'd it)03:48
kijaskeet0r: i havnt tried it yet03:48
loshaskeet0r: if idx files work like other subtitle files, you don't open them directly. You open the divx file and the player looks for the same name with an .idx extension to get the subtitles....03:48
arghh2d2mheld: you cant execute just any old file like windows .exe's03:49
Kenseymheld: if it's not in your $PATH you have to specify the path to it03:49
arghh2d2mheld: if you are in the same directory as the file try putting a ./ in front of the file name example: ./file03:50
loshamheld: what file is it?03:50
skeet0rlosha, I know thats how it works in Windows Media Player but in VLC it doesn't work03:50
skeet0rIm gonna try mplayer now03:50
skeet0rlosha, have you had any luck with ubuntu media players and sub files?03:50
mheldKensey, it's in /usr/bin03:50
loshaskeet0r: I've not tried them since I upgraded. Let me see if I can find one and try it...03:50
weijiamplayer ,join it03:50
Kenseywhat's the filename?03:51
mheld-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 1021286 2009-06-25 04:25 /usr/bin/vglclient03:51
kijaskeet0r: normally i just drag and drop the sub files on to the video in vlc03:51
Kenseyso if you type /usr/bin/vglclient you get?03:51
arghh2d2mheld: make sure the file is executable for you: ls -l03:51
mheldwhen running /usr/bin/vglclient I get ->mheld@geekmbp:~$ /usr/bin/vglclient03:52
mheldbash: /usr/bin/vglclient: No such file or directory03:52
weijiasudo /usr/bin/vglclient  tey it03:52
mheldsame results03:53
skeet0rkija, what type of sub files?03:53
KenseyI wonder if it's trying to open a file, failing, and terminating with that error03:53
=== skeet0r is now known as mobiskeet71
mheldi mean, it's not a big deal, but I'm confused03:53
Kenseywhat does file /usr/bin/vglclient tell you?03:53
kijaskeet0r: havnt tried it with idx but srt works03:53
arghh2d2Kensey:  i was thinking maybe it's a link03:53
mheldarghh2d2, something links to it03:54
Bondycan you navigate to /usr/bin/vglclient?03:54
mheldbut I can't execute that either03:54
Kenseythat sounds good to me03:54
Nperilsyn ack:03:54
Bondynot been following this just logged on03:54
mheldBondy, it's a file; so I can go to /usr/bin and execute ./vglclient03:54
Kenseyso it works if you're in the directory but not otherwise?03:54
Bondyyou need to include the ./vgclient then03:55
mheldno, it still gives an error03:55
mheldsorry for the miswording03:55
Nperildoes any one know if backtrack supports a win modem or does it have to have a uart modem03:55
Kenseywhat does file /usr/bin/vglclient say?03:55
mheldit's an executable03:55
loshaskeet0r: Just tried it. mplayer finds and displays the subtitles automatically. vnc sees the subtitles in the video menu but doesn't seem to display them....03:55
mheldI can do a strings of it, but there's no human readable code in it03:55
Bondyhave you given it executable permissions?03:56
mheldit has every permission possible03:56
Kenseyso it's a binary file03:56
kijaplease help.. ubuntu shows blank screen after 5min.. power management options not working.. how to fix it?03:56
mheldhell, I'd let it piss on my carpet if it works03:56
alex87join #drupal03:56
Kenseykija: screensaver settings?03:56
_DNS777_ah lol this is linked with freenode03:57
mobiskeet71kija, can I pm you?03:57
kijaKensey: wheres the screen saver settings?03:58
Bondytry /usr/bin./vglclient03:58
=== _Einstein is now known as bburhans
loshamheld: exactly where did you get this vglclient from?03:58
mheldVirtualGL.org (.com .net?)03:58
mheldit was a .deb03:59
kijamobiskeet71: yeah sure03:59
Kenseybest thing I can think of is to strace /usr/bin/vglclient03:59
Kenseysee if that tells you anything useful when it dies03:59
mheld"no such file or directory" :-)03:59
mheldyay weird shit03:59
mheldit's not a big problem, the client isn't something I need now04:00
* Keiya sighs04:00
Kenseyso strace never even invokes it?04:00
mheldKensey, correct04:00
KeiyaWindows 7 trashed my MBR and wrote its own over it.04:00
loshamheld: is it a dead link? What does ls -l /usr/bin/vglclient say about it?04:00
KeiyaOf course.04:00
Bondy./ means its hidden04:00
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.04:00
mheldlosha, it's linked to, not a link04:00
IdleOneBondy: /.file-name means it is hidden04:00
mheldalright, I've gotta hit the sack. Thanks for all the help04:01
Kenseysure mheld04:01
osmosisWhy does the default Ubuntu install not have any protection to disable the touchpad when a user is typing?04:01
mobiskeet71anyone ever have any luck with playing .idx files in ubuntu?04:01
perithwhich firewall package should i install? looking for something easy to use for a beginner but still good.04:01
mobiskeet71the only success Ive ever had is with windows media player which is a huge PITA04:01
IdleOne!touchpad | osmosis04:01
ubottuosmosis: For a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad04:01
KenseyKeiya: I dunno about Win7 but in XP it's actually possible to set things up so NTLDR will boot Linux04:01
bodihello all04:02
KenseyI had to do that to keep XP happy once04:02
Bondydoes win7 use ntldr04:02
Kenseythat I don't know04:02
loshamobiskeet71: mplayer seems to find and displays idx subtitles automatically, but not vnc...04:02
Kenseybut I would bet whatever it uses can be configured for multiboot04:02
BondyI cat see any reasons why not04:03
loshaperith: ufw is supposed to be easy to configure. Disclaimer: I've never used it myself...04:03
osmosisIdleOne, thats a crapload of info. Shouldnt it be default behavior ? Its the biggest complain I get from people I try to show Ubuntu who usually use windows. Their touchpads dont work correctly.04:03
mobiskeet71hmm I get the following error when I try to play from mplayer: Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device04:03
osmosisIdleOne, it just makes me wonder if anyone has ever filed a bug on that.04:04
Rajasunuse the graphical frontend to ufw i.e gufw -> sudo aptitude install gufw04:04
IdleOneosmosis: it is actually just a couple steps to get it disabled when typing. read through it04:04
IdleOneosmosis: I'm sure plenty have filed bugs on it.04:04
bodii have a ? about bt am i in the right place?04:04
declan2Hey guys. I have a very old machine with ubuntu on it in the other room. It actually has internet, and I can connect and browse. But I'm having some major trouble updating, it just keeps saying "404 not found" and stuff when I do sudo apt-get update04:05
Bondywhats the question about bodi?04:05
loshamobiskeet71: try mplayer -vo x11 ....04:05
DNS777is here an ubuntu channel too concentrated on the packages and dev.?04:05
DNS777or in this also?04:06
Kenseydeclan2: maybe very old repo files?04:06
declan2Kensey: I would guess so. How can I fix that?04:06
IdleOneDNS777: #ubuntu-dev04:06
DNS777ty IdleOne04:06
IdleOnedeclan2: what version of ubuntu?04:06
loshadeclan2: probably a no-longer supported version. What does /etc/issue say?04:06
Bondywhat country you in declan?04:06
declan2IdleOne: 7.10 supposedly04:06
declan2Bondy: USA04:06
IdleOnedeclan2: lsb_release -a to make sure04:07
KenseyI think if you pull up synaptic it will automatically offer to update your repos, but I dunno if your version is that old04:07
Bondycould be the repo servers having issues or could be to do with the issues the London exchange has been having04:07
bodibacktrack 4 partitioning i have windows v on c drive and has partition d as restore cant i format that drive and do a dual boot like that?04:07
declan2IdleOne: Ok, one sec. It's in the other room04:07
Bondyits not the exchange isues then if your in the usa04:07
elconsultois there an easy way to swap to a different video card driver in 9.10?04:07
declan2Kensey: You mean using the GUI one?04:07
tsunamioff hand anyone know how to get cURL module installed?04:07
IdleOneBondy: download the Alternate CD and use that to upgrade or backup and fresh install. 7.10 is no longer supported04:08
kekekekekekei ran ndisgtk in terminal and upon attempting to install the appropriate driver (there is only one listed for HP, supposedly it should work fine) i get the feedback: FATAL: Could not open '/lib/modules/2.6.24-26-generic/ubuntu/misc/ndiswrapper/ndiswrapper.ko': No such file or directory04:08
declan2IdleOne: Yeah, it's 7.10, gutsy04:08
IdleOnedeclan2: download the Alternate CD and use that to upgrade or backup and fresh install. 7.10 is no longer supported04:08
IdleOneBondy: sorry :)04:08
maxagazHow to copy all files found using "find ./" to /my/directory ?04:08
declan2Can I not just get the new kernel too?04:08
Kenseyfrom 7.10 you'd have to dist-upgrade through each version to current to upgrade reliably04:09
IdleOneKensey: does it still dist-upgrade after EOL?04:09
declan2Ok, how can I install arch straight from ubuntu?04:09
Kenseysee that's the thing, you can't dist-upgrade without an archive04:10
perithhow does uwf compare with firestarter or other firewalls?04:10
Guest89544bodi: yes you could reformat your recovery drive and use that, but you would be better off leaving it and shrinking your windows partition, then creating a new partition for ubuntu04:10
IdleOnedeclan2: try sudo upgrade-manager -d04:10
declan2IdleOne: To do what?04:10
jordan_hey i need some help getting set up. it took me an hour to figure out how to get an irc client to get help in the first place lol04:10
IdleOneto upgrade04:10
Rajasunperith: it depends. both are easy. but easy is a relative thingy isn't it?04:10
declan2Ok, lemme try04:10
jordan_anyone wanna go in private chat?04:10
Kenseywith Debian I actually had to go to the Debian archives when I upgraded sarge -> lenny04:11
Asad2005How do i get rid off these errors "W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net karmic Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY EC9C35EAEF400C7C"04:11
loshajordan_: we don't chat much here. Try #ubuntu-offtopic04:11
Kenseyor maybe it was potato -> sarge04:11
Rajasunperith: go with gufw first probably. if you don't like it, you can then try firestarter.04:11
jordan_haha i meant like help chat04:11
IdleOnejordan_: ask your question and someone will help if they can04:12
declan2IdleOne: I apparently don't have upgrade-manger04:12
tsunaminoone here uses cURL do they?04:12
IdleOnedeclan2: Alternate CD is the way then.04:12
bodiyes but is it safe that way ? the chances of success with out having problems that way04:12
declan2IdleOne: Yeah, getting arch so I don't have to do this crap again...rolling updates ftw04:12
IdleOnedeclan2: up to you :)04:13
IdleOnedeclan2: backup!04:13
Bondyyou need to add the key for the resporitry asad04:13
jordan_well i have a bcm43xg wireless card and i cant get it to work i currently have a wired network all the ubuntu repo sources04:13
declan2IdleOne: do you know of any good way to install another distro just from a working linux desktop?04:13
jordan_srry i mean universal repo source04:13
IdleOnedeclan2: I don't sorry04:13
loshadeclan2: do you mean a cd-less install?04:14
perithrajasun: gufw? graphical ufw?04:14
RajasunAsad2005: Try sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com EF400C7C; sudo aptitude update04:14
Guest89544Jordan: enabled non-proprietary drivers?04:14
Rajasunperith: graphical frontend to ufw yeah04:14
perithrajasun: nm, found it04:14
mizeryAn update to my issue from previous message: syslog( http://is.gd/5j34W )04:16
Guest89544jordan: it may not be the issue.. but in gnome gui its in the administration menu> drivers?04:17
Guest89544something like that04:17
Bondysystem>admin menu>hardware drivers04:17
bastid_raZordeclan2: technically a dist-upgrade is a form of rolling update.04:18
sal_jordan goto system/admin/hardware drivers04:18
jordan_oh ok well i went to go activate it and it wont activate>04:18
sal_jordan.  the bcm is proprietary, select it and click to enable drivers04:18
IdleOnejordan_: any errors?04:18
mark__Does anyone know how to set different sound devices for different applications using pulse audio?  I'm trying to set my bluetooth headset for only skype, I can only find a way for all audio to go through it or none.04:18
syilook everybody listen up, I KNOW somebody in here has to have a google wave invite04:18
mark__ubuntu 9.1004:18
bastid_raZorsyilo: people do in #ubuntu-offtopic  .. loads of them04:18
Blue1is there a way to set the mouse acceleration? I've set it to the minimums (System/Preferences/Mouse) but it's still too fast...04:19
sal_jordan check your file browser in /lib/firmware for the folders b43 and b43 legacy ..04:20
wrapsteris there a hot key to lock screen. on ubuntu04:22
sal_jordan. also check your package mngr to be sure you have the b43 fwcutter package installed04:22
jordan_srry i had to reboot04:22
Asad2005Rajasun: it did not work should i put http://ppa.launchpad.net instead of keyserver.ubuntu.com04:22
wizard-and-the-gdoes anyone know how to throttle the download speed in mercurial04:22
jordan_sal_:im going to reinstall it jic04:23
jordan_sal_:now what?04:24
RajasunAsad2005: No. What you need is the key. And these are store on a keyserver.04:24
sal_you have the b43, b43 legacy files in /lib/firmware and the b43fwcutter pkg?04:25
Asad2005Rajasun: why EF400C7C and not the full EC9C35EAEF400C7C04:25
RajasunAsad2005: depending on the repo, onwer may have changed hois key but not have it outdated. Your options then: 1.) if you a security conscious kind of guy, disable that repo for the time being 2.) Irnore that error04:25
sal_try thr hardware drivers again and try to activate it04:25
RajasunAsad2005: You can try with that whole string or you can just pick up the last alphanumeric characters04:26
RajasunAsad2005: You can try with that whole string or you can just pick up the last 8 alphanumeric characters04:26
Asad2005Rajasun: I have the same error with http://archive.ubuntu.com karmic-updates and security04:28
bodiI have read many forums of doing it that way, but what is really the right way yo partition like that?04:29
bodioops to04:29
RajasunAsad2005: re-run sudo aptitude update. Sometimes, it is but a transient phenomenon. Sometimes not. But I usually have no issues with the main server.04:29
Asad2005Rajasun: When i tried imort key it says key 437D05B5: "Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>" not changed04:30
starwindanyone aware if I'll have trouble if I try to dual boot between an upgraded karmic(ubuntu) using legacy grub and karmic(kubuntu) using grub 2 since its default?04:30
Asad2005Rajasun: So why it gives error when doing apt-get update04:31
RajasunAsad2005: Then it ain't an issue. Ignore. Will go away soon enough.04:31
Joshh100hey all, any of you guys familiar with a way to play .idx subtitle files in ubuntu?04:32
Joshh100I always get an error in VLC when trying to do so04:32
RajasunAsad2005: Ubuntu doesn't change its package signing key for the duration of the same release. Not a usual occurance amongst distros in general.04:32
jordan_hey so it rebooted my computer04:33
loshaJoshh100: 3rd time tonight someone's asked this. It seems to work with mplayer but not vlc...04:33
sal_what distro you running?04:33
Guest89544starwind: it shouldn't be a problem.  grub2 is different to configure, but either will work04:33
Joshh100hah yea it was me on the other comp sorry..04:33
Joshh100I cant get it to work on mplayer either04:33
jordan_just the regular ubuntu04:33
BilliardJoshh100: i think idx goes with sub, do you have both files?04:34
Joshh100I was wondering if there is a better program aside from these two04:34
Joshh100yes I do04:34
sal_yeah, but which one ..?04:34
Joshh100it works so damn easily in windows04:34
BilliardJoshh100: i would try to find some srt files, sub is crap, sir04:34
sal_hardy 8.04, etc ??04:34
Joshh100do they load in VLC?04:35
BilliardJoshh100: yes srt is text file, any decent player can use them, sub is like pictures its crap04:35
MSKHi, I am using Ubuntu 9.04 and need to have a Voice and Video chat from yahoo and gmail .. please suggest me which messenger i need to configure ?04:35
sal_check @ /sys/admin/sys monitor -- should say which release you're using04:36
Joshh100hmm well Im trying to find .srt file for these subs04:36
loshaJoshh100: my mplayer complains it can't read the subs file, but then reads & displays them anyway....!04:36
davidhow do i  restore grub after installing vista?04:36
=== david is now known as Guest62007
Guest62007how do i  restore grub after installing vista?04:37
jordan_k well it restarted again04:37
sal_sounds like your having more issues than just wifi04:37
losha!mbr | Guest62007: see if this helps...04:38
ubottuGuest62007: see if this helps...: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.04:38
MSKHi, I am using Ubuntu 9.04 and need to have a Voice and Video chat from yahoo and gmail .. please suggest me which messenger i need to configure ?04:38
UbuntuLilyI am new to Ubuntu.  I switched my laptop from Vista (Gag) to Ubuntu 9.10.  Fresh install.  I am having issues reading DVD's.  I don't think the problem is due to CSS because 1- I installed it to no avail and 2- I tried an Unencrypted DVD.  Its strange though because when I put in a CD drive works fine, when I put in a DVD is doesn't acknowledge anything in drive04:38
bodililly do search a new driver04:39
Joshh100Billiard, this is a thing of beauty04:40
Joshh100I found a great website with a ton of subs in .srt04:40
Joshh100no problems whatsoever04:40
Joshh100stupid .idx and .sub04:40
Joshh100wtf is the point04:40
FloodBot2Joshh100: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:40
Guest89544MSK: I don't know about pidgen, but Kopete will allow you to use yahoo with video. you need to get and configure a package called "jasper" after you configure kopete04:40
bodiwhat is it josh04:40
Hilikusis anyone here using or know of anyone using a SATA drive to IDE interface converter?04:40
BilliardJoshh100: yea, srts are text so they can be rendered at any font and size and stuff, sub is pictures and they are all low res04:40
UbuntuLilyDriver for DVD?04:40
BeezieHilikus, yes04:40
Hilikusif so, does ubuntu recognize them?04:40
BeezieHilikus, sorry i meant sata > usb04:41
MSKGuest89444 : thank you.. what about audio chat ?04:41
Hilikuscause AFAIK some of them are transparent, but some others need drivers04:41
UbuntuLilyBeezie - I am using one04:41
bodidriver for the drive brand and model04:41
HilikusBeezie: internal sata ?04:41
Guest89544MSK: I guess its probably just a matter of getting your mic configed04:42
loshaJoshh100: the point of .idx and .sub is that they are images, not text, so you can do any character in them, even hieroglyphics...04:42
Beezieno sorry i meant i am using a sata > usb device04:42
UbuntuLilyBodi - I didn't see one.  Its a TSSTcorp TS-L632M04:42
UbuntuLilyits a laptop Slim04:42
BeezieWHY CAPS?04:42
UbuntuLilyBeezie - I am using one.  Whatcha wanna know?04:43
Billiardlosha: like you would want to do odd characters like that, you shouldnt need anything not in utf-804:43
Beeziei wasnt asking, hiliwas asking if anyone had  sata > ide working04:43
MSKGuest89444 : Yes i have tried with kopette.. but there is only video chat and there is no audio chat. I thought some one might have come accross with this issue so i enquired here.04:43
BeezieHilikus, i mean04:43
Guest62007losha, is that guide for 9.10? it talks about modifing menu.lst...04:43
Joshh100losha, but they dont work in ubuntu so they suck04:43
greezmunkeyminh, what is your question? Please be specific.04:44
Guest62007!grub2 | Guest6200704:44
bodigoogle it brand and model installed on ubuntu see if it comes up04:44
ubottuGuest62007, please see my private message04:44
sal_jordan. try this doc https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:44
Joshh100but I see what you're saying04:44
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub204:44
Joshh100I suppose if I wanted to watch a movie in hebrew of russian it would be useful04:44
losha!grub2 | Guest62007: for 9.1004:44
ubottuGuest62007: for 9.10: please see above04:44
tsunamihow can i open a shell as root?04:44
Beezietsunami, sudo su04:44
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:45
scunizitsunami: if you have to log in as root in a shell.. sudo -i04:45
Bondybut you can set a root password by doing a sudo passwd root04:45
scunizitsunami: are you coming from another distro?04:46
RajasunBondy: Not  recommended officially in Ubuntu.04:46
ZeroKewlhelp with audio in games has a buzzing sound with Realtek HD sound card04:47
loshaBondy: I routinely do that, although it's considered heresy...04:47
scunizitsunami: ah.. no wonder you asked.. sudo is the norm with ubuntu.. there are a few instances you have to be logged in as root to get a package installed or configured.. but that's pretty rare.. sudo works fine for 99% of the time04:47
ZeroKewlany fix on the sound04:48
loshascunizi: the only time it's ever mattered to me is when fsck fails during boot. You need a root password to get into single-user mode...04:48
=== dabossbv1 is now known as dabossbv
arghh2d2tsunami: you can try sudo xterm if your in windows04:49
arghh2d2errr in X, fsck windows04:49
ZeroKewli went as far as installing the sound driver from realtek site04:49
greezmunkeylosha, regarding root then, wouldn't it use the same password that sudo uses?04:49
ZeroKewland it still does it04:49
isolat3dsh33panyone uses the drawer on the panel? It's amazingly slow. =_=04:49
jordan_according to this site http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43 my wireless card isnt supported04:49
loshagreezmunkey: No. sudo wants your user password. Logging in as root requires the root password. Two separate things...04:50
scuniziisolat3dsh33p: sometimes.. although on my hardy install it's pretty quick.. how's the rest of your graphics?04:50
Bondyjust do a sudo su greezmonkey04:51
greezmunkeylosha, then it would probably be a good idea to give it a password then, I honestly don't remember setting one during install - now second guessing that...04:51
Bondyubuntu randomly generates root pass04:51
loshagreezmunkey: officially, I have no opinion on the matter...04:52
scunizigreezmunkey: you wouldn't have on install.. it doesn't ask..04:52
coz_so guys what has changed in recent update that I can no longer  use a  export DISPLAY=:0.0  sudo -u gdm gnome-control-center to change karmic's  gdm theme?04:52
BilliardBondy: no04:52
hitek88looking for a GRUB Expert04:52
sal_is this a new card?  if you need wifi, you may try finding an older card, or a pc type card04:52
BilliardBondy: afaik it doesnt04:52
isolat3dsh33pscunizi: Compiz-fusion works fine, just some problem if I add the dictionary look up to the panel and the drawer. It left out the shadow effect on the destop even though the result window closed04:52
R1_I need some help please !! I don't know what was removed and why these were removed when I tried to install rdesktop  (sudo aptitude install rdesktop) :  http://pastebin.com/d72ad7dbf04:52
RiotingPacifistcoz_: why cant you use gksudo or kdesudo ?04:52
Entelinis it easy? / possible? to convert an ext4 filesystem to ext2 ?04:53
coz_RiotingPacifist,  this is after logging into  ctrl+alt+F104:53
scuniziisolat3dsh33p: nvidia?04:53
greezmunkeyI didn't think so, (thought I was crazy for a sec..) So if the drive gets borked, and fsck needs to be implemented what's the proceedure? Use the install cd and the tools there?04:53
jordan_aawww crap i shelled out alot of money for this wifi card04:53
Bondy!root password04:54
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)04:54
scunizijordan_: sometimes cheap is better04:54
loshaEntelin: apparently not. You can go the other way ext2 -> ext3 -> ext4 but not backwards...04:54
BilliardEntelin: what is your ultimate goal in doing this?04:54
jordan_sometimes windows is better04:54
hitek88I have installed GRUB to the MBR of my USB drive, and I know grub looks for a few different files when loading. Is it possible to create a small partition that hosts these files without having any OS installed?04:54
sal_that sounds about right.  i'ld get yourself a $5 card on ebay  the d-link gwl-650 has worked good for me04:54
RiotingPacifistcoz_: try export DISPLAY=:0 ; kdesudo -u gdm gnome-control-center04:55
scunizijordan_: *not* .. just better supported by mfger's of equipment..04:55
sal_sometimes older hardware is better .. like my truck!04:55
coz_RiotingPacifist,  ok will do that now04:55
loshajordan_: do what everyone else does. Unload it on ebay for more than you paid and then scour newegg for a card that's known to work...04:55
EntelinBilliard, well I dual boot this system for gaming, ive got 3 hard drives,  one 1.5 TB drive, and two 400 gig's one for windows, one for linux,  and the 1.5 tb drive to be shared where most all the data will be04:55
jordan_ok thanks04:55
R1_Can someone please help me check this  out? I'm pretty sure someone experienced will require no effort answering this =/04:55
EntelinBilliard, windows can mount ext2, theres nothing for ext4 however04:55
ath_don't ask to ask R1_04:56
scuniziR1_: answer what?04:56
isolat3dsh33pscunizi: nope, ati radeon HD04:56
sal_jordan.  ditto losha.  research cards and find one known to work well under linux, then find that one04:56
ath_Entelin, can also mount ext3.04:56
R1_My question:  I don't know what was removed and why these were removed when I tried to install rdesktop  (sudo aptitude install rdesktop) :  http://pastebin.com/d72ad7dbf04:57
scuniziisolat3dsh33p: no experience with ati unfoutunately.. but if everything else works well it's probably not the driver.04:57
BilliardEntelin: you might be able to mount ext4 as ext2 somewhat as read only, but im not sure04:57
R1_I wanted to know if I screwed something up by using aptitude install rdesktop04:57
isolat3dsh33pscunizi: yeah, maybe the panel is just buggy.04:57
BeezieR1_, how so?04:57
dtownheroR1_: no.04:58
minewindows can mount ext2?  are you sure  ,how to04:58
coz_well that diditn work either04:58
Beeziemine, might need a driver but yeah win32 talks to ext2/304:58
R1_How come all those things were removed then? When I typed in the command. Just wondering04:58
scuniziR1_: nope.. but there is a remote desktop app already installed.. typically04:58
Billiardmine: not out of the box you need a download to do it04:58
EntelinBilliard, you can somewhat but you have to turn off any ext4 specific features,  so why not just run ext2.  Thats the same for ext3 i think as well04:58
bastid_raZorhttp://www.fs-driver.org/  mine04:58
Bondywould you trust windows with your Linux partitions?04:58
ath_mine: yes, and ext3, but with 3rdparty support04:58
R1_scunizi, can I used this app to connect to my windows 7 remote desktop?04:58
BeezieBondy, sure.. if the driver is mature04:58
EntelinBondy, its more a mater of necessity than anything :/04:59
dtownheroR1_: yes.04:59
BilliardEntelin: i would use ntfs or something for a shared partition, linux and ntfs is much better than windows and ext04:59
R1_!remote desktop04:59
Entelinlol im not sure about that...04:59
dtownheroR1_: type in terminal rdesktop -g 1024x768 ipaddressofserver04:59
R1_dtownhero, thanks i was just going to google it05:00
BondyI agree with Billard use ntfs on my external drives that need to be used in Linux and Windows05:00
dtownheroR1_: I use it all the time at work05:00
dtownheroR1_: the -g is geometry of desktop I.E. size05:00
R1_dtownhero, says connection reset by peer =/05:00
ath_or you could use RFS Entelin...05:00
ath_the possibilities are endless.05:00
ath_apart from having an end that is.05:00
Entelinrfs ?05:01
dtownheroR1_: I'm assuming you have access this machine before via remote desktop05:01
Entelinlol fat, no05:01
ath_reiser fs05:01
Guest89544fat yes hah05:01
R1_dtownhero, it's on right now, connected to wifi, same network05:01
dtownheroR1_: have you ever connected to it via remote desktop?05:02
dtownheroR1_: did you open the default windows firewall ports?05:02
Passedtext: hello05:02
dtownheroR1_: can you ping it?05:02
texthow do i do netmetting in ubuntu ?05:02
loshaath_: reiser is a killer filesystem...05:02
Entelinath_, literally05:02
ath_losha, tell me about it05:02
R1_dtownhero, I can connect via my other windows 7 machine05:02
* scunizi thinks losha said that with toung in cheek05:03
R1_So I'm assuming everything's ready to go to try to connect from ubuntu05:03
ath_but one way or another, there's still support for mount r/w in *nix and windows05:03
ath_its a valid option...05:03
textPassed: thanks05:03
dtownheroR1_: ok try rdesktop -g <size> -u <username> IPADDRESS05:03
Passedtext: welcome05:03
foxy_ladyis this the fefora support channel?05:03
macofoxy_lady: fedora in #fedora05:03
dtownheroR1_: you can also use the terminal services client in the menu05:03
Guest89544I like EXT2. specially for servers with SSD's.05:04
[BNC]just a simple question, how the hell can i forward a subdomain to vmware?05:04
R1_dtownhero, Lol.... Ohh I thought something was missing05:04
Passed[BNC]: Hello ! Welcome to ubuntu. I am the new official bot in this channel.05:04
JebuzCan anyone help me get monodevelop working in Ubuntu 9.10?05:04
dtownheroR1_: you set?05:04
R1_dtownhero, don't i need to include my password somewhere too?05:04
textDryGrain: u r mad05:04
[BNC]Avash, damnit05:04
dtownheroR1_: you can, for that I'd use a shell script. Otherwise it will ask you to put it in05:04
dtownheroR1_: the password flag is -p <password>05:05
dtownherowithout the <> obviously05:05
plouffehow to make mysql start at startup automatically?05:05
textwho  is avash ?05:05
swajif anyone cares, I posted a pretty mammoth Howto on my blog for setting up Nginx, Phusion Passenger, and PHP-FPM w/ Suhosin.  Feel free to leave comments:  http://geeksharp.com/05:05
ooaaaoohi guys, how do i check for broken packages in apt?05:05
textplouffe: services mysql restart05:05
R1_dtownhero, thanks for the help05:05
dtownheroR1_: :) np05:05
Bondyif you installed mysql-server it sould start automatically I think05:06
scunizitext: do you mean avast?05:06
plouffetext I get services command not found05:06
loshaooaaaoo: generally, apt will let you know if it finds there's something wrong...05:06
Dessan[BNC], what are you trying to do?05:06
[BNC]i have a domain right?05:06
scuniziplouffe: sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart05:06
R1_dtownhero, hmm is something supposed to pop up?05:07
[BNC]so example.com05:07
ooaaaoolosha: how do i run a manual check?05:07
foxy_ladyi want support in this channel05:07
foxy_ladyubuntu is no different thatn fedora05:07
textplouffe: sorry05:07
plouffeyes, but how do I start it automatically scunizi05:07
textfoxy_lady: it is differenet05:07
michaelhey i uninstalled my video card and now only have terminal, i get an error when trying to reintall05:07
foxy_ladysamet thing is there05:07
[BNC]ill forward mysub.example.com to
scuniziplouffe: it should on boot05:07
macofoxy_lady: yes it is different05:07
JebuzAnyone have experience installing monodevelop on Ubuntu 9.10?05:07
plouffeit doesn't now scunizi05:07
foxy_ladyboth are linux and populars05:07
Bondyit is ubuntu is based on debian fedora is based on red hat....05:07
michael"not uing locking for read only lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock"05:07
macofoxy_lady: and also quite different05:07
michael"unable to rite to /var/cahce/apt/"05:07
Bondyapt and yum one thing thats diff without going into details05:08
macofoxy_lady:  we have different package formats, different kernels, different startup processes, different default drivers, different default software...05:08
* foxy_lady slaps Darko for joining #ubuntu05:08
travmonfix  broken packages   sudo apt-get -f install05:08
[BNC]michael sudo?05:08
michael[BNC], yes05:08
[BNC]type sudo su05:08
ooaaaoohow do i manually make apt check for broken packages/failed updates ?05:08
loshaooaaaoo: there's an apt-get check, but I've never needed to run it....05:08
foxy_ladyi don't find anything different05:08
ooaaaootravmon: apt-get -f install will check for broken packages?05:09
michael[BNC], doesn't ask for PW, then same error for apt-get install package05:09
textsudo apt-get install firefox doesnot work05:09
darthanubisfoxy_lady, what do you need?05:09
dtownheromichael: what are you trying to do?05:09
[BNC]michael, try aptitude05:09
michael[BNC], sudo, or sudo su doesn't ask for PW05:09
plouffeis there a script for all scripts that get started at startup?05:09
macodarthanubis: fedora help05:09
foxy_ladythey work the same, they look the same....hence they are same05:09
foxy_ladytext: hello05:09
macofoxy_lady: they are not the same05:09
textfoxy_lady: oie05:09
michaeldtownhero, reinstall video card from x05:09
Dessan[BNC], So all your trying to do is NAT forwarding to a VMware? I'm assuming you are on bridged connection on the VMware server so that the VMware is network accessible by default?05:09
darthanubismaco, is it a troll?05:09
travmonif synaptic is  running close it b4 install  from  terminal05:09
perithi downloaded clamAV and gufw, how do i get to the gui part though? cause i dont see it anywhere in the top panel.05:09
macofoxy_lady: seriously, this channel is just for ubuntu help. you need to go to #fedora05:09
dtownheromichael: nvidia drivers?05:09
michael[BNC], hmm, got some errors, but it's orking05:10
happylolhow can I delete a directory that isn't empty?05:10
=== VoX is now known as vox
[BNC]Dessan, nop! absolutly not! i need a little part (just a subdomain) to be forwarded05:10
michaeldtownhero, intel05:10
ooaaaoofoxy_lady: or ubuntu-offtopic05:10
thevishyrm -rf directory05:10
[BNC]michael, what version is it? :o05:10
darthanubishappylol, man rm05:10
thevishyhappylol, ^05:10
michael[BNC], could not resolve 'ca.archive.ubuntu.com'  maybe it doesn't recognize im connected to the internet?05:10
GuiriHow insane is it to try to build a wireless router out of an ubuntu box vs. using pfSense?05:10
dtownheromichael: FYI for future reference sudo -i will allow you a pure root session.05:10
Alan502i just installed netbeans but i can find it nowhere :(05:11
[BNC]michael, uname -a plz05:11
ashlayneQuestion to whomever knows and has a moment: if I were to post code in here, where would I actually need to post it to and then link here? I'm having trouble posting code on the Ubuntu Forums where I'm getting help for an issue because the code is so long.05:11
michael[BNC], i had the 2.4 version05:11
happylolaah. thanks05:11
happylolI was trying rmdir05:11
happylolheh :)05:11
Dessan[BNC], explain to me your flow, (internet) -> (router with one ip?) -> internal network?05:11
michael[BNC], 2.6.31-1405:11
[BNC]hump. how you do that?05:11
darthanubishappylol, had the same problem years ago05:11
bastid_raZorfoxy_lady: are you trying to say #ubuntu gives better support than #fedora?05:11
[BNC]Dessan, thats a server, not a desktop crap05:11
Bondyfoxy there is a few differences with ubuntu and fedora apart from what ive already mentioned restarting apache needs diff commands for another example05:11
michaeldtownhero, sorry?  i thought sudo as like 'admin', no?05:11
loshaashlayne: you could use the pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com05:11
happyloldarthanubis: heh :)05:11
Dessanso all you want to know about is ahost records?05:12
dtownheromichael: typically yes, for video drivers sometimes no.05:12
happyloldarthanubis: thanks :)05:12
ashlayneLosha- thank you! That's what I was trying to remember. =D05:12
happylolthevishy: thanks :)05:12
happylolbye bye take care05:12
darthanubishappylol, yw05:12
thevishyyw :)05:12
[BNC]Dessan, i dunno how to set mysub.example.com to my virtual machine.05:12
Alan502where can i launch programs? other than alt+F2 and the menu bar05:12
bastid_raZor[BNC]: possibly ask in #wmware05:12
cn28hfrom a terminal05:12
michaeldtownhero, do you know this error maybe? ;) "not using locking for read only lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock" and "unable to rite to /var/cache/apt/"05:12
Dessan[BNC], so your VM has its own IP address on the internet? not a shared one internally?05:12
dtownheroAlan502: type <programname> in terminal05:13
[BNC]ummm nop05:13
dtownheroAlan502: I.E. netbeans in terminal05:13
michael[BNC], aptitude started to ork, but err http://ca.archive.ubuntu karmic/main05:13
[BNC]just 192.x05:13
perithhow do i get to the gui for packages i installed? i dont see it anywhere. i.e. i installed ClamAV, gufw, rkhunter, chkrootkit. are these all term cmds?05:13
loshamichael: did you forget to run as root (sudo)?05:13
dtownheromichael: I do not recommend installing video drivers while X is running.05:13
[BNC]michael, check the /etc/apt/sources.list (if remember good)05:13
scuniziperith: yep05:13
michaellosha, no, but sudo and sudo su have not asked for P05:13
Bondyrkhunter and chkrootkit dont have gui05:13
Alan502dtownhero, i installed netbeans but typing "netbeans" in the terminal says the program is not installed. Althought, when i run the netbeans installer again the instaler says netbeans is already installed05:14
loshamichael: sudo remembers your password for a short time to save typing. But you definitely have some kind of problem....05:14
michael[BNC], what code do i use to open?  probably not gedit if im just in x05:14
perithbondy: so rkhunter and chkrootkit i will need to make a term launcher w/ that cmd?05:14
dtownheroAlan502: I don't know what netbeans is, perhaps you could enlighten me and I could assist further.05:14
[BNC]cd /etc/apt05:14
ath_anyone else having problems with proprietary ATI driver 9-11 on 2.6.31-16?05:14
[BNC]then nano05:14
michaeldtownhero, maybe "x" isn't the right word ... i just have no visual session, just terminal05:14
ath_eg ubuntu 9.1005:15
dtownheromichael: that makes more sense05:15
Bondyperith you need to run them fom a terminal either directly or via a sh scipt05:15
michaeldtownhero, what is that called?05:15
Alan502dtownhero, ok i'll tell you if i solve my problem. Netbeans is a IDE by the way.05:15
michaeldtownhero, shell?05:15
dtownheromichael: so you have a shell script for the driver install?05:15
dtownheromichael: yes.05:15
Bondydo a man rkhunter05:15
michaeldtownhero, i uninstalled them to try and re-install a new one to fix some issues, but accidentally unistalled both, so no i just have shell05:16
michaeldtownhero, and trying to reinstall the same one i was using gives me those errors i mentioned05:16
peepshow can I find what package an exectutable is from?05:16
dtownheroAlan502: I still don't understand what netbeans is, are you saying it is a development environment?05:16
scunizimichael: I missed it.. what did you uninstall?05:16
michaeldtownhero, aptitude install xserver-xorg-video-all ends with error "could not resolve 'ca.archive.ubuntu.com"05:16
michaelscunizi, video cards :(05:16
loshamichael: the lock file message usually means you've left apt running somewhere....05:16
dtownheromichael: you likely already have xorg installed05:16
michaellosha, just started the shell :(05:17
dtownheromichael: from term type sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop05:17
scunizimichael: nvidia? and did you initially install the driver from their site or the one supplied by ubuntu?05:17
Alan502dtownhero, yes it is a development environment05:17
dtownheroscunizi: he's installing intel drivers05:17
Alan502dtownhero, do you know how can i remove programs?05:18
dtownheroAlan502: ok05:18
Alan502dtownhero, is it enough with just deleting its folders?05:18
michaelscunizi, intel, yes it 'worked' on base install, just trying to fix some choppy errors05:18
scunizidtownhero: oh.. no experience there.. sorry michael05:18
Samual-UbuntuHey I installed the 180 nVidia drivers from Hardware Drivers, and now I cannot start Compiz as I get this message: Checking for texture_from_pixmap: Segmentation fault05:18
dtownheroAlan502: sudo apt-get remove --purge <programname>05:18
dtownheroAlan502: no.05:18
Omen_20hi. can u use a normal image file to install from a pendrive, or do you need a special image file?05:18
Samual-UbuntuI would have installed the latest from the nVidia website, but my TTY consoles do not work :P05:18
michaeldtownhero, said use 'service gdm stop' so i did and "stop: unkown instance:"05:19
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: get the 185 drivers recommended and tested by the ubuntu team05:19
Alan502dtownhero, i did not install netbeans from synaptic; will that still work?05:19
dtownheromichael: ignore what it says05:19
macomichael: that means gdm was already not runnig05:19
dtownheroAlan502: no.05:19
dtownheromaco: no it does not.05:19
macodtownhero: no?05:19
Alan502dtownhero, do you know how can i remove the program then?05:19
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero,  Where? And can I install them without closing an X session? (Or rather, stopping GDM)05:19
macodtownhero: whats it mean then?05:19
dtownheromaco: no, it means that the service stop package is not accurate05:20
michaeldtownhero, aptitude intall xserver-xorg-video-intel-2.4 gives "segmentation fault"05:20
macodtownhero: thats what service tells me when i try to stop kdm or network-manager and theyre not running05:20
dtownheroAlan502: one sec05:20
BrandonHi, I'm trying to create a custom ubuntu live cd with vmware player installed, however there's an issue on installing it from the repository. I can download the file, but I don't exactly know how to do it properly. I'm following this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and am at the part where I'm installing and removing packages that are needed/unneeded.05:20
michaeldtownhero, (that as the video driver i was using)05:20
dtownheromichael: ok why are you installing xserver?05:20
michaeldtownhero, no, just video driver05:20
dtownherook one sec05:20
Alan502dtownhero, ok05:20
dtownherolemme read, I'm being overwhelmed05:20
michaelhaha lets hear it for dtownhero!!!05:21
dtownherook michael from your term05:21
dtownherotype p -ef|grep gdm05:21
dtownherotell me if you get more then one return05:21
Alan502michael, i remember having similar problems installing my last video driver. What i did is booting ubuntu in command line interface from grub.05:21
michaeldtownhero, command not found05:21
dtownheroAlan502: try dpkg -i package name05:22
dtownheromichael: try ps -ef |grep gdm05:22
Brandondoes anyone seem to understand my situatoin?05:22
michaelAlan502, im kinda there now, just cant reinsall it :( lol05:22
dtownheroAlan502: sorry dpkg -u packagename05:22
michaelone line05:22
michaeldtownhero, one line05:22
dtownheromichael: ok cd to where your installer is05:22
michaeldtownhero, ?05:22
Alan502dtownhero, unkown option: -u    :(05:23
dtownheromichael: this file you mentioned  xserver-xorg-video-intel-2.405:23
dtownheroAlan502: sec05:23
michaeldtownhero, i was just trying to get it online05:23
dtownheromichael: go to that directory in your terminal05:23
michaeldtownhero, oh maybe that's my problem05:23
dtownheroyou dont' have it?05:23
dtownheroyes, you need it to install it05:23
=== nikhil_ is now known as nikhil_za
dtownherodo you know the url of the file?05:23
michaeldtownhero, was assuming shell worked like synaptic05:23
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero, I'll wait for you to finish up here for a bit, I can see you're... a bit... busy. :X05:23
BrandonDoes anyone understand my scenario?05:23
=== nikhil_za is now known as nikhil_
michaeldtownhero, no i'll find it, sec05:23
dtownheroif you do you can do a wget <url> and it'll download to that directory05:24
arghh2d2dtownhero: does he even know how to "cd"?05:24
dtownheroarghh2d2: I think so05:24
dtownherodon't matter the root of his shell is fine05:24
perithis securing shared memory adviseable?05:24
Beeziecd is dated, use dvd05:25
=== Billiard1 is now known as Billiard
michaeldtownhero, actually i dont kno where to find it :(  i just use synaptic and it gets it from the list usually05:25
* dtownhero has some serious adhd kicking in05:25
Bondycd as in change directory lol05:25
dtownheromichael: you are going to either know the package name or where to get it at this point05:25
* Beezie pokes Bondy in the ribs.05:25
dtownheroI cannot search it for you05:25
scuniziBeezie: use usb flash.. dvd is dated05:25
dtownherolemme know when you find it05:25
michaeldtownhero, i know package name - xserver-xorg-video-intel-2.405:26
dtownheroAlan502: you still there?05:26
* Beezie laughs.05:26
Bondyuse blue ray usb flash is outdated oh wait....05:26
powdermilkhey there, could annyone help me fix a problem i am having with my sata dvd drive?05:26
dtownheromichael: do sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel- and start pressing tab to see if it finds that package05:26
Guest89544Brandon: You are trying to add vmware onto your custom live disk?05:26
loshaperith: if you have a web server open to the public, it can't hurt. Otherwise, don't bother...05:26
dtownherok alan is afk05:27
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: you there?05:27
michaeldtownhero, yes, it finds it but error; "could not resolve 'ca.archive.ubuntu.com'05:27
=== Guy is now known as Guest26327
michaeli think maybe shell doesn't auto connect to the internet?05:27
dtownheromichael: sorry lol ahh ok05:27
Tapout2I'm using ICS+Ubuntu thru Win7.  It works, however where should I put the .. "  route add default gw    "    <-- should this go in .. /etc/rc.local ?05:27
Alan502dtownhero, yes05:27
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero, yes05:27
Alan502dtownhero, i think the problem is that05:27
dtownheromichael: do ping www.yahoo.com05:27
dtownheroAlan502: what?05:27
Alan502dtownhero, im using netbeans instead of netbeans-6.7.105:27
Alan502but still05:27
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero, where can I find the 185 drivers? And can I install them without closing an X session? (Or rather, stopping GDM)05:27
Beezie!ask | powdermilk05:27
ubottupowdermilk: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:27
michaeldtownhero, negative05:27
Alan502dtownhero, typing netbeans-6.7.1 says "command not found"05:28
michaelhow do i connect to the internet in shell?05:28
BrandonGuest89544 : yes, because it's required for a project05:28
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: yes, you can. Try Menu > Admin > Hardware drivers05:28
amikropI am using Firefox 3.5.5 and I cannot set Tools->Preferences->Privacy->Use custom settings for history05:28
Beeziemichael, what do you mean?05:28
dtownheroAlan502: do a sudo find / -name netbeans05:28
michaelBeezie, can't ping any sites, i think maybe it's just not 'turned on'?05:28
amikropI mean, when I set it, it gets to its old value when I close the option box05:28
dtownheromichael: sec05:28
amikropany help, please?05:28
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero, I don't see 185 in there, only 180 -- I guess this is where I mention i'm only on 9.04 :P You see, I don't particularly like 9.10 due to it's switch to Grub205:28
Beeziemichael, what does ifconfig say?05:29
michaelBeezie, in gnome it automatic, but is there a step to do in shell?05:29
dtownheromichael: yes, that's you man. Fix your internetz.05:29
Tapout2What is the best location to put a 'route add default...' line in ubuntu?  /etc/rc.local?05:29
Guest89544Brandon: wouldn't you have to install wine, then install vmware into that?  can't you just use virtualbox?05:29
jaymz281Hey there people05:29
michaelBeezie, lo, inet addr:
powdermilkok, im having a problem with my sata dvd drive. when i do a dmesg i get a bunch of messages starting with "ata3.00: status: { DRDY ERR }"05:29
powdermilkit really plugs up my log05:29
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: go with 180 and there is a really good reason you want the ubuntu install rather than a package install from the video card manufacturer I can explain if you like05:29
Beeziemichael, u dont see eth0 or wlan0 ?05:29
BrandonGuest89544, vmware player is also supported in linux...05:29
michaelBeezie, no05:29
BrandonGuest89544 it has to be vmware player, not virtualbox.05:30
dtownheromichael: that is a loopback address dudde05:30
digitalaxispowedermilk: This is ubuntu support, if your having hardware issues please use a hardware support IRC05:30
scunizidtownhero: Samual-Ubuntu the 190 drivers are pretty quick05:30
Beeziemichael, what type of network card? on board or pci/?05:30
michaelBeezie, im definitely connected tho, was just using windows on dual boot05:30
Guest89544oh geez, then i've been away too long05:30
dtownheroyou ain't getting nowhere except localhost with that05:30
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero, I know the reason -- You then have to recompile for every time you change your kernel -- I know this, because this is why I changed to the ubuntu ones.05:30
Alan502dtownhero, it should take a while right?05:30
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: you got it brother05:30
Beeziemichael, so it works in win but not ubuntu?05:30
michaeldtownhero, dont see loop addy ... "UP loopback running" and "link encap:local loopback"05:30
loshapowdermilk: are you sure your hardware is ok? I've never gotten those messages from a healthy dvd drive....05:30
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero, but well, still, with the 180 ones I can't start compiz05:30
dtownheromichael: do ping localhost05:31
michaelBeezie, worked in ubuntu fine, and on live disk, just not in shell05:31
dtownheroand it will resolve to your
michaeldtownhero, orks05:31
michaeldtownhero, works05:31
Beeziemichael, so gnome the net works but not shell??05:31
dtownheroI know05:31
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero, It comes up complaining about texture_from_pixmap segmentation faults.05:31
minehow to remote desktop to windows  in vmware05:31
michaeldtownhero, how do i cancel ping LOL05:31
Beezietctrl c05:31
dtownheromichael: ctrl + c05:31
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: ick man05:31
powdermilklosha: yes the drive is fine, this started when i updated to the karmic beta05:31
michaelBeezie, yes, but i have no gnome b/c i uninstalled my vid cards, and trying to reinstall via shell but no inet05:31
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero, ick? That doesn't sound good :(05:32
Beeziemichael, what type of network card? on board or pci/?05:32
scunizimine: is windows the host? or the guest?  what's running in vmware?05:32
michaelBeezie, board i think05:32
powdermilklosha: i have seen others with this problem but there fixes dont work05:32
michaelBeezie, laptop05:32
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: you can try to skip thru it or you can head to nvidia.com and get that 180 driver and install from shell05:32
Beeziemichael, what does lspci tell you? it see the card?05:32
mineubuntu running in vmware05:32
michaelBeezie, lspci says broadcom bcm4401-bo05:32
Beeziemichael, lspci |grep Ethernet05:32
purveshhey ubuntu 9.04 is better or ubuntu 9.10 ?05:32
scuniziSamual-Ubuntu: if you go to nvidia might as well install the latest.. 180 was "ok" but had issues.05:32
Samual-UbuntuSkip through what?05:32
michaelBeezie, for 'ethernet controller'  not sure exactly what im looking for tho05:33
Beeziepaste the command i mentioned05:33
dtownheromichael: or you can edit the rc3.d *stickes* to dhcp05:33
Bondyyou might need the broadcom propiertry driver (sp)05:33
michaelBeezie, yup, that ... can't separate compe05:33
scunizimine: so you want to use ubuntu in the vm to remote into the windows host?05:33
BeezieBondy, ahhh ive heard about that05:33
michaelBeezie, broadcom copr bcm4401-BO 100base-tx05:33
Guest89544mine: use remote desktop.  its in the internet menu05:33
Beeziemichael, Bondy had a suggestion05:34
loshapowdermilk: sorry, I don't see anything like that in current karmic. Are you updated to most current?05:34
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero, i'll pastebin the output of compiz --replace. http://pastebin.com/m5132819f05:34
perithi'm trying top open /var/log/rkhunter/log w/ gedit, but it says i dont have permissions. how do i enable that?05:34
minehow set it to work05:34
powdermilklosha: yes, all updated05:34
michaelBondy,  Beezie, i dont think so ... like i said live disk, and ubuntu works just fine ... but i just uninstalled my video card so now only have shell and now only have this problem05:34
BrandonGuest89544 do you know what to do?05:34
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: yeah dude your xorg.conf is hosed, if you get the 180 drivers and reinstall from shell it should prompt to replace05:34
Beeziemichael, thats as far as i can help i dont know it well enough :/05:35
scunizimine: I've had issues doing that in virtualbox and don't remember if I tried when I was using vmware .. I believe it depends on the network connection type.. if it's NAT for the vm then ubuntu may have a different subnet.. if it's bridged it should be on the same subnet.. you might ask in #vmware05:35
powdermilklosha: also it doesnt give the messages when there is a cd present in the drive05:35
michaelBeezie, Bondy, i remember doing some playing with backtrack where i had to 'turn on' the card ... or am i wrong?05:35
michaelBeezie, well thanks for the help anyway ;)05:35
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero, well, I edit my xorg.conf file manually, are you saying it's a matter of an option that I have set which is incorrect? Perhaps I should try commenting out some of the options i've done.05:35
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: you could *maybe* get by it by editing xorg.conf and adding xgl into driver type05:35
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero, or rather, i'll pastebin my xorg.conf file so you can see....05:35
michaelBeezie, i guess i could load live cd, and download the file, then install it ... could try that05:36
purveshhey ubuntu 9.04 is better or ubuntu 9.10 ?    ,purvesh05:36
mineok  it is nat05:36
loshapowdermilk: sorry, dunno. Try googling the model number & see if anyone else reports anything...05:36
scunizimine: switch to bridged and try again05:36
michaelisn't there a shell command to 'turn on' and 'turn off' wlan05:36
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero, an interesting note: I'm using Xinerama with 3 monitors and xserver-xgl to accomplish Compiz on all three monitors... IT's not exactly the most clean thing in the world.05:36
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: I play wow and tf2 on my linux box via crossover and I'm saying that if I were you I'd reinstall 180 via shell and replace xorg.conf with what the shell script generates05:36
cn28hmichael, ifconfig05:37
michaelcn28h, yes, then?05:37
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: holy shit, I have probs with my xinerama and dual monitor05:37
cn28hmichael, you can use it to put the interface up or down.. it has a number of options, check the man page05:37
michaelcn28h, ifconfig just shows 'lo'05:37
Billiardmichael  ifconfig interface up|down05:37
michaelcn28h, right, thanks05:37
cn28hthen that's the only interface that's currnetly up05:37
dtownherohow the hell are you running desktop effects to begin with?05:37
perithhow do i enable higher permissions on gedit to open log files or whatnot? do i have to go to term and "sudo gedit <file>" or is there a way from gedit gui?05:37
minein vmware can we mount a really disk ?05:37
cn28hmichael, ifconfig -a lists all interfaces05:37
Billiardperith: gksudo gedit file05:37
scunizimine: "really disk" ?05:38
scuniziBrandon: yeessss05:38
minein the host05:38
perithbilliard: so no way to do it from gedit itself?05:38
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: sounds like I could take a few lessons from you man :(05:38
scunizimine: probably05:38
dtownheroI hate being one upped05:38
Brandonscunizi, you seem to know about vmware and such...can you help me with my issue as well?05:38
Tapout2VNC only loads when I login, anyway to get it to load before I login?05:38
Billiardperith: not that i know of05:38
Guest26327last night, I found that my system(ubuntu 9.10 ) can't use the command "ping" ,and it returns "sendto:Permission denied". i have typed "sudo " and logined in "root",but it didn't work.who can tell me what's wrong happened?05:38
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero, well.... Yes... it took me months to finally get xserver-xgl working on all three monitors... Then I noticed that my kernel had a bug with tty servers, and the only way to fix it was upgrading to a new kernel.. And well....05:38
Samual-UbuntuGoing to a new kernel meant ditching the old (WORKING) drivers05:38
scuniziBrandon: I don't know..what's your issue?05:38
michaelcn28h, eth0 and wlan0 are now in ifconfig, but still can't ping ... could you help, or no?05:38
dtownheroyep I know exactly05:38
BilliardGuest26327: can you ping with sudo, also please change your name05:39
Samual-UbuntuAnd........................ Basically, I feel like cutting my wrists right now05:39
minehow to  if i dont install vmtool in ubuntu05:39
Samual-UbuntuOr going back to Windows05:39
brutusi686 means 64 bit right?05:39
Samual-UbuntuWhich, that's basically the same thing05:39
dtownherothat's why I was saying about using their approved drivers, to be honest I was surprised you knew the reason why05:39
scunizimine: time to ask in #vmware..05:39
dtownheronow I understand05:39
cn28hmichael, -a lists them whether they are up or down.. you need to bring it up.. and if you'r using wlan0 you need to associate with an AP and probably use DHCP before you'll be able to ping anything05:39
BilliardGuest26327: or did you try sudo ping, not sure what you tried with sudo05:39
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero, i've been using Linux a while -- but, some times even the experienced people need help from even more experienced people :P05:40
=== Guest26327 is now known as Guy
dtownheroall I can say is good luck05:40
perithusing rkhunter, i got warnings for /user/bin/unhide and /usr/sbin/unhide-linux26, what do they mean? i get that the file exists on system but not present in rkhunter.dat file. nothing to worry about?05:40
Brandonscunizi: allow me to explain. I'm making a custom ubuntu live cd with vmware player installed. it has to be vmware player. not virtual box. I'm at the point of installing software following the live cd guide on the ubuntu website, but, I can't access the file from the shell I'm using as I chroot to the livecd mount I'm using to customize. if I open up another shell and run the installer,...05:40
Brandon...it's only going to install it to my host system that's making the file, and not to the livecd mount that I'm working with.05:40
dtownherocause you've got me with that setup05:40
Samual-UbuntuAh well, that's more than what Google said05:40
=== Guy is now known as Guest23691
Samual-UbuntuGoogle just turned up lots of irrelevant shit05:40
dtownheroI seriously have to fight with my nvidia card to get dual monitor working at work05:40
Brandonscunizi: I'm trying to find a repository with vmware player instead, but I can't find a repo with it. trying to use apt-get to install it to my livecd mount05:41
michaelhow can i download all files needed to instal xserver-xorg-video-intel-2.4, without using synaptic?05:41
Billiardmichael apt-get install <package>05:41
[SilverFox]I want to check my opengl fps and was wondering what the best way was and how do I tell if its good or not?05:41
michaelBilliard, i just want to download so i can install offline05:41
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero, here is my xorg.conf file btw: http://pastebin.com/m5421795205:41
scuniziBrandon: look in http://packages.ubuntu.com for the player package.. also you might accomplish what you want in one TTY that's chrooted by using "screen"05:41
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero, it's... I mean... isn't it sexy?05:42
cheekoi dont have internet access so where can i download requred updates and pakages05:42
Brandonscunizi: explain that last part?05:42
Geoffrey2i have a Dell laptop that has 3-4 different possible laptop screens that could have shipped with it...any way ubuntu could tell me which one it is?05:42
Arkadehi, can a ext3 fs be upgraded to ext4 without reformatting?05:42
Samual-UbuntuEr, it's out of order in one place05:42
michaelhow can i download all files needed to instal xserver-xorg-video-intel-2.4, without using synaptic?05:42
BilliardArkade: yes it can, there is a guide somewhere...05:42
grendal_primegrrr this is the most frustrating thing i have every experienced05:42
michaelanyone know how i can download a package from synaptic without installing?05:43
grendal_primei need a package called mono.05:43
grendal_primejust that just mono.05:43
michaelso i can install on another offline machine?05:43
scuniziBrandon: screen is a terminal tty multiplexer.. it allows you to be in one terminal but create "virtual" terminals within the one you're in.. very cool..05:43
Arkadeok thanks05:43
scunizi!screen | Brandon05:43
ubottuBrandon: Screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen05:43
pharmeranyone know if i is same to download torrents on ubuntu?05:43
Alan502Any download accelerator besides Flashgot and Kget that runs on linux?05:43
michaelor, can someone help me fix eth0 or wlan0 from shell?  :) :)05:43
cn28hmichael, does your wlan use encryption?05:44
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: looking now05:44
Brandonscunizi, i'm not finding the player package05:44
Billiardmachael fix?05:44
Billiardmichael ^05:44
scuniziBrandon: which version of ubuntu?05:44
michaelcn28h, actually eth0 would be better, i just unplugged the wireless, but i can plug it back in05:44
Brandonscunizi: 9.1005:44
michaelcn28h, wlan was just used for 'sharing' my neighbours as a test ;)05:44
grendal_primemichael eth0 from shell. would be pretty much a no brainer05:44
Billiardhow do you unplug wireless michael05:44
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: you win line count of xorg.conf05:44
michaelcn28h, normal i use wired05:44
dtownhero164 lines05:44
cheekowhere can i download updates for ubuntu &*kubuntu i have no access to internet thru ubuntu05:44
michaelgrendal_prime, seems to not be working for me tho :(05:45
grendal_primeis the dev actually there?05:45
lordblaahey guys is flash only-sort-of-broken for everyone as of last couple of versions? i can't get e.g. any megauploads to play.. sometimes my clicks don't seem to register05:45
michaelBilliard, it's an alfa USB wireless05:45
grendal_primehave you tried eth1?05:45
Samual-Ubuntudtownhero, i've seen one that was 300+ lines before.... But to be fair it had lots of random options which actually are nearly irrelevant to an Xserver05:45
pharmerdoes anyone know if it is safe to download torrents on ubuntu?05:45
El_Pekealgien q hable español05:45
OsagasuI wI switch I dfsdfadsfadsfas05:45
bazhang!es | El_Peke05:45
ubottuEl_Peke: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:45
grendal_primepharmer: thats a really strange question05:45
Billiardpharmer it is safe to download them, not always save to use the files you download05:45
scuniziBrandon: I'm not either.. weird..05:45
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: don't matter tho man I told you have probs with my like 52 line xorg for dual mon05:46
michaelgrendal_prime, no device05:46
michaelgrendal_prime, i used ifconfig eth0 up to turn it 'on'05:46
dtownherothat is completely compiled by you05:46
Brandonpharmer: ABSOLUTELY! It's not as susceptible to many viruses out there.05:46
Samual-UbuntuHeh well, i'ma go troubleshoot then........ Who knows, maybe i'll break yet another thing05:46
grendal_primemichael this isnt a vm box is it...? its a physical box right?05:46
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: meet me in here tomorrow to help me get compiz working on my card05:46
pharmeri mean on windows, they always seemed to screw up my system, i'm just wondering if i should expect the same on ubuntu05:46
ash_hi, is there a howto guide for wireless PCI cards? the light is on but network manager can't see it05:46
Samual-UbuntuWhat time UTC? :)05:47
dtownheroat work05:47
Brandonscunizi if you could find a repo for me I'd greatly appreciate it.05:47
Samual-UbuntuOh :P05:47
pharmerBrandon: thanks05:47
Brandonpharmer: no worries man it's completely safe05:47
dtownherouh I'll be on at 8:00 AM MST05:47
scuniziBrandon: hang on.. looking05:47
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: you're over the pond eh?05:47
Samual-UbuntuBut well, i'd be glad to help --- Do you have AIM?05:47
loshapharmer: less susceptible to viruses, just as likely to end up with a copyright complaint...05:47
grendal_primepharmer: well your not going to download a w32 virus or malware that will easyly run on your sistem if thats what your asking05:47
Samual-UbuntuWell, I prefer to ask in UTC -- This way i'm able to quickly figure out what time it is for me05:47
michaelgrendal_prime, nope, here's my situation.  Dual boot with windows.  eth0 worked fine in gnome, but i uninstalled my vid cards so can only get shell ... now can't ping anything or d/l the video package b/c inet isn't working for some reason05:47
michaelgrendal_prime, windows, ubuntu live cd, and previous gnome worked all fine for 2 yrs05:48
cheekoguys please tell me where can i download pakages or updates for ubuntu05:48
lordblaanoone else having flash problems?05:48
minewhere do  the .deb  package  download05:48
dtownheroSamual-Ubuntu: I sent you my aim addy I have no idea what UTC time is with converson05:48
grendal_primeok michael first...sudo -s05:48
michaelgrendal_prime, i think it's just not 'configured' in shell, but i could be wrong05:48
grendal_primethen your passwd05:48
michaelgrendal_prime, doesn't ask for pw :(05:48
Billiardcheeko packages.ubuntu.com05:48
grendal_primethen just try this first ifup eth005:48
Paddy_NI!update | cheeko05:48
ubottucheeko: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading05:48
clueless2hello people..05:49
michaelgrendal_prime, maybe there's a bigger error ... hmm ... sudo or sudo su doesn't ask for pw ... or no pw when loggin on05:49
loshamine: /var/cache/apt/archives05:49
clueless2just made a mistaking using Terminal ... by Deleting files05:49
michaelwhats command to restart from shell?05:49
minecan i use it in another machine05:49
clueless2is there a way I can undelete/recover them?05:49
perithin an online security page it says to disable ssh root login. what does that mean?05:49
cheekoPaddy_NI: but have restriced access to net thru ubuntu but i have access to windows05:49
macomichael: there's a timeout for sudo05:49
macomichael: if you've done it recently it wont ask for the password05:49
grendal_primemichael reboot05:49
scuniziBrandon: found it on vmware's site.. it even mentions it works on 9.10 .. you have to register to get the download though.. https://www.vmware.com/tryvmware/?p=player&lp=105:49
clueless2i use this command line   rm des* .jpg xa*05:50
michaelmaco, still nothing :(05:50
grendal_primeya what maco says05:50
=== Yos_ is now known as Yos
macomichael: sudo -k05:50
michaelmaco, never once tho05:50
Billiardclueless2: ok? and what did you expect it to do05:50
michaelrestart: missing job name ??05:50
Paddy_NIcheeko, this is exactly what you need http://keryxproject.org/05:50
Brandonscunizi: I knew that, but to get it on my livecd...05:50
Billiardmichael reboot05:50
macomichael: "sudo reboot"05:50
grendal_primeanyway michael firs just tryn this "ifup eth0"05:50
Brandonscunizi: I'm a complete linux newb..=/05:50
michaelmaco, sudo -k reponds with nothing05:50
Paddy_NIcheeko, all the other advice you are getting is to vague.. use Keryx05:50
grendal_primereport error if there is one05:50
purveshhey ubuntu 9.04 is better or ubuntu 9.10 ?    ,purvesh05:50
michaelBilliard, haha ah05:50
clueless2Billiard .... was trying to read the book on how to "split" the file (in this case *.mov file)05:50
michaelgrendal_prime, k05:50
macomichael: after "sudo -k" if you sudo doese it ask for a password05:50
macomichael: "sudo -k" ends the current sudo timeout05:50
clueless2and it split into 6 or 7 different files using xa* and so far05:51
michaelgrendal_prime, ignoring unknon interface etho0=eth005:51
Billiardclueless2: why did you rm them then?05:51
scuniziBrandon: and you're attempting the harder stuff.. if you have enough ram you should be able to download and install in the livecd boot.05:51
michaelmaco, nope :(05:51
grendal_primeok now this on one line with an enter after it...05:51
loshaperith: it means that if you have a root password, make sure no-one can login as root over ssh even if they guess the password05:51
rishhow to configure my usb internet data card on virtualbox? I'm trying to run the chrome OS05:51
clueless2Billiard b/c I wanted to get rid of it.  Basically .. was trying to learn Linux/Unix commands05:51
grendal_primenano /etc/network/interfaces05:51
Brandonscunizi: but it has to be part of it05:51
clueless2by experimenting it05:51
Paddy_NIcheeko, Here is the tutorial it is very simple to follow http://crashsystems.net/2009/01/keryx-tutorial/05:51
scuniziBrandon: so.. if it's installed isn't it part of it?05:51
geniigrendal_prime: Might need sudo with that if you want to save the changes05:52
cheekoPaddy_NI: thnx man05:52
michaelgrendal_prime, hmm ,k05:52
=== richard is now known as Guest54784
Paddy_NIcheeko, no problem.. keryx is a life saver :)05:52
grendal_primenano = easy editor. the file is the config file for your interfaces that come up on boot.  sounds like you are familiar with network manager wich only runs in usner space.05:52
cheekoPaddy_NI: thts true i can see tht05:52
Brandonscunizi: if I installed it after booting from the live cd, it doesn't meet my requirements.05:53
grendal_primegenii if you use sudo -s it holds onto the sudo.05:53
clueless2Billiard .. i guess I'm screwed right?05:53
grendal_primegenii...it makes you root basically05:53
ash_how to lspci and search for pci wireless card?05:53
geniigrendal_prime: I see now in backscroll they should be in interactive sudo, yes05:53
Billiardclueless2: run the command "apt-cache search undelete"  there are some programs you can try05:53
scuniziBrandon: this might be an issue that the folks over at #vmware might have an answer to..05:53
=== Guest54784 is now known as corn13read
clueless2i see05:53
clueless2let me do that05:53
rishhow to configure my usb internet data card on virtualbox? I'm trying to run the chrome OS05:54
michaelgrendal_prime, what after?  im in nano no05:54
michaelgrendal_prime, now*05:54
grendal_primeok and viewing the /etc/network/interfaces file correct?05:54
clueless2it gives me nothing .. it takes me to the prompt ..05:54
grendal_primeanything in it now?05:54
clueless2i'm still clueless to Unix/Linux .. still learning05:54
clueless2beinnger myself05:54
michaelgrendal_prime, auto lo05:54
michaelgrendal_prime, iface lo inet loopback05:55
grendal_primeok after all that you are going to put something like this in.05:55
grendal_primeiface eth2 inet static05:55
FloodBot2grendal_prime: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:55
scuniziBrandon: also ##linux might be a resource05:55
grendal_primechange the eht2 to eth0 and set the ip's according to your network05:55
perithlosha: /etc/ssh/sshd_config is blank, should i bother making the file and adding that line?05:55
BigBlackDickgoot flooding05:55
Billiardclueless2: goto the sources list, and check the universe and multiverse boxes05:56
grendal_primeoh or something easyer, is it...umm on a network that has dhcp?05:56
clueless2Billiard .. k .. hold on05:56
=== _choc is now known as choc
michaelgrendal_prime, i dunno :(05:56
michaelgrendal_prime, straight plugged to modem05:56
BigBlackDicklook at me05:57
nic3HOw can i copy contents across files in vi?05:57
grendal_primeIf it usually gets its ip address from some sort of....ahh ok probably it would be better to just try one line like this.   "iface eth0 inet dhcp" at the bottom of what is there.05:57
michaelanyone know how i can download a package thats in synaptic, but not install it?05:57
clueless2Billiard ..where is the "source" list again .. i'm using Ubunto 9.1005:57
grendal_primeor is it "auto" instead of dhcp?05:57
grendal_primecant remember hold on05:57
perithmichael: why?05:57
michaelperith, install on an offline machine05:58
Billiardmichael packages.ubuntu.com ,   there is probably a command also, dont know it off hand05:58
grendal_primeprety sure its dhcp.05:58
=== coop3r is now known as cooper|offline
grendal_primeso if you use the dhcp line you dont need the address or the netmask after that.05:58
michaelgrendal_prime, im gonna just try to get the package on there and install that ay05:58
Billiardclueless2: sorry not exactly sure, somewhere in the menu05:58
grendal_primewhat package?05:58
michaelgrendal_prime, cause i think my issue might be more than just inet ... i was never asked for sudo PW EVER in this session ... so something might be broke05:58
michaelgrendal_prime, video driver05:58
clueless2where is or what is the source the list05:59
BigBlackDicki am the BigBlackDick05:59
grendal_primeyou are two words from being done with this05:59
clueless2is that the  Synoptic Package Manager05:59
lstarnesclueless2: /etc/apt/sources.list05:59
grendal_primedid you get that one line in ...05:59
clueless2Billiard is that the  Synoptic Package Manager?05:59
clueless2oh i see05:59
lstarnesclueless2: also, try System > Administration > Software Sources05:59
perithquestion: /etc/ssh/sshd_config is blank, should i bother making the file and adding "PermitRootLogin no"?06:00
Rajasunmichael: Using aptitude (commandline), issue this: sudo aptitude download packagename06:00
Tapout2how can I enable hdmi output on ubuntu06:00
lstarnesclueless2: to edit it, press alt+f2 then enter gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list06:00
michaelgrendal_prime, i kinda got lost ... sorry :(  i asn't sure after you said 'easier method'06:00
* jozefk np: Underworld - Cowgirl (1992-2002 [Limited Edition] Disc 2)06:00
michaelsec, i'll be in a minute06:00
grendal_primeRajasun: that should work great since he has no network connection.    "iface eth0 inet dhcp"06:00
lstarnesperith: is openssh-server installed?06:00
michaelgrendal_prime, i copied your instructions to notepad :)06:00
Billiardlstarnes: he shouldnt need to manually edit it06:00
grendal_primejust add this to the botom of the interfaces file06:01
hackelHow can I hide my username and just show an icon in karmic's indicator-applet-session like I did in jaunty?06:01
bazhangjozefk, disable that script06:01
grendal_prime"iface eth0 inet dhcp"06:01
clueless2lstarness ..i'm there..06:01
perithbilliard: lstarnes: only if it came w/ the default install of 9.1006:01
clueless2lstarness  .. i'm there now06:01
lstarnesperith: the desktop edition?06:01
grendal_primethen to save in nano hold crtl key and press x..it will ask if you want to save changes... you hit Y key and enter06:01
grendal_primethen enter one more time06:01
perithlstarnes: uh, donno?06:01
grendal_primethen type ifup eth006:01
lstarnesperith: did you install from a live cd with desktop applications on it?06:02
[SilverFox]so whats better ati or nvidia in linux? from the sounds of it nvidia by far? but how far since I have a ATI 4890 and a Nvidia 9800GX2 so the new ATI one replaced the Nvidia one by far in windows but I really don't know most applications in linux even native to it I get almost half less fps and they are opengl.06:02
lstarnesclueless2: I think what you wanted was System > Administration > Software Sources06:02
clueless2i'm there06:02
perithlstarnes: no, i downloaded iso  from ubuntu and burned it and installed from that06:02
clueless2or here06:02
grendal_prime[SilverFox]: nvidia06:02
grendal_primehands down.06:02
clueless2in the Software sources06:02
jozefkbazhang: that was manually added :P06:02
Billiardclueless2: check the multiverse and universe boxes06:02
clueless2what do I do next06:02
lstarnesperith: did you have a desktop environment when you installed it?06:02
[SilverFox]how hard would it be to install my old video card? without ruining the os :p06:03
bazhangjozefk, please dont do it in here, just adds to the noise06:03
perithlstarnes: i believe so. it came w/ a top and bottom panel and GNOME06:03
jozefkok. sure.06:03
lstarnesperith: then you have the desktop edition06:03
Frozen-Solidwhat should i use for ripping high quality mp3s on ubuntu? i'm used to using grip, but it seems that doesn't exist anymore06:03
clueless2Billiard and lstarness .. all of them have been checked06:03
lstarnesperith: which does not include openssh-server by default06:03
lstarnesclueless2: now close it06:03
clueless2i mean already CHECKED06:03
Billiardclueless2: they were already checked? ok close it06:03
clueless2Billiard .. .they are already CHECKED06:04
perithlstarnes: the top/bottom panel are the same as GNOME, huh? thanks for the feedback and patience btw :)06:04
Ben64Frozen-Solid: why not ogg?06:04
grendal_primemichael you still here?06:04
Billiardclueless2: run this command ...    sudo apt-get update06:04
lstarnesperith: the desktop environment itself is gnome06:04
Frozen-Solidbecause my car and my iphone don't support ogg06:04
Pertheusualhey all, weird problem. I rebooted my computer yesterday, and now all my windows have gone all old looking, and my icons look terrible. this is a GTK error I guess??06:04
perithlstarnes: bleh. ok06:04
clueless2W: GPG error: http://parker1.co.uk feisty Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 6D17A3829B1DB02206:05
clueless2E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)06:05
clueless2E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?06:05
Orion777is rm -fr ~ /.mozilla a dangerous command?06:05
clueless2that's what I got06:05
macoclueless2: close synaptic06:05
clueless2sorry folks!06:05
FloodBot2clueless2: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:05
michaelgrendal_prime, yeah, let me get back into ubuntu ... needed to get on windows for a friend06:05
lstarnesOrion777: it's ~/.mozilla, not ~ /.mozilla06:05
macoclueless2: cant use apt-get while synaptic's open06:05
lstarnesOrion777: if you have the space after the ~, it will delete your home06:05
lstarnesOrion777: otherwise, it will just clear your mozilla folder06:05
Orion777k, someone in kubuntu recommended it the second way06:05
michaelgrendal_prime, but when i load ubuntu, it goes straight to shell without asking for sudo PW, you dont think thats a problem?06:06
grendal_primeyour interface come up06:06
bazhangkonan, what?06:06
clueless2W: GPG error: http://parker1.co.uk feisty Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 6D17A3829B1DB02206:06
Alan502Can i configure dolphin to show hidden directories?06:06
clueless2this is what I got06:06
grendal_primecould be..06:06
michaelgrendal_prime, NO WAIT, i see it ...06:06
lstarnesclueless2: you will need to download and install that key06:06
grendal_primesounds like maybe running in single user mode?06:06
Orion777and it broke my system, how do I repair grub?06:06
BilliardAlan502: could try ctrl+h06:06
michaelgrendal_prime, "mount of filesystem failed"  that's no good06:06
clueless2anyway.. it updated something and told me to restart/reboot but I didn't want to06:06
Alan502Billiard, nope06:06
perithis grsecurity a must have?06:06
michaelgrendal_prime, its doing a filesystem check ... i'll let it run06:06
grendal_primeya sound like you are in single user mode.  some sort of recovery mode06:06
clueless2which key are you referring to?06:06
cheekoany software specifically like bluesolel for blutooth in ubunto06:07
clueless2multivers right?06:07
lstarnesclueless2: the one at the end of that message06:07
Billiardclueless2: try that search command i gave you before again, you can just hit the up arrow to see your command history06:07
lstarnesclueless2: which version of ubuntu are you using?06:07
clueless2Billiard but it takes me back to the prompt  with no error message06:08
Billiardclueless2: when you ran it again?06:08
clueless2let me use the "uname" at least I found that part .. lstarness06:08
clueless2Ubunto 9.1006:08
minecan we use a livecd   .iso to install ubuntu to usb disk  in ubuntu06:08
clueless2Billiard .. just ran about 1 minute ago or less06:09
Billiardmine you can install to a usb disk yeah06:09
bittinWhat is the Difference between Ubuntu and Fedora?06:09
Billiardclueless2: after apt-get update?06:09
lstarnesbittin: they're different distributions of linux06:09
minewhen i have a iso  and now i in ubuntu06:09
hackelHow can I hide my username and just show an icon in karmic's indicator-applet-session like I did in jaunty?06:09
Billiardbittin: different package manager different lots of stuff06:09
perithis grsecurity useful? what's the diff btw grsecurity and gradm2? synaptic only has gradm2.06:09
lstarnesclueless2: why is there a source entry for a repository from feisty (7.04) in your sources list?06:09
* bittin is thinking if i should run Lubuntu och Fedora LXDE on an old laptop06:10
clueless2i have no idea what you're talking lstarness ..06:10
cheekoPaddy_NI: how can i play windows games on ubuntu i have tried wine is ther any thing better then tht?06:10
clueless2i'm not sure what you're referring to lstarness06:10
lstarnesclueless2: you might want to go back to the Software Sources app, go to the "Third-Party Software" tab, and uncheck the one mentioning http://parker1.co.uk06:10
lstarnesclueless2: it's from the error that you posted earlier06:11
MoeGreendoes anybody here use UNIX?06:11
lstarnesMoeGreen: which unix>06:11
clueless2lstarness .. okay those two are UNCHECKED now ..06:11
lstarnesMoeGreen: there are several unix-like operating systems06:11
jozefkbittin: lubuntu for sure :)06:11
BilliardMoeGreen: i dont think many people use "unix"06:12
clueless2should I closed now ?06:12
daredevilthereI want to configure pan but i dont have /etc/default/bluetooth file?06:12
lstarnesclueless2: yes06:12
clueless2it's doing something06:12
bittini already use Debian so maybe i should try Fedora as iam not a newbie06:12
clueless2it's done06:12
clueless2lstarness ..now what's the next step?06:12
MoeGreenReally not a UNIX question per say. i was just wondering if there was a way i can get the windows appearnce of unix for my ubuntu version.  I remember using UNIX as a kid and liking the X in the top right but with a just a dot and square i think to max and min.06:13
squidbillyHmm.. Un-technical question...  I saw a video of someone with a script that looked to be running the Google Earth wallpaper on Ubuntu.. anyone know what that might have been?06:13
jozefki just didn't like fedora. it's not too bad but they are puting sometimes some stuff not working good06:13
clueless2i just did try to apt-get update .. it gives me no error this time06:13
bittinMoeGreen: xdm?06:13
lstarnesMoeGreen: it depends on which window manager it was running06:13
MoeGreenno rounded corners or anything..lol06:13
lstarnesMoeGreen: it might have been twm or mwm06:13
R1_dtownhero, u there?06:14
MoeGreendo those come with ubuntu or should i look on gnomelook or something?06:14
daredeviltherewhere is the bluetooth confuguration files06:14
lstarnesMoeGreen: you can get them through the package manager06:14
jozefklinux is matter of taste and requirements06:14
MoeGreencool thanks guys06:14
bodiHello all I have a ? need help06:15
clueless2lstarness & Billiard .. still out there?06:15
lstarnesclueless2: yes06:15
clueless2lstarness closed the Source Software or something like that06:15
meowbuntuI am looking for a small, extensive, full featured, powerful media player.06:16
khaladu_kjim seeing only 2.9gb ram in my system monitor..  though i have 4 gb in hardware (shown in bios) ... whts the problem??06:16
jozefkbodi: is it possible for us to see what's the question?06:16
amikropHello. Can somebody try something with Firefox, please, and tell me what happened, because I think it is a serious bug.06:16
=== cp is now known as Guest59789
amikropPlease go to Edit->Preferences->Privacy->Firefox will:06:16
lstarnesamikrop: which version of firefox?06:16
minewhat is fdesktop06:16
amikropand change to Use custom history settings06:16
amikroplstarnes: 3.5.506:16
lstarnesamikrop: what happens for you?06:16
amikropand them close the Preferences box06:17
amikropand open it again06:17
meowbuntumine fdesktop looks like a typo06:17
amikropand see if the change was remembered06:17
amikroplstarnes: what I described. it doesn't get remembered :S06:17
bodiI loaded backtrack dual boot everything went well but when i rebooted to fix-splash i get an error can not create directory access denied06:17
minewhat does it used for06:17
meowbuntumine, f and d are next to eachother on k'board06:17
cheekoguys please how can i play windows games in ubuntu06:17
lstarnesamikrop: I had it set to use custom settings and changed it to remember everything, but it didn't remember it06:18
lstarnesamikrop: file a bug report06:18
jozefkin my ubuntu 9.10 the keyboard shortcuts for terminal are different than i use to have with some other distro and KDE06:18
leaf-sheepcheeko: Wine, VirtualBox, or DualBoot.06:18
Billiardcheeko you can use wine, not all windows programs run perfectly check the wine appdb06:18
lstarnesamikrop: I'll add a comment saying that I had the same issue06:18
R1_Does anybody have Windows 7 here and is currently able to remote desktop from ubuntu to windows 7???06:18
meowbuntucheeko, have you installed wine06:18
khaladu_kjdoes anyone have solution for my problem??06:18
jozefkCtrl+Shift+N should be new tab but it's not06:18
cheekomeowbuntu: yes06:18
jozefkit's new window06:18
cheekobut not useful06:18
lstarneskhaladu_kj: what output do you get from the command uname -m ?06:19
Billiardcheeko: not useful?06:19
jozefkand Shift+Left Shift+Right doesn't move from one to another Tab06:19
Billiardkhaladu_kj: you are running a 32 bit operating system?06:19
cheekoBilliard: yes games dont work fine06:19
amikroplstarnes: OK06:19
khaladu_kjlstarnes: i68606:19
jozefkhow can I change that shortcuts?06:19
bodican someone help with this06:20
khaladu_kjBilliard: yes06:20
lstarneskhaladu_kj: you have the 32-bit version06:20
Billiardkhaladu_kj: there is a max ram limit, and that is it06:20
cheekoBilliard: any other06:20
lstarneskhaladu_kj: you should probbaly install the 64-bit (amd64) version of ubuntu06:20
mineis that wubi only can be runned in windows06:20
khaladu_kjlstarnes, Billiard: i thought its 4 gb for 32 bit os!06:20
lstarneskhaladu_kj: it might be less06:20
Billiardcheeko: virtualbox, but you wont get good video performance, you could try the wine beta repository also, i found it works better06:20
Draakehow come when i change the /etc/motd .. it is auto changed right back to what it was?06:20
lstarnesDraake: edit /etc/motd.tail06:21
khaladu_kjI will try 64 bit ubuntu .. then06:21
khaladu_kjthanx .. :)06:21
chemjeffHi all, I would like to swap two partitions on my hard drive, the /opt and the /tmp partitions, how can I do that?06:21
Billiardkhaladu_kj: its its 4GB minus some because it needs some of the address space for other stuff06:21
lstarnesamikrop: once you file it, give me a link to it06:21
leaf-sheepkhaladu_kj: You could install the server kernel.  That would works too.06:21
amikroplstarnes: sure06:21
amikroplstarnes: hmm, some developer told me not to file a bug report06:22
Billiardkhaladu_kj: yea you could try the pae kernel, but if you have a 64 bit cpu i would use 64 bit os06:22
meowbuntucheeko, wine can only run simple windows apps. there is another emulator (cant remember the name) but i think you have to pay for it06:22
meowbuntu^ hold on06:22
cheekoBilliard: wht leaf-sheep was telling abt dual boot06:22
greezmunkeyman this OS rocks, I didn't even _need_ to install a swap partition!06:22
nikhil_meowbuntu: cedega06:22
IdleOnemeowbuntu: cedega06:22
Billiardcheeko: installing windows on another partition06:22
amikroplstarnes: I will keep you up to date06:22
nikhil_IdleOne: ;)06:22
khaladu_kjleaf-sheep: what will server kernel do..?06:23
leaf-sheepcheeko: When you start up the computer, you have the option to start Ubuntu or to start Windows 7.  That's dual boot.06:23
Billiardkhaladu_kj: server kernel has pae, its like a hack to use more ram06:23
Draakehow do i take off "0 packages can be updated" ...... etc as well on the MOTD?06:23
meowbuntucheeko, take a look at cedega http://linux.about.com/gi/o.htm?zi=1/XJ&zTi=1&sdn=linux&cdn=compute&tm=13&f=00&su=p284.9.336.ip_p504.1.336.ip_&tt=2&bt=1&bts=1&zu=https%3A//wiki.ubuntu.com/Cedega06:24
cheekoleaf-sheep: got it06:24
lstarneskhaladu_kj: the server kernel has some options tailored for use in webservers06:24
meowbuntucheeko, what game you looking to play06:24
lstarneskhaladu_kj: for some things, like many desktop applications, there may be decreases in performance06:24
minewhat is the difference between  ubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-dvd06:24
meowbuntucheeko, the latest game06:24
khaladu_kjBilliard: that seems ideal ...  but .. it wont affect..  any other functionality right?06:25
lstarneskhaladu_kj: however, server applications will have better performance06:25
cheekoso wud it work06:25
chemjeffHi all, I would like to swap two partitions on my hard drive, the /opt and the /tmp partitions, how can I do that?06:25
cheekomeowbuntu: and wht abt virtualbox06:25
lstarnescheeko: change their mount points in /etc/fstab06:25
leaf-sheepkhaladu_kj: http://tinyurl.com/8k4run and http://tinyurl.com/yee6r4w -- Using native amd64 would be the better solution but if you don't want to reinstall and go amd64 at the moment, then use server pae kernel.06:25
lstarnescheeko: virtualbox requires you to install windows in it06:25
chemjefflstarnes, I did that but then when I rebooted I got Gnome configuration file errors06:26
meowbuntucheeko, not sure. wine is a long shot. for latest games. try the link to cedega i posted ^06:26
khaladu_kjleaf-sheep : im using core2duo06:26
cheekolstarnes: but tht wud make botht os slow06:26
DraakeSpeaking of emulators.. what would be best for "WoW"?06:26
leaf-sheepmine: Multiple languages in Ubuntu DVD.06:26
lstarnescheeko: not necessarily06:26
Billiardchemjeff: do have have data on them?06:26
lstarnescheeko: virtualbox is usually very fast06:26
chemjeffBilliard, there's no data on the /opt partition, and no permanent data on the /tmp partition06:26
khaladu_kjleaf-sheep: i doubt amd64 will work on core2duo .. fine.. will it?06:26
meowbuntucheeko, you need minimum of 1 gig 2 prefered for vbox06:26
chemjeffBilliard, just whatever is used for the current session06:27
cheekolstarnes: but i have very less ram thts the prob06:27
lstarneskhaladu_kj: it will06:27
Billiardchemjeff: just swap the fstab mount mounts06:27
Billiardmount ponts*06:27
lstarneskhaladu_kj: it will work on most 64-bit intel-like processirs06:27
Billiardpoints* jeeze sorry06:27
chemjeffBilliard, I did that but I get Gnome configuration file errors06:27
leaf-sheepkhaladu_kj: That is fine. If your computer have 64bit processor, then it should work.  This will be useful if you're doing heavy processing like DVD encoding or video editting or audio editting, etc.06:27
chemjeffBilliard, when I restart06:27
meowbuntucheeko, do you have a copy of windows handy06:27
Billiardchemjeff: errors?06:27
leaf-sheepkhaladu_kj: Take the advantage of your hardware. ;)06:27
cheekomeowbuntu: yes06:27
khaladu_kjlstranes: cool...  yea..  makes sense06:28
chemjeffBilliard, yes - I couldn't log in to a Gnome session06:28
khaladu_kjleaf-sheep: agreed.. :D06:28
BilliardDraake: wow runs well in wine06:28
Billiardchemjeff: what was the error06:28
Alan502Does anyone recommend a download manager other than flash got or Kget for kubuntu?06:28
meowbuntucheeko, then look up how to dual boot windows(xp/vista) and ubuntu 9.1006:28
DraakeBilliard, i tried wine  1.2 and it wouldn't complete the installation it downloaded up to 95% and froze.. boy was i mad!06:28
chemjeffBilliard, I don't remember precisely, but I know it said that something failed a sanity check and exited with error 25606:29
BilliardDraake: you added the wine beta repository?06:29
Draakei let the package install everything.. it was like 7 packages06:29
Billiardchemjeff: and putting the partitions back removes the error?06:29
chemjeffBilliard, yes06:29
BilliardDraake: try adding the wine beta repository06:29
cheekomeowbuntu: wen i keep windows as host orerating system ubuntu gives aprob06:29
cheekomeowbuntu: init too long06:30
BilliardDraake: also the message of the day is setup using files in /etc/update-motd.d  if you still were wondering06:30
DraakeBilliard,  i let the package install everything.. it was like 7 packages06:30
minewhen i make a usb bootable disk  it remind chucksums...what is wrong with it06:30
DraakeBilliard, thanks.06:30
meowbuntuthats your best best.for playing games like transformers. install windows (legal copy) first then ubuntu then add windows info to ubuntu grub. thats about the basics. google is your friend06:30
meowbuntu^ cheeko06:30
DigitalBrowserI am using 9.10. My xorg.conf file does not have much in there and when I start up it says Ubuntu is running in low graphics mode. Can someone help please?06:30
Billiardmine "it remind chucksums"06:31
Billiardmine what?06:31
leaf-sheepmeowbuntu: Bing is my friend. :)06:31
meowbuntucheeko, did you get that06:31
BilliardDigitalBrowser: what type of gfx card?06:31
meowbuntuleaf-sheep, bing ??????? what is that06:31
cheekomeowbuntu:  yes06:31
DigitalBrowserATI X850 Radeon06:31
macomeowbuntu: microsoft's search engine06:31
Billiardmeowbuntu: search engine, google wannabe06:32
bullgard[Thunderbird] Addressbook > Search > Dropdown list lists as the first two entries 'Name or Email' and 'Category'. The Edit cards do not have a 'Category' field. What does 'Category' correspond to in the Edit card entries?06:32
meowbuntucheeko, thats about it if you dont have enough rram to run vbox properly.06:32
meowbuntuleaf-sheep, are you being funny06:32
daredevilthereHow to set up PANU Bluetooth networking06:33
leaf-sheepbullgard: I'm guessing "Students" or "Employees" or "Friends" or "Families" would quality as Categories.06:33
cheekomeowbuntu: dual seems a good bet06:33
meowbuntuleaf-sheep, this is ubuntu a linux os. bing is microsoft anti linux corperation06:33
eriganahi all...06:33
bullgardleaf-sheep: Your answer is wrong.06:33
leaf-sheepmeowbuntu: Not really. Google is very evil now. But that's offtopic here.06:33
DraakeBilliard, when you say repository, what is that?06:34
cheekoleaf-sheep: not at all06:34
DigitalBrowserThis is what my xorg.conf file looks like:06:34
DigitalBrowserSection "Screen"06:34
DigitalBrowserIdentifier"Configured Screen Device"06:34
DigitalBrowserDevice"Configured Video Device"06:34
DigitalBrowserSubSection "Display"06:34
FloodBot2DigitalBrowser: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:34
DigitalBrowserVirtual3280 120006:34
eriganai have a thien client pc-station s320, can i use it with ubuntu ?06:34
eriganai try using ltsp can't06:34
meowbuntucheeko, make sure the install guide is a grub2 tutoral. not grub. you may run into trouble otherwise06:34
meowbuntuDigitalBrowser, , dont flood chanel !pastebin06:35
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic06:35
leaf-sheepbullgard: Letting you know... Thunderbird 3.0 was released few days ago.06:35
minewait i try it  again06:35
meowbuntuleaf-sheep, can i pm you for a sec06:36
leaf-sheepmeowbuntu: Sure.06:36
mineleaf-sheep Multiple languages in Ubuntu DVD.  can you say more about it06:37
DraakeDOES ANYONE know how to get a USB external HDD to be mounted?06:37
mineleaf-sheep :Multiple languages in Ubuntu DVD.  can you say more about it06:37
cheekomeowbuntu: i just found win4lin06:38
cheekoso can i apt-get win4lin06:38
SnausagesDraake: I just plug them in and they appear in the file browser06:39
SnausagesDraake: if one didn't, I'd guess that you haven't got filesystem support installed for it06:39
DraakeSnausages, well mine isn't working out that way :(06:39
Zsocihi there!is it possible to run ./configure with aptitude?is it any way to install from source to autoinstall dependencies?06:39
SnausagesDraake: is it spinning up?06:39
BilliardDraake: does it show up in the places menu?06:39
DraakeSnausages, how do i go about getting that installed?06:40
DraakeBilliard, no it sure doesn't06:40
DraakeSnausages, it lights up.. but i can't feel it spinning..06:40
Billiardcheeko: you wont be able to run games well in win4lin probably, if thats what you are trying to do06:40
minewhat do you mean06:40
Zsocii would like to install from source and want to make ./configure easyer.06:40
DraakeSnausages, actually yes it spins06:41
SnausagesDraake: it might be power starved- USB drives are finicky like that.  maybe try it on another port, or on a powered hub06:41
Zsocito autoinstall all dependencies06:41
meowbuntucheeko, thats another option just remember that windows will not run 100% afficient installed like that. native dual boot is best06:41
DraakeSnausages, Billiard, wow. it worked this time? i swear i been trying for like 3 days06:41
BilliardZsoci: apt-get build-dep <package>06:41
=== nikhil__ is now known as nikhil_
BilliardDraake: cool06:41
minesanusages: can i install ubuntu to a usb disk  in ubuntu06:42
bullgardleaf-sheep: I have haerd that Thunderbird 3.0 has  been released recently. But I do not think that this will solve my question.06:42
minenot in the livecd06:42
Zsociwhat kind of package may I have to type?06:42
minei have a iso06:43
BilliardZsoci: the package you are trying to build06:43
Snausagesmine: I don't know.  I've only installed ubuntu twice, so I don't remember it well enough.  Have you tried?06:43
kprav33nI installed Google Chrome from the Google server on my Ubuntu 9.0406:43
kprav33nI am unable to install extensions on Google Chrome.06:43
kprav33nIf I click install, I get a "Save as" dialog and I am not sure how to install the saved extension.06:43
Billiardmine already told you you can install ubuntu to a usb device06:43
daredevilthereI cant enable visual effects ? whts wrong06:43
kprav33nAny pointers?06:43
Alan502please help with netbeans! i have already installed it but cannot run it :(06:44
Billiarddaredevilthere: which video card do you have?06:44
BilliardAlan502: cannont why?06:44
daredevilthereBilliard: Intel 82865G06:44
DraakeI'm sorry for all these questions haha. Just i been working on all this for the past few days and i give up so now im asking. i usually like to figure it out alone because i remember alot better that way. another thing.. while installing "WoW" over wine.. it got 95% complete and froze.. i go to re-install it in the same directory and it don't see the files.. i did an "updatedb" tried to locate a *.avi and found nothing but my HDD is about 6g06:44
Draakeig less free space (the same amount i downloaded)06:44
Billiarddaredevilthere: sorry idk much abotu intel vcards06:44
=== urkki is now known as Finnish
Alan502Billiard, i cannot run it because i dont know where to execute it from06:44
Draakehow do i go about finding the WoW stuff06:45
Alan502Billiard, it is not on my applications menu and i neither i can run it from the command line06:45
daredevilthereBilliard: How do i find which Driver is ubuntu using06:45
minewhat command06:45
Alan502Billiard, althought when i run the neatbeans installer again it says it is already installed06:45
Zsocii don't think so if it is a packege.I downloaded and extracted the source.now what i have to do is to type ./configure,but it is so frustrating to check manually all the dependencies06:45
BilliardDraake: it will probabaly install to ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files06:45
DraakeBilliard, i checked there :-\06:45
Billiarddaredevilthere: sorry idk06:45
BilliardZsoci: is it a package that is also available in the package manager?06:46
BilliardDraake: are your drives setup in the wine config?06:47
Zsocinope.it is a tar.gz with the source,to compile and install06:47
minebilliard: what command06:47
BilliardZsoci: what is it?06:47
Billiardmine what?06:47
minenot in a livecd06:48
mineinstall ubuntu with a iso06:48
BilliardZsoci: kismet is in the package manager06:48
DraakeBilliard, yes, the c_drive and the "z_drive" ?06:48
BilliardZsoci: afaik06:48
kizzoHow do you make the desktop not display your /home/username directory?06:49
kizzoGNOME desktop06:49
Billiardkizzo: i know you can change it using gconf-editor06:49
minebilliard:install ubuntu with a iso , not in  livecd  and i dont want to reboot06:49
kizzoBilliard: I'll look at it - thanks.06:49
Billiardmine um, why06:50
minei mean just like a copy  then i can use it in another  without update06:50
bodineed help06:50
minebilliard :do you got it06:50
piojunbabia!help | bodi06:50
ubottubodi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:51
minedo you got it06:51
Billiardmine i would think you could extract the squashfs on the cd onto the flash drive then chroot into it and setup the boot loader, but im not 100% sure06:51
Zsocididn't found any in the package manager nor in aptitude.then I downloaded a .dep from somewhere,but it is out of date.so got compatibility problems.it is better to install from source the latest version06:51
Billiardmine or usb disk, if its not a flash drive06:51
Arkadehi, how do i get 64 bit flash going?06:51
Zsocisorry not .dep .deb06:51
BilliardArkade: i have no probs06:51
minechroot  where06:51
BilliardZsoci: add the universe repositorie, then it will be in the package manager06:52
minedo i need reboot06:52
Billiardmine to do what?06:52
kizzoAnyone know where in gconf-editor one would change the option of showing your /home/username directory in the GNOME desktop?06:52
Zsociwhere can I find universe repo?06:52
minelet try it first06:52
Billiardkizzo: gnome > desktop maybe, sorry idk06:52
kizzoIt's cool.06:53
BilliardZsoci: administration > software sources i think06:53
kizzoI found it: i believe it's /apps/nautilus/preferences/desktop_is_home_dir06:53
Billiardkizzo: no that doesnt sound right06:53
kizzoIf set to true, then Nautilus will use the user's home folder as the desktop. If it is false, then it will use ~/Desktop as the desktop06:54
meowbuntuI am looking for a small, extensive, full featured, powerful media player.06:54
kizzo..is the description by it.06:54
Billiardkizzo: hold on ill load up a live cd, in the same place there is options for all the icons on the desktop06:54
Billiardkizzo: can you just delete home from your desktop?06:54
Billiardmeowbuntu: maybe you will like vlc06:54
bodiok here's what i did i have os windows vista /// ran backtrack 4 setup dual boot //everything went well until reboot i rebooted typed sudo su than fix- spash // than y and y again now just boots up to backtrack no windows06:55
Billiardbodi: this is ubuntu support06:55
=== lipsinV21 is now known as lipsinV2
bodiok where do i go ?06:55
Rajasunmeowbuntu: https://launchpad.net/~stemp/+archive/xfce06:55
furunobodi: #windows ?06:55
Billiardbodi: backtrack channel?06:56
Ubuntu_useris there a xubuntu netbook edition?06:56
bodino i installed backtrack06:56
meowbuntuBilliard, vlc is ok i guess. what i am having trouble with is media keeps playing ok for a few minuts then goes funny06:56
furunoUbuntu_user: not yet06:56
Billiardmeowbuntu: fuzzy?06:56
BilliardUbuntu_user: you can install xfce after you install ubuntu06:56
furunoUbuntu_user: if you want lighweight, try installing LXDE as the desktop environment06:56
furunoUbuntu_user: or Openbox06:57
bodiis there a backtrack channel06:57
jcpIs there an ubuntu equivalent to Windows's Resource Monitor?06:57
meowbuntuBilliard, yea fuzzy, skippy, jumpy or just goes silent and speeds up06:57
Billiardbodi: i think so06:57
Zsociyou are right,it is in the repo,but it is out of date what can I get06:57
furunojcp: Gnome System Monitor?06:57
furunojcp: or various terminal command06:57
leaf-sheepbodi: #remote-exploit06:57
Zsoci2008 and what I need is 2009 :(06:57
jcpI know about System Monitor. Resource monitor in Windows provides information on hard disk usage too, such as which files are being accessed by which processes and how much data they have read in the past minute or so. I can't find a place in System Monitor that does that.06:58
FinnishHow do I enable H.264-export in Kdenlive06:58
jcpfuruno: ^06:58
BilliardZsoci: try the apt-get build-deb if you want what you need to build it yourself06:58
Ubuntu_useri know i can install xfce, but can i also change the boot up screen?06:58
bodido they have live such as this?06:58
BilliardUbuntu_user: you should be able to yes06:58
santhoshhow are u man06:58
bazhangbodi, #remote-exploit for bt06:58
jcpand I have a program I wrote that is causing the processor's iowait usage (reported by top) to go up to around 95%, but I can't figure out what my program is accessing that would cause it to go up that much06:58
selvamwith your blessing i'm good06:58
alexstre^I just booted 9.10 from the live cd on an iMac G5 and right after the boot a pop up showed property drivers to install for my wireless to work, which I enabled and everything was fine. I then completed the install and reboot in the "real, installed" ubuntu and the pop up never showed up... Anyone knows how I can enable those drivers manually?06:59
santhoshdodda math06:59
cheekoinit too long is the message i get it tried installing ubuntu in my pc06:59
Zsocinothing happens06:59
RajasunUbuntu_user: As far as I can recall, no. There are netbook remixes/editions for Ubuntu and Kubuntu yes but not that I know of for Xubuntu. Not sure if one is the pipeline either. Check with the folks in #xubuntu perhaps.06:59
Ubuntu_useralexstre^, Ubuntu works better on regular hardware rather than apple06:59
furunojcp: actually you can see open file and memory maps from System Monitor, right click on the process06:59
meowbuntujcp took like 2 sece to find this on google for you. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=67268206:59
* jcp goes to check06:59
santhoshhow is this chat06:59
Zsoci Failed to find libcurses or libncurses.  Install them or disable building the Kismet client with --disable-client.  Disabling the client is probably not something you want to do normally.06:59
selvamit's ok06:59
Zsociwhen I hit ./configure06:59
bodiyes i know remote exploit is bt but i dont see live help06:59
bazhang!ot | selvam santhosh07:00
ubottuselvam santhosh: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:00
BilliardZsoci: did you try what i suggested?07:00
jcpmeowbuntu: is it possible to tell how much it's read/written to those files?07:00
alexstre^Ubuntu_user: I know that already. but it works perfectly from the live cd. not so well once it's installed though... which is a bit weird07:00
meowbuntujcp, i just googles what you asked "ubuntu equivalent to Windows Resource Monitor"07:00
cheekoselvam: try some ims07:00
jcpyeah, I've been doing the same thing07:00
meowbuntujcp no idea sorry07:00
jcpthanks anyway07:00
Ubuntu_useralexstre^, also no flash07:00
jcpActually, one more question. Is it possible to monitor a remote system with Resource Monitor?07:01
meowbuntujcp, have you tested crunchbang os07:01
Zsociapt-get build-deb and what would be the next command?sorry,I'm a newbie for stuff like this07:01
jcpI've never heard of ti07:01
jcpgrr, *it07:01
furunojcp: Crunchbang Linux, it ubuntu based with Openbox desktop07:01
meowbuntujcp,  ok look into conky07:02
jcpah, cool07:02
BilliardZsoci: i said   "sudo apt-get build-dep kismet"07:02
meowbuntujcp, http://conky.sourceforge.net/07:02
Zsocithank you07:02
jcpyeah, just saw it on Synaptic07:02
jcpI'll try that and see how it goes07:02
meowbuntujcow, conky is a desktop display for displaying system info and other stuff.07:03
ZsociE: build-deb illegal command07:03
meowbuntu^ jcp07:03
Billiardkizzo: did you find the setting? i just found it07:03
meowbuntujcp, , conky is a desktop display for displaying system info and other stuff.07:03
lstarnesZsoci: build-dep, not build-deb07:03
jcpyeah, just finished installing. Let's see how it works07:03
justin_Hey, I need help.07:04
furuno!ask | justin_07:04
ubottujustin_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:04
meowbuntujcp, crunchbang uses it by default.07:04
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), crunchbang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #remote-exploit)07:04
wantedi am using mathew farewalls emerald theme, but to apply that i want to use emerald -replace, but i have to do this every time i restart my computer.07:04
furunojcp: configuring conky can be painful tought... they should use XML or YAML :/07:04
justin_I just updated to 8.10 and now my wireless doesn't work. I think it is because the network manager is using a device I don'07:04
justin_t want it to use.07:04
justin_I have two wireless devices.07:05
furunowanted: in System > Pref > Startup application, add "emerald --replace" entry07:05
DarkS7ari have problems with the wireless in 9.1007:05
boomernangHi, i'm using ubuntu 9.10 with a nvidia 9800GTX video card(closed drivers) - I had a 21" cheap lcd screen previously, and have now plugged in a 23" lcd tv via DVI. Booted up ubuntu and works flawlessly(res 1920x1080) except, i get like "ripples" or "cuts" on my screen when im watching a movie. Any particular reason for this?07:05
DarkS7arcan u help07:05
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!07:05
kossanAnyone that might give a hint on why other computers won't find my computer?07:05
Billiardboomernang: which media player?07:05
CelrocHey all, I think something is wrong with my GRUB. All of a sudden, it doesn't have my entry for Gentoo in it, just Ubuntu and Windows... I also see alot of different entries for Ubuntu. I checked my grub.conf, but it looks unchanged. What should I do to get it back to the way it was?07:05
boomernangBilliard, vlc and movieplayer.07:05
justin_The Network Manager is 8.10 is terrible.07:05
furunoboomernang: try using MPlayer with the GL video output07:06
BilliardCelroc: could try update-grub07:06
jussi01meowbuntu: ?07:06
indusboomernang: which player07:06
CelrocBilliard: Ok, thanks, will try07:06
indusboomernang: yeah like furuno says, experiemtn with video output07:06
furunoboomernang: or VDPAU, if you're NV07:06
=== rd is now known as Guest81115
justin_How do I force the network manager to use the correct device?07:06
jussi01meowbuntu: please use !ops | reason in future07:06
BilliardCelroc: you have more ubuntu entires because of new kernels07:06
huneph_K i have a problem. I just downloaded big buck bunny the blender movie and now if i go to my start menu and try to go to my home folder a tab appears on the toolbar with a load symbol then it dissapears and i got nothing07:07
CelrocBilliard: Thanks, that makes sence07:07
CelrocBilliard: *sense07:07
boomernangindus, furuno ok will try a diff video output. Would aspect ratio change anything?07:07
CelrocBilliard: Ok, it finished... Now I'll reboot and see if it looks better07:07
Billiardhuneph_: so you cant see your home contents?07:07
indusboomernang: well its 4:3 for normal screens07:07
huneph_it doesn't even load07:07
CelrocBilliard: And thanks :-)07:07
Billiardhuneph_: can you ls the contents from a command line07:08
huneph_i can get it in totem if i go file open07:08
BilliardCelroc: np idk if it will help at all07:08
indusboomernang: bbut maybe, i use a 17  inch crt07:08
huneph_but my start menu won't open file browser07:08
indusso cant say07:08
=== furuno_ is now known as furuno
cheekoBilliard: guys i can trun ubuntu i installed it just now again it says init too long07:08
huneph_it either freezes07:08
huneph_or just nothing07:08
DarkS7arhey ,i'm using ubuntu 9.10 with atheros wireless card but sometimes it disconnects from the network and i cant connect unless i reboot the system.any ideas?07:08
wantedfurno: i added let me restart the system07:08
meowbuntuops sorry to all opps07:08
bullgard[Thunderbird] Addressbook > Search > 'Dropdown list' lists as the first two entries 'Name or Email' and 'Category'. The Edit cards do not have a 'Category' field. What does 'Category' correspond to in the Edit card entries?07:08
kossanDarkS7ar: What standard is the wireless running?07:08
Billiardhuneph_: it wont open nauatilus to any folder?07:08
huneph_is nautilus the file browser?07:09
huneph_if so yes07:09
meowbuntui am having trouble with is media keeps playing ok for a few minuts then goes funny07:09
huneph_i can't open anything07:09
DarkS7arkossan: 802.11g07:09
=== guest1 is now known as albert
Billiardmeowbuntu: you try a different media player?07:09
Billiardmeowbuntu: what type of medai07:09
kossanDarkS7ar: The wireless itself.. is it running a/b/g07:09
DarkS7arkossan: is that what u ask07:09
furunomeowbuntu: what kind of media? what player?07:09
wantedfurno: its working man07:09
DarkS7araaa well its g07:09
=== moayad_ is now known as moayad
meowbuntuyes exaile was playing up so i installed vlc and thats just as bad07:10
Billiardhuneph_: what if you try to open nautilus from the command line07:10
furunowanted: nice :)07:10
kossanhmm.. Then I've no idea, have had big trouble with a07:10
huneph_whats command?07:10
alberthow do i install   vlc in ubuntu07:10
huneph_in terminal07:10
CelrocBilliard: Hmm, didn't fix it07:10
huneph_now what07:10
meowbuntufuruno, music07:10
Billiardhuneph_: nautilus07:10
furunoalbert: in terminal, type "sudo apt-get install vlc"07:10
DarkS7arkossan: the most insteresting thing is that with some other linux distros it works perfect07:10
huneph_it says "(nautilus:4700): Eel-CRITICAL **: eel_preferences_get_boolean: assertion `preferences_is_initialized ()' failed07:10
BilliardCelroc: idk, you might have to manually add your gentoo07:11
kossanDarkS7ar: But let's check what network card you have07:11
meowbuntuBilliard, furuno could it be the updates that cause it to playup07:11
wantedfurno: i got another problem to, my mic is not working in skype, so is there alternative for skype like pidigin or something else07:11
furunomeowbuntu: rephrase please07:11
albertonly that furuno? i heard we need mozilla vlc or something...07:11
furunowanted: try Ekiga07:11
huneph_then "Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.07:11
CelrocBilliard: Funny thing is, my Grub.conf file is unchanged.07:11
Billiardhuneph_: ok we will try backingup/moving your nautilus settings07:11
huneph_alright how?07:11
meowbuntuwanted, does your mic work in other apps07:11
Billiardhuneph_: one sec07:11
DarkS7arkossan: Atheros07:11
huneph_wait i got more07:11
zetherooI probably should have not done this but I install Windows 7 on my Ubuntu machine on a seperate partition I created just for the Windows Install ... now however the system boots straight into Windows 7 without giving any attention to grub .... How can I get grub back and running without ruining the Windows install?07:11
furunoalbert: you might want to add mozilla-plugin-vlc so it'll be "sudo apt-get install vlc mozilla-plugin-vlc"07:11
huneph_same thing repeated07:11
wantedmeowbuntu: my mic works in other apps07:12
kossanDarkS7ar: give me some more information with ifconfig07:12
wantedfurno: but how can i use skype in ekiga07:12
Celroc!grub zetheroo07:12
furunozetheroo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows07:12
boomernangBilliard, indus - I have tried opengl and a few other modes in the vlc list. Still getting the same problem. I feel this has to do with my xorg.conf or something. Because it got created on another screen.07:12
meowbuntuwanted, is it confergured properly in skype07:12
huneph_i encrypted my home directory could that do it?07:12
Billiardboomernang: you have the nvidia driver enabled?07:12
DraakeDoes ubuntu(linux rather) have a itunes clone so i can manage my "iPhone's iPod" ? and iPhone Apps?07:12
boomernangBilliard, yeah07:13
Billiardhuneph_: yes it could07:13
huneph_i've got the key07:13
Billiardhuneph_: if you did it wrong or something07:13
furunoDraake, yes, and it's installed by default, it's called Rhythmbox07:13
huneph_it was working fine though07:13
Draakefuruno, really? awesome!07:13
huneph_for quite awhile before it quit07:13
meowbuntuDraake, songbird clames to be the opensorce itunes07:13
goosehow do I generate a server certificate with openSSL? Not self sign, I'm going to submit it for signing, just generate07:13
wantedmeowbuntu: i can only see one option in the sound settings, thats is pulse audio server,, and no other options, i can hear but my mic is not working07:13
furunoDraake: you still need to install codec for MP3 btw :)07:13
jdculpmy computer is making a poping sound what is it07:13
mneptokmeowbuntu: please see PM07:13
Draakefuruno, really? haha. where abouts is that?07:13
Billiardhuneph_: try this      "mv ~/.nautilus ~/nautilus_old"07:14
Draakefuruno,  and also wma/wmv ?07:14
furunoDraake: pretty simple, just install Ubuntu Restricted Extras from the SOftware Center07:14
furunoDraake: yes07:14
furunoDraake: all stuff like flash and java also included in Ubuntu Restricted Extras07:14
meowbuntumneptok, ,  i will can you please ask nex time it rude not to07:14
CelrocBilliard: Maybe I got it, hold on... gonna reboot07:15
Draakefuruno, i dont see an option for "restricted extras"07:15
huneph_just went down a line07:15
Billiardhuneph_: try running nautilus now07:15
wantedmeowbuntu: i can only see one option in the sound settings, thats is pulse audio server,, and no other options, i can hear but my mic is not workin07:15
huneph_same thing as before.07:15
huneph_if i have my encryption key07:15
Draakefuruno, nvm i found it ;)07:15
huneph_can i remove encryption?07:15
furunoDraake: well, the easisest way for me is open up your terminal, and type in "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras"07:15
Billiardhuneph_: pastebin the error07:15
albertwhatdo thikn u cah asdfoiasf07:15
FloodBot2albert: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:15
Billiardhuneph_: im not so keen on home encryption07:16
Draakefuruno, thanks brotha07:16
huneph_said command not found07:16
furunoDraake: yw ;)07:16
Billiardhuneph_: what?07:16
huneph_(nautilus:4729): Eel-CRITICAL **: eel_preferences_get_boolean: assertion `preferences_is_initialized ()' failed07:17
huneph_(nautilus:4729): Unique-DBus-WARNING **: Error while sending message: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.07:17
huneph_(nautilus:4729): Unique-DBus-WARNING **: Error while sending message: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.07:17
FloodBot2huneph_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:17
CelrocBilliard: Back... still not working...07:17
Kage_Jittaidoes ubuntu use ext4 yet?07:17
leaf-sheepKage_Jittai: Yes.07:18
BilliardCelroc: idk sorry07:18
lstarnesKage_Jittai: it has been supported since 9.0407:18
indusKage_Jittai: it does if you07:18
indusinstall fresh 9.1007:18
lstarnesKage_Jittai: and is the default for 9.1007:18
huneph_pasted on paste07:18
CelrocBilliard: Np. Thanks for trying, though :-)07:18
mneptokalbert: please stop07:18
meowbuntuwanted, try again is your mic pluged in. is it turned up to max in ubuntu settings07:18
Zsocithank you so much.I'm really happy now :)07:19
meowbuntuwanted, in terminal type alsamixer07:19
meowbuntu^ * or alisamixa07:19
Draakefuruno, you wouldn't happen to know of a program that can read the file and organize everything? i had them all organized in iTunes.. Artist/Song Name/etc07:20
CelrocHey all, all of a sudden (maybe it was after an update) my GRUB changed to be quite different (I had it somewhat customized), and I can't seem to get it back to normal. My grub.conf still has all of the entries07:20
furunoDraake: Rhythmbox can do that07:20
Draakefuruno, nice!07:20
boomernangHi, i'm using ubuntu 9.10 with a nvidia 9800GTX video card(closed drivers) - I had a 21" cheap lcd screen previously, and have now plugged in a 23" lcd tv via DVI. Booted up ubuntu and works flawlessly(res 1920x1080) except, i get like "ripples" or "cuts" on my screen when im watching a movie on vlc/mediaplayer. I have tried different video outputs and not helping at all. Could this be a hsync/vsync issue since my xorg.conf was created on another07:20
boomernang screen?07:20
meowbuntuBilliard, furuno any ideas on my music media faults07:20
furunoDraake: or you might want to take a look at Songbird at getsondbird.com07:20
furunoDraake: * getsongbird.com07:20
Billiardmeowbuntu: idk07:20
Draakeim never going back to winblows07:21
indusboomernang: check the xorg settings for the monitor entries07:21
meowbuntufuruno, i was meaning that after i updated could that cause my media to stop playing properly07:21
furunocan anyone give me an "intact" /etc/apt/sources.list please? My Linux Mint 8 only list the archive.ubuntu.com which is slow :/07:21
leaf-sheep!mint | furuno07:22
ubottufuruno: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), crunchbang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #remote-exploit)07:22
huneph_billiard if it helps i'm using ubuntu studio 64 bit 9.1007:22
Flannelfuruno: That is an intact one.07:22
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org07:22
furunono I just want an intact "/etc/apt/sources.list" file from Ubuntu karmic07:22
kraitosi remove xubuntu-desktop and now ubuntu is slower, can anyone help?07:22
meowbuntufuruno, you need to go tp the linux mint irc channel on sportchat07:23
boomernangindus, here is my xorg.conf created by the command 'sudo Xorg :1 -configure' - http://pastebin.com/d46f56c8107:23
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), crunchbang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #remote-exploit)07:23
furunokraitos: so what are you using now?07:23
furunoyeah I know that :/07:23
Flannelfuruno: Having it full of archive.ubuntu.com *is* an "intact" sources.list07:23
boomernangindus, it seems to be all automated even in the conf these days :(07:23
kraitosgnome, the original desktop, furuno07:23
meowbuntufuruno, mint is not supported here07:23
bullgard[Thunderbird] Addressbook > Search > 'Dropdown list' lists as the first two entries 'Name or Email' and 'Category'. The Edit cards do not have a 'Category' field. What does 'Category' correspond to in the Edit card entries?07:23
Billiardhuneph_: can you pastebin the nautilus error?07:23
furunokraitos: maybe you want to try lxde instead07:23
indusboomernang: use the nvidia settigns tool to adjust monitor settings07:24
Zsocithank you so much!now I solved everything :)07:24
kraitosfuruno, also when i go to log in my splash image is tan orange color.07:24
meowbuntufuruno, are you using ubuntu or mint atm07:24
furunokraitos: yes it's the default ubuntu brown07:24
furunomeowbuntu: I'm on mint07:24
Flannelmeowbuntu: Please stop.07:24
furunowell nvm I find them myself :/07:24
kraitosfuruno, i removed xfce because ubuntu was being slow in log in.07:24
meowbuntuthen go to mint chanel for mint questions i got kicked out of here for doing that the other day07:24
meowbuntu^ furuno07:25
Kage_Jittaihello cheeko is having a issue loading init after he makes a selection from the grub menu.  Is it possible he is passing to many arguements to init?  The error message is "init too long"07:25
furunokraitos: why you remove xfce? xfce is your desktop...07:25
meowbuntuFlannel, stop what exactly07:25
kraitosfuruno, but i used to have the 9.10 screen splash how do i put it back to that.07:25
mneptokmeowbuntu: the point was made with the original triggering of the factoid by jussi01.07:25
indusmeowbuntu: oversight07:25
boomernangindus, I would have no idea what to change. However, there is a new tab in there called DFP-0 (LG M2362D) which is my tv. This "force GPU scaling" is ticked. Sus.07:25
indusmeowbuntu: nvm it07:25
Ubuntu_userwhere can i find eeexubuntu?07:25
furunokraitos, try reinstalling xfce bt installing "xubuntu-desktop"07:25
zetheroook well I followed the Ubuntu documentation to reinstall grub and its not working!07:25
indusboomernang: hmm gpu scaling?07:25
meowbuntuindus, what is that07:25
Flannelfuruno: You're looking for additional mirrors.  See !mirrors (/msg ubottu mirrors)07:26
indusmeowbuntu: ask Flannel07:26
furunoFlannel: oh ty :)07:26
minei have down some package for update  ,how to make it search in the dir  before search on line07:26
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Karmic, and help keeping the servers' load low!07:26
kraitosfuruno, sorry for the confusion. i install xubuntu-desktop ontop of ubuntu so i could use xfce. and i did like it because it was slower starting up and shutingdown.07:26
boomernangindus, force gpu scaling is ticked and gpu scaling is "stretched". the scaling method options are "stretched/centered/aspect ratio" Thats all I can change in that tab. I will give aspect ratio a go.07:26
furunokraitos: how about LXDE?07:26
zetheroogrub-setup is giving me warnings and telling me that what I am doing is not a good idea :) ha07:27
indusboomernang: ! YES07:27
echotonedoes anybody know why i wouldnt be able to install 9.10 after installing windows 7 and trying a clean install of ubuntu?07:27
kraitosfuruno, what exactly is LXDE?07:27
indusboomernang: always aspect ratio is better i suppose07:27
furunokraitos: a lightweight desktop environment07:27
Billiardechotone: whats stopping you?07:27
indusboomernang: tried xv output in player too07:27
zetheroothis is why some documentation is a headache to follow ... its not complete ...07:27
echotonei have no clue. it doesnt get past letting me select whether to install or run live. either one gives me a black screen forever07:27
Flannelechotone: Try using the alternate CD to install07:28
furunoechotone: are you burn the CD correctly?07:28
Billiardechotone: check the cd for defects?07:28
echotonei am using it right now07:28
kraitosfuruno, i just want gnome the way i had it, because i spend a lot of time setting it up like i wanted it.07:28
Billiardechotone: check the md507:28
Draakefuruno, hmmm. it don't seem to recognize my iphone07:28
echotonei installed it and when i boots it goes black07:28
Ubuntu_userwhere can i find eeexubuntu?07:28
meowbuntucan anyone help me with my media issues07:28
hunephI'm having nautilus problems anyone?07:28
kraitosfuruno, i just want gnome the way i had it, because i spend a lot of time setting it up like i wanted it.07:28
Billiardechotone: you just said you cant even boot the cd07:28
* meowbuntu will leave and come back if he cant get help atm 07:29
Flannelechotone: That's a problem with X in the live environment.  You could spend time diagnosing/fixing it, or you could just download and install with the alternate CD.07:29
echotoneit doesnt boot a regular cd. so i made an alternate and it boots and installs but the os doesnt boot07:29
Billiardechotone: did you install the boot loader to the mbr?07:29
=== mike is now known as Guest52968
bullgardHow can I specify in pavumeter a PulsAudio source device to monitor (see man pavumeter)?07:29
echotonehow do i do that?07:29
cheekoBilliard: im having the same prob07:29
Billiardechotone: the alternate cd you have to do it07:29
=== Onyx_ is now known as Guest48076
mneptokmeowbuntu: what are the issues, exactly?07:30
hunephanyone know what causes nautilus to not open?07:30
Flannelechotone: What do you mean by "doesn't boot" after you've installed via the alternate CD?07:30
hunephgetting error 478707:30
Flannelechotone: Does it get to GRUB?07:30
cheekoFlannel: it says init too long07:30
furunohuneph: try reinstall nautilus? remove it with "sudo apt-get autoremove --purge nautilus"07:30
echotoneyes. i run the installer from the alternate cd and then reboot the comp. it starts the os and i get the ubuntu logo...but then it switches to black and i cant do anything.07:31
echotonebilliard.. how do i do that?07:31
kraitoscan anyone help me with my problem?07:31
Tina-anyone know where i can find the source of the netbook-launcher (unr) , i want to compile it for my non ubuntu linux07:31
Flannelechotone: Alright, once you're at the black screen, can you hit ctrl-alt-f1 to switch to a terminal?07:31
cheekoFlannel: u have any idea07:31
echotonei am installing again right now. but i didnt try.07:31
echotonei doubt it tho07:31
Flannelechotone: Once it does, try it.  You've got X problems apparently07:31
boomernangindus, damn man. aspect-ratio didn't change a thing. Neither did unticking 'force gpu scale'.07:32
zetheroo1here is the output of me trying to reinstall grub to /dev/sda2 http://pastebin.com/m47c348dc07:32
echotonehow would i go about fixing x problems?07:32
Billiardechotone: there is an option when installing via the alternate cd, you should use the desktop cd if you are a novice07:32
FlannelBilliard: That's not relevant to the problems he's having at all.07:32
Tina-zetheroo1: why not set it to mbr?07:32
echotonethe desktop cd wont boot. thats why i made the alternate cd in the first place07:32
zetheroo1Tina-: I have no idea ... I am just following the Ubuntu Documentation on the topic07:33
Flannelechotone: You probably have to reconfigure it or something, I'm not up on the new X stuff, so I unfortunately can't help you.  Someone else here should be able to07:33
echotonethanks anyways flannel. i'll keep working on it07:33
Tina-it is a bad idea to do thing when you have no idea :o07:33
BilliardFlannel: echotone: sorry, when i told him about the boot loader he made it sound like it still booted win 7 and didnt get grub07:33
furunoechotone: this might help : http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xorg, it has quite nice info07:33
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.07:33
zetheroo1Tina-: well I have done it before ... but not with Karmic07:34
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub207:34
echotoneI'll check it out. it installs win7 and runs it.07:34
zetheroo1Tina-: anyhow .. I followed the documentation easily ..07:34
echotoneit also runs osx86 and win xp.07:34
echotoneonly not linuc07:34
hunephneed some nautilus help anyone an expert?07:35
Tina-ic then it can be sane not to use mbr ;)07:35
qlganbody use gtk to program07:35
cheekoechotone can u come to #kubuntu07:35
opossum_oisifhow do I reset the dashboard (icons in the top-right side for notifications, windows, session...) what is the file to remove?07:35
Tina-zetheroo1: i dont like grub2 much i think i downgrade to .9707:35
hunephnautilus experts?07:35
furunoopossum_oisif: do you want to remove the system tray? just right click and choose remove from panel07:36
furunohuneph: maybe try #gnome07:36
Ubuntu_userwhere can i find eeexubuntu?07:36
furunohuneph: I mean, ##gnome07:36
Tina-Ubuntu_user: try UNR07:36
zetheroo1Tina-: I really don't mind grub2 and have gotten around things I thought were limitations ... but maybe this documentation has not been updated ..07:36
opossum_oisiffuruno, I would to reset/reload to origin the panel07:36
furunoopossum_oisif: I don't quite understand what do you mean...07:37
Tina-zetheroo1: it refuses to make me a line for my gentoo :|07:37
Ubuntu_userTina-, UNR actually uses MORE ram than default setup, and i prefer xfce anyhow07:37
zetheroo1Tina-: did you manually insert it ...07:37
kraitoscan anyone tell me were the login splash are located and how to change the login splash?07:37
furunoUbuntu_user: how abour Crunchbang?07:37
opossum_oisiffuruno, I want to go back to the original panel that it comes with karmic , I will search on google07:38
Ubuntu_userfuruno, nah, i like having a desktop lol07:38
Tina-Ubuntu_user: it not uses much ram +/-300MB in idle07:38
Ubuntu_userTina-, was i misinformed?07:38
furunoopossum_oisif: oh, you can just add item to the panel by right clicking on the panel and choosing add to panel, and arrange them by moving them by dragging with the middle mouse button07:39
Tina-it really works fine on my eeepc07:39
furunoUbuntu_user: Crunchbang use an Openbox desktop which is pretty light onr esources07:39
meowbuntuhey i just lost menu baar in xchat how to get it back again07:39
Tina-mk90h eeepc07:39
furunomeowbuntu: press CTRL+F907:39
dylan__can anyone tell me why ubuntu 9.10 won't connect to windows xp shared files ???07:39
Tina-meowbuntu: just a guess ctr +m07:40
zetheroo1does anyone know how to restore GRUB after installing Windows?07:40
pengu8hello guys, i have a question about Cairo desktop... is the version for linux and the one for windows, are they the same thing? is Ciaro in linux opensource?07:40
opossum_oisiffuruno, I think rm -rf .gconf/apps/panel .gnome2/panel2.d will solve my problem07:40
nomad77Tina-: lxlauncher for eeepc is on lxde's sourceforge project page if that's what you meant.07:40
furunoopossum_oisif: sudo apt-get autoremove --purge gnome-panel might be better :)07:40
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub207:40
Bridge|is this the easiest way to setup a mail server: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer ???07:41
* Tina- goes look that up07:41
opossum_oisiffuruno, I just want to retrieve the original disposition of my icons in the panel07:41
nomad77Tina-: http://sourceforge.net/projects/lxde/files/07:42
DraakeCan iTunes be ran on Wine1.2 ?07:43
meowbuntuwhen installing apps what are debugging files for. they are not installed by default for any app07:43
Ubuntu_userfor netbooks would xubuntu be better?07:43
hunephI really need some nautilus help anyone07:43
Ubuntu_useri mean xfce better than gnome07:43
Ubuntu_userDraake, you tried banshee?07:43
justin_My wireless connection has died after the update to 8.10. Can anyone help me fix it?07:43
Tina-nomad77: i mean the gnome starter https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=unr-favorites-small.png07:43
meowbuntuUbuntu_user, it depends you should google something like ubuntu for netbooks or netbook linux os07:44
DraakeUbuntu_user, i tried quite a few, and neither can see my iPhone07:44
hunephi cant get nautilus to open anyone have similar problem?07:44
pengu8hello guys, i have a question about Cairo desktop... is the version for linux and the one for windows, are they the same thing? is Ciaro in linux opensource? anyone? please...07:44
kharlosshi there. i have a counter strike server, i usually use "./hlds_run -game yyyy " to initialize it, but I found something strange ; after ps -aux | grep hlds appear something like this "./hlds_amd -game cstrike -autoupdate -secure +exec server.cfg +ip +port 27015 +maxplayers 20 +map de_dust2  "   problem ofcourse is .. my  server is Intel based ... any sugestion ?07:44
DraakeUbuntu_user, but not banshee, does it see iPhones?07:44
hunephanyone nautilus/07:44
nomad77huneph: oopen htop see if its already running a process if so kill it. if not call nautilus from xterm so you will see any errors07:44
Ubuntu_userDraake, i don't know. i know it does ipods07:44
hunephi've already run it from xterm07:45
hunephand i got an error07:45
hunephi just don't know how to fix it07:45
nomad77huneph: the error was ?07:45
Draakeis it possible to have a "Desktop" on Ubuntu 9.1007:46
Ubuntu_userDraake, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=use+iphone+with+ubuntu lol07:46
meowbuntuanyone know of a small webbrowser for linux. firefox is ok but a tad bloated. i want something that is simple but can handle most of what firefox can07:46
furunomeowbuntu: epiphany07:47
justin_I really need some help.07:47
syn-acklinks2. :P07:47
ardchoilleDraake: yes, you can install a desktop with: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop07:47
meowbuntuDraake, a desktop on ubuntu 9.10. it comes with a desktop running by default07:47
ardchoillemeowbuntu: he may have installed server07:48
nomad77huneph: its dbus related i'd try logout/login again to gnome07:48
hunephk i'll try07:48
justin_I can't seem to find any networks. I think Network Manager is using a wrong device to look for signals.07:48
justin_How do I make it use a different device?07:48
Tina-i found it nomad77 it is called maximus07:48
Light-justin_, it uses all available devices by default07:49
justin_How do I make it use only one device?07:49
nomad77Tina-: cool,sorry i misunderstood07:49
Zsocii installed from source.may I delete the library from where i installed the program or not?07:49
_Agent86_having issues installing libcssl (http://cssl.sourceforge.net)07:50
Light-justin_, I dont think you can. if you want more control, you'll have to use commandline/iwconfig07:50
_Agent86_installed libtool using aptitude07:50
justin_How do I use iwconfig?07:50
Draakemeowbuntu, no. i got this menu on the left.. and nothing on my desktop07:50
_Agent86_"make" constantly returns "libtool: error: you must specify a MODE."07:51
suwrowhere does seahorse keep the saved passwords?07:51
Bridge|any recommend a simple/easy mailserver?07:51
geirhaDraake: You have the Ubuntu Netbook Remix?07:51
Draakeby the way, im running the netbook remix version07:51
_Agent86_I've tried "libtool --mode=install gcc -Wall -D_GNU_SOURCE -g -O -c test.c", for example, editing the makefile07:52
nomad77meowbuntu: kazehakase,midori(webkit) epiphany are 307:52
_Agent86_returns "libtool: install: no file or destination specified07:52
geirhaDraake: It's in the System Preferences section somewhere, don't know what it's called. Desktop switcher maybe.07:52
meowbuntudrcan you please take a screenshot and post it on imagebin07:52
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.07:52
_Agent86_how do I get this thing to work??07:53
meowbuntu_Agent86_, what you trying to install07:53
Draakegeirha, yes07:54
bgoldsmithgreetings - HP Minitower 7500 core2duo, trying to install ubuntu server 9.10 64bit with RAID 1 on two identical 500GB drives. (first time installing RAID) I now have a box that does not boot OR go into the BIOS setup or boot menu, and does not boot from the installer USB drive. BIOS enables VGA and shows the inital splash graphic and hence goes to a blank screen with E2 on it. Googling for the error code didn't help.07:54
Draakewhat is the difference between the Netbook Remix and the Regular version anyways? I thought Netbook Remix was for laptops, thats why I installed that version :-\07:54
leaf-sheepDraake: It is aimed for netbooks. Smaller than laptops. :)07:55
root#squid -k reconfigure    (when this command gives the following error will occure)07:55
rootsquid: ERROR: Could not send signal 1 to process 18406: (3) No such process07:55
roothow we can rectify ?07:55
=== root is now known as Guest76743
_Agent86_I just need a simple library for reliable serial comms, to send/receive strings, without having to understand every little in and out to get it done07:55
meowbuntuDraake, show us a screenshot of your problem then07:55
geirhaDraake: Mostly, the only difference is that the UNR has that desktop layout more suited for very small screens.07:55
justin_How do I check and see if a network device has proper drivers installed?07:55
tstebutI have an ubuntu server karmic and a customized kernel07:55
Draakeleaf-sheep, but, anything is different as in default apps? or is it just the X that is different?07:55
tstebutbut I'm missing something07:56
leaf-sheepDraake: Revamped user interfaces, mostly.07:56
_Agent86_I've tried reverse-engineering tiny serial, tried and failed to understand minicom's source so I could do what it does, I'm just about out of ideas07:56
suwroanyone know where seahorse save the passwords? I have to copy all my old passwords to the new account.07:57
_Agent86_so now trying CSSL07:57
_Agent86_and can't get it to install.07:57
Draakeill brb, i just installed a desktop. im going to reboot07:57
_Agent86_I know linux isn't meant to be easy and user-friendly but people have been doing this sort of thing for over two decades, I was expecting it to be the least of my problems...07:58
tstebutMy uname -r gives :, whereas grub menu.lst have : kernel/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-16-server....and I have only one dir in /lib/modules, that is : 2.6.31-16-server07:59
tstebutWhat is my problem ?08:00
suwronoody use seahorse to save passwords?08:00
ianyikosi just tried to compile a program, and it said "failed to build debian package", but the program still works.  what does that mean?08:00
Flannel_Agent86_: You need a terminal to your serial port? or what?08:00
suwroianyikos: it means you failed to make .deb package08:00
justin_I should have never updated to 8.10....08:01
justin_It's always something stupid.08:01
ianyikoscan i still do that without damaging the program?08:01
justin_Wireless worked fine before...08:01
justin_Now it sucks, and I can't just move that computer.08:02
tstebutnobody ?08:02
bgoldsmithgreetings channel, has anyone been in a situation where you can enter neither the BIOS setup or the boot menu and get a blank screen with E2 written on it?08:02
suwroianyikos: you can but it's not the debian way, you need to install something to be able to make .deb packages, I can't remember the package name...08:02
blackmansed for |word/s*|  /s* being one or more spaces?08:02
suwroianyikos: no...08:03
shaji#squid -k reconfigure    (when this command gives the following error will occure)08:03
shajisquid: ERROR: Could not send signal 1 to process 18406: (3) No such process08:03
shajihow we can rectify ?08:03
suwroianyikos: that's an old package to ease debian configuration... hold on I'm looking for it.08:03
_Agent86_Flannel: I'm writing a program to monitor input from a microcontroller on a serial interface over USB and issue instructions - basically just read and write strings08:03
_Agent86_to a serial port08:03
shaji#squid -k reconfigure    (when this command gives the following error will occure)08:04
shajisquid: ERROR: Could not send signal 1 to process 18406: (3) No such process08:04
shajihow we can rectify ?08:04
Flannel_Agent86_: Ah, you'll just open the device (/dev/ttyS#) like any other file08:04
mylisto2hey all08:05
_Agent86_I can access it from minicom just fine, but when I use tiny serial, opening the first time gives perfect read/write, but after exit, can't connect again to that device (no hangup, I think).08:05
=== Mud is now known as Guest70307
_Agent86_I don't have that problem with minicom, so its obviously doing something different.08:05
ianyikoswould it be dh-make-perl?  i think the program uses perl, but i'm not sure.08:05
_Agent86_So, I need to incorporate that into my program (so not just read/write like file, has to close properly so can be reopened) so if it needs to close and reopen the connection, it can do so.08:06
sal_justin. what kind of device are you trying to set up?08:06
suwroianyikos: dh-make, debhelper, devscripts, fakeroot, pbuilder, debian-policy - I think that's it08:07
Flannel_Agent86_: Just closing it 'properly' via the program should be enough (again, just like a file) as far as I'm aware.08:07
_Agent86_I tried to pick through minicom's source to see what its doing, but no go08:07
_Agent86_Flannel: Yep, should work, but doesn't.08:07
mynewusernamehey all08:07
sal_a wireless card? internal? pcmcia08:07
tstebutSo I guess nobody can help me :/08:07
suwroianyikos: here's a link: http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/ch-start.en.html#s-needprogs08:08
Celroctstebut: Just logged in. What's up08:08
_Agent86_I tried using the HUPCL flag on termios, no go.08:08
tstebutMy uname -r gives :, whereas grub menu.lst have : kernel/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-16-server....and I have only one dir in /lib/modules, that is : 2.6.31-16-server08:08
tstebutCelroc, what's my problem ?08:08
_Agent86_I tried using tcsetattr to manually drop the RTS and DTR pins, no go.08:09
tstebutwhat uname gives disturbs me ...08:09
Celroctstebut: I don't know. I'm not very experienced, sorry08:09
tstebutTrying to install vm hipervisor....08:09
_Agent86_I have no idea what minicom's doing to cleanly exit and still be able to access the serial port on the next execution.08:09
shaji#squid -k reconfigure    (when this command gives the following error will occure)08:09
shajisquid: ERROR: Could not send signal 1 to process 18406: (3) No such process08:09
shajihow we can rectify ?08:09
Flannel_Agent86_: Here's a trial program, you should be able to gut it, and see if it works more than once, and then step backwards: http://www.comptechdoc.org/os/linux/programming/c/linux_pgcserial.html08:10
_Agent86_So, I turn to libcssl to see if it does any better - and can't get it to install.08:10
CelrocIs a person who called him- or her-self Billiard still online? If so, I finally fixed my GRUB problem :-)08:10
ReggyLovei have a lot if pixielisation on videos played in VLC/Totem in Ubuntu 8.04 screenshot-> http://imagebin.ca/img/gtAcMIg.png how can i fix it ?08:10
_Agent86_Flannel: Tried that earlier today. Returned rubbish on read, not sure why.08:10
Celroctstebut: What was your question again? I think I may have missed what was happening....08:11
tstebutMy uname -r gives :, whereas grub menu.lst have : kernel/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-16-server....and I have only one dir in /lib/modules, that is : 2.6.31-16-server08:12
_Agent86_I set it to send "V" and "V\n", which the micro should have responded to with version - returned non-ASCII, so got symbols printed to screen.08:12
tstebutwhat uname gives disturbs me ...08:12
ianyikosso i can run checkinstall a second time without damaging anything?08:12
Celroctstebut: Sorry, I guess I can't help... I don't even know what exactly is wrong lol08:12
tstebutI think uname should give me the kernel name that is in grub menu08:13
sidbhi I need help with network manager and wireless ... I need to know about what 'service' is ... can someone please message me?08:13
tstebutain't it not ?08:13
sidbWhat does 'service' field means when connecting to wireless point?08:14
_Agent86_does the same thing on start and close as tiny serial, so I'm not hopeful...same termios flags, same approach to resetting com port08:14
Celroctstebut: Oh. Hmm, this is kind of out of my league. Can you still boot up ok and everything?08:14
sidbThe 'service' field is showing up in the same dialog when asking for the wireless password, what should I type in it?08:14
tstebutSure I can08:14
tstebutI can08:14
tstebutBut I can't do modprobe08:15
Celroctstebut: Oh...08:15
shyam_k`on my friend's laptop keyboard and mouse are failing to detect.. he tried blocking apic and acpi with acpi=off and noapic nolapic.. but that doesn't make it work.. external keyboard and mouse are being detected and works ok.. can that be an IRQ clash? how to resolve the clash if thats the problem?08:15
Celroctstebut: Did you write up the grub.conf file, or is it the default one?08:16
tstebutdefault....generated by install08:16
Celroctstebut: Ah, ok.... Sorry, but I don't think I can really help08:17
shaji#squid -k reconfigure    (when this command gives the following error will occure)08:18
shajisquid: ERROR: Could not send signal 1 to process 18406: (3) No such process08:18
shajihow we can rectify ?08:18
CelrocI'm sorry man, I'm just not very experienced...08:18
Celroc(The above to tstebut )08:18
skylI'm having no luck yanking text from vim and the ctrl+shift+v into another terminal08:18
CelrocBye all. Best of luck to you in resolving that matter, tstebut . Someone who just came in may be able to help you08:20
shyam_k`he can't suspend x and check because the keyboard and mouse are completely stuck leaving him no choise to even try out the ttys08:20
skyloh no!08:20
skylis there an ubuntu binary that comes compiled with xterm clipboard08:21
chilli0Im downloading a torrent and i got Error: To many open files Im using Transmition  I have tryed this sudo echo "* - nofile 1024" >> /etc/security/limits.conf08:22
chilli0 But no help08:22
JPSmanhealp!  heh.  I just ran firefox as root and now all my book marks are missing, the home button doesnt go to the home page I set (google, it goes to mozlla.com) and the stop button doesn't work08:22
JPSmanI can't save any bookmakrs08:22
skylvim in the package manager that has +xterm_clipboard08:22
skylwhy doesn't it have this by default?08:23
drakeOkay, i back. I guess the desktop didn't work. when i say i want a desktop.. meaning i can put icons on it.. etc, like windows is? is that possible?08:23
drakehttp://www.biessie.com/ubuntu is a screenshot of what im talking about08:23
drakeHow can I get a desktop.. and one like this.. ? http://farm1.static.flickr.com/156/405394003_15b04e2c2e_o.png08:23
skylhow can I recompile vim but make it play nice with the package manager?08:23
chilli0JPSman,  Dont run as root08:23
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mpihHi. When you uninstall Ubuntu/Wubi from XP/Vista, doesn't it restore boot.ini again and removes grub?08:24
JPSmanChilli0 well Im not now08:24
JPSmanits broken08:24
sidbAnyone know what 'service' field is when connecting to a wireless access point?08:24
JPSmanthe reload button is greyed out to08:25
chilli0JPSman,  Weird try reinstalling ?08:25
JPSmanChilli0 yeah I did.  Un installed and reinstalled it08:25
mynewusernameso I have this crappy usb soundcard I want to get working08:25
JPSmanmaybe I should un install and then delete he .mozilla in my home directory08:26
ardchoilleJPSman: you can delete ~/.mozilla without uninstalling08:26
chilli0JPSman, Backup .mozilla ( in home) And fully uninstall it08:26
skylah vim-gnome I think08:27
ardchoilleJPSman: I think it's simply a permissions issue, try: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER ~/.mozilla08:27
drakeCan anyone help me with Desktop on Netbook Remix?08:27
bullgardHow can I specify in pavumeter a PulseAudio source device to monitor (see man pavumeter)?08:27
skylyep, woohoo08:27
nitinhow to enable per pixel transparency, for an overlay?08:30
nitinthrough overlay for per pixel transparency08:30
JPSmanoh thank god08:30
nitinI mean through sysfs or through some IOCTL08:31
JPSmanardchoille you are a life saver08:31
JPSmanwhy would it do that?08:31
=== sidb is now known as someone1000033
someone1000033can anyone see me now?08:31
guyvdb_I am trying to build a vanilla kernel for ubuntu 9.10 server. I need a 2.6.27 kernel. I build it fine according to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile#AltBuildMethod but I think I am doing something wrong in creating the initrd image. I get an error fs does not have a /sbin/init.08:31
someone1000033Anyone know what I should type in'service' field when connecting to a wireless access point?08:32
leoncismeckcan someone please fucking explain to me why install tor+validalia doesn't work08:32
leoncismeckcause it doens't make a damn bit of sense to m08:33
leoncismeckor why firefox wants to use polipo, despite me not having installed it08:33
* starsunflowersu is away: I'm busy08:33
virtualdleoncismeck: how are you trying to install it?08:34
leoncismeckvirtuald: I added a repo for tor, installed it and vidalia with apt-get08:34
ardchoilleJPSman: because you ran it as root. Never run a web-enabled app as root.08:34
leoncismeckhad to stop tor manually because it was already running so vidalia couldn't start it08:34
virtualdleoncismeck: is it working now?08:35
g3ntl3g1anthelp with sound not working on my laptop08:35
bullgardWhy do I obtain this warning? "~$ padevchooser; WARNING: Unhandled message: interface=org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable, path=/, member=Introspect"08:36
leoncismeckvirtuald: yeah I guess08:36
leoncismeckI had to setup privoxy manually08:36
ardchoilleJPSman: Also, you can find any root-owned files in your home dir with: find /home/$USER -user root08:36
leoncismeckand remove vidalia from the equatin08:36
leoncismeckbut it was still far more difficult than it should have been08:36
leoncismeckquite irritating really08:36
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=== Guest34809 is now known as sysop2
drakerake@drake-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get install desktop-switcher08:38
drakeReading package lists... Done08:38
drakeBuilding dependency tree08:38
drakeReading state information... Done08:38
drakePackage desktop-switcher is not available, but is referred to by another package.08:38
drakeThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or08:38
FloodBot2drake: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:38
drakewhats that mean? ^^08:38
ardchoille!info desktop-switcher | drake08:39
ubottudrake: Package desktop-switcher does not exist in karmic08:39
ardchoilleThat's what is means08:39
drakehmmm, an ubuntu howto told me to download that.. heh08:39
ardchoilledrake: ubuntu netbook remix items went through a change, looks like some of the components08:39
ardchoilleare no longer there or may have been merged08:39
ardchoilledrake: it's an old how-to then08:40
chilli0Im downloading a torrent and i got Error: To many open files Im using Transmition  I have tryed this sudo echo "* - nofile 1024" >> /etc/security/limits.conf08:40
drakeardchoille, i'm trying to get rid of the Netbook Remix desktop and get the regular one..08:40
drakeardchoille, http://biessie.com/ubuntu/Screenshot.png thats what mine looks like.. :(08:41
Slartchilli0: that command didn't give you an error?08:41
chilli0Slart,  Nop08:41
ardchoilledrake: that looks like the new one08:41
chilli0Slart,  I did it as admin08:42
ardchoilledrake: The odl one had a pane on each side08:42
Ranakahit's possible to downgrade ubuntu karmic xorg server to intrepid version?08:42
drakeardchoille, yea, i don't want that version of desktop.. i wan't the "regular desktop" with icons on the desktop etc.08:42
ardchoilledrake: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop08:42
drakei did that08:42
ardchoilledrake: then  you'll have to remove the unr items08:43
drakeo okay, how i do that ? :-\ very new to this distro08:43
zerqmy sound starts crackling after a while, not sure what app is doing it but the only way I know how to fix it is to reboot... tried restarting pulseaudio.. what would be a better way to restart the whole audio system08:43
Slartchilli0: not really sure what the limit is on a default system.. you're sure it isn't a limit set by transmission?08:43
zerq(without rebooting)08:43
ardchoilledrake: try this: sudo apt-get remove --purge ubuntu-netbook-remix08:44
chilli0Slart,  I have no clue08:44
ardchoilledrake: then do this for good measure: sudo apt-get autoremove08:44
newbiehi all08:44
drakeardchoille, trying now. ill post results08:45
newbiei am trying to create a live cum install CD "https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch" following this document..08:45
zerqlive cum install CD.. <.<08:45
newbieeverything went fine but when i try to install using ubiquity.,it stucks in the time zone selection window..08:45
=== Gokee2_ is now known as Gokee2
newbiezerq, yeah..live cd..08:46
drakeardchoille, okay, it uninstalled everything.. still looks the same.. is a restart required??08:46
ardchoilledrake: log out and back in?08:46
drakeardchoille, kk08:46
aboeinghi all, i require "/lib/modules/'uname -r'/build/include/linux/modversions.h" to install a CAN driver, but I don't have this file. does anyone know which package i need to install to get this?08:47
=== jakub is now known as Guest44199
zerqhmm.. alsa force-reload.. still with the crackling x_x08:48
zerqI hate rebooting linux to fix things08:48
zerqit feels so windows 9508:48
zerqis there some way to restart a lower level part of the over 9000 layer sound system..?08:48
newbiei installed ubiquity, casper and all other dependencies..and there is no proper log in the debug file also08:48
drakeardchoille, No luck.. hmm08:49
Guest44199why my nick is guest44199??08:50
sweetandyGuest44199: type "/nick yournick" to change it08:50
sweetandyGuest44199: Without quotes.08:50
Psineticwas there like some kind of serious security update or something? i just ran "sudo apt-get upgrade" and it's taking HOURS to upgrade, it's like HUGE08:51
ardchoilleGuest44199: because the nick you chose is registered to someone else08:51
=== Guest44199 is now known as qbawar
Psineticso wuts up with this security upgrade? anyone else see this...08:52
drake:( i want a dam desktop08:52
g3ntl3g1antdrake: same08:53
SachoPsinetic: 30 megs update08:53
drakeg3ntl3g1ant, you installed the netbook remix?08:54
chilli0Im downloading a torrent and i got Error: To many open files Im using Transmition  I have tryed this sudo echo "* - nofile 1024" >> /etc/security/limits.conf08:54
Sacho+here :)08:54
=== mike9494 is now known as mrbob009
=== Keiya_ is now known as Keiya
PsineticSacho, it's alot bigger than that, i'm running on a relatively fast computer and it's still a six hour update08:54
mefiXhi guys! is there any repo/ppa that already has thunderbird 3?08:54
ardchoillemefiX: you can search for a tb ppa here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas08:55
bgoldsmithsolved the BIOS freeze after installing Ubuntu server by resetting the CMOS, in case anyone read the original question.08:55
bgoldsmiththank you.08:55
ranjan_can any body can tell me in which folder this sample osd notification script are located in ubuntu 9.1008:56
SilentKillzRhttp://undeadnetwork.com/signup.php <- torrenters check this out, we need uploaders, anyone with the knowledge, and upload speed we need you!08:56
g3ntl3g1antna not yet08:56
ubuntuHello, there.08:56
ardchoilleSilentKillzR: Please don't advertise here08:56
ubuntuI was wondering if any of you could help me.08:57
ardchoille!ask | ubuntu08:57
ubottuubuntu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:57
=== reed_ is now known as reed
ubuntuthanks. I was trying to use firestarter in sharing my internet connection, and it just won't allow the client pc to connect to the internet. How can I configure my ubutu pc to sever as dhcp server, or just to share my internet connection to another pc at home.08:59
Status0Good morning (GMT+2)08:59
ubuntuI have two network  cards, eth0 has dsl and internal network goes to eth109:00
soreauubuntu: You probably want to use masquerading..09:00
ubuntuok. how do I proceed09:00
soreauubuntu: google connection sharing ubuntu09:00
drakeCan anyone please help me with converting from Ubuntu Netbook Remix GUI to the regular Ubuntu GUI?09:00
Status0i have question, dose Ubuntu 9.10 server seppoust to be without gui ?09:01
Status0drake, he09:01
ubuntuthanks soreau. do I need to install another software like dnsmasq etc to do that? I'm using hardy. ty09:01
Status0drake, hi,09:01
drakeStatus0, hello09:02
ziroday!ics | ubuntu09:02
ubottuubuntu: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php09:02
Status0drake, what do mean in "Gui"09:02
drakeStatus0, check this out..  www.biessie.com/ubuntu/09:02
soreauubuntu: Did you find the connection sharing how-to on the forums by googling that? Those instructions should gt you going09:02
ardchoilleStatus0: afaik, the server edition only has cli, no gui09:02
ubuntuhello ubottu. thanks. I will look into that.09:02
ubuntuthanks soreau.09:02
drakelook at the screenshot09:03
drakethats my "desktop"09:03
drakei want a regular desktop, one i can put icons on, recycle bin, etc...09:03
DNS777ubottu seems like a bot09:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:03
isolat3dsh33pWe know that ubottu =_=09:03
Status0ardchoille, thanks, where i can be involt in developing the gui to server ed.09:03
ardchoilleStatus0: do you want to install a gui on the server?09:04
enoyhsHello! Can someone please explain me how I can start a shell script automatically after I log-in. And I want to don't want to do it trough System->Preferences->Startup Applications.09:04
ubuntuthanks guys. I'll get back if things don't work. bfn.09:04
echotonei just installed 9.10 and i rebooted. it shows me the white ubuntu logo and then said "starting init crypto disks" then the screen went black.09:04
chilli0Im downloading a torrent and i got Error: To many open files Im using Transmition  I have tryed this sudo echo "* - nofile 1024" >> /etc/security/limits.conf09:04
Status0ardchoille, no, i want to make gui of install, better that i can sell my ubuntu services in israel09:04
isolat3dsh33penoyhs: That's the only way I know. :/09:04
sam_my vnc server is not working09:04
ardchoilleStatus0: oh, I don't know about that09:04
Status0drake, why you dont try just install notebook remix.09:05
drakeStatus0, i did install UNR version, i thought it was for "laptops"09:05
isolat3dsh33pechotone: It's suppose to be blank after the white icon. :/09:05
echotonenot forever it isnt09:05
drakeStatus0, i want to get rid of that simple "desktop" and get a real "desktop"09:05
enoyhsI have tried this: "Put a launcher in /etc/xdg/autostart and the script somewhere else, eg /usr/local/bin". Also tried putting it in init.d, profile.d, rc*.d09:06
enoyhsbut nothing is working...09:06
chilli0Im downloading a torrent and i got Error: To many open files Im using Transmition  I have tryed this sudo echo "* - nofile 1024" >> /etc/security/limits.conf09:06
isolat3dsh33pechotone: Maybe you should wait a little longer without pressing anything. If it exceeds 2min, then there's a problem :/09:06
Status0drake, try to download cd of Notebook Remix, and install it from begining or, you can install gnome and gdm from the command line09:07
sam_i have a laptop which have no hard drive so, i just want to share the main operating system....plz help me to resolve this problem09:07
isolat3dsh33penoyhs: Why don't you use the startup application preference?09:07
echotoneisolat3dsh33p:i just waited 2 hours. I have been having this problem for 3 days now. i cant use a live cd or install from a desktop cd. i just used an alternate cd to at leat install it. but now that it is installed, it doesnt run09:07
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Status0ardchoille, with who i can consult how to develop israeli ubuntu community ?09:07
=== Sharker is now known as Guest76073
drakeStatus0, i DONT WANT the UNR desktop... i already have it09:08
sam_vnc configure09:08
sam_any one09:08
enoyhsI have a homework assign where I need to customize LiveCD. One of points of assigment is that I must create a folder on desktop on LiveCD09:08
Bigrobcwhat channel would i join to get help with virtualbox OSE09:08
ardchoilleStatus0: The only thing I know to do is to refer you to this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams09:08
=== _Sharker is now known as Sharker
sam_who have the credibility to resolve this problem09:09
enoyhsand only way I can think of doing it is creating a script that runs after you log-in and that script creates a folder09:09
kr_217how to set password policy for particular user in ldap09:09
KartagisI ssh to my box at home, after a while of idling, the process freezes, so I try closing the terminal tab and it says a process is still running09:09
Kartagiswhat is this?09:09
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=== Guest5616 is now known as Sharker
Status0ardchoille, yes i know them, but i try to improve they are kids (16y.o, oldest is 19y.o) they doing well but thy dont know how to develop more09:10
isolat3dsh33pechotone: you should download the liveCD, it's useful to have one. If you have grub, I believe you can do the debugging there, but I'm not quite an expert on that topic. :/09:10
Status0ardchoille, how can i get contact with Joho Bacon ?09:10
echotonei have a live cd from canonicle. i cant use it. thats why i said i made an alternate cd. thanks though09:10
ardchoilleStatus0: no idea09:11
Bigrobccan anybody tell me what the host key is for virtualbox OSE09:11
smellynoseryHi - Has anybody experienced this bug and got around it? option: option_instat_callback: error -10809:11
Status0Bigrobc, right Ctrl09:11
echotonebigrobc: i believe it is the ctrl key on the right09:11
isolat3dsh33pechotone: np. :)09:12
sekaabGuten Morgen09:12
Status0Bigrobc, np :-)09:13
Zsocii would like to install gkismet.but got this error :perl or Gtk module does not seem to be installed09:13
Fbianyou should install gtk.(version)09:13
Status0Zsoci, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3206509:13
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Status0i belive this good reffer :-)09:14
=== Sharker is now known as Guest58871
SVWHey guys.09:14
SVWI have a weird question09:15
ardchoille_Sharker: the nick sharker is owned by someone and has enforce enabled. you'll have to chose another nick and register it.09:15
SVWIf I change tje keyboard layout from qwerty to azerty09:15
SVWwich file is then changed09:15
Zsocithank you!09:15
Status0SVW, can you rewrite the question ? :-)09:16
icerootStatus0: he wants to know where the keyboard-layout is stored09:16
SVWCorrect :-)09:17
isolat3dsh33pSVW, you can just use the keyboard preference09:17
Status0thanks iceroot. SVW i belive there few places that can be stored : 1. gnome-config09:18
Status0SVW, 2. xkbd,09:18
Status0SVW, gconftool-2 -R /desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/kbd09:18
=== _Sharker is now known as Sharker
Status0some times i sew once that it stored on x86config09:19
=== Sharker is now known as Guest38310
SVWThx guys   I will have a look09:20
SamaeDoes someone here knows how to remove the slightly annoying animation just after GDM in the latest ubuntu ?09:22
=== Guest38310 is now known as Sharker
ardchoille!nick | sharker09:24
ubottusharker: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with Freenode.09:24
=== Sharker is now known as Guest38020
Status0SVW, dose it's helps ?09:24
g3ntl3g1antwhat do i have to get my sound working for my laptop???09:26
Status0g3ntl3g1ant, what your laptop module and brand ?09:28
g3ntl3g1anthp dv7-3065dx09:28
Status0what ubuntu u using ?09:28
g3ntl3g1anti got as far as "sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf" but i dont know what to put on the end line09:29
Status0g3ntl3g1ant, have you see this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8441713 ?09:29
ardchoille!gksudo | g3ntl3g1ant09:30
ubottug3ntl3g1ant: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)09:30
SVWSatus0 I'am at work, I havent got time to look good. It will be something for the afternoon09:30
Status0SVW,  please let me know if it's works.09:31
Ranakahhi.. i need to downgrade x.org x server to 1.5.2 version in ubuntu 9.10..  it's that possible?09:34
Zsocii can find only outdated libgnome-perl09:34
sarthorkshow do i check my cpu temp and fan speed? /proc/acpi/thermal_zone is empty for me.09:34
Ranakahsarthorks install lmsensors09:34
drakeCan anyone please help me with converting from Ubuntu Netbook Remix GUI to the regular Ubuntu GUI?09:35
Zsociin the synaptic can't find libgnome-perl09:35
Zsocii found in ububtu website but only the outdated.what can I do to fix it?09:36
sarthorksranakah:  lmsensors isn't available in synaptic. i'm installing gkdesktlets instead. will that do?09:37
ardchoille!info lmsensors09:37
ubottuPackage lmsensors does not exist in karmic09:37
Ranakahit's a lm-sensors09:37
Ranakahsorry :)09:37
ardchoillesarthorks: you might also look at conky, it can display lots of info and is popular09:38
ardchoillesarthorks: my conky: http://lh6.ggpht.com/_ThiU34JN_2E/SwCYEaDwrcI/AAAAAAAAB7M/LelitiCqYtA/s800/scr-Conky.png09:39
Zsocimay I risk my system if remove the updated parts to be able to install the older libgnome-perl?09:39
mynewusernameso I've got a usb sound card I cannot get working in ubuntu..09:40
ardchoilleZsoci: that may impact a lot of other apps09:40
mynewusernameif I go to sound preferences in the system menu...09:40
sarthorksardchoille: thanks, but im looking for hardware information like cpu temp and fan speed. lm-sensors looks promising09:40
ardchoillesarthorks: you can have conky display that too. conky can display almost anything you tell it to09:41
mynewusernameI can test it...I can hear the test tone through the headphones...but if I try playing an mp3 or a youtube video...no sound threw headphones...only laptop speaker09:41
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shra$Hi | powertool0809:42
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Zsociunderstood.got now libgnome2-perl and gkismet needs for libgnome-perl.what would be a solution?09:42
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mynewusernamewho cares?09:43
chilli0Im downloading a torrent and i got Error: To many open files Im using Transmition  I have tryed this sudo echo "* - nofile 1024" >> /etc/security/limits.conf09:43
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powertool08Methinks UbuntuBot is not so official...09:43
sarthorksranakah: how do i use lm-sensors. i've got it installed09:43
Ranakahtype lmsensors09:43
mynewusernameso I've got a usb sound card I cannot get working in ubuntu.. if I go to sound preferences in the system menu... I can test it...I can hear the test tone through the headphones...but if I try playing an mp3 or a youtube video...no sound threw headphones...only laptop speaker  What can I do?09:43
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mvn071has sone a pointer if/how I save aufs layer to for example a homedir and remount this later?09:44
mvn071sone / someone09:44
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sarthorkscommand not found for lmsensors and lm-sensors09:44
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Ranakahfirst sudo sensors-detect09:44
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mynewusernameso I've got a usb sound card I cannot get working in ubuntu.. if I go to sound preferences in the system menu... I can test it...I can hear the test tone through the headphones...but if I try playing an mp3 or a youtube video...no sound threw headphones...only laptop speaker  What can I do?09:44
booniewie kommt man nochmal auf nen dt channel?09:44
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sarthorksranakah command not found for lmsensors and lm-sensors09:45
Ranakahcommand is: 1. sensors-detect (to configure sensors) and 2. sensors (for read sensors)09:46
sarthorksranakah: thanks a ton!09:47
Ranakahno problem.. it's work?09:48
sarthorksnot checked fully but looks promising, ranakah09:48
nperry!hello | mint09:49
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minty8i just have a ?; anyone successfully use gparted to resize a windows xp installation almost 30GB in it?09:49
minty8hi nperry09:50
Zsociwhat cind of command may I have to type to remove program,that installed from source?it is not in aptitude nor synaptic09:50
ardchoilleZsoci: you'll need to use "sudo make uninstall" if the sources include such an option09:50
powertool08Zsoci: Unless you used checkinstall while installing, package managers can't uninstall it.09:51
shoopNhi guys09:51
minty8hello shoopN09:51
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=== Bridge|A is now known as Bridge|
shoopNi llove ubuntu, i'm on 9.10 netbook remix now09:51
minty8please i want to resize but am scared i will mess up windows...09:52
minty8not that i love it but i do use magic jack which is not supported in linux09:52
shoopNi saw a commercial for magic jack lolz09:52
minty8shoopN: what kind of machine? eeepc?09:52
=== melik_ is now known as melik
shoopNapparently the new york times is "raving" about it09:53
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:53
shoopNyeah an asus eee 1000he09:53
minty8it does work shoopN09:53
* Samae found his solution, apt-get remove xsplash09:53
Samaethanks anyway09:53
shoopNworks good on my 1000he09:53
minty8shoopN: i have 1000ha and want buntu in it.. does everything work?09:53
shoopNi have yet to find anything that doesnt work09:54
minty8for reals... dang...09:54
Zsocithank you09:54
shoopNi will say this though09:54
shoopNit drains the battery faster..i'm not sure why09:54
minty8shoopN: did you do a clean install or just resize partitions?09:54
minty8and install09:54
shoopNi just resized partitions09:54
shoopNhad winxp home by default09:54
minty8dual boot right09:54
shoopNand resized and made 20 gb available for ubuntu09:54
sarthorksranakah : im getting this error msg :http://paste.ubuntu.com/339116/09:54
minty8didnt mess up windows?09:55
sarthorksranakah: do i need to restart?09:55
shoopNnope everything was fine09:55
minty8wow... great...09:55
shoopNit took a lil bit for the resizing09:55
shoopNi'm sure if i had interrupted that it would have broke it haha09:55
minty8thats good news shoopN09:55
shoopNi just used gparted that came with ubuntu live09:56
minty8i am going to resize my desktop.. my netbook too...09:56
SVWStatus0, gconftool-2 -R /desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/kbd09:56
SVW layouts = [be]09:56
SVW options = [grpgrp:alts_toggle,terminateterminate:ctrl_alt_bksp]09:56
SVW model =09:56
shoopNand shrunk xp partition by 20 gb09:56
FloodBot2SVW: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:56
shoopNand used that free spac eto install09:56
minty8didn't have good experience resizing in the past.. always had to reformat and reinstall everything09:56
sarthorksranakah : im getting this error msg :http://paste.ubuntu.com/33911609:56
sarthorksdo i need to restart?09:56
SVWits lookt good, but cannot find the path or file09:56
minty8shoopN: i noticed the eeepc has 2 70GB partitions...09:56
Ranakahsarthorks hm09:57
Ranakahi don't know09:57
shoopNmine has 140 gb total09:57
Ranakahon my pc sensors work fine.. try this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=278009:57
minty8dang.. that was fast.. i resized my partition.. not even a minute09:57
shoopNi think a 60 gb system and a 40 gb data partition09:57
minty8lol! is that true.. or xp is prolly screwed... no restore cds here... lol!09:58
anonmatirubuntu has any repair mode?09:58
wantedmic is not working in skype, any alternative for skype but we can use skype in that like pidigin09:58
etoshoopN ?09:58
shoopNlol yea my netbook def. doesn't have a cd drive for restore cds09:58
mynewusernameso I've got a usb sound card I cannot get working in ubuntu.. if I go to sound preferences in the system menu... I can test it...I can hear the test tone through the headphones...but if I try playing an mp3 or a youtube video...no sound threw headphones...only laptop speaker  What can I do?09:58
shoopNeto: yes?09:58
nadjaDec 11 10:50:22 nadja-laptop pulseaudio[1436]: ratelimit.c: 17 events suppressed what is this meaning mine laptop frezing when using internetradio09:58
minty8shoopN: i wonder why they didn't make a restore partition for xp or a usb xp installer for the eeep09:59
anonmatirmynewusername: i think u need to check which audio device the mp3 playes is hooking to09:59
minty8that would of been something.. i know they aint that stupid.09:59
anonmatirwhich player?09:59
mynewusernamehow would I do that?09:59
minty8well.. let me reboot.. see if all went well...10:00
shoopNminty8, my eee pc has a restore feature10:00
anonmatirmynewusername: some audio player s/w support you to select the device u would like to listen music on.. i think that thing of ur is coofed up.. the settings or preference menu links could help10:00
shoopNi can't remember the keycombination to press during boot, but i have a 5 gb parition for factory restore10:01
minty8shoopN: mine does not...10:01
shoopNthat sucks10:01
minty8it has 2 70gb parts. one is for storage and the other is xp10:01
anonmatir5gb for factory restore? is that not too much :)10:01
shoopNi dont know how they expect u to install anything other than linux w/ no cd drive10:01
kane77my grub stopped working, and now the computer just restarts itself when it should display grub, what can I do?10:01
minty8where you bought your shoopN10:01
shoopNyea it is too much lol10:01
mynewusernameanonmatir: what about sounds not playing from youtube then?10:01
shoopNi got mine from newegg10:01
shoopNfor $300 i thnk10:02
anonmatirmynewusername: good point :)10:02
Zsociin the future i plan to install from source.how is it possible to get recognized by synaptic or aptitude.is it any command?because to remove manually it is so long10:02
minty8me too.. maybe the 1000he is different... yea mine too was that much10:02
enriquewhy Update Manager is updating again linux-image-2.6.31-generic in my install? I'm already running that...10:02
nibblerkane77, boot from another media and reinstsall grub10:03
minty8newegg had them on cybermonday for $199... amazing deal10:03
ardchoille!ot | shoopN  minty810:03
ubottushoopN  minty8: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:03
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:04
nibblerZsoci, i dont understand you. you want to install "from source"?10:04
=== yacc_ is now known as yacc
minty8the eeepc was prolly one of the first one loaded w/linux... i have the eee 900 w/4gb ssd... super fast boots10:04
Zsociyes.but want to add the program to synaptic.like adding it to the registry or something like that.i came from windows.so please don't think I'm so fool :d10:05
mynewusernameanonmatir: it'll play system sounds through the headphones..just nothing else!10:05
ardchoilleminty8: Please take this discussion to another channel.10:05
minty8well. shoopN.. you difenately made it easier.. i will get ubuntu netbook remix10:05
shoopNcool...good idea10:06
powertool08Zsoci: Use checkinstall10:06
nibblerZsoci, so you want to install a program, that is *not* in the repository of ubuntu, but you can access the sourcecode of it?10:06
minty8sorry ardchoille, ubottu... i am outta here10:06
rimclawhi aal10:06
rimclawhi all10:06
minty8thanks for all the help everyone10:06
shoopNi have a ubuntu related question10:06
shoopNon my ubuntu server, i accidently interrupted a package install10:06
lnghi! how do i resolve broken packages?10:06
shoopNand now when i try to install something thru package manager10:06
nibblershoopN, aptitude -f install10:07
shoopNit gives me an error code10:07
nibblershoopN, sudo aptitude -f install10:07
shoopNi did that lol10:07
g3ntl3g1antubottu: sound still mot working10:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:07
anonmatirmynewusername: i think when u r testing a device the os auto matically uses that device, or else it uses the old device, i had this issue, but me forgot and not on ubuntu atm.. i think i had got a option to choose sound device for teh system from teh sound icon on the10:07
shoopNi also did dpkg --purge *package name*10:07
anonmatirmynewusername: gnom desktop10:07
enriquewhy would UpdateManager update 2.6.31-16-generic if it's the version already running?10:07
nibblershoopN, then nopaste full output of -f install pls10:07
Zsocithe program is not in the repository.install from source and want to add to synaptic,to be able to manage it sympler.if I want to uninstall it,would like to go to synaptic10:08
g3ntl3g1antardchoille: sound still not working10:08
kane77nibbler, and how do I do that? (repair grub) I am using grub 2 btw..10:08
nibblerZsoci, ok, that means you want to build an apt-package, which is not trivial. maybe try searching ppa for this program - possibly someone else did the work already (but this would involve trusting this random person)10:08
KartagisI ssh to my box at home, after a while of idling, the process freezes, so I try closing the terminal tab and it says a process is still running10:09
Kartagiswhat is this?10:09
MyLittleCoderanyone here know their way around fontconfig? i am trying to enable bitmap fonts under hardy. i found several howtos, but all of them require you to be super user, which i am not. is there some way to accomplish this through ~/.fonts.conf?10:09
nibblerkane77, no idea, usually you mount your normal system and chroot to it, and then use grub-install etc10:09
kane77nibbler, ok, I'll try to figure something out :)10:09
Zsocimaybe checkinstall would be better.thank you very much.10:09
kr_217how to load ppolicy.schema in ldap?10:10
nibblerKartagis, this is maybe some firewall inbetween dropping the connection. try to set keepalives in /etc/ssh/ssh_somethingclientish.conf10:10
nibblerkane77, good luck10:10
Kartagisnibbler, it doesn't drop, it just freezes10:10
Zsocii mean there are programs that are not so popular,and have to build for myself.but sure the first thing i google on it :)10:11
nibblerKartagis, yep the drop is not noticed, as the server thinks there is just no packet coming etc10:11
quizmehow do I enable the dvi connector on my video card ?10:11
quizmehow can i tell what kind of video card i have at the commandline?10:11
GodFazhaquizme, lshw -C video10:12
Kartagisnibbler, http://embraceubuntu.com/2006/02/03/keeping-ssh-sessions-alive/ <--- this maybe?10:13
quizmehttp://pastie.org/738676  <--- that's my video card10:13
rimclawhe i'm a new user ( noob ) in ubuntu  i think the main problem for stepping over from windows is the way u have to install some software it's just not simple  ( ms just a mouse click  ubuntu  terminal screen  and comand )  i din't go to school for programming i just a welder  get my point10:13
UmifierWhat's the Homepage for posting Terminal problems?10:13
quizmehttp://pastie.org/738676  -- how do i enable the dvi pin ?10:13
nibblerKartagis, exactly10:13
quizmegodfazha thanks10:14
GodFazhaquizme, did you install any drivers for your video card yet?10:14
quizmegodfazha i think so, not sure10:14
quizmegodfazha how can i tell?10:14
DNS777did any1 is very good at compiling here? :-p10:14
GodFazhahang on, let me get you the site I've used10:14
nibblerDNS777, gcc is very good, but he is not around right now ;-)10:14
DNS777without this10:14
DNS777i know10:14
FloodBot2DNS777: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:14
g3ntl3g1antstill lost, can anyone help me to get my sound working??10:14
DNS777sorry :x10:14
Kartagisnibbler, do I need to restart something afterwards?10:14
GodFazhaquizme, http://albertomilone.com/nvidia_scripts1.html10:15
mob_morning all10:15
nibblerKartagis, nope, just connect a new session10:15
nibblerKartagis, its a client thing, not a server one10:15
Zsocicheckinstall is really useful program.thank you very much for your help.10:15
DNS777i just have some problems with compiling the mumble 1.2.0 final O_o10:15
Kartagisnibbler, thanks. now to try it10:15
nibblerDNS777, so you configure and make it, but then?10:15
GodFazharimclaw, heh it's just something you get used to10:16
KartagisBad configuration option: ServerAliveInternal10:16
oCean_DNS777: 1.1.8 is in repos.. buty you already might know that10:16
DNS777yep i know10:16
Kartagisnibbler, I added it under Host *10:16
nibblerKartagis, dont just add this line, look if it already there and modify it10:17
DNS777but 1.2.0 has very great new features10:17
Kartagisnibbler, there's no line like that10:17
nibblerDNS777, make[2]: /usr/bin/lrelease: Kommando nicht gefunden   <-- you are missing a binary. install it from the repro10:17
DNS777i did from tarball and from git10:18
DNS777but i get the same errors10:18
oCean_DNS777: there are many missing dependencies10:19
nibblerKartagis, interval, not internal!!10:19
nibblerDNS777, this is dependencys, not everythin needed comes with the tar10:19
oCean_!language | Kartagis10:19
ubottuKartagis: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.10:19
nibblerDNS777, your system needs to have some tools available, check for the errors in the lower lines of the output and fullfill the requirements10:19
DNS777ok i try to10:19
quizmegodfazha: i have nvidia right?10:20
DNS777thank you for helping :-)10:20
nibblerDNS777, there might come other dependencies afterwards - one by one usually :)10:20
nibblerDNS777, welcome10:20
nibblerDNS777, and use "LC_ALL=C make" so the output is english (C) and others understand it aswell :)10:20
Anguufreshman .  just a  test ... can you hear me?10:21
bullgardWhat is the function and purpose of the IBM Thnkpad T43 alsamixer setting 'MicSele=Mic2'? Audio card is Intel ICH6.10:21
quizmegodfazha: http://pastie.org/73868610:21
nibbleraight, laptop running empty, good luck DNS777, Kartagis cyas10:21
Kartagisthanks nibbler10:21
DNS777thanks nibbler10:21
DNS777cya :-910:21
FloodBot2DNS777: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:22
oCean_DNS777: at least install ogg, alsa and openssl, since the compile output complains about missing files10:22
LinuxFAILERQuestion: Im having a bit of a network card problem, my network card is "Marvell yukon 88e8056". And alot of people on the web is having troubles with it. But as you can see here: http://pastie.org/738680  my computer actually finds the network card, so does anyone have a clue what to do now? It's a wired computer with ubuntu Jaunty 9.04. It doesn't have any internet but i have a USB-flash memory under assistance right next to me10:22
hsmakhey guys, any body faced trouble with flash player upon the last update??10:23
ActionParsniphsmak: none, s'fine10:23
hsmakFP doesn't seem to be working after I updated10:23
LinuxFAILERofftopic - lol, my name is linuxFAILER.. oh god10:23
awilkinsgrub wiped my MBR10:24
GodFazhaquizme, what's the output of uname -r10:24
hsmakFP in firefox was working fine today, just noticed it is not now after the update10:24
kr_217how to load the ppolicy.schema in ubuntu?10:24
kr_217Is there ppolicy.ldif file10:25
ActionParsniphsmak: try removing all flash plugins then reinstall flashplugin-nonfree10:25
quizmegodfazha 2.6.28-12-generic10:25
ActionParsniphsmak: if you pastebin the output of: dpkg -l | grep flash; dpkg -l | grep gnash; dpkg -l | grep swf     I can advise10:26
quizmegodfazha: i'm doing this sudo aptitude install linux-headers-generic linux-headers-38610:26
GodFazhasudo apt-get install linux-headers10:26
hsmakActionParsnip: i remembered something. my machine is 64bit, i ll install the 32 bit on my laptop10:26
hsmakActionParsnip: ok i ll try those commands10:26
nordhrigreetings! I am getting this error when I do updates:    Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu 9.04 _Jaunty Jackalope_ - Release i386 (20090420.1)/dists/jaunty/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs10:27
nordhriHow do I fix that?10:27
hsmakActionParsnip: http://pastie.org/73869310:28
ActionParsniphsmak: there is a 64bit plugin but its alpha but runs well10:28
Rajasunhsmak: You can also check at https://launchpad.net/+search?field.text=flashplugin-installer to see if your bug has already been reported by some other users10:28
LinuxFAILERQuestion: Anyone who's good at networking issues?10:28
ActionParsniphsmak: ok run this: sudo dpkg -P swfdec-gnome libswfdec-0.8-0; sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-installer; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree10:29
ActionParsnip!anyone | LinuxFAILER