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PhilippRhi, one stupid question08:28
PhilippRapart from settings (by that I mean also contacts, bookmarks, and in a near future calendar) that are saved in couchdb08:28
PhilippRhow does ubuntuone use couchdb to synchronize files?08:28
PhilippRI can't seem to find how it does use couchdb to synch files08:29
PhilippRare files stored in couchdb?08:29
homeasvsaquarius, ping11:39
aquariushomeasvs, pong11:40
homeasvsaquarius, hey11:40
homeasvsaquarius, so, close to having desktopcouch on n90011:40
homeasvsthe big problem left is gnome-keyring11:40
aquariushangover not preventing you any more? :)11:40
homeasvsheh :)11:40
aquariushrm. the n900 doesn't have the keyring?11:40
homeasvsgnome-keyring pulls in a lot of deps, down to pam, and I'm not sure I"ll be able to easily build them11:40
homeasvsso I was instead considering to factor out that code to a module that can be replaced with some other way of storing keys11:41
aquariusdoes it have some concept of a keyring?11:41
homeasvsit doesn't look like it, but I'm still looking for something similar11:41
homeasvsbut in worst case I'd store something in gconf for example11:41
homeasvsI was just wondering if you'd be open to abstracting all keyring code into one module11:41
aquariusyes. We're doing something similar with the main u1 client -- moving to using the python-keyring module, which abstracts over platform-specific keyrings (gnome, kde, windows, mac)11:41
aquariusso that would be fine for DC too, I thinik11:42
homeasvsoh, didn't know that one, let me check that11:42
aquariusthere's not very much at all which uses the keyring, anyway11:42
aquarius(in desktopcouch)11:42
homeasvsyeah, exactly.  You only use it for two operations on two kinds of secrets11:42
homeasvsI'd be done quicker abstracting that than packaging all dependencies11:42
aquariuswe store the oauth tokens there, and we retrieve them from there, and that's it. It wouldn't be hard to factor that out, i don't think11:42
homeasvs(and the dependency list for dc on maemo is already pretty huge :))11:42
aquariusand abstracting it is The Right Thing to do anyway, since there's no gnome-keyring on Windows no matter how hard you look ;)11:43
homeasvswell, python-keyring looks promising, and it has some file backends built in, so that could work for my use case for now11:43
homeasvsok, python-keyring looks like it has the perfect interface11:44
Chipacahomeasvs: if you refactor desktopcouch to use python-keyring, that will be awesome. Super awesome.11:45
homeasvsexcept that the oauth secret needs to be stored as 'password', it only knows about username/password11:45
aquarius*nod* yeah, it seems like the right approach to us, too11:45
homeasvsbut if that's fine for you, then I can give it a go11:45
homeasvsI guess I can make a bzr branch from the latest release to do the work so I also have a patch for maemo to use11:45
Chipacawe're wanting to move in that direction anyway :)11:45
homeasvsand then we can integrate it in mainline if it works11:46
homeasvsok, that gives me something to do on the plane tonight11:46
aquarius(plane? going home for Christmas?)11:47
homeasvsno, my weekly commute bru<->bcn11:47
aquariusah :)11:47
homeasvsbtw, my paisley branch seems to be working well for me, once the dust settles we need to see how we can integrate your changes too11:47
Chipacaaquarius: I assume you've seen http://arstechnica.com/open-source/guides/2009/12/code-tutorial-make-your-application-sync-with-ubuntu-one.ars already11:50
aquariusChipaca, not only have I seen it, I've linked it from the desktopcouch documentation page. :)11:51
Chipacaaquarius: and pointed at it from identi.ca?11:51
Chipacaaquarius: :) ok11:51
aquariusthe link to the article is being tweeted a lot, too, which is rather encouraging11:52
thisfredalecu: hi, (eric here) running a little late, I'm thisfred on skype, I will be with you in +/- 10 minutes13:02
alecuhi thisfred, ok, I'm in no hurry.13:03
alecuthisfred, I'm alecura83 in skype btw.13:03
thisfredalecu: cool, I'm ready, shall I dial?13:09
alecuthisfred, sure!13:12
Chipacadesktop+ planning is scheduled for within 5 minutes, but something just came up here. I'm postponing 15 minutes more (sorry!), so we start in 20 minutes.14:55
* jblount revels in his newly found 15 minutes14:57
dobeyjblount: it's all the fame you'll ever get15:02
aquariustime to grab a cup of tea then15:04
urbanapestill in sekrit room, though, right?15:08
urbanapeor out here15:08
Chipacahi all (again)15:16
Chipacaaquarius: CardinalFang: dobey: jblount: urbanape: vds: ping15:17
Chipacaaquarius: aquarius: aquarius!15:19
Chipacaurbanape: urbanape: urbanape!15:19
Chipacaooh, the old beetlejuice trick works!15:19
Chipacaok, so15:20
urbanapeyo yo yo15:20
dobeyjust watch out for two-headed, three-armed loony presidents15:21
* Chipaca 's had *enough* of loony presidents for quite a while15:21
* urbanape is proud to share ZB initials with Zaphod Beeblebrox15:21
Chipacarodrigo and teknico are on holiday15:21
Chipacaso that makes all of us here :)15:21
dobeyurbanape: it's an omen i tells ya15:22
urbanapevell, I'm just zis guy, you know?15:22
Chipacadobey: we're starting this meeting with you. Planning! what do you have on your plate for this week?15:22
dobeyinfrastructure notes, stable ppa builds, nautilus fixes, and new client coding15:23
dobeyoh and i think lucio was suggesting another trunk release, after getting another branch landed15:24
Chipacadobey: is there any of that that we can pass on to somebody else? you have a lot on your plate, and I fear you'll never get round to working on that last item if we can't rebalance things15:24
Chipacadobey: I feel like having you package is not a productive use of your time, unless you're fixing issues while you do it15:24
dobeythe packaging is more of a multi-task issue this time. the SRUs were more direct work since there was lots of backporting and tracking involved15:25
Chipacadobey: at the same time, I don't know how much joy you get out of packaging. If it's what keeps you going, then keep at it :)15:26
dobeyChipaca: not much, but it helps with the goal of getting upload rights and becoming an ubuntu developer and all that :)15:26
Chipacadobey: yeah :)15:26
Chipacadobey: I'd like us to meet for a kicking off of the client coding work. When can we do that?15:27
dobeybut i should be starting on the new client code tomorrow at the latest :)15:27
Chipacadobey: that is excellent15:28
dobeyChipaca: i guess we could discuss that in our call tomorrow?15:28
Chipacaaquarius: CardinalFang: dobey: jblount: urbanape: vds: you should have edit access to a 'desktop+ standups' spreadsheet I started, to track the standups and progress re that15:28
Chipacaaquarius: CardinalFang: dobey: jblount: urbanape: vds: please use your edit rights to fill in when I miss something (like mon, tue last week)15:29
Chipacadobey: yes, ok15:29
aquariusChipaca, so is the plan now to edit that spreadsheet rather than to have the standup?15:29
Chipacaaquarius: no, not at all15:29
Chipacaaquarius: unless we all feel the standup adds nothing ontop of the spreadsheet15:29
Chipacaaquarius: it's in stead of the email to ubunet-discuss :)15:29
aquariusI sorta feel that the spreadsheet adds nothing on top of the standup, myself. :)15:30
aquarius(yeah, it avoids the email, but now everything needs updating in two places)15:30
Chipacaaquarius: tracking. More for bosses than for peons :)15:30
dobeyaquarius: just wait for logger to catch up and paste in the URL to the point in time where you paste your standup status :)15:31
Chipacano, no, I'll update the spreadsheet. Except when I don't, in which case I'll ping y'all to do so15:31
aquariusah, OK, then I am cool with the spreadsheet. ;)15:31
Chipaca(the standup chair can do that)15:31
Chipacaanyway, back to planning!15:31
Chipacadobey: I think we'll postpone your planning to tomorrow, after the call15:32
Chipacajblount: you're up next15:32
Chipacajblount: what's on your plate for this week?15:32
Chipacajblount: or inside your sammich15:33
jblountI've got a Google doc of 18 or 20 bugs mt made up for me with screenshots.15:33
jblountSo I need to do Google doc to LP Bug conversion, and work out how many branches those bugs respresent, then fix them.15:33
Chipacajblount: sweet. Any chances of you estimating how much work each of those are?15:33
Chipacajblount: if you could estimate before converting, then if there's any biggie we can prioritize earlier (better than late)15:34
Chipacajblount: does that make sense to you?15:34
jblountI'm seeing three branches right now: general-layout-bugs should take 5 hours or so, file-ui-fixes should take 10, maybe more depending, and notes-ui-bugs should be about 2 or 3 hours.15:34
ChipacaCardinalFang: did you see those two bugs re file web ui lucio created last week?15:35
CardinalFangChipaca, No.15:35
Chipaca(jblount: this is relevant to your planning, give me a sec)15:35
ChipacaCardinalFang: bad CardinalFang! bad!15:35
ChipacaCardinalFang: ok, please take a look at them. I think they have no impact on jblount's work, but maybe they do, and I don't want you two to step on your toes15:36
Chipacajblount: in view of that, I'd say do the conversion to lp, then work on notes ui, until CardinalFang can get back to you re impact, so you work in sync15:37
Chipacajblount: CardinalFang: ok?15:37
Chipacaby "in sync" i mean coordinated15:37
jblountChipaca: That's fine.15:37
ChipacaCardinalFang: we may as well continue with you :)15:37
ChipacaCardinalFang: what kind of a week are you looking at?15:38
Chipacaoh! dobey: jblount: any days off this week?15:38
jblountChipaca: Thursday15:39
* Chipaca wishes canonicaladmin did ical15:39
Chipacajblount: ack15:39
dobeynot for me15:39
ChipacaCardinalFang: please continue15:39
dobeyi have 1 day left this year to schedule off, but haven't done so yet15:39
CardinalFangRelease d-c 0.6.1.  SRU 0.5.1 to Karmic. sync 0.5-stable line to source-package branch -- probably need james_w help.  talk to james_w about new source-package branch for trunk line.  Release 0.6.1 package for lucid.  Review Mandel's contacts branch.  See what we can use (and what we can't).15:39
CardinalFangThat's about three days worth.  I haven't gotten past that.15:40
CardinalFangThat's all desktopcouch, though.15:40
ChipacaCardinalFang: please push reviewing those bugs re web ui at the head of that work, so jblount unblocks that part of his schedule15:40
CardinalFangI'm still looking for those bugs.15:41
* dobey schedules that day now15:41
Chipacadobey: good person!15:41
* Chipaca feels "good man!" works better15:41
Chipacaugh, hold on15:42
ChipacaCardinalFang: I assigned them to urbanape, not you15:42
urbanapeI was wondering...15:42
CardinalFangjblount, do you know what bugs?15:42
ChipacaI keep on mixing you two up re who does web ui stuff15:42
urbanapesince you were talking about the files UI15:42
ChipacaCardinalFang: my most sincere apologies15:43
Chipaca#495621 and #49562515:43
dobeyCardinalFang: you can poke me for pkg questions also15:43
Chipacajblount: s/CardinalFang/urbanape/ in all that15:43
jblountChipaca: ack15:43
* Chipaca puts a paper bag over his nick15:44
ChipacaCardinalFang: any news re jbernard and commandline contacts client?15:44
CardinalFangAh.  It's my nick.  c=chad.15:44
dobeyCardinalFang: now he might confuse you with himself!15:45
CardinalFangChipaca, I have some views functions written that should make it easier, but I want to review mandel's contacts branch before recommending anything to jbernard.15:45
Chipacadobey: I have nightmares along those lines15:46
ChipacaCardinalFang: ok. I'd like to look at mandel's contacts branch too; I saw __getattribute__ shenanigans, which makes me suspect it's doing something unpythonic :)15:47
CardinalFangthisfred and I fear the m's code goes overboard with ...  yes.15:47
ChipacaI'd be a lot more confortable if it were __getattr__; __getattribute__ smells bad15:47
ChipacaCardinalFang: also: any days off this week?15:48
CardinalFangNone this week, though my wife tells me I look "*really terrible*" this morning, so I may have a sick day coming.15:48
ChipacaCardinalFang: I'd prefer if we had more than ~3 days of your work planned, but I can see how that would be hard. What happens after reviewing mandel's work?15:49
CardinalFangChipaca, Either merging, or branching and stripping out stuff.  That's 10 minutes or half a day.15:50
CardinalFangChipaca, after that, I think desktopcouch can be quiet for a while, so I can help with lucid features outside d-c.15:51
ChipacaCardinalFang: are we beyond the point of pointing things out to mandel and having him fix them? I feel like we've already said too many "this is great, but fix ____". Not sure how accurate that feeling is.15:51
CardinalFangHe's been very responsive to me.  I haven't said much about this new branch.  I merged all his other work.15:52
Chipacaaquarius: you're up next15:53
aquariusthis week: hopefully get finalised music store details, finish the download-from-one-upload-to-another-url twisted pipe, work on integrating it with jdo's upload API, write more desktopcouch documentation (thanks Ryan Paul for meaning that I don't have to write as much as I did before :))15:54
CardinalFangChipaca, i'm on reviews tomorrow, fwiw.  I usually hide until someone yells at me.15:54
aquariusoh, and review duty today and face on Thursday15:54
Chipacaaquarius: I worry about your monotonically increasing TODO :)15:55
Chipacaaquarius: let me copy it in15:55
Chipacamake tomboy first-sync experience nicer; continue work on desktopcouch developer docs; write up things learned at UDS/sprint; work with rodrigo on Music Store, some more music store architecture planning; step-by-step guide to what happens during contact sync; write "pipe" to transfer data between two HTTP connections with twisted 9.0; write lazr-js branch; be frustrated with lack of progress15:55
aquariusChipaca, the big thing that's holding me up is waiting on music store tech details15:55
aquariusmy todo list is a combination of "things I plan to od this week" and "things I plan to do sometime, probably". I picked up the idea from rodrigo :)15:56
Chipacaaquarius: yes, I know. But how is that holding up the first item in the todo? or if not that, wha tis?15:56
CardinalFangI hope they sign before April.15:56
aquariusah, the list isn't in order. It's just a list.15:56
aquariuswhat's holding up the tomboy-first-sync-experience is that there are more important things than it.15:57
aquariusCardinalFang, don't say stuff like that out loud or you'll make it happen15:57
Chipacaaquarius: ah15:57
CardinalFang(If I were APPL, I'd create a dummy company that promises similar features, acts like a canary to alert them to competition, and stall new "partners" as long as possible.  /me adds this to his world-domination Planning list. )15:57
Chipacaaquarius: ok, so what does that list look like in priority order?15:58
Chipacaaquarius: (what "lazr-js" branch?)15:58
urbanapehe was tasked with getting some time with lazr-js to spread the knowledge.15:59
urbanapevoluntold by statik, I believe.15:59
Chipacaah, true15:59
* Chipaca thinks he was too15:59
aquariuspriority order is: build music store widget (blocked); finish http-pipe; integrate pipe with jdo upload work; write desktopcouch documentation; write lazr-js branch; improve tomboy first-sync experience16:00
aquariusindeed I was16:00
aquariusheh "voluntold".16:00
Chipacaaquarius: the http pipe sounds like something we could ask __lucio__ if he can find someone to do it16:01
aquariusif he's got someone, that'd be cool16:02
aquariusI'm struggling with it somewhat16:02
Chipacaaquarius: I know we wrote quite a few streamers for syncdaemon and the server :)16:02
aquariusand I'd rather be working on music store architecture or on DC SDK, but I'm blocked on the store :(16:02
Chipacaaquarius: push the SDK ahead of the pipe while I check with mr foundations+16:03
aquariusok, will do.16:03
Chipacaaquarius: great16:03
Chipacaaquarius: days off this week?16:03
Chipacaurbanape: you're up16:03
urbanapeso, currently and foremost, I'm blocked by PQM. It doesn't like me.16:04
urbanapeI've got one approved branch ready to land, and one that will follow soon after.16:04
urbanapeI've started a branch for the rejecting of no-longer-wanted shares16:04
urbanapeTomorrow I'm an on-call reviewer and Wednesday I'm Face.16:05
urbanapeI still need to SRU Bindwood, as the release in my PPA has gotten a lot of positive feedback.16:05
Chipacaurbanape: what's the issue re pqm?16:05
urbanapeChipaca: All lines of log output:Sender not authorised to commit to branch bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-pqm-team/ubuntuone-servers/trunk-2a16:06
Chipacaurbanape: have you talked with LOSAs?16:06
urbanapeI thought it got cleared up with the general PQM wrangling that happened on Friday16:06
urbanapeI have not yet spoken with LOSAs16:06
Chipacaurbanape: or you could file a rt16:07
Chipacaso... that's a bummer but shouldn't affect planning too much16:07
urbanapeyarp. And besides the 4 mandatory days after Xmas, I have 2.5 days remaining of leave.16:08
Chipacaurbanape: as I told CardinalFang (mistakenly), please review those bugs created by lucio and assigned to you, so as to unblock jblount re file ui16:08
Chipacaurbanape: #495621 and #49562516:08
Chipacaurbanape: also schedule them for soonish (this week if possible)16:09
urbanapethe 2.5 days?16:09
urbanapeor the bugs?16:09
Chipacaurbanape: the bugs. And the 2.5 days :)16:09
urbanapeso, this week: shepherding the two branches I have in review already, the third for share rejecting, and the SRU for Bindwood, plus estimates on the two bugs reported by Lucio.16:12
Chipacaurbanape: ok?16:12
urbanapeI believe one of them is fixed by the second branch I have in review, actually.16:12
Chipacaurbanape: great16:13
Chipacaurbanape: plus face duty on wed16:13
urbanapeoh, nope, neither.16:13
urbanapeand review tomorrow16:13
Chipacayeah, but review is one day every week, so no surprise there16:13
Chipacavds: last but not least16:14
vdscontact sync: more testing especially with real device16:14
vds30 days free plan, branch already started, probably ready after dinner16:14
vdsOTA sms: branch to configure funambol to send sms as soon as we have an account, test OTA16:14
vdswith real mobile devices16:14
vdsChipaca: that's it16:15
Chipacamattgriffin: ping16:15
Chipacavds: how do we handle the end of the 30 day plan?16:16
Chipacavds: ie how do we communicate that to the user?16:17
vdsChipaca: we don't do it explicitly, we pass an error code to funambol that means the account is expired16:17
mattgriffinChipaca: pong16:18
vdsChipaca: then the funambol client should inform the user16:18
vdsChipaca: we could send an email or write something on the web page, but that was not in the bug16:19
Chipaca1 sec, on the phone16:22
Chipacamattgriffin: the ping was re subitosms16:23
mattgriffinChipaca: i'm waiting for the account login info from their account guy. we will 1000 worldwide messages to test with.16:24
Chipacamattgriffin: ok, great16:24
Chipacamattgriffin: ETA?16:24
mattgriffinChipaca: he seemed really responsive the last few days so i expect a message soon (today or tomorrow)16:25
Chipacamattgriffin: ok, great16:25
Chipacavds: my question is what is the user experience of that?16:25
vdsChipaca: I haven't tried it I guess the funambol client will tell the user that the account is expired16:27
Chipacavds: hmm... ok. For now :)16:28
Chipacavds: at some point the general account info pages need to be able to show that info, and that was more what I was asking. But ok for now.16:29
vdsChipaca: we don't have control over the client but we can do whatever we like on the web side (desktop side in the future)16:29
vdsChipaca: if you want we can include it in this branch I think16:29
vdsit shouldn't be much work16:29
Chipacavds: I'd rather more branches than slower branches16:30
vdsChipaca: ok, we'll have to refactor the web ui soon16:30
vdsChipaca: maybe we can include the notification while we do the refactoring16:31
Chipacavds: you mean to add the code for the 30 day trial?16:31
vdsChipaca: the code to notify the use that the plan is expired, yes16:32
Chipacavds: sorry I wasn't clear: what is the refactoring the web ui will need soon?16:32
vdsChipaca: we need to change the web ui to follow the indication of the design team16:33
Chipacavds: ok, so you're talking about the work jblount is doing right now?16:33
__lucio__Chipaca, aquarius: http-pipe we can do when we get the new guy16:33
aquariusit's not actually useful until we hit16:34
aquariusuntil we hit the stage of doing downloads, but it's something that I could do independently, so I was doing it now while blocked.16:34
aquarius__lucio__, thanks16:34
vdsChipaca: that I don't know16:34
Chipacaaquarius: I'd rather you worked on the SDK16:34
vdsChipaca: I don;t know if jblount is working on that16:35
Chipacajblount: is there anything in the work you're doing that is relevant to a 30 day plan that is a demo for the full version of a product?16:35
aquariusChipaca, yep, exasctly what I am doing now :)16:35
jblountvds, Chipaca: Not yet. That refactoring is a seperate and unique snow flake.16:35
* Chipaca is lost in a maze of refactorings, all alike16:35
Chipacajblount: so the refactoring vds is talking about is not about the 20 bugs from mt?16:36
jblountChipaca: Nope, he's talking about makig the funabol stuff look like the designs #design has for it.16:36
jblount(I think)16:36
vdsjblount: exactly16:37
jblountThe stuff I'm working on is for /files/ /notes/ and some various flat pages in the web ui16:37
jblountvds is talking about /phone/ or whatever16:37
Chipacajblount: thanks16:37
Chipacaright, right16:37
* jblount smiles16:37
* vds smiles too16:37
Chipacajblount: I assume the /phones/ work involves you?16:37
Chipacajblount: the ? means that I don't actually assume it yet16:38
jblountChipaca: I'm thinking yes16:38
Chipacajblount: good :)16:39
Chipacavds: so, is the 'your 30 day freebie is over' thing covered by the design work?16:39
vdsChipaca: nope16:39
vdswe can ask to "integrate"16:40
Chipacavds: is that work from mt? or is it john lea?16:40
vdsChipaca: john lea I think16:40
Chipacajohn__: ping :)16:41
Chipacavds: can you send him an email (assuming he doesn't respond) if he could add that to what's already there, if possible? I know he's going on vacation RSN16:41
vdsChipaca: sure16:42
Chipacavds: please cc me :)16:43
vdsof course16:43
Chipacavds: can we rewind a little and look at your planning again?16:43
* Chipaca realizes he's gone over the meeting time by almost 2x16:43
vdsChipaca: ok16:44
dobeythe meeting is still going?16:44
Chipacadobey: :(16:44
Chipacadobey: yes16:44
dobeyi can see why you have nightmares :)16:44
Chipacawe'll get speedier at this with practice :)16:44
Chipaca(here's hoping)16:44
vdsChipaca:  next was: OTA sms: branch to configure funambol to send sms as soon as we have an account, test OTA16:44
Chipacavds: estimates?16:45
vdsChipaca: a couple of days if everything goes smooth, but it never does...16:45
Chipacavds: what happens after that?16:47
vdsChipaca: that should cover this week16:48
=== john__ is now known as JohnLea
dobeyok, well, i really must go get some food and such16:48
Chipacavds: ok16:48
Chipacaok, a wrap!16:48
Chipacaaquarius: CardinalFang: dobey: jblount: urbanape: vds: thanks all.16:49
jblountChipaca: :)16:49
vdsChipaca: thank you!16:49
mandelaquarius: ping17:09
aquariusmandel, pong17:09
mandelaquarius: what happened at the end with the collection of contacts (I do not want to use the g word :P)17:10
aquariusmandel, I don't think we've yet hit a conclusion :(17:11
mandelaquarius: ok, np I'll focus on something else17:12
CardinalFangBonjour, mandel.17:18
aquariushi bravebug17:18
bravebugCan any body give me commands with witch ubuntuone-client packeged&17:19
mandelCardinalFang: bonjour. how is it going?17:19
mandelCardinalFang: good new from here, I added avatar support for the contacts :D17:20
aquariusbravebug, sorry, which commands do you need? The things to install Ubuntu One?17:20
bravebugcommands for installing from source ubuntuone-client and if it possible ubuntuone-storage-protocol too17:21
aquariusbravebug, "apt-get source python-ubuntuone-storageprotocol ubuntuone-client-gnome ubuntuone-client"17:22
bravebugI want to build package for ArchLinux, but I don't know problem in ubuntu patchs or bad commands for build17:23
bravebugI don't use ubuntu now17:23
CardinalFangbravebug, did you report the desktopcouch _self bug?17:24
aquariusbravebug, ah, then you can get the source from launchpad -- launchpad.net/ubuntuone has all the code17:24
bravebugaquarius, if you understend, look http://aur.archlinux.org/packages/ubuntuone-storage-protocol/ubuntuone-storage-protocol/PKGBUILD and http://aur.archlinux.org/packages/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-client/PKGBUILD17:25
aquariusbravebug, there are links to all teh projects from there17:25
bravebugI think that package function with error, because ubuntu have a lot of patchs with other packages17:26
bravebugsorry for bad english17:26
aquariusbravebug, ah, OK; we do have some patches to upstream projects. Can you show the errors that happen when you try to package Ubuntu One on archlinux?17:27
bravebugyes, one moment17:27
mandelCardinalFang: When did that bu appear, I saw it on friday but I was away and had no internet to report it17:28
CardinalFangmandel, Not sure.  I fixed in trunk this morning.17:31
bravebugaquarius, http://dpaste.org/UB2h/ and http://dpaste.org/BwGK/ please17:31
mandelCardinalFang: I've notices, I've just did an update, I wonder how it got there17:32
aquariusbravebug, OK, the u1sync problem is that it's not finding the config file. Chipaca, where would u1sync in http://dpaste.org/UB2h/ be looking for its config file?17:33
Chipacaaquarius: /etc/xdg/etc17:33
aquariusbravebug, and the second problem, with ubuntuone-client-applet, is because the syncdaemon isn't starting properly17:33
aquariusChipaca, which package is the config file in? I can't find it17:34
Chipacaaquarius: 1 sec17:34
bravebugIt not so bad like I think17:34
aquariusbravebug, yeah, it looks like you're most of the way there :)17:34
Chipacaaquarius: there doesn't seem to be one by default17:35
aquariusChipaca, ok, am a bit puzzled by http://dpaste.org/UB2h/ then?17:35
Chipacaaquarius: i'm looking into it17:36
aquariusbravebug, Chipaca knows all about this area, so he's your expert :)17:36
mandelCardinalFang: I've notices, I've just did an update, I wonder how it got there17:36
mandelgot to go, laters17:36
Chipacano, actually, I don't know much u1sync (that is tcole's), but17:36
bravebugChipaca, Hi, any ideas?17:37
Chipacaaquarius: bravebug: the file that is missing is /etc/xdg/ubuntuone/oauth_urls17:37
Chipacabravebug: do you have that ^ file?17:37
Chipacabravebug: ah, there you go then17:37
bravebugI understand17:37
bravebugwhat path and what it must contain?17:38
bravebugI can start ubuntu 9.10 in VirtualBox and look on this file17:40
Chipacabravebug: dunno if my dpaste url got through before the ap threw me off17:43
Chipacabravebug: in case no, http://dpaste.org/JOxm/17:43
aquariusbravebug, it's in the python-ubuntuone-client package17:44
CITguyDoes anybody know how to force update the files on my system with the ones in the cloud?17:44
ChipacaI was going to ask why you didn't have it, but I'm assuming you're doing something Strange and Wonderful :)17:44
ChipacaCITguy: u1sdtool --refresh=/the/full/path/to/the/top/dir/with/changes17:45
bravebugI build only two packages "ubuntuone-storage-protocol" "ubuntuone-client"17:46
aquariusbravebug, ah, yes, there are a few other packages that get installed. :)17:47
bravebugI look it in Ubuntu in VirtualBox now17:48
bravebugChipaca, where I can find install instructions for all this packages?17:58
bravebugI'm not so good maintainer17:59
Chipacabravebug: what are you trying to do?17:59
bravebugI don't how to build "ubuntuone-client-gnome" and "python-ubuntuone-client"18:00
bravebugdon't know how to build18:00
bravebugIt making from one sources?18:01
Chipacabravebug: are you in ubuntu?18:01
Chipacabravebug: I mean, are you trying to build this in ubuntu?18:02
bravebugUbuntu in VirtualBox only18:02
bravebugok, I try18:02
Chipacabravebug: no, no18:02
Chipacabravebug: I am trying to understand your situation, to understand what you're trying to do, to help you better18:03
Chipacabravebug: umm... what is your native language?18:03
Chipacaoh, shame, I don't speak russian :)18:04
Chipacabravebug: so... are you trying to build the packages from source? Or are you trying to use ubuntu one in a non-ubuntu environment?18:04
bravebugfrom source18:04
aquariusChipaca, on archlinux18:05
Chipacabravebug: do you have bzr?18:05
bravebuginstall it not problem, but I bad to know how use it18:06
Chipacabravebug: not a problem18:06
Chipacabravebug: do you have python-gnomekeyring?18:06
bravebugI don't know what is it18:07
Chipacabravebug: are you wanting to use just u1sync, or the full ubuntuone syncdaemon?18:07
bravebugI want to build all this packages for community18:08
Chipacabravebug: ok18:08
Chipacabravebug: you need the python bindings for the gnome keyring. Do you have that?18:09
bravebugWe have ArchLinux User-community Repository (AUR)18:09
bravebugWhere I can sent packages18:09
bravebugOne moment18:09
* rtgz understands Russian, just in case, ping me if one needs anything18:23
Chipacartgz: I'll point him at you18:25
rtgzChipaca, ok, I thought I am offline :)18:25
rtgzubottu, unfreeze!18:25
Chipacartgz: bravebug. bravebug, rtgz18:27
dobeyrtgz: ping19:36
rtgzdobey, pong19:36
rtgzdobey, i guess "hrmm" was for me as well19:37
dobeyrtgz: are there separate bugs for all of the issues your branch seems to fix for you?19:37
dobeymy hrmm was about bravebug trying to build the client on arch19:37
rtgz"Fixed immediate 'synchronized' emblem assigned due to incomplete hash checks." - this is a separate bug, actually. Do you want me to file that?19:38
rtgzdobey, fixed: bug #491777, bug #479475 - fixed, except folders (requires syncdaemon support) and Shared With Me. I have also set the default to unsynchronized icon, but I cannot find any design doc about the way it "should" be :(19:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 491777 in ubuntuone-client "Ubuntuone-Nautilus should not update file modification time to refresh the emblems" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49177719:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 479475 in ubuntuone-client "File emblems don't display correct sync status" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47947519:40
dobeyrtgz: separate bugs for each issue, and separate branches to fix each bug, are best, yes19:40
rtgzdobey, okay, then I will create additional branches. Will that be ok for now or this is blocking you from other things?19:42
dobeyrtgz: it's not blocking me, no. but i'd like to separate the trivial fixes, so we can get those in, while the more complicated stuff will need more review19:43
rtgzdobey, okay, need some 30 mins to do all that19:43
dobeyrtgz: thanks19:45
jbernardChipaca: I don't have anything yet, but i expect time to free up towards the end of the week so I can start putting it together21:00
jbernardChipaca: I do have mandel's branch and have been reading through it21:00
Chipacajbernard: ok :) thanks for the update21:00
jbernardCardinalFang: ping me when you have those views ready, that would be a huge help21:01
rtgzdobey, 2 ready, ShareCreateError in progress (phew, need more bzr, bzr, bzr...)21:05
rtgzdobey, may I attach the corresponding branch with dbus marshaller to bug #492100?21:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 492100 in ubuntuone-client "Error while creating share from nautilus - _create_share_http in action_queue.py, line 1859 calls callback with missing parameters" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49210021:06
dobeyrtgz: i think that would be a separate issue21:08
rtgzdobey, the callback was not called when error happened, this is ubuntuone-nautilus side for create_share_http error...21:09
rtgzdobey, no, not related, going to make new bug report21:09
dobeyrtgz: and i'm not sure i understand the issue either, so i'd like a separate bug to be able to understand it better21:11
rtgzdobey, ok!21:11
rtgzhm , the "Share on Ubuntu One" dialog just displayed me completely weird string, probably it may have to do with the crashes when share dialog is called. Once I had "." there written only. Probably the pointer gets an invalid memory location... and the crash nessita got... Might be related...21:33
dobeynot sure21:33
dobeyfile a bug, and attach a screenshot21:33
dobeyand a backtrace if you do get a crash21:33
rtgz+ cosmetic - (nautilus:14029): Gtk-WARNING **: The GTK_DIALOG_NO_SEPARATOR flag cannot be used for GtkMessageDialog21:41
CardinalFangjbernard, Roger.  Maybe in 24h.21:44
rtgzdobey, splitted the commit into three branches, I hope I did everything right.21:48
rtgz  path = g_filename_from_uri (nautilus_file_info_get_uri (file), NULL, NULL);... how can THIS point to a wrong memory...21:50
rtgzhmmm   file = g_list_nth_data (files, 0);...21:50
dobeygrr, why is gtk+ dumb21:52
rtgzJust for the record  - the crash was like this -  http://paste.ubuntu.com/341458/, BTW, what is TTL for those messages?..21:55
rtgzStill, no idea how to provide more "usable" info...21:55
dobeyttl for what messages? the pango ones?21:56
rtgzhm... (nautilus:14335): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_ref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed - when window is dismissed21:57
rtgzdobey, for paste.ubuntu.com entries21:57
dobeyi believe you can specify day week or month when pasting21:57
dobeyoh, or not21:58
dobeyi don't know how long they stay21:58
rtgzgtk_entry_set_text (GTK_ENTRY (data->name_entry), g_path_get_basename (data->path)); - ok, the magic happens somewhere here...21:58
rtgzpaste.ubuntu.com does not let us specify TTL value for the message so it is a bit weird21:59
rtgzokay, I guess this is all for today, will check what can I get for nautilus crash tomorrow, since it is... heh, it is already tomorrow here.21:59
joshuahoover1dobey: did the networkmanager fix make it in the sru you put together?22:00
dobeyjoshuahoover1: yes, just waiting for it to get approved and uploaded to the archive22:00
joshuahoover1dobey: cool22:00
urbanapeso, while I've had good success with the PPA release of Bindwood, that branch never got a proper review. If anyone is interested (or wants to just short-circuit it), the proposal is here: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~urbanape/bindwood/batch-pushing/+merge/1616522:04

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