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asacfta: is tcmalloc new?09:42
asacloads of issues with chromium on arm now09:42
asace.g. http://launchpadlibrarian.net/36800668/buildlog_ubuntu-lucid-armel.chromium-browser_4.0.270.0~svn20091213r34444-0ubuntu1~ucd1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz09:42
asacfta:... and ... please disable tests on arm ;)09:43
asacthat will avoid ultra long builds ;)09:43
persiaReminder, Mobile meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 10 minutes12:51
ftaasac, done: http://paste.ubuntu.com/341857/12:55
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asacfta: rock. have you tested a NON_TEST build locally?13:00
asace.g. maybe it ends up with some packaging issues etc.?13:00
ftait didn't last time i used it13:02
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ftaasac, does it build now?14:43
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Riottadoes anybody have a clue when ARM netbooks/tops will be available for normal consumers?21:46
JamieBennettRiotta: next year ;)21:48
suihkulokkiRiotta: you can already buy Sharp PC-Z121:49
RiottaI hope so21:49
JamieBennettIn Japan!21:49
Riottaah I dont get something about arm and ubuntu, there is on the wiki that ubuntu support two arm processors freescale and marvel21:51
RiottaI know there is a pegatron and freescale two larg companies which made arm processors and freescale processor is supported is ubuntu will operate on pegatron processors also ? is there some compability orsomething or those are all arm clones21:53
Riottawith same features etc21:53
JamieBennettThey are different architectures that require specific changes to the OS based on the same offerings that ARM provide.21:54
JamieBennettDifferent but similar21:54
Riottaah so those all processors will have different architectures21:54
Riottanow I get it21:54
Riottaso basically you have to compile everything for other arm processor to make it work?21:55
suihkulokkiwell it's more like i386-i486-pentium-ppro-p3-p4-..21:55
JamieBennettIt could be the same chip design with slight tweaks that require a specific kernel. The Device-Tree work that is ongoing at the moment may allow us to ship more generic releases but that is a little off at the moment.21:56
Riottalike i380 and atom's lpia21:56
suihkulokkibut each arm cpu needs a differnet kernel atm21:56
JamieBennettsame arch (i.e. armel) but different kernel's and tweaks21:56
JamieBennettsorry, should of made that clearer21:56
RiottaI see it thanks21:56
Riottaso different kernel but most apps will work on all arms?21:57
Riottaor same story21:57
JamieBennettAll apps should work the same providing that they are compiled for the same optimisations, i.e. in the current Lucid cycle we are targeting ARMv7 with Thumb2 which is available on only the newer processors from ARM. But if they support this then userspace is pretty much the same across the board.21:58
ftaasac, fyi, http://codereview.chromium.org/50700721:59
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