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tsimpsonjpds: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots/Contact if you would please :)16:54
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MenZaHi, can I have an ubuntu/member/menza cloak? I was approved tonight - https://edge.launchpad.net/~lhavelund19:32
tsimpsonif you send $15 to me, sure :p19:32
* MenZa runs off to play with tsimpson's wiki page.19:32
tsimpsonif you're masochistic enough to _want_ to play with moinmoin, go for it19:33
MenZagood point19:33
* MenZa shudders.19:33
jussi01MenZa: I got to run for a bit19:34
MenZasure, sure19:34
MenZanoone's in a hurry19:34
MenZaexcept you ;)19:34
FlannelMenZa: You should know better than to post edge LP links!19:38
MenZaoh dear.19:38
MenZaBut anyone who'd be interested is most likely in ~launchpad-beta-testers anyway :P19:38
ninnnuhttps://launchpad.net/~ninnnu I can haz cloak? :)19:47
MenZa\o ninnnu, and congrats :)20:02
MenZa(also, scarily, that's *exactly* what I said in -ops, except for the Launchpad link)20:03
MenZa[2009-12-15 19:11:23 UTC] <+MenZa> I can haz cloak?20:03
ninnnuLolcatism is contagious and it spreads over EMEAMeetings20:05
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MenZaHave you found your way back, jussi01?22:57
MenZaAlternatively, Pici - are you around?22:58
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* MenZa prods Pici 23:17

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