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apwKeybuk, thats an amazing jump in times since alpha-113:50
apw(a positive jump)13:50
Keybukapw: you mean a good jump? :p14:22
apwheheh yeah i do :)14:23
apwKeybuk, looks like you moved everything out to plumbing though, so i guess its a bit less good than it seems14:23
Keybuki took out the framebuffer driver loading, etc.14:25
Keybukso we could get a clear picture of where we're really at14:25
Keybukif the cost of the splash screen is seconds, then that's an argument for trying to avoid having on14:25
apwyeah not much point if all it does is slow things down14:32
apwX seem to be doing a fine job ...14:32
apwkernel had a good increment, but most of its the usplash shift14:33
Keybukyeah, definite half a second from the kernel itself though14:37
Keybukthe other bit that's not obvious is that it already takes almost 3s of plumbing to get gdm started14:40
Keybukwhich is enough time to load the i915 driver in parallel14:40
Keybuk(blacklisting it doesn't speed that up any)14:40
apwKeybuk, ouch thats a long time14:43
Keybukwe budgeted 2s14:43
apwKeybuk, do we have any idea what the heck the dkms component is in that boot? is this a first boot or is that there in all boots14:50
Keybukit's there in all boots14:51
KeybukI just took an axe to dkms14:51
Keybukmario will cry like a baby14:51
Keybukbut there's no reason in hell dkms needs to run on boot14:51
Keybukit can build modules in postinst14:51
apwhehe ... /me thinks there is a reason14:51
Keybukthe reason is so that when you boot an old kernel, it recompiles drivers for you14:52
Keybukwhich is clearly broken14:52
Keybukif you boot an old kernel, it's because something with the new one *didn't work out*14:52
apwyeah that sounds like the reason14:52
Keybukyou don't want the new drivers backported - they might be the very things that were broken14:52
Keybuknot to mention that we don't rebuild the initramfs either14:52
apwa reasonable reposte to the argument me thinks14:52
Keybukfabbione: hey!14:53
apwKeybuk, it feels like the dkms ending is when X starts14:53
fabbioneKeybuk: hi14:53
fabbionefeenode bump... just for a change14:53
Keybukapw: it is14:54
Keybukso dkms now doesn't have any boot-time scripts14:54
Keybukbecause taking 4s made it go BEEEEP on my radar14:54
apwKeybuk, heh, so how much time you recon that is going to save?14:54
Keybukapw: dunno14:54
Keybukprobably about a third of a second in reality14:54
* apw isn't going to sniff at .3s14:55
Keybukthough a second copy does seem to block X for a second14:55
Keybukso maybe 1.5s14:55
fabbionesmells like fun14:59
Keybukfabbione: yeah, we're still having fun here ;-)14:59
Keybukhow's things with you?14:59
fabbionepretty good14:59
fabbionewe are about to open the new development cycle for the next cluster generation15:00
fabbionethat's going to be a killer15:00
Keybukfabbione: awesome15:00
Keybukapw: did we ever chase down those modules.builtin patches?15:00
fabbioneis there anybody here specifically in charge of dvb-t?15:00
fabbionekernel driver regression15:00
Keybukfabbione: not specifically, but let either apw or smb know - depending whether it's lucid or karmic15:01
apwKeybuk, i went looking for them on friday but didn't find them merged as yet15:01
fabbionecan't really explain the meaning of regressions to my wife when she holds a MythTV remote15:01
* smb knew fabbione just came to complain15:01
Keybukapw: I don't think they're merged yet - but they would be nice15:01
fabbionesmb: actually no.. i was about to offer help because I wrote most of that driver15:01
Keybukthe author is the new kbuild maintainer, so they have a good chance :p15:02
fabbionesmb: and something did regress between .28 adn .3115:02
Keybukshall I drop him a mail to find out the status, cc you, and if he says ok, then you can merge?15:02
fabbionesmb: i really complain when you break LTS15:02
smbfabbione, Hey cool. Don't take me too seriously15:02
fabbionethat really seriously annoy the hell out of me :)15:02
fabbioneno trust me.. it takes a lot more than that to go on my nerves15:02
smbfabbione, Ok, so what do we have as info. You have a bug report already?15:03
fabbioneKeybuk: btw.. nfs mount in karmic (with the new upstart jobs start) fails from time to time at boot, then recovers itself. Nothing critical whatsoever but spurious warnings can raise a flag for less experienced (l)users15:04
fabbionemaybe you already know15:04
fabbionejust can't even find the time to look at LP15:04
Keybukfabbione: yeah, slangasek is looking into it15:04
fabbioneit's really a non-issue :)15:05
fabbione"fail to mount /var/lib/mythtv/videos/porn" :P15:05
fabbionekind of thing ;)15:05
apwKeybuk, yep sounds like a plan to me15:06
logari81hi, could anyone give me a hint on "EE: Previous or current ABI file missing! " ? google doesn't know a lot about it.15:07
fabbionewow.. still ABI checker kicking in!15:08
fabbioneimpressive to see that stuff still holds up after 5 years we did it :)15:08
smbHeh, yeah. Amazing that google does not know anything about it15:08
smblogari81, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KernelMaintenance#ABI15:09
logari81smb: thanks, google probably knows enough about kernel ABI, but not about the error string I was looking for :) .15:12
smblogari81, Yeah, maybe. :) In short, you start a new version, you need to have the abi files from the last version. Check for debian.master/scripts/misc/getabis15:14
Keybukapw: are you sure they didn't get merged?15:21
apwKeybuk, nope, they may have now, there was 10k changes in there today15:21
Keybukah no15:22
Keybuksome confusion over the branch15:22
KeybukSubject: [resend][GIT PULL] kbuild updates for 2.6.3315:22
KeybukFrom: Michal Marek <mmarek@suse.cz>15:22
KeybukDate: 12/12/09 14:47:30 (Sat, 12 Dec 2009 15:47:30 +0100)15:23
Keybukis the relevant thread15:23
Keybukthe modules.builtin patches are in that tree15:23
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bjf** Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Today @ 17:00 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting15:36
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apwKeybuk, remind me was there a bug on this modules.builtin stuff to help coordinate the kernel/modprobe stuff?15:46
bjaglinrtg: thanks for the fsam7400 pull :)16:40
rtgbjaglin, np16:40
apwbjf, is there a bug associated with this 4MB buffer thing?16:42
bjfapw, no, a request from dtchen16:42
apwbjf ta16:42
apwbjf ... meeting in 15 ?16:46
bjfapw, yup16:47
bjf## Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - in 10 minutes - #ubuntu-meeting16:50
rtgapw, do you remember where ubuntu/Kconfig gets picked up from when running 'make oldconfig' ?16:54
apwarch/x86/Kconfig ?16:55
rtgapw, ah!16:56
bjf## Meeting starting now17:00
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apwsmb, you there?17:14
Kanohi, now it is 7 week after last karmic update and still no update - since yesterday there is even .8. so who is sleeping all day long?18:52
apwthe last karmic update was 6 days ago18:57
Kanoapw: .7 and .8 kernels are already out - last with lots of ext4 fixes just like
apwyep.  but just cause they are out 'now' doesn't mean they can be released now, we have processes to prevent regressions18:58
Kanowell you told me that 1 week ago and absolutely nothing happend18:59
Kanois that the process?18:59
apwsince 1 week ago we have released a security update and spun a new proposed, plus started reviewing the .8 patches.  so no, not nothing19:00
Kanonothing in git visable19:00
apwevery release in the archive is in our tree19:01
mjg59Kano: Ubuntu release process is, I suspect, primarily oriented towards Ubuntu rather than being especially concerned about niche derived distributions19:01
mjg59Kano: Rebasing the Ubuntu patchset on top of newer upstream stable releases should be trivial for you to do yourself, if you're interested in doing so19:02
mjg59In most cases it would just be a single git command19:02
apwtrust me, if we could get the stable updates out faster we would, they are nothing but a royal pain in the rear end to have more and more pending19:02
Kanomjg59: usually a git pull fails because of some sauce patches19:04
KeybukKano: that's probably why mjg59 said "rebase" instead19:06
Kanothe question is: why are those patches not upsteam19:06
KeybukKano: the answer to that question can be found in each commit log19:06
Kanothats why the .X.Y releases are19:06
Kanoi see no reason to add some extra ids or so just for U19:06
Keybukin those kinds of cases, the patches came from the upstream kernel19:07
Keybukjust the current linux-2.6 tree rather than stable19:07
Kanothe really needed ones are officially backported19:07
apwif you don't think any of the commits in our tree are needed other than those in 2.6.32.y why don't you make kernrels from there instead?19:08
Keybuk    Note: This patch is useful to powertop to tell the utilisation of the sound19:08
Keybuk    device. It is cherry-picked from upstream19:08
Keybuk    git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tiwai/sound-2.6.git19:08
Keybuk    SHA ID: a2f6309e819:08
Keybukfrom the commit log of the first SAUCE patch I found19:08
Keybukbut, if you want to whine, I'm sure things like that won't stop you19:08
Kanoapw: just for a few extra things like aufs and some drivers19:08
apwand thats how we end up with the patch load we have, things which people need which arn't in upstream in a timely fashion for our release schedule, its the same everywhere i am sure19:09
Kanobut not all backports are applied, thats why a git pull even fails after you updated it19:10
apwindeed some patches are deemed too invasive or too risky dispite being in stable19:19
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