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solarionyou could do ad-hoc Group Policy stuff with UbuntuOne02:37
solarionfyi, UbuntuOne is on Ars http://arstechnica.com/open-source/guides/2009/12/code-tutorial-make-your-application-sync-with-ubuntu-one.ars/102:38
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aquariusurbanape, ping13:03
urbanapeaquarius: hey, got your review notes.13:09
jblountthisfred: You should re think writing spam blogs for a living, I don't think it's sustainable.13:48
thisfredjblount: but apparently I'm very good at it ;)13:49
thisfredblogger is weird. I have almost no links to external sites, none to dubious sites, so I don't know what their algorhithm looks at. Also, they don't contact you to tell you your blog has been taken down. They block access to the edit interface as well as the public blog. Then when they finally deign to review it, they send me a message that tells me my blog was deleted. That got me awake better than coffee.13:51
thisfredI'm totally going to posterous: if they take me down, I'll still have all the posts in my sent box.13:52
Chipacajblount: well... spam blogs use a renewable source (gullible people); as long as the hosting is green, it should be sustainable13:52
jblountChipaca: Good point.13:56
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Chipacaaquarius: CardinalXiminez_: dobey: jblount: urbanape: teknico: vds: dunno if you noticed, but the 'u1 bug day' in the calendar was off by a couple of hours. bug day is _now_14:16
aquariusChipaca, ah. I had not noticed!14:16
vdsChipaca: not noticed...14:19
vdsChipaca: we use this channel to discuss the bugs?14:20
teknicoChipaca, joshuahoover1, we need the bug list, don't we?14:20
joshuahoover1teknico: please see the other channel's topic :)14:21
teknicoaquarius, joshuahoover1, thanks14:21
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aquariusteknico, can I trade you a bug? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+bug/488815 is in Italian and I can't read it ;) So choose one random bug off your list and I'll do it instead.14:22
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ubottuUbuntu bug 488815 in ubuntuone-client "Ubuntu One non si connette" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:22
teknicoaquarius, sure14:23
teknicoaquarius, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+bug/48034314:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 480343 in ubuntuone-client "Ubuntu One client fails to connect to service" [Undecided,New]14:23
urbanapehmm, why can't I mark bugs as Triaged?14:29
joshuahoover1urbanape: is it a package bug by any chance?14:30
urbanapeYeah, I guess it is14:31
joshuahoover1urbanape: ok, we need to get you access to triage package bugs...let me see if i can get someone to do that for us14:32
joshuahoover1urbanape: i'm sending pedro a list of names that need access to triage package bugs and he'll set that up for us14:36
statikhurrah for pedro14:37
statikjoshuahoover1, thanks for organizing this14:37
joshuahoover1statik: np :)14:38
statikno ennui today, today is a good day to die14:40
aquariusbah, why can't I set a bug as wishlist importance on evolution-couchdb?14:40
dobeythis is why i don't plan things in advance. they always change :)14:40
dobeyaquarius: on the package or on the project?14:41
aquariuspackage, I think14:41
aquarius"Affects: evolution-couchdb (Ubuntu)"14:41
aquariusthat's the package, right?14:41
teknicodobey, oh, you plan them after the fact? ;-)14:42
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dobeyaquarius: yes. you probably aren't in ~ubuntu-bugs or whatever the team is called14:44
dobeyteknico: no, i just try to do stuff as it needs done. :)14:44
urbanapesomeone want to trade a bug in Spanish with me?14:44
urbanapeand Chinese?14:45
urbanapealso, I've been given this bug #495453, but don't have access to it.14:45
ubottuBug 495453 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/495453 is private14:45
aquariusjoshuahoover1, do I need to be in an ~ubuntu-bugs team to mark bugs in evolution-couchdb (Ubuntu) as wishlist? How do I get into that team?14:45
urbanapeAlso, German and Svenska. I'm feeling all multicultural and stuff.14:46
aquariusurbanape, off to babelfish for you then :P14:46
urbanapewhee. Can I use babelfish for my responses as well?14:47
dobeythat would be Hungarian14:47
urbanapeLike no one has ever translated English to Hungarian to Bantu to Urdu to Chinese before.14:48
dobeyno, but Yiddish might help14:48
urbanapereminds me of the site that made the rounds a short while back, trying to find a stable translation.14:49
dobeyurbanape: #495453 is public now. there wasn't any vital info in it14:51
urbanapeI'm guessing that lots of us are getting lots of semi-related bugs. For the client stuff, are there any tips or things we should be looking for in the accompanying logs that would point us towards a duplicate?14:51
urbanapeespecially the capabilities mismatch? The two I've seen are either fresh installs or recently upgraded with nothing showing as a candidate for upgrade.14:52
dobeynot sure. i suspect most client bugs are going to be dupes14:54
statiknothing showing as a candidate for upgrade is likely a problem where they had the jaunty PPA, then upgraded to karmic, and the last version in jaunty is versioned poorly so it shows up as newer than the version in the official karmic archive. re-enabling the PPA or removing/adding ubuntuone-client should fix it14:54
aquariusupgrading to karmic comments out all your PPAs, doesn't it?14:58
dobeybut in my experience it also does a s/jaunty/karmic/ on the sources lists14:59
aquariusI have the same question about dupes. We could do with a way of identifying the same bug showing up a lot. Not sure what the best way of doing that is (apport? a script which looks in attached logfiles?)14:59
dobeyso you can just open the software sources prefs, and re-enable and should be good14:59
dobeyaquarius: comparing syncdaemon-exceptions.log is probably going to be useful for that, yes15:00
dobeyoutside of that, probably not a whole lot to compare15:00
aquariusdobey, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/35501410/.home.gerald..cache.ubuntuone.log.oauth.login.log.txt suggests that the punter doesn't have networkmanager -- is my best response to that "the PPA version doesn't require networkmanager; here are PPA install instructions"?15:00
dobeyit would be really useful if we could extend the apport retracer on the server, to compare log files15:00
joshuahoover1aquarius: yes you do, i'm taking care of that now for everyone (well, putting together the list so pedro can do it for us :) )15:01
dobeyaquarius: dup of 35739515:01
aquariusdobey, ooh good lad yourself. :)15:02
joshuahoover1aquarius: and the beginning of the description for 357395 has a pointer on installing the beta ppa15:03
aquariusit does indeed15:03
urbanapeare there known 64-bit problems?15:03
aquariusdobey, yeah; if we could autodupe "no networkmanager" and "noaccesstoken" bugs it'd be way helpful.15:03
dobeyaquarius: well, as soon as the world gets the SRU installed, new versions of those will be gone anyway15:04
dobeybut yes15:04
aquariusnoaccesstoken is fixed in the sru? sweet :)15:04
Chipacado we do the standup thing?15:05
aquariusnot while we're on a bug day, I don't think15:05
Chipacaoh, ok15:05
ChipacaI'll run off to the bank then :)15:05
aquariusdobey, what's the canonical NoAccessToken bug? #453825 is marked as a dupe of #451670 but #451670 seems to be the httplib 2.6.3 (HTTPSConnection._tunnel_host) bug15:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 488413 in ubuntuone-client "SD crashes when no token found" [High,In progress]15:09
aquariusexcellent., cheers15:09
* aquarius is amazed at the number of people who don't have networkmanager15:12
* dobey is amazed that wicd/connman don't provide the same dbus interface15:13
dobeygrmbl grmbl15:13
aquariusok, that's all my easy duplicate-of-a-common-problem bugs done :)15:13
statiki'm not really sure how to analyze the log file that was attached to this bug report about files not syncing: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+bug/448093 any syncdaemon experts want to teach me what to look for?15:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 448093 in ubuntuone-client "ubuntuone is not updating all files" [Undecided,Incomplete]15:14
urbanapeYeah, bugs are hard. Especially when they all seem very similar, but not necessarily duplicate.15:20
jblounturbanape: ++15:21
statikjoshuahoover1, for a bug which is marked incomplete, and is still awaiting a response from someone, do I need to do anything? or just move on to the next bug in the list? i'm wondering how to track that a human looked at it today and it was still in the incomplete state15:21
dobeyyeah, and then you have to fix them15:21
dobeywhat kind of silliness is that! :)15:21
joshuahoover1statik: those are ones that we depend on lp's expire functionality to take care of...but maybe i should incorporate something into the script that generates the list to check for the last person to comment...if it's in the team, then we shouldn't put it in the list15:22
statikooh that would be cool15:23
urbanapeFor bugs like this: #494191 where "it works, after I restart", what's the proper thing to do, short of, "Yeah, we'll work on making it more robust and reliable in the future."15:23
dobeyi don't think lp's expiration does what people think it does15:23
urbanapeif there's no there there.15:23
joshuahoover1dobey: no? what does it do?15:23
dobeyi've seen several bugs in my list that when opened just say "this bug expired N days ago"15:23
dobeywhich doesn't really help with anything :)15:23
statikyeah i saw that this morning too15:23
statikjoshuahoover1, should i be doing any edits on this wiki page to show that i processed my bug list, or will it just be overwritten next week? https://wiki.canonical.com/UbuntuOne/BugDays#Elliot Murphy15:24
dobeyyou could check last comment vs. when it was marked incomplete, or such, with a script, though15:24
joshuahoover1statik: i was planning on just overwriting...i'm up for suggestions :)15:24
urbanapeWould a no access token cause the machine to shut down after 10 minutes?15:38
aquariuswebm0nk3y, rawk. I thought so. Nice15:38
aquariusdobey, if ssl.c is throwing EOF in violation of protocol (bug #489277), is that the HTTPSConnection bug, or something weirder?15:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 489277 in ubuntuone-client "Ubuntu One produces a connection error when launching." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48927715:42
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dobeyaquarius: sounds weirder15:44
aquariusk. I shall assign it in your direction then :)15:44
statikjblount is about to get interviewed live on http://www.ustream.tv/channel/statik-talk15:46
aquariusheh. bonus points for launchpad finding lucio even though I spelled his name wrong ;)15:56
joshuahoover1aquarius: i often assign the user "lucio" vs. the user "lucio.torre" to bugs...lp reminds me that "lucio" doesn't normally work on bugs...pretty handy too!15:57
aquariusdobey, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/36199469/.home.omri..cache.ubuntuone.log.oauth.login.log.txt looks to me like the dude's clock is wrong?15:58
urbanapehmm, valid apport stuff, but the title of the bug (translated) is: "Your QQ version does not support this super-group, may not be able to obtain a complete list of group members. Please download the latest QQ2008 to http://im.qq.com experience." Spam?15:59
urbanapebug #49540215:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 495402 in ubuntuone-client "您的QQ版本不支持本超级群,可能无法获取完整群成员名单。请到http://im.qq.com下载最新QQ2008进行体验。" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49540215:59
dobeyaquarius: it would have had to become way wrong during the oauth token getting phase. and that doesn't seem generally plausible, unless it was during an automatic tz change or something, which is generally hard to try to do15:59
dobeyaquarius: probably started the applet and went to watch an episode of seinfeld or something, and then came back and clicked "OK, add this pc"16:00
aquariusdobey, heh. I'll ask them to try again then :)16:00
dobeyaquarius: granted the error handling of that case could be better16:01
urbanapedo we have a FAQ for using U1 with firewalls enabled?16:07
urbanapeany particular port settings or services that need to be explicitly enabled/activated?16:07
djcaquarius: http://twitter.com/djco/statuses/669987328416:08
urbanapedjc: I asked moz developers about that when I was starting on Bindwood.16:09
urbanapeNo plans yet for making the storage pluggable, which is about all it would take.16:10
urbanapeBut that's okay, since now we can target other browsers as well (hello, Chromium)16:10
dobeyurbanape: if you can connect to https://one.ubuntu.com/ in your browser, you should be good16:15
dobeyurbanape: we don't need any special ports really16:15
aquariusdobey, do local firewalls block local firefox access to localhost:234782 for the callback?16:15
dobeyaquarius: only if you're insane and you configured iptables on the lo interface or something16:16
aquariusdobey, yeah, good, just checking :P16:16
dobeyaquarius: though i think there are firefox extensions that break connection to localhost16:16
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aquariusdobey, yeah, I got that impression when the callback failed for some people16:17
dobeyanyway, time to get some lunch16:21
dobeybbiab :)16:21
urbanapethis is a whole lot of dbus not responding: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/36705554/.home.jostein..cache.ubuntuone.log.oauth.login.log.txt thoughts?16:24
aquariusright, off to get my daughter. Back later, all.16:51
urbanape_poopy day for freenode, what?18:12
dobeyurbanape_: apparently fnode is getting DoSed the F out18:14
aquariusdjc, ping?20:17
djcaquarius: pong20:22
aquariusdjc, is it possible to apply ?group= or ?descending with couchdb-python?20:24
djcwith views20:25
djcalso, why ask here rather than #couchdb? :)20:25
aquariusdjc, 'cos I knew you were here and I know you better than cmlenz ;)20:25
aquariusyep, with views20:26
djcbut, yeah, you can: db.view('blah/blah', descending=True)20:27
djcalthough it often takes the form of opts = {'startkey': 'a', 'endkey': 'b'}; db.view('foo/bar', **opts)20:28
aquariusaha, sweet, you can pass arbitrary extra options to the view. quality.20:29
aquariusI think we might have inadvertently stomped on that in desktopcouch.records. Must fix that ;)20:29
djcwhy yes, couchdb-python is pure quality20:29
GreySimQuestion. I heard on the FLOSS Weekly interview that any desktop developer can hook into One by hooking into CouchDB and getting all the neat replication stuff, but is it at all or will it ever be possible to develop for the website side? Like, say I wanted to get Getting Things GNOME (todo list program) hooked into One. Would I be limited to replication, or would it be possible to have it set up to edit tasks through the web interface?20:29
aquariusGreySim, we've been thinking about that, quite a lot. It's not currently possible, but I want it to be.20:30
djcaquarius: so, why didn't Ubuntu One start by integrating with Weave in the first place?20:30
GreySimGood to hear.20:30
aquariusdjc, weave doesn't have a swappable backend20:30
djcone could rewrite to deal with a CouchDB backend?20:30
dobeyweave is also pretty specific to firefox as i understand20:31
aquariusdjc, yeah, but you were right the first time -- it'd be a relatively substantial rewrite, rather than an enhancement20:31
aquariusdjc, which we didn't have time for20:31
dobeyjust being a backend to weave would make it that much harder to have other browsers work with it20:32
djcdobey: you don't have to be "just" a backend for weave20:32
djcI think the CouchDB interface is generic enough to serve all kinds of stuff20:32
djcand being schema-less should make it fairly easy20:32
djcand you also get a bunch of other stuff for free; e.g. Weave doesn't do just bookmarks, it does bunch of other stuff I want synced as well (e.g. Places, prefs)20:33
aquariusyeah; we could have built bindwood as a weave backend, indeed. If weave had a concept of swappable backends then that's almost certainly what we would have done20:33
dobeywhat the heck is "Places"?20:34
dobeynew name for bookmarks?20:34
djcthe Firefox subsystem that stores bookmarks and history20:34
djcwith the frecency counts that make the awesomebar do its thing20:34
dobeyand we want to sync prefs for things other than firefox as well20:35
dobeybut it's a very hard problem20:36
djcdobey: that's not a problem, it would be nigh-trivial to put different kinds of data in Couch (e.g. some things for Weave, some things not)20:37
dobeydjc: you misinterpreted my statement to imply that the problem was in fact couch20:37
dobeyit is not :)20:37
dobeythe problem is applications20:37
djcwhat is the problem?20:38
dobeymost applications store state as configuration20:38
dobeyand state is a horrible thing to sync across machines20:38
djcokay, I just think that has nothing to do with the fact that the weave backend should be CouchDB-like20:39
dobeyi was also not disagreeing on that20:39
djcok, good20:39
verterokdobey: ping21:03
dobeyverterok: hi21:03
verterokdobey: hi21:03
verterokdobey: I'm working in a script to generate a simple text file with the syncdaemon dbus API21:04
verterokdobey: already wired it to the Makefile.am, etc21:04
verterokdobey: wondering if you have any ideas/recomendations about this :)21:04
dobeyno ideas21:05
verterokdobey: e.g: my idea is to add the generated file to .bzrignore21:05
dobeymy python isn't that good21:05
verterokdobey: oh, sorry..21:05
dobeyand we're not describing the API in XML like we would be doing if it was in C21:05
verterokdobey: I'm thinking in the packaging side21:05
verterokdobey: the text file is generated from the xml21:06
verterokdobey: the xml is generated in runtime21:06
dobeybut we aren't writing XML ourselves i mean21:06
verterokdobey: no, right. no handmade xml21:06
dobeyi'm sure you can do funky stuff with python to poke about internally, since it's dynamic and all :)21:07
dobeyi'm not sure what you're trying to ask of me though :)21:07
verterokdobey: actually I'm getting the api description via dbus ;)21:07
verterokdobey: so, I added a 'doc' target to the Makefile21:07
verterokdobey: but is just sitting there, isn't wired with anything else21:07
verterokdobey: do I need to do something else to get the generated file included in the package?21:08
dobeyverterok: probably easier for me to look at what you have now, and then suggest what to do :)21:09
verterokdobey: :)21:10
verterokdobey: what I have is: a new make target: 'doc', that generates a file: docs/syncdaemon_dbus_api.txt21:12
dobeyyes i understood as much21:12
dobeyis it only generating one file?21:12
verterokdobey: yes21:13
verterokdobey: at least ATM21:13
dobeyverterok: we'll probably want a similar doc for oauthdesktop API21:13
verterokdobey: with a bit more of work, we cna generate another file for oauthdesktop dbus api21:13
verterokheh, right :)21:13
verterokdobey: I need this in order to discuss a new dbus api (for UDFs) with desktop+21:14
verterokdobey: but we can file a bug for the oauthdesktop bits ;)21:14
verterokok, great!21:15
verterokI'll propose the branch as it's now, and we can add more later21:16
verterokdobey: thanks!21:16
dobeyverterok: hrmm. my brain is a bit astray at the moment, but if you go ahead and propose the branch, i can look at it later and make any fixes, or comment in review to make them21:16
verterokdobey: cool, thanks!21:16
jamaltaDoes Ubuntu One sync files that are symlinked to ~/Ubuntu One?22:08
dobeyjamalta: we don't support symlinks, no22:09
jamaltadobey: hm.. alright22:11
jamaltadobey: I'll just copy the files for now then, thanks!22:11
aquariusjamalta, in Ubuntu 10.04 you'll be able to designate any folder as synced to Ubuntu One, not just your Ubuntu One folder22:11
jamaltaWow, the client picked that up quick...22:12
jamaltaaquarius: That's sweet!22:12

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