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Bevoanyone running icewm03:25
LucidFoxHow do I configure external protocol handlers?04:11
LucidFoxFor example, I'd like apt: to use apturl.04:12
LucidFoxI fixed it, more or less, by setting gnome-open as the browser in Preferred Applications, but it seems like a terrible hack04:36
paulmopsEvening all, I have a question about setting up wifi.04:57
paulmopsunder normal vanilla ubuntu, my wifi works fine (after installing the driver).04:57
paulmopshowever, I just installed xubuntu, and everything goes well up until I install the driver.04:58
paulmopsafter which point, I'm unable to view any networks around me04:58
paulmopssad face :(04:59
* j1mc hugs #xubuntu05:29
_Techie_does anyone in here have experience with the DuoX2 modchip?06:01
_Techie_whoops wrong chan06:02
_Techie_wow nickserv is running slow tonight06:05
_Techie_only just got, -NickServ- This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>.06:05
knomeyeah. they're experiencing a ddos attack06:05
_Techie_fun fun06:05
knomeyep :P06:06
photobug21hey I have to say I like xubuntu06:16
photobug21running it off my 8GB flash drive06:16
_Techie_grats, is it karmic that your running off of it06:16
photobug21thanks :)06:17
_Techie_i personaly was really put off using karmic on a USB06:17
_Techie_as the only way to get it booting perfectly on every pc is to make a persistant copy of the livecd06:18
_Techie_however karmic recreates the ubuntu user at boot, so any files i had on my drive were absolutely unprotected06:18
photobug21Oh try www.pendrivelinux.com06:19
_Techie_been there done that06:19
photobug21you need windows currently to make the live usb with persistence06:19
photobug21mine works06:19
_Techie_mine did too06:19
photobug21Ok I didn't understand hehe06:20
_Techie_well up untill i managed to brick my USB drive06:20
photobug21so by unprotected what do you mean?06:20
photobug21oh ok06:20
photobug21yeah I have to remember to backup06:20
_Techie_when i say unprotected, people could boot it and log in without a password06:20
photobug21I currently broke my apt-get when it froze and I hit reset06:20
photobug21have to boot into recovery in a bit and do repair broken packages06:20
photobug21Oh yeah06:20
_Techie_i had a jaunty install that was all passworded up perfectly06:21
photobug21so creating a user account, logging out and logging in doesn't work?06:21
photobug21it didn't so far06:21
_Techie_nope, it wont06:21
_Techie_i usually modify the default account06:21
photobug21Weird I tried Linux Mint 8 and it worked fine06:21
photobug21just wanted to try this it has a lightweight window manager06:21
photobug21that is a pain06:22
photobug21I want the user thing to work06:22
photobug21but otherwise it's faster than Linux Mint 8 since 8 uses Gnome06:22
photobug21and I've got a really old desktop06:22
_Techie_i want to try linux on my xbox sometime06:23
photobug21yeah that'd be nice06:23
_Techie_i already have a web browser for it06:24
photobug21I don't have an xbox right now06:24
_Techie_did you used to have one?06:24
photobug21never owned a console06:25
photobug21other than an old TI that took cartridges06:25
photobug21had an atari 2600 and radio shack pong06:26
photobug21shared it with siblings06:26
photobug21and sega genesis06:26
photobug21brb I have to reboot and repair these packages I need open office06:26
photobug21btw nice to meet you :)06:26
photobug21brb :)06:26
photobug21there's no recovery feature on the usb flash version of xubuntu hehe06:50
Balsaqyo _Techie_06:55
_Techie_yo Balsaq06:55
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photobug4natureHello, is there a live usb xubuntu help channel here or does this work?07:20
photobug21oops I didn't know freenode hooked up to this07:21
photobug21but looking for help with liveusb07:21
KonataFBanyone had a problem with install, where the text is in a unreadble small font so tis mroe or less skipping pixles lol, (this install on ps3 so unsure if it a specific ps3 compat problem)08:37
KonataFBi can use the wizard i just can;t read it lol08:37
SandGorgonhi guys.. does one need to use gnome libraries to run OpenOffice on Xubuntu ? I'm trying to keep my very-old-system atleast partially usable ...09:14
KonataFBapparently the installer ahtes my tv :D leaste i can install useing my comp monitor09:26
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bittin__Hello, if i change my Xorg to something over 800x600 i can't see my mouse pointer what might be wrong then? in Debian15:01
BVCcan someone help me with an xubu install?15:42
Balsaqwill try our best15:42
BVCI downloaded and burnt the new xubu, it runs with the live cd, but..15:43
Balsaquh oh15:43
BVCwhen i formatted and tryed to install on the hard drive it locks up at Grub Loading stage1.515:44
Balsaqis it 9.01?15:44
Balsaq9.10 i mean15:44
BVChold i have to go15:45
Balsaqwas nice doing business with u...15:45
Balsaqare you trying to install linux with windows?16:08
likemindeadThese netsplits are getting ridiculous...18:35
likemindeadJeez... did someone piss off Anonymous or /b/ or something? 0__o19:45
Sachse_SiechtumHello folks20:34
Sachse_SiechtumI'm a new user in Xubuntu.20:34
photobug21It's nice20:34
Sachse_SiechtumUsing Windows XP only for games now and Xubuntu for else :-)20:34
Sachse_Siechtumso...I have a problem with the login screen which kinda bothers me20:35
Sachse_SiechtumI have to login several times til I get to the desktop20:35
Sachse_SiechtumI read in one thread on the net that might be a problem with not using the def. resolution20:35
photobug21Yeah it's decent and that'll be fixed soon I bet20:36
Sachse_Siechtumbut I don't wanna change the res. since I'm comfortable working with it20:36
Sachse_Siechtumhmm ok.20:36
photobug21Yeah if it works must not be wrong20:37
Sachse_Siechtumits just kinda annoying *laughs* once I had to login about 20 times...20:37
Sachse_Siechtumbut other than that I really like Xubuntu :-)20:38
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Sachse_Siechtumok fixing meal...cu later20:39
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photobug21oh man right now trying linux mint, my xubuntu on flash drive got borked20:40
photobug21same thing but xubuntu is faster20:40
photobug21lightweight window manager20:40
Siechtum_awayI see20:40
photobug21Linux Mint 8 is based on ubuntu20:40
photobug21but I want xubuntu for my flash drive20:40
photobug21works on more hardware20:41
Siechtum_awayI bet20:43
Siechtum_awayhmm I was wondering...whats the main difference between xubuntu and Kubuntu? (except based on Gnome and KDE)20:44
Siechtum_awayor differences20:44
photobug21Xubuntu is actually XFCE but not much diff I guess20:45
photobug21Not sure20:45
photobug21I never read their faq20:45
Siechtum_awayI just read the wiki entry on both20:45
Siechtum_awayso do you use Linux distros also for gaming?20:46
photobug21Nope but used to with cedega20:46
photobug21my nvidia card broke20:47
photobug21I have a super old ATI in this now20:47
Siechtum_awaythat sucks.20:47
Siechtum_awayoh thats funny...some month ago my old ATI Radeon card broke...I got an nvidia card now20:47
photobug21yeah hehe I don't enjoy gaming so much now20:47
photobug21I do like photography though20:47
Siechtum_awayoh I do too20:47
Siechtum_awayI really need some good photo equipment20:48
photobug21You can use a point and shoot to take good photos20:48
photobug21check out my flickr I have a low end Nikon20:48
Siechtum_awayhmm it tells me the link is invalid20:50
Siechtum_away"point and shoot"?20:50
photobug21try sunlizard4fun20:50
Siechtum_awayalright cu later...eating now..20:55
photobug21cool my nevada and salt lake photos are the good ones20:55
photobug21ok cya20:55
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dbdii407What's Feh? I get that as an option when opening an image23:41
likemindeadFeh sucks. Ristretto is much better IMHO.23:49

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