PengAt least Freenode isn't read-only too. :D00:02
jmlis there a standard Python way of parsing a __version__ string like '1.5.1'?00:23
james_wjml: parsing in to parts, or parsing for comparison?00:27
maxbI think the standard way would be to beat the originating app over the head until it provides a version tuple00:27
pooliejml, not that i know of but there is often a tuple-based version00:27
james_wyou can compare it as a Debian version number, but modules for that aren't likely to be available everywhere00:28
james_wI don't know of a standard python one00:28
jmlok, thanks guys.00:28
* jml proceeds to beat the app over the head00:28
jmloh crap00:29
jmllaunchpad is going to make that hard00:29
* jml splits and map ints for the time being00:32
Pengjam: Is there supposed to be a test in lp:~jameinel/bzr/2.0.4-495000-win32-autopack? Cuz there ain't.01:07
jmlyou know01:17
jmlbzrlib is nice01:17
jmlit's a bit of a wart that there are errors with "NotFound", "NotPresent" and "Missing" in their names.01:18
spivjml: Also, "Absent"01:19
spivjml: But we're lacking an error with "Lacking"01:20
jmlspiv, good catch.01:22
ronnyare those at least subclasses of lookuperror?01:23
Pengraise errors.LackingConfusingErrorClass.01:23
jmlronny, no, I don't think so.01:23
jmlronny, and I'm not sure they should be.01:23
ronnyhmm, it woud certainly give more meaning01:24
jmlronny, e.g. DependencyNotPresent -- is that _really_ a lookup?01:25
ronnyjml: im not yet at that one01:25
spivI'd be pretty hesistant to use LookupError for anything that wasn't implementing the __getitem__ operator01:26
ronnyjml: but for example NoSuchId/NoSuchIdInRepository01:26
jmlspiv, yeah01:26
jmlspiv, I've never really found much value in rich exception hierarchies anyway, still less ones inheriting from the stdlib exceptions.01:27
ronnyi like to put more meaning in things01:27
jmlronny, I like motherhood and apple pie.01:28
ronnyi grender-missmatch for the first one, but i agree on the second one01:29
onoxhow can I tell bzr which key to use to sign revisions?01:37
jmlspiv, may I encourage you to do something about https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~spiv/pyflakes/detect-broken-string-formatting/+merge/58001:40
spivjml: you may01:40
jmlspiv, If you do something about your pyflakes branch, you will help thousands.01:40
spivonox: hmm, not sure.  Maybe you can specify it on the command line in the gpg_signing_command option in bazaar.conf?01:41
lifelesspoolie: are you happy with my fixes to the subunit branch?01:58
=== mario_ is now known as pygi
poolielifeless: i haven't reread your patch but based on what you said it sounds good02:50
=== mwhudson_ is now known as mwhudson
lifelesspython-testtools is in  the bzr beta ppa02:54
lifelessfor hardy intrepid jaunty karmic02:54
jmlis there a test decorator for feature availability.03:00
lifelesseither set _test_needs_features03:01
lifelessor call self.requireFeature(feature)03:02
lifelessspm: you have mail; I suspect you can't do it? can pjdc?03:03
spmpjdc is away this week03:03
lifelessanything you can do to expedite it would be appreciated ;)03:05
spmlifeless: when/where did you send this email? > 5-10 mins ago?03:06
lifelessabout that03:06
lifelessyou and rt03:06
lifelessI hope this DDos gets shut down soon03:07
spmlifeless: tada. arrived. :-)03:09
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jmlyou know what would be cool to do once this branch lands?03:44
jmla branch directory service that takes launchpad bug numbers and looks up the corresponding branch03:45
pooliemore useful for push than for pull04:01
poolieor indeed a bzr command (something like diff -rsubmit: ) that gives you the diff04:01
pooliespiv, so, patch piloting...04:01
poolieif i take next week will you do the 1st week back?04:01
pooliesubject to chestbursters04:02
spivpoolie: sure04:02
jmlone completely distracted day later, I've replied to the last comment on lp-login-oauth-204:39
jmlthat only took four hours :(04:39
* jml -> router replacement04:42
* jml is back w/ adsl2 goodness.05:33
jmlremind me, are there any conventions for pqm submit messages?05:34
jamNothing like lp05:36
jamwe often put our name in05:36
jam'bzr log -n1' would give you a hint :)05:37
spiv"(author) One line description (#bugnum)" is pretty common.05:37
jmljam: aww man, and here's me being proud for RTFMing first :)05:38
spivIt'd be nice to improve the PQM process enough that the "(author)" bit is unnecessary, probably by making PQM set the author property.05:39
jmlspiv, that's been discussed in the past.05:39
jmlspiv, it's philosophically unclear who the author of the merge is.05:39
=== sdboyer_ is now known as sdboyer
jmlspiv, and anyway, we should look up the authors of the merged revisions.05:40
jmlspiv, or at least, that's what I recall from the last time this went round the rounds.05:40
spivjml: it's whoever I say it is when I do "bzr pqm-submit --the-author-is=..." :P05:41
jmlspiv, you're such a relativist.05:42
jmlAll lines of log output:Sender not authorised to commit to branch http://bazaar-vcs.org/bzr/bzr.dev07:14
jmlwhich branch should I submit to?07:15
lifelessits in the docs07:19
pooliegot to go, anniversary date07:25
pooliegood night07:25
lifelessjml: did that help you07:29
jmllifeless, not yet.07:36
jmllifeless, given that the URL in my error message matches the URL in the docs.07:38
vilajml: I'll check with a losa if you *still* have access to that branch, I'm pretty sure there have been some updates when we switched07:42
vilawell, the assumption here is that you didn't use pqm since you were RM, if you did, I'm wrong :)07:43
vilalifeless: You broke my toy >-/ I have persistent failures on babune for hardy, jaunty. karmic, gentoo related to _StringException: lost connection during test07:45
vilaTo be honest, I don't think you (or rather your patch) are directly responsible for that but yet...07:45
lifelessjml: http://bazaar-vcs.org/bzr/bzr.dev isn't in the docs now I think07:46
vilaThe selftest run stops with 4 ERRORs like the above but only after running 4135 tests07:46
vilaIt completes for FreeBSD[78] though07:46
lifelessHACKING.txt specifies http://bazaar-vcs.org/bzr/bzr.dev still07:48
vilalifeless: You did fix the verbose output for SKIP/XFAIL is was it that random that it doesn't occur anymore ?07:48
lifelessjml: it should be http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr-pqm/bzr/bzr.dev07:48
lifelessvila: it is actually meant to be verbose07:48
lifelessvila: so I deliberately broke it.07:48
lifelessvila: (it will no longer show the backtrace to you)07:48
vilalifeless: thanks !07:49
lifelessthe reason it wasn't showing it without --subunit was ...07:49
lifelessthat the ui factory was replaced by the tests07:49
lifelessglobal state ftw07:49
vilaI read tht in the comment >-/07:49
vilaI knew I wasn't comfortable with that global stuff but until it break...07:50
vilaAbout ' lost connection during test', any idea about when it could occur ?07:50
lifelesslost connection means07:51
vilas/when/& why how anything/07:51
lifelesssubunit saw:07:51
lifelesstest: FOO07:51
lifelessso, possibilities are:07:51
vilaendless ;-(07:51
vilagiven the vbox behaviours I'm observing these days... up to a VM responding to a click and then going flat, nothing in any log I can think of, leading to... a reboot :-(07:53
lifelessnot flushing a file07:53
lifelessprocess termination07:53
lifelesswhat test is it erroring on07:54
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic07:54
vilaOn hardy32: http://paste.ubuntu.com/343356/07:54
vilaOn jaunty64: http://paste.ubuntu.com/343357/07:55
vilaOn karmic64: http://paste.ubuntu.com/343358/07:56
lifelesshow many cpus does the vm think it has?07:56
vilaAlso on karmic64: http://paste.ubuntu.com/343359/ :-(07:56
vila4 for all 307:56
vilaOn gentoo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/343360/ 4 CPUs too07:57
lifelessthis is using =fork or =subprocess07:59
lifelesstry =subprocess07:59
lifelessits worrying similar numbers07:59
lifelessI'd kindof like to see the end of the stream08:00
lifelessdoes anything show up on stderr?08:00
vilaNothing special, but SKIP tests verbose on hardy too :-/08:01
lifelessdoes it08:01
vilarevno 4905 for bzr08:01
lifelessso for that one08:02
lifelesschanging addSkip to take details08:02
lifelessis the best way to fix it08:02
lifelessI don't really want to keep tweaking the patch :)08:02
vilaYou landed it so now is not tweaking is writing new ones :-D08:03
* vila feels babune citizens will undergo massive reboots just because08:04
* vila kills one more chicken first08:04
lifelessvila: I haven't landed it08:04
lifelessvila: waiting on pqm to have testtools installed in it08:04
vilawowwwwww, backtrack, backtrack08:05
lifelesswhat you are seeing is bzr.dev without the patch + newer subunit08:05
vilaExactly !08:05
vilapfew, I prefer that !08:05
vilasorry for the confusion but suddenly seeing SKIP verbose tricked me08:06
lifelessyou are seeing verbose skip because thats what trunk does08:06
vilaI don't think we should spend time understanding this weird config, unless you're really interested... I'd prefer coming back to the SKIP/XFAIL verbose stuff08:07
* vila redirects babune to lifeless branch and updates it08:12
vilalifeless: it's amazing that mix works on FreeBSD and nowhere else.... new bug family: raising when they want just because they can08:15
vilalifeless: http://paste.ubuntu.com/343390/08:30
lifelessvila: I think its likely an environmental bug08:37
vilalifeless: So, SKIP/XFAIL is indeed random08:38
lifelesssuch as not flushing stdout on _exit08:38
lifelessvila: its very deterministic for me :)08:38
vilarandom as in: I don't yet understand when it occurs :)08:38
lifelesswhen ui_factory != SilentUIFactory08:38
lifelesse.g. always with --parallel08:39
vilano, I don't get it when running on saw (the real host for babune, running karmic)08:39
vilaha, it may be related to babune's VM *not* running with a tty08:40
vilayeah, the karmic VM output contains the versbose part but the karmic host doesn't08:41
vilaThis is going to be a long day...08:42
vilaXchat crashing (yes it's yet another VM)08:42
vilaWell, thinking more about it, It may be a good idea to keep those outputs anyway, I would prefer to be able to control it via selftest -v, but I won't block on that.08:43
vilaAs long as selftest finally returns success (which it does), it makes sense to be able to see why tests are skipped with more details08:44
lifelessvila: -v has a different reporter09:10
lifelessand in non parallel mode the things don't show anyhow09:10
vilaWell, I'm not sure these are good reasons to make --parallel=fork a second class citizen :-D09:11
lifelessbut its not - we're just making it the same09:12
vilaWhere ?09:13
vilaDid I miss a commit ?09:13
=== obstriege is now known as obst
Jordan_UIs there a way to checkout a branch without creating any .bzr directory at all?09:25
lifelessJordan_U: no09:28
lifelessvila: 'normal' test runs try to show skip and xfail details, but fail because the ui factory is silent09:29
Jordan_Ulifeless: Thanks09:29
lifelessvila: --parallel succeed at showing it because no tesets run in the parent process09:29
lifelessvila: this disabling the attempt makes it behave the same09:29
vilalifeless: this doesn't explain the difference between karmic host and karmic guest, the former being silent and the later being verbose for the *exact* same command 'bzr selftest --parallel=fork', I understand the root cause is highly obscure, I'm just saying some people may be surprised especially if it occurs *only* for --parallel=fork09:33
vilaI may still misunderstand who and when ui_factory is set and why I can observe such a difference...09:33
vilabut that's minor09:34
vilalifeless: unless there are other tweaks required by others I'm ok to land it as is (with s/log_log/get_log),09:34
vilababune is quite happy with that so far09:34
ronnylifeless: what would you think about a tool that would automatically distribute instant test runs to computers/vm's with different platforms (so each time a developer runs the suite it gets executed on all targets)09:35
vilaronny: I think lifeless will point you to babune which is BAzaar BUild botNEt : a set of VM/hosts running the test suite daily :)09:36
ronnyvila: im not talking about dayly runs but instany on demand runs09:37
vilaronny: with infinite power you can achieve that, but currently it take ~6 hours wall-time to run on hardy, jaunty, karmic, FreeBSD7, FreeBSD8, gentoo, OSX 10.4, OSX 10.509:38
ronnyi.e. one would need something like 24 boxes per platform to get it down to a worthwile timeframe?09:38
vilaIf you got the boxes, I'm happy to provide help to set that up :D09:39
ronnyim not yet the man in the middle on the international money transfer lines09:40
lifelessvila: thanks; I am pushing your log fix now; will land when pqm is fixed ;)09:40
vilalifeless: thanks, ETA ?09:40
vilacool :D09:41
lifelessronny: so, those tools exist. I recommend using them.09:41
lifelessthere are various ones with various forms.09:41
ronnylifeless: im not aware of some that work for python and work on demand09:41
lifelessso, offhand; bzr selftest --parallel=ec2 is easily tweaked to run different vms09:42
lifelesspy.test has a remoting API09:42
lifelesspandokia too09:42
lifelesshudson and other such CI tools have on-demand modes09:42
ronnylifeless: the py.test one is supposed to be massively changed (cause atm it still used local collect)09:43
* lifeless has to go. bye09:43
ronnyhmm, pandokia looks interesting09:44
lifelessits a bit crude09:45
lifelessbut I'm considering a subunit2pandokia for folk that want to use it :P09:46
ronnylifeless: we are trying to outline a new model for py.test distributed testing, with better controll about things like collect/shedule09:47
lifelessronny: cool; testing-in-python :)09:47
ronnyhmm, right09:47
lifelessa local collector isn't really an issue IMO.09:47
ronnyoh, im actually subscribed to that ml09:47
ronnylifeless: it is if the collect phase is partially platform-depend09:48
lifelessronny: btw, subunit 0.0.3 - has structured space for stdout or whatever you want.09:48
lifelessronny: I may not know what you mean by collect. And while I find this fascinating, I can't focus on this right now - sorry.09:48
ronnycan you ping me later?09:48
lifelessI'd be delighted to discuss it on the list, or perhaps later09:49
lifelessfor me, later may be 12+hours09:49
ronnyso in case of doubt the next day09:49
lifelesswell thats the early estimate :O)09:53
lifelessI'm on leave and bumming around etc09:54
vilalifeless: hmm, ETA was  about ' when pqm is fixed ', that wasn't what your replied to right ? :D10:03
Pengvila: What do you mean by "hpss remote repositories doesn't raise the warning locally"?10:12
Pengvila: Which side os "local", the client or server?10:12
Peng...Oh, I get it. Since the client side just sees Remote objects, it won't know they're really deprecated... Sorry. I haven't slept much today.10:13
vilaclient, did you observe something different ?10:14
Pengvila: I don't interact with deprecated repos over the hpss much, so I dunno. Besides, last time I did, _ensure_real was probably much more common.10:16
PengMy sleepy brain just didn't know what you meant.10:16
vilaok. Thanks for caring anyway :)10:16
=== loxs_wrk is now known as loxs
Pengvila: I just tested it. I got the warning, but apparently only after VFS access was triggered.10:19
vilaPeng: can you redo that test with my branch ?10:19
Pengvila: Does the branch need to be on the client, server or both?10:20
vilagood question :)10:21
vilaClient at least, bonus points if both, extra bonus points for server only :)10:21
Peng...Do I need to actually use the new setting?10:25
vilaat least to begin with we want to see the warning, then we can try to suppress it10:25
PengBranch on client-side: The client displays both the warning generated on the server and the warning generated on the client.10:28
PengBranch on both: Same.10:28
PengBranch on server-side: Same.10:29
Pengvs. lp:bzr, this means two warnings instead of one, for one branch. Ick.10:29
PengPresumably there would only be 1 warning of the client didn't do any VFS requests.10:30
vilaPeng: Weird, I can't imagine why two warnings are emitted instead of one since this is controlled by a global which means it can't be emiited twice by the same code base10:37
Pengvila: When using bzr+ssh, the client sees the server's stderr. Or something.10:38
vilathat means client and server can emit one each, but I fail to see where my changes can trigger than10:38
* Peng shrugs.10:38
PengI'm too sleepy to brainstorm.10:39
vilaPeng: anyway, that's certainly a bug, so please report it or comment at bug #49769410:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 497694 in bzr "missing features about format deprecation" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49769410:39
vilathe patch is on its way to pqm as we speak, so in less than an hour, the bug will be on bzr.dev10:40
vilaPeng: have some rest :)10:41
PengWaitwaitwait. Peng is dumb. I get the double warnings in bzr.dev too.10:41
PengI initially didn't notice because I ran with -Dhpssvfs and the traceback pushed the first one off the screen...10:41
vilaI'm pretty sure the patch also provides a way to suppress both warnings by configuring both the client and the server:)10:41
vilahaaaaaaa, great !10:42
PengSorry for the confusion.10:42
vilano problem, by the way may be you're seeing the two warnings because you run the server locally and in the same terminal >10:42
vilano problem, by the way may be you're seeing the two warnings because you run the server locally and in the same terminal ?10:42
* vila yells at keyboard10:43
Pengvila: bzr+ssh from one machine to another.10:43
lifelessvila: eta for pushing the log_log fix10:43
lifelessvila: pqm depends on sysadmins10:43
vilalifeless: yeah, I thought so ;)10:43
vilalifeless: but it's in the pipe right ?10:43
vilalifeless: I ask to know if I should revert babune's subunit and testtools or not... :-/10:44
Pengvila: Brushing my teeth and going to bed takes more effort than staying awake and being an IRC zombie.10:46
* vila frantically searches what is needed against zombies10:47
Pengvila: I'm a tired, lazy Internet zombie. I only eat presliced brains that are within arm's reach.10:53
ad-530have a little problem in understanding how bzr works10:54
ad-530say i have a branch trunk/10:54
ad-530and a subdir trunk/somedir10:55
ad-530how to turn trunk/somedir/ in a branch with the same revno as trunk/ ?10:55
Pengad-530: You want to split somedir out into its own branch?10:56
Pengad-530: Why?10:56
ad-530for use with builder/dailydeb10:56
ad-530in the source package i need the trunk/somedir/ not the trunk/10:56
ad-530but then i got trunk/somedir/ is not a branch10:57
ad-530and i need to check out the whole repository because it's a svn repos. checking out just the trunk/somedir/ results in a borked revno of trunk/somedir/10:58
Pengad-530: Well...There's "bzr split", but there might be a better solution.10:59
ad-530ok, what's the better solution? ^^10:59
PengI have no idea.11:02
lifelessvila: I have no eta for pqm getting the library11:03
vilalifeless: k, thanks, that's the worse kind of ETA :)11:04
Pengvila: BTW, thanks for doing this. :) I have a couple of branches intentionally using ancient formats; it'll be nice to shut the warnings up.11:16
Peng(And thanks to the other people who worked on it before.)11:17
* vila redirects to fullermd and ted :)11:17
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lifelessvila: you could talk to #is if you want to steer it along11:33
bialixhi bzr11:38
jelmer'morning bialix11:40
=== NEBAP is now known as xeviox
cody-somervillejelmer, hey12:30
jelmerHi Cody12:31
jelmerHow are things?12:31
cody-somervilleNot too shabby. How are things with you?12:31
jelmerGood, having fun doing Launchpad hacking :-)12:31
cody-somervillejelmer, I think an upstream has changed what the git master is on a particular branch and now my branches no longer have common ancestry. Do you have any suggestions?12:33
jelmercody-somerville: they've basically done a rebase of the full branch?12:34
cody-somervillejelmer, I'm not entirely sure. It looks like they had 'master' and 'debian' where 'debian' has been merging 'master' everytime they upload to debian. Now, it seems 'master' became 'debian' when they started on version "2.0".12:36
jelmerand yo12:37
jelmerur branch is based on debian?12:37
cody-somervilleno, it was based on master since thats where all the commits were occurring.12:37
cody-somervilleIf I based on debian I wouldn't have been able to cherrypick revisions and what not12:38
bialixрш оудьук12:38
bialixhi jelmer12:38
jelmercody-somerville: I'm a bit surprised there's no common history at all in that case12:46
jelmercody-somerville: is your branch available somewhere?12:46
cody-somervillejelmer, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~oem-solutions-releng/live-helper/live-helper12:48
rubbsGood morning13:03
jelmerhi rubbs13:05
jelmercody-somerville: Sorry for the delay, still cloning your branch.13:42
vilajelmer: ping, regarding bug #496827, what do you mean ? I'm pretty sure I fixed that and InfoHooks *calls* super().__init__14:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 496827 in bzr ""bzr hooks" throws AttributeError exception on Windows" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49682714:11
jelmervila: before 2.0.2 ?14:11
vilajelmer: not sure about that, but then it's a dupe ?14:12
jelmervila: Yeah, it's definitely a dupe14:13
vilayup, #389648 is part of 2.1.0b314:13
jelmerI couldn't find the original bug report14:13
jelmer(probably because it's marked fixreleased by now)14:13
vilahey ubottu wake up, bug #38964814:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389648 in bzr "internal error on bzr hooks" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38964814:13
vilajelmer: thanks, by the way, searching NEWS worked for me here :)14:15
mindlaceIs the push-and-update plugin still required?14:15
jelmervila: I probably should've tried that14:15
jelmervila: I honestly hadn't considered that the bug might have already been fixed14:15
vilajelmer: no worries, I was just scared about a possible regression :)14:16
vilamindlace: well, it's hard to tell without more context but I see no reason why it wouldn't be required if it was...14:17
jelmercody-somerville: Ideally you should be able to rebase your branch onto the new git import14:17
mindlacewas looking at a "bazaar in 5 minutes for web developers" … doesn't seem like push/pull is required any more14:19
vilaurl ?14:20
vilamindlace: if you used to use push/pull and didn't change your setup, bzr won't magically push/pull14:21
vilaif the doc changed to describe a lightweight checkout instead of a branch, then, yes you won't need push/pull anymore but the change is that your branch was local and is now remote. but even then, you'll need to update your remote working tree, so I still fail to understand :D14:22
mindlacevila: here we go: http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/BazaarForWebDevs14:24
mindlaceI am migrating my devs from svn. I expect push/pull to be a manual operation they take on their branches of the "source" tree.14:25
mindlacesource branch, i guess.14:25
vilayes they are, why do you say push/pull are not required anymore ?14:26
mindlaceoh, it's not required, there is no remote working tree.14:26
vilaemmajane: hi emmajane ! You couldn't be more timely :-D14:27
mindlaceeh? no i mean this push-and-update plugin14:27
vilaemmajane: mindlace have some questions about http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/BazaarForWebDevs14:27
mindlaceis it just merging bzr push and bzr pull into one operation?14:28
vilaso the working tree is where the files you versioned are, doing commit create a revision with one or more parent revisions, a repository is where revisions are storedm a branch is a pointer to the tip revisions14:28
emmajanevila, I'm just in a meeting...can you email me, or PM me and I'll get back to you?14:29
vilapush and pull affect only the branches (there are exceptions we;ll forget)14:29
vilaemmajane: no worries, I'll explain14:29
mindlaceright but on the server I don't need a working tree… i think?14:29
vilayou don't need a wt on the server where the branches are14:30
vilabut you need a working tree on your *web* server14:30
emmajane(You probably want bzr upload, not that tutorial...)14:30
mindlacei see. now I get it.14:30
mindlaceno it's fine, I understand bazaar, i just was confused about why I wanted to update the remote working tree14:30
emmajane(most normal people don't actually do changes directly on the server)14:30
* mindlace <-normal (in this case at least)14:31
vilathere are roughly two solutions: 1) you have bzr on the server and you want to server your web pages from the directory where the branch is also served from, 2) you want to serve from a directory without .bzr or from a server without bzr installed14:31
vilafor case 1) you use push-and-update for case 2) you use bzr-upload14:32
vilamindlace: does that ^ answer your questions ?14:32
mindlaceyes. it answers my question in the affirmative - I need neither plugin, as I am treating the server "as if" it were subversion14:42
mindlaceand I'm the only one who deploys anyhow :P14:43
vilamindlace: lol, ok :)14:43
vilaBut how do you deploy ?14:43
mindlaceoh, I can install the plugin *for me* I just didn't want to have to walk my developers through installing a plugin today, as i'm having a hard time getting them to click through the process of branching14:44
KLondenbergHi all ..14:50
rubbsKLondenberg: hello14:59
=== GaryvdM_ is now known as GaryvdM
MvGHi there!15:45
MvGtrac-bzr is almost ready for release 0.3.0. I'm currently researching setuptools and its metadata.15:45
MvGPrevious releases did not include any dependency information. I'm now inclined to include install_requires = ['Trac >= 0.10, <0.12', 'bzr >= 2.0']. But as I'm not experienced with python packaging, I fear there might be adverse effects of me doing so, e.g. the package becoming unusable if deps are installed without their egg info or similar. What do you think?15:47
MvGI also noticed that there is no bzr classifier registered with pypi, despite the large number of bzr-related packages in the catalog. Do you know of anyone applying for a classifier like "Topic :: Software Development :: Version Control :: Bazaar" or similar?15:48
NET||abusehmm, i have a project where I ended up loading bout 100 MB of mp4's into a directory(small web videos for the site) that I don't need to bzr push to the remote repo, i bzr remoe --keep 'd the vids from the working copy, but the bzr push is obviously pushing all revisions and copies of those videos when i dont need it to :(16:33
NET||abuseand at 20KB/s upload ,,, emmm , it sucks16:33
NET||abusealso,, the upload seems to have hit 5615KB and i'm not seeing it update with any more info....16:34
GaryvdMNET||abuse: Are there any other revisions commited after the videos commit?16:36
NET||abuseyeh absolutely.16:37
NET||abusei've had the videos there in my working copy/16:37
GaryvdMI think there is a plugin - I'm taking a look.16:37
NET||abusethey were being tracked,, then i bzr ignored them and bzr remove --keep 'd them.. and commited at that point16:37
NET||abusenow i'm pushing to the remote server.16:37
NET||abusebut the whole repo, as i didn't have a mirror repo up there already.16:38
NET||abuseahh, 23648, i guess it's only updating when individual files in the bzr database are uploaded...16:40
NET||abuseso it's doing the vids right now, and they take a few minutes each file.. ok that makes sense16:40
NET||abuseso 1/5 way through, it's 130MB for the full repo.16:40
GaryvdMNET||abuse: Oh  - you are doing upload not push.16:40
NET||abusewell, i created an empty repo on my remote server, then am pushing into it.16:41
GaryvdMNET||abuse: did you do bzr push or bzr upload?16:41
NET||abusethat way i can update on the remote server and get the code there, and i just sync certain of the working copy on the remote server, to the live web directories.16:41
NET||abusebzr push16:41
NET||abusedidn't even know about upload ;)16:41
NET||abusebzr help upload   says no help found on upload.16:42
NET||abuseand bzr upload says unknown command.16:43
NET||abuseahh, wait, that was on remote.16:43
GaryvdMNET||abuse: It is from a plugin16:43
NET||abuseyeh, i have the plugin on my local...16:43
NET||abusewait, that's the thing for ftp'ing and stuff is it?16:43
NET||abuseor just uploading the latest revision out of the db?16:43
NET||abuseactually... that's a good idea.16:43
NET||abusealthough, i love having a remote backup of my database of all my projects.16:44
GaryvdMbzr upload just upload the latest tree to a location. It is ment for people with out ssh access to a server16:44
GaryvdMNET||abuse: The plugin I was thinking about is remove-revisions, which won't help here.16:45
NET||abuseI load them into the space on the hosting account ffor any given site, below webroot, it gives a central point for me to pull down copies of projects if i switch computers, or if someone else joins me on a project16:45
NET||abusehmm, seems to be moving along, up to 37.4MB uploaded now16:46
NET||abuseactually i can make a few changes on the WC here while it's busy uploading, i'll be able to push an update again once i checkin a few more changes.16:46
NET||abusenice.. other than this hastle of pushing the whole project, loving bzr lately.16:46
NET||abuseremove-revisions.. hmm, alow you to prune your project db over time.16:47
GaryvdMNET||abuse: Unfortunatly that only allows you to remove revisions that don't have children16:48
NET||abusehmm, i see16:48
NET||abuseoh, so prune off a branch that neve came to be.16:48
NET||abusejust to save wasted space sorta thing.16:49
maxbbzr-svn question, what does: inconsistent details in skipped record: ('svn-v4:72715ce3-35eb-0310-a5ca-db879023b231:mxbot/bot/trunk:364364',) ('25754514 251 0 332', ((('svn-v4:72715ce3-35eb-0310-a5ca-db879023b231:mxbot/bot/trunk:364363',),),)) ('26448822 251 0 332', ([('svn-v4:72715ce3-35eb-0310-a5ca-db879023b231:mxbot/bot/trunk:364363',)],))17:25
maxb actually mean?17:25
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A4Tech1hi all18:23
A4Tech1bzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged. Use the missing command to see how. Use the merge command to reconcile them18:23
maxbWell, do what it tells you18:31
maxbUsing bzr-svn: Is there much difference in performance between sqlite vs tdb metadata caches?18:31
jelmermaxb: tdb is faster unless used on top of a slow filesystem (NFS)18:51
jelmermaxb: and tdb allows concurrency18:52
jelmersqlite does not18:52
maxbjelmer: Thanks!18:55
* maxb sets bzr-svn recaching 360 thousand revisions...18:56
ronnyjelmer: what is tdb?19:15
* rubbs is catching up on all the bzr mailing list emails he hasn't read in the last week. He's a just a little behind.19:16
ronnyoh, seems like a simple concurrent key-value store19:18
maxbCan anyone elucidate what bzr fast-import means when it says 'bzr: ERROR: The file id "TREE_ROOT" is not present in the tree <bzrlib.inventory.CHKInventory object at 0x1d21710>.19:28
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A4Tech1help please20:12
A4Tech1I have a 2 o'clock ago everything worked fine. Do not touch anything from the settings20:13
rubbscan you get to launchpad.net in a browser?20:13
rubbshave you been able to push to lp before?20:15
rubbsmmm... I"m out of ideas. It's possible that it didn't connect right because lp was having ssh troubles for a sec. Have you tried again since then?20:16
A4Tech1I noticed this only now20:17
=== salgado is now known as salgado-afk
rubbsif it keeps happening file a bug, but it looks like it was a bad connection from the error message. I'd try again soon and if it doesn't work try again in an hour. After that file a bug20:19
A4Tech1thx you20:20
rubbsno problem.20:21
rubbsHopefully it was just a bad connection. Otherwise come back, maybe a dev can help you out20:21
A4Tech1I'm going to #launchpad ask :)20:22
rubbsgood luck!20:23
A4Tech1Maybe they know what the problem20:23
A4Tech1rubbs: try bzr pull20:29
rubbsk just a sec...20:29
A4Tech1get: bzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged. Use the missing command to see how. Use the merge command to reconcile them.20:29
rubbsThis error is just telling you that there have been changes from both sides of the branch. Your branch has changes at the same time the pull branch has them20:30
rubbsYou need to use a bzr merge to make them come together20:30
rubbsbzr help merge might help you20:31
A4Tech1try merge. get^ bzr: ERROR: Working tree "/media/DATA/projects/uITmage/" has uncommitted changes (See bzr status).20:31
A4Tech1i need to commit?20:32
rubbsyes, this means that you need to commit your changes20:32
A4Tech1then push or pull or merge? :)20:32
rubbsotherwise bzr doesn't know what to do with them.20:32
rubbsyou should merge20:32
rubbsbecause the branches have gone in two different directions20:33
rubbsbzr help diverged-branches can help you to understand a little20:33
A4Tech1thx you :)20:34
rubbsno problem20:35
jlduponthelp, please, I get the following error: " Error while executing push  RemoteRepository(bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jldupont/erljld/trunk/.bzr/) is not compatible with CHKInventoryRepository('file:///home/jldupont/workspace/erljld/.bzr/repository/') different rich-root support"20:41
jldupontwhilst doing a "bzr push"20:41
rubbsjldupont: I'm not 100% sure (as I'm not a dev) but I believe that means your local branch is a different format than that of the remote branch20:42
rubbsdid you by chance run bzr update?20:42
jldupontno I didn't ... but I remember seeing an update coming from Ubuntu channel through Synaptic.20:42
rubbsyes, but that is just for bzr it shouldn't have done anything to your local repo or branch20:43
rubbsby just bzr I mean just bzr the tool.20:43
jldupontyes, but could it be that Launchpad isn't updated yet??20:43
rubbsI can't recall how to fix this problem. but maybe someone else can help20:43
rubbsit isn't that the tools are different, it's the formats on the repositories that causes this problem20:44
rubbsif you have an older tool than I do, as long as I don't mess with your repo format I can still play with it20:44
jldupont@rubbs: I see.  What can I do?20:44
rubbsI'm not sure on the solution myself. I'll try to ping some people who might be able to help20:45
rubbsjam: ping not sure if your the right one for jldupont's problem, but could you take a look at it20:48
rubbsI tried to go through my logs to find a similar problem, but I'm having trouble finding it20:49
Pengjldupont: You probably ran "bzr init-repo" in bzr 2.0 or newer without specifying non-rich-root format.20:49
Pengjldupont: Your choises are to upgrade lp:~jldupont/erljld/trunk to a rich-root format such as 2a (and everyone else with a copy of the branch will have to upgrade too) or to make a non-rich-root repo and recommit your work.20:50
PengWait wait wait.20:50
jldupont@Peng: I use the Bazaar plugin under Eclipse with "share project" ... I don't know what that does .20:50
Penglp:~jldupont/erljld/trunk *is* 2a. And so is your local repo. So I have no idea what the hell is going on. :D20:51
jldupont@Peng: how do you check this out??20:51
Pengjldupont: "bzr info -v" on the LP URL.20:51
Pengjldupont: Plus, the error message said your local repo is a CHKInventoryRepository, which is a rich-root format.20:52
Pengjldupont: What does "bzr info /home/jldupont/workspace/erljld/" on your client say the format is? Just curious.20:53
Pengjldupont: Also: what version of bzr?20:53
* Peng is just guessing20:53
jldupont@Peng: "Standalone tree (format: 2a)20:53
jldupont  branch root: .20:53
jldupontRelated branches:20:53
jldupont  push branch: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jldupont/erljld/trunk/20:53
Pengjldupont: OK. That _should_ be working fine.20:54
lifelessbzr info nosmart+bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jldupont/erljld/trunk/ may be useful20:54
jldupontjust tried pushing... "These branches have diverged.  See "bzr help diverged-branches" for more information."20:55
rubbsjldupont: this means that there are changes in the destination branch that you don't have yet. You have to merge in order to be able to push to that location now20:56
rubbsrun bzr help  diverged-branches to get some info on that20:56
jldupont@rubbs: I don't want to merge!  my local copy is the correct one!20:56
jldupontI didn't touch this project for a couple of weeks and now I am coming back to it and it blows in my face!20:56
rubbsare you the only one with commit access?20:57
jlduponthow can I "override" ?20:57
jldupontyes I am the only committer20:57
rubbsbzr push --overwrite20:57
jldupont@rubbs: let me try this. thanks.20:58
pdragonI installed bazaar for Windows on another computer in my office. The icon overlays are not showing on his computer, though. The box is checked to show them and I've tried reinstalling but nothing is letting them show up. They work fine on my PC. Any ideas?20:58
rubbsjldupont: bzr help push will show you everything push can do20:58
jldupont@rubbs: that seemed to have done the job... THANKS!20:58
rubbspdragon: have you restarted since installing?20:58
rubbsjldupont: good to hear, glad to help20:58
pdragonit's been like this for several versions now. Just upgraded to 2.0 finally and it's still happening20:59
jldupont@rubbs:  what's your username on SO that I could "upvote" a couple of your questions ;-)20:59
rubbspdragon: would the branch be located on a network drive at all?20:59
rubbsjldupont: my lp username is patrick-regan21:00
jldupontSO -> http://stackoverflow.com/21:00
pdragonyes it is. the icon overlays are showing up fine on my PC, though21:00
pdragonI do have the option checked for network drives21:00
rubbser sorry my SO is rubbsdecvik21:00
jldupont@rubbs: ok then... see you around on SO.21:00
rubbser sorry again21:00
rubbsfirst one was right21:00
jldupont Stow, OH ?21:02
rubbspdragon: hhmm. I'm stumped so far, but I have access to a network drive on windows. let me try to reproduce your problem21:02
rubbsjldupont: yep21:02
jldupont... one upvote coming up.21:02
pdragonalright. thanks. it's been baffling me for a while. was waiting to get 2.0 rolled out and see if it fixed things21:02
rubbsjldupont: thank you21:02
pdragonthat it works on mine and not his is what puzzles me21:02
pdragoneverything else that's part of bzr & tortoise works fine21:03
pdragonas far as menus21:03
rubbspdragon: it is really puzzling almost done with m y check just a sec21:03
jldupont.... thanks to everybody... until next time... ciao.21:03
rubbsjldupont: ciao21:04
rubbspdragon: they seem to work on mine21:04
rubbspdragon: I'm still trying to think of some things.21:04
rubbsdo you have uknown drives checked?21:05
pdragonhmm... could it be anything in the AppData\bazaar folder in Docs & Settings?21:05
pdragoni know that persists between reinstalls/upgrades. haven't tried deleting that21:05
rubbspdragon: could be you could try editing/deleting the tbzr.conf file21:06
pdragonrubbs: will try playing around with the AppData folder. Thanks for the help :)21:13
rubbspdragon: np, sorry I couldn't help more21:14
pooliehello all21:15
rubbshello poolie21:15
pooliejam: still around?21:15
rubbsI haven't seen him talk in a while, but he might be around, just fyi21:16
jampoolie: yes21:48
jamJust had my sound off for some reason21:49
jamrubbs: I think you did fine diagnosing jldupont's issue. He probably did 'bzr init-repo' locally, getting a 2a format repo, branching into that auto-upgraded the format, and pushing back fell over a little bit.21:54
rubbsopps. jam thanks21:54
pooliehi jam21:56
jamanyone having trouble connecting to bazaar.launchpad.net?22:19
jamI can connect to the website just fine22:19
jambut bzr+ssh fails to connect22:19
jameven 'sftp bazaar.launchpad.net' is failing for me22:20
jamah, mabye it is 04:00 UTC22:20
RAOFjam: Yes, I am also.  http:// also fails for me.22:20
lifelessI have a hung push22:20
lifelessjam: what appens at 040022:20
jamlifeless: http://identi.ca/notice/1274097322:21
jamWrong day22:21
jamsomething very strange about that feed22:21
jamas it is ... October?22:22
maxbNeat :-/   My repository has sent bzr-svn into an infinite loop22:26
lifelessmachine down22:28
lifelessI've escalated and its being looked at22:29
poolielifeless: so, twitter it!22:30
pooliethat is part of the process of escalating it22:30
lifelesspoolie: is it?22:31
poolieit is22:32
pooliethe document may be out of date but i think it's agreed22:32
poolieand anyhow it just makes sense22:32
pooliei don't even see anything in #launchpad?22:32
lifeless#topic there, and it was like that when I got up22:33
poolieoh so it is22:33
poolieso it's been known for 80m22:33
lifelessby escalated, I don't mean 'followed a work policy', I mean 'told someone so I can go back to scratching itches'22:33
pooliesomeone else failed then22:33
pooliewho did you tell please?22:34
pooliebut he already knew?22:34
lifelessI suspect I interrupted his breakfast :(22:34
lifelessspeaking of which, I vant mine :)22:35
lifelessI will read up on policy when I get back to work22:35
spmlifeless: no - just harvesting zombies :-)22:35
lifelessspm: I don't even want to think about what you mean by that euphism22:39
spmlifeless: euphemism? no. literal description actually. well. Ghouls, not zombies. but same same. :-D22:40
lifelessspm: oh, WoW  ?22:41
spmpoolie: lifeless: should be back; if you can confirm from your end?22:52
mwhudsonbounded memory for bzr serve processes pls22:52
poolieman ulimit22:52
mwhudsoni guess that would be better than the current situation22:53
mwhudsonnot very nice for the users that get affected though22:53
pooliemwhudson: it would be a bit like lp web app timeouts22:54
poolie_if_ we turn them into oops-like things and gradually crank down the limit22:54
pooliethen yay22:54
* poolie pats the bot22:54
mwhudsoni wonder if it's possible to tune the oom killer to target lp-serve processes22:55
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maxbI believe you can tweak scores on processes to make the oomkiller more or less inclined to touch them22:57
mwhudsonthough by the time the OOM killer is on the loose we've already lost i guess22:57
lifelesswas it memory ?22:58
mwhudsonpoolie: i agree we'd need to track how many lp-serve processes that get killed like this22:58
mwhudsonlifeless: i assume so, it usually is it seems, but yes, should check22:59
lifelesspoolie: I don't know how long the outage was, I'd check #launchpad backlog for whoever set the topic23:01
* lifeless goes away23:01
poolieit hadn't changed in at least that long23:01
jammwhudson: wouldn't the OOM killer kill processes that are consuming the most memory? It doesn't seem like 'sshd' would be the problem...23:02
mwhudsonjam: this is a long and sad tale, apparently it's harder than you'd think to do that23:03
mwhudsonit's all james_w's fault this time anyway23:04
mwhudsonwell, not really, but23:04
james_wI think it might be23:04
pooliejames_w: hi23:04
james_whi all23:04
* james_w slinks away to work out what happened23:04
mwhudsonjames_w: well, we should be more secure against this sort of thing taking the machine out23:05
mwhudsonso "bounded consumption for lp-serve processes" wasn't the correct knee to jerk this time23:06
james_whmm, my suspicion is a missing possible_transports parameter23:08
mwhudsonyou seemed to be connecting about 30 times a minute23:11
jammwhudson: I'm impressed that the ssh handshake resolved that quickly. :)23:12
jamanyway, I'm done for tonight23:12
jamsee y'all later23:12
mwhudsonjam: :)23:12
mwhudsoni think it's from a machine in the dc23:12
PengSomeone broke bazaar.lp? Awesome!23:13
mwhudsonand running locally ssh-ing to bazaar.launchpad.dev is actually faster than to the sshd23:13

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