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EmanemHello all17:40
EmanemI have an issue with Ubuntu deb creation17:40
Emanemis there anyone able to help?17:40
pleia2Emanem: there isn't a class happening right now, you might want to check out #ubuntu-motu (if that is not the right place to ask, they'll know what is :))17:44
persiaEmanem: There aren't any classes right now.17:44
* persia defers to pleia2 who is faster17:44
* pleia2 hugs persia 17:44
Emanemthanks guys17:44
chazrobertsanyone here?18:19
persiachazroberts: Lots of people, but no sessions are scheduled, so this is a quiet channel.18:20
chazrobertsi'm trying to get some help18:20
persiaHave you tried #ubuntu ?18:20
persia /join #ubuntu18:21
persiaThat's the help channel18:21
chazrobertsthere seems to be noone talking in there?18:22
FFEMTcJ#ubuntu is a very busy channel.. lots of people talking18:24
chazrobertsi see noone?18:24
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FFEMTcJthere is 1300 people in there18:25
chazrobertsis it because im in browser?18:25
FFEMTcJDon't know..18:25
FFEMTcJyou arent in the channel18:26
efmthis channel is only busy when the classroom sessions are going18:26
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