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mozmckWhat is the difference between the source from ubuntu-karmic.git and that obtained with apt-get source linux-image* ?02:13
ikepanhcmozmck: ubuntu-karmic.git is the version control tree of karmic kernel, and what you get from apt-get source is the source code of a signle version02:20
mozmckI see, so the git will have changes now that haven't gotten into the last released version.02:21
ikepanhcmozmck: yes02:22
RAOFI've sent a couple of messages to the kernel-team@ mailing list about the current state of nouveau & what we can do to incorporate it in Lucid, but they seem to by falling into a black hole, and I'm uncertain about how to respond to this.02:33
RAOFhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2009-December/008095.html is an example.  Has the kernel team come to a consensus as to what to do about nouveau, and so my investigations are useless noise?02:34
RAOFOr is everyone taken up with other tasks, and no-one's specifically in charge of nouveau so it's just going unremarked?02:35
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mozmckhow do I change the kernel configuration using the git tree?  can I just run make xconfig?03:15
dtchenRAOF: priorities, etc.03:19
RAOFmozmck: Depends on what, precisely, you're trying to do.  There are targets for changing the config in debian/rules, and that'll hook in with the various foo-{generic,server,virtual,etc} flavours.03:20
mozmckhmm, I'm adding a patch for rtai and I need to enable some new options it will add and change some others.03:21
mozmcktrying to make a basically generic kernel otherwise.03:22
RAOFIf you want to make packages out of it, use the debian/rules targets.03:23
RAOFIf you just want to build from the same tree, go wild!03:23
mozmckI want to make packages.  so will the debian/rules targets see the new options and put them in?  I'm used to using make menuconfig or xconfig03:26
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RAOFmozmck: Check out debian.master/rules.d/2-maintainer.mk; that defines targets like "updateconfig" and "docrazystuffwithconfig".  They'll run a configuration interface & then merge the results back into the flavour system.03:28
mozmckok, thanks!03:28
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Vamp898Hi, with 2.6.32 my Wirelss Card RT2860 does not work anymore http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14750 is there a chance to use an older kernel until its fixed?06:43
ubot3bugzilla.kernel.org bug 14750 in Staging "rt2860 does not work anymore in 2.6.32" [High,New] 06:43
ikepanhcVamp898: as I know, rt2860 driver is still in staging, do you enable it?06:48
Vamp898for sure^^ there wireless card is detected too06:50
Vamp898its just unable to connect06:50
Vamp898the same happend with RT2870 after they renamed it from ra0 to wlan0 and now the same with RT286006:50
Vamp898with kernel 2.6.32 the RT2870 problem was fixed06:56
Vamp898but now 2860 does not work anymore and i dont want to wait until 2.6.33 without any internet06:56
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Sarvatthmm,  /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp started reporting as 47000 instead of 47 somewhere in the past few kernel releases, kind of scared to adjust acerhdf fanon and fanoff values to work with that because whenever its fixed my fan wont come on anymore17:05
Sarvattor does anyone know if that change was intentional?17:06
KeybukI would imagine so17:09
Keybuk        Current temperature as reported by thermal zone (sensor).17:09
Keybuk        Unit: millidegree Celsius17:09
Keybuk        RO, Required17:09
Keybukit's certainly documented as being in thousandths of a degree17:09
mjg59Sarvatt: Yes. It was a bug that acerhdf reported in degrees.17:11
Sarvattah thanks, indeed i found the acerhdf commit that made it milidegrees, was worried it would possibly change back to degrees but it looks like its safe to adjust the module parameters17:11
Keybukcommit 7129b126cc64f530d793bd56eb1709a06ec65a2d17:11
KeybukAuthor: David Fries <david@fries.net>17:11
KeybukDate:   Wed Feb 6 01:38:09 2008 -080017:11
Keybuk    W1: w1_therm.c standardize units to millidegrees C17:11
Keybukcommit 5e012760dfd5ec24c41b9eab9e654a88360bb02617:12
KeybukAuthor: Zhang, Rui <rui.zhang@intel.com>17:12
KeybukDate:   Thu Feb 28 07:51:30 2008 +080017:12
Keybuk    ACPI: thermal: show temperature in millidegree Celsius17:12
Sarvattsorry for the noise and thanks for the help, i should have looked harder :D17:14
Sarvatti just have to be careful booting a .31 kernel in that case17:16
LaibschHow does the Kernel team apply patches?  Patch the source and let it go to diff.gz or does it use a patch system?17:55
LaibschLooking at the unpacked source, it seems to be the former17:56
LaibschBut the kernel package is complicated and I'd like to verify17:56
rtgLaibsch, start here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KernelMaintenance17:57
LaibschI was reading that (and lots of other wiki pages)17:57
Laibschyet, I still don't know17:57
Laibschit's a simple question17:57
Laibsch(or isn't it)17:57
Laibsch(or isn't it?)17:57
rtgLaibsch, its not, which is why there are multiple wiki pages on the topic17:58
LaibschIt's about bug 44480117:58
ubot3`Malone bug 444801 in linux "prism 2.5 broke in 2.6.30.x (fixed upstream in 2.6.32)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44480117:58
Laibschwhich I reported17:58
LaibschI did not have wifi for a while so could not test the fix that has already landed upstream17:59
LaibschI want to test now and ultimately get the fix into karmic17:59
Laibschlucid kernel seems to already have it17:59
Laibschwhat do you suggest I do?17:59
rtgLaibsch, run the lucid kernel with karmic userspace18:00
Laibschthen I have the fix, nice18:00
rtgLaibsch, alternately, install linux-backports-modules-karmic-generic18:00
LaibschBut I'd like to get the fix into karmic for everyone's benefit, too18:00
rtgwhich is 2.6.32 based18:00
Laibschrtg: thanks for helping me18:01
LaibschI'm not looking for support18:01
Laibschbut for a way to properly backport the fix18:01
Laibschfor everybody18:01
rtgLaibsch, understood, but LBM _is_ the fix, not the main kernel.18:01
LaibschI see18:01
LaibschMaybe it should be installed by default, then?18:02
rtgLaibsch, nope, LBM is, and will remain, an elective install.18:02
Laibschrtg: unfortunately, LBM does not fix the issue, it makes my wifi card completely dysfunctional!  I have to concede, though, that the card won't work with today's mainline kernel, either :-(19:00
rtgLaibsch, hmm, I thought you said it had been fixed upstream?19:01
Laibschthere was a patch committed19:01
LaibschAnd indeed, I verified the patch works19:01
Laibsch-> see discussion in the bug19:01
LaibschBut it seems there is some other regression19:01
rtgLaibsch, commited after2.6.32?19:01
Laibschnot sure when it happened19:02
Laibschthe patch to fix the original issue made it into 2.6.32, I believe19:02
Laibschbug 44480119:02
ubot3`Malone bug 444801 in linux "prism 2.5 broke in 2.6.30.x (fixed upstream in 2.6.32)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44480119:02
LaibschI'm currently recompiling the lucid kernel for karmic19:03
LaibschI'll see if the lucid kernel has the problem (I suspect it does)19:04
LaibschI'll open a new ticket, then19:04
rtgLaibsch, why not just install the deb? you don't need to rebuild it19:05
LaibschI don't?19:05
LaibschI wasn't sure19:05
rtgLaibsch, no, just use dpkg.19:05
LaibschI usually always recompile binary packages19:05
rtgLaibsch, the patch in the bug report went in as of 2.6.32-rc1, so Lucid ought to be right. I'm surprised LBM didn't fix it also.19:07
LaibschI suspect a separate regression19:07
Laibsch1rtg: lucid kernel works and is free of the original problem as well20:00
rtgLaibsch1, cool, glad you're back in business20:02
Laibsch1I guess outlook is gloomy, though20:02
Laibsch1I'm glad I caught the error early20:02
Laibsch1I guess it's time for another kernel bug report upstream20:02
yoasifhey guys20:32
yoasifquick question20:32
yoasifim running lucid and id like to report a bug with my webcam20:32
yoasifapport recommends that i try with a mainline kernel 20:32
yoasifshould i download the rc8 version on the mainline server or the plain 2.6.32?20:32
rtgyoasif, use the plain 2.6.32 since its the official. should also be there.20:33
yoasifrtg, so just grab the kernel from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.32/ (along with the headers and etc?)20:34
rtgyoasif, you shouldn't need the headers unless you have a DKMS dependency (like nVidia)20:35
yoasifyeah, i do have nvidia -- do i need to get the sources too, or no -- it's a large file20:35
rtgjust the headers20:35
yoasifsounds good, thanks rtg20:35
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