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persiaJamieBennett: Is there a bug tag for all the enlightenment library syncs?15:07
JamieBennettyes, there are several bugs for the syncs15:17
JamieBennettpersia: I can get you a list if you want15:18
persiaJamieBennett: If you have it handy.  I'm mostly interested in the context of the netbook-launcher-efl upload.15:19
JamieBennettpersia: one moment, need to get the list15:19
persiaIf you don't have it handy, then I'll just let it be :)15:19
JamieBennettHalf way down https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~jamiebennett/+subscribedbugs 496641 to 49664915:24
persiaOh my.  The queue of u-a requests is > 100 items, which is going to take a few days.15:31
persiaMaybe next week.  Thanks.15:31
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