studentzHere is where I am. STB connected to a Neuros OSD via composite and neuros streaming to my pc00:11
studentzdisadvantages:  resolution is only the standar so no HD. The IR blaster does not work (atlanta scientific)00:13
mattstudentz: is your IR blaster listed as a supported device?00:14
mattand i totally agree that the fact that its only SD is a disadvantage00:14
mattbut it is what we have to work with00:15
studentzUnfortunately other people have the same issue, there is a work  around00:15
studentzbut it did not work for me00:15
mattfor your atlanta scientific blaster?00:16
mattwhat exact model do you have?00:19
studentzlet me check I'll back in a second00:20
studentzmatt: The model is IPN330HD00:21
mattstudentz: did you mention earlier that you were looking for info about uverse?00:23
mattnm you, it is a uverse box, mine are just older00:23
mattwow that was a horrible job of typing on my part, sorry about that00:24
studentzI'm lookin the best way to hook uverse with my pc. I love Neuros and specialy OSD00:24
studentzBut i think I'm missing HD00:24
mattso the STB you have is the Scientific Atlanta one but what IR blaster do you have? or does it have an IR blaster included?00:25
studentzI does IR blaster included00:25
hipitihopCan someone quickly brief me on what is involved getting vdaup going ? does it also mean I need to use groups00:32
gopppif I don't own a remote, can I sitll manage my mthytv via mylaptop thru a web interface or remotely00:59
gopppI am connecting to my pc, that connects to my crt tv, via svideo00:59
gopppI don't care much about quality,00:59
gopppjust controling00:59
goppp!help hullu01:15
Zinn!help hullu For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].01:15
ZinnI am alive.01:15
goppp!help netflixs01:17
Zinn!help netflixs For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].01:17
goppp!help web01:18
Zinn!help web For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].01:18
rhpot1991goppp: yes you can control it remotely, or with a keyboard01:21
goppphow do I control it remotely vnc01:21
gopppor a web plugin thru a web app01:21
gopppsay I am in fr ont of th tv, on my laptop, and it connects to desktop mthyubuntu box, and I have no ir remote01:22
goppp!help livecd01:27
Zinn!help livecd For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].01:27
rhpot1991goppp: after you install in MCC you can enable VNC01:30
rhpot1991if you google there are ways of controlling via a web app or telnet as well01:30
gopppOR SSH01:31
rhpot1991if you are gonna break out a laptop you should just hook a keyboard up to it though01:31
gopppcool I will do01:31
rhpot1991IIRC the remote apps are telnet not ssh01:31
gopppwhat I mean, is my desktop will will be backend and front end01:31
rhpot1991you should get everything running first with a keyboard01:31
gopppoh I see yea true01:31
gopppI wonder how slow it will run in virtualbox in fullscreen01:32
gopppI or else to microcenter on staturday and get a new drive01:32
rhpot1991I wouldn't01:32
rhpot1991playback would be terrible01:32
gopppI may just get a new drive, sata disk, and install01:32
gopppI use mylaptop for research and work01:32
gopppthis pc, is just has my collection of stuff01:33
gopppand used to be my main box01:33
gopppnot anymore01:33
gopppso when I get home form work, I have my crt tv, with basic cable, and my laptop with wifi01:33
gopppI wanted something to hook up to my crt tv, so I can watch hulu, and a nice frontend and free and also do pandora01:34
ZinnHulu has released a Linux version of their desktop client. While support for this is available in the Hulu forums http://www.hulu.com/discussions/19 , there is a quick writeup on how to get it working from your frontend here http://www.mythbuntu.org/HowTo/HuluDesktop01:34
* rhpot1991 wasn't a fan of hulu01:34
gopppor just goto a .t someting :) and get fullseason01:35
gopppoh and I have a tv tunner rage all in wonder01:35
gopppnot the latest or hightech01:36
gopppbut I can plug in a coxial drop to it and get basic tv01:36
gopppdoes mthyubuntu support wubbi01:36
gopppinstal, or would that also be to slow01:36
ZinnSorry I don't know about wubi01:40
goppp!help wubi01:40
Zinn!help wubi For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].01:40
gopppk thanks01:40
ZinnIf you are having problems connecting to your mysql database, you can perform the following to reconfigure it: 1. sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.0 (pay attention to the root password you set, you will need it for the next step) 2. sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database 3. sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-common01:53
gopppis wubbi working in 9.1002:01
ZinnSorry I don't know about wubi02:16
eggheadrunning mythbuntu 9.10, lirc irgor usb, is there a way to set the sample rate of the lirc kernel module?03:16
bllzI'm debating not creating a pagefile on my myhtbuntu installation in order to reduce disk writes ... I have 2 gigs of system ram04:00
bllzi'm guessing this is probably a bad idea so i've come here to have someone make me feel bad about it... unless it's not going to be a problem04:01
gopppI am getting a error in grub, when using mythbuntu thru wubbi04:07
bllzwhat's the error, goppp?04:10
bllzalso, you may have more luck in #ubuntu04:10
gopppwell it only showed my windows boot04:14
gopppin grub04:14
gopppit didnot show mythubuntu04:14
gopppI will check again, I didn't quite see error04:14
gopppand bliz you can't run as a test back end and front end on the live cd right04:15
gopppsorry if I missed you, I am multasker adder04:16
rhpot1991goppp: livecd can only run a frontend04:30
bllzif i make additional storage groups will the files contained therein still be accessible via the default smb share?05:01
bllzwhy is the program guide in mythbuntu so sluggish?   I just reinstalled and this has never happened... the program guide takes about 10 seconds to respond to a push of a remote button07:41
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gopppk grub is saying unknow command drivemap14:40
mrandgoppp: Googling that error turns up Bug #477104 and Bug #46674514:42
ZinnBug 477104 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "After 9.10 grub update can not boot into Wubi install" [Critical, Confirmed] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/47710414:42
mrandcome on Zinn... and Bug #46674514:42
ZinnBug 466745 in wubi "Grub menu displays Windows XP on Wubi installation" [Undecided, Invalid] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/46674514:42
mrandI'm guessing you aren't using a Wubi install, so you can probably skip the second one.  There may be other related bugs and probably topics in the ubuntu forums.  We've never encountered it though.14:45
gopppmrand:  oh14:47
gopppyea I am using wubbi14:50
gopppsee http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=131823114:54
gopppk I got dropped in to initramfs15:12
MythbuntuGuest32hello :D15:40
ZinnHi $nick, how are you?  Something we can help you with today?15:45
MythbuntuGuest32I kinda ran into trouble while configuring mythtv... the channel scan doesn't seem to do anything. I did a modprobe and everything seems to be in order with my tv card (pvr350), also did mplayer /dev/video0 and it gave me white noise :(15:46
MythbuntuGuest32so if the tv card works properly and the signal is good (tested on the tv card of my other box), what else could be the problem?15:49
MythbuntuGuest32I even tried to set up the channels manually, but when i enter watch tv in the front end I just end up in the main menu again16:05
rhpot1991MythbuntuGuest32: can you plug the wire right into your tv and verify there is a signal on it?16:56
rhpot1991MythbuntuGuest32: you should try to tune it to a working channel (using ivtv-tune) and then cat /dev/video0 > test.mpg and see if that file has actual video16:58
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strubbelwell, it works now... but i had to enter the channel frequencies manually (tried with E05, S04 etc.) before18:03
jussi01hrm, so if my remote alrady "sort of" works, in that I get output from some buttons, how do I then actually modify what it does?19:27
rhpot1991jussi01: run irw see what buttons do what key presses, then edit your ~/.lirc/mythtv file to match19:34
rhpot1991when you are done make a backup of whatever files you modified, just in case they get overwritten19:35
jussi01rhpot1991: so I need to actually use lirc, even though I already get input.19:35
rhpot1991jussi01: maybe I didn't understand your question then, I assumed you were using lirc19:36
rhpot1991how do you "get input" then, your remote generates a keystroke?19:36
jussi01like I press 1 and it writes 1.19:37
rhpot1991just modify mythtv to use those keys for whatever you want them to be then19:37
jussi01rhpot1991: but how do I modify those keys?19:39
rhpot1991jussi01: mythweb can do it, or you can do it from your frontend19:40
rhpot1991should be something in the setup menu to edit keys19:41
jussi01rhpot1991: ok, Ive only part of myth installed by the looks of it, I tried to install over kde in 9.1019:51
darthanubisMark Shuttleworth has just announced this morning via a blog post that he will be stepping down as the CEO of Canonical, the formal company behind Ubuntu Linux20:01
bllzhi, i just reinstalled mythbuntu (same version... 9.10) but now all of the sudden the EPG is incredibly sluggish.  It takes about 10 seconds for it to respond to a single keypress!  The frontend menus are perfectly responsive and playback is smooth... what gives?22:27
superm1try changing the settings for what it uses to paint it22:29
superm1there are like 4 different settings that vary the degree of transparency22:29
bllzsuperm1:  i'll try taht now, thanks22:30
bllzthat said, i didn't have to change those settings on the last installlation, so i'd be surprised if that were it22:30
bllzsuperm1:  are you talking about the paint engine setting?22:34
superm1there is a separate one for the EPG somewhere22:34
bllzooh okay22:35
bllzlet's see...22:35
bllzsuperm1:  call me stupid, but I can't find it anywhere...22:36
superm1i'm nowhere near my frontend right now so i'm not sure offhand where it's at22:37
bllzaah okay...22:37
bllzit's definitely in the frontend, though right?22:37
superm1it talks about using alpha blending22:37
superm1and how different settings are more cpu intensive22:37
superm1yeah it's in the frontend somewhere22:37
bllzsuperm1:  the only thing I did differently was change the  storage group location for livetv and recordings to a different drive22:40
bllzthink that might have something to do with it?22:41
superm1not likely22:41
bllzI didn't think so either...22:41
bllzsuperm1:  I think i'm just going to reinstall.  Is there a way to set up an lvm in the livecd, since there's no 9.10 alt install?23:08
superm1you shouldn't really need lvm with storage groups23:09
superm1but you can set it up via command line before you start the installer if you want23:09
bllzsuperm1: oh okay, great23:09
bllzsuperm1:  my concern with the storage groups is the smb shares (which I use heavily) ... will they still show all videos in a given storage group or will they only show the videos in the directory?23:10
bllzsuperm1:  do you know how to set up an lvm in the livecd?23:32
rhpot1991bllz: LVM isn't really  needed anymore23:33
rhpot1991if you do need it you have to use an alt cd23:33
bllzrhpot1991:  right, but won't the storage groups break the smb setup?23:33
bllzi.e.:  only the videos stored on the directory to which the videos share points to will be accessible... not the ones on a storage group on a separate drive23:34
rhpot1991you mount a smb point and add it to a storage group23:34
bllzoh. wait... you can do that?23:34
* bllz missed the boat23:34
rhpot1991sure why not?23:34
bllzi just didn't realize that was an option.  that sure makes my life easier though!23:35
rhpot1991the only issues right now is that certain files don't work with storage groups23:35
rhpot1991ISOs, music, pictures23:35
rhpot1991recordings and videos work fine and you should be using storage groups for those23:35
rhpot1991that does remind me I may not have ISOs working on my frontend...23:35
bllzrhpot1991:  so let me just make sure i have this correct... i just add a new storage troup for recordings and videos in the backend setup and myth will automatically ballance them based on I/O and disk space?23:36
bllzrhpot1991:  and what's the path to a storage group?  i.e. what would i put in the smb.conf file?23:36
markl_i have some dvd images here, not using storage groups23:38
markl_not isos, but copies of what would be in the isos e.g. what you get with dvdbackup -M23:38
markl_i.e. a directory named MARKS_MOVIE and inside that a VIDEO_TS directory23:38
markl_in myth 0.21 when i'd use mythvideo and open MARKS_MOVIE, i'd get the dvd menu23:38
markl_in 0.22 it just shows VIDEO_TS23:38
markl_is there a way to have it bring up the dvd menu?23:38
bllzmark1_:  superm1 just got done telling me taht .iso's don't work very well in storage groups23:38
bllznor do pictures and music23:38
markl_i'm not using storage groups23:38
ZinnStorage Groups are a streaming method of transmitting material to a frontend, meaning they don't provide block-level access to the file in question. An ISO is a disk image, and requires block-level access. Upstream has a plan to simulate a block device across the network using NBD for 0.23. Until then you can use the following workaround: http://www.baablogic.net/drupal/node/723:39
markl_they are silly23:39
rhpot1991follow them directions and it will help23:39
markl_it is not an ISO23:39
markl_this workaround doesn't work23:39
bllzaah sorry, i read too quickly =)23:39
rhpot1991markl_: make sure that the file extension is enabled23:39
bllzrhpot1991: so do i have the idea behind storage groups correct?23:40
markl_file extension?  there is no file extension23:40
markl_those are kind of silly too since there is a file command23:40
markl_myth 0.21 seemed to just do the right thing when it ran into a directory with VIDEO_TS in it23:41
rhpot1991markl_: go look in the settings there are options to ignore certain files, make sure one of those isn't causing this23:42
rhpot1991bllz: well you'd tell your smb mount to mount to a location like /var/lib/mythtv/newfolder23:43
rhpot1991then you'd add that location to a storage group23:43
rhpot1991and mythtv would automagically use it for files and clean it up as it needs space23:43
bllzrhpot1991:  okay so then the problem is still there23:43
rhpot1991what problem is that?23:43
bllzrhpot1991:  namely, i'll end up with several smb shares23:44
rhpot1991bllz: well depends what you wanted to do with it23:44
bllzas opposed to one single one for videos, one single one for recordings, etc23:44
markl_ok any idea what "wittewim" is talking about in this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=131023723:44
rhpot1991could do one for movies and one for recordings23:44
rhpot1991heck you could do a single share and mount it to /var/lib/mythtv/smb23:44
markl_he said that he "removed all the folder settings in the backend"23:44
rhpot1991and then within there have a movies and recordings directory23:44
markl_does that mean in the mythconverg database?23:44
bllzrhpot1991:  the only reason I want to use an lvm is so that when i go to, say, the video share all my videos are there23:45
bllzand, unless i'm misunderstanding you, if I add storage groups to make use of my second drive, I'll end up with my videos share only seeing some of the videos (the ones in it's directory... everything on the other drive will not be accessible)23:46
rhpot1991markl_: follow the link I told you about before, most likely the ones mentioned in there23:46
rhpot1991warning this may cause other issues23:46
rhpot1991bllz: you can have more than one directory in a storage group23:46
rhpot1991just like you can add multiple hard drives to a LVM23:47
bllzright, sorry... i was unclear23:47
rhpot1991I guess I'm not sure what your concern is23:47
markl_rhpot1991: that link just shows frontend settings23:47
bllzrhpot1991:  haha yeah i'm not being very clear.  let me try again =)23:47
rhpot1991bllz: unless you mean where he says storage groups, thats done in mythtv-setup23:47
markl_here's the one with more detail: "On mythbackend there is a configuration option for several directories. Just remove all (except recordings and live_tv). You can define your video folder again on the frontend. That way you use the old method and VIDEO_TS folders are recognized as movies."23:48
rhpot1991markl_: ya that makes sense, he is removing the storage groups and going back to how .21 used to function, you will need to nfs share files if you have multiple frontends though23:48
rhpot1991mythtv-setup, number 6 I think storage groups23:49
bllzrhpot1991:  My question is as follows.  If I add a directory to a storage group that has a preconfigured smb share attributed to it (i.e., I add /dev/500gb/morevideos to the video storage group), will I be able to see videos stored in the newly added location in the SMB share?23:49
markl_i built a ridiculous nfs/iscsi server years ago just for mythtv23:49
markl_so i'm all set23:49
markl_guess that's why i'm confused about how much time was wasted developing storage groups23:50
rhpot1991storage groups are the greatest things since sliced toast23:50
markl_mythmusic is the real weak link that needs to be addressed23:50
bllzmark1_:  lol u trollin ;-)23:50
markl_bllz: ya just being silly23:50
markl_except about the mythmusic comment, it needs work23:50
rhpot1991eventually things that aren't video or recordings will use them, in due time23:50
bllzmark1_: lol me too.  i'm still trying to lrn2storage directory23:50
rhpot1991markl_: it gest the job done, but ya its not pretty23:51
markl_mythmusic hasn't really changed in years23:51
markl_and the visualizations are embarrassing23:51
markl_i need to crack open the opengl book instead of whining though :)23:51
rhpot1991bllz: so /dev/500gb/morevideos exists on your backend, or on some other box?23:52
rhpot1991and its smb shared to what?23:52
bllzrhpot1991:  it's on my backend, but it's not the primary system drive23:52
bllzi have a combined frontend/backend23:52
bllzlol i always forget people have setups in which the two are separate =)23:52
rhpot1991or multiples :)23:53
bllzyeah... someday!23:53
* rhpot1991 looks at 3 boxes surrounding him23:53
* bllz gets jealous23:53
rhpot1991!frontend | bllz23:54
Zinnbllz: Ion Boxes make a great frontend.  http://www.baablogic.net/drupal/node/223:54
* bllz is a 76er...23:54
bllzno way is taht passive cpu cooling?23:55
bllzvery nice23:55
bllzrhpot1991:  so about those storage groups and smb... did you catch my reduxed/cleaned-up question?23:56
rhpot1991well its on your backend, but where are you smb mounting it?23:57
bllzsmb is pointing to the default directory23:57
bllz(this is all hypothetical as of right now)23:57
rhpot1991what default directory?23:57
rhpot1991ummm you don't need samba for that, you'd use samba to mount that directory on another box or a windows box23:57
bllzright i udnerstand that, but i'm just curious as to what happens when I sit at my laptop and try to add movies to my server via smb23:58
bllzand i have 2 directories in a storage group23:58
rhpot1991if you wanted you could just symlink to that, but with storage groups there is no reason not to have /var/lib/mythtv/videos and /dev/newdrive/Iwantmorespace23:58
rhpot1991bllz: you add files and they show up23:58
bllzor, conversely, what happens when I'm sitting at my laptop and i want to copy a movie from my server to my lappy's harddrive via smb23:58
bllzrhpot1991:  right, but do they get balanced across the storage group?23:59
rhpot1991you'd scan for changes in the videos section and it just finds them23:59
rhpot1991bllz: if you are adding you'd add them where you want them23:59
bllzand in the second condition, do I have access to *all* videos or just the ones in the directory to which smb points?23:59
rhpot1991access through what?23:59
bllzright, so i'd need an smb share for each directory in the storage group23:59
rhpot1991smb on the laptop, or the frontend23:59
rhpot1991bllz: is the laptop running linux?23:59
bllzsmb on the frontend.  it's all on the frontend23:59

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