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sjefen6I have been trying to install ubuntu-server i386 on an old Pentium 4 dell desktop, but during the installation the instalation stops and I am left with a blue screen, with a gray line without any text. Is there anything im doing wrong?00:58
ewookno. but 1, your cd / cd-reader / cable / or other falty hardware might create the scenario01:03
sjefen6xp installed flawlessly some hours ago. no memory-defects, and im testing the install media atm01:04
ewookxp does not always die upon install, it can show the problems later on resulting in bluescreens or simply falty behaviour.01:05
sjefen6the cd-rom is valid01:05
ewookdo a memcheck01:05
sjefen6does that rule out the media and reader?01:05
sjefen6no memory-defects01:06
ewookit rules out the cd at least.01:06
sjefen6ran memcheck some hours ago01:06
ewookwhat release are you trying?01:07
ewookdo you have a spare cd to try the LTS also?01:08
sjefen6I can try...01:08
ewooknot needed, but.. what dell model was it?01:08
ewookrather, the LTS is not needed if you don't wanna.01:09
sjefen6torrent of downloards should be more easy accessable01:12
ewookthere seems to be a few threads regarding GX260 and installation issues with 9.10, a rather few seems to mention issues with multiple kinds of hardware, weird.01:13
ewookyou could go 9.04 if you wish to, LTS isn't the hottest cookie around right now :)01:13
sjefen6but where can i find torrents? http is dead slow for me...01:14
ewookoh. there should be an alternative download selectable at the site.01:16
ewookhrr, not of 9.04 that I can find tho.01:16
ewookjust click once on the download now, and then select alternative, and then more options pops up01:16
ewookmy my. Haven't downloaded releases for a while, I'm quite lost as well :)01:17
xperiahello to all ! i have a question about some strange connection on my ubuntu webserver.01:17
xperiai have in my logs this connection here01:18
sjefen6the stupis redirects masks the adress to the mirrors, so im unable to browse the mirror for torrents01:18
ewooksjefen6: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors#bt01:19
xperiacan somebody tell me if my ubuntu server was used for a dos attack ?01:19
xperiain the logs i have nearly all 7 to 8 min a connection established to a ssl port01:19
xperiaand that for nearly a whole day01:20
xperiais this normal ?01:20
ewookxperia: that might be something more for the more apache-oriented folks, but it looks like you're proxying connections to mee.01:20
bogeyd6_xperia these are just http connects01:20
bogeyd6_assuming you arent running a proxy it might just them scanning you01:21
xperiano i dont run a proxy01:21
ewooktrue as bogeyd said. then it's just a great deal of connect-attempts. how's the other traffic? any other noticeable impact on the machine?01:22
xperiaat the moment i see just only this redirects allways. i had this allready one time and i think people from apache told me01:24
xperiathat this is related to my php page01:24
xperiaif a php page has some code for redirection this logic could be used also for request redirecting01:25
xperianeed maybe to fix my php page a litlle. will look now what the php people can told me ad maybe give me a solution01:26
xperiaokay thanks for the help !01:26
ewookgood luck.01:27
sjefen6looks like it is something wrong with performing the hdd operations01:34
sjefen6(9.10 in expert mode)01:34
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ewookany errorcodes?01:40
sjefen6are there any debug mode i can turn on?01:40
ewookflip around the tty's01:40
sjefen6looks like im gone tru 9.04 first01:40
sjefen6too late01:41
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sjefen6humpf, 9.01 installed but does not boot correctly02:01
sjefen6corrupted memory?02:01
ewooksniffs like your disk isn't that well02:04
sjefen6lets try another disk then...02:07
sjefen6can same brand and model have the same issue? trying with 9.10 first02:13
ewookas in optiplex model? or what model are you referring to?02:15
sjefen6im using 10 gb fsc drives02:17
sjefen6fujitsu limited02:17
ewookwell, they could be in the same state if old. or, perhaps a cable issue.02:18
sjefen69.10 locked again02:18
sjefen6changing cable02:18
ewookmy oh my. ubu 5.10 isos still in my 'closet'.02:19
sjefen6new cable, same error02:24
ewookor, perhaps just frustrating02:25
sjefen6looks like this box aint going to run ubuntu-server?02:25
ewooksame error, with 9.10 that is?02:26
sjefen69.10 yes02:26
ewookhrm. did you try it with the 8.04.3 or the 9.04?02:26
sjefen6i tried once with 9.04, first hdd and first cable02:27
ewookand the result was that it installed. but didn't boot correctly?02:30
sjefen6thew boot resulted in an console that looked like tty402:31
sjefen6(tty4 when using 9.10)02:31
sjefen6and i think it flashed manny lines with memory corrupted02:32
sjefen6looks solved02:46
sjefen6false alarm02:46
sjefen6starting to look like the factory memory was at foult02:51
sjefen6hanged at "Validating initscripts" tty4:"debootstrap:Killed"02:57
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lwizardlfrom a networking of servers aspect what routers are the better ones to get that are able to be found anywhere ?03:08
twblwizardl: are you asking for hardware recommendations?03:09
twbThe best kind of router is one that you can install a flexible FOSS distro on, such as Ubuntu or OpenWRT or OpenBSD03:10
twbFor a SOHO, I have had success with OpenWRT on the Asus WL-500g Premium.03:10
lwizardlok because i've mostly used Linksys routers and 90% of the ones i have owned either got flashed by me with either dd-wrt or openwrt03:11
twb(Most low-end routers will run Linux internally anyway, but it'll be locked down and crippled.)03:11
twbIf you're comfortable with (say) OpenWRT, then I'd grab the OpenWRT HCL and pick a well-supported unit from that lit.03:12
lwizardlthis is the first time i've been working with openwrt but i have used dd-wrt for like the last 3 years or so. and before that i was forced to keep the linksys fw on the devices because they wasn't owned by me03:13
lwizardlthey was isp owned03:13
twbThe plural form is "were", not "was".03:14
twbe.g. "he was confused; they were confused"03:15
lwizardlyeah but you understood what i was saying :)03:20
lwizardlso basically continue doing what I have been doing using any router that supports a better fw like using openwrt03:21
lwizardlshould be fine03:21
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twbOpenWRT is a distro, not a "fw"03:33
twbOh, perhaps that meant "firmware", which I guess makes sense.03:33
lwizardlyeah firmware03:39
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ruben23hi what is the permission of this on octet------>drwxrwsrwx  3 root root 4096 2009-11-13 00:45 vicidia03:47
twbruben23: run stat(1) on it03:55
twbIIRC it's setgid.03:55
twb"info coreutils" should cover unix permissions03:56
thewrathi use this to enable a site in ubuntu a2ensite03:59
thewrathhow do i disable it03:59
twbI don't know what a2ensite is.04:01
thewraththat is to enable a site04:12
thewrath*enable a site config04:12
twbPresumably within apache2.04:13
thewrathgot it04:23
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netdurhi, I have php script (not web page) that parse few large log files (around million of lines), I have four desktop available, I wonder how can I make ubuntu server distribute computing between those desktops...06:15
netdur(desktop hardwares but ubuntu server)06:16
maxagazhow to copy /my/path/myfiles to /opt/my/path/myfiles, creating sub-paths if they don't exist in /opt ?07:05
khelvandunix, Anonymous2, if you guys are still around - it appears that my girlfriend was kicking the server, and that was shutting it down the hard way. I'm not 100% sure on that being the cause, but there seem to be no other issues at the moment (I still have yet to give it a monitor and run memtest though).07:13
khelvanCan anyone tell me why my 10/100/1000M card in my Ubuntu Server sometimes negotiates 100M, sometimes 1000M, with the same 10/100/1000M Netgear switch, and nothing changing other than a reboot? Is there a way to force it to 1000M, and does doing so have any disadvantages?07:20
twbkhelvan: do you have ssh on the switch?07:24
khelvantwb - No, I don't think so. It's a mindless Netgear GS608NA.07:28
twbAbout the only thing I know of to use is ethtool / mii-tool07:29
twbBut I think that just reports the current behaviour07:29
qman__maxagaz, cp -r07:40
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ageNT_666âñåì ïðèâåò, äàéòå òîëêîâóþ ññûëêó ïî ïîëíîé óñòàíîâêå abills08:52
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jumbersMy host provides me 2 IPs to my dedicated server and there is 1 NIC installed on the box. How would I be able to set up my network interfaces to take advantage of the second IP?09:48
AlexC_jumbers, using 'ip' command. Something like: ip addr add x.x.x.x/x brd x.x.x.x dev eth0 label eth0:109:49
AlexC_brd being broadcast09:50
AlexC_jumbers, you can also add this to your /etc/network/interfaces line, just add a new line but prefix it with 'up '09:51
FireCrotchjumbers: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/ubuntu-linux-creating-ethernet-alias-for-eth0-network-device.html09:52
FireCrotchthat link explains the procedure quite well :)09:52
jumbersAha, that's what I was looking for, a permanent setup09:52
AlexC_no, don't use that09:53
AlexC_(in ref to FireCrotch link)09:53
FireCrotchAlexC_: And why exactly do you object to my link?09:53
FireCrotchit's the proper way to set up an interface alias09:54
AlexC_FireCrotch, it uses the older methods of doing it by setting up aliases. You should do it with the newer 'ip' suit of commands09:54
AlexC_all your managment should be through 'ip', not 'ifconfig'09:54
AlexC_ifconfig is old and doesn't provide you with everything09:55
FireCrotchMeh, it's just a different way of accomplishing exactly the same thing09:57
AlexC_different and old with less flexibility09:58
FireCrotchdifferent and stable and perfectly fine09:58
jumbersSo adding a virtual interface is evil? I don't see how/why10:00
AlexC_jumbers, no no, using 'ifconfig' to do it. Using IP is ideally recommended10:01
jumbersI planned to use the second part of that page; Adding the interface to /etc/network/interfaces10:02
AlexC_which does the same10:02
AlexC_use the 1 line I gave, added to /etc/network/interfaces10:02
TeTeTcjwatson: just installing lucid UEC. I installed the front end first with clc,walrus,cc and sc. Then the node. The node told me that it cannot find walrus.10:03
AlexC_for example, underneath 'gateway ....' add 'up ip addr add x.x.x.x/x brd x.x.x.x dev eth0 label eth0:1'10:03
AlexC_and also another duplicate line, but replace 'up' with 'down', and that will be removed when that interface goes down to10:03
TeTeTcjwatson: I checked ps aux | grep avahi on the frontend and the avahi line for walrus looks different from the others. It says avahi-publish -s instead of avahi-publish -s TestCloud10:03
AlexC_jumbers, just far easier to manage10:09
maxagazhow to copy a file to a destination and create the destination if it doesn't exist ?10:17
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lauhello am trying to monitor lighttpd 1.4.19 with munin 1.2.5-2 on hardy10:25
laudo you know if http://www.linuxweblog.com/blogs/sandip/20090902/munin-stats-apache-and-lighttpd is still accurate ?10:26
jussi01can someone tell me the standard way to add someone to svn access?10:42
cjwatsonTeTeT: I'm on holiday, please file a bug10:44
TeTeTcjwatson: ok, enjoy your vacation10:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #497716 in eucalyptus (main) "Lucid: walrus not automatically discovered" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49771611:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #496932 in keepalived (main) "Keepalived haven't LVS support" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49693211:56
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X-Sleepy-XIs it possible to display the servers temperature on a web site with apache2?12:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #497732 in backuppc (main) "Tar exited with error 512 () status" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49773212:11
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uvirtbotNew bug: #497763 in apache2 (main) "Hang during installation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49776313:56
kworki have two dns servers, i would like to test if master/slave servers all have correct records, can anyone recomend tool for what ?14:09
kworkits n+1 domains14:11
Sam-I-Amscript + dig14:11
kworkso there is no tool out there for that ?14:11
Sam-I-Amdig will do an axfr from your dns servers if you permit it14:11
Sam-I-Amyou could easily compare the axfr from one server to the other14:12
kworki was just hope-ing there is something better then dig + diff14:12
jiboumanskirkland, ttx, how/when is this list triaged? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eucalyptus14:13
kirklandjiboumans: i just sort of do it when i get a chance14:13
kirklandjiboumans: though it should be done as part of our daily triage work14:14
ttxjiboumans: I wanted to have 1.6.2 and confront that list to it, but if it's delayed we should have a look at it sooner14:14
kirklandjiboumans: i'll triage the 3 undecideds right now, if you like14:14
Sam-I-Amkwork: most other things probably do roughly dig + diff heh14:14
ttxkirkland: I'm trying the proxool patch from Chris rigth now14:14
ttxunless you're at it already14:14
Sam-I-Amtime to wander off to work14:14
kirklandttx: no sir, please do14:15
kworkSam-I-Am,  as of i m lazy as hell, i was hope-ing someone will point me towrads something that will do dig+diff14:15
kirklandttx: i just got up, about to make some coffee14:15
kirklandttx: we have eucalyptus-nc upstart scripts ;-)14:18
ttxkirkland: I saw that, thx14:18
kirklandttx: it worked well for me14:19
kirklandttx: i had keybuk and slangasek review it too14:19
kirklandttx: there's one thing we couldn't agree upon, though14:19
kirklandttx: in my initial implementation, i had it start on started eucalyptus14:19
kirklandttx: thus, on the node, you could just do "sudo start eucalyptus"14:19
kirklandttx: and it would "figure out" that you have only a node controller, and it would start that14:20
kirklandttx: however, it took kind of a hack in the upstart conf to make that work14:20
kirklandttx: and i was frowned upon14:20
ttxI'm ok with it starting with eucalyptus-nc14:20
kirklandttx: cool, fair enough14:20
ttxsince it's always on separate machines14:20
ttxkirkland: patched proxool in my PPA, test coming up14:25
kirklandttx: cool14:25
kirklandttx: i'm trying to package qemu-kvm-0.12, which is in RC state14:26
kirklandttx: upstream asked for some feedback before they GA14:26
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smosergood morning all.14:41
smoserkirkland, does it let me use -curses  with lucid :)14:41
ttxkirkland: in case you missed my last message before the split, looks like it's starting up now14:41
kirklandsmoser: is that a question?  if so, no, not in my experience so far :-(14:41
ttxkirkland: the cglib2.1 trick is still needed though14:42
kirklandsmoser: please talk to cjwatson about that14:42
smoseryeah, sort of a qustion, but it should have ended with "if it does i'll use it" :)14:42
kirklandttx: i didn't see your message14:42
smoseri will. cjwatson , ping14:42
kirklandsmoser: yes, i very heavily depended on that in Karmic14:42
kirklandsmoser: my testing is much more difficult in Lucid because of it14:43
smoserin mail i sent you last night it shows at least how to get a console up on ttyS014:43
smoserwhich is a big help if you cant get a "real console"14:43
X-Sleepy-XIf I want to execute a command every minute how would I achieve that with cron?14:44
X-Sleepy-XThe command I want to execute is: acpi -Bt 2>&1 | tee temp.txt14:45
kirklandsmoser: ah, i see that now14:46
kirklandsmoser: you sent it to my gmail :-)14:46
smoserwhere do you want things sent?14:46
kirklandsmoser: work related?  kirkland@canonical14:46
smoserkirkland, so, i just booted a karmic image, and dont see any gettys on f1 or f214:48
kirklandsmoser: rsyncing ....14:49
Davieykirkland / smoser: It is documented on the wiki.14:50
kirklandDaviey: whereabouts?14:50
Davieykirkland: before you showed me kvm curses, i was using a serial console as a fall back to ssh.14:52
smoserDaviey, thats what i came up with.. the upstart method.14:52
smoseralthough i didn't do 'vt102' arg to sgetty, which might have been helpful.14:53
kirklandsmoser: okay, i can get to gettys on f*14:53
kirklandsmoser: at least launched from a kvm SDL window14:53
kirklandsmoser: alt-f2, alt-f3, etc.14:53
smoseryeah, i see them if i run in sdl window14:53
kirklandsmoser: drop the ctrl14:54
smoserbut not in curses14:54
kirklandsmoser: ah, right, yeah, i've never gotten that working14:54
smoserthis is karmic kvm booting karmic image (uec image, but thats not too important at this point)14:54
kirklandsmoser: i don't think the key stroke is being captured/passed properly14:54
smoserkirkland, well, in curses mode i get to the kvm console with 'alt-2'14:55
smoserthen 'sendkey alt-f2'14:55
smoserhow do i get to kvm console window in SDL ?14:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #497781 in openssh (main) "sshd stop on two SIGHUP" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49778114:56
kirklandsmoser: alt-114:57
smoserkirkland, so if i omit '-curses', (ie, i get sdl)15:02
kirklandsmoser: right15:02
smoserUsing karmic host, karmic guest.15:03
smoserthen i can go to kvm console (with 'ctrl-alt-f2') and type 'sendkey alt-f1'15:03
smoserabove 'sendkey alt-f2'15:03
smoserthen hit 'ctrl-alt-f1' and i can see a login prompt on , with 'tty2' label15:03
smoserif i do the same with '-curses' i can't see a login prompt15:04
smoserin karmic guest it doesn't tell me a graphic mode (like it does with lucid guest), but there is no login15:04
smosersame process (using sendkey from the console) but console keymaps are 'alt-fx' rather than 'ctrl-alt-fX'15:04
smoserdoes that all make sense?15:05
smoseri swear i've seen all this work at some point15:05
kirklandsmoser: what's the end goal?15:07
kirklandsmoser: to get a tty login on tty2?15:07
smoserbe able to login at console via -curses15:11
ttxkirkland: so it looks like it should work with the proxool fix. I can upload that fix when I get Chris's explanation on potential regressions with it15:15
uvirtbotNew bug: #497790 in squid (main) "squid should provide an apparmor profile" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49779015:16
acalvowhy sometimes, depending on which server I ping, I get a response from servername.local and sometimes from the ip? (usually form servername.local is faster than the IP)15:18
zuljdstrand: https://launchpad.net/bugs/497790 <-- seen that one?15:19
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 497790 in squid "squid should provide an apparmor profile" [Undecided,New]15:19
jdstrandzul: I did 2 minutes ago, yes ;)15:19
zulpretty interesting ;)15:19
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ttxkirkland: i'm not exactly sure yet of the best way to handle the cglib situation15:21
ttxkirkland: we can get rid of the new package and keep the old one, or tweak the new one so that it doesn't interfere with the old one15:22
jdstrandzul: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Roadmap#AppArmor%20Confinement15:23
jdstrandzul: I added the bug reference to there15:23
jdstrandzul: I don't think the security team will be able to manage adding that to the squid package in enforcing mode (but you are welcome to). We could add it to apparmor-profiles though15:24
zuli think it would be nice to have though15:24
zulbut it would be totally up to you guys15:25
jdstrandzul: it would-- it has been on our roadmap. we just don't have the resources this cycle to turn it on by default15:25
zuljdstrand: ok sounds good15:25
jdstrandzul: if you aren't interested in putting it into enforcing mode yourself, then I'll add it to apparmor-profiles15:26
jdstrand(or don't have time, or however that should be phrased to be non-offensive ;)15:26
jdstrandzul: ^15:26
zuljdstrand: i think it would be a good idea because it would also take care of the request to have squid chroot15:26
jdstrandI aboslutely agree-- we just don't have the resources this cycle15:27
jdstrandzul: well, *I* don't. I suppose it is possible kees or mdeslaur might want to take it on, but I think they have their plates full too15:28
zuljdstrand: heh ok ill bug them about it after christmas15:28
kirklandsmoser: from an installed system, or from an installer ISO?15:33
kirklandsmoser: that "just works" with my installed systems15:33
kirklandttx: good to hear that the proxool fix gets us moving15:34
kirklandttx: tweaking the new one seems the best way forward15:34
ttxkirkland: not so sure about that15:34
kirklandttx: for the big picture15:34
kirklandttx: hmm15:34
ttxI think having proxool 0.8.3 in eucalyptus-commons-ext starts to make sense15:34
ttxsince lots of packages now expect libcglib-java to have replaces libcglib2.1-java15:35
kirklandttx: heh :-)15:35
ttx(that's the situation in debian)15:35
ttxi'll write up a summary so that we can discuss it in the call15:35
kirklandttx: sounds good15:36
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jiboumansttx++ # on the ball15:38
jiboumansttx, kirkland: make sure to add the point to the agenda for transparency15:38
ttxsent -- hopefully it will make the options clearer15:50
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rputninsdoes anyone has installed 8.04 server on software raid5?16:09
rputninsI know that officialy it's not possible but I think there must a way16:09
rputninsafter installation and reboot I get grub rescue console16:10
zulsmoser: ping16:11
ruben23hi is there i way that when i login using ssh to my ubuntu-server i dont have to input password, which i used oftenly..16:15
rputninsany ideas about the raid5?16:15
bogeyd6rputnins there is a way16:15
rputninsgood! how?16:16
bogeyd6ruben23 if you set up keys for ssh you dont need a password16:16
bogeyd6!fakeraid | rputnins16:18
ubotturputnins: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto16:18
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rputninsbogeyd6 - I have tried this manual, the is nothing about raid5! Only that it will not work for / partition16:19
rputninsubottu: thanks, I havent tried the fakeraid yet, I will give it a try16:21
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:21
smoserzul, here16:26
LinuxCommunityim here16:26
zulsmoser: for ec2 are you still suppose to be getting a message to use tasksel when you first login? (this is for lucid)16:27
smoseri had not made a decision that you should not, i've never looked at that stuff.16:28
rputninsubottu: the fakeraid install is for desktop only, am I wright? How to install server on software raid5?16:28
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:28
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smoserzul, does it not show that any more ?16:30
zulsmoser: no but I might logged in to early16:31
zulsmoser: it doesnt16:31
smoseri dont have a personal big interest in that showing up (especially since its broken, it says 'use tasksel' but doesn't say 'run apt-get update first')16:33
LinuxCommunitysudo apt-get dist-upgrade    and sudo apt-get update16:33
zulsmoser: ok i was just checking to see if its a regression16:34
zulsmoser: it doesnt matter to me either way though ;)16:34
smoserit probably is a regression. i suppose if you dont mind please follow a bug16:34
smoserits easiest to run 'ubuntu-bug ec2init' on the instance16:35
smoseror if not easiest, preferred.16:35
rputninsubuntu 8.04 boot from software raid5 possible? Opinions!16:36
LinuxCommunityrputnins: it should be possible, i run 8.04 server16:36
rputninsdo you have / partition on raid 5?16:37
msantosrputnins, i boot 8.04 off of a software raid116:37
LinuxCommunityrputnins: no i don't but you should be able to run raid 516:37
rputninsmsantos: thanks, on raid1 I have seen dozens of tutorials, I need raid516:38
rputninsLinuxCommunity: yeah, I know I should but how? :)16:38
LinuxCommunityrputnins: let me see if i can get you a good tutorial16:39
rputninsLinuxCommunity: installation was fine after the reboot I get: GRUB loading.16:40
rputninserro: biosdisk read error16:40
rputninserro: file not found16:40
rputninsgrub rescue>16:40
LinuxCommunityyea that's not good16:40
msantosrputnins, are you using LVM or just staight raid?16:41
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LinuxCommunityrputnins: you might want to read this   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/220493   not sure how relavent it is16:41
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 220493 in linux "[Hardy][Regression] dmraid45 target missing in latest kernel" [Medium,Fix released]16:41
rputninsmsantos: I am using just raid, I thought about lvm, you think I should try?16:41
zulsmoser: done16:42
msantosit's trickier with LVM :)16:42
LinuxCommunitythis one to http://nerdonaplane.blogspot.com/2008/04/ubuntu-upgrade-hardy-harron-804-lts.html16:42
msantoswhat you can try is partitioning your disks into a /boot (straight raid1 or whatever) and the rest as a big raid 516:42
TeTeThow do I increase the number of loop back mounts on Karmic? the loop module seems to be built in now16:43
msantosif your /boot is on raid 1, just be sure to install grub on all the disk or it's fun after an hd dies ;) (not that I had this happen to me <cough>)16:43
rputninsLinuxCommunity: msantos: OK, I am running the server install right now16:43
msantosrputnins, have to go, good luck on your install16:44
LinuxCommunityrputnins: i don't run raid. i still got my server running off old IDE. i would like maybe scsi or sata 3 but for what im doing theres no profit16:45
rputninsmsantos: I see why I havent used LVM - I dont have it in manual partition part16:45
LinuxCommunityLVM isn't always the best way to go. most times it's just use whole disk16:45
mathiazttx: hey17:03
mathiazttx: doing some uec testing17:03
mathiazttx: it seems that the cluster name is not asked at the same debconf priority during the cc and the sc package installation17:04
mathiazttx: would that cause a problem when doing an SC only install?17:04
ttxmathiaz: istr it had a sane default17:04
ttxmathiaz: haven't tested that yet17:05
mathiazttx: I think it will fail on a single SC installation17:06
mathiazttx: cluster-name is only asked for in eucalyptus-cc.config17:06
mathiazttx: eucalyptus-sc.postinst just db_get it17:06
ttxmathiaz: you sound on the right track :)17:07
jiboumansguys, pitti just mailed out an update for the workitem tracker; bugs are now counted as work items. so time to do another quick pass at your blueprints and make sure duplicate items are removed17:11
rputninsno luck with that raid17:14
jiboumanscya tomorrow guys17:28
rputninshello folks! any ideas on howto setup ubuntu 8.04 server on softrware raid 5?17:44
rputninsto be able boot from raid5?17:44
Doonz Hey guys i never installed a webserver on my box but when i goto http://server it tell me that the webserver is working18:26
Doonzhow can i see what web server may have been accidently installed?18:26
jpdsDoonz: Check: sudo netstat -ltnp18:26
Doonzit doenst show anything18:27
Doonzso who wants to give me a cookie..... it was using some chached page on my browser :/18:29
jpdsDoonz: The site should of given your a cookie.18:29
Doonzim a noobie18:29
Doonzsorry for bothering18:29
jpdsDoonz: no problem, remember, the stupid quesitons are only the unasked ones!18:30
Doonzthanx ... back to my virtual machine18:30
xperiahello to all. i have a question about phpmyadmin. for some reason the password and the username that i use in mysql dont work in phpmyadmin. i cant pass the login screen in phpmyadmin. does anybody know what the problem could be ?18:32
zuljiboumans: server-landscape-client-refresh is basically done fyi19:04
kirklandsmoser: image names changed?19:14
kirklandsmoser: that was karmic-uec-amd64 yesterday ....19:14
smosernot yesterday19:14
smoserbut recently19:14
kirklandsmoser: k, recently :-)19:14
smoserit was to accomodate '-desktop'19:15
kirklandsmoser: i updated https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/BundlingImages19:15
kirklandsmoser: i'm not sure where else that string is19:15
smoseryeah. i dont know. i wondered about it when i did it.19:15
kirklandsmoser: it's not a big deal19:15
kirklandsmoser: but we'll have some docs to update19:15
smoseryeah, i'm not certain if the new name is good, though, or if it should include 'uec' in it.19:16
kirklandsmoser: hmm, if the seeds that are generating those images are basically identical (or a superset) of what you get with a default server or desktop image, leave the name as is19:18
kirklandsmoser: if the seed is somehow different19:18
kirklandsmoser: specifically, if it's a subset of what in the desktop/server default install, then I think adding a uec appendage would be nice19:19
smoserit is somewhat different. it has ec2init for example.19:19
uvirtbotNew bug: #497894 in bacula (main) "Support Application Indicators" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49789419:26
M1TE5Hcan anybody help to configure startx19:28
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geniiM1TE5H: This is probably the wrong channel to ask about X, since Ubuntu Server doesn't have it19:35
M1TE5Hok thanks 4 reply can give me any other channel list19:35
ScottKM1TE5H: #ubuntu19:37
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kirklandjiboumans: mdz: \o/  eucalyptus running from packages19:42
kirklandjiboumans: mdz: specifically, i was able to a) install from lucid cd, b) upgrade using PPA packages, c) add iscsi to the system (hack for now), d) bundle and run an image19:43
mdzkirkland, great news19:45
mdzkirkland, ready to upload to lucid?19:45
kirklandmdz: i think so ... though users will need to either install iscsitarget on their CLC (for now)19:46
kirklandmdz: or we need to wait for the code drop from Eucalyptus that disables the iscsi paths19:46
mdzkirkland, is that not trivial to fix?19:46
kirklandmdz: i'll look at their code and see19:46
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mathiazkirkland: which ssh public key uec component is supposed to go where?20:03
mathiazkirkland: IIUC the CC public key needs to be on the NCs?20:03
kirklandmathiaz: correct20:04
mathiazkirkland: what else is needed?20:04
kirklandmathiaz: CC issues commands to NCs20:04
kirklandmathiaz: I think CC also talks to its SC20:04
kirklandmathiaz: and i think CLC talks to Walrus and CCs20:05
kirklandmathiaz: nurmi is online and active in #eucalyptus, you might ask him there20:05
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mathiazkirkland: the home directory of the eucalyptus user is /var/lib/eucalyptus?20:14
kirklandmathiaz: ack20:15
nuclearshareis anyone here?20:19
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ttxkirkland: how is it going ?20:59
kirklandttx: testing is good21:00
kirklandttx: i'm trying to figure out what of yours needs to be uploaded21:01
kirklandttx: i'll upload eucalyptus21:01
kirklandttx: as i have another change or two necessary21:01
kirklandttx: could you upload the rest?21:01
kirklandttx: common, cglib, proxool, whatever?21:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #497953 in openssh (main) "package openssh-server 1:5.1p1-5ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49795321:01
kirklandttx: i have a fix for the iscsi thing, to turn it off21:01
ttxkirkland: proxool was uploaded21:01
kirklandttx: and common?21:02
ttxkirkland: you don't need the eucalyptus-commons-ext in my PPA, but you need one 0.5.021:02
ttxis it still stuck in DEPWAIT ?21:02
ttxI'd thought that component-mismatches would not be blocking21:03
ttxmaybe it's just a matter of retrying the build of the one already uploaded21:03
kirklandttx: okay, i'll handle that21:04
ttxor we might need some shortcut21:04
ttxthe mir is filed, if we need to fast-track it in some way21:04
ttxbut i'm just not sure that's why it's blocked :)21:04
ttxkirkland: cool, looks like we might end up releasing 1.6.2 before you go for holidays, after all21:05
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kirklandttx: i'm trying to do so21:07
kirklandttx: kees any chance you can help us fast track a simple MIR?21:07
kirklandkees: it's blocking eucalyptus 1.6.221:07
kirklandkees: which is urgently needed in Lucid21:07
kirklandttx: can you paste the MIR url?21:07
ttxbug 49739021:09
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 497390 in libproxool-java "MIR for libproxool-java (and avalon-framework)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49739021:09
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ttxmight also need bug 497455 (runtime dep)21:09
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 497455 in libwoodstox-java "MIR for libwoodstox-java" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49745521:09
kirklandttx: let's elevate the priority from Wishlist to High21:09
ttxkirkland: be my guest21:09
kirklandttx: done21:10
ttxkees: would a pending MIR on a new build-dep result in a DEPWAIT for the package ?21:10
ttxkirkland: did you try to restart the build ?21:10
kirklandttx: not yet21:10
ttxI can do that.21:11
kirklandttx: i just did21:11
kirklandttx: ordered 3 more vostros21:15
ttxkirkland: stuck in depwait again, so I guess universe build-deps are blockers :)21:19
kirklandttx: yeah, i suspect21:21
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ttxkirkland: you know what, I'm not 100% sure that proxool is needed for the build21:22
ttxI'm trying to see who added it21:22
kirklandttx: interesting, okay21:24
ttxnah, I'm confusing things21:24
ttxit's not a b-d of euca, but a b-d of euca-commons-ext21:24
ttxand the b-d was added by chris, 99.9% sure needed to compile hibernate-proxool21:26
ttxso no easy way out21:26
kirklandokay, so we need 3 MIRs approved21:26
kirklandttx: before eucalyptus 1.6.2 can be built for Lucid, then, right?21:26
ttxthe woodstox one might not be blocking21:27
ttxlet me check if its a b-d21:27
ttxno it's not21:27
ttxAnd I wonder if that part of their codechanges even landed21:27
ttxso it's proxool that's needed. and avalon-framework is a b-d of prxool21:28
sirenitahi.. i have a problem with an instalation of two instances of oracle database in the same server21:30
sirenitasomebody can herlp me21:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #482515 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mythtv-common 0.22.0+fixes22594-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 128" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48251521:56
sjefen6getting message "the attempt to mount a file system with type ext4 in LVM VG Unknown...., LV root at / failed" during the installation of ubuntu server 9.10 on a dell optiplex gx260. What is wrong?22:04
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owhIf I use channel bonding to combine three Ethernet interfaces, using adaptive transmit load balancing (mode 5), is there a way that I can force all ssh traffic to one specific slave?22:48
subno. why would you want to? what would the behavior be if that specific slave interface is down?22:49
ruben23hi guys, is it possible to ssh without always making input of passwd22:51
owhsub: I want to because I have 3 WAN interfaces, one of which has unlimited traffic which I need to use for backups. I do not want to use the other 2 interfaces which have higher throughput, but limited traffic.22:53
owhI don't particularly care if it dies if the interface is down.22:53
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subEthernet bonding != IP load balancing22:55
owhsub: That's interesting, since that's not what I've been reading. Specifically the documentation tells me that mode 5 is "Adaptive transmit load balancing: channel bonding that does not require any special switch support. The outgoing traffic is distributed according to the current load (computed relative to the speed) on each slave. Incoming traffic is received by the current slave. If the receiving slave fails, another slave 22:59
owhUnless of course I cannot read, which is a possibility :)22:59
subdo each of your 3 WAN interfaces reside on different subnets?23:00
subie: have different IPs?23:00
owhThey are three completely separate connections from different ISPs. There is a modem between me and the link for each of the links. Each modem has a separate WAN IP address and normally a workstation would connect to the modem and get a LAN address from the on-board DHCP server.23:01
owhThink of it as combining three DSL connections. It's not that, but the analogy holds.23:02
subno, it doesn't, because each packet out is likely to have different IPs23:03
subthanks to NAT23:03
owhThat is correct, but under mode 5, I understand that a connection is routed through a specific slave once it has been established.23:04
owhHmm, perhaps I should be looking at mode 2.23:05
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subdest mac address will always be your gateway's mac in that case. i don't know if it will continue to route anything through the same interface on mode 5 because it specifically says it's based on load and also interface bonding is a different layer than mode 5, but admittedly this isn't something i'm 100% familiar with23:06
owhLet me ask the question in a different way. I have 3 WAN links, two high speed, with limited data, one lower speed with unlimited data. I need to route all ssh traffic across the unlimited data link and want to provide the best throughput for LAN clients who use the server as their gateway. How do I accomplish this?23:07
subi've done etherchannel and LACP, but always at the ethernet layer and never had to worry about NAT/routing issues23:07
owhLACP assumes that the other end can deal with what's coming in, almost like having a multi-link ppp support at both ends. That is not the case here. The links are completely separate, think of them as three domestic ADSL connections.23:08
owhI am not particularly interested in one user having all available bandwidth, just the best experience for all users.23:09
subi realize that, I was explaining my background with bonding23:09
owhJust making sure I'm on the same page too :)23:10
subin fact, i wrote this: http://subversity.net/link-aggregation-on-a-redhat-centos-server-an :|23:10
subbecause of NAT and routing, you likely want something to do your load balancing at the IP layer23:10
subfor forcing the SSh traffic over a certain interface you could probably use iptables, I'm not familair with the rules enough, I just know that you can forward it out a specific interface23:11
subas for load balancing the remaining two links, i'm not really sure23:11
owhJust to make sure that I'm making myself clear, if one user is downloading a big file, I don't want or need them to have their download spread over three links - in fact I cannot see how that would ever work unless I setup a VPS in the cloud, make a VPN to that and use its pipe to get the data - not really what I had in mind.23:11
owhsub: Yes, that article is not what I'm looking for. (For that I have a gigabit port on the server -- more than enough for 20 users in this environment :)23:13
subI know it's not what you're looking for, once again23:13
owhBasically we have a crappy link, it's slow but unlimited. We're locked into another two years of contract and need to increase bandwidth.23:13
subYeah, I get that, and my answer was:23:13
subas for load balancing the remaining two links, i'm not really sure23:14
subfor forcing the SSh traffic over a certain interface you could probably use iptables, I'm not familair with the rules enough, I just know that you can forward it out a specific interface23:14
owhSo, then it appears that you're saying that bonding isn't the right hammer for this nail.23:14
owh(As in, when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.)23:15
owhBack to the drawing board.23:15
subbonding is generally used when you need more throughput to the LAN, or redundancy to the LAN23:15
sublook into FORWARD rules for iptables23:16
subshould be easy enough to forward tcp/22 traffic over a specific links, I can't answer for the load balancing though23:16
owhBear with me for a moment if you will. You can tell me to bugger off if you've lost interest :)23:16
owhThe three WAN links have different WAN addresses. Internally they can be configured to have the same LAN IP addresses. If I bond the interfaces and for a moment ignore ssh, would mode 2 not work? I understand that it keeps the same client/server pair on the same slave unless it fails. Or am I missing something?23:19
subhow are you planning on giving them the same LAN IP address?23:20
jiboumanskirkland++ ttx++ nice job on eucalyptus23:20
kirklandjiboumans: we're almost there23:21
kirklandjiboumans: gotta get the MIRs approved23:21
kirklandjiboumans: kees is helping us with that23:21
owhThe three modems can be configured to give the same address via DHCP. Alternatively, if the bond defines the IP address, then I can configure each modem to see that as a valid LAN address.23:21
jiboumanskirkland: anything contentious there?23:21
kirklandjiboumans: just the urgency/late-breaking nature of all-things Eucalyptus23:21
jiboumanskirkland: of course =/23:21
jiboumansbetter in alpha2 than beta1 though :)23:22
subhaving three modems that give out the same IP address is not the same as giving each modem the same IP address, not that it matters because that would just be an IP conflict and would result in a broken network23:22
owhBut the modems are not connected to the LAN, they are only connected to my ethernet sockets.23:23
subi guess i don't really understand your question23:23
subthey're in bridging mode?23:23
subdo the modems have internal IP addresses?23:23
subcan you make a diagram of what you are describing? i'm not really sure where you're going with this23:24
owh(Remember, there is a forth interface that connects to the LAN.)23:24
subalso, have you looked into something like pfSense?23:24
subso you're saying the modems are connected directly to your gateway23:25
jiboumanszul++ # for doing the landscape code drop23:25
subi don't think you're going to get where you want by using bonding23:25
jiboumansi'm very happy looking at this chart: http://piware.de/workitems/server/lucid-alpha2/report.html23:26
owhsub yup. Still need a picture?23:26
subno, i think i've got it now23:27
subi still say look into iptables23:27
owhI will. Thank you for your comments.23:28
subi've had the best luck with that sort of thing using pfsense, check out http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Multi_WAN_/_Load_Balancing and see if it can't get you where you need to go23:30
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sub#pfsense on this network as well23:30
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owhsub: This would mean that I'd have to introduce another piece of hardware to run pfsense on, unless I misunderstand.23:34
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owhIn case anyone cares, what I appear to be looking for is called multiwan, thanks to sub for pointing me at pfsense, which lead me down the trail.23:47
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