nomnexHi, I cannot use evolution-couchdb & ubuntuone. Install went fine but nothing happens02:33
nomnexJaunty 9.04/Ubuntu One/Evolution 2.2602:33
nomnexanybody UbuntuOne/Contacts - Help02:39
GreySimnomnex: Have you looked at the wiki page for it (assuming there is one like there is for Tomboy)?02:40
GreySimnomnex: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Tutorials/Contacts02:41
nomnexthe tutorial on the UbuntuOne site. I don't find Wiki page02:41
GreySimOh, okay.02:41
GreySimI don't know, I actually have not even set it up for myself yet.02:41
GreySimI had heard that Jaunty wasn't as well supported as Karmic.02:41
GreySimBut I don't know exactly what that entails.02:42
nomnexaccording to the tuto. once couchdb is installed it should ask permission to access the keyring, but nothing happens02:42
nomnexthere is a waring about OS version on another tutorial, but nothing on the contact tutorials. I assume 9.04/9.10 are supported02:43
GreySimWell, no clue here. I'm still on Jaunty myself, for a few more days. I wasn't going to setup Ubuntu One until upgrading to Karmic anyway.02:44
nomnexdo you know how to I launch this couchdb?02:45
nomnexit is supported on Jaunty02:46
nomnexany one EVOLUTION-COUCHDB on Evelution 2.26?02:52
nomnexI try again: anybody for helping with Evolution-Couchdb on Evo 2.26, I can't get it to work with ubuntuone/contact10:08
aquariusnomnex, heya10:18
nomnexaquarius: hello10:18
aquariusnomnex, what happens when you try to use the couchdb addressbook?10:18
nomnexaquaruis: I followed the tutorial on the ubuntone page, downloaded the evo-couchdb and installed. nothing happens then10:19
nomnexI am on 9.04/Evo. 2.2610:19
aquariusah, you need to be running 9.10 to get full use of evolution-couchdb, I believe.10:19
nomnexI have been looking on Launchpad evo-couchdb, I found a post with lib update for 2.2610:20
aquariusnomnex, evolution-couchdb talks to your desktopcouch, and I don't think you'll *have* desktopcouch if you're running 9.04. Let's check.10:21
nomnexaquarius: that makes sens, but why can I install it on Jaunty then?10:21
aquariusCan you run this command in a terminal: dbus-send --session --dest=org.desktopcouch.CouchDB --print-reply --type=method_call / org.desktopcouch.CouchDB.getPort10:21
nomnexaquarius: Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.desktopcouch.CouchDB was not provided by any .service files10:22
aquariusnomnex, I'm not sure about why it's installable on jaunty if desktopcouch isn't available. Rodrigo would know (he's the author of evolution-couchdb) but he is inconsiderately on holiday :)10:22
nomnexRodrigo, that was the name on the post. His he around sometimes?10:23
aquariusyep, he'll be around all the time from next week, he's just away this week :)10:23
aquariusah, I know why; evolution-couchdb can be set up to talk to a system couchdb for testing. But it's not actually useful unless you have desktopcouch, which is only available in 9.10 and onwards10:23
nomnexescaping angry 9.04 users;-)10:23
* aquarius laughs10:23
aquariusI bet that was his plan :)10:23
nomnexaquarius: thanks to clear that up. One more thing, desktopcouch will not be implemented on Jaunty for sure?10:25
aquariusnomnex, no, it won't be, at least not by us; it requires quite a lot of stuff that would be a nightmare to backport10:25
aquariusif someone else really wants it to happen then I'd be happy to talk about what would be required and give them some pointers, though!10:26
aquariusare you not able to upgrade to karmic?10:26
nomnexdo you mind break it up to me. evolution-couchdb is the plug-in to communicate with a database. What is the desktopcouch, I am lost with all the terms. I will update on Jaunuary for good.10:27
aquariusCouchDB is a database. desktopcouch is a thing which provides every user with their own personal CouchDB (rather than one for the whole system, like mysql or other databases), and allows the data in that personal CouchDB to be synchronized with other computers and with Ubuntu One. evolution-couchdb creates an addressbook which stores its contacts in your personal desktopcouch.10:28
aquariusdoes that make sense?10:29
nomnexYes, now it does. what do I need to install on a default Karmic install. desktopcouch, evolution-couchdb? or everything comes pre-installed?10:30
aquariusdesktopcouch comes pre-installed. I can't remember whether evolution-couchdb comes pre-installed or not, but I'm pretty sure that it does :)10:31
aquarius(if not, you can just install evolution-couchdb)10:31
nomnexokay, thanks for your explanations aquarius:)10:31
urbanapemorning, all13:39
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aquariusnah, teknico is face today, we swapped :)13:41
teknicoaquarius, no, joshuahoover2 is :-)13:41
aquariusteknico, ha! so you swapped with me, and then swapped again with joshuahoover2? :)13:42
teknicothe second not really a swap, but yes :-)13:42
teknicohe couldn't tomorrow13:42
Chipacawheels within wheels! or swaps within swaps, or something13:44
aquariushola mattgriffin13:55
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urbanapeah, woops14:01
dobeythis weather has got to go14:06
=== rmcbride_ is now known as rmcbride
rtgzdid I miss something?14:17
dobeyprobably? :)14:18
dobeyaquarius: what does desktopcouch require in 9.10 that would be horrible to backport? just the new couchdb?14:19
aquariusdobey, new couchdb and its depdencies (erlang, for one)14:20
dobeyaquarius: does it need a new erlang?14:20
rtgzdobey, the last thing i remember was to sign the canonical agreement for the changes to be merged. At the same time, these changes were approved/disapproved a number of times and I need to get glib-genmarshal into two different branches forked from existing branches which is a little bit more of manual work than I first expected... Is it possible to merge the changes and have marshaller generator added later as a single commit?14:21
* rtgz hasn't typed much in IRC for some days so beware!14:21
aquariusdobey, yes; Couch 0.10 needs the Erlang version in karmic (r13, not r12)14:21
aquariusthis is why I said it'd be hard. DC itself would run fine in jaunty, but it needs couch features that are only in 0.10+patches, and 0.10 needs a newer erlang, and backporting all that to jaunty sounds pretty non-trivial14:22
dobeyrtgz: did you sign the agreement?14:22
rtgzdobey, I downloaded it, read it, understood it, agreed with it, attached it to the message, signed the message, signed the message with PGP and sent it14:23
rtgzdobey,  To: contributor dash agreement at canonical doc com and Elliot Murphy14:25
dobeyrtgz: ok14:25
dobeyrtgz: one of your branches is approved/landed now anyway :)14:42
rtgzdobey, oookay... the one w/o marshallers, the strcmp() one, ok.14:44
dobeyrtgz: yes, the simple one :)14:45
teknicogotta go, so here's my standup report in advance:14:50
statikrtgz, welcome to the team!14:50
teknicoDONE: more reviews, fighting with pqm to land branches, testing funambol sync14:50
teknicoTODO: more testing funambol sync, holidays14:50
teknicoBLOCK: none14:50
joshuahoover2yes, congrats rtgz and thank you VERY MUCH for all your contributions!14:50
rtgzstatik, joshuahoover2 thanks!14:51
rtgznext stop - find out the reason why nautilus plugin crashes nautilus14:52
* rtgz had every video for 2008-2009 years converted to vorbis/theora... It's amazing how many things I have been postponing... 14:54
Chipacawot, no standup?15:04
vdsChipaca: please start it :)15:04
ChipacaMEETING BEGINS. Blah blah blah DONE, TODO, BLOCKED blah.15:05
* Chipaca is good at this15:05
ChipacaCardinalFang: dobey: jblount: teknico: urbanape: PING!15:06
Chipacartgz: you too, don't be shy :)15:06
urbanapeyeah, you're a contributor now15:06
* Chipaca read it that way already15:08
Chipacadobey: jblount: teknico: last call15:08
Chipacamandel: you too (say "me")15:08
urbanapeteknico did his before running off15:08
Chipacaah, I missed that15:09
urbanapeeasy to miss, what with the DONE, TODO, and BLOCK15:09
urbanapeI thought I had missed the standup15:09
dobey☺ DONE: Reviewed Nautilus fixes from rtgz, More initial new client work15:09
dobey☹ TODO: New Client Code, Bug stuartm, E-mail motu-council15:09
dobey☹ BLCK: None.15:09
Chipacavds: you15:09
vdsDONE: 30 free plans #403941 branch landed after fight with PQM and failing tests, testing sync with mobile phones15:10
vdsTODO: more testing with mobile devices15:10
vdsBLOCKED: waiting for the account form the sms provider...15:10
Chipacaaquarius: go15:10
aquarius⚀ DONE: desktopcouch HTML API docs branch; bugfix branch for DC; add more DC docs to freedesktop.org15:10
aquarius⚁ TODO: continue work on desktopcouch developer docs; publish DC HTML API docs somewhere (where?); look at Tomboy xml/html translator; work with rodrigo on Music Store; write up things learned at UDS; step-by-step guide to what happens during contact sync; hand off "pipe" to transfer data between two HTTP connections with twisted 9.0 to lucio's team; make tomboy first-sync experience nicer15:10
aquarius⚂ BLOCKED: test music store; not being able to think of where to put DC API docs because I am clearly stupid15:10
aquariusurbanape (should that be urbaneape, I wonder?)15:10
urbanapeDONE: Was Face, resurrected the manifest branch for Bindwood, had a few aha! moments about it. Tried to submit to PQM again. Fun fun.15:10
urbanapeTODO: Get other ubuntuone-servers branch reviewed and submitted. Get Bindwood batch-pushing branch reviewed/merged.15:10
urbanapeBLOCK: None15:10
urbanapertgz: you're up!15:10
rtgzDONE: (null)15:10
rtgzTODO: Debug Nautilus crash with u1 ext, update ubuntuone-client-diagnose with the latest bug info.15:10
rtgzBLOCK: none15:10
rtgzCardinalFang, ping15:10
dobeyChipaca: oh, bad choice of words.15:11
CardinalFangDONE: read mandel's contacts-wrapper branch, and agonized over where it should go.  Do we want to get in the ORM and record-type business?  Some 'contrib' module?  Hrmpf.  One sick day, Wed.15:11
CardinalFangTODO: release karmic update for desktopcouch.15:11
CardinalFangBLOCKED: one15:11
CardinalFangdobey, sir!15:11
dobey☺ DONE: Reviewed Nautilus fixes from rtgz, More initial new client work15:11
dobey☹ TODO: New Client Code, Bug stuartm, E-mail motu-council15:11
dobey☹ BLCK: None.15:11
Chipacaaaand.... that's about it15:11
Chipacaoh, me! DONE: talked with people, planned things, talked with more people. TODO: more. BLOCKED: no15:12
Chipacathanks all15:12
* rtgz needs to write a plugin for such type of meeting :)15:12
CardinalFangI have a rallying-call plugin for xchat.15:12
* rtgz always needs to write something :)15:13
* dobey blinks at CardinalFang's code15:15
=== jamalta_ is now known as jamalta
CardinalFangdobey, what?15:16
dobeyCardinalFang: your xchat plug-in has the function "stanup_meeting_begins"15:16
CardinalFangOh.  Right.  Oh well.15:17
rtgzdobey, so is it ok to have glib-genmarshal added as a subsequent patch?15:22
dobeyrtgz: the one branch needs to be split up so that the marshaller stuff isn't in it at all. and i'd rather avoid landing code that we know is going to be changed immediately afterward15:24
dobeyrtgz: doing so makes it especially difficult to backport15:24
mandelCardinalFang,  hello, why the agony? :P15:24
rtgzdobey, okay, then I will create 2 new branches - one for emblems + glib-genmarshal and one for ShareCreateError which will use info from the first branch. Is it OK to depend this way?15:26
dobeyyou can have a branch which depends on another, yes15:27
rtgzdobey, lp: "Deleting a proposal for merging will also delete all the associated comments that have been made.", ok to proceed?15:42
dobeyrtgz: which one are you deleting?15:50
rtgzboth - fix-emblem-updating and fix-share-create-error-cb15:50
rtgzdobey, ^15:50
dobeyjust don't delete branches/proposals for things that were merged :)15:51
rtgzdobey, no, not in "destroyer" mood this year15:53
aquariusare you even allowed to delete branches that have been merged? that seems like a bug, if so15:53
dobeyyou can delete anything you "own"15:54
dobeywell, except for bugs and comments15:54
dobeybut i think deleting a branch, deletes all the comments on any merge proposals for it15:54
dobeyas the proposals get deleted15:55
dobeyis there an easy way to print the calling method's name, in python?15:59
aquariusthe call stack knows that stuff16:01
dobey<- not a python developer, remember :)16:02
aquariushang on, working on it :)16:05
aquariuswhy do you want this?16:09
aquariusthat'll break if, for example, you are not in a function :)16:09
dobeybecause i'm debugging a weird error in my branch :)16:10
dobeyeven more foreign to me :)16:13
aquariusat the point at which you want to break, do "import pdb; pdb.set_trace()" and then when it hits that line it drops you into the debugger16:14
aquariuswhich is relatively simple; you've got single-step, step into, step out, like most debuggers, and you can inspect the environment and vars and so on16:14
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dobeysomething is eating my variable16:25
dobeyapparently creating oauth.OAuthError() dereferences the original variable16:27
joshuahoover2urbanape: have you recorded that one before? sounds familiar16:28
urbanapeOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM16:29
mandelaquarius: ping17:57
mandelaquarius: hello, one quick question, is there a bulk update for records?17:59
aquariusnot in the desktopcouch.records API. There is in python-couchdb.17:59
aquariusdo you need it?17:59
mandelaquarius: I know about python-couchdb... well, it would be nice but it is not required18:00
mandelaquarius: not a big deal :P18:00
aquariusmandel, if you need it, adding it to the desktopcouch API would be reasonable -- we deliberately didn't implement everything, so as to see what people really needed18:00
mandelaquarius: well, I've started implementing groups and tags for my app and I want to let the user tag a bunch of contacts at once, so it would be nice to do it in a single put18:02
aquariusthat's bulk updates, then :)18:03
aquariusI'd be interested in exactly how the API should look. Perhaps CouchDatabase.bulk_update([Recordobject, Recordobject, ...])18:03
mandelgreat, other quick questions, is there any doc which states where I have to put the views used by my app (I think you told me at UDS about a dir) and how to use the callback that tells about updates?18:04
mandelbulk_put might be a nicer name since we do not have an update18:05
aquariusfirst question: http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/desktopcouch/Documentation has the answers :)18:05
aquariussecond question: that page should also have the answers but I haven't documented _changes yet18:05
aquariusCardinalFang, do we have any docs on how the _changes callback works?18:06
mandelaquarius: uh and an other funny thing, when the db starts asking for username and password on the browser, an app using desktopcouch can access it but evolution says "This address book cannot be opened.  This either means that an incorrect URI was entered, or the server is unreachable, Permission denied"18:11
aquariusthat's because evolution-couchdb is looking for the tokens in the wrong place. Rodrigo's fixed this, but the fix isn't rolled out to a PPA yet.18:12
urbanapeI'm more and more convinced that I should just use the locally-generated UUIDs for couch _ids, but crap. I don't want to put in a whole migration step.18:13
mandelaquarius, ok cool18:13
aquariusurbanape, can't you just start using them for new ones? they're not gonna collide with existing ones, that's the point of a uuid :)18:14
urbanapeyeah, but then I'm dealing with two different ways of looking up docs in Couch. Two different means of identifying them.18:14
aquariusum, why? you don't care what an _id *is*, it's just a string that you pass around, no? Am I missing something?18:15
aquariusoh you're using the Moz IDs as the ID for a couch record?18:15
aquariusmigration step for you, then18:15
aquariusthat came out sounding rather harsher than I intended it to18:16
urbanapeit's just that now, we do two requests to get a document based on our internal uuid. Well, a request to search for a doc with that uuid, and then a request to do something with that doc. So, yeah.18:16
urbanapeaquarius: well, I'm proposing using the moz uuid for the couch id, since CardinalFang says that's the best practice.18:17
aquariusah, gotcha, I understand.18:17
aquariusyeah. You'll need to rev the record_type_version18:17
aquariuswhich means that you can tell the difference between old and new records.18:18
urbanapewhy would the record type version need to change? No change to the schema18:18
urbanapejust for this sake?18:18
urbanapeI could migrate opportunistically, but that leaves a probably-disused code path for who knows how long?18:23
urbanapeprobably-disused after everything's been migrated...18:24
aquariusyou're changing the meaning of one of the fields...18:24
aquariusanyway, I have to eat food before I die. Later!18:26
urbanapehrm. poo. I don't see how I'm changing any of the fields. I'm merely doing the Right Thing with the _id: client generated, rather than server generated.18:27
mattgriffinzeroXten: hi!18:41
zeroXtenheya. just listening to floss podcast, they mentioned something todo with sharing via ubuntuone18:43
zeroXtenyou add their email address and it appears on their machine?18:44
mattgriffinzeroXten: yeah. right now we only support file sharing. we'll probably develop more sharing features (like for contacts) in the future18:45
zeroXtendoes that user get warned or do you need a predefined relationship with them?18:45
mattgriffinzeroXten: but yeah... file sharing is easy with Ubuntu One. Right click on the folder in ~/Ubuntu One that you want to share and choose "Share on Ubuntu One"18:46
mattgriffinzeroXten: type their email address and we send a sharing request for you. if the recipient isn't an Ubuntu One subscriber, we guide them through the signup process. otherwise they just sign into the website with their account to claim the share.18:47
zeroXtenoh, so they have to click an acknowledgement before it syncs18:47
mattgriffinzeroXten: as soon as they accept the share, the folder starts to download to their computer in their ~/Ubuntu One/Shared With Me folder18:47
zeroXtenahh cool ;)18:47
mattgriffinzeroXten: right18:48
ChipacazeroXten: yes, they do need to accept it :)18:48
zeroXtenwasnt clear in the podcast :)18:48
mattgriffinzeroXten: yeah. was there anything else that interested you from the podcast?18:48
ChipacazeroXten: if you already have a share with the other person, things you put in the directory you've shared appear automagically18:48
ChipacazeroXten: so you could do social engineering to do evil, but the bar is probably high enough18:49
mattgriffinChipaca, zeroXten: that's a nice feature ... especially if you're working on a project and need to share multiple files periodically18:49
zeroXtenyeah ok18:51
mattgriffinzeroXten: where did you hear about the podcast?18:51
zeroXtenuhh, i guess my only other question prior to reading would be.. one sec18:51
zeroXtenmattgriffin: i rss floss weekly on twit18:52
mattgriffinzeroXten: nice18:52
zeroXtenon my g118:52
zeroXtenman, 3g on a bus is flaky18:52
zeroXtenanyway, is it possible to have the client connect to a private ubuntuone? ie for business use etc18:53
mattgriffinzeroXten: good question. the sync client is open so it can be studied/altered/improved in any way. the server is not open but i think most of the functionality can be analyzed to build your own server.18:56
zeroXtenheh cool18:57
zeroXtennot gonna happen anytime soon tho :) my projects list is already too big :)18:58
mattgriffinzeroXten: to be honest though, ubuntu one would get the most widespread value if we had client support on more platforms. some developers have produced some great results for Fedora and Kubuntu but we would love to see (and would greatly encourage) people porting the sync client to other platforms (like your G1) :)18:58
zeroXtenhehe. that would be cool indeed. i have only written one tiny app for android and java is not my idea of a fun time :)19:00
zeroXtenthat and im not a developer19:00
zeroXtenbut i might take a look when i get free time19:01
zeroXtenright, battery about to die. laters19:02
mattgriffinzeroXten: please do. and tell your friends :) ... stuart (from the FLOSS Weekly episode) has a G1 so he'd be interested in it as well19:02
CardinalFangI have an Android device too.  I'd love to-do and note synch.19:06
dobeytomdroid should already work to sync notes :)19:06
CardinalFangI can not create notes, though, last I checked.19:07
CardinalFangthisfred_, what do you make of this?  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/desktopcouch/+bug/46135619:08
ubottuError: This bug is private19:08
* thisfred_ looks19:08
thisfred_CardinalFang: hmm looks like an incomplete/broken installation. Either that or the import paths are somehow wrong for that user19:09
thisfred_they have python-desktopcouch installed it seems19:10
thisfred_I have no idea how that could happen19:11
CardinalFangI'm un-marking that as private.19:11
thisfred_it's failing to import desktopcouch from /usr/lib/desktopcouch19:11
thisfred_CardinalFang: do we somehow do something wrong wrt dist-packages?19:12
thisfred_because I would expect the python code to live in a pythony place19:12
thisfred_so, in brief: no idea, sry19:13
CardinalFangthisfred_, it should be in /usr/share/pyshared/desktopcouch19:22
thisfred_CardinalFang: right. I have no idea how ubuntu does those things now19:23
rtgzbzr guys, can I push a certain revision from my local branch, i.e. will bzr push -r 295 lp:~someone/... work ?19:23
* rtgz is a newbie in distributed versioning control systems19:24
rtgzmattgriffin, ^ :) sorry if this is completely off-topic19:24
dobeypush only works on branches19:25
dobeyit pushes all committed revisions19:26
rtgzdobey, all committed, so if I haven't committed "next" revision then I am safe to push19:26
rtgzhm, -r option was so tempting...19:26
dobeythe docs for -r are so lacking19:28
dobeyi guess it would push everything up to that revision, and not stuff after it perhaps19:28
rtgzdobey, woo-hoo19:32
rtgzdobey, -r revision creates branch with this revision as the head :)19:33
rtgzhm, after I made necessary changes for the emblem I can reproduce the bug with create share dialog segfaulting nautilus... But I haven't touched that part at alll!...19:52
rtgz#0  0x006d52c2 in g_path_get_basename () from /lib/libglib-2.0.so.019:53
rtgz#1  0x00e379a2 in ubuntuone_nautilus_share_dialog_construct (item=0xb7453d60,19:53
rtgz    user_data=0x83da820) at ubuntuone-nautilus.c:45119:53
rtgzin case someone is interested19:53
rtgzit's too quiet here19:53
* rtgz wonders why he installs dbg symbols _after_ they are required...19:55
rtgzthis time: (nautilus:29705): Pango-WARNING **: Invalid UTF-8 string passed to pango_layout_set_text()19:56
rtgzand it crashed19:56
rtgzi guess the previous time I have hit extremely unitialized memory...19:56
rtgzdobey, Here's the screenshot: http://picasaweb.google.com/roman.yepishev/Bugs#541629733626272099420:00
rtgzokay, got the full bt with g_warning causing the same data->path-related segmentation fault #4  0x0052b486 in IA__g_strdup_vprintf (20:25
rtgz    format=0xc63164 "share construct: data->path = %s",20:25
rtgz    args=0xbfffe03c "e _w\001")20:25
CardinalFangrtgz, what's in the frame above this?20:27
CardinalFangI'm interested in the "args".20:27
* CardinalFang hasn't touched GDB in 10 months. That's a record for him.20:28
rtgzcopying to paste.ubuntu.com ... 0% done20:30
rtgzCardinalFang, http://paste.ubuntu.com/343673/20:31
CardinalFangrtgz: I'm no expert but the word "closure" piques my interest in that, especially because the memory is not what you expected.  Your probably not using some malloc replacement that auto GCs, are you?  Hrm.20:34
rtgzCardinalFang, no idea yet, I haven't written much glib code yet...20:37
CardinalFangrtgz, what's up at frame 7?  ubuntuone_nautilus_share_dialog_construct (item=0x88c9100, user_data=0x86e4428) at ubuntuone-nautilus.c:44920:37
dobeyline 449 is the call to destroy the dialog20:40
dobeyrtgz: what revision of the code is this crashing on?20:43
rtgzdobey, this is trunk + some additions for marshalling, let me copy-paste the relevant code20:44
rtgzdobey, http://paste.ubuntu.com/343676/20:49
rtgzdobey, it is not ready for commit, really, I was just applying the changes and testin...20:51
rtgzdobey, wrong file20:53
rtgzdobey, http://paste.ubuntu.com/343677/20:55
dobeythat doesn't match up with your backtrace either21:01
dobeyoh, nevermind, i remembered the line # wrong21:02
dobeydoesn't make any sense though21:03
rtgzdobey, so data->path comes with something bad21:23
dobeywell yes i see that21:23
dobeybut i don't see how :)21:24
rtgzdobey, cannot reproduce now, need more unitialized memories21:32
rtgzdobey,   file = g_list_nth_data (files, 0); path = g_filename_from_uri (nautilus_file_info_get_uri (file), NULL, NULL); Still blame this21:36
dobeyrtgz: worst case that should return NULL21:44
rtgzdata->path = U\x89\xe5\x83\xec(\x89]\xf4\xe8\xf9\xfc\xff\xff\x81\xc3\xd6\xe0\u000722:27
dobeybut how22:37
rtgzdobey, rogram received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.22:51
rtgzIA__g_path_get_basename (22:51
rtgz    file_name=0x775f2065 <Address 0x775f2065 out of bounds>)22:51
rtgzi am lucky this evening22:51
rtgzgrrr, forgot to add debug output to the dialog_construct code...22:53
rtgzdata->path gets rewritten somehow, and it looks like something strange is happening with the pointers in share_cb_data... (sorry for spamming, just for logs) :)23:01
rtgzdobey, http://paste.ubuntu.com/343697/23:14
rtgzit appears that nautilus caches the share_cb_data pointer for the folder (volia-traffic_), line 83. Then when menu is called (line 95) get_menu_items is called again, with the same path, share_cb_date gets free()d (since it is old, line 99) and we create a new instance, line 101. But when share_folder is called, it receives the original pointer, which might point to anything now.23:18
rtgzdobey, ^23:18
rtgznow the question is why it does not crash all the time..23:18
rtgzget_menu_items is called once for every file in the directory and the next time is when user selects the file icon.23:20
rtgzWhy is get_menu_items called when we click on the menu item???23:35
ScuniziHey mattgriffin.. header topic said to ask you.. when manually logging into one.ubuntu.com and choosing Note>Add Note .. there is no clear defined way to "save".  Quite by accident I hit the "Edit" button which seemed to effective act as a Save button.. Is that the way it's suppose to be?23:45
ScuniziOr anybody really :)23:46
mattgriffinScunizi: yeah. have any ideas on improving the usability?23:46
mattgriffinScunizi: or does that work for you?23:47
mattgriffinScunizi: perhaps not because you're asking me about how it works ;)23:47
Scunizimattgriffin: well.. perhaps when you're already in "edit" mode the button wording changes to "Save"23:49
mattgriffinScunizi: excellent suggestion. would you open a bug for this? http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client23:50
Scunizimattgriffin: sure.. I'm surprised nobody else has suggested this ..23:51
Scuniziall it takes is one I guess :)23:51
mattgriffinthat's true23:52
Scunizimattgriffin: there you go! Bug #498018 .. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/49801823:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 498018 in ubuntuone-client "confusing note "Save" function - Manual Login" [Undecided,New]23:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 498018 in ubuntuone-client "confusing note "Save" function - Manual Login" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49801823:57
mattgriffinScunizi: excellent. thank you.23:57
ScuniziWow.. Is ubottu linked to the channel?23:57
Scunizifor bug reports?23:57
mattgriffinScunizi: hmm... i guess so. i don't think it used to be that way.23:58

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