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erUSULwhat is the correct way to disable gdm starting (Xserver) on boot. what is the equivalent of « sudo update-rc.d -f gdm remove » ?? found this http://ubuntu-ky.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=132294914:09
erUSULbut it is way to hacky 14:09
ionComment out the ’start on’ stanza.14:15
erUSULion: that's what the forum entry says... but that's too hacky isn't it ?14:16
ionOr make /etc/X11/default-display-manager an empty file14:16
ionWhat’s hacky about it?14:16
erUSULion: directly editing long conf files ;)14:16
ionThat’s how you configure stuff. :-P14:17
erUSULion: ok; there si no "good" way yet.. i spected someting like:14:17
erUSULsudo upstart-config disable [options] [service_name] 14:18
erUSULor the like14:18
ionAnd what would that do? It would change the configuration somewhere.14:19
plautrbaor it could rename job file to not end with .conf14:19
erUSULplautrba: that would suffice ? that's less hacky in my book14:19
erUSULplautrba: just sudo mv /etc/init/gdm.conf /etc/init/gdm.conf.disabled14:20
plautrbaerUSUL: but you won't be able start that job even manually14:20
erUSULthat's way more palatable for me14:20
ionWhy not just uninstall gdm if you don’t want it?14:20
erUSULthat's not the question. you may want to disable a service for many reasons... what when apache is managed by upstart? you wont be able to disable it starting at boot ? your only option will be to remove it?14:22
ionComment out the ‘start on’ stanza.14:22
erUSULfair enough.14:23
erUSULthanks for all the help. have anice day14:23
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ionPre-dormancy nutrition protocols engaged.21:23
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ionStartrekish for “ate supper”21:25
ionDJO’s Star Trek videos are awesome.21:30
sadmac2ion: you're kind of a crazy person, and that's cool, I'm feeling it.21:30
sadmac2I thought someone just handed me a new high-severity issue 1/2 hour before I leave work.21:33
sadmac2moment of rage21:33
ionWork on it for ½ hours and let someone else finish it. ;-)21:34
sadmac2I actually do have one that needs to be handed to australia before I can finally stop working today21:34
Keybuknow I'm catching up on the Interwebs21:51
KeybukI do see the "OMG! MARK SHUTTLEWORTH IS LEAVING CANONICAL!" screaming21:51

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