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methodsafter i init a new repo can i make the files visible so as to expose it via http ?03:08
RAOFmethods: Once you've committed a revision containing “the files" (whatever they may be) to the branch, they'll be visible over http (assuming the branch is already visible over http).03:10
methodsi don't see any files03:11
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methodswhat's the proper way to setup bzr+ssh ?03:23
bob2methods: so, you pushed over bzr+ssh or sftp, right?03:33
bob2they doesn't update the remote working copy (ie the checked out files)03:33
bob2there's an 'update after push' plugin that does that03:34
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Noldorini'm getting the following error when i try to push to LP:13:40
NoldorinPermission denied (publickey).13:40
Noldorinbzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.13:40
Noldorinseems to be a problem with pageant and the SSH key not being recognised13:40
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Noldorin<Noldorin>i'm getting the following error when i try to push to LP:15:23
Noldorin<Noldorin>Permission denied (publickey).15:23
Noldorin<Noldorin>bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.15:23
Noldorin<Noldorin>seems to be a problem with pageant and the SSH key not being recognised15:23
* maxb doesn't do Windows15:25
Noldorinheh, that's the most typical reply i've had so far.15:25
jelmer_Noldorin: looks like your ssh key on launchpad can not be found ?15:48
jelmer_Noldorin: did you add any keys on launchpad ?15:48
Noldorinjelmer_: yeah, i've had one on there for a while and it's always worked15:48
Noldorini tried reuploading it after the problems too15:48
Noldorinjelmer_: https://launchpad.net/~noldorin15:48
Noldorini use Pageant to provide the key, so i'm wondering if bzr isn't communicating with pageant properly...15:50
maxbNoldorin: Were you on Linux, I'd recommend trying 'ssh bazaar.launchpad.net' just to test the connection. Perhaps you can do something similar?15:53
Noldorinmaxb: cygwin perhaps?15:54
Noldorinmaxb: yeah, same result15:56
NoldorinPermission denied (publickey)15:56
Noldorini wonder if that could be because it's using OpenSSH rather than putty's implementation15:56
Wellark[]sigh.. I'm trying to find out how to fix the problem with updating missing signatures to remote repository..16:02
Wellark[]no luck yet :/16:03
Wellark[]probably need to add some command like 'sync-signatures'16:05
Wellark[]don't know yet16:06
Wellark[]the first thing to figure out is how to get new signatures from sign-my-commits to remote repository16:15
Noldorinmaxb: solved. turned out the problem was habing cygwin in my path :P16:19
LaserJockanybody know of any possible way to make multi-pull give more info? or alternatively how to do recursive bzr pulls with some actual change info?16:44
* maxb uses a shellscript16:54
jelmer_wellark[]: I'd recommend writing to the list about this16:56
jelmer_wellark[]: I think push should be propagating new signatures16:56
LaserJockmaxb: for *every* branch?16:56
LaserJockit seems like something that would be quite common to do, for instance, "pull from all branches in this repo"16:57
maxbWell, I use multi-pull too, it varies16:59
jelmer_LaserJock: I also have a shell script that basically does "for I in src/*/*; do bzr pull -d $I; done"16:59
maxbI find multi-pull malfunctions trying to pull Launchpad17:00
maxbI need to get around to debugging that17:00
LaserJockmulti-pull is good, but it gives like no info at all17:01
LaserJockso most often I don't really know if a branch has changed or not17:01
LaserJockso I end up running multi-pull and then going to individual branches I care about and do a bzr lesslog to see what actually changed17:02
LaserJockwhich seems a little suboptimal to me :-)17:02
LaserJockis there any way to get bzr to do a diffstat-like output for a log or pull  like how git does when you run git-pull?17:16
gutworthbzr pull -v17:16
gutworthoh, no17:17
Wellark[]jelmer_: sure., I'll write to the list when I have the time17:33
njnDoes Bazaar work on Mac?18:14
jelmer_njn: yep18:15
eydaimonhow do I unadd a file I added by accident?18:39
eydaimonbzr rm --keep18:40
kfogelno way to edit a commit message long after it's been published in bzr, right?  (since changes are replicated all around, this would be even conceptually very difficult)19:15
gutworthunless you uncommit, but that's a bit icky19:20
kfogelgutworth: thank you (yeah, I know about the uncommit case, but it's of limited use for the scenarios I'm thinking of)19:23
Colonel-RosaAre bzr branches to those like as seen in git? For example, could I do : bzr push ssh://blah unstable?19:36
gutworthno, bzr branches aren't colocated19:36
Colonel-RosaOk, so they act as seperate repositories?19:37
gutworthsort of19:37
gutworthyou can have multiple branches in the same repo19:37
maxbColonel-Rosa: Unlike git, in bzr, both branches and repositories exist in the filesystem rather than purely in the vcs's ui19:51
maxbe.g. foo/ could be a bzr repo, and foo/bar/, foo/baz/ and foo/quux/ could be three branches in that repository19:52
maxbOn the other hand, bzr also allows the situation where a single branch is colocated with its repository19:53
Colonel-RosaRight, I was planning to have a stable and unstable branch of my website code. I wasn't using a shared repository before19:54
NfNitLoopit's easy to change.19:54
NfNitLoopcreate a repository, then branch into it.19:54
NfNitLoopany other branches you create in there will share the repository.19:54
maxbDon't even need to branch into it20:09
Colonel-RosaI think I'm being a bit confusing, sorry.20:10
Colonel-RosaI'll try and draw a diagram20:11
maxbTo convert a branch which is currently standalone to be using a shared repository, 'bzr reconfigure --use-shared'20:11
NfNitLoopmaxb: aah. but then you have a branch checked out into the root of a shared repository?20:12
maxbNfNitLoop: No, that's impossible20:12
maxb(or at least, I think it is)20:13
maxb'bzr reconfigure --use-shared' requires that a shared repository exists *above* the branch20:13
NfNitLoopOh, I managed to do it by pushing to that location once.20:13
NfNitLoopmaxb: aah.20:13
Colonel-RosaExplanation : I have 2 website locations, a "production" and a "staging". My problem arrose when I found a critical bug, but I had already pushed some new features to the repository, obviously I didn't to push out those new features so I was stuck. I'm using Capistrano to pull the code from the repo btw20:16
Colonel-RosaDoes that make sense?20:17
jelmerhi maxb, NfNitLoop20:17
maxbYes, other than I don't know what Capistrano is20:17
Colonel-Rosamaxb, it's a website deployment system, it just pulls out code from a specified repository20:17
NfNitLoopColonel-Rosa: So what I would do in this case... is create a new branch based on your current production.20:18
NfNitLoopfix the bug on that branch.20:18
luksColonel-Rosa: the only sane solution is to use multiple branches20:18
NfNitLooptest it.20:18
luksone for production, one for staging20:18
NfNitLoopif it works, merge it into production and staging.20:18
NfNitLoopthen throw away the branch.20:18
maxbColonel-Rosa: So, 'staging' is a fairly permanent thing, of which there is exactly one? (Rather than something you can just start up extra instances on demand, using different code?)20:20
maxbIf so, I think you should have permanent "production" and "staging" branches which are your Capistrano deploy targets, and an arbitrary and variable number of extra branches for development not yet deployed20:21
Colonel-Rosaok, I'll give it a try20:24
Colonel-Rosathank you20:24
Colonel-Rosamaxb, NfNitLoop http://i.imgur.com/pn2qw.png20:43
Colonel-RosaIs that right?20:44
whitleyhi all.  happy new year!  initial version of ignore exclusions and tests for same at lp:~whitley/bzr/ignore-exclusion21:33
whitleyI still need to update the the help, add one test I just thought of, and review for any edge-cases or unintended side-effects.  Still, getting close.21:33
jelmerhey whitley21:34
jelmerwhitley,: what does that branch do exactly?21:34
whitleyImplements an extension to the .bzrignore syntax.  Patterns prefixed with an exclamation point (!) have priority and are NOT ignored.21:35
whitleyThis is very useful for cases such as versioning one's home directory, /etc, and so forth, where most files are ignored, but some selected paths/files are versioned.21:36
whitleysee also bug 42803121:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 428031 in bzr ".bzrignore should support exclusions" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42803121:36
whitleybug updated with current status.  later all!21:46
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Jordan_UEvery command I run with bzr outputs 'No handlers could be found for logger "bzr"'.23:59

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