CrellHi all.  I've a very odd problem.00:24
CrellI just freshly installed Kubuntu 9.10, and I'm getting stuff setup.  One of the things I did was download and install the latest copy of Eclipse (PDT specifically).00:25
CrellIt installed fine, but when I went to create a new project in the project dialog none of the buttons in the dialog are working.  They visually depress ,but don't actually trigger anything.00:25
CrellI have no idea why it would be doing that.  My best guess is some issue with the gtk+ re-theming, since Eclipse uses gtk bindings, but I really don't know.  Any suggestions?00:26
JagungalI installed eclipse just using the standard apt-get method .. seemed to work ok.00:36
JagungalI do recall that you have to run it as admin to get some updates and the like to work00:37
CrellYou didn't used to in 8.10, which I was running before.00:47
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CrellAh, found it!00:54
CrellIt's a gtk but.00:54
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ARAGON22./ puno00:57
logicsniper where do i look to open my torrent client01:17
logicsniperstupid question i know, but I can't find it01:18
Izinucslogicsniper: try just right mouse clicking a torrent and the system might suggest what to open01:26
Izinucslogicsniper: if that doesn't work.. then K>Applications>Internet>Ktorrent01:27
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PetrXXX---hello guys,     doos somebody know HOW TO STOP apache2 ???    "apache2 -k stop"   does not work!  username is www-data, but I do not know password.....01:29
PetrXXX---year ago I fix this problim01:29
PetrXXX---but I fergot01:30
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PetERSON-GRAFheppy new year 2010 gays01:31
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PetERSON-GRAFsudo /etc/init.d/apache2 stop01:42
PetERSON-GRAFI have solved01:42
PetERSON-GRAFBut you all are GAYS01:42
* Izinucs is "happy" it's new years.. 01:45
paulsomebody_What time meridian is it New Year Now?02:14
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princecan any one help me to configure my dial up modem04:02
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webbb82im a little confued i just burned a kubuntu install cd and when i get to the partition setup part of the install the  check box for install the side by side isnt there, only earase the harddrive and install kubuntu or advanced manual partition   why would the option to install them side by side04:18
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adarshahow do i change my profile picture in kubuntu? when i try to click on the icon, i get an error  saying the administrator has disabled changing pic05:01
webbb82ok i just made my hard drive smaller so i can dualboot but when i get to the choose the partition you want to use i dont get the option install side by side also i dont get the option to use all unused diskspasce  but i have 200 gb of unused space after shrining my hard drive05:03
webbb82what am i doing wrong05:04
webbb82do i  need to reboot inorder to see my unused disk space in the installer05:04
webbb82hey i shrank my main partiton so i could  do a dual boot setup but when i get to the partition part in the installer use unused disk space isnt there aswell as install side by side   anyone got any ideas05:19
avihaywebbb82: well, you can use the manual configuration. I usually prefer it to the wizard because it tells you exactly what it's going to do.05:26
avihaydang, 30 sec to late05:26
sepehrplanning on installing XP to dual boot with my current kubuntu karmic, i am well aware that windows will wipe out grub, but have no idea how to restore grub2 and have it with both windows and karmic boot options05:45
crimsunuse a desktop/live or alternate cd to restore it05:48
murkeehey :]06:14
ilumihow can i run java apps as user not sudo06:18
sepehr_would any1 know how to get back the menu bar on kde apps after u accidentally hide it?06:44
ghalesepehr: usually you can get it back with a context menu06:53
ilumihow can i run java apps as user not sudo07:12
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luis_is there someone called ikonia here?08:20
luis_I wanna know if it is possible to sync my ipod touch with kubuntu08:20
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bogdanwhat  is it???11:11
Bernardogood morning11:13
dmoynehas anyboby tried to install kde 4.3.85 ?11:16
icedravenAnyone able to help me make the "workspaces" unique11:29
quyenhappy new year11:57
new_bemberHappy New Year12:02
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vladпривет всем13:50
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke13:50
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shadeslayerathena18: hey14:27
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greekathenagetting harder to find a nick it will accept14:28
greekathenaI'm having problems with the KDE 414:28
shadeslayergreekathena: sure go ahead14:28
greekathenaI can't even figure out how to set firefox to be my default browser...and I thought firefox was supposed to ask me that14:28
greekathenaand what happened to getting my other two panels?14:29
shadeslayergreekathena: ok go to : K > system settings > default apps > browser > put firefox in the browser field14:29
greekathenaI used one to show me what was running and one for buttons to stuff I used all the time14:30
greekathenaFinally is there a way to get it so that when I push on the button it just shows me programs available like before?14:30
shadeslayergreekathena: you can add them back14:30
erkanQuestion: Where can I download for Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD for Ubuntu 9.10 version, 32-bits?14:31
greekathenaI thought I put the program in to do that but I"m having trouble finding it14:31
greekathenais it under settings?14:31
greekathena(I've been there but maybe I missed it?)14:31
shadeslayergreekathena: its under system settings > default apps14:31
greekathenaOK thank you very much it will help  me adjust14:33
erkanNext question for me: how go I a 32 bits to a 36 bits for Ubuntu download?14:41
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paulsomebodyercan: What?14:46
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lukefeilmy fprint won't work15:14
lukefeili can use it to authentify me for sudo commands15:14
lukefeilbut not for logging in15:15
lukefeilone time logged in, i can use it to login in other tty's15:15
ikonialukefeil: what do you mean ?15:18
lukefeilikonia: i would like to use my fingerprint sensor in the login screen15:19
ikoniaahhh finger print scanner15:19
lukefeilthe scanner works fine15:20
lukefeilbut only for authentification when i use a sudo command15:20
lukefeilor when i'm alreday logged in15:20
ikoniayes, I know what you mean, it's submitting your finger print as a password15:20
lukefeilnot realy15:21
lukefeili added it in the /etc/pam.d/common-auth15:21
ikoniayes, I understand15:21
lukefeilso he don't parse my password15:21
ikoniano, I don't think it "parses" your password15:21
ikoniaI think it uses your finger print as an authentication token - as a password15:21
ikoniaI've used them before15:22
lukefeilbut in the first login he say that he "can't find fingerprint's for the detected hardware"15:22
ikoniaI've not used it for login under KDE though15:22
lukefeilwhatever that means...15:22
ikoniaHmmm, have to reverse it and work out how user accounts/passwords are linked to your finger print at a system level15:23
ikoniaI've never followed it backwards to be honest15:23
lukefeili know what happens15:23
ikoniaplease explain15:23
lukefeilmy home-directory is crypted15:24
lukefeiland he's decryptet in the firstlogin15:24
lukefeilafter that the pam-modul has access tu the hidden file in the home where he can find the reference-fingerprints15:24
ikoniaso it's as the home drive is encrypted that's causing you the problem15:25
ikoniathat would make sense15:25
lukefeil... next question: how can i decrypt my home permanently15:25
ikoniaI think there is a wiki page that covers that, are you using dmcrypt ?15:26
lukefeili don't know15:26
ikoniahow did you encyrpt it15:26
ikoniarats, my laptop battery is about to die15:26
ikoniaback shortly15:26
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princehey hey u u i dont like u r girl friend15:44
princeno way no way15:44
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princewhat is this thing any way15:46
lukefeilprince: WTF?15:47
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!15:48
princehow to config sl modem ?15:50
paulsomebodyprince: SL?15:50
princesl modem15:50
princeor how to config my dial up modem15:51
princewhere to find its drivers15:51
princeim new to ubuntu can any one help15:51
tbpince: install/start kppp; configure the modem; configure access to internet thats all15:54
princei have gppp15:55
princei installed gppp but how to install drivers for my smartlink modem15:56
tbHm kubuntu IRC and gppp? Nice. I dont know gppp.15:56
princegnome ppp15:56
princeim not a kubuntu user im using ubuntu15:57
tbSorry i dont use gnome ...15:57
lukefeilprince: so trie your luck in #ubuntu15:59
lukefeilthey work with gnome15:59
princeu know im a new user and i found an application quassel irc -#kubuntu and loged in with nick name how i get in to #ubuntu16:01
petsoundsdoes sudo apt-get dist-upgrade will upgrade my jaunty installation to karmic?16:02
paulsomebodypetsounds: It's what this command is for.16:03
petsoundspaulsomebody, and my jaunty will be upgraded to karmic?16:03
paulsomebodypetsounds: Yes.16:04
petsoundspaulsomebody, oh no..16:04
petsoundspaulsomebody, thanks16:04
paulsomebodyI have a kind of weird problem with JDodnloader. It's easier to show then no explain. http://imagebin.ca/view/QIbDib.html16:04
yofelprince: type '/join #ubuntu'16:05
paulsomebodyIn addition my screen often blinks with black stripes.16:05
princein terminal16:05
princeor else16:05
yofelprince: no, here in quassel, like you want to post a message16:05
paulsomebodyIt happens only when JDownloader is loaded.16:05
paulsomebodyWindow decorations is off.16:06
princeits worked for me16:06
askaHi guys. I wantr to install kubuntu but have no blank cd at home and no way to get any tonight. Have some DVD's though. Is there a way to burn cd image on dvd?16:08
paulsomebodyIt stays even after JDownloader exits.16:09
paulsomebodyaska: Burn it as usual, .iso images are not disk-specific.16:09
paulsomebodyaska: You would just waste 4 GiB of space.16:10
askahmm, really? I will try then.16:11
ilumihow can i run java apps as user, not sudo?16:13
RidikuelHello, what is the preferred way in Karmic of setting up a network bridge for qemu? So far I am using Networkmanager. Every Howto tells to edit the interfaces file. But there only lo is listed.16:19
superhi, is there any GUI tool to create samba shares?16:20
askaHmm, is all the time bouncing that progress bar and it says: preparing to write. What can be wrong?16:21
askaOh, I am using ubuntu now16:24
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IzinucsIs auto sync pre setup with Ubuntu One and available on Kubuntu?16:56
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naftilos76hi everyone, i have upgraded to KDE 4.3.4 and i occationally get a black background and everything except the windows already open! Has anyone else experienced this?17:38
petsoundsnaftilos76, you mean no plasma desktop?17:39
naftilos76no plasma desktop except the windows already open!17:40
naftilos76if i do Alt+Tab i can select among the windows already open17:41
naftilos76petsounds - my GPU is GeForce 9600 GT17:43
naftilos76petsounds - anything to propose?17:43
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petsoundsnaftilos76, i had the same problem like you before, but right now i'm not on kubuntu so i can't help you. sorry but keep asking i'm sure somebody will have the answer or ask on #kde. good luck17:45
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sharpen047hello all18:21
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maykamira no se como va el ubuntu es una estafa19:01
rork!es | mayka19:02
ubottumayka: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.19:02
sharpen047does anyone know how to create an ad-hoc network in karmic?19:02
asdzxchi, i just upgraded my NB to Kubuntu 9.10 and i have problems with graphics in X19:03
asdzxcall window decorations and every KDE graphics is completely broken19:03
sharpen047kubuntu channel is always so quiet19:04
asdzxcit consists only from lines and it displays nothing19:04
asdzxci tried to uninstall flgrx and reinstalled ATI drivers but no luck19:04
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IshyMy root partiton filled up overnight and now I can't boot...19:05
IshyIt was at like 15% capacity last night19:06
asdzxctry single user mode19:06
IshyEr I can boot, but can't login to KDE19:06
Ishybecause it can't write to /tmp19:06
Ishyasdzxc: and then?19:06
asdzxcand then try this:19:06
asdzxcaptitude clean19:07
IshyI've done that :/19:07
IshyStill says it can't write to /tmp19:07
IshyI don't know what could have happened, it was no where near full last night.19:07
asdzxcso try also: rm -rf /tmp/* (BE CAREFULL AND WRITE IT EXACTLY LIKE THIS)19:07
IshyHeh, always careful with rm :p19:08
asdzxcis your /home on / ?19:08
asdzxcwhat about this ?19:09
asdzxccd /var/log ; du -ms19:09
asdzxcit can take a while19:09
IshyI'm on a liveCD on the system currently19:10
asdzxcdid you mount that system somewhere ?19:10
IshyEr sorry, I'm not sure, I am using the Kubuntu liveCD for Karmic and used the "Try Kubuntu without making changes etc."19:12
Ishyasdzxc: du -ms returns "10"19:13
Ishy"10      ."19:13
asdzxcit is /var/log on that LiveCD or /var/log on your broken system ?19:13
Ishyit appears the liveCD has mounted the system under disk/ (home) and disk-1/ (/) and disk-2 is a windows partition19:14
asdzxcso it was /disk-1/var/log ?19:15
asdzxcok, 10 MB for /var/log is really ok19:15
Ishygoing to run the rm -rf on tmp now19:15
asdzxcyou have to find out what exactly takes so much space on /disk-1/19:16
asdzxclike this: rm -rf /disk-1/tmp/*19:16
asdzxcalso do: rm -rf /disk-1/var/tmp/*19:16
asdzxcmake: df19:17
asdzxcand paste it somewhere in pastebin19:17
Ishyer make: df?19:18
asdzxcalso with output from mount19:18
Ishyyeah okay :p19:18
asdzxctwo commands19:18
FloodBotK1asdzxc: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:18
IshyOne second19:19
IshyThank you for helping me asdzxc19:19
asdzxcnp, you will then help me with brokwn graphics after upgrade, ok ? .)19:19
Ishyasdzxc: http://pastebin.ca/173428119:20
IshyAppears the root partion is still full :/19:20
asdzxcyeah. do this:19:22
asdzxcdu -s /disk-1/*19:22
asdzxccan take w while to complete19:23
asdzxcwell, this will be better:19:23
asdzxcdu -ms /disk-1/*19:23
asdzxcpaste it then19:23
IshyThat makes media the culprit?19:24
asdzxcyeah, look whta's there19:24
IshyEr isn't Media just a bunch of links to devices?19:25
IshyI don't see anything out of the ordinary19:26
asdzxcyes but it should not be mounted now19:26
asdzxcit is mounted to /media, not do /media/disk-1/media19:26
asdzxcpaster output of:19:26
Ishywithin the media dir?19:26
asdzxcjust do mount , without any parameters19:27
asdzxcok, so there is NOT anything mounted to /media/disk-1/media19:28
asdzxclook in there and clean it up19:28
IshyI'm sorry, but what do you mean?19:29
Ishyin /media/disk-1/media delete everything?19:29
IshyI think I see what happened19:29
asdzxcfirst look what you have there and if you don't need it, remove it19:29
Ishyfor whatever reason my backup program last night didn't save the full weekly backup to the external19:30
asdzxcif you need it, move it to /home19:30
Ishyand saved it in a folder in /media19:30
new_bemberhey gyus.. is there any way to disable HAL?19:30
asdzxcexernal disk probably failed to mount19:30
IshyHar I think we got it19:31
IshyMoving the backup to the actual backup drive19:31
Ishyalthough it's probably an incomplete one anyways...19:31
asdzxcyeah, it probably doesn't have enough space19:31
IshySo that's inconvenient, my drive was asleep or something and the backup failed?19:32
IshyAlthough it's worked fine other nights...19:32
IshyI was wanting to blame the new year for borking something :p19:32
asdzxcit probably failed to mount for some reason19:32
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IshySo moving the bad backup off the old should free up all the space yes?19:33
IshyOr do I need to force it to erase the unused space?19:33
asdzxcyes, remove backup saved in /media/disk-1/media19:33
asdzxcjust remove that backp and do a new one19:33
asdzxcto the right place this time19:34
IshyThat's just weird, it's worked for weeks without giving me trouble, I haven't done anything different =|19:34
IshyAlright, well thank you asdzxc19:34
asdzxcnp, it that external disk still working ? :)19:34
asdzxcmaybe it died so it cannot be mounted19:35
IshyI'm writing to it now, so I assume it is19:35
IshyJust bought it too19:35
asdzxcis it mounted all the time or the backup software is mounting it just before backing up that data ?19:35
IshyI was scared at first, I know that a certain kind of attack is to load up someone's tmp with data to bork the system, so me being paranoid thought I had been hacked :p19:35
IshyIt's an external USB, I think it's mounted all the time19:36
asdzxcso something happend and it dismounts19:36
asdzxcyou should make a check before starting backup if it's really mounted19:36
IshyNot sure how to do that with sbackup19:37
IshyAny experience with it?19:37
webbb82i have a 500 gb hard drive and yesterday i was trying to install kubuntu on a dual boot setup but after i sharnk my 500 gb hd down to 200 gb so the 300 gb could then go for kubuntu  the in stall failed and now im stuck with 300 gb of unalocated space but when i ran the install cd again i didnt get the option to install kubuntu to my unalocated disk space , anyone help please19:37
asdzxcIshy: maybe it supports mounting the disk before backup ?19:37
IshyI'll check out the config19:38
asdzxcor something like 'run script before backup'19:38
Ishywhat would I use?19:38
Ishymount /media/Elements ?19:38
IshyNever done that manually before19:38
asdzxcyou, it can be mounted like that19:38
IshyAlright cool19:39
asdzxcyou should write a simple script to check if it's mounted and mount it if not19:39
IshyWould mounting it again cause a problem?19:39
asdzxcor if it cannot be mounter, abort the backup and send an alert19:39
asdzxcno, but it will be mounted two times to the same place19:39
asdzxcyou should not do that19:39
mauriusing karmic..im not able to receive webcam using amsn19:39
IshyAlright, well / is back to it's normal capacity19:40
IshyThank you VERY much asdzxc19:40
IshyHave a happy new year :)19:40
asdzxcyou too19:40
webbb82where did the option go in the live cd install to install kubuntu to the unalocated disk space19:42
Toast_I'm having trouble with sftp in dolphin. When I try to sftp into a remote account using sftp://test@address I get authentication failures. The thing that's confusing me is that with all the same credentials I can successfully login using the sftp terminal command. Dolphin works fine with sftp to a different users account.19:50
kaddiI need help getting hugin and autopano to work20:07
kaddii installed both20:07
kaddiI also installed mono and gtk-sharp220:07
kaddibut I still get the following error message: http://pastebin.com/d1c94874020:07
anakinzdodger: Thank you for the help the other day/night, it was me who could´nt get sound on my to zepto laptops, but I got it working afterwards..20:13
paulsomebodyHow could I bind 'Minimize all windows' to some key? I have searched in 'Keyboard Shortcuts' section, but there are nothing there and I see no possibility to add new commands. There are an ugly workaround http://blog.hartwork.org/?p=524, but could one do it by the KDE built-in measures?20:14
dodgeranakinz: not a problem, glad you got it working :)20:14
EvotCan i use medibuntu in kubuntu same way as in ubuntu??20:18
paulsomebodyEvot: What do you call 'medibuntu'?20:20
paulsomebodyEvot: Repository?20:20
paulsomebodyHow could I bind 'Minimize all windows' to some key? I have searched in 'Keyboard Shortcuts' section, but there are nothing there and I see no possibility to add new commands. There are an ugly workaround http://blog.hartwork.org/?p=524, but could one do it by the KDE built-in measures?20:20
Evotyes. repository20:20
paulsomebodyEvot: You could use any repository you want. If this question was about compatibility, then yes - they are compatible.20:21
Evotok. thank you20:22
EagleScreenEvot: Kubuntu and Ubuntu are in fact, the same GNU/Linux distribution, they use the same packages and the same repositories, they only differ in the Desktop Enviroment installed by default.20:23
paulsomebodyEagleScreen: In fact, difference in pre-installed packages is what makes distributions differ, isn't it?20:24
EagleScreenpaulsomebody: I do not think so20:26
paulsomebodyEagleScreen: Then what?20:26
EvotWith kubuntu i had problem with nvidia driver. It just dosn't activate like in ubuntu. :/ There is propably some other ways to install it... or should i just stay with ubuntu..20:27
EagleScreenpaulsomebody: there is no dude that OpenSuse, Debian, or Feroda Core are GNU/Linux distribution, and you can install them with different pre-installed packages wchi you choose in the installer, and for it they do not become other different distribution20:27
paulsomebodyEvot: What driver, what version, what you have tried, etc?20:28
EagleScreenyou cna install OpenSuse with Gnome pre-installed, or you can install OpenSuse with KDE pre-installed, the it keep being the same distribution20:28
EvotI have nvidia GT240 and with ubuntu i use 185 driver. But when i istalled kubuntu it dosn't activate that driver..20:29
EagleScreenUbuntu and Kubuntu are really the same GNU/Linux distribution20:29
paulsomebodyEagleScreen: This is just a different method in terminology.20:29
paulsomebodyEvot: What have you tried to activate it?20:30
Evotadministration > hardware drivers > it shows me a driver but dosn't let me activate it..20:30
kaddiI need help getting hugin and autopano to work.  i installed both.  I also installed mono and gtk-sharp2.  but I still get the following error message: http://pastebin.com/d1c948740 How can I fix this?20:31
paulsomebodyEvot: Doesn't let? What do you mean? Button is greyed out?20:31
EagleScreenEvot: find out what driver you must to install and install it with package manager20:31
EvotCan i download 190 driver and install that??20:34
EagleScreenEvot: do you remember if you were using nvidia-185 driver in Ubuntu?20:34
EvotYes i'am using it right now.. I have ubuntu installed, but i'd like to have kubuntu.20:35
EagleScreenthe nvidia-190 driver is not yet packages for Ubuntu, you can install it from Nvidia website, but installation mya be a bit more difficult20:35
EagleScreeninstall nvidia-185-kernel-source package in Kubuntu20:36
EagleScreeninstall also nvidia-glx-18520:37
EvotAnd that should work?? :) just like in ubuntu right now...20:37
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EvotSorry about bad english.. i haven't use it lot.. :D20:39
Toast_Hi, could anyone help me to figure out an SFTP problem I'm having in dolphin please?20:39
webbb82can someone plesae tell me why when i boot the uubuntu installer and get to the paartition part the option to install them side by side isnt there. it was always there before but the one time i need it its not did they remove it from the partition options20:44
=== Toast_ is now known as Toast
Guest51103Evot: you might have to use apt-cdrom add and then try to activate the driver20:48
webbb82can someone plesae tell me why when i boot the uubuntu installer and get to the paartition part the option to install them side by side isnt there. it was always there before but the one time i need it its not did they remove it from the partition options20:49
Evothmm.. that was new.. :) Maby tomorrow i'll try again to get kubuntu working. KDE is improving fast right now, i'd like to use it.. :)20:51
Guest51103webbb82: you mention earlier you have an empty 300gb partition.  Can't you just use the manual partition option?20:54
paulsomebodyEvot: There is nothing difficult in installing fresh Nvidia driver. I have just done that, ask questions if any.20:55
webbb82i tried but im a noob and do nt know how to that well20:55
Guest51103paulsombody: Don't you have to add the distribution cd to the sources to even install the nvidia driver?20:56
webbb82i just got a new 64 bit computer that im trying to install it onto  always before on my old 32 bit computer the installer always gave me the option to install side by side its not there in the 64 bit installer20:56
Guest51103webbb82: ok then reade up on it and don't do it if you are not confident to do so20:56
paulsomebodyGuest51103: You have if you want to use packages from that CD. Furthermore, it's added by default.20:57
webbb82i wolld just install it on the entire hd but it came with windows 7 and no windows 7 install cd20:57
paulsomebodywebbb82: What is "Side-by-side" option you are talking about, I can't get it?20:57
webbb82in the installer when u get to the partition part it would say install them side by side or earase and use entire hard drive20:58
EvotSo when i have that new driver downloaded i do what?? And do i have some problems afterward. Like when i'm going to update from 9.10 to 10.04??20:58
Guest51103webbb82: I know there are a few options I always do the manual option but if you are not confortible don't use it20:59
paulsomebodyEvot: No problems, it would be updated if new version arrives in Ubuntu repository.21:00
Guest51103Evot: you shuold be able to use the restricted hard app to active it for you21:00
EvotNice :)21:00
webbb82im pretty sure i could  but my laptop came with no windows  7 install cd so they made a partition for backing up and installing windows 7 if somthing messed up, so in the manual partition part it says too many main partitions cant make new one21:01
Evotrestricted hard app?? never heard before..21:01
PreaDeTotHi to all, and happy new year! I have an issue with Kopete and webcam for the yahoo network. So I am not able to send or recive images but under the cam settings for kopete it will see my usb webcam.21:01
paulsomebodyEvot: You have to log out, then choose a 'Console login' option. After console login you should use 'cd <path to you driver folder>' command and then 'sh <driver name>' command. Then dialogue would appear and guide you through the process. Answer 'Yes' when you would be asked if to update 'xorg.conf' file. That's all.21:02
Guest51103webbb82: you should read up on it first with the manual partition option you could check the wrong partition to format21:02
Evotok.. i'll try that tomorrow :)21:04
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paulsomebodyEvot: Remember to do console login, otherwise you would be given error stating something like 'X system is running'.21:06
EvotBut i'll go now.. thanks for help.. :)21:07
paulsomebodyHow could I bind 'Minimize all windows' to some key? I have searched in 'Keyboard Shortcuts' section, but there are nothing there and I see no possibility to add new commands. There are an ugly workaround http://blog.hartwork.org/?p=524, but could one do it by the KDE built-in measures?21:08
paulsomebodyIn KDE 4, I mean.21:08
paulsomebodyHa-ha, found!21:11
paulsomebodyAs every good solution, this is quite simple. Hotkey to "Show Desktop' widget in the panel.21:13
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grypsyhi every122:05
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ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »22:08
KBA3Дарова народ22:16
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jonftleHey all, can anybody help me with some Audio issues in Kubuntu 9.10? My system is complaining that neither my HDA Intel or PulseAudio audio drivers work. However, I still get the startup/shutdown sounds, vlc works, and banshee can play audio through gstreamer. However, I'm trying to use WinXP inside of Sun VirtualBox, and it hangs whenever anything plays audio, because the system doesn't recognize my audio devices as22:26
jonftlefunctioning. Any ideas?22:26
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jonftleHey all, can anybody help me with some Audio issues in Kubuntu 9.10? My system is complaining that neither my HDA Intel or PulseAudio audio drivers work. However, I still get the startup/shutdown sounds, vlc works, and banshee can play audio through gstreamer. Yet my system claims the devices are broken. Any ideas?22:45
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asobiwhat's a good ftp server?22:59
asobigood meaning easy to use over power22:59
asobifor kubuntu?22:59
paulsomebodyasobi: What do you mean — FTP server? Maybe client?23:09
asobino, server23:09
paulsomebodyasobi: Then what do you judge to be good>23:09
asobieasy to use/gui23:09
paulsomebodyasobi: Server software? Never used any of them, sorry.23:10
mauriin the latest audio video configuration step (6), Farsight is not able to load the webcam and it says "unable to  set pipeline to playing"23:25
paulsomebodymauri: What is Farshight?23:35
mauripaulsomebody: farsight23:39
paulsomebodymauri: Okay, Farsight?23:39
mauripaulsomebody: yes23:40
paulsomebodymauri: Actually that was not «yes or no» question, but I have found out myself,23:42
paulsomebodybut I have no experience with this thing.23:42
mauripaulsomebody: May you help me to solve that23:43
paulsomebodymauri: Solve what? I have no experience with FarSight, as I have already told you.23:44
EagleScreenmauri: are you using amsn?23:49
EagleScreenis your Farsight problem related to amsn usage?23:49
mauriEagleScreen: yes23:49
EagleScreenI think amsn package in karmic is not well compiled against Farsight, and it is failing to load it23:50
mauriEagleScreen: in fact23:50
mauriEagleScreen: im not able to start a call or video call23:51
EagleScreenyes i know, let me see..23:52
EagleScreenmauri: you need another amsn compilation different than the one in karmic repository23:54
EagleScreenlet's investigate which one you could use23:54
mauriEagleScreen: im using the one in daily repository23:55
mauriEagleScreen: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/amsn-daily/ppa/ubuntu karmic main23:56
EagleScreenmauri: the amsn version is not the matter, it is the way to compile it23:58
EagleScreeni think the Debian squeeze package would work well with Farsight, but i am checking if it is usable in Ubuntu karmic23:58
mauriEagleScreen: ok....have you time again yyo help me? If not thaks for your time23:58
EagleScreenyes i have got time right now23:59

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