xnoxare diffs in the merge proposals update themselves?00:16
xnoxon the web that is00:16
geserIIRC yes00:16
xnoxgeser: force reloaded page and now it updated ;-)00:26
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Noldorinhi. is launchpad bzr down atm?01:27
Noldorinhmm, seemso01:38
ovnicrafthi folk, how i can fork a project from launchpad i see add branch button but it create and empty branch01:46
xnoxwell easier is to do it with bzr01:47
xnoxbzr branch lp:project01:47
xnoxbzr push lp:~my-id/project/my-fork01:48
xnoxthe tip of lp:project and my-fork will be the same01:48
xnoxalternativly if you like your branch you create with web01:48
xnoxjust push to it01:49
xnoxbzr push lp:~my-id/project/branch-name-created-online01:49
xnoxand voila ovnicraft has a fork of a project01:49
ovnicraftxnox, i was thinking in use lp for a personal project i am use bitbucket now, but with this i am going to forget it :) thx01:51
xnoxyou can push branches to launchpad without a project created01:51
xnoxor if you want bugtracker and stuff than just create a project01:51
xnoxovnicraft: what do you actually want to achieve?01:52
ovnicraftwith bitbucket i just click in fork button and him does everything01:52
Noldorinhi. is launchpad bzr down atm?01:52
xnoxovnicraft: well launchpad is different for one it doesn't use hg as backend so such analogy is not possible. You can't fork *all* branches of a project01:55
ovnicraftxnox, btw thx01:55
xnoxovnicraft: your welcome01:55
maxbThe fork button in bitbucket is just a workaround for hg's lack of stacked branches, AIUI04:12
* wgrant finds such a fork button to be a far worse UI than just pushing a new branch...04:14
wgrantBut GitHub does it too.04:14
maxbconsiderable timesaver to re-uploading a lot of history, though04:20
wgrantmaxb: Yes, but if you have to do that then your VCS or configuration sucks.04:23
stgraberyou can use bzr branch with two remote branches though, not sure if it gets everything locally and then re-upload to the new branch when it's the same server04:24
spivstgraber: in the case of launchpad it will download and upload more than is strictly necessary, but *far* from the whole history.04:52
spivstgraber: that is, there's no particular smarts to do the branch operation entirely server-side, but because of automatic branch stacking that doesn't really matter.04:53
stgraberwell, anyway, even if you do the branching server-side, you still need to get it on your machine at some point. Only real benefit from it would be using download bandwidth instead of upload bandwidth which for regular users would usually mean faster branching.04:55
spivstgraber: right.05:00
crimsunis soyuz processing uploads?07:00
crimsun..yes. Appears to be some lag.07:01
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geseris the build dispatcher broken? as the build queues are filling but the buildds being idle (https://edge.launchpad.net/builders/)11:41
geserand the ones that are claiming to be building something, are building packages which finished two weeks ago (wth?) (https://edge.launchpad.net/~pgquiles/+archive/ppa/+build/1401930)11:45
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CervejaHi, who is the current help contact12:32
maxbYikes, the build farm is totally broken :-(12:55
maxbChances of finding a LOSA on New Year's Day seem slim12:56
maxbFor the record, all of these appear stuck: hassium iridium samarium bohrium osmium promethium mercury nobelium12:58
wgrantIt's build #1226841 again.13:00
wgrantI thought that was fixed.13:00
wgrantAt least twice.13:00
rdbis there something wrong with soyuz?13:01
rdbaw, darn13:01
rdbgot any specifics?13:01
maxbNot really, other than it seems to have got totally stuck and we need an admin to fix it.13:02
geserdoes this build also block that other builds get dispatched?13:02
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wgrantgeser: Yes.13:03
wgrantThere are at least a couple of insane builds building.13:03
wgrantProbably more.13:03
elmoit's the duplicate build record thing13:03
elmoI've just run the SQL to clear it13:03
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maxbGood thing most people will be holidaying not uploading for a bit... give the queues time to ease :-)13:05
elmoit's only been broken for 8 hours; with all the builders available, it shouldn't take long at all for that queue to clear13:08
maxbelmo: Should we be concerned that hassium has gone right back to building the problem build?13:08
elmomaxb: I don't think so no?  what is the problem build from your point of view?13:09
maxboh, sorry, browser cache fail13:09
maxbor perhaps launchpad cache fail13:09
wgrantmaxb: While I often see three different versions of /builders by repeatedly refreshing, I'm pretty sure hassium is really building that build now.13:11
maxbThe seven other buildds that I mentioned above still look stuck, though13:11
wgrant(bug #499095, that one is. there are several others)13:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 499095 in soyuz "Builder stuck on reset build" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49909513:11
elmogod damn it, I despise the build manager13:13
wgrantelmo: What's it doing now?13:13
wgrant(I think everyone hates it)13:13
elmowgrant: https://launchpad.net/builders/mercury13:13
elmo(and the others maxb pointed out)13:13
elmoI can re-PPA-ize most of them, but some of these are permanent builders13:13
maxbAlso, /builders/hassium claims to be idle whilst /ubuntu/+archive/test-rebuild-20090909/+build/1226841 claims to be currently building on hassium :-)13:14
wgrantThe data model changes seem to have basically caused everything to explode in ways that should really be rejected by the database constraints.13:14
wgrantelmo: By 're-PPA-ize' you mean reset the VM? I'm not sure that'll help much, for some of them.13:15
elmowgrant: it's a little more dramatic than that, it's a complete reinstall of the machine to a known good state.  which is massive overkill, but it's trivial and invokes the right magic to (usually) make LP "forget" whatever the heck it thinks it was building13:16
elmo(basically I pretend to be Marc Tardif and claim I'm taking the machine to do enablement work on it - and then immediately give it back again)13:17
elmoI'll try it on hassium first in any event13:18
wgrantelmo: Have you read the bug about that build?13:18
elmooh, err, no13:19
wgrantThat one has been problematic a number of times already, and there is SQL there to fix it... although it seems to like unfixing itself.13:19
wgrantOh, hm, maybe it wasn't ever actually properly fixed after last time.13:20
elmothere's 6 of them now13:20
wgrantOf what?13:20
elmoif I run the SQL to detect them from the bug, I see 6 build record ids, not 113:21
wgrantAlso, that build OOPSes consistently for me now. It didn't 20 minutes ago.13:21
wgrantelmo: Ew.13:21
elmowgrant: what were the changes to the data model for?13:22
geseris there a reason why the official lpia buildds sit idle with 9 jobs in the queue while the other official buildds get new jobs dispatched?13:22
wgrantgeser: Yes.13:23
wgrantgeser: Those are lucid builds that have yet to be destroyed.13:23
wgrantThey will not be dispatched, since the chroot has been removed.13:24
wgrantThey must have been waiting to build at the moment the chroot was removed, so they are stuck until somebody removes the DAS or kills them manually.13:24
wgrantSo there's nothing going wrong here.13:24
wgrantelmo: Sorry, missed the question. buildd generalisation.13:26
wgrantelmo: Parts of (currently Soyuz-only, but this will change in a week) buildqueue table were split out into the (previously Code-only) job table.13:26
wgrantThe interactions between them all now seem to be... imperfect.13:28
Noldorini'm getting the following error when i try to push to LP13:31
NoldorinPermission denied (publickey).13:31
Noldorinbzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectiv13:31
Noldorinity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.13:31
Noldorinno idea why this is occurring though :S13:31
wgrantNoldorin: You do not have the appropriate SSH key set up.13:31
Noldorinwgrant: strange thing is, it always worked before i upgraded to bzr 2.013:32
wgrantNoldorin: You need to have an SSH key on your machine associated with your Launchpad account.13:32
Noldorinany suggestions? i'm running windows 7 btw13:32
Noldorinwgrant: i have it configured through pageant13:32
wgrantAh. You might find more help in #bzr. This is not a Launchpad-specific problem.13:32
Noldorinand i've checked its the same key that's online13:32
Noldorinhmm ok13:33
Noldorinnot having problems pushing anywhere else though, oddlyt13:33
wgrantYou're using bzr+ssh to other servers?13:33
ftahi, happy new year everyone!13:34
Noldorinno... i see your point13:34
ftaany losa around? https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/9341813:34
Noldorinwgrant: only reason i think this might be LP-related is that launchpad is meant to store my SSH key, but doesn't seem to be doing so correctly.13:35
* maxb chuckles at "Disabled for Enablement"13:35
wgrantNoldorin: I see a key configured there. What suggests that it is not stored correctly?13:35
Noldorinwgrant: the fact that launchpad isn't recognising it?13:36
Noldorinof course, it could just as well be a problem with pageant13:36
wgrantI suspect that you have not configured Pageant properly.13:36
wgrantI do not know how SSH keys work on Windows, however.13:36
Noldorinwgrant: does it need any special config for bzr 2.0?13:37
Noldorinalways worked for bzr 1.x hmm13:37
elmoso hassium is now building something else13:37
elmoI'm going to assume I can't make anything work by throwing the others back through the airlock process13:38
elmoanything WORSE13:38
wgrantNoldorin: I do not know.13:38
wgrantelmo: Worth a try.13:39
Noldorinwgrant: ok, thanks anyway13:39
Noldorini'll try #bzr13:39
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maxbLooks like all but samarium and promethium are back in business now15:23
elmoyeah, I can't reset those through the webui (awesome), I'll do the SQL by hand in a bit15:23
ftaanyone to boost a quota? please :)15:33
RenatoSilvaHappy new Year!16:12
Ekushey-I can't find the button to report new bug on LP... what's wrong with me?17:06
crimsunReport a bug. trailing vertical side17:12
njnHi, is there a help contact around18:05
lfaraoneCan sonebody restart https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/rainbow-olpc/mstone-trunk-new for me?18:05
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RenatoSilvatranslation licensing docs are confusing18:09
njnDo answers get automatically solved if there are no further comments by the author in a certain time period?18:11
njnIt gets fiddly having to keep checking on an answer that I provided, marked as 'Answered', and there has been no further comments by the author, so surely it should be 'Solved'?18:12
darthanubisI can't file a bug18:15
njndarthanubis: What bug18:16
darthanubisbug for mythbuntu18:16
darthanubisI keep getting the oops page18:16
darthanubis(Error ID: OOPS-1462C1577)18:17
darthanubisI've tried over the past 5hrs to no avail18:18
njndarthanubis: Done. #50212918:23
darthanubisthank you18:23
njndarthanubis: Is that your lp username?18:24
njndarthanubis: I've subscribed you too that bug18:25
njnDoes anyone know how often Karma gets updated on a user profile?18:31
micahgnjn: should be daily again18:31
njnmicahg: Ah, ok. So just once a day?18:31
micahgnjn: yep18:32
njnmicahg: Thanks18:32
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crimsunhas there been a change in the cronned acceptance of source packages?21:59
crimsunit used to be every five minutes21:59
crimsun(this is to Ubuntu proper)21:59
* xnox was under impression it's every 20mins22:02
crimsunthat would be a change from the previous22:09
crimsunand it would have changed fairly recently in my recollection, i.e., within the last couple weeks22:09
geserif my memory serves me right then the 20 min is the time between PPA publisher runs and the upload queue is still processed every 5 min22:13
geser(of course if nothing broke, you know it's vacation time and services find it a good time to break)22:14
crimsunI've managed to upload at :49 for one and at :54 for two source packages now, and each one hasn't been processed until :0022:16
crimsunbuilds are also quite delayed, it seems22:17
geserthe build dispatcher broke this night, but it got fixed already22:18
gesercrimsun: I've looked at my archived accepted mails for my uploads and the time between the timestamp in the signature and the date header in the accepted mail was max 5 min (sample size: 3)22:23
geserall mails had a date header a few seconds past a mutiple of 5 min22:24
maxbI believe the upload-processor and publisher were running */5 last time I heard22:37
wgrantThat is indeed the case.22:37
wgrantWell, the intention.22:38
maxbCome to think of it, is there any good reason why the upload processor isn't triggered by orderly shutdown of an FTP connection?22:38
wgrantpoppy sucks.22:39
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wgrantpoppy should eventually be replaced by some SFTP server that automatically processes the upload and immediately returns a success or failure message across the existing connection.22:41
maxbDoes SFTP allow that sort of feedback?22:44
Noldorindoes launchpad have git-serve installed currently?22:49
wgrantmaxb: We should be able to just send it over stderr.22:49
wgrantNoldorin: No.22:49
Noldorinwgrant: rubbish. so ma i out of luck when it comes to mirroring on github?22:49
Noldorinam i*22:50
wgrantmaxb: There might be some better method of sending arbitrary text, but I haven't read the spec enough to find out.22:50
wgrantNoldorin: Launchpad can mirror from a git repository, but it only exposes bzr branches.22:50
Noldorinwgrant: so no luck mirroring a bzr branch that exists on Launchpad on github?22:51
wgrantNoldorin: I don't know what GitHub supports.22:54
wgrantThat would seem to be more of a GitHub issue.22:54
Noldorinwgrant: fair enough. i'm asking the git guys too..22:54
Noldorinthanks anyway22:54
Noldorinwgrant: hmm. would i have any better luck with SVN? i mean, is bzr-svn installed ont the LP servers?22:55
wgrantNoldorin: Again, from svn, but not to svn.22:55
Noldorinheh i see...22:56
wgrantPushing to svn would require that LP have credentials for every user, which seems ridiculous.22:56
Noldorinwgrant: can bzr/launchpad mirror *to* anythiung then?22:56
Noldorinthat's true...22:56
Noldoringuess i haven't thought it through thoroughly22:56
wgrantNo, it cannot.22:56
wgrantNoldorin: Well, you can use bzr to push to svn or git, but Launchpad will not do it for you.22:58
Noldorinwgrant: oh, i see. that might be the least evil solution then.23:01
Noldorinwgrant: so i could in theory do something like "bzr push-git ...." (i have no idea of the actual syntax) after each commit/push to LP to keep my branches in sync?23:02
wgrantNoldorin: 'bzr dpush' for git, I think, but I'm not entirely sure.23:04
wgrantYou can work just like normal on a bound svn branch. I'm not sure about git.23:04
Noldorinexcellent - well, i'll take a look into it myself now23:04
Noldorini need the bzr-git plugin, or does that come with the default windows distribution?23:05
wgrantYou'll probably need to install the plugin, but I do not know what the Windows distribution includes.23:05
Noldorinright ho23:05
Noldorinwgrant: thanks for the help :) will report back if there are any major probs.23:05

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