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thorwilhappy new year!11:58
knomeyou too thorwil12:12
thorwileverything frozen white and snowing here. looks kinda nice but brrrr12:13
knomewell it's nice and snowy here as well12:14
knomenot snowing right now byt we have something like 25cm of snow12:14
darkmatterindeed. happy new 'the day after december 31st'12:15
EquietHappy new year from me, too.12:16
kwwiihappy new year, everyone12:53
darkmatterhappy new year and a happy hangover to you kwwii!12:58
kwwiihehe, no hangover here...I only had two beers the whole night13:01
knomehey kwwii :)13:39
* knome likes14:01
* darkmatter shoots the gnome-main-menu14:16
kwwiilol, nice thorwil14:18
darkmatterehy is that widget/class not behaving as expected?14:19
kwwiidarkmatter: pretty much anything in the panel is troublesome to some extent ;)14:26
darkmatterkwwii: indeed. at tne moment I'm trying to get the top-pane of the slab to accept a custom background. in doing so all I managed to accomplish was removing the entry widget styling of the search field oO14:28
kwwiidarkmatter: I know it is possible, just cannot remember off hand how14:31
kwwiiI did it by accident once :p14:32
kwwiiseeing as I am on vacation, I am trying to *not* do any work...but it is tempting ;)14:32
darkmatterI'm trying to do it intentionally. as it's an eyesore and a hindrance to my overall direction14:33

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