Drakesongnome-terminal is excruciatingly slow to start for me (in lucid). could you please test it and see how long does it take to launch? (time gnome-terminal -x true) -> about 3.0 seconds01:25
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morphiasquestion.  would it be a bug if bluetooth works correctly under a warm boot vs a cold boot?05:17
crimsunmaybe. Depends on a number of factors in the BT stack. Start with what udev tells you.05:23
crimsunis there anything preventing us from moving to fuse 2.8.1-1.1 as a base?05:35
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bluefoxicyWHAT THE FUCK?09:14
bluefoxicyApparently Pidgin likes to message EVERYONE you have a tab open to09:14
bluefoxicyat midnight, Jan 109:14
bluefoxicyI don't recall configuring this, at all09:15
bluefoxicyIn fact I'm pretty sure if I stumbled across configuration for this, I'd disable it09:15
tiltbluefoxicy: :D09:24
bluefoxicyI don't want shit randomly doing things without my permission or prior consent09:25
tiltit's very funny, sorry ;)09:39
tiltsecret spam routine popping up once a year09:40
tilthard to debug09:40
[reed]bluefoxicy: what did it say?09:56
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hikenboothello i dont know if this is the place to make note of it, but I found an interesting problem with /tmp if you install and run gnome, shut down the system and boot from a live cd--chroot into the install and wipe tmp and install encryption, something is apparently lost with gnome since it gives an error (sorry cant say what it is cause i was unable to recover and had to reinstall, apparently gnome is unable to regenerate some15:35
hikenbootthing it needs in the /tmp folder15:35
hikenbootthis causes the problem where a random key can not be used because it needs to be preserved15:39
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Cheeryhi. In ubuntu you can open files into programs through nautilus19:57
Cheeryhow to debug it?19:57
CheeryI have a scripted UI -thing I'd want to use in opening few files, but I can't get it working.19:58
Cheeryoh yeah. gnome-open helped19:59
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