Rocket2DMnmdke, if you're around, please ping me :)17:46
starcraftmanRocket2DMn: oh hey Rocket2DMn, got a tiny problem on wuc, maybe ya can advise.17:51
starcraftmanOur BTHomepage Templates aren't listing anymore under new page creation?17:51
starcraftmanI not sure why, pages haven't been altered.17:51
Rocket2DMnI'm not sure why it doesn't show17:53
starcraftmanIt is weird.17:53
starcraftmanRocket2DMn: know who'd know?17:58
Rocket2DMnno, you could try searching google to see if other moin users have that problem17:59
starcraftmanrgr, guess so, odd :/18:00
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: hi, happy new year20:03
dhillon-v10starcraftman: happy new year20:03
starcraftmandhillon-v10: hi, same to you.20:04
Rocket2DMnhey dhillon-v10 , same to you20:04
dhillon-v10starcraftman: I want to ask you for a favour, when I made my wiki page, I made a mistake, can you rename it to dhillon-v10 instead of dhillonv, I have checked there's no other page linking to it so: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/dhillonv20:05
starcraftmanYAY! Excuse to use more admin power.20:05
Rocket2DMnactually anybody can move/rename pages on w.u.c20:05
dhillon-v10starcraftman: nice :)20:05
starcraftmanRocket2DMn: oh right20:05
Rocket2DMnno soup for you starcraftman !20:05
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: really ?20:05
starcraftmanRocket2DMn: Nooooooooooooooo20:06
Rocket2DMnyes dhillon-v10 , that is the team wiki20:06
Rocket2DMnyou only need elevated privileges on the community docs20:06
starcraftmanright, I knew that, all that thinking of power went to my head.20:06
starcraftman..... .not that I think about power often!20:06
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: no wait, the name on the top of my wiki can't be changed by me, look at the top of my wiki20:07
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: nm I can sorry :)20:07
Rocket2DMnlol, More Actions -> Rename page20:07
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: yah found it :D20:07
dhillon-v10starcraftman: you do a lot of work on wikis so you deserve the admin power, I need to start doing more work20:08
starcraftmandhillon-v10: hehehe, whatever ya got time for :)20:09
starcraftmanno shortage of things to be done, I ought finish off delete cue later, reading bzr docs now.20:09
dhillon-v10starcraftman: hey I am going to be in core-docs soon yay!!! :) thanks to nixternal I am writing docs. for kubuntu, and thanks to Rocket2DMn working on bugs for ubuntu-docs20:11
Rocket2DMnstarcraftman, it's a queue, not a cue :)20:11
Rocket2DMncool dhillon-v1020:11
starcraftmanRocket2DMn: your just picking on me today aren't ya? :p20:11
Rocket2DMnmy favorite pasttime starcraftman20:12
starcraftmanand not if I was thinking of pool at the moment!20:12
Rocket2DMnooo swimming....20:12
starcraftmandhillon-v10: awesome, sometime I ought get into that, learning bzr now though more for programming.20:12
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: lol pasttime20:13
dhillon-v10starcraftman: I am working on that comment based documentation tracking, its going to be awesome20:13
dhillon-v10starcraftman: a moinmoin plugin that will do the job :D20:13
starcraftmandhillon-v10: ah cool, feedback would be nice.20:13
starcraftmanjust had to fix my rsync page cuz of confusion. Luckily confused user came to beginners to ask.20:14
dhillon-v10starcraftman: yah, the system I am working on would nicely integrate in and seems it would be really helpful20:14
dhillon-v10nixternal: ping :)20:16
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cjohnstonhey dhillon-v10 starcraftman21:16
dhillon-v10cjohnston, hi :D21:16
starcraftmanlo cjohnston, fancy seeing ya here.21:16
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