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trifonHappy New Year everyon!17:12
trifoni have issue with key-pair and starting instances.17:21
trifoni'm adding new ey pair with: ec2-add-keypair ec2-keypair > ec2-keypair.pem17:21
trifonand changing permission on the new file: chmod 600 ec2-keypair.pem17:22
trifonbut after that when i try to start instance with : ec2-run-instances ami-xxxxx -k ec2-keypair17:22
trifoni got error: Client.InvalidKeyPair.NotFound: The key pair '/data/trifon/Desktop/amazonws.com/ec2-keypair' does not exist17:23
erichammondtrifon: It sounds like you were specifying -k /data/trifon/Desktop/amazonws.com/ec2-keypair20:35
erichammondYou only need to specify the name of the keypair as it was passed to ec2-add-keypair, i.e., -k ec2-keypair20:36
trifonerichammond: hi Eric. Thank you very much fro you response!22:01
trifoni found th reason.22:01
trifon1) i must specify only name of the key pair.22:02
trifon2) i must specify region.22:02
trifoni'm in Europe and if i omit region then key is created in Us.22:02
trifonwhich leads to error when i try to start instance because key is not found.22:04
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erichammondtrifon: Glad you solved it.  There should be an envariable you can set to default the EC2 commands to use your preferred region.  Setting EC2_URL might do it.23:25
trifonerichammond: well it took me 1 day to look around.23:30
trifonthank's for the hint.23:30
trifonerichammond: i want to ask you if you have 5 minutes?23:31
trifoni have questions. they are not technical.23:31

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