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m4vhow annoying01:52
bazhangm4v, d-coy was looking for you01:55
m4vinsulting me the whole day more like it02:00
m4vtroll I banned from -es channels02:01
bazhangokay thanks02:01
bazhangm4v, do you know a user dherrero ?02:01
m4vsounds familiar...02:02
m4vah, was trolling today in u-es, is one of BlouBlou clones02:03
bazhangokay; he was using the danger command yesterday and I noticed he had a lot of espanol channels in his /whois02:03
bazhang[DHerrero] (n=administ@31.Red-83-42-114.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net02:03
m4vyeah, is BlouBlou using proxies, same ip from the other day in #supybot02:04
bazhangweird. bloublou seems to be a normal user in #ubuntu02:04
m4vlooks that way, but he isn't like that in other channels or when I speak with him in a query02:05
bazhangthanks for the heads up02:05
m4vhe used to be a "good guy" in u-es as well02:06
Tm_Thi kids10:18
ubot4In #ubuntu-uk, AlanBell said: !spoiler is <reply> When discussing films or books please remember that not everyone has seen them yet, don't reveal too much of the plot and certainly don't tell them that Darth Vader is Luke's father. Oops.19:56

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