dhillon-v10crimsun: yah I found it thanks though00:00
geserdhillon-v10: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DistributedDevelopment/Documentation/Merging describes bzr merges00:01
dhillon-v10geser: I remember you telling me that, I just forgot about it :)00:02
dhillon-v10geser: can you have a look at this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/349722/ and tell me if it looks right, its for this bug: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/goldendict/+bug/49933500:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 499335 in goldendict "Please sync goldendict (0.9.1~git20091117-1) from Debian Testing" [Wishlist,New]00:10
geserdhillon-v10: as you merged our changes on the current version from testing the version should be: 0.9.1~git20091117-1ubuntu1 and target lucid (not karmic)00:13
geserand as the merges change removes the file, telling "Adding a .desktop file" is wrong00:15
dhillon-v10geser: alright thanks a bunch, I'll fix those00:16
dhillon-v10geser: one question, how do you guys figure out what's wrong so quickly00:17
geserexperience :)00:18
gesermostly it was looking at the changelog entry (check the version and target) and compare if the mentioned changes match the changes in the debdiff00:19
dhillon-v10geser: ahh, that's why, just wait like 2 years and I might catch up to you00:19
geserand also looking at the current changes if nothing was missed00:19
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propagandistHappy New Year05:00
crimsunugh, nasty hacks.05:55
cornucopicHey all. I have a pure Python module which I want to package for Ubuntu, Where do I start? I am a total n00b in packaging06:09
bjsnidercornucopic, there's a youtube video series by daniel holbach that you can find if you search for "ubuntu motu packaging"06:11
bjsniderthat will tell you what you'll need as far as the build system and commands like dh_make that you'll be using06:12
crimsunsee http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/PythonModulesTeam06:12
cornucopic hm. cool. thanks!106:12
cornucopicHow good or bad is 'stdeb'? http://pypi.python.org/pypi/stdeb/06:14
cornucopicah that page also hints at making packages w/o stdeb and i think that is the way I would go..let06:17
cornucopiclet's see06:17
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ScottKcornucopic: You can also ask questions about packaging Python stuff in #debian-python on OFTC.06:25
cornucopicScottK, thanks. OFTC is a new IRC network?06:31
ScottKcornucopic: Not new, but different.  irc.oftc.org06:37
ScottKIt's where all the Debian channels are.06:38
cornucopicScottK, oh..didn't know..06:38
cornucopicwhat should be in my .changes file?07:17
cornucopicI am creating a new PPA07:17
fabrice_spcornucopic, your changes file is automatically generated by debuild -sa -S07:20
cornucopiclooks like py2dsc doesn't do it..07:24
cornucopicpy2dsc is part of http://pypi.python.org/pypi/stdeb/07:24
cornucopicIs there anyway I could 'write' the .changes file myself?07:30
fabrice_spdebuild is part of the tools used to package an app07:33
fabrice_spyou shouldn't need to write it by yourself07:33
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports07:33
fabrice_spcornucopic, ^07:34
ScottKcornucopic: stdeb isn't a tool that's generally used here, so you're unlikely to get a lot of help with things specific to it.07:35
crimsunwhy is xca calling gcc instead of g++ ?!07:49
crimsunno wonder this linker junk is failing07:49
cornucopicScottK, Ok. so no shortcuts in sight :( I need a point to start off, I want to distribute DEBs for a pure Python module08:04
cornucopicI am starting off with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Python and adapt it my Python module.08:08
cornucopicjust built my first debian package! yay.08:41
fabrice_spcongrats :-)08:41
cornucopicfabrice_sp, thank you :-)08:42
cornucopicwhat's the diff between using pycentral and python-support?08:43
cornucopicthe python module I am creating a package for uses PSF, dh_make apparently doesn't support it. Should I choose GPL instead? (since PSF is GPL compatible?)08:46
fabrice_sptbh, ni idea08:48
cornucopicin the debian/copyright file, only the package maintainer's name should be mentioned right?09:00
RAOFcornucopic: No; that should list all the various copyright holders & the relevent licenses.09:02
RAOFcornucopic: I quite like DEP-5 http://tinyurl.com/ktmyfb - it makes for a nice structure to build a correct file.09:02
cornucopicRAOF, that looks great. thanks.09:04
cornucopicI am getting a "secret key not available" while doing dpkg-buildpackage09:31
cornucopici have got my GPGKEY set properly..09:32
fabrice_spcornucopic, be sure that the name in debian/changelog match the name is your key09:33
cornucopicname is same09:34
etalicornucopic: In particular, check your key for the comment part - I have my user name in the comment part, but didn't put it in the changelog and had that problem.09:34
cornucopicetali, ah yes. i have a different name there09:34
cornucopicso what should I do ?09:34
cornucopicthe comment part is different than the changelog09:35
etalicornucopic: I had my key formated as "Lesley Harrison (Etali)" so just started using the whole thing in the changelog and it worked for me.09:35
cornucopiclet me try that.09:35
cornucopicI get this: "can't connect to `/tmp/gpg-SJuSrC/S.gpg-agent': No such file or directory09:38
cornucopicgpg: can't connect to `/tmp/gpg-SJuSrC/S.gpg-agent': connect failed09:38
cornucopic", though the package building seems to have passed fine09:38
cornucopicyeah, its uploading to my PPA. which means the signature verification passed!09:40
etaligreat :)09:42
cornucopicThanks all :)09:42
cornucopichow long does it take for the package to "show up" in my PPA on Launchpad09:42
cornucopicthis was my changelog:09:49
cornucopicpyevolve (0.6-0ubuntu1) koala; urgency=low09:49
cornucopic  * Initial release (Closes: #00)09:49
cornucopicwhich was rejected: "Unable to find distroseries: koala"09:49
cornucopicwhat should be there?09:49
fabrice_spor lucid09:50
cornucopichow does this matter?09:50
cornucopicwhat does it mean, rather?09:50
fabrice_spthis is the exact name of the serie09:51
fabrice_spkarmic is actual one, and lucid, next development version09:51
micahgthe adjective is the series, the animal is not09:51
cornucopicso is it, the series on which I have built this package on?09:51
fabrice_spon which you will build the binaries, yes09:52
cornucopicfabrice_sp, thanks.09:52
fabrice_spyw :-)09:52
slytherincornucopic: it is the target release for your package.09:57
cornucopicslytherin, oh cool. thanks!09:57
cornucopicso i get: "Upload rejected because it contains binary packages."10:01
cornucopicI am following this:https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Python10:01
slytherincornucopic: what was the command you used for upload?10:01
cornucopicdput ppa:amitksaha/pyevolve <source.changes>10:01
slytherincornucopic: what is the name of the .changes file?10:02
slytherincornucopic: you need to upload source package only. So there must be a corresponding source.changes file in same directory.10:03
cornucopicslytherin, right. let me try10:03
cornucopicslytherin, i don't see any source.changes file. What am I doing wrong?10:31
fabrice_spAnyone willing to have a look at fceux (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/fceux). It's a NES emulator10:32
fabrice_spcornucopic, do you run debuild -sa -S ?10:32
fabrice_spI'd like to have another review before uploading it10:33
cornucopicI am using dpkg-buildpackage10:33
fabrice_spuse debuild -sa -S better: it will also check your package with lintian10:34
cornucopicah good..uploading to PPA10:40
cornucopiclet's see10:40
cornucopicaccepted.  Thanks a lot folks :)11:08
slytherincornucopic: by default dpkg-buildpackage only builds binary package. You need -S -sa options to build source package.11:09
cornucopicslytherin, hmm..will note it for the future.11:09
cornucopicdo I have to do anything for my package in PPA to build?13:40
geserthere was a problem with the buildds that being fixed now and the buildds are now building all queued jobs13:55
cornucopicgeser, ok!14:07
ejatis there any package for sun-java6 update 17 ?14:21
surfzoiddirecthex: Hi, have you got few minutes to give me your point of view ?14:21
surfzoiddirecthex: my i386 build ok but i have the same error on x86_64 machine and 2 other on 32 and 64 bit of debian : https://build.opensuse.org/package/show?package=Mono&project=home%3Asurfzoid%3ADebianUbuntu%3AMono14:24
cornucopicI uploaded a new package version to my PPA and I get "File pyevolve_0.6-0ubuntu1.diff.gz already exists in pyevolve, but uploaded version has different contents."14:26
cornucopicShould I bother?14:26
surfzoiddelete it before upload ?14:27
cornucopicNo..should I?14:27
bjsnidercornucopic, how are you naming the packages in the changelog?14:28
cornucopicbjsnider, didn't change that either..14:28
gesercornucopic: are you trying to upload the same version a second time?14:29
cornucopicgeser, yes14:29
bjsnidercan't do that14:29
cornucopici had to fix a build dependency14:29
cornucopicso, I delete the earlier on?14:29
geserthat won't work, every version can only be uploaded once (if you get an accepted email)14:29
bjsnidercornucopic, you should set up a pbuilder environment and take care of that stuff before you send it in to the ppa14:29
cornucopicbjsnider, hmm..this is my first time.. :(. So what can I do now?14:30
directhexsurfzoid, dunno, looks weird. try it on a PPA, see if it's an opensuse build system issue?14:30
gesercornucopic: bump the version and upload then (e.g. to 0.6-0ubuntu2)14:30
surfzoidadd an +1 in the rev, with an entry log like "fix dep.............14:30
cornucopicand I can delete the earlier one?14:30
surfzoiddirecthex: i tryed ppa but must admit it was dark for me14:30
bjsnidercornucopic, is this your package, that you created out of your software?14:30
surfzoiddirecthex: could you simply try my gz and dsc file on your ppa ?14:31
cornucopicbjsnider, not my software, but one I contribute to. And yeah, I am creating the package14:31
cornucopicbjsnider, I will be the maintainer..14:31
bjsnidercornucopic, and there isn't a debian package of this yet?14:31
cornucopicbjsnider, no14:31
bjsniderand there isn't an ubuntu package...14:31
gesercornucopic: you can delete your previous upload but this won't help you as LP remembers the version you last uploaded14:31
cornucopicbjsnider, no14:32
cornucopicgeser, hmm.14:32
bjsniderso i would take the "ubuntux" string off the name and replace it with ~ppax14:32
bjsniderwhere x is a number14:32
surfzoidcornucopic: increase your number version with an entry log like "fix dep........ ?14:33
cornucopicmy ppa is named as pyevolve. so I can use that I would guess.14:33
bjsnideri would name the package pyevolve-0.6-0~ppa114:34
bjsnidercornucopic, but it would be better to use pbuilder to resolve dependency issues and build issues. there's an ubuntu wiki page that explains how to set it up and use it. after it builds in pbuilder send it in to the ppa14:36
cornucopicbjsnider, cool. I will take care of if this time on. Thanks a bunch14:37
cornucopicbjsnider, This should be the one I need to look at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto ?14:41
bjsnideralso, make sure you've got the source code minus the debian directory as pyevolve_0.6-0.orig.tar.gz before you run debuild -S -sa14:45
cornucopicbjsnider, oh? It wasn't mentioned anywhere till now. what does it do/not do?14:46
ari-tczewis someone alive? :-D14:47
ari-tczewbtw. happy new year 2o1o14:47
bjsnidercornucopic, it builds the dpkg source based on the orig tarball, so that when you upload the changes file to the ppa, that tarball goes with it. then, if you have to make minor revisions or improvements, you can run debuild -S -sd and it will upload only the changes you've made, not the whole source code.14:48
cornucopichmm..looks like i did the correct thing unknowingly:)14:50
ari-tczewneeds to open task on hardy by someone from MOTU; bug 48163114:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 481631 in mantis "mantis1.0.8-4 (ubuntu 8.04) vulnerable to remote exploit" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48163114:52
DktrKranzari-tczew: only hardy?14:53
cornucopicok, so I have done 'sudo pbuilder create --debootstrapopts --variant=buildd14:55
cornucopicand its completed14:55
cornucopicnow, how I can a test the build of my package?14:55
bjsnidersudo pbuilder build <filename>.dsc14:56
cornucopiclearnt so many things in a day!14:58
cornucopicnot a bad start to the new year:)14:58
bjsniderbut that knowledge has pushed out things you already knew...14:58
bjsnidersuch as how to eat and walk14:58
cornucopici walked a bit, didn't eat much:)14:58
ari-tczewDktrKranz, yes only hardy15:01
DktrKranzari-tczew: done15:02
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cornucopicBye all for now thanks a ton to all of ya!15:18
RainCTCan somebody tell me what's the "incoming =" line in dput.cf for PPAs?16:12
micahgRainCT: it's what PPA you're uploading to16:16
porthoseRainCT, ~<your account>/ppa/ubuntu16:16
RainCTnah, was looking for "~%(ppa)s/ubuntu", but thanks :)16:17
RainCTbut it seems like Debian doesn't support this.. :/16:17
surfzoiddirecthex: i m back home, so can yu please try my files in your ppa area ?17:40
directhexsurfzoid, built fine on my amd64 sid ppa17:40
directhexum, pbuilder17:40
surfzoidso we can conclude, OBS have a very large problem ?17:41
surfzoiddirecthex: you have an idea, why debian don't find the linked file ?17:42
directhexsurfzoid, well, it works for me in a debian test build, so...17:42
surfzoidlocaly ?17:43
surfzoidso i guess the conf file of OBS miss an essencial pkg wich contain this file17:44
surfzoiddirecthex: is there a possible switch after -S to add the missing buildrequiere pkg in the dsc file ?17:50
directhexsurfzoid, there is nothing missing that i can see. it works in a fresh sid pbuilder.17:51
surfzoiddirecthex: ho yeah, i don't see that, the problem is not anymore the missing file but a libtool and permission problem17:53
directhexsurfzoid, possibly OBS has an out-of-date sid repo, there were libtool problems recently17:54
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diwiccrimsun: is it on purpose that current Lucid pulseaudio does not release unused ALSA devices the way Karmic does?19:04
crimsundiwic: eh? Sure it does.19:08
diwiccrimsun: I'm in Karmic now, but when I tested Lucid earlier today, I saw it (with fuser -v) having control over my HDMI output, AFAIK without using it.19:09
crimsuncontrol as in /dev/snd/controlC* ?19:10
diwicas in /dev/snd/pcm*19:10
crimsunit will only hold on to it if some stream is active through it19:10
crimsunwas g-v-c or pavucontrol doing something with the device?19:11
diwiccrimsun: I'll do some additional research and file a bug if necessary the next time I'm in Lucid. I just needed to know if it wasn't on purpose19:12
crimsunsee changeset ef18beded8ddbaafdf4914bab209f77e60ae3a18 in sound-2.6, too19:12
crimsun'ALSA: hda - HDMI sticky stream tag support'19:12
diwicwith the talk of mic spying I was afraid it was a feature19:13
crimsundon't ascribe to maliciousness what is simple incompetence19:13
diwiccrimsun: thanks for being around :-)19:22
surfzoiddirecthex: a guy of OBS team answer me "it's not OBS's libtool. It's the libtool that mono ships that gets used." i m loose !20:00
directhexwell, relibtoolize.20:00
surfzoidhow ?20:01
surfzoiddirecthex: i don't how thats work to relibtoolize20:02
directhexautoreconf -f -i -s ?20:04
directhexdunno. it's DEFINITELY building in a sid pbuilder.20:06
surfzoiddirecthex: that s an infinite loop, the guy say same thing, add autoreconf -f -i, i saw yu already do that and i added it again after the dh_clean section20:09
directhexsurfzoid, well, there's nothing more for me to say. it builds in a debian pbuilder. there's something "bad" about the "doltlibtool" command being executed20:13
surfzoiddirecthex: jut for info about the wall am i now, the answer of the OBS guy : "it's not OBS's libtool. It's the libtool that mono ships that gets used."20:16
directhexsurfzoid, so? how many bloody times do i need to say it builds on debian? :/20:16
surfzoidfrom #opensuse-buildservice20:16
surfzoiddirecthex: hey, i say "for info", thousand thanks for your help20:17
surfzoidi understand and i am agree with you20:17
ScottKsurfzoid: OBS is more than a little off topic here in any case.20:17
surfzoidbut that s a common situation where both....20:17
directhexScottK, however, unlike ppa's, it supports building for non-ubuntu distros. which is potentially useful20:19
ScottKdirecthex: True, but still OT.20:19
crimsunthe progress of this build, thanks to colored CMake output, is really depressing23:44
RAOFWhy are discs so SLOWWWWW‽  Or: why must pbuilder suck.23:53
crimsunI need a build farm.23:53
jmarsdenRAOF: Creating your pbuilder in a ramdisk helps with the speed issue :)23:54
RAOFYeah; I should be doing this on my laptop with just such a setup.23:54
crimsunsee, using tmpfs for it would only help a negligible amount23:54
crimsunsetup and teardown is dwarfed by the compilation. e.g., VTK has wrappers for everything23:55
wgrantRAOF: Why not use sbuild with LVM snapshots?23:55
RAOFwgrant: I probably should set that up on this lappy.  On the other one, it's a fight between building-on-ramdisk for pbuilder and faster setup/teardown for sbuild.23:57

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