yu210148Humm.... just did tail /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log and it's complaining about no upnp backends found00:00
yu210148...installing gnupnp as a backend...00:05
yu210148nope, same message when starting mythbackend00:07
yu210148perhaps a firewall issue...00:09
yu210148anyone know what port I need to open for upnp in the master backend's firewall?00:13
yu210148or am I completely barking up the wrong tree?00:14
yu210148nevermind, clearly it's not a firewall issue.00:29
yu210148it's the local machine that's complaining about not finding a video start up directory00:30
yu210148not the slave00:30
yu210148and I tried it with the firewall down and still getting the same message from mythtvbackend00:31
HotmantaTesting anyone there?02:24
iamlindoroyes, we can all hear you, and now you are bound to be taken extremely seriously03:22
Hotmantagood, just testing empathy client works properly with IRC, thanks for the reply.04:57
x_installed mythbuntu on second harddrive via, online install and it does not boot.05:14
mcastleswhere does mythbuntu control center set x11vnc to startup? I want to modify it to use a lower bid depth and resolution07:16
greg________Hi guys would anyone be able to help me with lirc..... i want to use a microsoft media centre usb ir receiver (phillips ehome) with a hauppage nova t remote14:17
DartmanXi just installed and rebooted, but only get a blank "crisscross" screen when mythfrontend tries start15:58
DartmanXI didnt have network connectivity when I installed, I chose nvidia proprietary driver on setup15:59
DartmanXokay, update, I guess its just a problem with mythfrontend not wanting to start, eventually I get the desktop and muthbuntu control center starts up16:02
DartmanXis there an automated tool to set up WPA wireless networking?16:14
noaXess_kubuntuhi all..18:05
noaXess_kubuntuhave enabled autobuilds from mythbuntu, since i have upgraded to the newest 0.22 version, forward jumping while watching a recorded show is very slow..18:07
darthanubisLaunchpad is broken for me. Can't file pug against mythweb/mythbuntu rss broken on record page.18:22
darthanubishad some help filing it18:28
aclosegood morning (in US/Central) and Happy New Year :)18:38
noaXess_kubuntusame from switzerland.. :)18:41
gwillakershow do I enable the mythweb remote control in mythbuntu 9.10??19:36
foxbuntu /join #ubuntu-mythtv-dv21:53
rhpot1991foxbuntu fails22:03
foxbunturhpot1991, big time22:21

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