Dyinglight12well when i join that channel it redirects me to #windows00:09
Dyinglight12any ideas?00:09
bazhangDyinglight12, you're not on the banlist there. try /j #ubuntu-beginners00:10
Dyinglight12it worked thanks alot :)00:11
bazhangyw :)00:11
Dyinglight12hmm is this the same channel as ubuntu-beginners-help?00:15
PiciDyinglight12: no, you do have a ban there though.00:18
PiciYou'll need to speak to paultag about that, as he was the one who banned you.00:19
Dyinglight12why would i get banend ??00:36
Dyinglight12k i will :\00:36
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Dyinglight12hi do u do technical  support?01:09
Dyinglight12in here?01:09
FlannelDyinglight12: no, that's in #ubuntu01:10
ubottuIn ubottu, ratonplayer said:  IT IS A BOT!01:36
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|_ockehey i'm sorry guys02:36
|_ockei didn't intend to swear in chan02:36
Flannel|_ocke: I didn't ban you for the link, I removed you and warned you for the link.  I banned you for random swearing.02:36
|_ockei have like 25 chans open and i didn't realize i swore in that chan02:37
|_ockeFlannel, i know that02:37
|_ockemost chans i'm in have no problem with random swearing, and i didn't realize it was this chan in particular i was swearing in02:37
|_ockethe chan name turned blue and i responded to the last thing in it, it wasn't like premeditated or something02:38
|_ockei apologize and i'll look at the channel name in the future02:38
|_ockei like being a part of the chan, or i wouldnt bother with this02:39
FlannelSorry |_ocke, I had to run out for a minute.02:48
|_ockeits ok02:48
|_ockeit's new years02:48
Flannel|_ocke: If we were to let you back in, what's to say you won't be disoriented again in the future and behave in a way that's not fitting for ubuntu channels?02:48
mneptokDyinglight12: please type "/topic" (no quotes). youll see we have a policy against idling. thanks.02:49
|_ockeFlannel, i'll think about it02:49
|_ockeand it probably won't  be new years eve02:49
ubottuThe operation succeeded.02:49
Flannel|_ocke: That's fine, we'll be here when you've thought about it enough.  Some time to think is a good thing anyway.02:50
|_ockei mean i'll think about it before i say something02:50
|_ockei didn't notice what chan i was typing in02:51
|_ockeim sorry02:51
Flannel|_ocke: Come back in a few days and we'll do some talking and let you back in.  You said it yourself, in the future it won't be new year's eve, so letting you back in right now seems dangerous.  I don't want to let you back in and wind up with you banned for a prolonged period like before.02:56
|_ockei'm not gonna say anything :P03:08
|_ockei just don't like to be banned from channels i like03:09
Flannel|_ocke: We don't like banning you from any channels03:09
|_ockei'll just not chat in the chan03:09
|_ocketonight anyways03:10
|_ockei'm not really that drunk really, i was just in the middle of another conversation and i carried it over03:11
|_ockei apologize for my idiocy03:11
Flannel|_ocke: I'm not suggesting you are.  But come back in a few days and we'll get you back into the channel.03:14
|_ockebut i wanna idle :P03:14
|_ockei like my /whois to indicate my ubuntuness03:15
mneptokthen you might want to learn to express yourself without the need for profanity. *that's* Ubuntu-ness. :)03:17
|_ockemneptok, i'm trying to03:18
mneptoki use profanity, but i know when, and i know where, before i hit <return>03:18
|_ockemneptok, i just carried it from a chan that condones it to a chan that bans for it on accident03:18
Flannel|_ocke: If you had said it in a vacuum, you wouldn't have been banned for it.03:19
mneptokit's never an insta-ban.03:19
|_ockeFlannel, i can't argue with that03:19
mneptokbut given that you have spent time talking about marijuana laws and smoking herb in #ubuntu, you carry a short fuse with you.03:19
|_ockemneptok, it was cause i posted a link to an awful awful horrible story and then did it03:20
mneptokyes, that and your previous behavior means you don't get a lot of warning at this point.03:20
|_ockemneptok, if it makes you feel better, i haven't smoke any marijuana in at least 6 months..03:20
|_ockeor done any other drugs besides drinking03:20
mneptokthat's absolutely none of my concern.03:21
|_ockedangit you people are too rational :P03:21
mneptokbut what you discuss on public #ubuntu channels is. and you have exhibited past behavior that leads people like Flannel and myself to have degraded faith in your self-moderation abilities03:21
|_ockei suck03:22
mneptokwe all do at times.03:22
|_ockeyou should see the videos my gf recorded of me last night03:22
mneptokdust yourself off, come back in 24h, and be a better person for it.03:22
|_ockei'm embarrassed to even exist :P03:23
Flannel|_ocke: We all make mistakes, it's about moving on and growing past them.03:23
|_ockei put the fifth in the fridge when i got to halfway through it today03:24
mneptoki have a microbiologist/biochemist wife. that's proof that even smart, educated women make mistakes. :)03:24
|_ockemneptok, funny03:24
mneptoknot for her. :/03:24
|_ockei'm the entire income in our relationship03:25
|_ockei'm a computer instructor03:25
|_ockeshe is the ...03:25
|_ockestay at home fish administrator?03:25
mneptokand the person you can go to in the next 24h for support.03:26
mneptokthe Big Blue Room isn't all bad.03:26
mneptokand hell, you're actually lucky. if you want to make a New Year's resolution about IRC behavior, you don;t have long to wait. ;)03:27
* mneptok heads off for dinner03:27
|_ockemneptok, i have like 5 1/2 hours before midnight03:29
ardchoilleI think skyllo in #ubuntu is a public speaking bot, just wanted to report a suspicion06:05
elkynot a bot imho. new to irc though i suspect06:44
Myrtti|_ocke: hi08:29
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ubottuIn ubottu, ziroday said: no, !grub2 should be GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:35
tritiumHappy New Year!15:54
bazhangsame to you!15:54
tritiumThanks!  :)15:54
elkybazhang, forgive me for this...16:10
elkybut is he a ... regular?16:10
bazhangelky, heh yes16:10
elkyi had to ask. i really did.16:11
MenZahappy new year, tritium16:21
mneptokrobotgee1: can we help you? if you have no pressing business here, please do comply with our "no idling" policy.18:52
naliothmneptok: you don't recognzie robotgeek?19:33
mneptoknalioth: no19:44
jussi01he isnt identified, so why should we?19:45
mneptokand /whois has nothing19:45
mneptoki'm not in the habit of reviewing the output of "/m chanserv access #ubuntu-ops list" before reminging non +v users of the idling policy.19:46
mneptok(and it's not a habit i'm going to start) ;)19:47
naliothjussi01: he is identified19:56
naliothmneptok: he's been here longer than you19:56
mneptoknalioth: why no +v if identified?20:00
mneptokand i guess it's nice (s)he's an old-timer, but a review of logs for 2009 for this channel reveals a whopping 0 inputlines20:02
mneptoki'd probably be more familiar with the nick if i actually had seem some input from it. *shrug*20:02
=== robotgee1 is now known as robotgeek
robotgeekmneptok: fair point :)20:40
naliothdangit robotgeek - ya broke the string  :D20:43
mneptokrobotgeek: are you active as a member of the -ops team in any channels?20:49
robotgeekmneptok: i pop in #kubuntu from time to time.20:52
mneptokk. just curious.20:53
nalioththe reason he wasn't +v'd is that his client was cycling and not identifying in a timely manner20:55

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