osmosiswhats been updated on vmbuilder since hardy?  now at karmic?  huge diff?01:14
osmosisuhh  virt-install  or  vmbuilder?  The docs reference them both.01:28
toshow to i start the mouse deamon for gnome-desktop   ??????????????02:50
jpdstos: Try #ubuntu, this place is for server support.03:00
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MTecknologybug 106:27
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu Jaunty "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106:27
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sabgentonhey all08:06
sabgentonhow do put the iso on to usb08:07
sabgentonso i can install from usb08:07
jmarsdensabgenton: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick08:07
sabgentonthe usb creator from the desktop iso does not seem to work with it server iso08:08
sabgentonjmarsden: is there a usb-creator that works with the server iso?08:09
jmarsdenI'm not sure... it shouldn't matter.  What error are you getting?  Worst case, try unetbootin instead.08:11
sabgentonyeah i'll do that08:13
sabgentonjust wanted to use the offica08:13
sabgentonmeah mis as well08:13
sabgentonmd5 check sums do not match08:13
sabgentonthere some flags u can use for the cli isn't there?08:14
sabgentonthe iso checks against the digest md5 so I'm not shure whats not matching08:15
sabgentonunless the usb creator only works with the desktop iso not server08:15
jmarsdenThe ubuntu-creator-gtk help says it requires a "Ubuntu Desktop Edition" ...08:17
jmarsdenNot many people want to boot servers from USB sticks, I suspect... most servers have hard drives they can boot from :)08:17
sabgentonjmarsden: not all servers have cd to boot from08:51
sabgentonbut ok cheers08:51
jmarsdensabgenton: If they have a SATA interface on the motherboard you can find a spare SATA CDROM drive and add it temporarily for initial OS installation.08:52
jmarsdenOr try a USB external CDROm drive, most modern motherboards can boot from those.08:53
sabgentonusb stick is more conveniant08:53
sabgentonI have no spare  cdrom/dvdrom drive at the moment08:54
jmarsdensabgenton: Fair enough.  If you do much server building it might be worth investing in some spare parts... but for now unetbootin should get you going.08:56
sabgentonI had a ide to usb cable once I could just atache any external ide drive to the compture via the cable08:57
sabgentonand it came with a molex power adapter08:57
sabgentonto wall plug08:57
sabgentonjmarsden: this was an easy solution http://www.pendrivelinux.com/downloads/u910/USB-Installer-for-Ubuntu-v0.2.exe09:16
Alpha61Is Ubuntu Server's out of the box security settings very vulnerable and weak?09:23
MTecknologyAlpha61: no10:04
MTecknologyAlpha61: it's actually very secure by default. There's only a few things I change10:05
Alpha61Thanks :D10:10
Alpha61Working on Wordpress for testing purpose and trying to change the ownership of wp-content folder so the httpd server can read and write in that folder. A link to wordpress only assumes that the server name is www and the group name is www. How about on Ubuntu on out-of-box settings?10:12
Alpha61i meant a link on wordpress website. sorry10:13
Alpha61I'll try that. Thank you very much Mtech!10:13
MTecknologynp :)10:13
MTecknologysleepy time; 04:1710:17
MTecknologyAlpha61: good luck10:17
MTecknology!info wordpress10:17
ubottuwordpress (source: wordpress): weblog manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.4-1ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 5191 kB, installed size 19040 kB10:17
MTecknologyAlpha61: You could also try to install it from the repos; I've never done it though.10:18
Alpha61I finished installing it10:18
Alpha61and changing the folder ownership worked! Thanks10:18
Alpha61but now uploading theme doesn't work.10:18
Alpha61maybe FTP server doesn't run on default on Ubuntu Server?10:19
MTecknologychown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/wordpress10:19
Alpha61I'm new to Server stuff. I used to mess around with desktops and destroy partition lol) sorry unnecessary info on irc channel10:20
Alpha61MTek: I did that10:20
MTecknology:P I used to do that a lot as well10:20
Alpha61Failed to connect to FTP Server server:2110:21
Alpha61on the wordpress dashboard10:21
MTecknologyno - no default ftp server10:21
MTecknologyuse rsync or scp10:21
MTecknologyI have to pass out now....10:21
Alpha61thanks for helping10:21
Malekohow do you resize hd partition through ssh12:42
bittin_cfdisk or fdisk12:43
Malekois it safe to use on live partition?12:57
RoyKMaleko: mounted?????13:00
MalekoRoyK, yes. its a remote server with a single partition only13:01
RoyKdon't do it13:06
RoyKthat is, it is possible, and it might perhaps even work13:06
RoyKbut if it crashes, it crashes big time13:06
RoyKMTecknology: that chown command is NOT good13:07
MalekoRoyK, http://pastebin.com/d1fbfde6213:12
Maleko3 partitions actually13:12
RoyKand what are you trying to do?13:12
RoyKlooks like a system installed on an 80gig drive, a small /boot partition, 4 gigs swap and the rest for the root13:13
Malekofree up some spaces on the largest partition and make a new partition out of it13:13
RoyKis sda3 your root?13:13
RoyKwtf do you want to split the partition????13:14
RoyKif you want something like that, make a subdirectory and bind-mount it somewhere13:14
Malekocalm down.13:14
RoyKor make a file with dd if=/dev/zero of=somefile bs=1M count=numberofmegs, mkfs on that and mount -o loop13:14
RoyKshrinking a filesystem on linux is not trivial13:15
RoyKseems i'm wrong13:16
RoyKresize2fs can shrink ext[234]13:16
RoyKstill, I don't see the point unless you want to install another OS on the box13:17
Malekoi actually intend to use the partition as a temporary backup space13:18
RoyKif so, I'd rather just make a loopback device13:18
RoyKor something13:18
RoyKif your drive dies, all the partitions die as well13:18
Malekoloopback still reside on same partition no?13:20
Malekoloopback dev13:20
RoyKwell, the file on which the loopback device resides obviously resides on a partition, yes13:20
RoyKbut the chance of a filesystem corruption is _small_13:20
RoyKfar smaller than the chance of messing up while resizing a partition13:21
Malekobut that is troublesome if you were to recover deleted data from the partition, i guess? you might end up overwriting the data itself when you try to write it back13:23
RoyKnot with loopback13:23
Malekowhy is that?13:23
RoyKuse dd to create an empty file, say, 10GB13:23
RoyKmkfs on that and mount it -o loop13:24
RoyKthat file won't be touched by the rest of the fs13:24
RoyKdd if=/dev/zero of=/path/to/file bs=1M count=10k && mke2fs -Fj /path/to/file && mount -o loop /path/to/file /some/place13:25
Malekoi guess i'll go with that idea13:25
RoyKadd it to the fstab and you're done13:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #248628 in kvm (main) "Sound dies on amd64 with WinXP guest" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24862813:41
BondiIs there a default username and password for the Ubuntu Cloud admin page?14:49
uvirtbotNew bug: #502081 in openvpn (main) "/dev/net/tun does not exist" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50208114:51
dudkohi. please, I am running LAMP on Ubuntu 9.10 desktop edition and I'd like to acces my localhost via browser with my free DNS adress. Could somebody help me?18:20
jmarsdendudko: Install apache2 ; configure your router to port forward port 80 to the Ubuntu machine ; point your "free DNS address" to your public IP address.18:24
dudkodoes it work?18:26
jmarsdendudko: Yes.  I see the standard default "It works" page there.18:27
dudkoI can't belive, that it was som simple... thank you jmarsden. I disabled firewall for http port in router. And firewall in Ubuntu<18:28
jmarsdenThere is no packet filter (firewall) enabled on Ubuntu systems by default.  You can install ufw if you want to add a simple one.18:29
dudkogr8. thanks man.18:30
jmarsdenYou're welcome.18:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #502149 in samba (main) "winbindd service and ntlm_auth" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50214920:02
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MTecknologyHow can I track down what is causing a lot of messages to be sent from root to root@localhost ?20:43
MTecknologyJan  1 11:12:45 obtinio sendmail[8133]: o01BCjlk008133: from=root, size=424, class=0, nrcpts=1, msgid=<201001011112.o01BCjlk008133@server.domain.com>, relay=root@localhost20:44
ScottKMail logs?20:45
MTecknologyScottK: thanks.. I shoulda thought to look there20:46
MTecknologyI guess uptrack thinks it needs to email me.....20:46
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sabgentoncould anybody kindly tell me the boot line for the server live cd?23:38
MTecknologysabgenton: hm?23:40
jmarsdensabgenton: Do you mean    Boot Options = /cdrom/preseed/ubuntu-server.seed initrd=/install/initrd.gz quiet --23:42
sabgentonyeah thats it!23:42
sabgentonso that what comes up on the boot menu?23:42
sabgentonif you choose edit this line23:43
sabgentonor whatever23:43
jmarsdensabgenton: Yes.23:44
jmarsdenI just booted in it a virtualbox VM so I could see it.23:44
jmarsdenIt's what is displayed when you use F6 from the installer screen.23:44
jmarsdenYou're welcome23:45
sabgenton Boot Options = /cdrom/preseed/ubuntu-server.seed23:53
sabgentonjmarsden: is that a line?23:54
sabgentonwith spaces?23:54
jmarsdensabgenton: That is what is displayed on screen.  With spaces.  That does not mean that is exactly what you need to enter in a config file...23:55
sabgentonno im try to enter that at boot23:55
sabgentonthe same way u saw the line23:56
sabgentononly my lines differnt23:56
sabgentonso want to change it23:56
sabgentonits just ubuntu.seed not ubuntu-server.seed23:56
sabgentondo you think boot options is the heading then /cdr... is the acutual settings?23:57
jmarsdenThen either you have a different server ISO (I used ubuntu-9.10-server-amd64.iso) or you are doing something odd.23:57
jmarsdenJust boot from your CD, hit F6, and edit your line to be the way you want.23:58
MatBoywhat kind of security emails do you guys receive from websites ?23:59
sabgentonbasicly I tryed usiing a program to put the iso on usb23:59

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