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Sarvatthmm, these InputClass things dont look like it has the ability to match based on subsystem vendor/product id's which might be needed for alberto's quirks?18:25
Sarvatti'm just looking at the man though, haven't looked at the code yet18:26
bjsniderit looks like the current way is to use the nv driver18:39
Sarvattwonder where that functionality is expected to live with the change, model specific quirks really are needed because some devices are pretty unusable by default but theres no real generic daemon that can handle them now.18:40
tjaaltonmoved to the kernel18:40
tjaaltonwhere there are lots of other quirks18:41
bjsniderwhat kind of quirks?18:41
Sarvatt(was responding to the discussion on the ubuntu-x mailing list, sorry)18:42
Sarvattsynaptics touchpad18:42
bjsnideroh, i thought you were talking about the nvidia blob18:42
SarvattI guess g-s-d could be extended to handle it (not that that helps non-gnome)18:43
Sarvattahh shoot gotta run18:44
rippsIs there anything I can do to help get the new xserver wacom driver working? I know a fair bit about debian packaging, so maybe I can help.20:50
Sarvattbeen looking at it and I dont see how passing the logic for properties that exist only in the x driver can be moved to the kernel.. the kernel quirks are more for things like i8042 needing special reset handling on certain platforms and stuff and it uses the same default initial property values like x/y resolution for all devices of a certain kind..21:16
Sarvattquirks changing the physical size through #DEFINE's in synaptics.h in the kernel for certain machines would make the touchpad physically stop working for the button area I would think instead of just scaling the input area to seperate them from the button area?21:17
Sarvattlike whats needed for dell mini 10v's -- http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/driver/xf86-input-synaptics/commit/?id=7179a0eb11a842d9d5a420f5702a411b0dc217a221:17
Sarvattgotta be some way to selectively enable things like that based on more info than just the synaptic devices dev/product id because it can be the same as one that doesnt need that21:18
Sarvattor else the burden is on the user to fix it post install and that doesnt seem very ubuntu-ish21:19
Sarvatti mean we could probably hardcode the quirks straight into xserver-xorg-input-synaptics instead of changing them externally21:25
tjaaltonripps: I got a reply from the maintainer. brief summary: the new driver "doesn't work"23:52
tjaaltonmissing functionality etc23:52
tjaaltonI'll ask for his current version, and upload it to a PPA next week, if possible23:53

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