loshaal_: using checksums is very slow & expensive. Most people just use file size and modification date (which is the default). Check the man page for the gory details. Also, check out various schemes for backup...00:00
mkahi henrique00:00
mkahi mezimezim00:00
al_losha: right. The GUI of the NAS might be using checksums because its horribly slow. Thats why I want to cron my own rsync00:00
henriqueHi mka00:01
Scuniziwow.. bittorrent downloads of ubuntu iso's are *fast*!  Looks like 7 minutes for an entire iso00:01
mezimezimsomeone knows about GPS (Garmin 60Cx) : can detect it with Viking   ?00:01
henriqueI'm using ubuntu netb ook remix and I took something off my menu bar. The shutdown button with my name and all and I cant get it back...Does anyoen know how to add that back00:01
henriqueAdd to pannel does not show the option00:02
Scunizihenrique: you're stuck.. you're going to have to leave it on forever! :) (April 1 is just around the corner)00:02
wastrelthat's the user switcher applet iirc00:03
wastrelhenrique: ^^^00:03
henrique;) I'm not such a new PC user but nice try00:03
nyczi have 4 gb ram and 1 gb vram, will the os use it all if i install a 32bit version?00:03
Scunizihenrique: can you right mouse click the area and "Add" ??00:03
henriquethankyou wastrel let me try that00:03
henriqueyes I can Scunizi00:03
epinkynycz: yep, just make sure you use kernel-pae00:04
philabolecan any one help me figure out my ubuntu 9.04 install00:04
nyczepinky: kernel-pae? :s00:04
Scuniziphilabole: you gotta be more specific..00:04
riverbirdDr_Willis,  still here?  i seem to be stuck in a loop getting packages ..00:05
philabolecan anyone help me with ubuntu 9.04, i got some probs00:05
blackest_knighthmm i just noticed happy new year00:05
mister_robotoal_: i'm actually curious to know if you can get that scheme to work using only the mod time / size checks. i expect copying the files over manually will mess up the mod time check00:05
Scuniziphilabole: can you be more specific?00:05
blackest_knightyes but it helps to know what the probs are00:06
henriqueok my name is back up there but not the little button with the different options for shutdown, restart, logout and hybernate, etc00:06
philabolesorry first i cn't connect to the net00:06
Scunizihenrique: click your name and see if there's a drop down menu00:06
philabolesecond i can't add new programs00:06
al_mister_roboto: youd know better than me! I am no CLI expert. Not even a newbie!!00:06
henriqueno Scunizi single user00:06
epinkynycz: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_Address_Extension , it should be called 2.6.31-16-generic-pae‎  or something like that00:07
drunkncrewphilabole: are you connecting to the net via wifi or ethernet?00:07
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Scunizihenrique: then when you right mouse click and choose "add".. look for a different appelate .. maybe something called user switcher?00:07
bazhangnycz, just install linux-generic-pae ; the rest will be pulled in00:08
philaboledrunkncrew: dsl00:08
blackest_knightphiabole 2nd is dependent on fist00:08
nyczepinky, bazhang: thanks, will do :)00:08
henriqueScunizi: thats the one I used to show my name but thats all it shows. not the different buttons.00:08
Scunizipppoe? for dsl00:08
blackest_knightfirst even00:08
Scunizihenrique: keep looking a different one has to be there someplace00:09
henriqueScunizi: Must be something custom for netbook remix.00:09
henriquemaybe a command line00:09
blackest_knightphilabole:  how are you connected to your dsl connection wired or wireless00:09
Scunizihenrique: maybe one called "shutdown"?00:09
philaboleblackest_Knight: wired00:09
henriquethat only puts the shutdown button. I guess it can work for now but I'll try to figure the other one later00:10
Scunizihenrique: I just reformatted my usb key that was setup to boot to unr otherwise I'd boot on my laptop and look as well.00:10
henriqueScunizi: thank you for your help I'll do some external search on google or ask in the forums00:10
blackest_knightphilabole:  do you know what chipset your ethernet card has00:10
Peloanyone know how to "regenerate" the locate command, it still shows me entries from before I deleted them00:11
Scunizihenrique: good luck.. it's out there that's for sure.00:11
* iolo bebendo Buxudinha . . .00:11
ScuniziPelo: sudo updatedb00:11
icerootPelo: sudo updatedb00:11
Pelothank you00:11
philaboleblackest_knight: not really i just built this thing and....00:11
ScuniziPelo: 'bout time I was able to help you out!  usually it's the other way around00:11
henriqueScunizi: thats for sure. I can't be the first jack ass to remove that for no reason whatsoever00:11
david_can i convert a .tar.bz2 into a .deb?00:11
philaboleblackest_knight: argh.....00:12
Scunizihenrique: we learn better that way ;)00:12
PeloScunizi, I havenT' been around much in the past couple of years,  nice to know I made an impression ;-)00:12
henriquegood night all00:12
henriquehappy new year00:12
icerootdavid_: not that easy as you think but yes of course you can00:12
david_ok, can you explain how ;)00:12
blackest_knightphilabole:  generally wired connections tend to just work00:12
nyczhm, i'm unsure about swap space... as i said earlier i've got 4gb ram and 1gb vram, should i have a swap partition and if so, how big?00:13
mezimezimI have installed gpsbabel & viking, but I  am not able to get any info out/in of my GPS, any expertise in the area?00:13
philaboleblackest_knight: yeah i've been using ubuntu for over a year and it always has just worked00:13
PeloScunizi, you'll probably be able to help me more in the near future, i'm dabbling in CLI , first time I 've done that much of it , installed a media center on an old comp,  too old for a gui00:13
icerootdavid_: just read something about what a deb is and how it works, then you have to manyally build the deb from the tar.bz200:13
type_twhy do you need it as a .deb ??00:13
icerootdavid_: there is no converter00:13
david_oh, ol00:14
ScuniziPelo: I will when I can for sure00:14
philaboleblackest_knight: with a new motherboard, do i need some drivers or something00:14
PeloScunizi, iceroot thanks a lot that seems to have done it , now to see if the app works properly00:14
type_tthe fact that is .deb means it is installed by dpkg and runns a installer made for that package.00:14
icerootdavid_: read the manpage about dh_make00:14
* Scunizi is making a live usb of kubuntu 9.1000:15
blackest_knightphilabole:  you need to find what chip it is and google it00:15
type_tyou can force install and as long as you dont runn into conflicts . its ok.00:15
ScuniziPelo: crunchbang might have been perfect for that old machine00:15
mezimezimhere is what I get when I do a dmesg right after plugging http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m7e99838e00:15
philaboledarkest_knight: ok00:15
nyczwith 4gb of ram, should i have a swap partition?00:15
bastid_raZornycz: if you plan on hibernating or suspending00:16
blackest_knightphilabole:  did it work on the live cd ?00:16
Dr_Willisnycz:  I always do at least 512mb of swap partition. just in 'case' :)00:16
nyczbastid_raZor: not really, i have it on when i'm awake and off when i'm sleeping or away00:16
Scunizimezimezim: it's mounted at uhci_hcd00:17
david_iceroot: I don't seem to have "dh_make" when I try to read the manual it tells me to install it w/ apt-get but then it tells me that the package doesn't exist00:17
philaboledarkest_knight: you know i didn't check, i just installed it00:17
nyczDr_Willis: okay00:17
bastid_raZornycz: swap is not required but highly recommended.. i agree with Dr_Willis .. just in case00:17
Dr_Willisnycz:  if nothing else.. ive seen live cd's use swap :) which can come in handy00:17
miczlater all happy new year00:17
philaboleblackest_knight: sorry bout the name thing00:17
mezimezimScunizi: ok, where do I find the data?00:17
blackest_knightphilabole:  it might be worth googling the motherboard and linux and see what comes up, pain but sometimes you get issues00:18
nyczbastid_raZor, Dr_Willis: ah, atm i have 4gb... maybe a bit too much then00:18
philaboleblackest_knight: thanks i'll do that00:18
Dr_Willisnycz:  if you want to use hibernate/suspend - you want 4gb of swap then I think00:18
Dr_Willisnycz:  i never use Hibernate/suspend :)00:18
bastid_raZornycz: if you have it already made then leave it be..00:18
nyczDr_Willis: me neither00:19
nyczbastid_raZor: i'm just about to reinstall :)00:19
bastid_raZor!hardware | philabole you can look here for your hardware compatibility00:19
ubottuphilabole you can look here for your hardware compatibility: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection00:19
type_tdh_make is debian utils00:19
blackest_knightphilabole:  if you get really stuck you can pick up network cards very cheaply or even go for wifi but its unusual to have one that doesnt work at all00:19
blackest_knightwhat does ifconfig say ?00:19
bastid_raZornycz: your choice then.j good luck00:19
Scunizimezimezim: I'm not sure what the usb device is.. is it a gps device? and if so is there an app that is suppose to marry to it?00:19
nyczthanks :)00:20
* Pelo mutters about doing nasty things to python programmers who can't follow standards 00:20
philaboleblackest_knight: thank you sir00:20
blackest_knightsorry iwconfig00:20
* Dr_Willis thought python was written so you had to follow standards...00:20
mezimezimyes, it's a Garmin GPS, I have installed GPSBABEL and Viking, 2 programs supposed to communicate with Garmin GPS, but I can't get the data out of it...00:20
Dr_Willisor was it just you had to follow formating standards00:21
blackest_knightno worries its a good year nearly died twice in 2009 :)00:21
PeloDr_Willis, maybe the guy followed python standards but when you write a freaking weather applet it would be nice to follow the naming conventions that everyone else is following for naming your icons00:21
Scunizimezimezim: ok.. in gpsbabel or viking if there is a setup or properties you have to tell it the mount point of the gps device so the program(s) will know where to look for the data.00:21
mezimezimscunizi: so, it the device is mounted, does it mean I should be able to see the data in it from nautilus and/or the terminal?00:22
giuseppe_hallo wie gehe in ubuntu.de00:22
icerootdavid_: debhelper is the package00:23
icerootdavid_: dh stands for debhelper00:23
Scunizimezimezim: if the usb device *is* the gps then probably not unless the gps will also act as a mass storage device which is doutfull..but if you're looking for the device to send data to the programs it's typically in a stream of some sort.. the program will have to know where to look and then interpret the stream.. you might also look at the openstreet(s) app.... if there is one.00:24
icerootdavid_: and for building the package its ok to use  dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot instead of pbuilder with chroot00:25
Scuniziguiscard: type /j #ubuntu-de00:25
Scunizigiuseppe_: type /j #ubuntu-de00:26
Scunizisorry guiscard .. wrong nick00:26
tmcchappy new year ladies00:27
gl1tch3rhi there00:27
bazwhats the best way to amass power using ubuntu?00:27
mezimezimscunizi: the viking program asks me whether the GPS is /dev/ttyS0 or /dev/ttyS1 or /dev/USB0 or /devUSB100:27
david_iceroot: ty :)00:27
icerootdavid_: np00:27
gl1tch3rhey ppl  anyone has used mondo rescue or something similar?00:27
mezimezimthere, I don't know what to put in, I've tried them all without success00:27
mister_robotomezimezim: i use garmintools to read my gps watch (forerunner 305)00:28
mister_robotomezimezim: it works very well on this watch00:28
mezimezimmister_roboto: it seems to be made especially for your device :  http://code.google.com/p/garmintools/00:29
tmccdid somone know a handy texteditor like app that outputs my changes in a file as a comm)?and to use it in a scrip ( like sed awk with gui00:29
Sylvester_InkHey, I have a quick question for a noob00:30
mister_robotomezimezim: he says he tried to implement all garmin's protocols though so it might work :)00:30
gl1tch3rim wondering if I could backup my wubi install with mondo and then restoring it as a full install?00:30
Sylvester_InkBuddy of mine is running Ubuntu and he got a new monitor.  It's not set up for the correct resolution00:30
Sylvester_InkWhat's the best way to set the resolution for a higher setting00:31
Dr_WillisSylvester_Ink:  dvi or vga connection? and what video card?00:32
jtajiSylvester_Ink: did you try System > Prefs > Display ?00:32
riverbirdi seem to be stuck in a package dependency loop .. installing tomboy1.0.1 into hardy .. any help or info??00:32
Ricoshadyso whats the best way to mange packages?00:33
Sylvester_Inkoh wait.  Sorry Dr_Willis and jtaji, he didn't tell me he had 2 monitors plugged in . . .00:33
Dr_WillisRicoshady:  with a packge manager tool. :)00:33
RicoshadyDr_Willis, which one I mean00:33
Dr_WillisSylvester_Ink:  with nvidia cards - i just run the nvidia-settings tool and set them up00:33
Dr_WillisRicoshady:  dosent really matter. They all do the same stuff in the background00:34
Ricoshadyive heard some do a better job with dependencies00:34
type_t#- thereis #nvidia00:34
Dr_WillisRicoshady:  in theory they all shoukld install whatever dependencuies are needed.. or else the packges wouldent work.00:35
Dr_WillisRicoshady:  some may be a little smarter at REMOVEING packages/deps/unneeded deps..00:35
Sylvester_InkDr_Willis: the new monitor uses DVI connection.  It has the same resolution issue with just one monitor plugged in00:35
Sylvester_Ink(I believe he's using an ATI videocard)00:35
Dr_WillisSylvester_Ink:  no idea on ati. Other then to be sure the proper restricted drivers are installed and try the system > prefs > display item.00:36
Dr_WillisSylvester_Ink:  and of course use DVI conector if at all possible. :)00:36
Sylvester_InkYeah, I figured as much :D00:36
mezimezimscunizi & mr_roboto  : I seem to be having some success with gpsbabel00:39
Sylvester_InkHey Dr_Willis, is it a good idea to mess around with xorg.conf00:41
Dr_WillisSylvester_Ink:  when in doubt - make backups.00:41
Sylvester_InkSince it's been removed from the latest version of Ubuntu00:41
Dr_WillisSylvester_Ink:  ive some machines that dont even have xorg.conf some of my systems I do have a xorg.conf00:41
Dr_WillisSylvester_Ink:  nvidia settingsz keep the muilti monitor and other info  in there00:42
Sylvester_InkDr_Willis: Yeah, I use it on my laptop since that's the only way to get the correct screen rez00:42
Sylvester_InkI'll probably have him write one up for now00:42
ai9371is ther any programs for linux that are similar to Dreamweaver?00:42
ai9371that are free00:42
ai9371something a little better than bluefish00:43
type_twait there is .at boot menu log into single session .. what is that called .. it gives you a reconfiguration option..00:43
riverbirdanyway to change sources in synaptic to pull a specific package from a newer distro?00:43
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type_tnot normal boot what is that called ? there is a Xserver reconfiguration option.00:44
ZlobiHello and Happy New Year00:44
qt-xhappy new year Zlobi00:45
Sylvester_InkAnyway, thanks for the help Dr_Willis.  I'll just go to his place one of these days and set it up myself.00:45
riverbirdhowto upgrade mono1.2.6 to mono1.9.1 or better?00:46
ZlobiI am having problem with sound configuration, need to put my sound card OUTPUT in ices2 config file. Problem is that both input and output are listed as hw:0,0, so it captures very low level (mixed?). Please advise, nothing on forums00:46
type_t<Sylvester> boot into repair mode at startup .. there is reconfigure there.00:47
mister_robotoai9371: what about http://quanta.kdewebdev.org/ or http://sourceforge.net/projects/kompozer/ ?00:47
Sylvester_Inktype_t: what's the command?00:47
ZlobiSylvester_Ink: Just select it in GRUB menu00:48
Zlobisecond one probably00:48
type_treboot and select at bootsplash second option right above memtest00:48
Sylvester_Inksorry, I meant, what's the reconfigure command00:48
Sylvester_Inkjust reconfigure?00:48
riverbirdy'all must be running windows ..00:48
ZlobiYes, or at least there was some --help or a blue screen with menus00:49
type_tits only three options there. continue normal; drop int shell; configure Xserver..00:49
Sylvester_Inkah, okay00:49
ZlobiI am having problem with sound configuration, need to put my sound card OUTPUT in ices2 config file. Problem is that both input and output are listed as hw:0,0, so it captures very low level (mixed?). Please advise, nothing on forums. Addition: Running Ubuntu 9.1000:50
mister_robototype_t: can you just dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?00:50
mister_robototype_t: and restart x?00:50
Zlobiwith sudo probably...00:50
Zlobimister_roboto: In 9.x ubuntu I am afraid Xserver is different00:51
type_t<mister_roboto> duno. lets try both and see.00:51
mister_robototype_t:  Zlobi   i just used that technique and manually set up the xorg.conf with ubuntu 9.10 on a machine at work00:52
Zlobimister_roboto: Fine then. So it is just different grub00:52
mister_robotoZlobi: actually i never read up on it in detail about where the config goes now for X. i found it confusing the first time there was no xorg.conf :)00:54
mister_robotoZlobi: but it worked00:54
Zlobimister_roboto: Yes, commands are the same, which is god, but the guts are different00:55
ZlobiWell, what about my annoying sound problem? :P00:56
ZlobiCan I add somehow somewhere smth like hw:0,0,0 and hw:0,0,1 to differ my in and out?00:57
mister_robotoZlobi: lol  good luck!00:57
qt-xI have a problem with the sound card it makes "clack" from 10 in 10 sec00:57
qt-x00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)00:57
Zlobithis is Linux or at least Ubuntu bug imo00:58
Zlobinot just with my sound...00:58
ZlobiA little spam, now there is low activity...00:59
Zlobi  2:        : timer00:59
Zlobi  3:        : sequencer00:59
Zlobi  4: [ 0- 2]: digital audio capture00:59
Zlobi  5: [ 0- 1]: digital audio playback00:59
Zlobi  6: [ 0- 0]: digital audio playback00:59
Zlobi  7: [ 0- 0]: digital audio capture00:59
FloodBot1Zlobi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:59
nomnexdifference between Ctrl+Alt+F2 and Running the terminal from the GUI?00:59
mister_robotoZlobi: sound on linux has always seemed to be a disaster00:59
Izinucsnomnex: the first drops you to a tty#2 .. ctrl+alt+F7 takes you back to the gui..00:59
ZlobiBut the server PC doesn't even have 0- 101:00
Zlobii. e. dig audio play01:00
goosehow can I start a screen detached?01:00
ZlobiNVidia ALC883 there01:00
Guest7001!tty | nomnex01:00
ubottunomnex: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution.01:00
* Izinucs sips his first happy new year drink in anticipation of the coming events this evening.. 01:00
MTecknologyIf you guys want to have a little fun for newyears; there's ##ubuntu-newyears01:01
nomnexIzinucs, I know the ways, but what is the difference?01:01
Zlobimister_roboto: If I can ask politely, um, fix that disaster at last01:01
ZlobiI hope some dev reads01:01
ZlobiShame if the same in 10.*01:02
Izinucsnomnex: couldn't tell you for certain.. the actual differences.. between runlevels, TTY's 1-6, terminal emulators etc..01:02
ZlobiIzinucs: afaicr, it is the privilege level01:03
Zlobilike sudo is not root01:03
IzinucsZlobi: which one? TTY?01:03
ZlobiIzinucs: Yep, There is a main tty @ Atl+F101:04
mister_robotothe diff ttys are nothing more than separate ttys. they are exactly the same priv level01:04
icerootmister_roboto: correct01:04
mister_robotohas nothing to do with runlevels01:04
icerootmister_roboto: also correct01:04
nomnexIzinucs, how do I launch an app from a TTY#n? It fails when I pass sudo gksu gedit (I can only run nano) and if I want to open e.g. Deluge, it fails too. I can do that from the Bash window in Gnome01:04
icerootnomnex: sudo gksu is wrong01:04
icerootnomnex: gksudo gedit01:05
ZlobiIzinucs: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=83376501:05
Zlobiothers don't click unless curious01:05
Izinucsnomnex: you might not be able to run a gui app from TTY.. never tried.. if it works then it will automatically switch you to TTY701:05
trismgoose: screen -d -m01:06
Ricoshadycan I get the version number from apt-cache search ?01:06
Ricoshadyof a particular package?01:06
icerootRicoshady: apt-cache show  or apt-cache policy01:06
IzinucsZlobi: kinda interesting doing this in a live usb of kubuntu 64 bit01:06
miczah well anyhows happy new year n goodnite01:06
goosetrism: doesn't seem to work :/01:06
gooseoh nevermind01:07
gooseirssi wasn't installed01:07
xtjacobdoes anyone know the difference between AMD-V, and AMD-V/RVI?01:08
IzinucsZlobi: thanks for the link.. My ideas were along those lines.01:08
blackest_knightSylvester_Ink: you might find with two monitors you have to put them vertical ( default workspace is 2048 x 2048)01:09
digitalaxisxtjacob, RVI stands for "Rapid Virtualization Indexing"01:09
nomnexIzinucs, Gtk-WARNING ** cannot display when I try to open an application from TTY. How can I manage the system and run the applications using only the command?01:09
* Pelo mutters grumbles and curses01:10
bastid_raZornomnex: TTY is not intended to run GUI apps. only command line applications01:10
Izinucsnomnex: I did that for a while.. you have to learn a totally different set of programs that will run in the TTy01:10
Sylvester_Inkblackest_knight: so you can't do them side by side?01:10
Izinucsnomnex: twinkle for IM, mutt for email, eliinks for internet browsing etc.01:10
Pelonommthat's because you are trying to open a gui app using a console mode you need a consol app to do that same job , what are you trying to do ?01:10
nomnexIzinucs, like wim?01:10
Pelonomnex, try nano, easier01:11
Izinucsnomnex: it would also be a good idea to learn the basics of "screen"01:11
blackest_knightSylvester_Ink: i think its a current bug in 9.10 at least01:11
nomnexIzinucs, sceen is a software? link?01:11
icerootnomnex: have a look at  man screen01:12
Izinucs!screen | nomnex  It's in the repos01:12
ubottunomnex  It's in the repos: Screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen01:12
icerootnomnex: its a must have for using cli01:12
Pelonomnex, screen is a session manager for command line applications ,01:12
ftwscreen is amazing, and byobu is a good front-end for it01:12
nomnexiceroot, all, thanks I take a look01:12
ftwDon't ssh without it!01:12
blackest_knightSylvester_Ink:  with my netbook and 19 inch i cant go aboove 800 x 600 on the 19inch side by side01:12
Pelonomnex, hold on a minute I 've got a nice link to get you started with the command line01:13
jasonmchristoswhere can i get an easily installable matrix theme for ubuntu karmic?01:13
nomnexPelo, I stay01:13
Sylvester_Inkthanks blackest_knight, for now I think I'll just have him use one monitor01:13
Dr_Willisjasonmchristos:  check out the gnome-art and gnome-artng tools they let you easially install different theme parts.01:13
Pelonomnex, this will get you started with the very basics   http://www.linuxcommand.org/index.php01:13
Dr_Willisjasonmchristos:  they get the stuff from the gnome-look and a few other web sites I recall01:14
jasonmchristosok i will install it and let you know how it works thanks Dr_Willis01:14
IzinucsIs CPU scaling automatic?01:14
blackest_knightSylvester should work vertical rouble is the xorg.conf getting junked out is creating problems01:14
Tiderscp -r to copy a whole directory?01:15
icerootIzinucs: if the cpu supports it (and the cpu is supported by the kernel) yes01:15
PeloTiders, I like  cp dirname/*  less confusing01:15
TidersPelo, thats true thanks01:15
TidersPelo both would work though correct?01:15
Sylvester_Inkblackest_knight: yeah, but remember that I'm having to fix this problem remotely01:15
Izinucsiceroot: just noticed it for the first time.. live usb 64 bit kubuntu01:15
Sylvester_InkI'm not actually at his computer, I'm telling him via gchat01:16
nomnexPelo, I've got the link, but thanks (as the excellent Linux phrasebook-Scott Granneman-2006) if someone wants it, I'll share01:16
Sylvester_Inkand that's not fun01:16
PeloTiders, not sure if it would be   -r or -R but it should ,man cp to check01:16
killingon1516hi all. ubuntu novice here... im in the market to buy a LARGE mp3 player..and im wondering what works best with ubuntu..my sister told me to avoid ipods but other then that i have no guidelines..anyone help me?01:16
Sylvester_Inkkillingon1516: I recommend looking into the iAudio line01:16
trismPelo: both are correct01:16
Sylvester_Inkit's by Cowon01:16
digitalaxiskillingon1516, Ipods work perfectly with ubuntu, i have used my ipod with ubuntu since ipods first came out01:16
Pelonomnex, best suggestion I can make start bookmarking the links ppl give you ,even if you don'T use them now , eventualy you probably will need tem01:16
IzinucsTiders: cp -r /path/of/directory /path/to/new/location01:17
blackest_knightSylvester_Ink: well the display tool in gnome is fairly straigh forward mess  up reboot...01:17
khelvanOk, the system just "froze" for a bit, meaning I couldn't move my mouse, then it started "stuttering," meaning I could move my mouse in spurts but not do anything, and alt-tab brought up only bits and pieces of a window, then the screen went black, then I was sent to the login screen in Karmic. I had two terminal windows open, Xchat, and Firefox...any idea what could cause this?01:17
digitalaxiskillingon1516, In all honesty, ipods ARE the best MP3 player for Ubuntu.01:17
IzinucsTiders: unless it's outside of /home01:17
Hilikuskillingon1516: i second COWON, great products01:17
Pelokhelvan, what were you doing ? somethjing very cpu intensive ? that can happen01:18
Hilikuskillingon1516: and stay away from ipods. they do work, but they are all hacks01:18
killingon1516well whats the biggest size for that one Hilkus?01:18
Izinucskhelvan: video driver maybe01:18
blackest_knightkhelvan:  lack of ram or something doing too much try typing top in a terminal01:18
digitalaxiskillingon1516, Check your private chat01:18
klownI agree, ipods work great with ubuntu, im using a 120g gen 5 classic right now01:18
nomnexPelo, I don't understand "I can make start bookmarking the links ppl give you". but I have the link you gave me already in my bookmarks collection if it make sens?01:18
Sylvester_InkEh, iPods are good, but overrated01:19
Sylvester_Inkthere are plenty of excellent mp3 players that aren't ipods, but few get looked at01:19
Cyber_AkumaI dont like mp3 players that require special software/drivers to put music on them01:19
Cyber_Akumaipod, zune, eyc01:19
Pelonomnex, sorry, bad wording,  bookmark every link ppl give you , you will probably need them eventualy01:19
Sylvester_InkCyber_Akuma: exactly, the cowon players work as thumb drives01:19
khelvanPelo - Nothing, I had Firefox open to a few sites, htop running in one terminal, another wasn't doing anything. I was typing in XChat when it crashed. I have 12 GB of RAM. I have an Nvidia GTX 295, and am using the proprietary driver found in Karmic.01:19
ga_sk8eris there a good photo editing program where i can change only the background?01:19
digitalaxisSylvester_Ink, i work at a radio station part time, and we use ipods for most field data storage simply because they are the most stable for large amounts of data01:19
khelvanThe above was for Izinucs and blackest_knight, thanks.01:19
IzinucsPelo: I use a mindmapper to track stuff in categories.. vym or other01:20
Cyber_AkumaWhat about laptop drive enclosures?01:20
Cyber_AkumaAnd flash memory "should" be more stable...01:20
Hilikushappy new year guys. im off01:20
Dr_Willisnomnex:  check out my ubuntu/linux tagged links at http://delicious.com/dr_willis also. :) and other peoples ubuntu tagged urls as well01:20
Cyber_Akumaga_sk8er: The Gimp?01:20
Dr_Willisga_sk8er:  thats doable with the gimp and some skill.01:20
Cyber_AkumaYou also need to lay off the caps lock01:21
Pelokhelvan, it was just one possibility,  and wow,  I didn'T know they made comps with 12 gigs of ram , I'm impressed with your disposable income01:21
Sylvester_Inkdigitalaxis: I'm not saying ipods are bad. I'm just not crazy about many of their limitations01:21
ga_sk8ercyber_akuma gimp wouldnt do what i wanted. i want to keep the ppl in the front & change the background01:21
Cyber_Akumaditto Sylvester_Ink01:21
klownisnt the max on ram 32g now?01:21
digitalaxisSylvester_Ink, lol like what?01:21
IzinucsPelo: ram is cheap.. but you have to have the slots for that much01:21
Sylvester_InkLike the need to use itunes to transfer audio01:21
Cyber_Akumano, its far higher than 32gigs01:21
khelvanPelo - I bought the RAM for less than $300 US. RAM is cheap these days.01:21
digitalaxisSylvester_Ink, you dont need itunes to transfer audio01:21
Cyber_AkumaBut if you are using 32 gigs of ram for a desktop, you are doing it wrong :P01:21
blackest_knightkhelvan:  still worth running top  see whats going on01:22
klownlol, my board supports 16gigs of ddr3, if i need 16gigs, i got problems.01:22
Sylvester_Inkdigitalaxis: last I checked, unless you jailbreak the ipod you require itunes (or some software that supports the interface)01:22
ga_sk8erCyber_Akuma gimp wouldnt do what i wanted. i want to keep the ppl in the front & change the background01:22
Cyber_AkumaI was planning to go 12....01:22
* Pelo is playing around with an 8 yearold celeron D 1.7 mhz with 512 megs of ram and a nvidia g5200 (128mg), Izinucs khelvan 01:22
Izinucskhelvan: check dmesg too.. maybe there's a reference there .. also /var/log01:22
Cyber_Akumamy choices are 3, 6, or 12....01:22
wolfsong_why does a drive i show mounted in Nautilus not appear in Firefox?01:22
IzinucsPelo: you're almost modern with that equipment.. I have a couple around like that I use for servers and testing01:23
Cyber_AkumaCourse, I dont have the MONEY to build it :(01:23
digitalaxisSylvester_Ink, ipods are the easiest mp3 player to hack bud. No need to follow what they initially require:)01:23
klownPelo, time for an upgrade :P01:23
Pelokhelvan, Izinucs  on the other hand I just bought a 32inch lcd for that computer, it's a media center now01:23
nomnexPeolo, I do that when I don't have the links already ;-) Dr_Willis, looking now01:23
Cyber_AkumaMy old mp3 player messed up :(01:23
Sylvester_Inkdigitalaxis: but you shouldn't need to hack them01:23
Cyber_AkumaThe flash seems to be stuck in read-only mode01:23
Sylvester_InkI'd rather use my money to support a manufacturer that gives me what I want by default01:23
Peloklown, it was a gift from my neibourg ,when she bought her new one,  it's my favorite toy right now01:23
IzinucsPelo: I just bought a 22" monitor 'cause I wanted the realestate and can't convince my wife I need two monitors :) .. $179 at tigerdirect01:24
Cyber_AkumaSo not only can I not delete/ad dmusic... but it can't PLAY music either because it needs scratch space01:24
digitalaxisSylvester_Ink, well i still prefer ipods, lol01:24
klownIzinucs, im trying to convince my wife of the same01:24
Cyber_Akumaat least I was able to get the music OFF of it though01:24
Sylvester_Inkdigitalaxis: Good, good.  They're a good mp3 player. :D01:24
PeloIzinucs, I want one of those, but for now ,all the money went to the tv and the "office comp" is setup with an second hand 17" crt01:24
Izinucsklown: I hate the questions.. "what do you do on that all day"?01:24
Cyber_AkumaI never understood the point of two moniters01:24
IzinucsPelo: one thing at a time :)01:25
Sylvester_InkCyber_Akuma: more work space01:25
Cyber_AkumaWell, its true :P01:25
PeloIzinucs, pretty much01:25
klownIzinucs, i get that all the time, even though she spends 12 hrs + playing a game on her pc.01:25
digitalaxisCyber_Akuma, lol if you are a c++ programmer like me, you can find use for many many monitors lol01:25
Pelohold on brb01:25
Sylvester_Inkhey, I have a quick question in general01:25
JMONEYWhats up guys01:25
mister_robotoCyber_Akuma: it's great for developers who are running various servers, ides and monitors all up at once01:25
Cyber_AkumaOnly reason I upgraded my monitor was becaue the old one got so bad I couldent tell the difference between n and m anymore01:25
digitalaxisCyber_Akuma, run my SLN's on 1 monitor, write my cpp scripts on the other and use chat and such on my third01:25
Izinucsklown: yea.. mine plays a handheld freecell game..01:25
Cyber_AkumaI meant for a desktop :P01:25
Sylvester_Inkrecently on slashdot there was an article about using Vim as an IDE01:25
Cyber_AkumaEven then, this new monitor's size is kinda overwhelming01:26
klownIzinucs, freecell, time for her to upgrade..that game is old as hell.01:26
Cyber_AkumaI can't imagine having two01:26
digitalaxisI have 3 24" monitors01:26
JMONEYIm trying to install from CD I get this error: //Filesystem.squasfs failed: invalid argument -- can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs)01:26
Cyber_Akumasince its 16:9, my old one was 4:301:26
Sylvester_InkI'm currently moving to vim as an IDE, and I was wondering whether it would be better to stick to something like Codeblocks01:26
ftwright now I have 2 x 22" monitors, can't imagine anything less01:26
klownCyber_Akuma, i would enjoy having two 22" monitors, anything bigger, would be overkill01:26
mister_robotoSylvester_Ink: it's just an editor. hard to call vim an ide :)01:26
Drakesoncould you please test your gnome-terminal? mine is very slow.  you can test it by doing:  "time gnome-terminal -x true"01:27
Drakesonit takes 3 seconds here01:27
drx2can you copy NTFS partitions from one drive to another with GPARTED on an Ubuntu 6.10 Live CD?01:27
Cyber_AkumaI just have a single 21.5 inch 16:9 monitor, running at 1920x108001:27
Sylvester_Inkmister_roboto: but it can be extended to provide all the ide abilities01:27
klowni just bought a samsung 22" monitor a month ago, i want another just like it, expensive though.01:27
Pelodrx2, not sure gparted does copy01:27
Cyber_AkumaThis thing was I think $12001:27
Cyber_Akumapretty cheap01:27
Izinucsklown: she likes it .. I won't argue with her.01:27
Cyber_AkumaFor what it does at least01:27
mister_robotoSylvester_Ink: like what? syntax highlighting?  lol01:27
JMONEYAny ideas ?01:27
Cyber_Akuma2ms response, hdcp and hdmi, audio in and out...01:28
Cyber_Akumasurprised it was only $12001:28
mister_robotoi use vi all the time and like it but it's not close to a real ide01:28
Pelodrx2, you can make a new partion an copy using a live ce but gparted has nothign to do with the copy01:28
JMONEYIm trying to install from CD I get this error: //Filesystem.squasfs failed: invalid argument -- can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs)01:28
osmosisuhh  virt-install  or  vmbuilder?  The docs reference them both.01:28
Sylvester_Inkmister_roboto: projects, debugging, function and variable lists, etc01:28
kmystanybody know why on a fresh intrepid install with luks encryption that it refuses to work with a keyfile larger than 640 bytes?01:28
klownmy samsung has 2hdmi connections, and a component connection, i can hook everything to it.01:28
tomvolek_hi , happy new year.   I am installing oracle db as user oracle , how can i add oracle user to the sudoers list ?01:28
Cyber_Akumanice :)01:28
drx2Pelo: so how do you copy the NTFS partition and boot sector information from one drive to the other?01:28
Cyber_AkumaYeah, I connected my 360 and ps3 to this thing as well as my pc01:28
Cyber_Akumasince I dont have a hdtv01:29
ribotquestion: when i select my fat32 drive from the menu it is automatically mounted and i have permission, but when i added it in fstab i dont have any permissions as a user..how to fix this?01:29
Cyber_Akumapc by dvi 360 by vga, ps3 by hdmi01:29
klownits your choice of course, but i dont see the point in owning a ps3 and a 36001:29
Cyber_Akuma1. My PC sucks, 2. Most genras I like are not on pcs01:30
Izinucsolder ps3 you can install ubuntu on01:30
Cyber_AkumaI have a wii too, Im a pretty big console gamer01:30
Cyber_Akumatried that01:30
Izinucsslim doesn't work for that01:30
Cyber_Akumaran like crap, do I put YDL instead, it was more optimized for the ps301:30
klownsubcolum 1) you own a 360 subcolum 2) you still own a 36001:30
Sylvester_InkAh well, I'm out for now.  Thanks all of you who helped me out!  I'll try and contribute more on the IRC myself!01:30
mister_robotoSylvester_Ink: can you point me to some of these extensions? i don't even know what that means... you have only one screen and commmand / input mode. it's not like you can step through your code watching the registers and memory locations, getting popup keyword completion, etc01:31
Cyber_Akumaso what? I like my 360 :P01:31
drx2how do you copy hard drives with Ubuntu Live CD?01:31
klowni just dont understand owning both, i own a 360 and love it, only reason id consider a ps3 is for the blueray drive, and i can buy one for 50$ :/01:31
mister_robotoSylvester_Ink: there are so many ides out there now i can't fathom why you'd want to even try transforming vi into one. that's not the right use case for it01:31
Cyber_Akumaexclusives and friends01:31
mezquitale!ot| klown01:31
ubottuklown: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:31
Sylvester_Inkmister_roboto: the ones I've installed so far are taglist, Nerdtree, Omnicppcomplete01:31
Cyber_Akumahalf my friends have a 360, the other a ps301:31
mezquitale!ot> Cyber_Akuma01:32
ubottuCyber_Akuma, please see my private message01:32
Cyber_Akumayou can't get uncharted or motorstorm on a 360, or halo and mass effect on a ps3 XD01:32
Cyber_Akumaok ok01:32
klownmezquitale, your off topic notes are causing more issues than our conversation.01:32
klownjust an fyi.01:32
Sylvester_Inkmister_roboto: I've really taken a liking to how efficient Vim is.  I'm giving it a try to see if it can compete with Codeblocks and Kdevelop01:33
klownand due to someone mentioning that you can run ubuntu on a ps3, it is on topic :P01:33
Cyber_Akumathose things always seem to crop up right when you are in the middle of talking about something, its like having a brick wall dropped in front of you when your car just hit max acceleration...01:33
Cyber_AkumaToo bad the RSX is locked out in OtherOS mode, no video acceleration on ps3 linux :(01:34
JMONEYIm trying to install from CD I get this error: //Filesystem.squasfs failed: invalid argument -- can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs)01:34
mezquitaledrx2, you have to use a utility that will allow you to copy partitions, partimage will do the trick01:34
mister_robotoSylvester_Ink: well, good luck :)   i like the fact that it's everywhere and comes up instantly when i need to edit files. and i have it burned into my fingers. but once you start plugging in tons of extensions to make it into an ide, you have to wonder if you're wasting time01:34
Cyber_AkumaIll reinstall ubuntu and opensuse on my laptop someday...... and hopefully itll actually WORK that time01:35
drx2mezquitale: is that on the LiveCD?01:35
Cyber_AkumaLinux hates my laptop's hardware :(01:35
klownCyber_Akuma, i had the same issue with my vaio.01:35
ratonplayer!ot Drx201:35
Cyber_Akuma8.10 was the only distro in which all the hardware worked01:35
Sylvester_Inkmister_roboto: I'll definitely keep your advice in mind.  If it turns out to be lacking, I can easily jump back to Codeblocks01:35
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:35
Cyber_Akuma8.04 sound worked, nothing else, before nothing worked01:35
Cyber_Akuma9.04 my wifi and gpu worked01:36
Cyber_Akuma... no sorry01:36
mezquitaledrx2, I dont know, boot up the the live CD and find out01:36
Cyber_Akuma8.10 my wifi and gpu worked01:36
yoasifcan i "switch users" if i am using a desktop environment other than gnome/kde? (like say, windowmaker)01:36
klownratonplayer, !ot | ratonplayer01:36
Cyber_Akuma9.04 gpu broke again >.<01:36
klowndont forget the | :P01:36
drx2ratonplayer: how is that off topic?  I have an ubuntu LiveCD?01:36
Cyber_Akumahaven't tried 9.10 on it yet01:36
mister_robotoSylvester_Ink: i'm not actually giving you any advice. i'm just expressing my amusement that people are trying to turn vi into something like an ide. why not just go to emacs or stay with codeblocks? (i don't know codeblocks)01:36
Cyber_AkumaStupid Radon x120001:36
fallorei'm trying to use the terminal to install samba ("sudo apt-get install samba") but i get the message "E: Coudln't find package samba"01:37
mezquitaledrx2, youre not off topic, he's talking about a troll that insists on trolling around01:37
Dmolehi, how can I test the www speed of a server, i was thinking public FTP, anyone know of any or other options?01:37
Cyber_Akumavi...... can't STAND that thing... i've tried it01:37
klownCyber_Akuma, last i tried on my vaio was 9.04 also, and i had gfx acceleration issues.01:37
Cyber_Akumaklown: was it also an ati card?01:37
mister_robotoCyber_Akuma: if you're a touch typist, and can get past the learning part, it's very fast to use for simple editing01:37
Sylvester_Inkmister_roboto: I'm not too crazy about emacs myself.  It's a good editor, but i'm acustomed to Vim01:37
Cyber_AkumaI heard that ati sorta discotninued support of some older cards in linux, and the xorg that 9.04 uses needed the newer drivers... or something like that01:38
klownCyber_Akuma, no, an intel card.::disgust::01:38
Sylvester_Inkmister_roboto: besides, Vim has a lot of built in IDE features, so why not use them?01:38
Cyber_AkumaI am.... not sure what I am01:38
drx2mezquitale: ok, how might I find the copy program on the Live CD?01:38
Cyber_AkumaIts like some weird mutant offspring of two-finger and touch typing01:38
Cyber_AkumaAs long as im not conscious of my fingers... I can touch type XD01:38
klownlol, im the same way01:38
Cyber_AkumaI just felt that vi is kinda cryptic01:39
fallorei'm trying to use the terminal to install samba ("sudo apt-get install samba") but i get the message "E: Coudln't find package samba"01:39
klownwhen i started taking programming classes in college, they made us use vi01:39
Sylvester_InkCyber_Akuma: It is difficult at first, but once I figured it out, I really like it01:39
mister_robotoSylvester_Ink: sure, i'm not saying you should stay away from them. i just like the portability and do things with many different kinds of unix, most of which aren't running vim or associated plugins/extensions01:40
Cyber_AkumaMaybe I was too used to edit, but the ui seemed very..... not sure whats the word01:40
kmystyeah well i got hooked on emacs but eventually learned that vi is installed everywhere whereas emacs wasn't and switched...now i can't see any other way of editing quickly01:40
mister_robotoCyber_Akuma: primitive?  :)01:40
klownfallore, apt-get install smbclient01:40
=== evilNiko is now known as niko
mezquitaledrx2, boot up to the live CD, then open up a terminal and type partimage01:40
Sylvester_Inkmister_roboto, Cyber_Akuma  I'm referring to Vim rather than Vi, fyi01:41
Cyber_Akuma.... I guess cryptic, go to control mode then type ;q to quit01:41
falloresame message, klown01:41
klownfallore, try apt-get install smbfs01:41
mezquitalefallore, you go into "software sources" and enable 3rd party vendors01:41
Cyber_AkumaI mean, when you can't even figure out how to EXIT a program without a manual...01:41
falloremezquitale: all i have is a terminal.01:41
mister_robotoCyber_Akuma: i understand. i hated it at first too :)01:41
Cyber_AkumaI use nano when I am in a cli01:41
fallorethat one didn't work either, klown01:41
Sylvester_InkCyber_Akuma: that's what vimtutor is for :D01:41
Cyber_Akumaand gedit or whatever is installed for gui01:41
kmystlike emacs makes sense to exit?! :q is way easier01:41
riverbird!ops kick Cyber_Akuma01:42
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:42
=== rafase282 is now known as Rafase282
mezquitale!ot < kmyst01:42
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:42
mezquitale!ot >kmyst01:42
ubottukmyst, please see my private message01:42
Cpudan80riverbird: do a | between the ops bit and the person01:42
klownlol, now emacs isnt related?01:42
Cyber_AkumaWhat advantage does vi have though nowadays? I mean, I can understand how something tiny and using up small memory was useful back in the day, but what advntage does it have over other editors nowadays?01:42
klownCyber_Akuma, nothing really.01:43
Sylvester_InkCyber_Akuma: because of the available commands, editing is a lot quicker01:43
kmystsimple, it is installed everywhere01:43
Cyber_AkumaSo why does everyone use it then?01:43
mister_robotoCyber_Akuma: for me, it's primarily the speed when you have to go quickly edit a file01:43
klownCyber_Akuma, alot of people learned to use it first01:43
kmystwhether you use ubuntu or slackware01:43
mister_robotocyber Cyber_Akuma  and it works in a terminal01:43
fallorecan anyone help me install samba with only a command line?01:43
billout of the blue: leafpad is my favourite text editor combined with the open-as-root script in nautilus for system tweaking01:43
usr13Cyber_Akuma: More reasons than you'll ever know.01:43
MikeGuohi, guys, I got a wireless issue in my unbuntu 9.04, my wirelss card work,  but it can't connect my wireless router, if I give a security setting in my wireless router,01:43
Cyber_Akumanever heard of leafpad....01:44
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:44
klownwhat is with the offtopic?01:44
klowncalm down, plz..01:44
kmystplus if you have to rescue a crashed system it is handy...01:44
MikeGuoit always want me input password, but I promise I did that01:44
LinuxGuy2009I'm thinking of trying 9.10 out once again to see if things have improved with audio. I was gonna take my 9.10 standard CD and use ubuntu customization kit to make a disk like there selling on on-disk.com 9.10-10.01 (9.10 with all integrated updates as of Jan 2010).Pretty easy to do. So whats the deal with pulseaudio? Did they change anything with it or is it the same unreliable crap that it has been in the past?01:44
Sylvester_InkI guess cause this isn't a Vi forum01:44
Dmolefallore: sudo aptitude install samba -y;01:44
Sylvester_InkI apologize for hijacking the topic01:44
billleafpad is very similar to notepad on Windows but doesn't suck01:44
Cyber_AkumaMost of the rescue disks I have gotten have several text editors01:44
klownyes, dont talk about anything not related to ubuntu.. :/01:44
klownget a life, plz.01:45
MikeGuoanyone can help me about my wireless network issue?01:45
fallorethat worked! thank you dmole. or at least i think it did01:45
mezquitaleLinuxGuy2009, i've had mixed results in both my laptop and desktop, pulse audio doesn't really work flawlessly in karmic01:45
Cyber_AkumaHmm.... wireless...... does ubuntu still have problems with wpa support btw?01:45
billnano at a text prompt is what I use for system rescue ;)01:45
Cyber_AkumaIm stuck on wep :(01:45
usr13Cyber_Akuma: vim is a very powerful and versitle editor that is quick and easy to use.  Try it, you'll like it.01:45
Cyber_Akumabill: ditto01:45
klownCyber_Akuma, havent tried wpa.01:45
mister_robotoCyber_Akuma: i suspect that most of us vi'ers have supported many variations of unix and done so over remote ssh connections01:45
Cyber_AkumaI HAVE tried it usr1301:45
falloreDmole: how can i check to make sure it is installed, and do you know the file that i have to edit to play with the config?01:46
mezquitaleis there an admin that can take care of a couple of trolls?01:46
usr13Cyber_Akuma: Then you should like it.01:46
Cyber_AkumaI needed to boto up another pc and lookup a manual to find out how to exit after failing to use it to edit >.<01:46
MikeGuoCyber_Akuma: I am not sure. but my wireless card worked, when my wirelss route didn't use secureity01:46
klownCyber_Akuma, its a good program, as been mentioned, but if you dont care for it, its your personal opinion.01:46
gwinceCyber_Akuma: Yeah, I'm behind. Vi comes as standard with most distros, and it's easier to use that than anything else when you manage 300+ Redhat servers. :)01:46
Dmolefallore: man samba;01:46
loshaLinuxGuy2009: Actually, I've had good luck removing pulseaudio altogether: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/fix-for-all-pulseaudio-related-issues.html01:46
kmystmister_roboto: amen...i'm always able to use vi no matter what flavor of *nix01:46
LinuxGuy2009mezquitale: That sucks. If 10.04 LTS is this bad then Im staying with pure Debian from now on, its much more reliable and stable.01:46
MikeGuoCyber_Akum: that's because ubuntu support wpa issue?01:46
falloredmole: man: command not found01:46
Cyber_AkumaIm just saying its the first editor that I was not able to use without a manual, not even to be able to exit it01:46
ardchoille!ot| Cyber_Akuma01:47
ubottuCyber_Akuma: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:47
Cyber_AkumaMikeGuo: I was just asking actually01:47
ionine_?DCC SEND "ff???f?" 0 0 001:47
klownhow is vi off topic?01:47
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, or type « /msg ubottu exploit » for more information.01:47
Cyber_AkumaI have three systems that are wep, going to see if I can do anything about getting them to work with wpa01:47
Cyber_Akumabecause its not secure >.<01:47
kmystCyber_Akuma: can't use wpasupplicant?01:47
Cyber_Akuma.... wait, no, two systems iirc01:47
MikeGuoCyber_Akuma: yeah, I have this issue to.01:48
loshaCyber_Akuma: vi was developed long before user 'friendliness' was even a concept. And there are still environments e.g. embedded processors where having a small but full-featured editor is worthwhile...01:48
MikeGuoI just can use Mac address limited in my router right now01:48
mezquitaleklown, this is not a channel to support vi, it is to support ubuntu, is vi working on your ubuntu installation?01:48
MikeGuoso strange.01:48
kmystCyber_Akuma: aye...i have seen it in use but don't use it...my stuff is wide open :)01:48
Dmolefallore: man not found? what are you using?01:48
ardchoillelosha: Please take the off topic chat to another channel01:48
falloredmole: xbmc01:48
klownmezquitale, doesnt ubuntu come with vi?  if so, then its on topic :)01:49
Cyber_Akumalosha: yes, I know, I asknowledged this, that before modern ui concepts it was probably the best, and its still useful in tiny/embedded systems01:49
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:49
Dmolefallore: oh just use google as your command line then01:49
ardchoille!ops | Cyber_Akuma losha continue ot01:49
ubottuCyber_Akuma losha continue ot: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!01:49
MikeGuokmyst: I have this issue too, but I installed the package wpasupplicant01:49
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Cyber_AkumaJust don't see why its used for example on desktops nowadays, is it just because peopel are used to it? because pretty much eveyr distro has it?01:49
mezquitaleklown, ok so what issue are you having with vi? is it working or not?  Please post the issue all on one line so that others may follow01:49
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kmystMikeGuo: like i said i don't use it just seen it in use before01:49
klownmezquitale, i dont have any issues with vi, but Cyber_Akuma has an issue figuring out how to use vi, and we are having a discussion about the application.01:50
Guest11434Anyone willing to try to help me with a boot problem?01:50
ardchoilleklown: But this channel isn't the place for that01:50
Cyber_AkumaNot really, more like I am trying to figure out why its still the main one in use today for even desktop work01:50
usr13Cyber_Akuma: Again, there are many reasons.  You would have to use it to know.  Trust us, if you use it you will see why.01:51
klownardchoille, its a support channel for an item on ubuntu, its like when people ask how to play mp3s on ubuntu, are you calling that off topic?01:51
kmystCyber_Akuma: it is univeral is why01:51
billI have a question while I'm here testing this IRC client ;): I'm on karmic koala now, first time linux.  When the next LTS comes out in April, should I boot, wait for GDM then Control+Alt+F1 to a console and sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade without fully booting in Gnome?  Or does it make a difference? Not needed, use synaptic of a graphical terminal?01:51
mezquitaleklown, this is ubuntu support, not vi support, if vi is up and running then ask Cyber_Akuma to go to the forums to learn how to use vi01:51
D-coym4v hdp where r u??? :P01:51
kmystuniversal rather01:51
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Guest11434I just installed Ubuntu 9.10 on my mother's computer for her and ran update manager for the first time. While it was updating it told me that I'd have to restart to finish, so I chose the restart option. While it was loading it hung on the white Ubuntu symbol right before the splash page. After staying there for some time the screen went black and all I could see was01:51
Guest11434fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16 [   3.575240] Adding 6032368k swap on /dev/sda5.   Priority:-1 extents:1 across: 6032368k /dev/sda1: clean, 151614/9396224 files, 1245533/37553937 blocks init: udevtrigger main process (549) terminated with status 1 init: udevtrigger post-stop process (551) terminated with status 1 init: udevtrigger main process (548) killed by TERM signal init: networking main process (554) terminated with status01:51
mkamezquitale, then what are we actually supporting in ubuntu, again?01:52
Cyber_Akuma... the gui I guess? XD01:52
MikeGuokmyst: ok. anyway, thanks01:52
Cyber_AkumaSince apparently its not the apps01:52
MikeGuoanyone know ubuntu wpa issue?01:52
kmystwait i'm confused...what do we support??? ubuntu=programs from everywhere i.e. vi01:52
bazhanglets move the vi chat to #ubuntu-offtopic klown mezquitale Cyber_Akuma01:52
klownno..you discuss the word ubuntu.01:52
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klownsince thats the only thing directly related01:53
MikeGuoI can't connect my wireless router.01:53
klownbut then again, its an african word, so that wouldnt be related either.01:53
Cyber_AkumaUbuntu.... Isn't that like an African or something like that word meaning togetherness?01:53
billUbuntu is a package mainly composed of a few custom graphics.  The rest of the package is what to include from FLOSS so a definition is in order... ;) Being simple on purpose.01:53
bazhangCyber_Akuma, please stay on topic01:53
mezquitalemka, if it works on ubuntu, the "installation" is OK, then the issue is not with ubuntu01:53
Guest11434Anyone? Or is there a particular channel I should take my question to?01:53
mister_robotobill: on my laptop here, i just do "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" fairly regularly to keep everything up to date01:54
kmystthat's what i thought..so if i need help on fsck i need to go to other chan?  good reasoning01:54
mezquitale!patience | Guest1143401:54
ubottuGuest11434: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.01:54
klownbazhang, mind if i message you?01:54
mister_robotobill: oh, and do that from an xterm within the gui.  if the kernel changes, i reboot01:54
mkamezquitale, confused, but I am not here to discuss off-topic stuff. let me distance myself from this.01:54
bazhangklown, go ahead01:54
billmister_roboto: oops, apt-get dist-upgrade, gotcha! I'll probably do it from a text console then if it doesn't matter - who knows? ;)01:54
Cyber_AkumaBTW, anybody here boot ubuntu and other distros at once? Was wondering if there is a way to make it so grub2 won't have problems if distros other than ubuntu update their kernel, since it seems to need to point to the kernel directly01:55
DmoleGuest11434: put your stuff in a past bin and list any changes after install01:55
mister_robotobill: it doesn't matter. the update process will restart what it can and anything else will restart some time later. of course you can afford to update a little more freely on your desktop than you might on a mission-critical server :)01:56
Dr_WillisCyber_Akuma:  you could set up the other distros bootloader on the boot record of their partiton and have grub2 chainload the other disrtos bootloader.. some how..01:56
Cyber_AkumaYeah but then THAT disto will aldo triple boot01:56
Dr_WillisCyber_Akuma:  easiest would be to have a seperate hard drive for each disrto and use the bios menus to boot whatever hd you wanted.01:56
Dr_WillisCyber_Akuma:  sounds like you will be doing some grub-fu-by hand work then01:56
Cyber_AkumaIts a laptop and I have three OSes on it, not really possible unfortunately01:56
JMONEYso after i tried check cd for defects i get the follow message: //filesystem.squashfs failed: invalid arguments -- can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs)01:57
loshaCyber_Akuma: there's no way to *guarantee* that other distros will update grub2 correctly. There's basically no substititute for checking and maintaining it by hand, in my opinion...01:57
mkaDr_Willis, to chainload even linux distros? is that efficient?01:57
billmister_roboto: Ok then, makes sense!  Thank you for the help!  When LTS is available I'll be back the next day to see how busy this channel is before doing it myself! ;)  Thank you again, done testing IRC client now: goodbye.01:57
kmystCyber_Akuma: back before there was such a thing as grub there was lilo and i managed to do 4 linux installs using the above suggestion01:57
Dr_Willismka:  it dosent slow down anything.. ya just have to hit 2 menu items  ay get grub2 --> other grub..  so its possuible01:57
JMONEYany help plz01:57
Dr_Willis Grub can go on the MBR of the hard drive.. OR on teh bootrecord of the partion. thats the  'trick' to chainloading i recall.01:58
bazhangJMONEY, did you md5 the iso01:58
Dr_WillisNow making sure  the other disrtos dont fight over installing their boot records is the trick01:58
JMONEYI downloaded from ubuntu.com 2 times01:58
Cyber_AkumaThere is no way I could, for example, make grub point to a config file that the distro itself can update and let THAT tell it where the kernel/everything is? Sorry if that makes no sense01:58
JMONEYbazhang, how I do that?01:58
mezquitaleCyber_Akuma, basically you just have to try it and see what happens, one issue I have found is that grub2 is poor at finding distros that have their own "/boot" partition, it's a bug and dont know if it got fixed or not but you can definetely make it work with SuSE01:58
Dr_WillisCyber_Akuma:  depends on what the other disrto is using.01:58
Guest11434I installed Ubuntu 9.10 earlier and everything worked just fine. I ran the update manager for the first time and while it was doing its thing it told me that I need to restart. I did so and now I can't boot into Ubuntu.01:59
bazhang!md5 | JMONEY01:59
ubottuJMONEY: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:59
mkaCyber_Akuma, Dr_Willis, what if there is one bootloader at the MBR and then grub2 use the /vmlinuz and /initrd symbolic links that would point to the latest kernel versions?01:59
mtcGuest11434: grub should show you an option to boot the old version, when you boot01:59
Dr_WillisCyber_Akuma:  some of the new fetures of grub2 will proberly let ya do that somehow.. but grub2 is still a work in progress01:59
mezquitaleGuest11434, try going into a console using "altr-ctrl-F1"01:59
JMONEYbazhang, where do I get the .md5 file ?01:59
Dr_Willismka:  part of the issue will be the various arguments to the kernel and intird also..01:59
loshamka: you'd still have to keep the links updated if anything changed, so I don't see that you're much better off....02:00
Dr_WillisPersonally if using 2 linux's id just run one in virtualbox. :)02:00
bazhangJMONEY, did you check the link?02:00
JMONEYbazhang, yeah02:00
mkalosha, I think when you install the a newer kernel those links are updated automatically02:00
Guest11434I tried that, I can't enter a console. It hangs on the screen with the white Ubuntu logo right before the splash screen for a bit, and then goes to a black screen with: fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16 [   3.575240] Adding 6032368k swap on /dev/sda5.   Priority:-1 extents:1 across: 6032368k /dev/sda1: clean, 151614/9396224 files, 1245533/37553937 blocks init: udevtrigger main process (549) terminated with status 1 init: udevtrigg02:00
bazhangJMONEY, just a second02:00
Cyber_Akumamka: I .... don't know what that means, sorry, im still learning linux. Symbolic Links I mean.... I guess ill have to see once I reinstall opnsuse and ubuntu02:01
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes JMONEY02:01
Guest11434Though sometimes it's not exactly like that. other times it stops after blocks02:01
Dr_WillisMulti-boot with grub and grub2 and chainloading http://www.justlinux.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15278402:01
kmystsymbolic link is a shortcut in a sense02:01
Cyber_AkumaWhen I tried it, it was a mess, but the version of ubuntu I used was still using grub1, and I installed it on a n ext4 partition, opensuse coulden't read ext4 back then either02:01
mkaCyber_Akuma, a symbolic link is simply a shortcut02:01
Cyber_AkumaNow that ubuntu uses grub2 and opensuse can do ext4 im hoping it will be a bit less messy02:01
loshamka: maybe true when you update a ubuntu kernel, but if you're dual-booting say, bsd, you're gonna have to do some hand editing....02:01
Dr_WillisCyber_Akuma:  if you dont know what symbolic links even are.. well.. :) you may want to stick to running one disrto in virtualbox then.02:02
mezquitaleGuest11434, it sounds like you have a bad hard drive02:02
mkalosha, why?02:02
Cyber_AkumaIm new to linux, not computers :P02:02
mtcGuest11434: yup hard disk drive errors02:02
Guest11434Also, I'm not sure if this means anything but when it was working it just booted into Ubuntu. Ever since the problem started it's been taking me straight to GRUB02:02
Cyber_Akumamka: I see02:02
Dr_WillisCyber_Akuma:  grub2 has some very powerfull scripting features that could proberly read some suse configs and auto add the proper entries.. but   i still think chainloading would be the proper way.02:03
mkalosha, at some point a had 6 operating systems on 1 machine with one grub in MBR02:03
Cyber_AkumaYeah, I like how its modular, saved me when using linux on THIS pc02:03
mkalosha, but that was the older grub not this confusing new one02:03
Cyber_Akumagetting it to boot was a mess XD02:03
loshamka: because other distros, and even older versions of ubuntu can't be relied on to get the syntax correct when they update the grub config files....02:03
mezquitaleGuest11434, do you have grub2 installed?  Does it make it to the point when you can choose what OS to boot up into?02:03
mtcGuest11434: try booting to a live cd02:04
Cyber_AkumaOld motherboard that can't read past the 132gb limit, the hdd is 160gb and I installed linux past the 132gb mark.... that took a while to fix in grub202:04
Guest11434Actually it says GRUB 1.97 (or 94, something like that) beta. It does allow me to choose the OS to boot into (though only Ubuntu is on there)02:04
Dr_WillisCyber_Akuma:  thats odd... :) then again . there used to be a 1024 cylinder limit. thats one of the reasons for  /boot/ partitions02:04
kmystyeah but whilst in one distro grub can't/shouldn't update the config files for another distro unless for some *crazy* reason you are trying to share /boot amongst the various distros...that way lies madness02:04
Guest11434I can boot with a liveCD... Not sure what to do with it though, I've never run into a problem like this02:05
mkalosha, ok, my knowledge is limited when it goes to grub2 but with the older grub, there are no problems02:05
Cyber_AkumaTried a boot partition, still didn't help, I just wound up installing grub with the ata module instead of the bios one02:05
Cyber_AkumaHad to edit grub's autoconfig files to point to ata instead of hd devices too...02:05
ribothi, i wonder how to mount a drive on boot the same was as you mount it when clicking it in places...the drive in question is a local fat32 drive02:05
Dr_WillisCyber_Akuma:  perhaps this url -> http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/suse-linux-help/57896-suse-ubuntu-dual-boot.html02:05
kmystribot: add it to /etc/fstab02:05
mezquitaleGuest11434, boot up to your live CD, then youre going to show us how your hard drive is partition using paste bin, remember use paste bin to post multiple lines, do not post to the channel or you will be kicked02:06
loshamka: maybe you were just lucky. Plenty of people show up here claiming an update messed with their grub configs....02:06
mkaGuest11434, what is your problem again?02:06
ribotkmyst: i have tried a few different ways to do this but i dont have write permissions when i do it02:06
drx2what do you do when the Live CD gets stuck on "Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting the kernel?02:06
mkalosha, nope, not lucky, since warty02:06
Guest11434Not sure how to use paste bin02:06
mezquitalemka, he can't boot up, he chooses his OS in grub menu then machine hungs02:06
kmystribot: use sudo instead of editing it as your normal login02:07
mezquitale!paste | Guest1143402:07
ubottuGuest11434: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://ubuntu.pastebin.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic02:07
loshamka: did I say lucky? I meant to say terribly clever....02:07
ribotkmyst: i edited the fiel as sudo if that's what you mean02:07
Guest11434Alright, I'll try that.02:07
mkalosha, neither, i like your humour, ha, ha!02:07
Dr_WillisCyber_Akuma:  and perhaps -> http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-tutorials-howtos-reference-material/51822-how-triboot-computer.html02:08
kmystribot: what i meant was as an example: sudo vi /etc/fstab ... or whatever your poison is for an editor02:08
Dr_WillisCyber_Akuma:  i see an improvement in your GRUB skills in your future... :)02:08
ribotkmyst i did edit fstab with sudo, but idont know what options to write to get permissions for my normal user to read and write02:09
kmystribot: then just add then entry e.g. /dev/hda1 /mnt/foo vfat 0 002:09
jordanwbI've got Ubuntu 9.10 Server running on a machine and sendmail takes over a minute to startup02:09
Cyber_AkumaI forsee much swearing and wanting to punch the computer in my future02:09
ribotkmyst:  when i boot i dont have permissions to edit the files02:09
Cyber_Akumajust like my presnet02:09
Cyber_Akuma... and past02:09
kmystribot: oh..yeah use the either the option user or owner02:10
jordanwbCyber_Akuma: sometimes I feel the same way02:10
falloreterminal command to restart?02:10
Cyber_AkumaDosen't help that im basically my family's tech support02:10
Cyber_Akuma.... AND I worked as a system analyst02:10
fallorecool story bro, this isn't offtopic.02:10
kmystribot: just msg me02:11
Cyber_Akuma.... at times, linux channels almost feel like a civil war between those fighting others claiming off topic.....02:11
mkaI have a laptop with a massive RAM and no hard drive, not even usb flash disk, at school they said RAM is volatile, is there a way to shutdown/hibernate my ubuntu LiveCD settings and be able to resume them up later on?02:11
klownfallore, sudo reboot02:11
JMONEYbazhang, the hashes match..02:11
Cyber_Akumamka: sleep should work02:11
Cyber_AkumaBut that means itll still need power02:12
JMONEYbazhang, what I do next ?02:12
=== kazoo is now known as `brandon`
mkaCyber_Akuma, I need something that will be powered off02:12
Cyber_AkumaNot really possibl with violatle-only storage02:13
Cyber_AkumaYou need something that can retain memory without power, and ram cannot02:13
benjgvpsCan someone check my xorg.conf? I gives me a parse error on line 58 section module: http://pastebin.org/7023502:13
mkaCyber_Akuma, **banging head against the desk**, damn, damn, damn02:14
`brandon`hello, i have Ubuntu 9.04 Server, but when it's done and i boot into it, it go's to sh-grub, any idea's?02:14
Cyber_AkumaWhy? Are you on that system right now?02:14
jordanwbbenjgvps: Put a # before the disable02:14
mkaCyber_Akuma, yes, I have been running this laptop with no HDD for about 4 days now02:14
`brandon`Cyber_Akuma me?02:15
Cyber_AkumaIf there are files you need to save, you could archive (and password encrypt) them then upload them to a file sharing site like rapidshare or megaupload02:15
Cyber_Akumaand write down the url02:15
mka`brandon`, not you02:15
kmystCyber_Akuma: why can't one suspend and keep everything in ram so long as the battery has juice???02:15
Cyber_AkumaThat or go out and buy a usb flashdrive, im afraid those are sorta your only oreal options02:16
mka`brandon`, oh, maybe you02:16
Cyber_Akumakmyst: he said he needs a powerless solution02:16
jordanwbmka: buy a hard drive02:16
kmystCyber_Akuma: missed that part, sorry02:16
riverbirdmka, which distro are you using?02:16
JMONEYbazhang, you there?02:16
mkajordanwb, I have a HDD but it disappears anytime it wants02:16
mkariverbird, I am using an intrepid livecd02:17
`brandon`mka: nope not me.02:17
mka`brandon`, man, it has to be you02:17
benjgvpsjordanwb: I added the # and it gives me the same error02:17
kmystspeaking of intrepid...anybody other there use it and have their drive encrypted?02:17
kmystand use a keyfile?02:17
riverbirdmka, if you run from a karmic livecd, you could save straight to the One client, just an option02:17
klownbenjgvps, # in front of lines 57-6002:18
klownbenjgvps, excuse me, 59*02:18
jordanwbI've got Ubuntu 9.10 Server running on a machine and sendmail takes over a minute to startup02:18
mkariverbird, I left my karmic livecd at a distance city ~1000km away02:18
drx2Why might the LiveCD stall on Begin:  Mounting root file system...02:19
xrfanganyone using gnome-shell?02:19
klownbenjgvps, any reason why you are disabling dri?02:19
klownbenjgvps, let me rephrase, is there a specific reason*02:19
loshajordanwb: that's usually a config problem, most often dns. Are there any messages about sendmail in /var/log/messages?02:19
benjgvpsI see the problem now02:19
mkariverbird, jordanwb, Cyber_Akuma, anyway any clue why my hdd just disappears without any real notice?02:19
benjgvpsklown: X wasn't starting02:19
=== |_ocke is now known as gonorrheanodule
benjgvpsThe vesa driver isn't installed02:20
kmystmka: what kind of drive?02:20
mkakmyst, laptop hdd02:20
riverbirdmaybe the homeland security took it02:20
Dr_Willismka:  last time ive seen hard drives 'vanish' there was some error messages in dmesg, about the reasons..02:20
kmystmka: no i mean make/model/etc02:20
Dr_Willismka:  its possible the hd is failing.02:20
jordanwblosha: I'll check02:20
mkaDr_Willis, kmyst when it vanish i cannot even execute "ls"02:21
ribothi again02:21
kmystmka: well i had that happen a while back but it was due to faulty firmware thanks to seagate02:21
Dr_Willismka:  sounds like some harware issues to me.. try out a live cd.  or live usb. and id be backing up any info you need from it soon,.02:21
ribotstill unable to boot ubuntu with a mounted drive that i have permissions on02:22
kmystmka: the thing would just go into neverland and quit responding02:22
=== gonorrheanodule is now known as |_ocke
kmystribot: msg me02:22
xrfangI have a question about gnome-shell, how to make it the default window manager/shell of gnome? now I have to auto-run gnome-shell --replace as metacity is loaded by default, and I don't know where to change this behavior02:22
mkaDr_Willis, ja it's hardware I think so as well, because I can mount it sometimes and access files, then about 2 minutes later, POOF, files are gone02:22
kmystsounds like hardware then02:23
loshamka: I'm with Dr_Willis. There should be endless complaints in dmesg if the disk drops out....02:23
riverbirdmust be an old windows drive02:23
kmystany seek not ready statements in the kernel log?02:23
itsnotstalkinglosha, you just dont know how to treat her right ;)02:24
mkalosha, but I never ever seen that disk for the past 4 days, its a luck if it shows up (like a rain in the desert)02:24
mkalosha, sudo fdisk -l is blank02:24
ardchoillexrfang: put gnome-shell --replace in your startup apps02:24
jordanwblosha: There's nothing regarding sendmail02:24
matelot? Hi does Ubuntu(904) recognize the "windows" key ?02:24
matelotat all02:25
loshajordanwb: and nothing in the output of dmesg ?02:25
usr13matelot: If you want it to.02:25
mkalosha, I managed to quickly deleting its swap partition because it used to trap my livecd session when it vanishes02:25
ribothow come it's so easy to get permissions when you mount the drive from ubuntu's gui, but so difficult to mount it on boot?02:25
jordanwblosha: dmesg | grep sendmail gives nothing02:25
Scott1979no and why should it its a windows kry02:25
matelotusr13, by default it does not, right ?02:25
Scott1979ctrl alt delete it does02:25
maximilianhappy new year02:25
Dr_Willismatelot:  the Windows key is normalluy called the 'Super' key  in Linux. and its useable by many programs as a extra meta-key02:26
JMONEYwhy Ubuntu so hard to install ?02:26
loshamka: does sound like bad hardware. Try smartmontools?02:26
Xfacthappy new year already passed here 8 hrs ago02:26
benjgvpsWell, when I try to use vesa as the driver it tells me that there are no devices detected02:26
Dr_Willismatelot:  compiz uses it for a lot of features. ie: Super-tab.02:26
usr13matelot: you can assign it to do what you want, like bringing up the start menu... or some other clever function of your choosing.02:26
kmystribot: because you need the user option in fstab02:26
maximiliani am from germany its 03:26 now xD02:26
xrfangardchoille: that's what I did, but I hope to not load metacity at all... how to do it?  also, from the author's blog I see the screenshot have some notification icons on the bottom, but I don't have it...02:26
riboti wrote user already kmyst , stil i dont have permissions02:26
mkalosha, Dr_Willis, kmyst, jordanwb anyway thanks for the input, I am planning of sending the laptop for repairs. It's definitely hardware.02:26
loshajordanwb: odd. But google for02:27
matelotDr_Willis, usr13, I am thinking of making 'Super+l' == Lock screen02:27
matelotlike in Windoz02:27
ardchoillexrfang: Not sure, I just use the startup apps for it02:27
kmystribot: just do a hailmary: chmod 777 the mountpoint02:27
JMONEYinstall error: //filesystem.squashfs failed: invalid arguments -- can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs)02:27
ribotkmyst: i did that, and then on mounting it changed02:27
loshajordanwb: odd. But google for  'sendmail takes forever to start' and you'll find lots of things to try...02:27
JMONEYwhat can be the problem ?02:27
ribotkmyst: /dev/sda2       /media/DATA vfat user 0 002:27
JMONEYI tried checking the md5sum everything ok02:28
ardchoillexrfang: Also, gnome shell is still in heavy dev, so the author may be running a version that hasn't been released yet02:28
JMONEYI even downloaded it again and burn 2 cds02:28
mkakmyst, what is a hailmary?02:28
JMONEYanyhelp please02:28
kmystribot: uh that looks right02:28
mkamatelot, you can use gconf-editor for that02:28
JMONEY9.10 i38602:28
JMONEYinstall error: //filesystem.squashfs failed: invalid arguments -- can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs)02:29
usr13JMONEY: What can we help you with?02:29
kmystribot: slang for hope that works more or less02:29
Dr_WillisJMONEY:  you could always try installing from flash drive.  I guess..02:29
ribotkmyst: that's what not worked02:29
mka!enter | JMONEY02:29
ubottuJMONEY: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:29
JMONEYDr_Willis, i've done that too02:29
matelotmka, or just the 'Preference > Keyboard...' right ?02:29
loshamka: a hail mary  is a traditional Catholic prayer....02:29
kmystribot: when did you chmod? before or after it mounted?02:29
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
mkamatelot, no ALT+F2 then gconf-editor02:29
benjgvpsWell I don't wish to spend the entire new year's eve on something as broken as xorg, so I'll stick with what it gives me even though it is far from what I want.02:30
mkalosha, oh02:30
jordanwblosha: Adding " JORDAN-SERVER.local. JORDAN-SERVER" to /etc/hosts fixed it. Thanks02:30
ribotkmyst: i unmounted it, chmodded, then it was open, then mounted, then file perms back02:30
usr13JMONEY: You may need to set boot options on your PC... but it is hard for us to tell why you are unable to boot to the install disk...02:30
kmystribot: right, do it after02:30
loshajordanwb: cool...02:30
riboti ahve to cmod all files? it takes forever02:30
jordanwblosha: I did do a google search, but the wording makes all the difference.02:30
xrfangardchoille: yes I see it is doing well, last time it is crappy and very slow, now I can even use it daily :)02:30
usr13JMONEY: That is the problem you are having, right?02:30
kmystribot: no just the mount point02:31
roger_where should i go for a question with alsa02:31
ribotbesides, i want it to work on boot02:31
JMONEYinstall error: //filesystem.squashfs failed: invalid arguments -- can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs)02:31
Andreroger_: are you using ubuntu?02:31
roger_Andre yeah02:31
Andreroger_: then this is the right channel02:31
roger_ubuntu 9.0402:31
usr13JMONEY: If you have a question, please ask it.02:31
losharoger_: I believe there is a #alsa group, but you could also ask here....02:31
usr13JMONEY: We will do our best to answer.02:31
roger_ok give me a second to write02:31
JMONEYI burn the cd when i press install i get this message install error: //filesystem.squashfs failed: invalid arguments -- can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs)02:32
ribotkmyst: it doesnt seem to work, it doesnt change...besides it's fat32 drive02:32
usr13JMONEY: Here is how it works.  You ask questions.  We try our best to give you answers.02:32
roger_i have a sound blaster live 24 bit, i do a sound test and all 6 channels work, but when i play movies and music it only comes out of the front stereo02:32
JMONEYusr13, I did02:32
klownJMONEY, what format is the drive in?02:32
kmystribot: yes but the point which it is mounted isn't /media/DATA so chmod /media/DATA not the files inside DATA02:32
JMONEYits a CD02:32
JMONEYi burn the ISO to a cd02:32
ribotkmyst: chmod 777 /media/DATA/02:33
usr13JMONEY: Are you having trouble booting to the install CD?  (I do not know what you are asking)02:33
kmystribot: yep02:33
JMONEYYes it boots02:33
JMONEYI get to the boot menu02:33
JMONEYwhen I hit install02:33
JMONEYinstall error: //filesystem.squashfs failed: invalid arguments -- can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs)02:33
ribotkmyst: after that it's drwxr-xr-x 16 root root 16384 1970-01-01 01:00 DATA02:33
kmystribot: can't be it should be drwxrwxrwx02:34
ribotbut it is02:34
XfactMy nvidia card is doing problem on my on my Ubuntu 8.04 LTS...details here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/349757/02:34
Xfactplease hlp...:(02:34
mkakmyst, ribot is the filesystem FAT32?02:34
ribotmka: yes02:34
mkaribot, then chmod 777 will not work02:35
kmystyeah your right02:35
riboti noticed02:35
mkaribot, do this "sudo mount /media/DATA -o umask=0000"02:35
kmystmka but it isn't honoring user either02:35
XfactMy nvidia card is doing problem on my on my Ubuntu 8.04 LTS...details here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/349757/02:36
mkaribot, sorry, do this "sudo mount /media/DATA -o remount,umask=0000"02:36
usr13JMONEY: So you boot the computer with the Ubuntu install CD in the CDROM?  Right?  Tell us what you see on the screen  first?  And what ISO is it you have burnned to the CD?02:36
klownXfact, have you installed the restricted drivers for the card?02:36
mkakmyst, what do you mean by "honoring user"02:36
Xfact klown: yes from the hardware driver section02:36
ribotmka: doesn't work02:37
JMONEYusr13, It boots the cd I get to the BOOT menu with the options to install, try, etc.. I hit install and get the message02:37
ribotmka: i added user as option in fstab02:37
kmystmka: to mount automatically and have his user be able to work with files instead of being root02:37
mkaribot, is this a usb flash disk?02:37
ribotmka no it's the hard drive02:37
klownXfact, and have you installed the drivers from synaptic?02:37
mkaribot, /dev/sd what?02:38
usr13JMONEY: I'd say there is a problem with the CD or the CDROM.02:38
mkaribot, which user do you want to have permissions?02:38
ribotthe user ribot02:38
JMONEYusr13, I even tried to install from USB stick, Hard Dick02:38
JMONEYsame problem.02:38
usr13JMONEY: What is your hardware?  (What type of PC are you booting?)02:39
Xfactklown: no not from synaptic...automatically from-System>admin>hardware drivers..... (it was showing driver available..I just installed it...)02:39
klownJMONEY, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1138307  check that out.02:39
JMONEYusr13, dell demesion 300002:39
mkaribot, you can add this to the fstab file "/dev/sda2 /media/DATA vfat defaults,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=0007 0 0"02:39
mkaribot, but I like persistent filesystem to have mount points in /mnt rather than /media02:40
riverbirdJMONEY, is this a liveCD?  what is your RAM?02:40
ribotwhy do you like this mka?02:41
JMONEYram 1gh02:41
riboti will try your line now mka, thanks for your help, and kmyst too02:41
mkaribot, because if you I insert a USB flash disk and it's name is DATA it will be mounted to a mount point called /media/DATA02:41
Xfactwaitng for help...02:41
ribotgood point!02:41
jmphappy new year02:42
jmpto everybody02:42
Xfactyou too02:42
=== fongoul is now known as funghoul
riverbirdJMONEY, can you boot to the liveOS?02:42
netlogto jmp, thanks!  the same for everybody02:43
netlogpadin or empathy can't run QQ for my account--may be my password has special characters. and my OS run on AMD 64,it cann't be install qq for linux, is that anyone has the same problam?02:43
mkaI have to leave now, everyone still living in 2009, we are waiting for you this side happy new year and hacking!!02:44
ribotmka: it's working now =)02:44
riverbirdJMONEY, is the disc you burnt the iso to a cd-r or cd-rw?  did it have anything on it before?02:44
mkaribot, you still around?02:44
JMONEYits iso to a cd-r02:44
JMONEYi just bought it02:44
klownXfact, check this, it may help you some https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseNotes#nVidia%20%22legacy%22%20video%20support02:45
mka!yay | ribot02:45
JMONEYi burn 2 copies02:45
ubotturibot: Glad you made it! :-)02:45
ribotmka. yes i rebooted, however don't know how you connected that to the user ribot02:45
Xfactklown: ok looking....02:45
toshow to i start the mouse deamon02:46
mkaribot, I assumed that your uid is 1000 and your gid is 1000 (type "id" to confirm this for yourself)02:46
klownXfact, basically, it says you need to upgrade to the 173 version of the prop. driver.02:46
ribotmka, yes02:46
mkaribot, the umask option makes sure that the permissions are rwxrwx---02:46
mkaribot, if you want rwxr-x--- then you should have umask=002702:47
toshow to i start the mouse deamon??????????????02:47
tosfor gnome02:48
riverbirdJMONEY, i had a similar issue .. i ended up downloading a new iso from a different server and rebunring it.  worked fine then.  never solved the original problem ..02:48
mkaribot, and lastly, fat32 filesystem doesn't have the feature for owners/groups and permissions so these are just to fool the kernel02:48
JMONEYriverbird, i might have to do the same then02:48
skyn3t_who want become to become a good member of nice torrent TRACKER just send me PM02:49
ribotmka: i see, thanks02:49
skyn3t_i got 10 invites02:49
mkaribot, that's why trying to use chmod and chown on a fat32 drive does not work02:49
ardchoilleskyn3t_: Don't post that here02:49
riverbirdJMONEY, the first md5sum matched and everyhting .. no idea ..02:49
skyn3t_i just want to sahre02:49
mkageez i have to go02:49
ardchoille!ot | skyn3t_02:49
ubottuskyn3t_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:49
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toshow to i start the mouse deamon for gnome-desktop   ??????????????02:50
klownXfact, i found this, its more related, and it seems that you dont have to update https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia02:51
kylecareymy laptop died, how do i skip the fsck before the system boots?02:52
blackest_knightkylecarey:  esc02:53
loshakylecarey: skipping the fsck is usually a really bad idea. Why do you want to do this?02:54
Xfactklown: ok...02:54
kylecareylosha: well it hangs at 21%02:54
loshakylecarey: are you sure it hangs, not just a long pause when it runs? If it really hangs, the filesystem on the drive might be in really bad shape....02:55
Scott1979what comuter specs u have kyle02:56
Scott1979pentuim 302:56
jmpdo somebody know a good soft like babylon on ubuntu02:57
kylecareywell at 21% i opens a maintenance shell because of UNEXPECTED INCONSISTANCY02:57
Jonesing_meHey guys, is it possible to use a tv tuner card to stream through a website somehow?02:57
loshakylecarey: that's a bad sign. Do you have any files on there you absolutely can't afford to lose?02:57
kylecareylosha: and when i try to run fsck in the maintenance shell i get a short read error02:58
Scott1979using vlc u can strea myour recorded video out02:58
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=== kiwifunk is now known as b0w
kylecareylosha: not really, i just installed and got compiz and AWN installed thats about it other than setting up my fingeprint scanner03:00
loshaJonesing_me: I don't see why you couldn't, it might need a lot of cpu to compress as it streams. Google for videolan server03:00
Jonesing_melosha, im trying to set it up so i can watch TV while at school so it will  be streaming from my home PC03:00
loshakylecarey: that's good, because worst case your filesystem is corrupted. In your place, I would boot a live cd and fsck the disk manually before rebooting....03:01
=== bryan is now known as Guest57322
kylecareylosha: ok, ill boot a livecd and report back03:02
=== Guest57322 is now known as moore
najmihai sewmua03:02
najmiga ada orang indonesia03:02
JMONEYinstallin inside of windows03:03
loshaJonesing_me: kind of a d-i-y slingbox? I'm sure it's possible. Much easier to just read a book instead though :-)03:03
moorecan anyone offer some assistance with plymouth on a karmic install?03:03
Jonesing_melosha,  rude man03:03
tvaughnhow can i change directory if the directory name has a space in it03:03
mancoI get an error  when I use wvdial03:03
mancohe PPP daemon has died: A modem hung up the phone (exit code = 16)03:03
najmimasa si03:03
Xfactklown: I found my device with Device PCI ID, will it help me...03:03
ardchoille!indonesia | najmi03:03
ubottunajmi: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia03:03
mooretvaughn: cd "name of directory"03:03
tvaughni tried that03:03
tvaughnit didnt work03:03
tvaughni got a > prompt03:04
mooretvaughn: with the quotes?03:04
ubuntu_hi i need help installing ubuntu everytime I try to install it when it comes time to partition it says/shows this (nothing): http://i49.tinypic.com/aujokh.jpg and when I click foward it says this: http://i46.tinypic.com/2v9w5dd.jpg03:04
tvaughnwait it worked this time03:04
ubuntu_has anyone had this same problem ?03:04
loshaJonesing_me: sorry, the 'watch TV while at school' was irresistible...03:04
tvaughnmoore, how do i put the output of ls into a txt file03:05
tvaughnor is it a pipe03:05
Jonesing_melosha,  =[03:05
Xfactklown: I found my device with Device PCI ID, will it help me...  '0x03D1'03:05
ardchoilletvaughn: ls blah >> file.txt03:05
mooretvaughn: you could ls > /tmp/ls.txt03:05
ubuntu_can someone please help me ?03:05
Jonesing_mer as in robert losha03:05
funghoulubuntu_:what version?03:05
tvaughnwhats difference between > and >>03:05
ubuntu_the latest one i think03:06
ardchoilletvaughn: ">" overwrites, ">>" appends03:06
funghoultvaughn: > makes or starts a new file while >> adds to the egstiting file if there is one03:06
XfactGuys please suggest me which is best for my system Xubuntu or Ubuntu? http://paste.ubuntu.com/349766/03:06
najmigimana caranya join?03:06
ardchoillefunghoul: ">>" works regardles of an existing file03:06
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=== b0w is now known as zz_b0w
ubuntu_funghoul the latest one Im pretty sure its 9.1003:07
philabolePlease anyone tell me why my mouse would stop working03:07
philaboleand how to fix it03:07
loshaXfact: either should work, but the majority of people use ubuntu, so it has the best support, so that's what I'd recommend...03:07
funghoulDo you have a copy of any of the earlier ones ubuntu_03:07
ardchoilleXfact: Ubuntu should be ok with that system03:07
Xfactthanks for suggestion guys :)03:08
tvaughnworked for what i wanted perfectly03:08
najmiaku kurang ngerti bhs inggris03:08
ardchoilleXfact: That's better than the system I'm using right now and my Ubuntu is nice and fast03:08
kylecareylosha: the live fsck gives me the same errors as the system one03:08
sixtilahappy new year #ubuntu03:08
ubuntu_funghoul no03:08
ardchoille!indonesia | najmi03:09
Xfactok I will use ubuntu03:09
funghoulwill is boot to the live cd ubuntu_?03:09
loshakylecarey: it doesn't prompt to allow you to choose to correct the inconsistency?03:09
=== Bob__ is now known as bob00
ubuntu_but I've installed it in before just fine with this version I dont know whats wrong this time :/03:09
tvaughnwhat year is the real y2k? 2032?03:09
sixtilai think 203203:09
sixtilahe he he03:10
kylecareylosha: no03:10
ubuntu_funghouls yes I am talking to you from a live cd if thats what ur saying03:10
ratonplayer!ot losha03:10
losha!id | najmi03:10
ubottunajmi: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia03:10
funghoulubuntu_ try booting into the live cd and opening gparted and formating what ever partions are on your hard drive, it could be a bad partion table, not sure, it could be a bad hard drive too03:11
ubuntu_where is gparted ?03:11
ardchoilleubuntu_: should be under System > Administration on the livecd03:11
funghoulubuntu_ look in the admin menu03:11
jacob_any good scripts out there that convert divx to iso that work with ubuntu 64 Bit03:11
losharatonplayer: less criticism and more support would be a better use of your time...03:12
funghoulubuntu_ did you find it? did it open?03:12
Silntcan i connect my cablem modem to my linux box via usb then have my built in nic to my hub for the rest of my computers? or do i need to use two nics?03:13
ubuntu_what do I do once in in there archoille and funhoul03:13
kcsrndhow do i check to see if i'm using the latest drivers for my video card?  it's an Intel GM965 Express03:13
ubuntu_funghoul yes i did03:13
funghoulformat you hard drive and then try installing then.03:13
=== Bob__ is now known as bob00
Dr_WillisSilnt:  connection via usb will be slower then a normal network cable connection.03:13
Dr_WillisSilnt:  i doubt if the cable modem can do both also.. best bet is to get a router.03:14
loshakylecarey: that's unusual. It implies the filesystem can't be salvaged. I guess you've no option but to boot without completing the fsck. I wouldn't trust the filesystem now that this has happened. Backup anything important and expect plan to do a reinstall in the near future....03:14
ubuntu_funghoul how do I format it ?03:14
Silntdr: no i wanna have my linux be the main internet server so my cable modem would be connected via usb then from the built in nic would goto my linksys router for the rest of the computers03:14
funghoulubuntu_ does it so a list of partions?03:15
Silnti only have pci nics and my box only has 1 pci-e slot03:15
ubuntu_funghoul yeah03:15
Dr_WillisSilnt:  that may be possible. but the usb -> pc connection will be slower then  a normal network connection03:15
Silnti hear usb is 4-8mbs03:15
Dr_WillisSilnt:  im not even sure how well/what is needed for the cable modem -> usb connection. thats  a feature they had ages ago for people that dident have nic's..03:16
Dr_WillisSilnt:  so it may need special drivers even.03:16
funghoulubuntu_ ty left right clicking on and editing the partion03:16
loshaSilnt: why not the usual setup of cable-modem <---> linksys router <---> pcs03:16
kylecareyhow would i format a hdd so that its completley empty03:16
funghoulubuntu_ warning you will lose any thing on the partion03:16
Silnti want linux to be the firewall/server03:16
Silnti dont want anything getting threw to my other computers and i can control it better with linux03:17
Silntfirewall wise03:17
ubuntu_funghoul its ok I dont care, to what do I format it to ?03:17
Silntnormally i would have 2 nics in my box03:17
Silntbut i dont have a extra pci-e nic03:17
Dr_WillisSilnt:  you are assuming the cablemodem -> usb -> linux box -   will even work.. :)03:17
kylecareyhow would i format a hdd so that its completley empty?03:17
Andrekylecarey: dd03:18
Dr_Williskylecarey:  sudo mkfs.whatever /dev/whatever ,  to format03:18
loshakylecarey: mkfs will format a drive. The only trick is to get the device name correct....03:18
kylecareythanks all03:18
Dr_Williskylecarey:  unless you are asking how to 'securely' erase a hd..  there are tools just for that.03:18
Silntlinux doesnt support usb cable modems?03:19
tyler_and how is every one today03:19
funghoulubuntu_ first pick your hard drive, be sure you get the right one, then erase any partions and make a new one.  I like to use 3.  one as a swap, on as the system partion and one as the home partion but one partion works just fine03:19
Dr_WillisSilnt:  No idea.. Ive never seen one used by ANYONE under linux or windows. :)   the ISP guys even said dont bother with the USB ports on the cable modems03:19
loshaSilnt: feeding a cable modem to a nat router and only forwarding selected ports is pretty much the safest setup you can have (in my opinion)....03:20
tyler_hey is any one here really good with linux03:20
Dr_Willistyler_:  whats linux? :)03:20
ratonplayer I have a dream !03:21
ratonplayerthat my four little PC03:21
ratonplayerlive in the world03:21
loshaSilnt: dunno if it's still true, but cable modem usb ports were notorious for having problems and being unreliable...03:21
ratonplayerthat not bedjuges by the content of their OS03:21
ratonplayerbut bu the fact they run in linux!03:21
ratonplayeri have a dream today03:21
tyler_no what i need to know is there a way i can see all the ip address connected to me in terminal03:21
ratonplayerMLK ! x)03:21
tyler_any one03:22
arbirhello.. is there a separate channel for the ubuntu server ?03:22
loshatyler_: netstat -a should list all network connections....03:22
funghoultyler the easiest way i can think of is using lynx to access your routers web page but that is pretty lame03:23
ubuntu_funghoul ok I deleted the partitions how do I create partitions ?03:23
loshaarbir: I don't think so. No harm in asking your question here....03:23
JMONEYinstall ubuntu inside of windows but I can't install any packages..03:23
ubuntu_funghoul Im sorry im really new...03:23
shawn_What do I do if my DVD burn is stuck at "Finalising" In brasearo03:23
arbir:-) thanks losha03:24
funghoulubuntu_ should be a command to do it in the menu, don't be afraid to play around with it03:24
loshashawn_: write off that dvd, and switch to k3b....03:24
arbirsince i am dealing with a server based OS, i need to understand, how different is ubuntu server as compared with debian ?03:24
tyler_in netstat -a works but that does not show me the ip03:24
shawn_losha, K3B?03:24
ubuntu_funghoul ok thanks :)03:24
loshatyler_: netstat -an03:25
funghoulubuntu_ the install disk should be able to fix any thing to out of wack if your partion tables are rewriten by gparted03:25
tyler_nope still nothing03:25
loshashawn_: an alternative to brasero (brasero seems to be especially buggy)03:25
ubottuk3b is a feature-rich and user-friendly burning application for KDE (and, as all KDE applications, works fine on GNOME). For a guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/K3BHowto03:26
kylecareyif you use compiz and such on a gnome is it faster than useing kde and compiz?03:26
Izinucstyler_: ifconfig will show you stuff.. don't know if you've tried it yet or not.. ip will display03:26
tyler_ifconfig just shows u ur hardware03:28
tyler_not whats connected to u03:28
loshakylecarey: I don't know for sure, but if there were a really big speed difference, people would be shouting about how much faster it was. and that doesn't happen, so....03:28
Dr_Williskylecarey:  kde4 dosent realluy need compiz. it has its own EyeCandy03:28
Scott1979i prefer compix on gnome03:28
Izinucsah.. you want someting that shows what is connected to you.. not what your ip address is.. try wireshark03:29
kylecareylosha: yea, i was just wondering. im torn on weather to install ubuntu or kubuntu03:29
funghoulis there a way to exclude the local programs communicating to each other in the list you get from netstat -an?03:29
tyler_ok i have wireshark03:29
Scott1979kde is very 3d in deskto and has a wideget ovelay as default so yes u will get a slower dektop if u dont have the power in kde03:29
tyler_but how do u use it03:29
dfcnvtYou want to know your external ip address? Type down ipaddress in google then click for feeling lucky03:29
=== hellion0 is now known as Darkchylde
kylecareythanks scott197903:29
Scott1979is ok kyle03:30
tyler_no i want to know wht is connected to me03:30
tyler_and what there ip is03:31
Scott1979i prefer gnome and i have both kde and gnome installed03:31
acovrigis it just me or is something wrong with #php?03:31
dfcnvtI see, It is either you can use wireshark or arptable03:31
benjgvpsHey, I want to make my old PC a media player, I have Rythmbox installed though when I try to play an MP3 I get a message telling me that it can't download an encoder03:31
Scott1979are u trying to see the ips that are connected to u tyler03:31
benjgvpsor it doesn't have a decodor03:31
kylecareyscott1979: i figured id go with gnome. i think its just as pretty03:31
Scott1979like booting hosts of game server03:32
benjgvpsCan I apt-get some codec pack of some sort?03:32
Scott1979go pm kyle03:32
dfcnvtapt-get install wireshark03:32
loshatyler_: netstat -an should do it. Do you want to run netstat -an and paste the output to http://ubuntu.pastebin.com ?03:32
tyler_i have tha03:32
CShadowRunbenjgvps: ubuntu-restricted-extras03:32
tyler_but how do u use it03:32
CShadowRunbenjgvps: codecs, flash players, java, fonts, etc :)03:32
losha!codecs | benjgvps03:32
ubottubenjgvps: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:32
kylecareycan i use fdisk to format a hdd?03:32
benjgvpsCShadowRun: Do you know if that will install on a PowerPC? Since it doesn't have Flash I know that03:32
funghoulbenjgvps you need to enable the multiverse repositories03:32
CShadowRunbenjgvps: dunno.03:32
Scott1979well pm me if u want to know hoe i boot and lagg halo 303:33
=== wardholloway is now known as n1xyw
Scott1979from ubuntu03:33
acovrigcan someone try to join #php and tell me if they can, because if I try, I just get #overflow03:33
loshakylecarey: no, but you can use gparted, which is much easier....03:34
funghoulacovrig try ##php03:34
acovrigfunghoul (/join ##php) same thing as (/join #php) as in same output, I join #overflow instead03:34
webbb82i just got a new laptop and it came with windows 7 , im thinking of installling ubuntu onto my external hard drive and run it that way  what about wubi install would that be a better way than installing on external hd ??03:35
funghoulI just got into it, I don't know what the problem is, but you could try another client03:35
acovrigfunghoul, ok thanks03:35
benjgvpswebbb82: It should work on an external drive, though Wubi isn't an awful choice for trying it out03:36
riverbirdwebbb82, i've heard mostly trouble with wubi.  why not just dual boot?03:36
webbb82if i go the external hd rout will it act just like a normal hard drive install i can save files and download and it saves?03:36
effendiwebbb82: its about performance, which hard drive is faster.. thats my opinion03:36
dfcnvt93 minutes to go03:37
BerzerkerHow do I change FireFox's Spell checking language?03:37
BerzerkerIt's on en-GB for some reason.03:37
webbb82i was thinking dual boot but i dunno its a bran new laptop03:37
=== matt_ is now known as Guest61796
webbb82i should just dual boot03:37
Guest61796hi.. how do i set ubuntu to resume all user running processes after a reboot or power failure?03:37
effendieven when dual-booting, itll be slower because of where ubuntu is located on your hard drive03:37
=== Guest61796 is now known as toss
effendithe first OS is always faster03:38
benjgvpsWell the links provided by the bot are useless like always, I could care less about free formats. Is there just a package with the audio codecs?03:38
webbb82i would just install it and take off windows but it didnt come with a window install cd if i ever want to go back to windows 703:38
benjgvpswebbb82: It may have a restore partition03:38
webbb82it does03:38
riverbirdwebbb82, what size the new hdd?03:38
effendiwebbb82: sometimes manufacturers leave backup partitions with a bios that allows you to restore it to normal when pressed03:38
webbb82but would the ubuntu installer remove it when it partitions my hard drive03:38
benjgvpswebbb82: It will03:39
riverbirdwebbb82, p03:39
webbb82so that wouldnt work03:39
trismbenjgvps: ubuntu-restricted-extras has a bunch of codecs (as well as other things), or you could just install the gstreamer bad, ugly, etc packages03:39
tosshi.. how do i set ubuntu to resume all user running processes after a reboot or power failure? please help03:39
webbb82i must say windows 7 is really nice03:39
benjgvpstrism: The gstreamer one seems fine. Any links for a list of them?03:39
benjgvpswebbb82: It is, I'm enjoying it :)03:40
riverbirdwebbb82, leave 20 GB for windows and put ubuntu on the rest or vice-versa03:40
benjgvpsriverbird: Will 20 GB be enough?03:40
FunnyMan4595Any idea how I can /quit03:40
webbb82ok so ill eithor dual boot or just install ubuntu onto my external hd and run it that way but what one to pick03:40
FunnyMan4595Started a question earlier, and forgot about it.03:40
FunnyMan4595I meant to do this...03:40
riverbirdwebbb82, ubuntu will fit on about 4 gb, so depends mostly on your files03:41
trismbenjgvps: they are all of the form gstreamer0.10-plugins- (bad, ugly, bad-multverse, ugly-multiverse...that's pretty much it)03:41
webbb82im leaning more and more twords dual booting03:41
kcj1993how do i adjust my laptops display brightness? I have just removed my laptops main keyboard because it was faulty. BTW brightness panel app doesn't work03:41
=== zach is now known as Guest66294
loshawebbb82: well, start by backing up the restore partition, in case it all goes horribly wrong....03:41
benjgvpstrism: Thanks! I'll look into it03:41
webbb82now that i have a better computer i can run kde and not have it lag to the point of not useable03:42
webbb82how do i backup the restore partiton03:42
riverbirdwebbb82, how big is the new win7 harddrive?03:42
jmoney_I got a monitor unknown03:42
jmoney_everything is all big03:42
psylonAnyone know the best backup software for ubuntu?03:42
ratonplayer4chan , Discuss03:42
trismbenjgvps: the ubuntu-restricted-extras has a few more too, if you don't want everything else, you can just do an apt-cache depends ubuntu-restricted-extras and just install the codecs there (no flash or fonts etc)03:42
webbb82did you guys know there is kde for windows03:43
usr13webbb82: A laptop without linux is like a car without tires.03:43
benjgvpswebbb82: What's the point?03:43
benjgvpsusr13: Hurrrr03:43
webbb82ok ill dual boot03:44
usr13webbb82: for MS Windows?03:44
benjgvpsThe funny thing is, battery life is awful with laptops03:44
benjgvpsWith linux03:44
usr13benjgvps: What?03:44
webbb82if i ever want to go back to single boot can i add the other partiton to the other03:44
webbb82or do i have to just install windows all over03:45
benjgvpsusr13: I've heard stuff about the power management not being up to par03:45
Dr_WillisI find battery life is awful with every os... :) but i  just need the battery rarely03:45
benjgvpswebbb82: You may have to reinstall03:45
* Dr_Willis winds up his laptop.03:45
kcj1993can someone help?03:45
usr13webbb82: You can enlarge a partition with non-destructive re-partitioning software, yes.03:45
webbb82the windows 7 hd is 500 gb03:46
usr13benjgvps: You heard wrong.03:46
benjgvpsYeah, I find gparted to be the one tool that doesn't hurt my Windows install :)03:46
webbb82benjgvps:  do u know how to boot from usb in windows03:46
benjgvpsI may03:46
usr13benjgvps: Yes, gparted is a non-destructive re-partitioning tool.03:47
benjgvpsThough it isn't specific to windows03:47
karma_policewhy does it take so long to copy files to a flash drive in ubuntu?03:47
Dr_Williswebbb82:  in windows? Huh? i normally set teh bios to boot the usb devices..03:47
webbb82ya true03:47
Blue1karma_police: what filesystem do you have on the flash drive?03:47
benjgvpsUsally there is an optioon when you boot that asks to select a boot device03:47
Dr_Williskarma_police:  i noticed the write speed seeming slow also.. but the read speeds seem faster for my flash drives.. not sure what the deal ios03:47
=== fen[mf] is now known as fengor
Blue1karma_police: fat32 is slow to begin with under linux -03:48
Dr_WillisFlash drives in general do write slower then they read dont they?03:48
karma_policeread speed is fine. just seems to take forever to write to it03:48
Dr_Williskarma_police:  you are not being distracted by the windows copying file animations.. so it just seems longer. :)03:48
Blue1Dr_Willis: yes that has been my experience - when I put ubuntu on the flash drive I used ext2 (no journaling) and set noatim03:48
Blue1noatime even03:48
karma_policei am sharing files with my friend and he uses windoze so i have to use fat03:48
Dr_WillisWell its bed time for me i think. bye all.03:49
Blue1karma_police: through samba?03:49
karma_policeyou may be right dr_wilis... maybe i should find some annoying windows theme music to play.. lol03:49
usr13Good night Dr_Willis03:49
usr13Good night all.03:49
karma_policeno...sneakernet... he lives 4 houses down03:49
Blue1karma_police: ahh yes then fat32 it is...03:49
karma_policetrying to convert him tho... i love ubuntu03:50
Blue1karma_police: i dunno if you can format it ntfs, whether that would be any faster -- be interesting to find out though03:50
karma_policei think gparted does ntfs.. i don't know if the write speed would be any faster tho03:51
Blue1karma_police: nor I -- but I know when I went from a journaled file system to ext2 on the usb drive it really sped up quite a bit03:51
n1xywneed help to access serial port on server from software on laptop, can it be done?03:52
Blue1n1xyw: why not use ethernet cable?03:52
karma_police9.10 uses ext4 right? with fresh install?03:52
=== pauljw_ is now known as pauljw
Blue1n1xyw: serial port is slow...03:53
n1xywIm trying to access hardware on the serial port on server, from my laptop03:53
karma_policehis computer is 4 houses down and upstairs.. i am just updating his music files with mine.. helps him and me out.. hehe. he gets free music and i have a back-up solution :)03:53
Blue1karma_police: yes that's the default03:53
kcj1993no one can help me then?03:54
Blue1n1xyw: sorry I haven't used a serial port in over 6 years...03:54
jiananno 1?03:54
mancosHey ubuntu03:54
n1xywI guess you could call it serial port forwarding03:54
mancosSorry power failure03:55
Blue1n1xyw: I just ssh where ever I need to --03:55
n1xywI use ssh with kermit for simple text03:55
jiananwhat`s xhcat?03:56
n1xywbut I need to run software on the laptop that needs access to serial device on server03:56
tvaughnjianan, irc client03:57
jiananoh,My english03:57
Blue1n1xyw: i used kermit for many many years...03:57
webbb82ok im going to dual boot03:58
n1xywgood old kermit, I guess Im showing my age03:58
Blue1howdy kcj199303:58
karma_policewhat os do you have loaded first?03:58
Blue1n1xyw: indeed!03:58
Blue1karma_police: windows03:58
ubuntu_hi I need help partitioning my hard drive ... Does any one how I should go about it ?03:58
webbb82im running windows 7 rite now03:58
karma_policesame here03:58
kcj1993how do i adjust my laptops display brightness? I have just removed my laptops main keyboard because it was faulty. BTW brightness panel app doesn't work03:58
ubuntu_manco ur back !03:59
ganymedehi, i was using a microsd card in read only-mode on the card reader slot on my laptop but after ejecting it and putting it back in, ubuntu no longer automounted it; said it wasn't a valid vfat partition. in hexdump, starting from byte offset 0x200, it looks like there are 4 or 5 megabytes worth of nothing but 1 bits. does that sound correct for a vfat?03:59
webbb82and ur dual booting?03:59
karma_policei tried dualbooting with ubuntu loaded first and could never get my grub.cfg configured correctly03:59
Blue1webbb82: when you run the ubuntu installer -- it will ask how big the partition should be -- what it's really asking is how much room do you want to steal from windows for ubuntu - yes I run dual boot mmmVista and Ubuntu03:59
karma_policeloaded windows then ubuntu then did update grub and everything works fine03:59
karma_police7 and ubuntu here04:00
frogletI have a problem that when I start apps, they are maximized, but I only have this problem on one machine, on the other that also runs Jaunty, the windows open to the size they were the previous time.  Is there a way to fix that?  I tried devil's pie but I can't get it working correctly04:00
karma_policeonly using windows because i am in tech school and have to take the windows classes04:00
karma_policei hope 10.04 has a better flash alternative04:01
frogletdevilspie works sometimes04:02
Super_HandsomasWhat're the differences between apt and aptitude?04:02
frogletsometimes is not good enough  :)04:02
frogletaptitude is smarter04:02
frogletworks out dependencies better04:02
riverbirdfor dual boot, make sure windows is on hdd first, then ubuntu - not the other way04:02
Super_Handsomasso always use aptitude?04:03
karma_policewindoze eats up grub04:03
frogletriverbird: that is good advice when installing openSUSE and Ubuntu04:03
frogletSuper: I try to use aptitude all the time04:03
karma_policemy bet is that it in intentional.. linux is a threat to windows and they know it04:03
frogletsometimes I forget04:03
riverbirdi agree04:04
benjgvpsA threat to Windows? HAHAHAHAHHA04:04
benjgvpsLinux has it's place04:04
riverbirdfroglet, sorry, not to you.  w/ suse it shouldn't matter .. eh?04:04
porter1Anyone have any good articles, commands, or tips about how to trim down and optimizer Xorg? I dcon't need a lot of the functionality included.04:05
Guest7001karma_police: Or it is an evidence of how sloppy Windows is. Not a threat. :o04:05
Super_Handsomasbenjgvps: Did you not read "An open letter to hobbyists"? Bill Gates himself has always been frightened of OpenSource.04:05
benjgvpsNo, I haven't04:05
karma_policeopen sores for gates.. haha04:05
frogletriverbird: I installed Ubuntu and then openSUSE and openSUSE took over04:05
Super_HandsomasRead that and the Halloween Documents04:05
riverbirdah, good to know ..04:05
frogletriverbird: so I reversed the order and everything worked04:05
benjgvpsThough Linux has it's place, It's just not ready for consumer use04:06
Super_Handsomasbenjgvps: I disagree whole-heartedly!04:06
karma_policei agree... its getting there tho04:06
Super_HandsomasWith distros like Mint and Ubuntu - who can't use Linux?04:06
benjgvpsIt needs more hardware support04:06
Super_HandsomasSuch as?04:06
karma_policean absolute point and clicker would be lost with linux04:06
benjgvpsWith graphics cards and such04:06
Guest7001benjgvps: There are no consumers.  It is free. :)04:06
tvaughnbenjgvps, i agree04:06
karma_policewindows is made for dummies04:06
benjgvpsGuest7001: The hardware is purchased04:07
benjgvpsBy a consumer04:07
Super_Handsomaskarma_police: I migrated to Windows on day having no idea what a CLI was. Now I can work Linux with the best of them.04:07
tvaughnwindows holds your hand when you dont want it to04:07
riverbirdhardware support is not the issue!  proprietary manufacturers are the problem04:07
benjgvpsThat hardware may or may not function04:07
tvaughnbut hides when u need help04:07
Super_Handsomasbenjgvps: I completely disagree04:07
Super_HandsomasThe biggest complaints I see are on wireless cards and they rarely work on the first go anyway04:07
benjgvpsriverbird: Well look at a percentage of Linux users to Windows users, they are doing the economic choice and supporting the most users04:07
Super_Handsomasriverbird: I concur04:07
Super_Handsomasbenjgvps: Excellent point04:08
Blue1Super_Handsomas: well said - I had to backport to get the wireless to work reliably on my acer04:08
tvaughnhow do they know who uses what04:08
dfcnvtyou want to reduce the size of xorg?04:08
guiscardme disagree too, linux can destroy the piece of shit windows04:08
Super_Handsomastvaughn: Like companies, designed to make money, don't run demographics. *rolls eyes*04:08
riverbirdsupporting their own money-grubbing.  if linux users are so small, then why not release the drivers?04:08
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:08
karma_policei'm a linux noob.. been here since 9.04.. i am more familiar with windows yet i like ubuntu better...04:08
benjgvpsriverbird: It takes time and money to release drivers04:08
benjgvpsWhich the PC needs more04:08
karma_policei enjoy the learning experience04:09
riverbirdno it doesn't, just stop hiding them04:09
Blue1karma_police: my journey through linux:  http://www.pkill-9.com04:09
benjgvpsIf my graphics driver crashes when I try to enjoy a nice game of GTA 4 because the company is pouring resources into a minority operating system, I wouldn't be happy04:09
jlcCan somebody please tell me why mencoder cannot initialize video file?04:09
ardchoille!ot | benjgvps04:09
ubottubenjgvps: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:09
benjgvpsAlrighty then04:10
tvaughnbenjgvps, lets go to OT04:10
Super_Handsomasardchoille: You're fighting a losing battle. =P04:10
jlccorrection: mencoder- cannot initialize video driver.  Anybody got any ideas?04:10
ardchoilleSuper_Handsomas: No I'm not :)04:10
karma_policei love open source.. i hope some day to be able to give back04:10
Super_HandsomasSeemed like it for a second! Lol04:10
Super_Handsomaskarma_police: to OT04:11
riverbirdardchoille, is right.  .. !ot04:11
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:13
=== ThomasHC is now known as funnyman
jlcanybody know how to use mencoder to rotate video?04:18
yoshio_221happy new years!!!04:18
=== Misery is now known as Guest84516
orangeyhello all!04:18
yoshio_221anyone know how to sync ipod touch 2g with ubuntu?04:18
orangeyis there a way to sync SynML over bluetooth in ubuntu?04:18
towliebanim running ubuntu in a vm (virtualbox) but when i go to settings->display the max resolution i can choose is 1024x768 but i know that the max resolution supported is higher. how do i fix this ?04:19
Guest7001!ipod | yoshio_22104:19
ubottuyoshio_221: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod04:19
webbb82im a little confued i just burned a kubuntu install cd and when i get to the partition setup part of the install the  check box for install the side by side isnt there, only earase the harddrive and install kubuntu or advanced manual partition   why would the option to install them side by side04:20
=== aj_ is now known as Guest67405
brando753guys how would I burn an iso image to multiple Dvd Burners04:21
adarshahello there!!!04:22
towliebanim running ubuntu in a vm (virtualbox) but when i go to settings->display the max resolution i can choose is 1024x768 but i know that the max resolution supported is higher. how do i fix this ?04:22
ctmjrjlc  rotate it is found in mplayer docs man mplayer then /rotate04:23
ratonplayer4chan ! /b/ powaa!04:25
ubuntu_hi can someone help me install ubuntu ? I already partitioned my hard drive is there something else I should do ?04:25
ardchoilleubuntu_: Unless you have special needs, the installer can do the partitioning for you04:26
d9500towlieban, have you installed the guest additions?04:26
ubuntu_ardchoille I tried it b4 and only a blank screen would come up http://i49.tinypic.com/aujokh.jpg04:26
=== joey is now known as Guest64973
Guest64973i was wondering if anyone had tips on how to speed up graphics in karmic04:27
ardchoilleubuntu_: Oh, yes, I remember04:27
Guest64973i have an intel chipset on karmic04:27
Guest64973i have ample ram, I was wondering if anyone knew how to increase the ram the graphics chipset could access04:27
ubuntu_ok so I partitoned it is there something extra I should do ? 540 = linux-swap and 36.74 as ext 304:28
ctmjr!intel | Guest6497304:28
ubottuGuest64973: Ubuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.04:28
=== Stealthbox is now known as philabole
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent04:28
unopGuest64973, this would be a function of your BIOS, something like AGP aperture size04:29
philaboleany one who can chat with me about some ubuntu issues?04:29
ardchoille!ask | philabole04:29
ubottuphilabole: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:29
ubuntu_can some one plz help me install ubuntu on my computer plz04:30
philabolesorry i am having some issues with a new install of ubuntu 9.04 anyone care to chat privately as i may need a good bit of help04:30
qt-xtowlieban you have to install aditional softwar in ubuntu that come with virtual box04:30
towliebani did04:30
towliebani reinstalled it and now the graphics are really glitchy04:30
towliebanand i cant see anything04:31
towliebanexcept gray bars04:31
ardchoillephilabole: It's better to keep it in this channel as others may learn from it, unless of course it's off-topic04:31
ubuntu_o yes me too philabole invite me to your chat yes ?04:31
qt-xand the resolution dosen't automaticli adjust to windows size ?04:31
sfalangaI'm trying to decode an .mp4 file into .dv using ffmpeg any suggestions?04:31
ctmjrubuntu_: what do you need help with what step?04:31
philabole my mouse quit working why would that be04:31
D3RGPS31anyone with wine's ppa repo have an issue with installing/upgrading wine04:31
ubuntu_ctmjr I partioned my hard drive to install ubuntu bc it wouldnt do it only a bvlank screen would appear04:32
philaboleNo takers on the mouse issue huh?04:33
Guest64973unop: thanks, I'll take a look04:33
qt-xtowlieban: try ask on #vbox04:33
Guest64973and thanks ubottu! lol04:34
ctmjrubuntu_: reboot to the installer press f4 then choose safe graphics mode then install to the partition you want04:34
ljamisoniiphilabole: what do you define as 'stopped working'?04:34
sfalangaany ideas how to decode an .mp4 file into it's digital video and audio tracks?04:34
MoonwalkerPlease save MySQL04:35
DrManhattanwhat wrong with mysql04:36
ctmjrDrManhattan: everything04:36
MoonwalkerIt will not be opensource if it belongs to Oracle04:36
DrManhattandude - petittion yourself retarded, you can't tell people what to do with their own products04:37
philaboleljamisonii: it was working fine after install but all of a sudden it is stuck in the middle of the screen and any of the 3 mice i plug in won't respond04:37
lstarnesMoonwalker: I don't know where you heard that, but that is absolutely not correct04:37
DrManhattanit was nice of sun to give it away for a while but it isnt like you can force them04:37
lstarnesMoonwalker: the GPL can't be revoked as far as I am aware04:37
ljamisoniiphilabole: have you tried keeping the mouse you've used plugged in and log out/back in or reboot?04:38
MoonwalkerPlease refer to the petition04:38
iqbalaanyone can suggest a VCD to iPhone converter ?04:38
twois there a channel for help with screenlets04:38
philaboleljamisonii: unfortunately i have several times04:38
brando753guys how would I burn an iso image to multiple Dvd Burners04:38
ardchoilleiqbala: http://handbrake.fr04:38
=== scott___ is now known as wookienz
kollektivim in fdisk and when i type 'p' it says Partition 1 does not end on cylinder boundary. is there any way i can fix this?04:38
ljamisoniiphilabole: have you tried removing the application that you installed before it stopped working?04:39
Dravekxhow do i search for an app?04:39
philaboleljamisonii: i diddn't install any thing prior to04:39
ubuntu_can someone explain to me why this : http://i48.tinypic.com/noeutc.jpg happens everytime I try to install ubuntu ?04:40
ctmjrDravekx: aptitude search package name04:40
ardchoilleDravekx: in the package manager?04:40
ljamisoniiphilabole: so it was a fresh install?04:41
qt-xubuntu_ do you every time open first gparted ?04:41
ubuntu_qt-x no04:42
Gaming4JCHey all, do you know which logs can tell me what files have been recently deleted/moved? I have a client that lost a lot of important information and has no idea what they did.04:42
qt-xi think that is the problem: no 2 app can have write access to hdd in the same time04:43
iqbalaardchoille: hadbrake is not working.. i source the /dev/sr0 but the start option is grayed out04:43
philaboleljamisonii: i have been using one windows machine and the ubuntu (the fresh install) switching the mouse and keyboard back and forth so i could troubleshoot my issue of not being able to get on the net....and be damned when i figure it out the mouse is dead04:43
ubuntu_qt-x ok Ill close it and tell u what happens04:43
* Gaming4JC continues to look over log files...04:44
twoim having trouble with the main menu screenlet in ubuntu 9.10, some of teh menu items wont highlight and the buttons are all squished, anyone know why?04:44
ubuntu_qt-x its doing it again ... :/04:45
qt-xthan to a back and forward on install app. it should appear what you looking for04:45
iqbalaardchoille: any idea why start is grayed out.. even tho i can pick the /dev/sr0 fine04:45
ljamisoniiphilabole: haha...that absolutely sucks. The only other thing I can suggest is as long as you don't have anything important on your current install, remove and reinstall the ubuntu OS.04:45
ubuntu_qt-x it is still empty ...04:45
philaboleljamisonii: i thought you might say that04:46
twoim having trouble with the main menu screenlet in ubuntu 9.10, some of teh menu items wont highlight and the buttons are all squished, anyone know why?04:46
riverbirdphilabole, mouse mounts as a device.  you should unmount it before just unplugginf it.  if you reboot with the mouse plugged in, it should be fine04:46
ardchoilleiqbala: No, I've used hb for a while and never seen that04:46
iqbalaardchoille: i am using ghb04:46
ljamisoniiphilabole: take riverbird's suggestion haha04:46
iqbalaardchoille: i had not seen this symtom either in the past04:46
IceWeweI have an HVR-1600. Mythtv is segfaulting. Is there any way to manually watch the video stream from the card? (Digital, not analog)04:47
drunkpunkhey folks, can anyone help me change permissions for a whole heap of folders containin a hwole load more .mp3s? everything i've tried with chmod so far has been a dead end...04:47
philaboleriverbird: ah...so a reinstall should do it04:47
Gaming4JCI figure I'll politely ask this again... What Logs can tell me when files have been deleted/moved? <-- somewhat important since there's a lot of data missing :s04:48
riverbirdphilabole, no reinstall, just reboot04:48
ljamisoniiGaming4JC: check this out...if you can't figure it out and the client knows the information they lost, this may be able to help...http://www.ehow.com/how_2064953_recover-deleted-files-linux.html04:48
qt-xubuntu_ start over with the install04:48
ctmjrIceWewe: mplayer kaffiene vlc and not recommended me-tv04:48
philaboleriverbird: already tried that04:48
Gaming4JCljamisonii: thanks.04:49
IceWewectmjr, how would I play it? using mplayer on /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0 doesn't work04:49
ljamisoniiGaming4JC: not a problem ^_^ I'll keep looking to see if there's anything better, but that should at least give you a start04:49
IceWewectmjr, I'm not talking about a file that mythtv's created, I'm talking about playing directly off the card input04:49
riverbirdphilabole, try rebooting with the  mouse unplugged, then plug in after youre up04:50
ctmjrIceWewe: i know what your talking about you want to watch tv04:50
philaboleriverbird:sorry tried that too04:50
IceWewectmjr, yes, I just can't remember the command...04:50
riverbirdlol.  sorry04:51
riverbirdnot funny04:51
uiuiuihey, does rc.local actually work on 9.10???04:51
ctmjrIceWewe: you dan try mplayer dvb:// put you should have a channel conf file04:52
uiuiuiit has execute permission, it is owned by root04:52
secretstoryhappy new year for all :)04:52
uiuiuieven added it manually by update-rc.d rc.local start 2 3 4 5.04:52
uiuiuiit seems all startup scripts dont run fine04:53
uiuiuicant even get dhcp3-server to load on startup04:53
qt-x /join #ubuntu-ro04:54
ranjanAll the Dear members of this group, Wishing you a  happy and prosperous new year 2010 .... ranjan ;)04:55
Drunkpunk1ranjan: thx dude04:56
Drunkpunk1can any one help me apply permissions to a whole heap of mp3s?04:56
ai9371chown folder04:57
Drunkpunk1nothing with chmod has worked so far04:57
curriegrad2004chmod -r04:57
Scott1979tyler u still here04:57
tvaughnhow do i restart openssh04:57
Drunkpunk1weird yeh i though it would be that easy too but obv i doin something wrong04:57
ljamisoniidoes anyone know how to force a program to use a specific directory as the active directory?04:58
Drunkpunk1whats the diff between chmod and chown?04:58
wookienzjust installed koala, loving it! might finally delete my winblows partition. I am trying to mount my NAS folders to the desktop...when i run a mount command i dont have permissions to get into the directories. however "connecting to a server" works fine. ideas?04:58
ranjanDrunkpunk1 : i think you nead to make change by changing permision by using this comand chmod04:58
Drunkpunk1ranjan: thas the one i've been trying with...04:58
tvaughnDrunkpunk1, what exactly are you trying to do?04:59
Drunkpunk1the weird thing is i cant even navigate to the folder in question in terminal04:59
tvaughnDrunkpunk1, that might be a start :)05:00
tvaughnwhats the dir called?05:00
tvaughnHAPPY NEWYEAR05:00
ctmjrhappy new year from the east coast of the united states05:00
Drunkpunk1i know it sounds dumb but i can only seem to get as far as the folder which contains the folders that have the mp3s in05:00
tvaughnDrunkpunk1, that makes sense to me05:01
tvaughn1 sec05:01
Drunkpunk1tvaughn: thx and u too Gaming 4JC!05:01
tvaughnok Drunkpunk1 do you know what mod you wanna use/05:02
tvaughnchmod -R 777 *.mp305:02
Drunkpunk1tvaughn: shame, tried it05:02
Zymethhappy new year05:03
tvaughnDrunkpunk1, hmm05:03
Pizza1337happy new year05:04
tvaughnyou cant cd into the other dirs?05:04
adarshaDrunkpunk1: try using sudo if it's enabled05:04
webbb82ok i just made my hard drive smaller so i can dualboot but when i get to the choose the partition you want to use i dont get the option install side by side also i dont get the option to use all unused diskspasce  but i have 200 gb of unused space after shrining my hard drive05:05
tvaughnif its not use sudo su :)05:05
Drunkpunk1adarsha: thx but, i'm sudoin most of this stuff05:05
webbb82do i  need to reboot inorder to see my unused disk space in the installer05:05
webbb82please help05:05
antoniusi have XP on sda1, OSX on sda2, and would like to put ubuntu on sdb3, but keep the mac boot loader..can anyone advise05:05
januszeal -!- Day changed to 01 Jan 201005:05
x_hi all... how can i set auto authentication of functions like process speed and hdd access05:05
Drunkpunk1tvaughn: seems like mty prob is coming from not being able to actually REACH these folders in terminal05:06
tvaughnwell name a folder name?05:06
adarshaoh! i thought u could enter any  dir with sudo!!!05:06
Drunkpunk1tvaughn:2secs mate05:06
antonius2 hours for me, januszea105:06
januszealantonius: happy early new year then :305:07
antoniusjanuszea1: thx05:07
Drunkpunk1cd AlwaysOutnumbered,AlwaysOutgunned/05:07
=== tos is now known as tos_
kylecareycan anyone point my towards a complete gnome compiz .deb package?05:07
tvaughnwhats the comma for05:07
tvaughnthats your problem05:07
Drunkpunk1tvaughn: its w/out spaces cos i took them out in case that was confusing cli05:08
tvaughntry this cd "AlwaysOutnumbered,AlwaysOutgunned/"05:08
qt-x# etc/init.d/sshd restart05:08
tos_is there a GUI user manager for ubuntu, to set quotas, limits, restrictions, etc.......?05:08
x_happy new year everybody05:08
tvaughnthanks qt-x05:08
khelvanDoes anyone here have experience encoding time-lapse photographs as videos? I am trying to do it with ffmpeg, but my blue color looks yellow-green in the video, even though it is bright blue in the photographs (and the #ffmpeg channel is dead).05:08
tos_x_ its still 2009 here!!!!05:09
tvaughnqt-x,  any idea why i dont seem to have a sshd in init.d05:09
kylecareycan anyone point my towards a complete gnome compiz .deb package?05:09
x_where? vacnouver?05:09
qt-xdo you have ssh ?05:09
qt-xnot sshd ?05:09
x_what time is it there05:09
tvaughnyes ssh is there05:10
x_u r almost there!05:10
Drunkpunk1 tvaughn: its as simple as that?05:10
qt-xthen ssh restart :D05:10
x_i thought we will have flying cars by now05:10
tvaughnDrunkpunk1, yup same with spaces too05:10
Drunkpunk1so rename the folders?05:10
=== angelus_ is now known as angelus
philabolerivrbird: ok mouse is working....can you now help me get online?05:11
Drunkpunk1 tvaughn: soirry if basic but i kinda new to all this05:11
tvaughnDrunkpunk1, i cant call myself an expert either so :P05:11
tvaughnDrunkpunk1, im looking into chmod being able to handle that05:11
Drunkpunk1 tvaughn: any help really appreciated, specially on ny day! thx05:12
tvaughnDrunkpunk1, not a problem05:13
philabolecan ny one help me get online with my new ubuntu9.04 install05:13
ardchoilleDrunkpunk1: waht are you trying to do?05:14
tvaughnhes trying to recursively chmod mp3s05:14
Drunkpunk1 tvaughn: i setup eyeOS cloud serverr lastnite, now trying to share a few mp3s on that server05:14
qt-xadd -R for reciursive05:15
tvaughnit didnt work05:15
tvaughni suggested that05:15
marcham89Wishes all his Linux buddies a Happy New Year!05:15
Drunkpunk1 ardchoille: sorry, i was addressing you05:15
philaboleno takers on helping me get online?05:15
qt-x-R not -r05:15
adarshatvaughn : doesn't chmod work if the dir has a "," in its name?05:15
tvaughnsome of the dirs have characters in themthat arent normal05:15
qt-xand first option05:15
cmike!action list05:15
marcham89philabole: please restate your issue05:15
adarshaok.. it worked in my system.05:15
tvaughnDrunkpunk1, try chmod -Rv 777 *.mp305:16
qt-xchmod -R etc05:16
Drunkpunk1qt-x: tried -R with caps05:16
tos_is there a GUI user manager for ubuntu, to set quotas, limits, restrictions, etc.......?05:16
qt-x-R v05:16
tvaughntos_, theres one under system administration i think05:17
philabolemarcham89: my issue is that ubuntu will not connect on it's own...i have to configure some network settings...this is hard for me05:17
tvaughneither that o under prefrences o.o05:17
Drunkpunk1qt-x:will give it a go whats th v do?05:17
tvaughnit will annonce everything it does05:17
marcham89tos_ http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28957105:17
tos_tvaughn, do you know the name of it>?05:17
qt-xor --recursive05:17
tos_ok thanks05:17
qt-xshould work05:17
tvaughnphilabole, wired or wireless05:18
marcham89philabole: could you please give a bit more detail (exactly what is happening, what do you have to configure, is this wireless, etc)05:18
philaboletvaughn: wired05:18
Drunkpunk1thx guys05:18
qt-xand should be aplyed on paretn folder05:18
Drunkpunk1i'll give a go05:18
tvaughnyeah what do you have to configure?05:18
philabolemarcham89: wired05:18
webbb82hey i shrank my main partiton so i could  do a dual boot setup but when i get to the partition part in the installer use unused disk space isnt there aswell as install side by side   anyone got any ideas05:19
Drunkpunk1qt-x:is it a prob that the parent folder contains a whole bunch of folders that then contain the mp3s?05:19
qt-xor "chmod [options] *" for all files in folder05:19
tvaughnDrunkpunk1,  thats the point of the -R05:19
qt-xthen -R05:19
qt-xthat is what manual say05:20
ardchoilleI probably would have used: find /path -name "*.mp3" -exec chmod a+r05:20
qt-xonly if the user dose not have the privileges to run comand well be a problem05:21
philaboletvaughn: i have run ubuntu for over a year and i know it should take to the internet naturally but it isn't....05:21
tvaughnphilabole, if you dont say what your having to do exactly each time...05:21
tvaughnhow is anyone supposed to help?05:22
ardchoilleDrunkpunk1: Be careful of running recursive chmod that removes the x bit as that will lock you out of affected folders05:22
* MrDudle brb05:22
philaboletvaughn: one minute05:22
qt-xthe output of the command is of help :D05:22
Drunkpunk1ardchoille: cheers for the heads up, i'm runnin nothing straight away05:22
Drunkpunk1but this convo is bein c & v'd!05:23
NOC1cant get wireless on new netbook05:24
philaboletvaughn: it says networking is disabled05:24
skyllohow do I remove conky?05:24
bastid_raZorskyllo: sudo apt-get remove conky05:24
NOC1try getting to the dir and use rm05:25
NOC1how do u get wireless on your netbook05:25
c3101NOC1, what wireless adapter does your netbook have ?05:26
Drunkpunk1 ardchoille: can u explain what the chmod a+r commands do?05:26
ardchoilleDrunkpunk1: changes modes on folder for all users (a) to read (r)05:26
NOC1sry what was the question again??05:27
skylloto install back?05:27
qt-x Drunkpunk1: check-> man chmod05:27
c3101NOC1, what wireless adapter does your netbook have ?05:27
tvaughnhm i tried changing the port in /etc/ssh/sshd_config and now if i try running ssh it does connection refused on port 22 and if i specify the -p 20050 it says connection reset by peer05:27
ardchoilleDrunkpunk1: Have a read here:  http://ardchoille42.blogspot.com/2009/08/linux-file-permissions.html05:27
c3101tvaughn, try   telnet host 20050 and see if you get ANY connection, might be a firewall problem05:28
Drunkpunk1ardchoille:readin right now05:28
tvaughncould nto resolve host05:28
NOC1wireless-n wlan minicard05:28
c3101tvaughn, well there's your problem !05:28
NOC1wat do u mean05:29
tos_any1 know how to setup a public 8 block of ips to be managed by ubuntu-server....05:29
tos_i.e. ubuntu gives ip to virtual servers....05:29
tvaughnc3101, it works if i do telnet
bastid_raZorskyllo: sudo apt-get install conky05:30
c3101tvaughn, from a remote machine, telnet to the machine's ip that is running the sshd on 20050, like such -> telnet <ip addr of the remote machine> 2005005:30
tvaughnnothing happens05:30
NOC1so whatt should i do to use wireless on netbook05:31
c3101NOC1, try the following page : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Broadcom_BCM4311_rev_01_%28ndiswrapper%29?highlight=%28WifiDocs%2FDevice%2905:32
wowoto! wireless | NOC105:32
ubottuNOC1: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:32
ardchoilleDrunkpunk1: You might also want to bookmark this page, I update it as needed: http://ardchoille42.blogspot.com/2009/08/command-line-cheatsheet.html05:32
NOC1thanks all of u05:32
tvaughnardchoille, ill steal that thanks05:33
ardchoilletvaughn: :)05:33
c3101tvaughn, if you can't connect to the remote machine via telnet, you sure aint going to connect via ssh, because there is no connection, either because of routing, firewalling, etc., first get the connection, then i'm sure it will work05:33
Drunkpunk1ardchoille:well, my learning curve just got steeper, am going to need coffee to digest this before locking myself out of my files05:34
tvaughnc3101, how can i find what the problem is though05:34
handrusgood night!05:34
bastid_raZor!ssh | tvaughn read this page, it'll help troubleshoot05:34
ubottutvaughn read this page, it'll help troubleshoot: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)05:34
Drunkpunk1ardchoille: tvaughn: qt-x: many thx and happy NY05:34
philaboleIs there another channel that i can get help with my internet issue....i'm desperate05:35
handruswhat is the right architecture for a phenom quad core on apt-build ?05:35
marcham89philabole: linux channel05:35
ardchoilleDrunkpunk1: once you star using the command line, it'll get easier :)05:35
bastid_raZorhandrus: which version of ubuntu is what matters. if youinstalled the 64bit or the 32bit.05:36
drehey all happy new year05:36
handrusbastid_raZor, 64bit05:36
dreall the best05:36
skylloHow do I find the file editable in conky? I can not find the folder using CTRL + H. ..05:37
bastid_raZorhandrus: 86_64x is the correct arch05:37
bastid_raZorskyllo: ~/.conkyrc ..but normally first use time you need to create it and for a .conkyrc file you need to snag an example from the conky site or create your own05:37
qt-xyou're welcome05:38
handrusbastid_raZor, I just installed apt-build and its asking me the processor arch... I have nocona, core2, k8, opterom, athlon 64 etc05:38
DezineI was wondering if anyone could tell me what script is used to power http://releases.ubuntu.com/ such as a cms of sorts of it is a custom script05:39
handrusjust this options... should I just enter manually "x86_64" at /etc/apt/apt-build.conf ?05:39
dnivrahow do I install new login screen themes in karmic? In jaunty it was just a matter of selecting the source file from System->Admn->Login windows. I asked in #tango but no response; was just wondering if anyone knew how to do so here.05:47
qt-x dnivra: gdmsetup command i guse05:48
wowotodnivra: download the login theme ,then install it05:48
dnivraqt-x: nope the gdmsetup aint it; it's same as System -> Admn -> Login Screen. nothing there to choose the source.05:49
=== jeremy_ is now known as Guest80406
dnivrawowoto: I thought so too; but small issue - no configure script or anything in the source!05:50
qt-xdrag ther the sorce05:50
digitalchemistHey, I need a way to get a transparent gnome-panel. Using compiz's opacity plugin is a non-solution (it makes the icons and text transparent). Adjusting the background transparency with gnome-panel doesn't show windows that move under the panel, so it's not true transparency. So, wtf... ?05:51
dnivraqt-x: are you using karmic? or some other version?05:51
qt-xI did so on 9.4 and work05:52
=== philabole is now known as dickhed
sepehrplanning on installing XP to dual boot with my current ubuntu karmic, i am well aware that windows will wipe out grub, but have no idea how to restore grub2 and have it with both windows and karmic boot options05:52
qt-xin gdmsetup chose login screen tab05:52
qt-xthen drag there05:53
dnivraqt-x: that's in jaunty. this is what gdmsetup looks like in karmic if it's of any help. http://yfrog.com/jkscreenshotloginscreensep05:53
Izinucssepehr: you doing this to play games?05:53
sepehrmany reasons05:53
LinuxPhreakI need help getting compiz-fusion to work on Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop. I've installed restricted drivers but not sure if they need to be configured or how to configure them. I've also ran sudo compiz and sudo compiz --replace and got some messages saying thinngs didn't pass05:54
Izinucssepehr: if not games then you might consider installing in virtualbox instead.. you won't have the grub issues and you'll have access to windows within ubuntu without rebooting05:54
qt-xso it is not like this ? http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/85/Gdmsetup.png05:55
dnivraqt-x: be right back alright.05:55
sepehri already have virtual box and most wine software out there (ie: playonlinux, crossover linux, cedega, wine doors) but i actually need windows for reasons where virtualbox and wine cant just cut it05:56
wowotodnivra: you can  download the gdm from here : http://dlc.sun.com/osol/jds/downloads/extras/  then install it      hope you like it05:56
skylloI see that all drivers are installed?05:56
Izinucssepehr: well all I can do unfortunately is have ubottu give you the grub link05:57
skyllocard drivers?05:57
Izinucs!grub2 | sepehr05:57
ubottusepehr: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub205:57
sepehrthx il check it out05:57
LinuxPhreakcan anyone help me install compiz on my Dell Inspiron 850005:58
skylloI see that all drivers are installed?05:58
coz_LinuxPhreak,  do you have ubuntu installed along with the video driver?05:58
=== kcsrnd is now known as Guest91951
LinuxPhreakI have Ubuntu 9.10 and nvidea restricted drivers activated05:59
=== Guest80406 is now known as kcsrnd
coz_LinuxMercedes,  ok did you reboot the system after installing the nvidia drivers?/05:59
skylloI see that all drivers are installed?06:00
coz_LinuxPhreak,  ok is this gnome?06:00
LinuxPhreakaccoring to my drivers spot in ubuntu they are active06:00
ardchoilleskyllo: What is your issue?06:00
musikgoatHappy New Year!06:00
LinuxPhreakyes most recent Gnome06:00
coz_LinuxMercedes,  ok open system/preferences/appearance  Visual effects tab06:00
coz_LinuxMercedes, xorry06:00
LinuxMercedescoz_: that's fine =]06:00
coz_LinuxPhreak,  open system/preferences/appearance visual effects tab06:01
skyllojust want to see if all drivers are installed06:01
coz_LinuxPhreak,  tell me if anyoption is already ticked06:01
skylloardchoille just want to see if all drivers are installed06:01
ardchoilleskyllo: It would benefit you to ask a specific question and give info about your issue06:01
LinuxPhreakI see the following06:01
LinuxPhreakNone, Normal, Extra none of them are marked06:02
LinuxPhreakshould I check exta06:02
coz_LinuxPhreak,  ok mark  extra or normal06:02
=== arvind_ is now known as dnivra_
dnivra_qt-x: can you give the link you gave me once more; the scrollback didn't get saved since my original nick's still here.06:02
coz_LinuxPhreak,  you most likely want to install  ccsm       sudo apt-get install compiz-config-settings-manager06:03
skylloardchoille My problem is I do not know how to see this information only that06:03
LinuxPhreakok should I give it a shot?06:03
qt-xis like this ?06:03
coz_LinuxPhreak,  sorry that is    sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager06:03
dnivra_qt-x: oh no that's jaunty. mine is like the link I gave you.06:03
coz_LinuxPhreak,  yes tick extra and see if anything works and also install ccsm06:03
kmystanybody use a keyfile to unlock a luks encrypted drive?06:03
coz_kmyst,  sorry I dont06:03
TrezkerProblem: I just installed libboost-dev, but the program I'm trying to build still doesn't find the boost libs06:04
IzinucsLinuxPhreak: put it on normal or extra then install the package coz_ mentioned06:04
dnivra_qt-x: just in case; here's the link again. http://img704.yfrog.com/i/screenshotloginscreense.png/06:04
LinuxPhreakok set to normal just installed06:04
coz_LinuxPhreak,  ok  now under  system/preferences//   open compizconfig settings manager or06:04
coz_LinuxPhreak,  from terminal just type     ccsm06:05
skylloardchoille My problem is I do not know how to see this information only that06:05
IzinucsLinuxPhreak: you trying to get the "cube" working?  if so you'll need to change the setting to extra06:05
skylloardchoille help me?06:05
LinuxPhreakalready ahead bof you on this one. I've used in past on other computers just not this06:05
coz_LinuxPhreak,  ah cool :)06:05
itsnotstalkingwtf is with firefox dieing and not finding anything for short periods all the time06:06
=== dnivra_ is now known as dnivra
skylloI see the status of the card drivers?06:06
=== strixbg is now known as strix
itsnotstalkingthe internet works fine, just FF06:07
xiongI recently upgraded to 9.10. There used to be a panel applet in the upper-right which allowed me to switch users, restart/shutdown/logout, and even set my ICQ status. Now it's gone and 'Add to Panel' doesn't seem to have that thing anymore -- only about three things that collectively do some of the same stuff. What have I done? What can I do?06:07
=== wet-chan is now known as wet
xiongIt would help if I could remember the name of the old applet/menu.06:08
dnivraanyone know how to install login screen themes in karmic? I've downloaded the tarballs but they don't have any configure scripts and I find no way to install them from System-> Admn -> Login Screen like it's possible in Jaunty.06:08
kmystxiong: i'm on intrepid and it is called user switcher06:09
coz_dnivra,   well if you mean gdm themes   I do indeed but you really cant install gdm themes anymore if you are on ubuntu karmic06:09
dannyDoes anyone know why searches from the Ubuntu start page are not showing up in my Google History page?06:09
xiongkmyst, Thank you. 'User Switcher' is one of the things still available but it's not like the old one.06:10
xiongkmyst, At least I will have a starting point for tracking down the change.06:10
coz_dnivra,  actually the more gtk2 themes you have installed the more variation in gdm themes you can have as well06:10
dnivracoz_: yeah gdm; didn't know the term. can't install them any more? great!06:10
itsnotstalkingdanny, do you reall y want that freaky shit show up up in there?06:10
coz_dnivra,   ok  lets test it first   ...open a terminal06:10
kmystxiong: np, haven't upgraded past intrepid myself due to having ati vid card and losing advanced video capabilty...or so i've read06:10
dannyYes, I really do! And I forgot to mention that all of my browsing is showing up there but not my searches.06:11
dnivracoz_: yeah I'm in a terminal. what should I do?06:11
coz_dnivra,  then copy and paste t his next command by highlighting it here and simply middle clicking inside the terminal window     gksudo -u gdm dbus-launch gnome-appearance-properties06:11
sunil2while opening word processor i'm getting "The application cannot be started.06:12
sunil2OpenOffice.org user installation could not be completed due to insufficient free disk space. Please free more disc space at the following location and restart OpenOffice.org:  /home/sunil/.openoffice.org/3"06:12
coz_dnivra,  what will open is the gnome control center and you choose one of the gtk2 themes   then close out of that and restart x or log out and back on  I think the log off should do it06:12
sunil2how to solve this problem?06:12
lstarnessunil2: you're probably out of disk space06:12
dnivracoz_,  be right back.06:12
xiongkmyst, Now I'm trying to remember why I fooled with a working system.06:12
coz_dnivra,  ok06:12
shawn_Happy new years to those that it applies to!06:13
kmystxiong: i know the feeling06:13
sunil2then how to proceed now????06:13
ljamisoniisunil2: it's quite simple...free up some space at the given location.06:13
lstarnessunil2: get some more disk space06:13
lstarnessunil2: try opening a terminal and typing df -h06:13
coz_dnivra,  so?06:14
dnivracoz_: the login screen was the same.06:14
joshua__Sorry to bother everyone, but could someone help me with doing this?06:14
dnivracoz_: what was supposed to happen?06:14
coz_dnivra,  ok lets be sure you went to the right place and chose the correct thing06:14
joshua__I need to install the Linux driver forRadeon Mobility X160006:14
coz_dnivra,  open system/preferences/appearance06:14
joshua__*ATI Radeon Mobility X160006:14
lstarnes!radeon | joshua__06:15
ubottujoshua__: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:15
lstarnesjoshua__: have you tried using ubuntu's official packages for the drivers?06:15
coz_dnivra,  when that opens click the "Customize" button  then the "Controls"  tab06:15
=== rww is now known as rw
sepehrjoshua__: also note that the fglrx drivers wont work on karmic06:15
coz_dnivra,  that is where you make the change however  it cant be done until you use that command to opne the appearance properties06:15
dnivracoz_ you want a screen shot? i get a window with the old theme selected.06:16
joshua__I tried, but apparently the default gpu driver ubuntu provides doesn't support my GFX card.06:16
coz_dnivra,  ok did you follow those last directions?06:16
=== ubuntu_ is now known as fiber
coz_dnivra, let me show you hold on06:16
dnivracoz_: sure thing. they made no sense:).06:16
sepehrjoshua__: what version of ubuntu r u running?06:16
dnivracoz_, were you referring to the earlier command you gave?06:16
coz_dnivra,  yes hold on06:17
dnivracoz_, sure thing06:17
joshua__Latest one.06:17
coz_dnivra,   ok take a look at this   http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/screenshot1.png06:17
fiberhello... i just transfered my ubuntu install to another harddrive but now when i boot it says "grub harddisk failure".  What i did (in order) was a) use cpio to make a direct copy of hd a to hd b b) installed grub on the other hd by doing "grub-install /dev/sdb" c) changed the uuid's in /etc/fstab and /boot/grub/menu.lst.  did i miss anything?  any ideas?06:18
itsnotstalkingdoes anyone who uses firefox notice it dies for a few minutes sometimes, with no explanation06:18
itsnotstalkingi shoud just switch browsers06:18
sepehrjoshua__: well ur out of luck since ati doesnt support the latest verion of xorg that ships with 9.10 so ur gona have to use the opensource drivers (they are actually better in every way except 3D)06:19
coz_dnivra,  when you use that dbus command I gave earlier it will also open the  appearnace properties as root....then you click the  "Customize" button  and under the "Controls" tab  just choose one of the gtk2 themes you want as your login screen colours06:19
joshua__Hrm... Where would I find the open source driver?06:19
dnivracoz_, alright. going to do it, logout and log back in. hold on ok.06:19
coz_dnivra,   as you see on my screenshot06:19
dnivracoz_: crystal clear. let me try.06:19
coz_dnivra,   I chose   balanzan as the gtk2 theme and again with that command the balanzan theme again06:19
sepehrjoshua__: so if ur planing on same kind of gaming performance as with ati drivers well u could use an older version i guess however u still get some 3d (things like compiz should still work fine)06:20
kmystfiber: unique approach, but why not just dd the drive? i haven't tried it precisely your way but it'd "seem" that you did what i would have done...harddisk failure is all it says?06:20
dnivracoz_: you changed the theme as root and also as the normal user?06:20
xiongkmyst, The real name of the thing *may* be 'indicator-applet-session'.06:20
joshua__I'm not planning on doing massive gaming, but one of the java games I play crashes because there is no driver for the GPU.06:20
coz_dnivra,   well choose as user the theme you want for your system  but06:21
sepehrjoshua__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver the how to is pretty detailed just entering those lines into terminal should do it06:21
joshua__I just need any driver that woiuld work with it.06:21
kmystxiong: hey good to know if i ever upgrade! i use that applet like crazy06:21
shawn146i am havign some trouble with ubuntu06:21
fiberkmyst: i didn't dd because the drives are different (one is 300GB the other is 1.5TB)... and all it says it HD failure right before getting to the menu, nothing else06:21
dnivracoz_, just thought I should tell you that the theme is what I chose earlier when I ran the command you gave me.06:21
coz_dnivra,  with that dbus command  choose the theme you want as log in screen06:21
xiongkmyst, I have yet to restore it to panel. 'man' doesn't work.06:21
joshua__So I just run all that stuff?06:21
coz_dnivra,  it should work well but I will try it again when you try once more and it doesn work06:21
kmystfiber: yeah but you could dd then expand the partition to take up the extra space06:21
sunil2the out put of "df -h"  is06:21
sunil2Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on06:21
sunil2/dev/sda8             2.3G  2.2G     0 100% /06:21
sunil2tmpfs                 498M     0  498M   0% /lib/init/rw06:21
sunil2varrun                498M  108K  498M   1% /var/run06:21
FloodBot1sunil2: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:21
sunil2varlock               498M     0  498M   0% /var/lock06:21
dnivracoz_, yeah with the dbus command you gave me, the theme is another one - the one I chose before logout. I will do it once more sure.06:21
coz_dnivra,  then restart x06:22
dnivracoz_, be right back.06:22
kmystfiber: tis what i did with my 160 to 500gb drive in the laptop06:22
fiberkmyst: i had thought about that... but in the end it's just as far out there as my approach! the UUID's would have had to be modified anyways right?06:22
shawn146i am having problems with Xv under Karmic and i have an i915 as my gpu06:22
squidlyhappy new year06:22
kmystxiong: huh...but that's what it's called now?06:23
kmystfiber: actually come to thnk of it i didn't mod my uuid's06:23
shawn146can anybody help me?06:23
mbblooking for suggestions for a USB headset that will work, running Hardy.06:23
joshua__sepehr: if I setup SSH access, would you be able to do it for me?06:23
joshua__I'm not too good with this stuff.06:23
sunil2my paste bin url is "http://paste.ubuntu.com/349823/"06:23
wowotofiber: use /dev/sdaX  instead of uuid06:23
sunil2now tell me how to free up my disc space06:24
dnivracoz_, yeah it did change. but what if I want it to be like the ones i downloaded. think I should just install them as if they were normal themes and not login screen themes?06:24
fiberkmyst: strange... i was under the impression that UUID depended on the actual HD not the any modifiable data06:24
kmystfiber: try specifying the /dev instead of using uuid's06:24
fiberwowoto: kmyst: where would you recommend I do this?06:24
coz_dnivra,  then you have to NOT download the  gdm themes but instead a new  gtk2 theme06:24
xiongkmyst, Now I think I was wrong, sorry. I may be chasing a dead end.06:24
wowotosunil2: 1 reinstall  2 mount a file to enlarge it06:24
wowotofiber: maybe in  :   /etc/fstab06:25
coz_dnivra,  customization has been severly  cut down with this new approach06:25
coz_shawn146,   are you trying to play videos?06:25
fiberwowoto: nah, it's not getting that far06:25
kmystfiber: iirc i just went from a gutsy install, did the dd/resize then upgraded to hardy then intrepid and that was it06:25
shawn146yes coz_06:25
coz_shawn146,  which player are you using?06:25
dnivracoz_, let me try one more of those so called "gdm" themes.06:25
fiberkmyst: i just may do that... luckily i still have the original06:25
wowotofiber: o ,sorry..06:25
coz_dnivra,   no no no  no gdm themes will work anymore06:26
shawn_I have two SATA hard drives plugged into an old MSI that has both IDE and SATA ports and it used to always ruN IDE but now I just plugged in two SATA drives but Ubuntu install CDs are not seeing them06:26
emanuxHappy New Year to everyone :)06:26
fiberwowoto: no worries, thanks trying though06:26
coz_dnivra,  ONLY  gtk2 themes06:26
kmystfiber: in the fstab and most likely grub's menu.lst06:26
emanuxhas anyone try google chrome?06:26
shawn_emanux, You too06:26
dnivracoz_, so is it possible to install the gdm themes as gtk2 themes? some workaround?06:26
kmystxiong: well if you figure it out let me know06:26
coz_emanux,  I use chromium here06:26
dnivracoz_, I'll check it out and see if it's possible to pass of a gdm as a gtk2.06:27
fiberkmyst: ok, i may have found some other clue... when trying to grub-install it again i get "Could not find device for /boot: Not found or not a block device."06:27
coz_dnivra,  no not that I am aware of ...as I said customizatioin is severly limited on this new version06:27
emanuxcoz_: how was it?06:27
xiongkmyst, I'm thinking that a LTS is scheduled for April.06:27
coz_emanux,  its fast of course but I found a bug ..at least on this system..where full screen flash will not go fullscreen06:27
kmystfiber: good clue06:27
coz_emanux,  but flash is working with it much much better than on firefox06:27
dnivracoz_, wish I'd stuck with Jaunty. First dsl didn't work and now customisation. just great.06:28
xiongkmyst, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/universe-bugs/2009-July/107765.html06:28
coz_dnivra,  yeah this new approach is very irritating to say the least but I dont think it is going to go back06:28
kmystxiong: well currently i'm out of luck with video if i upgrade again so i'm holding out trying to make something work on my spare drive before i commit full time06:28
dnivracoz_, yeah the gdm ones don't work. Damn the look so cool. wish they worked worked.06:28
emanuxcoz_, ic...it is not available in ubuntu repo right?06:28
shawn146can anyone hear me?06:28
coz_emanux,  hold on I think I have the  dep link06:28
dnivracoz_, no no no! man this is so irritating. Ubuntu's becoming restrictive like win is now.06:29
knuck887? f-spot crashes on start up. any suggestions on how to fix it06:29
coz_emanux,    deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/chromium-daily/ppa/ubuntu karmic main    and   deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/chromium-daily/ppa/ubuntu karmic main06:29
dnivracoz_, but yeah well it's still can do stuff win can't. but they're chopping everything down.06:29
kmystfiber: did you cpio /boot when you did all that?06:30
coz_dnivra,  well I believe there were valid reasons this occurred  however irritiating it is :)06:30
emanuxcoz_ , thanks...i will give it a shot06:30
shawn146can anybody help me with an Xv issue with karmi06:30
fiberkmyst: yessir.... and stage1 is safe and in its correct place (/boot/grub/stage1)06:31
dnivracoz_, I guess so; people who make Ubuntu what it is; put a lot of thought. Gotta hand it to team Ubuntu.06:31
coz_shawn146,  you are trying to play videos correct?   which player are you using ?   totem.,.. mplayer...vlc?06:31
kmystfiber: out of curiousity what options did you feed cpio?06:31
shawn146yes i said totem06:31
morphiasdnivra, you got to remember, that canocial tries to cater ubuntu to be useable by people "who just want their computer to work".  somtimes they restrict things that they may perceive "unstable" :-P06:32
* morphias wishes he could spell06:32
silv3r_m00nis there any software using which I can use my ftp server as a online storage across computers.....similar to dropbox ?06:33
dnivramorphias: which of course is a large section of the people who want their computer to do so. Too few would like to crash their computers like we do right?06:33
shawn146sorry coz_ i accidentally closed the terminal06:34
shawn146i am a noob to ubuntu06:34
wowotosilv3r_m00n: can "vsftpd" do ?06:34
coz_shawn146,  no problem06:34
silv3r_m00nthat's a ftp server I guess06:34
raymondHi everyone and Happy New Year. I am unable to get my networking working between my home computers. I can "see" the other computers an the hub/modem (Netgear DG834GUv5 - Runs as samba server) on the network via  Places>network but get an "unable to receive share list" error. I have installed Samba and also smb4k. I can also see the computers with that (And have set up (tried to) samba drives...06:35
shawn146and i need to get this movie running before its too late tonight06:35
raymond...which I can see, but I get an error 13 (Permission denied). These drives are NTFS (I've migrated from an XP Pro system)06:35
silv3r_m00nI need a tool which can turn my ftp space into a hardrive.....so that when someone else puts files there they get syncronised to a local folder automatically06:35
edbiansilv3r_m00n, rsync06:35
edbiansilv3r_m00n, or symlinks, I'm not sure which might work better06:35
fiberkmyst: i cannot find it... i found the exact command online on some blog06:35
coz_shawn146,  ok did you install   ubuntu-restricted-extras?06:35
shawn146no wats that06:35
morphiasdnivra, well i hardly know anything about computers other than what i read in readmes' and im sorry you experience lockups, but i haven't.06:36
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Are you looking for it to get syncronized automatically everytime a file is added?06:36
silv3r_m00nedbian: exactly06:36
edbiansilv3r_m00n, symlinks06:36
silv3r_m00nsomething that a service called dropbox does06:36
edbiansilv3r_m00n, I am vaguely familiar with dropbox.  Do you know what a symlink is?06:36
kmystfiber: hmm well i suppose since the data is there the stumble point was installing grub as you said right?06:37
silv3r_m00nedbian: no I don't06:37
fiberkmyst: correct06:37
dnivracoz_, or anyone who does know; how do I revert to the old login screen?06:37
sepehrum im using Quassel IRC and just accidentally turned off the menu bar...how do i get it back06:37
silv3r_m00nbrianherman: ldap06:37
kmystfiber: what was the error?06:37
silv3r_m00nbrianherman: has it a gui ?06:37
coz_dnivra,  same way just choose the  original gtk2 theme06:37
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Alright, let me get things straight first so I can be of more help.  You have an FTP server running on ubuntu right?  And that server has some folder.  Inside that folders are all the things shared correct?06:37
Psineticubuntu 9.10 64bit, how do i get a list of all the software i've installed?06:37
silv3r_m00nedbian: exactly06:38
kmystPsinetic: like just the packages installed?06:38
dnivracoz_, yeah I know that; but any idea what is the default gtk2 theme?06:38
edbiansilv3r_m00n, You have another folder that you want basically to be an exact copy of the ftp folder?06:38
=== rw is now known as rww
Psinetickmyst, i'm about to reinstall windows on here and use ubuntu on a VM and need to get a list of all the software i've installed so i can reinstall it later06:38
silv3r_m00nedbian: exactly06:38
coz_dnivra,    HumanLogin06:38
dnivracoz_, thanks.06:39
edbiansilv3r_m00n, What is the name of the ftp folder and the other folder?06:39
silv3r_m00nedbian: and this folder must be syncronised across multiple computers06:39
morphiasPsinetic, you can click APPLICATIONS -> UBUNTU SOFTWARE CENTER and after that loads use the drop box to "Installed packages"06:39
RichardHsliv3r_m00n rsync sound like what you need06:39
coz_dnivra,  no problem06:39
silv3r_m00nedbian: on server its pfiles and on local system it cud be a folder in the home of a user06:39
slinkeeyJust  stopped in to see how many people were not partying06:39
edbiansilv3r_m00n, pause, the folders are on two different computers?06:39
RichardHwell, there may be a problem if you sync to multiple computers06:39
iOmletteEveryone? :P06:39
kmystPsinetic: sudo dpkg --getselections | grep '[[:space:]]install$' | awk '{print $1}' > package_list should dump out everything into the file package_list and you could be able to cat package_list | xargs sudo apt-get install to rebuild the system06:40
silv3r_m00nedbian: the ftp is on my webhost .... and a folder on my pc , another pc , and another pc etc06:40
ardchoillePsinetic: dpkg --get-selections > /path/selectionfile   #This gets a list of all packages installed06:40
dnivraslinkeey: guess some have crossed over already to 2010 long ago. I did 12 hours ago.06:40
kmystPsinetic: that's how i'd do it06:40
ardchoillePsinetic:  sudo dpkg --set-selections < /path/selectionfile && apt-get dselect-upgrade   (This installs packages from an exported list06:40
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Is this webhost a personal computer in your home?  All the pc's in question are ubuntu?06:41
kmystPsinetic: i typo'd that's --get-selections not --getselections06:41
slinkeeywell later all06:41
Psineticuh, so which one do i do? :S06:41
silv3r_m00nedbian: webhost is on a web server.... and pcs are mix of windows and ubuntu06:41
ardchoillePsinetic: Read the end comments in my replies06:41
edbiansilv3r_m00n, The webhost is some remote server?  You have what kind of access to it?  Only ftp ?06:41
silv3r_m00nyah remote server..... I have the cpanel of it , ftp of it etc06:42
Psineticardchoille, how do i know where /path/selectionfile is?06:42
ardchoillePsinetic: you set that to whatever you want06:42
edbiansilv3r_m00n, That is a toughie, so you want to sync a local folder with the ftp folder.  Is that right?06:42
ardchoillePsinetic: it just dumps a list to that file06:42
Psineticah ok06:42
silv3r_m00nedbian: exactly06:42
Psineticthanks ardchoille and kmyst06:42
silv3r_m00nand it shud be automatic06:42
ardchoillePsinetic: but you have to use that same file when you install later06:43
silv3r_m00nmay be a service needs to run on all computers to check for new files every now and he06:43
silv3r_m00nI just need a clone of dropbox ...using my own ftp space06:43
sepehrwould any1 know how to get back the menu bar on kde apps after u accidentally hide it?06:43
burzkisilv3r_m00n, no expert here, but could you set it up as couchdb?06:43
dnivraardchoille: about that command; when I do it there are a few labelled "deinstall". will there be any consequences of those when I do reinstall the packages?06:43
silv3r_m00ncouchdb  ?06:43
emanuxcoz_, i just installed chromium and fire up youtube06:44
ardchoillednivra: I've never had any problems with that command06:44
emanuxwhen i hit full screen, it goes full screen06:44
fiberkmyst: ok, i'm gonna restart and test something.... brb06:44
burzkisilv3r_m00n, couch database is what the ubuntuOne cload platform is based on, platform neutral06:44
dnivraardchoille: alright; just clearing a doubt I had that's all. thanks.06:44
kmystfiber: k good luck06:44
coz_emanux,  cool06:44
emanuxyeah really cool, thanks06:45
ardchoillednivra: It should be ok, I got that command on the advice of veteran linux users06:45
edbiansilv3r_m00n,  I am not aware of couchdb.  It is tough to get things to automatically sync without more access to the ftp server.  You could write a cron job that runs a script every hour or something.  Then the script could check the ftp server and sync things for you on your network. but instant updates is hard without access to the server.06:45
dnivraardchoille: oh cool! I was told to use the one I said from this very channel. so was wondering if there's any difference between the two.06:46
silv3r_m00nthere is access to server .... ??06:46
ardchoillednivra: What was yours again?06:46
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Can you write a script to run on the server?  What OS is the server running?06:46
silv3r_m00nI can run cronjob on server06:46
burzkisilv3r_m00n, http://couchdb.apache.org/06:46
silv3r_m00nI don't think the server needs anything.... there needs to be a local utility on all pcs06:47
RichardHsilv3r_m00n what edbian is saying is that you will probably need root access to install or configure stuff06:47
silv3r_m00nRichardH: on server or on local computers ?06:47
silv3r_m00non local computers I have root on all06:47
dnivraardchoille: sorry connection started lagging severely. it's "sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall:06:47
silv3r_m00nand server is a remote ftp06:48
edbiansilv3r_m00n, I'm reading and thinking about how to do this06:48
Psineticardchoille, it keeps telling me it's a directory, what is the file extention i should use when exporting?06:48
ardchoillednivra: hmm.. never seen or heard that one06:48
alkisgXorg.conf isn't used/needed by default, so what's a good way to select a certain resolution per machine (not per user)? I've put an `xrandr` call to /etc/gdm/Init/Default and that works for me, but isn't there any better way?06:48
ardchoillePsinetic: you can use .txt06:48
silv3r_m00nI thot there must be some tools for this already on linux06:48
Psinetick thanks06:48
dnivraardchoille, same as yours except that the entries labelled "deinstall" aren't selected.06:48
sabgentoncan i install ubuntu-9.10-server-i386.iso to usb?06:49
sabgentonimage / whateverf06:49
RichardHsilv3r_m00n, server.  if you have something on each computer, all you may be able to do is run a program to connect to the server using ftp and then download the files.  The problem is when the same file gets edited on more than one computer.  You will not be able to merge the change data06:49
dnivraardchoille, if you've uninstalled a lot of apps, then try the command out and diff it with "sudo dpkg --get-selections"06:49
c3101!usb-creator-gtk @sabgenton06:49
silv3r_m00nmerging is not necessary.......a file may be locked or overwritten....thats totally fine06:49
RichardHthe issue is that the server only gives you ftp access (port 21).  So, your solution isn't to sync but to ftp files back and forth.06:50
silv3r_m00nneither wud there be any online editing as such06:50
sabgentonc3101: i am using that on windows06:50
sabgentonand it says md5sum fail06:50
ardchoillednivra: Ah, ok06:50
c3101sabgenton, then your download of the iso was not succesfull06:50
edbiansilv3r_m00n, RichardH The tough part is having the computer re-sync everytime the ftp folder is modified.06:50
RichardHI haven't seen any ftp software that will get changed files and then upload changes06:50
silv3r_m00nthe thing is , every employee wud be given a folder and he must put all code and updates in his folder so that the box can view06:51
RichardHyou will either get all the files or upload all files06:51
edbiansilv3r_m00n, You could very easily write a script that automatically mounts the ftp server, copies everything to a local folder, and unmounts and run it via 1 terminal command.06:51
silv3r_m00nedbian: and run that again and again ?06:51
RichardHis this code going to "run" on the server or is it only for sharing?06:51
alkisgrsync also works with tftp06:51
silv3r_m00nnot on the server06:52
Xfacthaving sound problems...please help...details here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/349832/06:52
silv3r_m00nalkisg: I need a gui too06:52
edbiansilv3r_m00n, I'm assuming that the entire reason for syncing the files locally is so that you can work offline.  If there is no need to unmount the ftp server then there is no need to copy everything locally.06:52
Xfacthaving sound problems...please help...details here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/349832/06:52
RichardHmaybe you can see if your host can provide webdav.  maybe this would help06:52
ardchoille!patience | Xfact06:52
ubottuXfact: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.06:52
edbiansilv3r_m00n, rsync will probably be used.06:52
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Simply have the people edit the files live on the ftp server...06:53
silv3r_m00nedbian: copying locally wud be really helpful if it wrks automatically in the background06:53
sabgentonc3101 no I check it against the digest file06:53
silv3r_m00nlive editing not needed ....06:53
=== nikow_ is now known as nikow
XfactOk oK I haven't felt ignored and repeated my question quickly...ddh! whats wrong?06:53
sabgentonwhere can I download the latest usb creater exe06:53
RichardHMaybe you can use one of the many web based collaboration software that you might be able to install on the server.  This will also afford you the benefit of revisions06:54
silv3r_m00nthey key thing is remote-to-local synchronisation shud be automatic06:54
edbiansilv3r_m00n, So I'm an employee.  I log into my linux computer and then I open my local file with all of the files from the ftp server in it.  I make changes and changes all day.  Add files delete them edit them whatever.  Then at the end of the day I copy them all to the ftp server again?06:54
sabgentonI got the one i have off the ubuntu cd06:54
sabgentondesktop cd06:54
silv3r_m00nRichardH: otherwise dropbox is the thing that I need06:54
silv3r_m00nedbian: yah06:55
Xfactactually I am in big problem...new in linux and I have no sound :(06:55
sabgentonc3101: oh is there a usb cd creator on the server iso?06:55
Xfactrepeat:having sound problems...please help...details here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/349832/06:55
edbiansilv3r_m00n, But if more than 1 employee does that then they will be overwriting each others changes when they write back to the ftp server.  Unless they each have some small portion or something...06:55
silv3r_m00nedbian: and again .... this particular local folder has special powers....putting anything inside it automatically synchronises it with ftp serve06:55
dnivra!sound | Xfact06:56
ubottuXfact: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:56
silv3r_m00nedbian: that's not an issue06:56
dnivraXfact: read that in the mean time:).06:56
edbiansilv3r_m00n, They will all be logged into the ftp server this entire time?06:56
silv3r_m00nedbian: I guess so06:56
silv3r_m00na service in that taskbar06:56
sabgentonc3101: im using usb cd creator from the desktop cd to test the server iso06:56
sabgentonis that ok?06:56
RichardHsilv3r_m00n, I meant software that you can download and install on the server.  Not a service like dropbox.  But in this case, dropbox would probably be the easiest06:56
sabgentonto install the server iso i mean06:56
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Are you familiar with "mounting"06:56
XfactI have read everything...but my problem is different....so I added this paste bin note to show you guys....06:57
silv3r_m00nedbian: yes .. ?06:57
crash2108Good year , good fellows.  I'm following http://ubuntu-snippets.blogspot.com/2009/03/multi-touch-for-anyall-synaptics.html06:57
silv3r_m00nuse fuse ?06:57
edbiansilv3r_m00n, I'm not very good with ftp servers but can't you mount the ftp server locally on each machine?06:57
crash2108I got to restarting 'hal' and it tells me to use to 'service' command instead.  I do, but nothing seems to happen.06:58
joljamI have a desktop connected to a wireless router thru an ethernet cable... I also have a wireless printer...how can I print wirelessly06:58
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Do you understand what I'm saying?06:58
RichardHsilv3r_m00n, fuse would require you to use smb which you do not have access to on the server.06:58
silv3r_m00nedbian: yes... I can ... but that has a little issue ......trying to edit over there...every time ctrl-s is pressed there will be a 1-5 sec delay06:58
silv3r_m00nedbian: in dropbox what happens...everything appears local....and seamlessly in the background the online storage gets updated gradually06:59
RichardHedbian, you can't mount because silv3r_m00n is using a server at a hosting company so only has ftp access not smb06:59
alkisgRichardH: he should be able to use gvfs to mount it06:59
edbianRichardH, So there's two issues06:59
edbianalkisg, Are you sure...  He only has ftp access.  I think you MUST use a web browser.  Am I wrong?07:00
alkisgedbian: gvfs is when you try to visit an ftp site with nautilus07:00
RichardHedbian, alkisg says he should be able to use gvfs but I'm not familiar using this to mount an ftp folder.07:00
alkisgYou see everything "locally" under ~/.gvfs07:00
silv3r_m00nmounting a ftp server as a drive and working in it works....but it still appears remote............the thing shud be that everything appears local and in the background remote synchronisation "keeps" working07:00
silv3r_m00nall day07:01
edbiansilv3r_m00n, If you've got it mounted I suggest you make a hard symlink07:01
crash2108My battery is really about to die.  Does anyone have any insight into this?  Usuually it's some small stupid thing.07:01
silv3r_m00nwhat is a hard symlink ?07:01
rkjis there a variant of the "ls" command that will just list the subdirectories in the current directory?07:01
mewayubuntu just logged me out for no reason any clue why I was in the middle of an important graphics developing...?07:01
edbiansilv3r_m00n, A soft symlink is basically a shortcut in windows.  I will explain how to make them.07:01
silv3r_m00nalkisg: I can see locally ?07:01
edbiansilv3r_m00n, I soft symlink is only a pointer07:01
RichardHsilv3r_m00n, the problem is that you need a program monitoring the shared folder constantly so this program/script knows when a file has been changed or added07:02
edbiansilv3r_m00n, a hard symlink is an exact copy.  It is like syncronizing two files or folders07:02
silv3r_m00nedbian: hmmm07:02
edbianRichardH, The hard symlink should do what he wants.07:02
alkisgsilv3r_m00n: there's no caching, so it's like you said, 3-5 secs delay every time you save somthing07:02
RichardHthis may work on one machine but it will probably require a customized application for it to work the way you want07:02
silv3r_m00nwhat next ?07:02
silv3r_m00nedbian: will the hard symlink still give the effect of remote saving ?07:03
rkjbizarrely, the command "ls -d" hust lists a single directory "." - not too useful.07:03
alkisgsilv3r_m00n: I don't understand why rsync isn't what you want.07:03
louis__6th gen ipod with ubuntu anyone?07:03
louis__ipod classic07:03
RichardHedbian, I think he's trying to avoid the delay he is going to experience.  Some software (depending on what he is using) will not handle this properly and may crash or just have a really annoying freeze while it's saving.07:03
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Just try this "ln /path/to/ftp/ /path/to/local/folder"07:03
alkisgsilv3r_m00n: rsync "read" on login, and rsync "write" before logout.07:03
rkjlouis_ I use gtkpod and it is great, not sure what gen my ipod is though.07:04
silv3r_m00nedbian: let me try07:04
edbiansilv3r_m00n, what alkisg said also seems to solve the issue (although it isn't exactly what you wanted)07:04
louis__rkj: i just bought the 160 GB classic under the impression that it would work cuz of something i read but its giving me troubles07:05
alkisgIf you want to rsync periodically, you can also do that with a script... "rsync, sleep, rsync etc"07:05
silv3r_m00nln: accessing `ftp://www.site.com': No such file or directory07:05
skylloeditable file in the conky this line is not showing the host name, nothing appears there only Hostname: here and nothing appears. Anybody want to take a look at the source of conky?07:05
skylloHostname: $alignr$nodename07:05
skylloKernel: $alignr$kernel07:05
skylloUptime: $alignr$uptime07:05
FloodBot1skyllo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:05
silv3r_m00nedbian: I got that when I entered that command07:05
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Do you not have the ftp server mounted?  I thought you did?07:05
silv3r_m00nhow to mount ?07:05
edbiansilv3r_m00n, What is it that gives the 3-5 second delay?07:06
silv3r_m00nhow to mount the ftp server ?07:06
alkisgQuestion: Xorg.conf isn't used/needed by default, so what's a good way to select a certain resolution per machine (not per user)? I've put an `xrandr` call to /etc/gdm/Init/Default and that works for me, but isn't there any better way?07:06
=== sysadmin is now known as Guest39212
edbiansilv3r_m00n, I don't really know how.  Never done it.  alkisg RichardH How do you mount an ftp server?07:06
silv3r_m00nRichardH: how to mount a ftp server ?07:07
edbiansilv3r_m00n, How are you accessing your ftp server right now?07:07
edbiansilv3r_m00n, browser?07:07
silv3r_m00nusing a bookmark in konqueror07:07
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Oh this is on KDE! :)07:07
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Well I got good news.  When you connect using that bookmark you are mounting :)07:08
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Connect now using the bookmark07:08
RichardHI've never mounted an ftp server.  I didn't think you could but alkisg said you could07:08
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Now figure out where you are in the filesystem07:08
alkisgRichardH: I think gvfs is gnome-specific.07:08
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Can you go up one level?07:08
edbianalkisg, I think so too but KDE should have an equivalent07:08
edbianalkisg, In any case sounds like he's got it mounted07:09
RichardHalkisg it is.07:09
silv3r_m00nedbian: I can see what I see daily ....the public_html , www, public_ftp folders07:09
edbiansilv3r_m00n, The ftp server's files appear in a konqueror folder right?07:09
Guest39212Hi All,07:09
dnivracoz_, small problem. sorry to bother you. the login screen's not changing back. I did it four times; once even with a restart. any ideas?07:09
Guest39212Do anyone know ?07:09
edbiansilv3r_m00n, so what path are you at?07:09
Guest39212if we can do virtualization using VMWARE  on UBUNTU ?07:09
coz_dnivra,  mmm   I will have to test this later then    ...did you restart x?07:09
edbiansilv3r_m00n, open another konqueror window and go to /media07:09
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Whats in /media??07:10
silv3r_m00nonly cdroms07:10
silv3r_m00nand floppies07:10
dnivracoz_, yeah killed Xorg and restarted the computer too07:10
edbiansilv3r_m00n, ... not good.  Maybe it isn't mounted :/07:10
edbiansilv3r_m00n, /mnt ??07:10
silv3r_m00nyes it isn't07:10
dnivracoz_, I ran the command that you gave me and it's all set there; it's "Human Clearlooks" there but that's not what it shows.07:10
coz_dnivra,  mmm that's not right .... I will test this later.... I cant do it right now :(07:10
silv3r_m00nnothing in there07:11
=== skyllo is now known as ecart
dnivracoz_, sure no problem. just tell me which app I have to reinstall or something like that to change it now.07:11
silv3r_m00nI think I need curlftpfs07:11
coz_dnivra,   reinstall?   did you uninstall something?07:11
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Well you do have another option.  Learn how to use rsync and simply rsync twice a day.  You can even automate it to run as a script at startup and shutdown if you like.  But I don't think there is anyway to automatically push those files07:11
dnivracoz_, no I didn't. just want to get the old login screen back.07:12
edbiansilv3r_m00n, The curl thing could work.  But I don't think it's going to automate anything for you :/07:12
silv3r_m00nautomatic pushing and pulling is what I need07:12
RichardHedbian, silv3r_m00n, to my knowledge, konqueror or nautilus won't mount an ftp folder.  I've never seen any evidence of that.  I may be wrong though.07:12
edbiansilv3r_m00n, It is possible that there is a way.  I surely don't know it though :(07:12
silv3r_m00nfor e.g. I put the file in employee1 folder and by the time I reach his room ...the file there on is system07:12
crawlerhi.  my VNC server dies at least 3 or 4 times per day, and i have to restart it (using the command: x11vnc -safer -usepw -forever).  is there a log file or some way to diagnose why this is happening? (i also asked this question in #xubuntu, but this channel seems more alive)07:12
dnivracoz_, you don't have to sit and figure it out; some configuration file is all that needs to be changed; which should with a reinstall of some app right?07:12
coz_dnivra,  that should be the one I mentioned  HumanLogin07:13
edbiansilv3r_m00n, You're trying to combine 2 things.  An ftp server (that is remote) and all the functionality of a file server.07:13
coz_dnivra,  no there is nothing to reinstall   if you use that dbus command and choose HumanLogin it should return to that login screen07:13
silv3r_m00nedbian: may be yes07:14
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Why do you need your files on a remote ftp server over the internet anyway?  It seems to only be a hassle for you07:14
dnivracoz_, oh BTW I don't have a HumanLogin theme ok. I only have Human and HumanClearlooks. none of which work with the command you gave me.07:14
silv3r_m00nedbian: I haven't yet planned any local backup storage07:14
coz_dnivra,  was the origianl   a very dark one?07:14
silv3r_m00nmy webhosting ftp with 1 gb space wud be really useful if I can turn it into a dropbox07:14
dnivrathe original login screen was the default one that you get on a fresh karmic install.07:15
coz_dnivra,   then HumanLogin is is that list  you might have to scroll down to see it07:15
alkisgsilv3r_m00n: https://one.ubuntu.com/07:15
zharkiewhats the offtopic ubuntu channel called?07:15
MutroI have a question about WireShark, how come when I open it up it shows none of my interfaces?07:15
rwwzharkie: #ubuntu-offtopic07:15
silv3r_m00nalkisg: ofcourse07:15
rwwMutro: because you're not running it with administrative privileges. run `gksudo wireshark` instead.07:16
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Well I suggest you set up a file server for your office.  That will handle everybody working all day.  At the end of the night have the file server automatically sync the files to the ftp server.  I don't really see the need for instant backup but that's my opinion.07:16
alkisgsilv3r_m00n: it supports syncing...07:16
dnivracoz_, nope I only have Human and HumanClearlooks.07:16
Mutrorww, so I always have to run it as root?07:16
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Or ubuntu one! :)07:16
edbiansilv3r_m00n, ha ha07:16
RichardHsilv3r_m00n,  curlftpfs may work but not on the windows systems.  One thing you should watch out for is that many hosting companies expressly state in their terms of service that you cannot use your ftp space as a storage medium. (I own and IT consulting company and we deal with hosting companies all the time.)07:16
coz_dnivra,  then something is messed up for sure    this is ubuntu karmic correct?07:16
rwwMutro: if you want to capture from interfaces, yes07:16
dnivrayeah ubuntu karmic 9.1007:16
Mutrorww, is there a way i can run it under my user and still get the interfaces?07:16
silv3r_m00nRichardH: hmm07:16
silv3r_m00nok I mounted ftp using curlftpfs07:17
edbianRichardH, What the hell else can you use an ftp server for besides file storage??07:17
rwwMutro: probably, but the supported way of doing it is to run it as root.07:17
silv3r_m00nlooks good but still the "remote" factor07:17
kmystanybody use a keyfile to unlock luks encrypted paritions?07:17
Mutrorww: Ok. I'll try that07:17
coz_dnivra,  you might have to search  gnome-look.org or one of the ubuntu sites for the HumanLogin gtk2 theme07:17
dnivracoz_, cool! thanks for all your help!07:18
RichardHedbian, on a hosting company, to upload your files for your website07:18
silv3r_m00nI followed the instructions on this page >> http://hartvig.de/2009/howto-mount-a-ftp-drive-in-ubuntu/    and I think adding the mount line somewhere wud do it everytime the pc starts07:18
edbianRichardH, OIC, I guess....07:18
edbiansilv3r_m00n, /etc/fstab is what mounts filesystems automatically. If you can mount it using the mount command this config file is what you're looking for.07:18
RichardHedbian, it's a hosting account which means that it's for hosting your website and email only.07:19
silv3r_m00nno its not mounted using the mount command but the curlftpfs command07:19
edbiansilv3r_m00n, The best guide to anything ever: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab07:19
edbianRichardH, I understand07:19
Random832I get a strange icon with a tooltip referring to http://blogs.gnome.org/hughsie/2009/08/17/gnome-power-manager-and-blanking-removal-of-bodges/07:19
alkisgsilv3r_m00n: mounting will *still* give you the same 3-5 secs delay07:19
effendi-happy new year, people in -07:0007:20
silv3r_m00nalkisg: and Ctrl-s too07:20
RichardHsilv3r_m00n, the other issue you may run into is bandwidth.  Even though some hosts give you unlimited bandwidth, it's not really unlimited.  The only way you MAY not have issues is if you have a dedicated server and not a shared server.07:20
alkisgsilv3r_m00n: right, that's why I proposed Ubuntu one.07:20
sunil2when ever i try to open word processor i'm getting message as07:20
sunil2"The application cannot be started.07:20
sunil2An internal error occurred"07:20
sunil2how to solve this problem??07:20
FloodBot1sunil2: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:20
alkisgsilv3r_m00n: I mean that if you mount the folder, and then save a file in that folder with ctrl+s, you'll get the usual 3-5 secs delay. It doesn't matter that you've mounted it...07:21
silv3r_m00nalkisg: yah ..07:21
RichardHsilv3r_m00n, I think alkisg is on the right track.  I believe that Ubuntu also has a way for you to create your own cloud that you have have in your garage, house, whatever.07:21
sunil2please find solution for the url http://paste.ubuntu.com/349843/07:21
ubuntunewbiehi anyone know which channel is for wild life first aid ? Sorry to ask here but there is a little baby bird fall to the ground and injured.I wanted to know whether it's fine to apply human antibiotic cream to the wounds07:21
edbiansilv3r_m00n, In any sane sys admin's mind you would have a file server to handle of your work / file collaboration and you would do 1 backup a day to an offsite location (usually at night).  Doing all of your work on a remote ftp server is wel...07:22
ubuntunewbieThank you07:22
alkisgsilv3r_m00n: ^^^ what edbian just said.07:22
sunil2please find solution for the url http://paste.ubuntu.com/349843/07:22
RichardHsilv3r_m00n, also, what happens if your internet goes down or somehow your connection is interrupted?  If you have open files, they might be corrupted.07:23
edbiansunil2, What program?07:23
silv3r_m00nthat too won't be an issue07:23
silv3r_m00nedbian: I think I can write a script .................that will ..........keep an eye on a local folder...........synchronise it with remote every 1 minute........and keep and eye on the remote server ..........and do the same07:23
silv3r_m00nand let everything go on "locally"07:24
sunil2did you find the url  http://paste.ubuntu.com/349843/07:24
edbiansunil2, Yes07:24
daedroi accidentally recursively chmodded my www folder and i assume thats bad, so im trying to get it back to default -rw-x---- or something, and i read thats chmod -R 644 ./, works for 777, but 644 makes all files say "unknown type" and disappear07:24
edbiansilv3r_m00n, A script can def. do that.  It is not the best way to solve the problem though.  I will (against better judgement) answer questions if you had any about writing such a script.07:24
crawlerubuntunewbie: patch the bird's kernel with the latest module neosporin3.2.4beta07:25
alkisgdaedro: directories need 755, so you need to run 2 `find` commands (find -type d and find -type f -exec chmod...)07:25
sunil2please tell me the solution for the url  http://paste.ubuntu.com/349843/07:25
alkisgsunil2: please stop it07:25
silv3r_m00nalkisg: yes07:25
RichardHsilv3r_m00n, one issue is that you may need root privileges on the server to install and run this script.07:25
edbiansunil2, My only guess: un-install and re-install the app.  Do you know how to do that?07:26
sunil2can you tell me?07:26
daedroalkisg: you the man, thanks ^^07:26
alkisgdaedro: got a script for it if you want07:26
edbiansunil2, "sudo apt-get purge <programName>"07:26
edbiansunil2, "sudo apt-get install <programName>"07:26
=== shawncm217_ is now known as shawncm217
ubuntunewbiecrawler: i dont have neosporin antibiotic ointment07:27
RichardHsilv3r_m00n, here's another solution. do everything locally and maybe have a temporary server locally where a shared folder is mounted on each workstation.  Then have this server use and backup program such as this http://www.educ.umu.se/~cobian/index.htm  that supports ftp backups upload everything to your server.  But, it's only one way.07:28
sunil2can you modify "sudo apt-get install <programName>" for "office"07:28
shawncm217does anyone know how to switch firefox from the ubuntu theme back to the default theme?07:28
edbiansunil2, :)  "sudo apt-get purge oowriter"07:28
silv3r_m00nwill the backup work automatically ?07:29
edbiansunil2, "sudo apt-get install oowriter"07:29
ubuntunewbiecrawler: what else beside  neosporin antibiotic ointment can be apply ?07:29
RichardHyou can set it to backup whenever you want automatically.  Also, this program can back up to multiple locations07:29
edbianubuntunewbie, What are you guys talking about??07:30
bazhangubuntunewbie, please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic07:30
RichardHit can back up to a zip file or it can just copy everything over so you can just connect with konqueror like you do know and download individual files you want to restore07:30
ubuntunewbieedbian , bazhang , sorry was asking whether there's a channel for wild life first aid on irc07:31
RichardHI use this for one of my clients so just loves not having to deal with a proprietary back up format.07:31
edbianaitor, I'm here07:32
edbianaitor, What's up?07:32
aitorsorry i dont understan inglish LOL07:32
aitoryou understand espanish edbian07:32
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.07:32
edbianaitor, No :(07:32
sunil2please follow the url http://paste.ubuntu.com/349846/07:33
bazhangaitor, /join #ubuntu-es07:33
sunil2now i want to re-install my "office"07:33
BlueBoyzn #ubuntu07:33
silv3r_m00nRichardH: rsync requires a daemon to run on server ?07:34
edbiansunil2, "sudo apt-get install oowriter"  :)07:34
silv3r_m00nis there a utility that can synchronise or merge 2 folders ... 1 ftp and 1 local ?07:34
silv3r_m00nmay be the ftp folder will be mounted before that07:34
edbiansilv3r_m00n, Probably rsync07:34
silv3r_m00nrsync needs a daemon to run on server...cant do that07:35
sunil2my url is http://paste.ubuntu.com/349847/07:36
aitorola como entro en un chat irc- ubuntu-espanish ske tengo el lonux i soi un poco nob en el linux07:36
edbiansunil2, "sudo apt-get install ooffice" ?07:37
bazhangaitor, /join #ubuntu-es07:37
sunil2my url is http://paste.ubuntu.com/349847/ now tell me how to un-install and re-install my office07:37
edbianGuys, what is the package name for open office?07:37
alkisgsilv3r_m00n: no it doesn't07:37
lstarnesedbian: openoffice, I think07:37
sunil2yes the url is for installing office07:37
RichardHsilv3r_m00n, I don't think you can use rsync to sync to an ftp server.  rsync is a different protocol and doesn't use the same commands.07:37
RichardHfor ftp, you need to use GET and PUT commands.  rsync doesn't do that07:38
silv3r_m00nRichardH: I will just issue a command sync ftpfolder localfolder07:38
edbiansunil2, "sudo apt-get install openoffice"07:38
shawn146dang he left07:38
edbianshawn146, too bad, he's a smart one ;)07:38
shawn146yea i was just talking to him07:38
D-coym4v chupame las bolas, sii??? :$07:39
D-coym4v kiss my balls07:39
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.07:39
RichardHsilv3r_m00n, what you might not understand is that ftp is a protocol.  it uses certain commands.  It's a way to connect in otherwords.  rsync and ftp are two different protocols.  you don't actuallly have access to a folder.  everything goes through the ftp daemon then that daemon writes to the folder07:39
daedrois it normal to be unable to chmod a file as root thats under your regular user, and is 777 -rwxrwxrwx, and shows up with ls, command works on other files. just not ones in this specific subdirectory.. subdirectory is chmod 755 drwxr-xr-x07:40
silv3r_m00nRichardH: hmm , fine07:40
daedrocant make it 644 like the rest07:40
sangho_Geek2happy new year07:40
ecartHow do I change the hostname of the machine? I tried to edit the file as gedit has more access denied.07:40
RichardHsilv3r_m00n, sharing a folder on a local computer and the ftp folder on your server are two completely different things.  It's like someone speaking Russian is trying to talk to somone that speaks Chinese.07:40
sunil2please find the url  for installing office http://paste.ubuntu.com/349848/07:41
edbianecart, You need to be root to edit system config files07:41
edbianecart, "gksu gedit /etc/hostname"07:41
RichardHdaedro, how are you trying to change the permission?07:41
edbianecart, editing that file will make it change next time you boot.  To make it change instantly "sudo hostname <newHostname>"07:42
daedrochmod 644 /home/daedro/lib/wordpress/wp-config/daedro.com.php07:42
shawncm217does anyone know how to switch firefox from the ubuntu theme back to the default theme?07:42
daedroi can right click it, and do it manually, and it works. just not via command line07:42
edbianecart, no problem :)07:43
silv3r_m00nRichardH: ok , if I make 1 computer a server ......and I have root on all pcs ......what wud be the best way to get the dropbox effect ?07:43
CircsHow do one open a folder as root07:43
dibblegowhy can't I read SD cards greater than 2GB?07:43
sunil2please find the url  for installing office http://paste.ubuntu.com/349848/07:43
silv3r_m00nmeans the home of all pcs are synchronised with the server07:43
CircsOr copy a folder as root07:43
RichardHdaedro, that's strange.  is it owned by your user?  are you doing this as root?07:43
daedroyup and yup, its strange07:43
edbianRichardH:  good luck answering that!07:44
khelvanHi, I'm trying to use imagemagick to convert a bunch of .jpg files to .png - can someone help me with writing a bash script to do: convert x.jpg x.png (where x is a numerical value)07:44
daedroi can just do it manually and ignore it, i just wanted to learn what im doing wrong.. not be hand held by the UI07:44
silv3r_m00nno more ftp restriction in this case.... any daemon can run on the server computer07:45
edbiansunil2, The issue you're having is very very minor :)  We just can't find the package name.  Try using the add/remove program in the menu.  Do you know what I'm talking about?07:45
sunil2can you expand further?07:46
RichardHsilv3r_m00n, first, you probably can't with the software that normally comes on a typical linux installation.  First, you will need something that continually monitors the folder.  The only way I can think of this even coming close to that is a script that scans the folder every few seconds continually. Keep in mind that dropbox has custom software on the server and on your computer.  it's not just a typical server07:46
edbianWhat do they call add/remove now guys?  I'm not on an ubuntu box right now...07:46
=== FireCrotch_ is now known as FireCrotch
ardchoilleedbian: sogtware center07:47
silv3r_m00nwell if there is a software like that I can install it on all pcs...and make 1 pc a server07:47
edbiansunil2: Look for open office in the software center07:47
edbianardchoille, Thanks07:47
RichardHI've seen software that runs on a windows system that can "sync" but all it does is just run every few minutes.07:48
mister_robotodropbox checks with the server every 30 seconds, i think07:48
ardchoilleedbian: iirc, that started with karmic07:48
silv3r_m00nya every few minutes also will do07:48
silv3r_m00nI need that for linux07:48
Riddicki am using ubuntu as a file server and i am trying to connect from osx.  i can connect to the share fine but not write any files.  any help would be appreciated.07:48
edbianardchoille, I actually use debian now :)  I stopped with ubuntu back at version 9.1007:48
sunil2where can i find software center??07:48
ardchoilleedbian: 9.10 is the current version07:48
silv3r_m00nsunil2: where did you find ubuntu ?07:48
edbiansunil2, In the menus buddy.  You know Applications07:49
goplexiananyone know if there are any deb's for cabal/bluetile yet?07:49
ardchoilleah, ok07:49
edbiansunil2, places, admin07:49
RichardHI've been looking for something similar and can't find it.  Windows has something built in that does that.  Anyway, in the situation you stated, you can probably use rsync as long as you can mount the shared folder using smb07:49
mister_robotosilv3r_m00n: using rsync driven by cron works really well for that07:49
mister_robotosilv3r_m00n: someone else was asking about something similar earlier tonight07:49
silv3r_m00nmister_roboto: a tutorial or howto ?07:49
mister_robotogo to the rsync site and they have extensive tutorials and docs07:49
sunil2how to open software center??07:50
silv3r_m00nmister_roboto: fine07:50
mister_robotosilv3r_m00n: http://samba.anu.edu.au/rsync/07:50
edbiansunil2, Did you find it in the menus?07:50
silv3r_m00nsunil2: how did you open this irc channel ?07:50
RichardHsilv3r_m00n, actually, if you have the servers locally, you can probably just share a folder using smb.07:50
silv3r_m00nRichardH: yupp and what about the automatic background synchronisation07:51
sunil2in add/remove under applications . am i correct?07:51
edbiansunil2, no offense but this is getting ridiculous07:51
mister_robotoRichardH: i thought he wanted to keep a sync'd copy of their home dirs?07:51
edbiansunil2, Yes!  That's it you found it! :)07:51
RichardHyou would probably need a cronjob to run every few seconds07:51
edbiansunil2, add/remove07:51
silv3r_m00nRichardH: let me get some tutorial07:51
Riddickanyong using NFS?07:51
edbianRiddick, I'm familiar with it07:51
zcat[1]RichardH:  cronjobs can'r run more often than per minute?07:52
Riddicki am setting up my ubuntu box to be an NFS server for my OSX laptop.  i can connect fine, but i can't write any files. i setup it up before to write as a specific user but can't remember what i did nor find my notes anywhere.07:52
dnivraI've been trying to restore my login screen to the default in karmic after changing it using the command "gksudo -u gdm dbus-launch gnome-appearance-properties"(which coz_ gave me sometime ago in this channel) and I get the following error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/349851/. Because of the I/O error, I'm not able to change my login screen. Which file's or directory's absence is causing the problem?07:52
mister_robotosilv3r_m00n: one typical problem with people trying to use cron for the first time is relying on some environment to be set up. in your cron, use explicit pathnames for everything07:53
meerohow to create user in chroot?07:53
goplexiananyone using bluetile here?07:53
edbianRiddick, Probably has to do with the file permissions.  I've never done with with a mac :( I'm not sure how the hell permissions work with MAC07:54
RichardHsilv3r_moon, here's one issue.  You will either have a shared folder on each workstation that rsync will sync with 1 folder on the server, or you will have one folder on the server that will sync with one folder on each workstation which  means rsync will run multiple times but that will be a problem syncing folders to each workstation.07:54
RichardHthis gets confusing.07:54
Riddickedbian: its unix.  the thing is my user id and group id are different.  its 501 i tink for ubuntu but 1000 for the mac.  or maybe its 1001.07:54
ultrav1oletwhat are flac123 alternatives? This package seems to be removed from repos07:55
mister_robotozcat[1]: that's right. minute is the smallest granularity07:55
edbianRiddick, Make the file permissions of the file XX7 so that anybody can read write and execute anything in the folder07:55
Riddickeven i have the same user on each box its just how it starts the numbering for user and groups07:55
ardchoille!info flac12307:55
ubottuPackage flac123 does not exist in karmic07:55
edbianRiddick, yeah, the numbering is what matters07:55
ardchoille!find flac07:55
ubottuFound: flac, libflac++-dev, libflac++6, libflac-dev, libflac-doc (and 5 others)07:55
Riddickedbian: you mean of the shared folder?07:55
RichardHzcat, sorry about that, yes 1 minute.  thanks for reminding me.07:55
ardchoilleultrav1olet: ^^'07:56
edbianRiddick, "sudo chmod 777 /path/to/folder/on/server"07:56
Riddickyeah  okay07:56
edbianRiddick, Yeah, the shared folder on the server07:56
edbianRiddick, Hope it works! :)07:56
meerohow to put user in chroot ?07:56
ardchoilleedbian: does he need that to be recursive?07:56
ultrav1oletedbian: flac123 is a PLAYER, flac is just decoder/encoder07:56
Riddicki will figure it out eventually  :)07:56
edbianardchoille, I don't think so...07:56
edbianultrav1olet, Wrong person07:56
ultrav1oletI mean I have no desire to unpack flac files then play 'em07:56
ultrav1oletardchoille: flac123 is a player, flac is just decoder/encoder07:57
RichardHdaedro, sorry, did you get your question answered?07:57
ardchoilleultrav1olet: right, I was searching to hopefully assist you with your question07:57
edbianRiddick, Also, does your exports file have the rw option??07:58
edbianRiddick, I have to go.  Good luck! :)07:58
edbianRichardH, Good working with you07:58
RichardHedbian, same to you.  Happy New Year07:59
dibblegowhy can't I see my SD card? dmesg && fdisk -l http://paste.pocoo.org/show/161047/08:00
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
dnivraI've been trying to restore my login screen to the default in karmic after changing it using the command "gksudo -u gdm dbus-launch gnome-appearance-properties"(which coz_ gave me sometime ago in this channel) and I get the following error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/349851/. Because of the I/O error, I'm not able to change my login screen. Which file's or directory's absence is causing the problem?08:02
sunil2just now i removed all office files using add/remove08:04
xiongI had 8 [somethings] and now I can't get them. These [somethings] are called different names in different places. They are set in CompizConfig:General Options:Desktop Size:Horizontal Virtual Size and :Vertical Virtual Size. These are not the same things as :Number of Desktops. I seem to have lost control here.08:04
ultrav1oletdoes anyone know a simple audio player with minimal dependencies which can play mp3/wav/ogg/flac files?08:04
sunil2how to re-install my office08:04
TidersFor software RAID should I create for example one partition of root on /dev/sda and the other on /dev/sdb and then one half of /home on /dev/sda and one half on /dev/sdb?08:05
sunil2just now i removed all office files using add/remove. How to re-install my office???08:05
cyphasehappy new year to everyone on PST :)08:06
skylloI'm having problems with the output audio skype ... people hear my voice peaking ... anyone know why this problem in ubuntu and how to fix?08:07
istvanos[Linux 2.6.28-17-generic i686] distro[Ubuntu "jaunty" 9.04] cpu[4 x AMD Phenom(tm) 9650 Quad-Core Processor (AuthenticAMD) @ 2.30GHz] mem[Physical: 2.0GB, 80.2% free] disk[Total: 170.6GB, 88.8% free] video[nVidia Corporation GeForce 8400 GS] sound[HDA-Intel - HDA ATI SB]08:07
daedrohappy new years from the pacific ^^08:07
tirumalhappy new year to everyone08:07
sunil2just now i removed all office files using add/remove. How to re-install my office???08:07
xiongIs there some way to reassert Compiz??08:08
skylloI'm having problems with the output audio skype ... people hear my voice peaking ... anyone know why this problem in ubuntu and how to fix?08:08
hollohDoes anybody know if you can host small websites on port 80 with Verizon's FIOS?08:08
hollohskyllo: what version of ubuntu are you using?08:09
dibblegohttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8591231#post8591231 Can anyone comment on failing to read an SD Card?08:09
skylloholloh 9.10 koala08:09
hollohskyllo: the changes in 9.10 with pulse audio confused me and i went back to 9.04. I'm not the person for that question :-|08:11
xiongI can't drag windows from one [virtual desktop? workspace?] to another anymore. The feature just disappeared.08:11
xdrrDont mean to interupt but can i ask a quick q?08:11
RichardHholloh, it's my understanding that most DSL/Cable providers prohibit hosting public websites/services on a standard service.08:12
ae86-drifterxiong, re enable dektop effects08:12
=== tato is now known as tato42
* xiong looks08:12
ae86-drifterin eappearance08:12
=== Cascade is now known as Athar
hollohxdrr: don't ask to ask a question, just ask it08:12
hollohRichardH: that's what i thought, but i'm still curious08:12
xdrrk lol, im currently configuring a bind9 server but every method of config doesnt work for me08:13
xdrrdoesnt want to find hosts in the forward zone after configuring08:13
xdrrive got this working before but i cant remember how lol, any ideas?08:13
RichardHholloh, I don't know if it's true, but I heard that they periodically do scans of their network looking for these kinds of things.  In some areas, port 80 is blocked as is port 25 for SMTP.08:13
ae86-drifterhey, i have ubuntu 9.10 server edition and all of a sudden i cant ssh into it anymore, so i plugged a screen into it and i just get the login: prompt and the screen flickers on and off repeatedly08:14
xiongae86-drifter, Do you mean the 'Visual Effects' tab?08:14
hollohRichardH: I guess i'll figure it out in a week after i get all set up :)08:14
ae86-drifterxiong, yeah08:15
RichardHholloh, I've also heard that if they find you are running a server, they can close your account.08:15
skylloholloh, My problem seems to be very simple, because everything is working fine except the transmittance of Eudi that is a little slow. A little more esperiencia solve the problem unfortunately most do not have it; /08:16
RichardHholloh, in my area, Time Warner also forbids it but no ports are blocked.  I haven't had any problems but only I use it to access stuff while I'm out.08:16
xiongae86-drifter, Yes! That is it. What a weird thing. The tab says nothing about Compiz; it looks like some sort of dummy interface for ppl too lazy to set CompizConfig settings individually.08:16
ae86-drifterxiong,  yeah pretty much08:16
CircsOne of my sd cards had a bunch of fsck000X.REC files on it. What does that mean08:17
hollohRichardH: i plan to set up a name based virtual host serving me files while i'm away, and as for the default host settings, i'll serve up pictures of kittens or something08:17
sunil2what is the command used to re-install office??????08:17
sunil2 just now i removed all office files using add/remove. How to re-install my office???08:17
DezineI remember past Ubuntu versions had a software manager that let you sort by rating, by popularity, how can I get that in 9.10?08:17
skylloholloh how to test the audio drivers??/08:17
xiongae86-drifter, Ah yes, but it *doesn't* say that setting to 'None' disables the whole Compiz and that further CompizConfig settings will have no effect.08:17
omarany one nows how to get adobe fotoshop cs2 full on ubuntu?08:18
RichardHholloh, good luck08:18
hollohskyllo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype08:18
ae86-drifteromar, i use cs4 fine on mine08:18
xiongThank You! ae86-drifter++08:19
omaru got cs4 full?08:19
RichardHomar, you might want to look into wine.  photoshop is a windows/mac program and doesn't run natively on linux.08:19
ae86-drifteromar, yes08:19
omari have wine lol08:19
omari just need key08:19
omari got tricks for cs208:20
ubuntunewbieusunbut 9.10 have a safely remove usb , and umount .what is the different ?08:20
omarare the cs4 ones diffrent?08:20
hollohsunil2: sudo apt-get install openoffice.org08:20
ubuntunewbietesting with 9.10 have a safely remove usb , and umount .what is the different ?08:20
Dezineomar, you probably don't want to hear this but have you tried GIMP? As a Windows user I have found GIMP to be a worthy replacement of Photoshop.08:20
skyllook. More how to test the drivers in ubuntu? has some terminal command that does this?08:20
omari now08:20
omari just wanted to say08:20
RichardHomar, does that mean that...uuuhhhh...you didn't buy photoshop?08:20
FloodBot1omar: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:20
hollohskyllo: i don't know08:20
ae86-drifterDezine, do you know the name of that gimp mod that makes it look like PS?08:21
omari didnt buy08:21
DezineHmm, ae86-drifter I don't know unless you mean gimpshop08:21
omari just want ps cs2 and i just need a nice key :)08:21
AtharHow can you make the icons for the locations in Dolphin smaller? Apparently, it remains unimpressed when I change the icon/preview size for the "icons" view.08:21
CircsIf I have a about 15 fsck0000.rec files on my sd card does that mean it is dieing?08:21
ae86-drifternice key? lol.. u mean instructions?08:22
RichardHomar, then you will still have the same issues in linux as in Windows.  I don't think anyone here will help with a bootlegged copy of software.  Maybe I'm wrong.08:22
Dezineomar, I don't think anyone here will help you with illegally obtained software08:22
kinja-sheepomar: Need? You mean you want? Not need?08:22
omari thought runing ps on ubuntu needed like a special key08:22
RichardHomar, if you didn't buy the software, it's stolen.  software needs a key that you get when you buy the software.08:23
kinja-sheep!piracy | omar08:23
ubottuomar: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o08:23
ae86-driftercan someone please tell me how i can roll back my kernel upgrade, bootin from a live cd08:23
DezineJust use GIMP, it's not as hard as PS users act. Sure, there's a learning curve but it is doable08:23
Guest11434Does anyone here play World of Warcraft on Linux?08:23
DezineI do Guest1143408:24
RichardHomar, if you "get" a car but didn't pay for it and the legal owner didn't give it to you, then...uuuhhh...you get the picture.08:24
omarpirate bay its ma place dude08:24
xiongRichardH, Are you pretty solid on wine? After the karmic upgrade, I'm having some trouble with it -- seems previously installed apps won't run with it now.08:24
ae86-drifterps cost about $1000 i think08:24
Guest11434No, I'm not looking for a WoW discussion, merely help in getting it running in Wine08:25
RichardHxiong, sorry, I haven't had time to play with wine in a long time.08:25
morphiasGuest11434, i got WoW to run in wine before when i was playing it08:25
DezineGuest11434, check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WorldofWarcraft08:25
morphiasits pretty simple.08:25
xiongRichardH, Okay, thanks just the same. Not a high priority for me today.08:25
=== tato is now known as tato42
morphiasbut i learned that if you have a old intel card, it craps out in linux (no opengl 2.0 support).  works better in windows.08:26
ae86-drifterwhat would cause my pc to boot up and just sit there flashing on and off at the login shell08:26
DezineI have an GeForce 5900 and it runs pretty well08:26
morphiasi envy you Dezine :-P08:27
DezineThis setup is about 5 years old08:27
morphiashowever that a desktop?08:27
DezineI also have a 9600 but the mobo fried :|08:27
RichardHomar, no offense, but most "techie" type people look down on piracy. Once reason is that many of them may be programmers themselves.  It's usually (not always) the wannabe's that "need" this type of software.  The rest of us can find free, open source equivalents and can learn to use them to accomplish what we need.08:27
Guest11434Thanks Dezine, I was using that earlier today. I created a launcher script with the help from this site http://www.linux.com/community/blogs/How-to-Setup-World-of-Warcraft-on-Linux.html and when I try to get WoW to play my screen goes black and the gauntlet-cursor loads, but nothing else happens.08:27
morphiasya. i was talking down the lines about older dell laptops08:27
DezineWhat care do you have Guest11434?08:28
morphiasX3100 (opengl 1.5)08:28
Guest11434HD 467008:28
ircuserI want to use "Super" to start "Run Application" along with  "Alt+F2" (keep both). How to do it?08:28
ae86-drifterwhat would cause my pc to boot up and just sit there flashing on and off repeatedly at the login: shell08:28
RichardHae86-drifter, is this windows or linux?08:28
DezineGuest11434, do you have drivers installed?08:29
ae86-drifterRichardH, it is ubuntu 9.10 server ed08:29
Guest11434Yeah I do08:29
morphiasDezine, that would work on his laptop after he has catalyst properly installed ;)08:29
morphiasi mean desktop lol08:29
RichardHae86-drifter, is it the command line login to the gui?08:29
Guest11434Actually... I might not come to think of it. Allow me to explain.08:30
ae86-drifterRichardH, the screen goes black and flickers on every couple of seconds, and no, server ed doesnt have a gui08:30
DezineGuess I don't know, I never had issues so never had to troubleshoot08:30
omarim not a wanabe or none08:30
omari just want to use ps and learn how to use it08:30
ae86-drifterits just where it normally boots to.... the login prompt...08:30
morphiasomar, pm08:30
Dezineomar, then buy it.08:30
Tm_Tomar: sorry, no support for pirated software, nor discussion, thanks08:30
DezineOr, learn GIMP, which is free and legally available.08:30
itsnotstalkinggimp is pretty good08:31
Guest11434This isn't actually my computer I'm installing it on. I'm installing it for my mother. On my computer I can see ATI catalyst control center under Applications since I installed my drivers. I don't see that under Applications on my mother's computer so they may not have actually installed.08:31
DezineSeems odd to use an open source os like Ubuntu and then come into the official chat asking how to use pirated software08:31
itsnotstalkingim not sure it support vectoring? which i dont know how to do anyways08:31
Guest11434Unless 4670s don't have catalyst centers for some reason.08:32
DezineYeah itsnotstalking, but inkscape is pretty good for vector08:32
xdrrWith bind9 in the forward lookup zone do you need to enter the FQDN for the NS entry?08:32
Guest11434Our Brands are different too. I have Sapphire, she has XFX.08:32
itsnotstalkingDezine, good to know!08:32
RichardHae86-drifter, I would have to say it's the monitor. At least start there.  At that login prompt, there's just basic text so I don't think it's the graphics card.08:32
CircsNot to be obnoxious, but I'll ask again. Does finding a bunch (15 or so) of file fragments left over from fsck bode poorly for the health of the drive involved?08:32
itsnotstalkingyeah, open source people hate pirating, bill gates loves it tho, so go nutz08:32
RichardHomar, you can download a trial and use that.08:33
Dezineomar has made his gracious exit lol08:33
ae86-drifterRichardH, i have used a monitor from a pc that works fine, as i dont normally plug a screen into the server08:33
aaron11Hello Im having a problem with my laptop. There is a white line comming straight downwards and its a BIG problem, this seems to happen even before booting. Im googleing like a mad man but some people say its an hardware fault. I just added some poison (Anti-Cocoroach) to the area where the computer needs cooling because cocoroaches will get in and spoil it anyway :). Im running Karmic Koala.08:33
Dezineitsnotstalking, have you ever been on http://www.osalt.com/? Has a good list of Open Source alternatives.08:34
RichardHae86-drifter, what video card is in the system?08:34
Guest11434Well I suppose I'll try installing the drivers again. Maybe there was a problem last time.08:34
Circsaaron11, Definitely H/W08:34
morphiasaaron11, liquids dont work with electronics08:34
ae86-drifterRichardH, the server has all brand new hardware, i think it maybe to do with an update or something i installed, do u know how i could roll back the kernel? i cannot get shell access and also lost SSH access, it is using the onboard video card, its all brand new and was working fine when i first installed the OS08:34
itsnotstalkingDezine, no but i just book marked it, i usually use google08:34
an0nmat1raaron11: white line before booting?08:34
DezineYeah Google is pretty good, which is probably where I found that08:35
aaron11morphias: For your information its chalk08:35
xdrraaron11, i had a similar case but more lines. if the laptop is old check for an old internal modem (worked for me)08:35
aaron11an0nmat1r: Yes. Strait in the middle08:35
aaron11xdrr: Almost only 1 yr old08:35
kinja-sheepaaron11: Take a screenshot. That way we know it's not hardware problem .:o08:36
istvanether[Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. B/C) Cardbus Fast Ethernet Adapter]08:36
aaron11kinja-sheep: Your smart! Good idea08:36
istvanos[Linux 2.6.28-17-generic i686] distro[Ubuntu "jaunty" 9.04] cpu[4 x AMD Phenom(tm) 9650 Quad-Core Processor (AuthenticAMD) @ 2.30GHz] mem[Physical: 2.0GB, 81.1% free] disk[Total: 2.2TB, 46.4% free] video[nVidia Corporation GeForce 8400 GS] sound[HDA-Intel - HDA ATI SB]08:36
RichardHae86-drifter, oh, so you don't even get to the login prompt.  are the lights on the keyboard flashing signaling a kernel crash?08:36
xdrraaron11: does it work with any other OS?, or appear during POST?08:36
morphiasRichardH, show <ae86-drifter> how to change the kernel from a recovery cd - if you find it before i do08:37
ircuserI want to use "Super" to start "Run Application" along with  "Alt+F2" (keep both). How to do it?08:37
RichardHae86-drifter, sorry, I'm not at home.  Everyone wants to go to sleep so I need to go.  Sorry08:37
ae86-drifterRichardH, it actually boots a live CD fine, i do not really want to have to reinstall the OS, the kernel loads up and samba loads and everything its just flickering like crazy and i lose keyboard input and SSH08:37
aaron11xdrr: I only have Ubuntu as an Operating System08:37
Dhuskiaaron11, if the line appears before booting, that is to say before there is any electrcal current running through it, then there is definitely a hardware problem.08:37
Dhuskiaaron11, if you access cmos does it still give you the white line?08:38
morphias<ae86-drifter>, there is a way to mount your installation from a live cd08:38
=== matthew is now known as Guest8965
aaron11Dhuski: Whats a cmos08:39
morphiasfrom there, if you older kernels are still left in the installation, you can change GRUB to boot an older version08:39
kinja-sheepircuser: "sudo aptitude install compizconfig-settings-manager" and edit the ALT+F2 thingy. It is in there.08:39
ae86-driftermorphias, yeah i understand i can do that, but then how would i roll my previous upgrade back08:39
xdrraaron11: if you are able to, shut it down (or force shut it down) then when it boots and possibly displays a logo see if it appears there08:39
aaron11kinja-sheep: http://imagebin.org/77793 I dont know if its there08:39
kinja-sheepaaron11: Hardware Problem. I don't see a line. :O08:40
ae86-driftermorphias, i think it may have caused it, but im not sure as it hasnt been rebooted for weeks, then booted up like this one day08:40
aaron11xdrr: What computer do you have08:40
xdrraaron11: The one that was having the problem was a toshiba satellite laptop08:41
ae86-driftermorphias, So after booting a live CD what would you suggest i do then?08:41
skyllovoip which was better adapted to the new version of ubuntu?08:41
morphiasdo you know how to mount filesystems? or should i pull that up for you?08:41
morphiasae86-drifter, ~08:42
aaron11xdrr: "TOSHIBA: Leading Inovation" thats the first thing that happens when you startup. In the same way my white line is comming during that point08:42
morphiasaaron11, check your spec manual and see about looking at the connections for the display (seems bios related? )08:44
xdrraaron11: if the line appears at the moment your screen is turned on e.g. it beeps and displays the logo then i would look at something hardware related, e.g. modem, bad gfx connector etc08:44
skyllovoip which was better adapted to the new version of ubuntu?08:44
aaron11xdrr: Could it be because I applied Poison08:44
xdrraaron11: note sure what you mean by poison?08:46
aaron11xdrr: Anti-Cocoroach chalk08:47
aaron11xdrr: I applied it to the machine08:47
xdrraaron11: LOL, that might just do it08:48
ndrofthelinehappy new year!!!!08:49
morphiassame to you ndroftheline08:49
ws_happy new year!!!08:49
ndrofthelinealso, can someone help me figure out how to try and recover photos from my camera's internal memory?08:49
flashkiddhappy new year,,,08:49
ae86-driftermorphias, what do u mean by ~08:49
aaron11Guys !ot08:49
morphiasi meant look up to my previous message ae86-drifter ... sorry08:50
ndrofthelinei accidentally deleted some important photos from my digital camera's builtin memory. i've been able to recover deleted files from the camera's SD card with recoverjpeg08:50
ndrofthelinebut i don't know what directory to point recoverjpeg to. it says08:50
ndrofthelinewhich is the address of the camera's memory08:51
=== evilGary is now known as Gary
morphiasndroftheline, have you tried just mounting the camara's memory someplace ?08:51
Guest75745hello, I am facing an interesting problem with ubuntu, I am using 9.04 (works rock solid for me) but ever since I re-installed it, I can't use pidgin with my google talk account.  I have added the account but I see that it is always disabled and I get the "not authorised " error and button to re-enable.08:51
ae86-driftermorphias, i know you can mount the installation from the live cd, but i would like to know how how to fix it, its really important.. otherwise i will have to back all my stuff up and reinstall and reconfigure the server which will take a while08:51
ws_I am using ubunut9.10-amd64 and i want to install glibc 2.11 ,any one installed it succeeded?08:51
xdrrjust realised that the DNS problem was due to not incrementing the S/N (opps)08:51
ndrofthelinemorphias, no, i don't kow what the block device is08:52
=== Snump is now known as Guest29991
ndrofthelinemorphias, i can unmount it but wouldn't know what to re-mount08:54
morphiasno need... when you connect the card / camara, how are you identified?08:54
ndrofthelinehow am i identified? hrm...what do you mean?08:55
morphiasndroftheline, well have you checked the /mnt and /media folders in the root directory ?08:55
ndrofthelinemorphias, yeah nothing in either08:56
Guest11434Great, now WoW refuses to even pretend to start08:56
ndrofthelinemorphias, well i mean i have otehr folders there08:56
ndrofthelinemorphias, but not my camera's memory08:56
ae86-drifterndroftheline, thers an app called diskdigger which worked very well for me one time, but it is a windows program09:00
sunil2how to open gnome window using command09:04
sunil2how to open gnome window using command09:05
tolpicosunil2, What sort of Gnome Window? An program, nautilus?09:06
ndrofthelinesunil2, $ nautilus09:07
sunil2i am unable to open my office09:08
unkmarUbuntu 8.04 LTS recently installed flex development flash audio has stopped working, Attempting to correct the audio.  Not sure how to remove the flex and reinstall functional flash.09:08
fahadmoideenI am unable to get the softwares installed.09:09
unkmarcorrection: installed flex development.  Flash audio stopped working.09:09
enzotibsunil2: what do you mean by "gnome window" ?09:09
unkmarfahadmoideen: which software?09:09
unkmaroh, and Happy New Year everyone.09:10
q_phello  my wireless router uses the "shared mode" of wep. i cannot access the net with iwconfig wlan0 essid xxx key s:xxx . any more args to set ?09:10
fahadmoideenwhen I am logged in as root user, I cant get the softwares installed from ubuntu software center. None of them are getting installed09:11
sunil2how to delete existing partions???????09:11
q_pwhen i use the nm-applet to set my wireless , it let me to choose the mode , shared or open system. i don't know how to select the mode with command iwconfig09:11
lstarnessunil2: use the partition editor on the livecd09:12
sunil2partion editor????????09:12
unkmarsunil2: yes.09:12
lstarnes!gparted | sunil209:12
ubottusunil2: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php09:13
unkmarsunil2: what manco said.  probably have to sudo though.09:13
skylloedit files as root with gedit without having to open the terminal?09:13
unkmarskyllo: shortcut.  gksudo gedit09:13
sunil2how to open gparted window?09:13
mancohey i get this error when using wvdial to connect my mobile to pc  The PPP daemon has died: A modem hung up the phone (exit code = 16)09:13
lstarnessunil2: if you have it installed, look under system > administration09:14
unkmarnm-applet and NetworkManager will interfere with cli attempts at wireless.09:14
unkmarfahadmoideen: q_p: nm-applet and NetworkManager will interfere with cli attempts at wireless.09:14
mancoany aircel users here?09:14
sunil2i want to free up some memory in my device.how to proceed for that?09:14
skyllounkmar I want to edit the file without the terminal09:15
mancounkmar r u talking 2 me?09:15
lstarnessunil2: how big are your partitions?09:15
fahadmoideenis that so?09:15
fahadmoideenbut the installation works fine with other user09:15
sunil2along with my 9.04 version i'm having xp also09:15
unkmarskyllo: create a shortcut, a link.09:15
lstarnessunil2: but how big are your partitions?09:16
unkmarskyllo: right click, Create Launcher.09:16
sunil2i want to know that/09:16
lstarnessunil2: in a terminal: df -h09:16
sunil2after df -h what is the next step to clean up my device memory?09:17
lstarnessunil2: can you post the output of df -h to http://paste.ubuntu.com ?09:18
unkmarfahadmoideen: I have gotten wireless to work using a WPA connection, which is a little more difficult, via cli.  Only to have the sleeping NetworkManager reset/kill all my efforts minutes later.09:18
unkmarfahadmoideen: I had to sudo killall NetworkManager and sudo killall nm-applet for my connection to be stable.09:18
sunil2my url for df -h is http://paste.ubuntu.com/349871/ did you get it?09:18
fahadmoideenok thanks09:19
fahadmoideenWhich is the best linux OS?09:19
lstarnessunil2: I would suggest repartitioning your hard disk09:19
kapuhow do I use cp and preserve all file attributes as the orriginal?09:19
unkmarfahadmoideen: I later removed it from automatically launching. With a little assitance.09:19
lstarnessunil2: 2.6 GB is nowhere near enough space to run ubuntu comfortably09:19
Vituzis it just me or does ubuntu 9.10 ignore xorg.conf?09:19
kapui.e. last access time, owner etc..09:20
VituzI know it says if there is one it'll accept the configuration but I'm not seeing any differences09:20
unkmarkapu: you have got to be kidding.  man cp and then look for preserve.  Type /preserve09:20
sunil2how to use this 2.6GB of space09:20
unkmarkapu: you will find the -p switch.09:20
effendiis there any way to add a start-up delay to an ubuntu statup program09:21
lstarnessunil2: you really can't09:21
lstarnessunil2: the base of the system alone takes about 2 GB09:21
sunil2i'm getting message as no sufficient disc space when ever i try to install any thing.09:21
fahadmoideenWhich is the best linux OS?09:21
unkmareffendi: launch it from script.  sleep seconds09:21
unkmareffendi: man sleep09:21
effendiokay, ty09:21
sunil2that's why i am asking you how to free up my disk space09:22
blackest_knightsunil2:  you could install puppy or dsl in 2.6 gb09:22
lstarnesfahadmoideen: we're obviously going to recommend ubuntu09:22
lstarnessunil2: repartition09:22
lstarnesfahadmoideen: we're obviously going to recommend ubuntu09:22
lstarnesfahadmoideen: oops, wrong message.09:22
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=== al-Mu is now known as al-Muminin
sunil2puppy or dsl??????09:22
Vituzurgh I can't get my crappy video card working properly since I upgraded to 9.10 :\09:22
lstarnesfahadmoideen: I meant to say that they're usually called (gnu/)linux distributions rather than (gnu/)linux operating systems09:23
sunil2if i repartion my xp also will be erased.is it so?????09:23
lstarnessunil2: they're different distributions of linux09:23
unkmarlstarnes: I don't recommend any particular flavor.  I have my reasons for ME not liking some of them.  But each has its own uses and feel.09:23
lstarnessunil2: if you have a good partition editor, it can resize partitions09:23
blackest_knightsunil2 get the gparted live cd from source forge boot from it and resize partitions (best way as mounted file systems can't be resized)09:23
lstarnessunil2: without erasing them09:23
Vituzcan anyone give me a hand with some xorg/ati problems...09:23
lstarnessunil2: but you need to defragment windows's partition before trying to resize it09:24
mancoVituz whats d pblm?09:24
Vituzcan't get my ati rage (mach64) card to work the way it did before the upgrade09:24
unkmarsunil2: it is generally suggested to backup all data before any action is taken.  one very crude method is usind dd.09:24
sunil2how to get the gparted live cd?????09:24
Vituznot entirely sure how I got it working before09:24
mancouwhat upgrade?09:24
lstarnessunil2: search google for "gparted livecd download"09:24
Vituzall my attempts at changing xorg is coming up nil09:24
unkmarsunil2: there are better clone methods available.09:24
blackest_knightsunil2:  ever heard of google?09:24
mancohow did u install the driver09:24
Vituzseems like I'm doing nothing09:24
mancoit was working before?09:25
Vituzdidn't install a driver.. although I did try to apt-get xorg-server-mach64 (or whatever it was)09:25
sunil2do you mean to re-install my ubuntu once again?????09:25
Vituzwell I was able to use mplayer full screen before09:25
Vituznow I can't09:25
lstarnessunil2: no09:25
lstarnessunil2: you might want to if you can't resize your ubuntu partition09:25
Vituzand forced to use x11 just to get a vid at all09:25
mancowell updating ubuntu  always causes problems09:25
Vituzbut now its forced the sized of the encoding no bigger09:25
Vituzyah I know :)09:26
mancowith the drivers09:26
unkmarVituz: I generally state, switch to nvidia, life is easier.  Then follow with, you are likely using a laptop and don't have an option. :/09:26
mancoreyea nvidia is better09:26
Vituzyah but this beast is old... I just use it as a backup server + videos09:26
Vituzmain system is nvida09:26
morphiassunil2 http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/gparted/gparted-live-stable/0.4.6-1/gparted-live-0.4.6-1.iso?use_mirror=cdnetworks-us-109:26
mancoreinstall driver thats the soluiton09:26
petsoundshow can i adjust webcam brightness? what software i should use?09:26
Vituzgforce 9800 in this one09:26
mancoati & gforce?09:27
Vituzso just reinstall the xorg?09:27
Vituz2 sep computers09:27
unkmarsunil2: generally, gparted will refuse to resize a windows/NTFS partition if it has not been cleanly unmounted.  Translation, Running chkdsk /f and doing a proper windows shutdown.09:27
morphiashowever sunil2, you can resize partitions by using a live cd with ubuntu09:27
mancoyes the ati driver09:27
Vituzmain pc nvidia.. sep fileserver/videos is the ati..09:27
mancouninstall the current driver09:27
mancowell i have only one pc09:27
unkmarMy adobe flash audio is broken.  Help?09:27
mancoandonno how to sync 209:28
VituzI have a couple here... but only 2 with monitors at my desk09:28
sunil2i am having ubuntu-9.04 version cd09:28
morphiasunkmar, 32 bit or 64 bit?09:28
blackest_knightunkmar:  have you rebooted ?09:28
bazhello, my new years resolution is to amass power, can someone make me an op pls. thank you09:28
unkmarblackest_knight: I have to reboot?  crud.09:28
Vituzcrap already almost 5am... gotta jet.. thanks for pointing me in a diff direction09:28
lstarnesbaz: you won't be made an op hehre if you ask09:28
Vituzcya later and happy new years :)09:28
bazlstarnes, how come09:28
mancohappy new year09:28
sunil2is resize partions possible with ubuntu 9.04 version cd????09:29
unkmarmorphias: probably 32bit despite my CPU being 64 capable.09:29
morphiassunil2, if thats a ubuntu 9.04 live cd, do a live boot, and open partition editor (system -> administartion -> partition)09:29
lstarnesbaz: because being an op is seen as a huge responsibility09:29
blackest_knightbaz: shame to have failed so early in the year ;)09:29
lstarnesbaz: not an object of power09:29
kapuwhy is ubuntu generally used as a derogatory term in the OpenBSD community?  i.e. "don't ask questions here, go use Ubuntu"09:29
bazblackest_knight, i have 364 days before i fail09:29
mancowvdial error - A modem hung up the phone (exit code =16)  anyone know what is d pblm?09:30
lstarneskapu: because it is one of the most frequent choices for beginning *nix users09:30
sunil2how to know whether my ubuntu 9.04 version cd is live cd or not09:30
unkmarblackest_knight: my audio works.  my flash audio does not.  My system had been rebooted many times since the original flash audio failure.  so if you were expecting the usual, reboot magic to work.  Not gonna work this time. :(09:30
blackest_knightunkmar:  i'm not saying you can't get flash audio working again without rebooting but it does seem to restore it most of the time09:30
mancosunil2 boot it up09:30
mancou will know09:30
lstarnessunil2: if it has a desktop environment, it is live09:30
blackest_knightunkmar do you have vlc ?09:31
bazlstarnes, so what can i do to prove that if i were bestowed the power i wouldn't simply ban everyone in the channel because i could?09:31
unkmarblackest_knight: yes.09:31
morphiassunil2, the live cd will ask if you want to use the it as a live cd versus just installating it09:31
unkmarblackest_knight: and it plays audio just fine.09:31
lstarnesbaz: you have already declared that your intention is to amass power09:31
lstarnesbaz: that alone is grounds for dismissal09:32
bazlstarnes, yes this is true, go on09:32
bazlstarnes, oh really09:32
sunil2once i boot from cd i have observed the following options 1.try ubuntu without changing your system.2.install ubuntu3.memory checkup09:32
mancoyea its a live cd09:32
unkmarblackest_knight: I recently has decided to learn to program flash.  Downloaded the adobe flex stuff and went through some .deb installs and such.09:32
unkmarblackest_knight: my flash audio stopped immediately after that.09:32
blackest_knightunkmar try this go to youtube and pick a video it will download it to /tmp copy it out of there and play it with vlc if you have audio its a firefox issue09:32
mancosunil2: the first option09:32
lstarnessunil2: pick the first09:33
bazlstarnes, so what can i say to trick the ops into giving me power?09:33
lstarnesbaz: nothing09:33
sunil2then how to proceed?09:33
lstarnessunil2: once it finishes loading, go to System > Administration and look for the partition editor09:34
mancojust click on it09:34
bazlstarnes, i dont understand, then how does anyone become an op09:34
lstarnesbaz: it varies from channel to channel09:34
hellyeahwhat is reason of this bad view09:34
bazlstarnes, what if i help lots of people here?09:35
lstarnesbaz: but it usually depends on who the ops think would be best based on helpfulness, personality, judgement, and ability to handle various situations09:35
lstarnesbaz: also, this is starting to get off-topic.  I think we need to move this to #ubuntu-offtopic09:35
hellyeahsome look pls09:35
bazlstarnes, thats profiling09:35
blackest_knightunkmar it usually is a firefox issue (although recently the flash installer tends to work you might have a couple of flash versions on your system now thou which might have upset things)09:35
lstarneshellyeah: I saw but I can't figure out a cause or a fix09:36
sunil2after opening partion editor how to proceed????09:36
hellyeahsometimes i have worse eivw09:36
bazlstarnes, are u an op?09:36
hellyeahall view mess sometimes09:36
unkmarblackest_knight: I would love to cleanse it of ALL flash and then reinstall it.09:36
baz /isop lstarnes09:36
lstarnessunil2: I forget exactly how to use gparted09:37
lstarnessunil2: but it shouldn't be too hard to figure it out09:37
=== skyllo is now known as ecart
mancocould someone tell me the command to display the name of the guy u wanna chat with09:38
mancolike manco :09:38
BookmanWhat is the name for the java package?09:38
unkmarbaz: I don't see lstarnes wearing an @.  So, not likely to be an op.09:38
ae86-driftermanco, press tab after typing the first few letters09:38
mancoae86-drifter: thanks09:38
bazunkmar, if someone has that before their name that means their an op?09:38
blackest_knightunkmar: synaptic should be able to search for flash and make sure you use remove completely don't want a dodgy config file getting reused when you reinstall09:38
mancoae86-drifter: thanks a lot09:39
blackest_knightbaz you can be an op on channel #baz see /join #baz :)09:39
lstarnesbaz: that should be ##baz, not #baz09:39
Corbinhi... uh... anyone want to answer a BCD/GRUB question?09:40
hellyeahusing gparted is very easy09:40
Corbintrying to use BCD as my bootloader... can BCD load grub?09:40
lstarnesCorbin: yes, but you might want to use a tool such as EasyBCD to configure that09:40
Corbinyeah, i tried that09:41
Corbini think the problem is that grub is not installing correctly09:41
Corbinwhen i do the ubuntu installer09:41
Corbinim doing a custom partition setup09:41
mancoCorbin: What is BCD?09:41
bazblackest_knight, hehe09:41
unkmarblackest_knight: vlc was very unhappy with the swf I downloaded09:41
CorbinBCD is the windows bootloader fromVista onwards09:41
mancoCorbin: oh i see09:41
Corbinbut im putting grub on a logical partition inside an extended one09:42
Corbinis that ok?09:42
Corbinand if it is ok, any ideas why grub wouldn't install?09:42
lstarnesCorbin: it worked when I did it09:42
Corbinlike /boot/grub/menu.lst doesnt exist09:42
Corbinand /boot/grub/setup1 isnt there... and so on09:42
Corbinbut there are some grub files09:42
blackest_knightunkmar normally vlc can play the videos fine (great way to collect music via youtube ;))09:42
yaodongHow to use ADSL09:43
unkmaryaodong: PPPoE09:43
mancowvdial error (mobile broadband)  The PPP daemon has died: A modem hung up the phone (exit code = 16) anyone know hat it means09:43
yaodongplease detail09:43
bazwhat the hell floodbot is an op!! that guy's an idiot09:44
lstarnesmanco: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=351882 appears to be relevant09:44
lstarnesbaz: it's a bot, not a real person.  the ops here use it to keep the channel from being flooded09:45
mancolstarnes: ok will c to it tx09:45
unkmarmanco: looks like bad username/password combo.09:45
sunil2how to use gparted?09:45
bazlstarnes, i dont care what nationality he is, he only criticizes09:45
the-ermAnyone know off the top of their head how you can set th X,Y of the notification?09:45
lstarnesbaz: it, not he09:45
lstarnessunil2: http://www.howtoforge.com/partitioning_with_gparted09:46
the-ermThe volume is in the right place, various other notices are placed below that.09:46
lstarnessunil2: some things in there will be slightly different09:46
lstarnessunil2: but it should mostly be the same09:47
mancoanyone know the speedfan equivalent of Ubuntu to monitor sys temp?09:47
blackest_knightunkmar: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1318171 might help you09:48
Steildo you guys really trust ubuntu forums?09:49
blackest_knightmanco:  i think that can vary with hardware  but google lmsensors for a start and maybe gkrell09:49
GanjafreakHey guys09:49
mancoblackest_knight:  yea heard about that one09:49
freakiemy pidgin status doesn't show my exaile music play..09:50
GanjafreakWhat ya'll guys talking about.09:50
freakiecan anybody help me..09:50
GanjafreakIt don't shwo your music that you have playing. You sure you have that show media player song info? checked? It should have a little thing you click like on emesene09:51
blackest_knightSteil:  why wouldn't you trust ubuntu forums if any one stuffs up intentionally or not someone else would reply and correct the misinformation09:51
mancoSteil: yea its the foremost place to get answer on Ubuntu09:51
GanjafreakI know right, most people escape to IRC's to talk not about problems just relax and talk about random shit.09:52
blackest_knightubuntu community documentation tends to be good too09:52
mancofreakie: You have to tell whats the pblm09:52
GanjafreakHe did09:52
GanjafreakHe says his song info isn't showing in Pidgin09:52
GanjafreakYour better off using Emesene or Kopete.09:52
freakiei want to set my pidgin status using exaile player..09:53
petsoundshi, does anybody can help? i'm looking for utility that can adjust my webcam brightness, my friend always complaining about dark webcam on skype. thanks09:53
GanjafreakAh, well then check your preferences on exaile. It should say something like Show media info etc.09:53
freakiebefore this the setup was easy when i use ubuntu 9.0409:53
=== LARA is now known as Guest30495
GanjafreakYeah use 9.04, 9.10 sucks your wireless internet to 20% I don't get it :S, That is why I don't upgrade.09:54
GanjafreakI'm back, I was ddosing someone09:55
blackest_knightGanjafreak: sucks your wireless to 20% mines fine :P09:55
Steilmanco: do you remember back to like....2006 when arnieboy was on the forums? everyoen praised his advice like it was a godsend.....only his advice was bad and setting a root password rather than using sudo was somethiing frowned upon....but everyone praised arnie boy09:55
Ganjafreakaccident got my self09:55
Steilthats why i dont use the forums09:55
dezzaHowdy all, going back to lurking now.09:55
GanjafreakHm, well I didnt move my card or anything09:55
GanjafreakAnd how do you conncet to another irc server in xchat?09:55
GanjafreakI don't think you can only one irc at a time, not the channels the servers09:55
lstarnesGanjafreak: /newserver server-address09:55
mancoSteil: well donno about that but I solved many pblms using the  forum09:56
Ganjafreakbut I dont' know it by heart. I want to view my list09:56
Steilmanco: was the advice correct?09:56
mancoSteil: yea09:56
Steildid it do anything tha tbreaks package managemnt or fucks your system royally?09:56
unkmarblackest_knight: I tried the little script. and I am not going to remove my pulseaudio. it was working before. it can work again.09:56
mancoSteil: nope09:56
mancoSteil: sounds like u became a victim09:57
GanjafreakAny of you guys Website developers or work on php? I do.09:57
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, or type « /msg ubottu exploit » for more information.09:57
=== naomi is now known as Guest19532
unkmarGanjafreak: yes, I do.09:58
blackest_knightSteil: some times your sat nav will tell you to do stupid things but its up to you to do them or not. forum is usually fairly solid for procedures easier than trying to use irc to explain something slightly complicated09:59
FloodBot1NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.10:00
blackest_knightunkmar: /bin/sh -c "PULSE_SERVER= skype" allows me to use skype with alsa rather than pulseaudio  and leaves pulse installed10:01
FloodBot1NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.10:01
Spatulehow to install a driver *.tar.gz ???10:02
bazwhat just happened?10:02
GanjafreakJoin channel #00,0010:02
xiongAm I right to say that there are no longer any themed login screens in karmic, nor any way to control which users appear in the login screen?10:02
FloodBot3Steil: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:02
FloodBot2Steil: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:02
FloodBot1Steil: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:02
GanjafreakYeah, I hate that you can't change your login stuff like you can on 9.0410:02
* xiong wonders for the fourth time why he upgraded10:03
blackest_knightxiong:  by upgrading discovering problems and reporting them hopefully will mean 10.4 will not be quite so badly messed up10:04
mancohey what happened a window opened  showind some guy offering a keylogger or something10:05
bazyeah me too!10:05
GanjafreakYeah, what was his name?10:05
GanjafreakI'm going to FK his stuff up10:05
bazi got thousands of requests - had to reboot10:05
GanjafreakHe is getting 923084908423094823940829048239408 requests.10:05
mancome to10:05
GanjafreakI didn't10:05
mancome too10:05
mancofreaked me out10:05
GanjafreakJust force quit one and they all go10:05
GanjafreakMust not have neough PC ram10:05
blackest_knightthe name was random it was an attempt to flood you off irc10:05
GanjafreakA shitty attempt10:05
freakiesame for me..10:06
blackest_knightused to work on dial up10:06
Ganjafreak"I am the punishment of god, if you wouldn't of commited such great sins. He wouldn't of sent a punishment like me upon you"10:06
bazit worked on me, i had to reboot10:06
krishnahow do  i convert .txt file to xls ?10:06
mancothought it only hapnd 2 me10:06
Myrttimove on guys10:06
DhuskiHow to defragment a disk on Ubuntu?10:06
GanjafreakUm just rename it to .xls lol10:06
mancoDhuski: no need for the10:06
GanjafreakSorry guys, that was abot, Auto does tha to all open IRC's10:06
krishnaGanjafreak, :X10:06
Myrttikrishna: csv?10:07
bazhow can someone do that? and is it a true keylogger? what if u clicked yes?10:07
mancoDhuski: no need for that10:07
krishnaMyrtti, is it in repository ?10:07
Dhuskimanco, I thought regular defragmentation was necersary for a fast system...10:07
GanjafreakHow do you guys request a VPN up here again10:07
mancoDhuski: defragmenting only for windows10:07
misreckoningprocess "phy0" is taking too much CPU here, what is it?10:07
blackest_knightload the txt ile in openoffice spreadsheet and save as xls10:07
Dhuskimanco, thanks10:07
ecartDCC RECV ligação estabelecida com vc2lWpQYM0MGra9t []10:07
ecart* DCC RECV ligação estabelecida com vc2lWpQYM0MGra9t []10:07
ecart* O ficheiro /home/hitler/STARTKEYLOGGER já existe, a gravar como /home/hitler/STARTKEYLOGGER.110:07
ecart* DCC RECV ligação estabelecida com vc2lWpQYM0MGra9t []10:07
FloodBot1ecart: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:07
xiongblackest_knight, You're right. I should do my part. I'm afraid of submitting incoherent bug reports, though; I don't always know just what I'm talking about. I mean, I have a good idea what makes a good bug report but I know I don't know the terms well enough to describe precisely what I see.10:08
mancouh oh o yhink its starting again10:08
krishnablackest_knight, in save as window  there is no .xls option in other format...10:08
Myrttikrishna: no, what i meant is that is the information in the text file separated by commas?10:08
mancoI think flooding is starting agian10:08
Myrttimanco: move on10:08
mancoMyrtti:  what?10:09
=== john is now known as Guest33589
GanjafreakAnyone need a Windows OS with already activated or anty adove program, I hav acces to a r00ted MS server10:09
blackest_knightkrishna: hmm i would have thought open office would save as xls  how about gnumeric (highly under rated spreadsheet)10:09
Myrttithe less attention you give to it, the faster we get on the actual business10:09
rww!piracy | Ganjafreak10:10
ubottuGanjafreak: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o10:10
bazhangGanjafreak, please stop that now10:10
mancoMyrtti: oh like that10:10
Guest33589hello everyone. I don't seem to be able to play MP3 files on karmic, have installed the restricted codecs pack but still having no luck. Anyone able to help me please?10:10
mancoGuest33589: what does it say wen u try to play a file10:11
Guest33589it doesnt say anything, it just wont play the file, any program i try and load it in, it wont even start playing it10:11
misreckoningI'm going to ask one more time :) What is "phy0" process doing? It takes 99% of my CPU sometimes. It is a root process, not in /usr/bin or anywhere (checked with $ ps aux), with -5 nice property. Wtf?10:11
mancoGuest33589: How did u download the codec?10:12
blackest_knightGuest33589:  install medibuntu  (just sets up the repository) and vlc10:12
Guest33589downloaded the restricted  extras from the ubuntu help pages. ok ill try medibuntu10:13
blackest_knightphy0 is something to do with wifi10:13
blackest_knightmisreckoning: phy0 is something to do with wifi10:14
Guest33589oh, is the medibuntu repository the same for karmic as jaunty?10:14
misreckoningblackest_knight: yes I read that somewhere, it has to do something with atheros (which I have)10:15
misreckoningblackest_knight: someone was complaining about SSH starting it10:15
misreckoningblackest_knight: I'm going to kill -9 it until it gets fixed, looks like :P10:16
randholHi. A freind of mine has problems with Karmic. He made a backup of photos on a CD, but afterwards he cannot read the CD in ubuntu. He can read CDs he has made earlier (prior to Karmic). Anybody heard of some problem like this? we are trying to find out what is going on. Tested both brasero and k3b10:16
blackest_knightmisreckoning: i've not had that issue so can't really help10:16
advil0-netbooki've got a quick problem, requires a quick solution10:16
misreckoningblackest_knight: respect :)10:17
unkmarfinally, my flashaudio is working again.  blackest_knight: thank you for your help.10:17
blackest_knightrandhol:  can he read the disc on any other pc ?10:17
unkmarthe solution was sudo apt-get install libflashsupport10:17
blackest_knightadvil0-netbook: don't ask to ask10:18
advil0-netbooklol sorry10:19
Jad-Jhello I want to share my internet connection from my laptop (ubuntu) to my pc (archlinux) I've tried the ubunutu tutorials but they didn't work can anyone help me?10:19
advil0-netbooki installed 9.10 via Wubi on my HP Mini 311, and when i boot it, it installs like I expect it to, but when i reboot after it completes, it acts as though it's the first boot still10:19
advil0-netbookit installs over and over again10:19
blackest_knightjad-j did you enable ip4 forwarding in /etc/sys-ctrl.conf10:19
disappearedngHey my mysql is messed up, then when I do a complete removal, it says that it will uninstall like 400mb of applications, how do I just single handedly uninstall mysql and use a lower version (5.0) per say10:19
Jad-Jblackest_knight: no.. wait I'm searching how10:20
blackest_knightjad-j i could perhaps give you a useful script10:21
PsyCl0neHi all would anyone happen to be on this early in the morning?10:21
Jad-Jblackest_knight: why does it need a script:|10:21
tech_any one in here10:22
Jad-Jtech_: ask10:22
PsyCl0neWould anyone know why on my ubuntu 9.10 desktop the screen randomly disappears?10:22
Jad-JPsyCl0ne: randomly disappears means changing to black?10:22
advil0-netbooktoo many people in here asking quesitons :P10:22
Jad-Jfor seconds.. then back to normal?10:23
PsyCl0neJad-J yes, everything will be shown then it will randomly go black10:23
blackest_knightwell i use it to configure the ports currently my netbook uses mobile broadband and is connected by wifi to a router which uses the netbook as a gateway for my other pc's10:23
advil0-netbook@blackest_knight: any ideas on my issue?10:23
Jad-JPsyCl0ne: will go black.. for how much time? (for reboot..? or for seconds..)10:23
randholblackest_knight, has only one PC, but a Philips dvd player could read it10:24
PsyCl0neJad-J its random, but I know after a reboot bios will show the checks and Illl see the ubuntu loading logo then itll go black but Ill still hear to boot up music10:24
blackest_knightadvil0-netbook: never done anything with wubi , you could boot from the cd and do a standard install10:24
advil0-netbookcan't boot from the CD, netbook10:25
unkmaradvil0-netbook: do you have a desktop to create a bootable USB with?10:25
blackest_knightadvil0-netbook:  got a usb stick of 1gb or more ? see unetbootin10:25
PsyCl0neJad-J, it actually just started like 10 min ago, my dad was brousing the net and the screen went black10:25
Jad-JPsyCl0ne: describe more hte time of the black screen.. and when does it come back? (I want to know maybe it is a pc problem... not from the operating system)10:25
advil0-netbookyeah i might try that, not sure et10:25
blackest_knightrandhol:  is the disk finalized ?10:26
PsyCl0neJad-J kk so it just came back for about 30 seconds and itll be out for about 3-4 min10:26
randholblackest_knight, he said brasero did finalise it10:26
Jad-JPsyCl0ne: laptop or pc...? do you have another operating system..?10:27
randholblackest_knight, he lost net just now so I don't have dmesg errors, but are there any special things we can do to debug the problem?10:27
PsyCl0neJad-J PC, no its ubuntu only its an older computer but its been stable and reliable for quite a while now10:28
nigtvHello, I was trying to burn a CD earlier today, so I popped in a blank and the whole system locked up, not even responding to sys req, so I restarted and now it says it cannot find the harddrive. I've checked the bios, changed the cable, checked the switches, among other things, and its not having any effect. I'm running 9.10 on a dell (dont know the model), and am not sure what to try next10:28
blackest_knightrandhol:  time to get googling i think10:28
Jad-JPsyCl0ne: oh okay... but it might be problem from the screen.. or maybe from the cables. you can try by changing screens.. or by installing another OS10:28
Jad-Jso you could see the reason of the problem10:28
nigtvI've never had this problem not respond to the things I've tried, and I've never had this problem on this computer before.10:29
randholblackest_knight, I am, but haven't found any useful things yet10:29
blackest_knightnigtv: is the harddrive detected in the bios ?10:29
nigtvblackest_knight to be honest I'm not sure how to check that, but it does spin up when I start the system. It's not doing anything differently than it usually does so I would assume so10:30
=== enzotib_ is now known as enzotib
nigtvIt's listed in the "system setup utility"10:31
blackest_knightnigtv: spinning just says there is power to it ,  it should announce what drives it inds prior to reaching grub10:31
nigtvblackest_knight actually, I forgot I have that skipped, lemme go see if I can get it to come up, I totally spaced that lol10:32
disappearedng_ 10:33
blackest_knightnigtv:  sometimes a hdd can get messed up and need to run a self check , this can take ages (does the hdd light come on ?)10:33
Xfactanybody can tell me how to open .bin files?10:34
XfactHow to access .bin files?10:34
iKernelXfact, chmod +x *.bin ./*.bin10:34
randholblackest_knight, how can one finalize a written CD to really test if that is the problem10:34
XfactiKernel: terminal saying 'permission denied'10:35
blackest_knightk3b has a menu option i think (disk info  says something i think)10:35
randholok. will check10:35
blackest_knightsudo chmod +x *.bin ./*.bin10:36
nigtvblackest_knight yes it is detected, and it passes the "IDE drive diagnostics", the cd drive is also detected, HD as primary master and CD as primary slave10:36
iKernelXfact, what blackest_knight said10:36
blackest_knightnigtv so whats the last thing it says10:37
XfactiKernel: can you explain little more...I am totally new to linux...10:37
nigtvI'm not 100% sure what is going wrong, it doesn't even get to grub, It just comes up with "press f1 to retry boot, press f2 to run setup utility"10:37
grawityXfact: you too - can you explain a little more about what are those .bin files you're trying to access?10:37
iKernelXfact, no10:37
blackest_knightnigtv sata drive ?10:38
blackest_knightsometimes bin files are disc images10:38
blackest_knightnigtv: i would try booting with a livecd10:39
nigtvIDE blackest_knight, I believe thats...sorry if I answered wrong heh.10:39
Xfactgrawity: I am trying to open a JDK setup .bin file with terminal...but terminal saying 'permission denied'10:39
sunil2how to use gparted?????10:39
grawitysunil2: 1) open gparted10:40
blackest_knightXfact: its a lot easier to get it from the repository10:40
nigtvblackest_knight I have, DSL and ubuntu, both seem to boot from the cd just fine, but both encounter weird issues, the ubuntu cd says it cannot find the drive, and the DSL freezes during the initial start up on almost every device that isnt skipped10:40
grawityXfact: JDK should be in Ubuntu repositories. But if you want to install it from .bin anyway - go to terminal and use 'chmod +x' on that file.10:40
sunil2i have opened the gparted. how to resize my partions10:41
Xfactcan ubuntu access .rpm files?10:41
blackest_knightnigtv: the ubuntu live cd boots to desktop ?10:41
ubuntu__r irc.star-fleet.net10:41
blackest_knightXfact: yes via alien10:41
llutzXfact: yes, if rpm is installed10:41
Ov3rf10wXfact, sudo apt-get install rpm10:42
hareshhow to make my unbentu look like windows ?10:42
nigtvblackest_knight no, it errors when it is the bouncy loading bar stage before the growing loading bar phase, if that makes sense?10:42
Xfactok thanks10:42
Ov3rf10wXfact, rpm -Uvh file.rpm10:42
blackest_knightnigtv: thats nasty10:42
grawityXfact: Ubuntu is Debian-based, so it uses .deb itself. It's possible to convert .rpm packages to .deb with 'alien', or even install them directly with 'rpm', but it is not recommended.10:43
lytis there anybody can speak chinese?10:43
psycho_oreos!cn | lyt10:43
ubottulyt: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk10:43
bazhanglyt, in #ubuntu-cn10:43
blackest_knightharesh google XP_Gnome.tar10:43
Xfactohh...it's convert rpm to .deb then runs setup ...cool thanks10:44
blackest_knightnigtv: can it boot cd with hdd disconnected ?10:44
bazhangXfact, what rpm were you trying to convert10:44
hareshhow can i install it10:45
Xfactrealplayer setup10:45
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)10:45
nigtvharesh just fyi btw for what its worth, during my quests to make it look like windows, its hard to get it to be convincing without using various images from windows, which are somewhat hard to find10:45
bazhangXfact, no need for that10:45
nigtvblackest_knight no, it acts the exact same way10:45
grawityXfact: Why in the world would you need RealPlayer these days...10:45
blackest_knightharesh:  when you find it you will also find the instructions (extract and run the setup script)10:46
Ov3rf10wXfact, download .deb http://www.real.com/linux?src=realhome_linux_bb_0_1_1_0_0_3_0&pcode=rn&opage=realhome_linux_bb10:46
Xfactjust maybe realplayer sounds cool10:46
hareshafter install i can deleat the files right10:46
Xfactthanks for link .deb available10:46
nigtvblackest_knight do you think its safe to assume that ubuntu probably wouldnt just randomly cause the machine to become unbootable entirely on its own? As in is it safe to assume its more likely that this is a hardware issue10:46
bazhangharesh, just generally drag the tar.gz to the theme manager10:47
blackest_knightnigtv: can you try the hdd in another pc i think the controller may be fubared10:47
Xfactyou guys are guiding me, I am new but not feeling alone in linux...thanks  :)10:47
hareshi know i have installed it can i remove the installion files ?10:47
bazhangharesh, from your desktop? or wherever you downloaded them?10:48
nigtvblackest_knight yea, I'll try that tomorrow. It's a little labor intensive at 4AM :p10:48
nigtvoh well, thanks :D just wish i made more frequent backups lol.10:48
blackest_knightnigtv: seems likely to me, you might be able to work round using a usb to ide converter cable  if it is the ide port10:48
Xfactwill 9.10 support DSL Internet connection via USB?10:49
=== BlackJack is now known as Dreaman
nigtvblackest_knight suppose I could get a live cd to boot with the hd hooked up, you think there are any places that would be good to look for a log or something that could tell me why it crashed in the first place?10:50
blackest_knightnigtv: the drive may be ok (it doesnt smell funny does it) but its very worrying that nothing boots (actually you may find the secondary ide controller is ok)10:50
psycho_oreosXfact, don't know and somewhat doubtful10:51
llutzXfact: as usbnet is installed, it should10:51
nigtvnah, its not smelly or loud. It seems to be fine, it passes the little system diagnostic test thing whatever thats worth heh10:51
Xfactus'usbnet' i have to install?10:51
blackest_knightnigtv:  i think its probably hardware failure10:51
llutzXfact: its a kernel-module, installed by default.10:51
nigtvhmm, maybe ill try putting another hd into the broken computer before putting the harddrive into a totally okay computer10:52
nigtvalrighty, bed time, therell be more time to pull my hair out tomorrow. Adios d00dz10:52
blackest_knightnigtv i'd try moving the cable from the primary to the secondary ide port10:53
blackest_knightlate by 17 seconds ...10:53
nn477shipit.ubuntu.com says ive received too many shipments, and that I must contribute to receive more... the problem is im a shamless linux n00b, so there's not much I can do to be helpful. and downloading it isn't an option, bandwidth here is expensive. what now?10:56
matili3i u5tu5 it0zi5z10:59
jattdf shows the following:11:01
jattnone                 237044416  54993092 170104992  25% /var/lib/ureadahead/debugfs11:01
jattwhat is this ureadahead for?11:01
armornickhey, does anyone know how to enable the framebuffer?11:02
jussi01jatt: http://lwn.net/Articles/155510/11:02
jattjussi01: thanks for the pointer11:03
matilpeiir kweew0935o05o0t9ozo7611:03
jussi01mati: ?11:03
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
jussi01!ask | darksea11:06
ubottudarksea: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:06
armornickis there anyone who uses the terminal with framebuffer?11:08
XfactRed Hat is another OS?11:08
silarehi all. How do I import Albatross's window border theme to GNOME? Or is there an import out there? I can't find one.11:08
armornickXfact: Red Hat is an enterprise linux distribution11:08
tingihow do i mirror remote directory ? i want only subfolders (i can specify them through a regexp). I always want directories + subfolders mirrored into my local machines created after 25th Dec . So if someone creates a folder on 30th Jan, it should be mirrored onto my local machine ?11:10
krdkconnect #pomoc11:13
Xfactany careless usage of 'sudo' type critical command can harm my system?11:13
armornickkrdk: slash 'join ' #channel11:13
ardchoilleXfact: yes, it can wipe out the whole system if  you're not careful11:13
XfactI am very beginner so I should not use it...11:14
=== enzotib_ is now known as enzotib
ardchoille!sudo | Xfact have a look at this11:14
ubottuXfact have a look at this: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)11:14
armornickXfact: try asking on the forums what commands do before you copy-paste something someone gives you11:14
shylenthmm, how come I dont have a "analog mix" or something in my mixer?11:14
Xfactat ubuntuforums.org?11:15
shylentis there a way to record audio from analog loopback (my soundcard supports it)?11:15
shvabo2000hi everyone,..does anyone knows how to make hardy recognize my cd/dvd rom..I had 7.10 installed and upgraded to hardy trough update menager,now there is no cd/dvd rom11:15
jattI cannot unlock gdmsetup, is that a known issue in karmic?11:17
jattI want to enable autologin11:17
Xfactsometimes major update does problems, so downloading fresh CD image and installing it...is recommended I think, I hope some other people agree with me :)11:17
=== sale_ is now known as sale
ardchoilleXfact: I never do upgrades, I always do fresh installs11:18
Xfactbut what about settings?11:18
Xfacthow to backup those?11:18
armornickXfact: the dot files/folders in you home folder11:18
psycho_oreostake screenies, documentation, or otherwise a snapshot of your setup11:18
shvabo2000how do I do that11:19
Xfactonly copying those ".files" will keep my settings?11:19
ardchoilleXfact: I just added a small bash script to the forums that backs up your home directory: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=136954011:19
armornickXfact: yes, paste them in you new home folder and logoff11:20
dnivraI've been trying to restore my login screen to the default in karmic after changing it using the command "gksudo -u gdm dbus-launch gnome-appearance-properties" and I get the following error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/349851/. Guess it's because of the I/O error, I'm not able to change my login screen. Which file's or directory's absence is causing the problem?11:25
XfactI am thinking about to add mozzila thunderbird mail or Evolution mail is right....11:25
SickAnimationsIs there a simple way of forcing a display resolution?11:26
ardchoilleXfact: those two do the same thing, so it's probably better to see which one works best for you11:27
ardchoilleXfact: you should already have evolution installed11:27
fionaHello I am getting a completely frozen black screen with frozen mouse pointer and blinking caps lock key quite frequently and randomly.. when I search this it seems impossible to narrow down what is causing it11:29
fionaseems to be a real lottery on karmic to avoid hardware that does not have this problem11:30
Newbie9Ciao atutti e auguri11:30
Newbie9Hello everybody11:30
psycho_oreos!it | Newbie911:30
ubottuNewbie9: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)11:30
Newbie9no problem at all11:30
jeffjeffdejeffhi all.  need some help with grub please.  I have (had) a dual boot xp ubuntu setup.  xp on one drive and ubuntu on another. after going through some menus after booting from an xp disk (won't bore you with the details as to why) my grub has disappeared and boots straight into xp every time. I'm currently using the live disc atm, and have tried restoring grub as per the instructions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435111:31
Cool_NickSimple question, whats the command to do a long format for ext4 on /dev/sdb1 (It is already formatted the quick way with a program, but I would like a long format to possibly find hidden errors on the new drive)11:31
ziroday!grub | jeffjeffdejeff instructions are here11:32
ubottujeffjeffdejeff instructions are here: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.11:32
Cool_Nick!format | Cool_Nick test11:33
ubottuCool_Nick test: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap11:33
llutzCool_Nick: there's no short/long "formatting"11:33
llutzCool_Nick: fsck/badblocks might what you're looking for11:33
Cool_NickIn windows theres teh optoin "Quick format", feels like I had that checked when I formatted with linux a minute ago11:34
Cool_NickProgram: Gnome partition editor11:34
llutzCool_Nick: you were talking about ext4, that not a windows fs11:34
Cool_Nickllutz: I was defining what I was talking about with short/long formatting11:35
Cool_Nickbut you are probably correct with doign a badblock search with fsck11:35
llutzCool_Nick: and the answer still is: there's no short/long "formatting" for unix-fs11:35
Cool_NickI didn't know that response was specifically for unix file systems...I figured you weren't understanding where I was coming from.11:36
Cool_NickThanks for the information11:36
dnivraI've been trying to restore my login screen to the default in karmic after changing it using the command "gksudo -u gdm dbus-launch gnome-appearance-properties" and I get the following error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/349851/. Guess it's because of the I/O error, I'm not able to change my login screen. Which file's or directory is causing the problem?11:37
jeffjeffdejeffwell mr bot, i'm following the guide in the link you sent me and have fallen at the first hurdle.  anyone able to tell me why fdisk -l says Cannot open /dev/sda, Cannot open /dev/sdb?11:38
airtonixjeffjeffdejeff, tried prefixxing the command with sudo ?11:38
jeffjeffdejefflove you.11:39
airtonixjeffjeffdejeff, also : are you targeting those devices as parameters or just runn disk -l ?11:39
airtonixfdisk -L *11:39
jeffjeffdejeffjust following: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub11:39
jeffjeffdejeffreally am confused about the whole thing.11:40
airtonixjeffjeffdejeff, you installed windows after ubuntu ?11:40
jeffjeffdejeffairtonix: long story.  windows was already installed ages ago on one disk.  about a year later i installed ubuntu on another disk and could dual boot.  yesterday i was trying to load new storage controller drivers for xp and somehow it's made grub disappear.11:42
airtonixjeffjeffdejeff, makes sense. windows needs to control the mbr to choose the device and partition it loads from, typical operation for installing *anything* in windows is to nuke everything and reboot11:43
jeffjeffdejeffjust boots straight into xp now.  i tried http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435 and it didn't work. :(11:43
airtonixjeffjeffdejeff, like that pages says you first need to be sure of your installed ubuntu version.11:44
jeffjeffdejeff9.04 is what's installed11:44
=== BlackJack is now known as Dreaman
airtonixjeffjeffdejeff, and i assume you are operating on it now with a 9.04 live cd  ?11:44
jeffjeffdejeffand i'm runninng an ibex live disc which i'm in right now11:44
airtonixjeffjeffdejeff, isn't ibex 8.10?11:45
DrManhattan(initramfs) unable to find a medium containing a live file system11:45
jeffjeffdejeffyes.  it's the only one i've got11:45
DrManhattanI have an ide cdrom and an sata hard drive11:45
DrManhattanplease help11:45
DrManhattanthis appears to be a very common problems11:45
psicobrahi guys happy new year to you all i come baring problems i have an sd card witch is fat file system i belive it needs to have dosfsck run on it but i cannot figure out what device it is11:45
bazhang!ru | Guest306011:45
ubottuGuest3060: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke11:45
airtonix!enter | DrManhattan11:45
ubottuDrManhattan: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:45
=== Guest3060 is now known as Dis
DrManhattanairtonix, you are welcome to place me on ignore, i've done nothing wrong. Please don't spam me with the bot.11:46
airtonixjeffjeffdejeff, (re : your current 9.04 installation ) is your  / and your /home on the same partition ?11:46
airtonixDrManhattan, observe the rules placed there for the sanity of the channel11:46
jeffjeffdejeffafraid so.11:46
Dishow to get ubuntu 8.4 CD? free11:46
DrManhattanairtonix, I have broken no rules.11:46
airtonixjeffjeffdejeff, ok one sec.11:46
airtonixjeffjeffdejeff, what is your first issue with restoring the grub >11:47
DisÂû âñå ãîâíî11:47
jussi01Dis: download it?11:47
airtonixDis, more info at https://shipit.ubuntu.com/11:48
Disjussi01 no =) get CD =)11:48
hhlpDis - you can find all releases here -> http://releases.ubuntu.com/11:49
Disoh shi, i dont wont 9.1 =( it's shit =(11:49
airtonix!pm | jussi0111:49
ubottujussi01: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.11:49
shylenthow do I enable "Analog loopback" controls in gnome-mixer?11:49
psicobrawhy when i type dmesg do i get millions of lines saying [84184.109907] VFS: busy inodes on changed media or resized disk sr011:49
bazhangDis, watch the bad language here11:49
fiona_Hello I am getting a completely frozen black screen with frozen mouse pointer and blinking caps lock key quite frequently and randomly.. when I search this it seems impossible to narrow down what is causing it?11:49
Dis=) yeap11:49
jeffjeffdejeffairtonix: well, i followed the guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435  which didn't work.11:50
DrManhattanfiona_, run memtest on your system11:50
_raven_hi - does anyone know a way/tool to download a list of YOUTUBE-videos automatically?11:50
fiona_DrManhattan, Its not a hardware fault and that has already been done11:50
airtonixjeffjeffdejeff, it'd be good if you could mention at which point your having problems11:50
dnivraDis: i don't think you can get 8.04 disc. But surely you can download the ISO file from http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download11:50
fiona_sorry I should have said.. problem with ubuntu not the hardware11:50
bazhang_raven_, miro11:50
psicobrafiona_, dmesg11:50
CrashbitRaziel2p: aptitude install youtube-dl11:51
airtonixDis, any good ISP will provide you with local mirror11:51
fiona_psicobra, What about it?11:51
DrManhattanyeah this bug apparently happens to a lot of people, I am not having any luck with all-generic-ide or irqpoll being added at boot either11:51
psicobraany clues in it?11:51
dotdotusing metacity as a composite WM makes alt-tab very slow (about a second) on a recent laptop with 128mb video card. Is this normal?11:51
Crashbit_raven_: aptitude install youtube-dl11:51
airtonixjeffjeffdejeff, that link you gave me doesn't seem related to your situation11:52
jussi01DrManhattan: what happens with it?11:52
Xfactfor ubuntu 8.04 it showing only 0.8.6 releases of VLC media player on synaptic, is there any other way exists to install the latest version (1.0.3) in 8.04?11:52
reeniginEesreveRwhats the equivalent of "httpd -S" on ubuntu?11:52
DrManhattanjussi01, initramfs unable to find a medium containing a live file system11:52
dnivraI've been trying to restore my login screen to the default in karmic after changing it using the command "gksudo -u gdm dbus-launch gnome-appearance-properties" and I get the following error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/349851/. Guess it's because of the I/O error, I'm not able to change my login screen. Which file's or directory is causing the problem?11:52
airtonixXfact, investigate vlc homepage (they should describe ppa deb server for you )11:52
jeffjeffdejeffairtonix: sorry, i just pasted the wrong link.11:53
jeffjeffdejeffi've just repeated the process and i'll paste the output - all looks like it should have worked, but when i reboot it's the same old story11:53
jussi01DrManhattan: Im trying to remeber if its the same as I have, but I found on my system, that changing the boot order in bios to HDD first helped11:53
fiona_psicobra, No idea its about 800 lines long11:54
DrManhattanjussi01, im trying to boot the livecd11:54
jussi01DrManhattan: ahh, ok.11:54
airtonixXfact, i know its not incredibly descriptive ( http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-ubuntu.html ) but there on the page is the repo url for the vlc ppa11:54
jussi01DrManhattan: Im not sure I can help you further, sorry. I hope some one can11:54
DrManhattanjussi01, thanks for trying :)11:55
jeffjeffdejeffairtonix: http://pastebin.com/d7583a9a611:55
bondziorno h11:55
* jeffjeffdejeff needs to get his head together and concentrate11:56
psicobrafiona_, can you paste bin it11:57
zoomhi and happy new year. Just a little question: is it possible to open a program in a different desktop ?11:57
Xfactairtonix: but i have to add some lines on software source....and i m little bit in doubt, cause last time for this same cause mistakenly i stopped all the update sources... :X11:57
Xfactbut I am trying11:57
Xfactthanks :)11:57
soreauzoom: It is possible to view it on another viewport, which are compiz workspaces11:57
fiona_psicobra, Okay http://paste.ubuntu.com/349904/11:57
airtonixXfact, before you do, google "vlc ppa"11:57
soreauzoom: More specifically, it is possible to have it open on another viewport11:58
airtonixXfact, also did you mention your version of ubuntu ?11:58
jeffjeffdejeffairtonix: i've just downloaded a 9.04 disk - do you think it would make any difference if i booted into that rather than the ibex disk?11:58
soreauzoom: This is possible if you use compiz as your window manager11:58
airtonixjeffjeffdejeff, im not sure, but it would remove that as one of the factors no doubt.11:58
DrManhattanI know its not a bad iso too, its the cdrom FROM ubuntu11:59
airtonixzoom, by desktop you mean virtual desktop? (as in the ones you reach by holding ctrl alt left arrow )11:59
zoomsoreau, thx i'm using compiz, for exemple: i want to open firefox on workspace number four how can i do ?11:59
airtonix!find devil11:59
ubottuFound: codeville, devilspie, dict-devil, libdevil-dev, libdevil1c2 (and 1 others)11:59
airtonix!info devilspie | zoom12:00
ubottuzoom: devilspie (source: devilspie): find windows and perform actions on them. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.22-1 (karmic), package size 28 kB, installed size 128 kB12:00
airtonixzoom, great howto on the ubuntu tutorials & tips section on ubuntu forums for devilspie.12:00
xrfanganyone using gnomeshell? I follow the cheat sheet and called out the looking glass, but don't know how to quit the lg! quite frustrating.12:00
_raven_Crashbit, do you know how to download videos in hq18 from a txt-file which contains file01, file02, file03 in every line?12:00
soreauzoom: !ccsm>Window Management>Place Windows>Fixed Window Placement12:00
psicobrafiona_, mac?12:01
fiona_psicobra, Huh?12:01
airtonixXfact, this page might interest you also : https://launchpad.net/~c-korn/+archive/vlc12:01
fiona_psicobra, no PC/laptop12:01
Crashbit_raven_: I don't know, sorry12:01
zoomthx soreau and airtonix i will look for your solution12:01
convergeim using ubuntu 9.10 and is everything working fine, just the sound is not because it is poping up some noises time in time, some ideia how to fix it ?12:01
airtonixzoom, devilspie is good for when you won't be using compiz (it also works while compiz is turned on )12:02
soreauzoom: Note that compiz has nothing to do with devilspie and does not support it12:02
=== r33niginEesreveR is now known as reeniginEesreveR
airtonixsoreau, positive about that ?12:02
soreauairstrike: yes12:02
Xfactthanks thanks thanks12:03
psicobrafiona_, looks like it could be a power managment thing does this happen when the laptop tries to hibernate/sleep12:03
DrManhattanwell, this is lame. there's so many people reporting this issue online, im amazed there's no solution12:03
airtonixXfact, ppa is usually the first place you want to look for latest versions of software you cant get from normal repos.12:03
fiona_no psicobra it is completely random and always when I am using it12:03
airtonixjeffjeffdejeff, so it didn't work this time round (i assume you used the last command there on the page you linked me (its not in your pastebin))12:04
Xfacthow to add ppa in system?12:04
airtonixXfact, click the second green piece of text there on the page12:05
rolandbonjour à tous12:05
epinky!fr | roland12:06
ubotturoland: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr12:06
Xfactohh...I have to add PPA source link in the third party software sources...is that correct?12:06
airtonixXfact, yes then you have to add the signing key too ("what is this" link next to it tells you how )12:06
_raven_for youtube-videos miro gives me "file not found"... what could happen there?12:06
narancono sound in intrepid after suspend.. this used to work perfectly... any ideas?12:11
jeffjeffdejeffairtonix: hi there. i'm a little unsure actually as to what i should use as the final command - do i do setup (hd1,0) (as per my find command) or do i do just setup (hd1)?12:13
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indeathishalllivanyone here?12:15
=== indeathishallliv is now known as Possesion
Xfacthat is the difference between 'dev' and 'deb-src'12:17
=== fongoul is now known as funghoul
XfactI mean what is the difference between 'deb' and 'deb-src'?12:17
llutzXfact: src means source-code12:17
Possesionanybody know anything about tethering a phone to ubuntu?12:18
legend2440Xfact: deb i sthe package you need to install it   deb-src is the source files if you were going to compile it12:18
Yanick_happy new year!12:18
jadakrenXfact, the page you were sent to (the vlc ppa page ) describes the lines you need to paste into your /etc/apt/sources.list file.12:18
XfactI have to add bothPPA deb and deb-src link in the software source?12:19
Possesionmeh this sucks12:19
jadakrenXfact, as far as i am aware you only need the deb-src if you want to compile the packages your self... so not normally12:20
llutzXfact: deb-src only if you plan to build own packages12:20
Xfactoops! i added both deb and deb-src link in software source...is that wrong?12:21
llutzXfact: won't harm12:21
bobbiehappy new years12:27
bobbieit's a happy year12:27
bobbie 101012:27
bobbiekind of a bianary year12:27
bobbie 201012:27
Myrttibobbie: do you have a ubuntu problem or a question?12:28
Malekodoes anyone here ever make parition out of free space on live partition?12:28
bobbieno sorry Myrtti I just am a lonely looser12:28
Myrtti!offtopic | bobbie, welcome to #ubuntu-offtopic12:29
ubottubobbie, welcome to #ubuntu-offtopic: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!12:29
Malekowell you could help me with my question instead12:29
DeviadCan anyone pls tell me how to solve an audio issue with xvidcap?12:30
DeviadI found no solution to the problem looking at the forum12:30
alabd_humble use this guide http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=91370 to share internet , what should humble do without ipmasq app ?12:31
deviadSorry I had to switch to another irc program12:32
deviadso, does anyone know how to resolve the audio issue affecting xvdicap under 9.1012:33
deviadBasically I hear just noice after recording... like scratches, or something like that12:33
deviadit takes the audio from /dev/dsp12:33
deviadI tried with padsp xvidcap and with aoss xvidcap12:33
kulightany one managed to install the ppa 195 nvidia drivers?12:34
deviadbut I had no luck with those too12:34
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=== Timo_ is now known as T|Timo_
=== T|Timo_ is now known as T|Timo
deviadkulight, I was willing to, but I can't find a guide I had where it was explained how to create a deb package out of those drivers12:34
XfactOpenoffice is batter or Koffice?12:34
=== T|Timo is now known as T|Timo_
deviadanyhow, you need to download your current kernel's sources12:35
deviadand also another thing I can't recall right now, where there are the headers... I guess kernel headers12:35
kulightthere is a ppa with the driivers but the package wont install12:35
deviadA long time ago you needed to download kernel-sources and something like kernel-headers12:35
XfactOpenoffice is batter or Koffice suit (KDE)?12:36
deviadthen you had to run a few dpkg commands to create the deb package out of the nvidia installer12:36
deviadyou had to extract the contents of the installer to do this12:36
deviadthen you just typed those commands which created a module to add to the kernel12:36
deviadthis way whenever you wanted to undo what you did you just had to type apt-get remove name of the package12:37
kulighti know this things but its not relevant to my current problem12:37
kulighti get the error code i get12:37
deviadOK, sorry. I can't help you then. I haven't been using Linux for 2 - 3 years12:37
MyrttiXfact: up to your own preferences12:37
deviadIt's everything I recall12:38
c3lI need help getting ventrilo (2.1.4) to run properly. i can get it to run through wine, but not more...12:38
jadakrendeviad, who are you talking to ?12:38
deviadto kulight12:38
lilyshuhiredgoon, can i install gnome 2.28 on hardy?12:39
kulightdeviad ty any way12:39
jadakrendeviad, is good to prefix msgs with names for others.12:39
jadakrenkulight, you don't need ppa for nvidia drivers btw12:39
bazhangkulight, which ppa? how did you add the repo, and what version of ubuntu are you on12:39
deviadback to my problem, how can I solve this issue where basically I just hear something like scratches... I installed the aoss package but didn't help to solve the issue...12:40
deviadI'm talking about xvidcap12:40
kulightbazhang im on karmic 64 bit12:40
jadakrendeviad, can you mention sound card make and model, ubuntu version also .12:40
kulighti know i dont have to but i wanted to try the new drivers12:40
deviadI'm using a Macbook pro 4.1, karmic koala12:40
kulightdpkg-divert: `diversion of /usr/lib/libGL.so.1 to /usr/lib/nvidia/libGL.so.1.xlibmesa by nvidia-glx-195' clashes with `diversion of /usr/lib/libGL.so.1 to /usr/lib/nvidia/libGL.so.1.xlibmesa by nvidia-glx-185'12:41
kulightdpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/nvidia-glx-195_195.30-0ubuntu1~karmic~nvidiavdpauppa4_amd64.deb (--unpack):12:41
deviadI can hear the sound from sound recorder using my integrated mic12:41
lilyshuhiredgoon, can i install gnome 2.28 on ubuntu hardy?12:41
Xfactok I seen that for later versions of Ubuntu PPA providing many later versions of software...soif I add PPA link for later version of Ubuntu will it harm my system for version missmatch? (Like for Ubuntu 8.04,PPA of Ubuntu 9.04)12:41
bazhangkulight, please pastebin any errors and tell me exactly how you added the ppa12:41
ameliusX is behaving as if Ctrl were held down; at first I reckoned I must've triggered some accessibility feature, but that would presumably time out after a few minutes at most, and nothing's changing; any pointers? plain 8.04.whateverthecurrentrevisionnumberisimtoolazytocheck12:41
lilyshuhiredgoon, sorry i forget to untick nick completion :-)12:42
bazhangXfact, you dont want to mix versions.12:42
jadakrenXfact, it may or may not harm your system , but the software definitly can't be garunteed to work...12:42
XfactI am trying to discover something new and batter but not as the rule... :)12:43
kulightbazhang sorry for the spam i think i added the repository via apt line (the gui way)12:43
jadakrenkulight, where do you see information that nvidia 1.95 has a ppa ?12:43
kulightjadakren https://launchpad.net/~nvidia-vdpau/+archive/ppa12:44
jadakrenkulight, http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html (i only see 190.53 ... no 195 )12:44
jadakrenkulight, i don;t think that is a driver ppa12:44
deviadI see lots of improvements though in this Ubuntu... I'm beginning to think about installing it on my desktop: q9550, 4 GB ram, 1 TB HD and gtx 295... sounds fun. :D12:44
kulightjadakren it not a matter of thinking...12:45
bazhangkulight, that is for mplayer12:46
jadakrenkulight, why does the offical nvidia page only have 190.53 then ?12:46
kulightjadakren how should i know12:46
bazhangkulight, those are not nvidia drivers12:47
jadakrenkulight, ah i see now.. beta drivers12:47
jadakrenbazhang, http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=d686347b359ba2a6d16afe0066845c21&t=12260612:47
bqfis there any reason for NOT using "do-release-upgrade -m desktop" for a 9.04->9.10 upgrade on a desktop system? (this is a very old computer, using the regular GUI for the upgrade slows it down by a few hours)12:47
kulight                nvidia-graphics-drivers-19512:47
jeffjeffdejeffcan't remember the name of who was helping me earlier, but i'm up and running again - so thank you!12:48
jadakrenkulight, offical unix driver page only shows stable releases (so beta drivers are'nt listed)12:48
jeffjeffdejeffnow to sort out this bloody windows :(12:48
bazhangah I see now12:48
jadakrenjeffjeffdejeff, good stuff.12:48
jadakrenbazhang, doesn;t help that the offical page doesn't mention they don't list beta drivers (or where to get them )12:49
Xfactand the result is out: it saying 'Dependency is not satisfiable' :(12:49
zirodaybqf: nope12:49
jadakrenXfact, expected (and working as intended) don't mix repo version12:49
Xfactanybody can tell me what is 'repo version'?12:50
Xfactor i will search at google12:50
jadakrenXfact, i mean do not mix repositories meant for different versions of ubuntu12:50
bqfziroday: ok, thanks. i already tried googling for possible downsides and couldn't find any, just wanted to make sure there wasn't something i was missing.12:50
ashley__hey guys, im having some trouble installing wine12:51
bazhangXfact, repository is repo; 9.04 should be used only with 9.04 repos12:51
ashley__or rather, installing ies4linux12:51
=== fengor is now known as fen[aautobahn]
jadakrenXfact, not unless the developer for the repositories has mentioned that the repository is for all versions (meaning the software is designed to work on all versions )12:51
matiphp de12:51
jadakrenashley__, have you tried using winetricks ?12:51
Xfactthanks , no I am feeling a little bit experienced in linux...12:52
ashley__i haven't, i'll try it and see if it helps jadakren12:52
ashley__i'm getting "corrupted file: ie55sp2_9x.zip" when trying to install ies4linux12:52
jadakrenashley__, http://wiki.winehq.org/winetricks12:52
alabd_humble use this guide http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=91370 to share internet , what should humble do without ipmasq app ? any opinion ?12:53
bazhangmati, ??12:53
anakinz_11Napoleon__B: word up nigga12:53
llutz!ics | alabd_12:53
ubottualabd_: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php12:53
jadakrenashley__, (i haven't bothered installing internet exploerer (i find i get more reliable test results by using windows in a virtual machine))12:53
bazhanganakinz_11, watch the language here. that is not appropriate12:53
alabd_llutz: yeah hve seen it12:54
jadakrenashley__, this page might also be useful for your investigations : http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=2512:54
ashley__jadakren, i'm just trying to install it so i can use Microsoft Reader in wine12:54
jadakrenashley__, are the ebooks only able to be read by that software ?12:55
ashley__jadakren, yes they are .lit files12:56
anakinz_11bazhang, I thought it was private when I typed : after the name.. :)12:56
jadakrenashley__, actually i think there is either a convetor or a reader for lit files in linux12:56
ashley__jadakren, oh ok. i will have a look12:56
jadakren!info convlit | ashley__12:58
ubottuashley__: convlit (source: convlit): convert Microsoft Reader .LIT files to HTML. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.8-1 (karmic), package size 46 kB, installed size 148 kB12:58
jadakrenashley__, apparently open-office can open them too (means you can then save as a pdf )12:58
ashley__jadakren, ah ok, thankyou. i will have a look at using open office if winetricks doesn't help install IE12:59
_raven_has anyone experience in building linux-performance-clusters?12:59
jadakrenashley__, i imagine there is something unique about the ebooks ( not just text ) maybe images too ?12:59
ashley__jadakren, yes it has cover images13:00
jadakrenashley__, i recommend the convlit package then (i think it extracts those images ) , you also have this thread as a reference : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=4923213:01
ashley__jadakren, thanks13:02
obaidmy ubuntu 9.10 doesnt sleep when i close lid of laptop (setting properly set to sleep when lid is closed)13:04
jadakrenobaid, have you looked on the ubuntuforums ( i remember reading several threads about this )13:04
obaidi will go there13:04
jadakrenobaid, also : make sure your swap partition is at least 1.5 - 2 times larger than the amount of  physical ram you have13:06
obaidphysical ram 3 GB and swap is 4 GB13:07
obaidbut it was sleeping good untill in install kvm13:07
jadakrenobaid, ok try this : sudo /etc/init.d/kvm stop13:08
jadakrenobaid, then try sleeping13:08
ashley__i got IE installed and through it installed microsoft reader, but it crashes on startup13:08
jadakrenashley__, have a look at the page for ie 5.5 on winehq13:09
=== jadakren is now known as airtonix
obaiddoesnt sleep13:09
AdministradorTired of niggers?13:10
AdministradorWould you love to kill barack obama13:10
airtonixobaid, ( i personally feel that hibernate or sleep require a swap partition that is twice as large as your physical ram )13:10
mshindo!ops Administrador trolling and being a wanker13:10
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:10
pkkmhow to redirect sound from Firefox to VLC Media Player?13:11
obaidairstrike, it was sleeping well even when loads of application are running13:12
obaidRAM 4, SWAP 3 , in Gbyte13:12
obaidif i press FN+F4 it sleeps13:12
obaidbut closing lid wont make it sleep13:12
airtonixobaid, ok13:13
obaidnow it slept ???13:13
obaidi closed the lid and it slept13:13
airtonixobaid, just to eliminate kvm from the problem try restarting kvm and see if it sleeps13:14
airtonixobaid, sudo /etc/init.d/kvm restart13:14
obaidnot KVM13:15
obaidi started KVM back and closed lid and it slept13:15
al__anyone know how to install   X11R613:15
al__i have it but it have empty files13:15
obaidanyhow, i will search around in google13:15
obaidthanks for suggestions airtonix jadakren13:16
epinkyhappy new year to all :)13:17
al__ anyone know how to install   X11R6?13:17
krdku too13:17
Leugimubuntu ou debian?13:17
deviadIs there any way to remove something like a weird noise that the computer keeps on making?13:17
al__happy new year epinky13:18
lamasJust a question: Why is Ubuntu's slogan "Usable for everyone" "You don't have to be a linux pro" ""It just works"" and then you get to the graphics driver installation...13:18
deviadWhen it plays a system sound this weird background noise disappears, after some seconds it starts again13:18
deviadI dunno what it is...13:18
brapjohnHey if anyone can tell me why the test sound works but no other sound will play, I would be most grateful :D.13:18
deviadit's like a whistle...13:19
deviadany idea?13:20
_raven_who knows how to build a performance-cluster?13:20
arquebusbrapjohn- did you click the sound icon on your toolbar to see if the volume slider is turned up?13:21
brapjohnarquebus- Yes I did :S and everything is turned up and unmuted13:22
llutz_raven_: http://www.linuxhpc.org/13:25
jiraayai dont know the make or the model of my Ethernet card but would like to install a driver for it. the lspci gives the following op - realtek ... device 8119(rev 10). can anyone suggest a driver?13:28
trijntjeHi all, when installing ubuntu-restricted-extra dpkg cannot resolve dl.sourceforge.net, what could cause this?13:30
bazhangtrijntje, that is for the msttcorefonts13:31
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server-specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is 8.04. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/index.html - Use the #ubuntu-server channel for support13:32
trijntjebazhang: yeah i saw that, but everytime I install something dpkg tries to resume installing those fonts and it drives me crazy13:32
bazhangtrijntje, let me see if there is a fix13:32
bazhangjonathan__, did you have an ubuntu support question13:33
Villager3its very early for sleep13:33
trijntjebazhang: I tried google but nothing usefull came up13:33
Villager3hi evergreen13:34
evergrenngood year all13:34
Villager3to u213:34
evergrennhelo villager313:34
Villager3how r u gree n ?13:35
m4rkhi! I seem to have problems playing sound from two apps at the same time. For example, sometimes if I am playing something on youtube from firefox, then rhythmbox can't play sound. And if I load skype, nothing can play sound. How do I fix this?13:36
Villager3egreen u name plz ?13:36
Yanick_m4rk, have you tried using PULSE?13:36
evergrennI do not understand13:37
grawity!ot > Villager313:37
ubottuVillager3, please see my private message13:37
Villager3whats you name dear ?13:37
Villager3i don't know , how i can see private megs ?13:38
Yanick_"My name is {hidden at user request}"13:40
Villager3green where r u ?13:40
Yanick_Villager3, eee.... this is not a cruising bar :)13:40
MorphyNORI need a good mp3 player for ubuntu, NOT amarok or exaile13:41
Villager3hello hajex13:41
Yanick_MorphyNOR, Banshee will be the next official player (hint)13:41
HajexMorphyNOR : VLC is the best for everything as I think13:41
precrackI use Juk and enjoy it :D13:41
m4rkYanick_, I have 9.10 - it said on this page that I don't need Pulse <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype#Troubleshooting%20Skype>13:42
MorphyNORYanick_: okay13:42
bazhanghttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/msttcorefonts/+bug/464422 trijntje this is the bug in question13:42
MorphyNORHajex: I dont like it for music13:42
=== enzotib_ is now known as enzotib
jiraayaHajex: rythembox . syncs with pods too13:42
Yanick_m4rk, did you upgrade from an earlier version?13:42
bazhangtrijntje, I had the same issue during a fresh install of karmic and eventually the servers did not time out, the fix in the bug page is to remove the dns timeout13:43
precrackHey guys I have a usb wireless installed with proper drivers but can't find the interface13:43
trijntjebazhang: thanks for the link, ill try the fix13:43
Hajexjiraaya : ya .. but I dont like  rythembox , may be coz I don't understand it yet :P13:44
m4rkYanick_, an earlier version of what? My 9.10 was upgrade from a fresh install of 9.04. Skype is a fresh install13:44
deviadCan anyone pls tell me why I get this message:13:44
deviadThe following packages have been kept back:13:44
deviad  bind9-host dnsutils libbind9-50 libdns50 libisc50 libisccc50 libisccfg5013:44
deviad  liblwres50 linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic13:44
deviad  sreadahead13:44
FloodBot1deviad: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:44
deviadI have installed propertary drivers for the wifi card and graphic card13:45
dnivraI've been trying to restore my login screen to the default in karmic after changing it using the command "gksudo -u gdm dbus-launch gnome-appearance-properties" and I get the following error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/349851/. Guess it's because of the I/O error, I'm not able to change my login screen. Which file or directory is causing the problem?13:45
=== kb is now known as Guest11734
Yanick_m4rk, I've had this issue with 9.04, and used PULSE then to resolve this issue. Now, I have 9.10 installed from scratch, don't need PULSE and everything works fine. I'm just saying that maybe you need it because your system did have 9.04 before.... I don't know13:46
deviadIf I open synaptics packet manager although I can run the updates... I'm worried to screw the propertary drivers though13:46
deviador that they are not available for the newer kernel... any help?13:46
dnivraI hope somebody can help me out since I've like come 4 times in the past 6 hours at varying intervals hoping that some who wasn't there then is there now.13:47
Yanick_deviad, which proprietary driver(s)?13:47
deviadYanick, nvidia and broadcom13:47
Yanick_deviad, did you install them using the Hardware driver panel or using custom install scripts?13:48
m4rkYanick_, hmmm...OK. I had pulse before and everything was fine, except I couldn't seem to get skype to play sound properly (it was very crackly, or wouldn't play at all)13:48
deviadYanick_, the proposed upgrade is from 2.6.31-14 to 2.6.31-1613:48
deviadI used hardware driver panel13:48
jbeehi. is there a possibility to start a guest session from a shell in a x-session without the applet?13:48
deviaddidn't want to screw up anything so I chosed that method13:48
Yanick_deviad, then no worries13:48
deviadoh, I installed also cryptsetup to encrypt my pendrive13:49
Yanick_deviad, not familiar with it13:49
Hajexmy cam is not working in 9.10 .. I was using easycam for 8.04 but is there any alternative for 9.10?13:49
deviadit uses something embed in the new kernels that allows encryption of pendrives13:49
Yanick_deviad, but unless it is dependant on the kernel, you should not have any problem13:49
m4rkYanick_, thanks for the help. I might try installing pulse again. I have a big project to finish, and I don't really want to have to faff around with a fresh install of 9.10 before then13:49
deviadOK, let's give this a shoot13:49
viilipshi guys, can anyone help me with videocard drivers for my ubuntu 9.10?13:50
Yanick_deviad, you can still reboot with the old kernel if it doesn't work with GRUB13:50
Hajexviilips : ATI ?13:50
Yanick_m4rk, no problem13:50
viilipsno, Intel. im very new to linux, so i'm getting troubles with upadting drivers13:51
viilipsi have intel mobile GMA 4500MHD videocard13:51
mhall119viilips, what's wrong with your Intel drivers?13:52
dnivraalso just thought I'd add; just now I uninstalled the gnome-theme-extra package. and the theme's gone from the theme selection window but it's still my login screen's theme. How is that possible when I've uninstalled everything including the configuration files?13:52
Hajexviilips : sorry I can'r help13:52
Yanick_viilips, you need to go to System > Administration > Software sources and enable restricted packages13:52
viilipsmhall119, reason i want to update drivers is - flash games works very slow on ubuntu I just installed13:52
dnivragnome-themes-more package* not gnome-theme-extra package. sorry.13:53
viilips*that I just installed (sorry my english)13:53
pahappy new year13:53
mhall119viilips, have you rebooted since the install?13:53
pai have a question also : ) can i use a 2.6.32 kernel on ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron?13:53
paor is there possibility that something wont work cause the kernel is too new?13:53
brigwhat is that command that will allow you to download a whole website via the command line again?13:54
viilipsmhall119, I have installed some programs, XChat for example, so I guess when i wrote the password, i got rooted?13:54
dnivrabrig: are you referring to wget?13:54
* iolo indo dá-lhe o primeiro cago do ano....13:54
mhall119pa, yes and yes13:54
Yanick_brig, wget13:54
pamhall119, you mean i can use it, but i will screw up something?13:55
mhall119viilips, what?  no, you should be safe13:55
mhall119pa, it's possible13:55
viilipsYanick_, I just opened "software sources", where do i can enable restricted packages?13:55
mhall119I wouldn't recommend installing a kernel not from the supported repositories13:55
mhall119viilips, enable Universe and Multiverse13:56
viilipsmhall119, sorry, im not following you :o13:56
mhall119viilips, I asked if you had rebooted, not been rooted13:56
mhall119did you restart your computer13:56
Yanick_viilips, on the first tab, check the "proprietary drivers for devices" and "Software restricted by copyright..."13:56
viilipsmhall119, these fields is already checked ..13:57
Yanick_viilips, then, in a terminal, type : "sudo apt-get update" (without quotes)13:57
lumislol, idiot13:58
Yanick_viilips, then open the Hardware Drivers administrator panel and see if there's a driver in there you can use13:58
lumiswrong window :13:58
viilipsYanick_, i cant input my sudo password14:00
viilipswhen im trying to type nothing shows up14:00
Yanick_viilips, you won't see anything, but type it in anyway, then press enter14:00
viilipsand when im pressing the enter key, sudo says incorrect password14:00
viilipsYanick_, ok it worked14:01
XfactIf Ubuntu giving professional computing for free, then why people would but 'Red hat'?14:01
Yanick_viilips, sudo do not show any feedback for security reasons14:01
rampageoberonhello, on running the command "id" and "id mu_user" i get slightly different results (one group id still shows on the first command even though the group is deleted) Please help.14:01
trijntjebazhang: that fix worked, thanks again14:01
erkanI have need help14:01
mhall119Xfact, for support14:02
morpheushi all14:02
erkanwho are a supports?14:02
viilipsYanick_, the hardware drivers window is empty14:02
dnivracan someone help me out with gnome login screen; I uninstalled the theme but it's still applied to the login screen. What is actually wrong?14:02
morpheushow to generate initrd on 9.10?14:02
viilipstheres no drivers i could choose to install14:02
Yanick_viilips, then you may not have a driver for your card (no hardware acceleration)14:02
mhall119erkan, what help do you need?14:02
viilipsYanick_ can i search for the driver somewhere else?14:03
mhall119dnivra, what version of Ubuntu?14:03
morpheushow to generate initrd on 9.10?14:03
dnivramhall119, sorry forgot to mention that. I'm using karmic.14:04
mhall119morpheus, mkinitramfs?14:04
morpheusyes, thanks14:04
mhall119dnivra, Karmic has a new GDM, which handles themes differently14:04
ChogyDandnivra: maybe try the gnome art manager?14:04
mhall119viilips, Intel drivers are usually open sourced and available in the Linux kernel itself14:05
=== m3onh0x84 is now known as vodanh
erkanMy computer is Compaq Presario CQ61-110ED notebook pc and my VideoCard is  Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD. I have Ubuntu 9.10 in my laptop now. But a display for my laptop is black and I have connected a HDMI on the televison. Television work very good. But I want that my display for my laptop work. Where can I download a driver for Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD? I can not still found :(14:05
viilipsmhall119, that means theres no way i can update them?14:05
dnivramhall119, you mean that the gnome login screen themes used in jaunty don't work in karmic right? yeah i learnt that. but this is a gtk2 theme I'm referring to. sorry for not mentioning that.14:06
Yanick_viilips, do you have the intel packages installed ? dpkg -l | grep xserver-xorg-video-intel14:06
mhall119viilips, you can update it, but you probably have the latest available already14:06
viilipsYanick_, do i have to write co