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jmlanyone around?08:33
FreeNomhow to sync changes in a note to ubuntuone?11:18
FreeNom... can't make it work11:18
FreeNomand how to delete a note on server without deleting the same note automatically  locally afterwards?11:20
FreeNomany detailed written help somewhere?11:21
FreeNomthanks in advance :)11:22
dobeyjml: hey. what's up?16:38
IzinucsIs auto sync pre-setup on kubuntu like it is on a fresh install of ubuntu 9.10?16:54
jmldobey, I asked my question on the couch db list23:10
jmlerrr... desktopcouch list, rather23:10
jmlI'm mucking around with desktopcouch again.23:10
jmldobey, mostly, I'm interested in finding a real-world example that uses desktopcouch23:35
verterokjml: hi23:40
jmlverterok, hello23:40
verterokjml: bindwood it's a real world example23:40
jmlverterok, ok. I'll take a look at it.23:40
verterokjml: also evolution contacts sync23:40
verterokjml: but none of those are python :/23:41
jmlverterok, are there no Python examples?23:41
verterokjml: I don't know :(23:42
verterokjml: have to run, bbl23:42
* verterok --> off23:43
jmlverterok, thanks. bye.23:43

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