mrmacpluswell this sucks00:57
mrmacplustrying to get xubuntu installed on a friends satellite00:58
mrmacplusand it doesn't recognize the full scren resolution01:02
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution01:02
mrmacplusthanks for that01:06
mrmacpluseven though I'm not a linux noob01:06
mrmacplusit seems to be a bug with the toshiba satellite l505d01:06
ron_owhy would it be a bug in the Satellite? Can Windows pick it up?01:08
mrmacplusi might try fedora01:08
ron_oconsidering that's what was probablyl on it before.01:08
mrmacplushis windows went to hell01:09
ron_owhat kind of video card is in there?01:09
ron_olook there first.01:09
ron_othe linux kernel does most of the hardware checking.01:09
mrmacpluswouldn't boot in anything but safemnot sure yet01:09
mrmacplusbackspace fail01:10
mrmacplusim gonna try damn small linux01:11
ron_ohwo old is the satellite?01:11
mrmacplusabout a month old01:11
ron_oDSL has a 2.4 kernel.. don't even try.01:11
mrmacplushe's had it for a month and screwed it up already01:12
ron_ofor a newer machine, anything less than a 2.6 won't work.01:12
ron_osounds like a bad computer.01:12
ron_owhy not just bring it back? Could be hardware based.01:12
mrmacplusreinstalled windows 7 using this Tiny7 install disk01:12
mrmacplusit only goes to 1024x76801:12
ron_oany excuse, like installing another OS, might let companies get off the hook for supporting it.01:13
ron_oIMO, Windows sucks to install from scratch. Most machines come with it installed, and that's where their money lies.01:13
mrmacplusi've heard ubuntu 9.04 works01:14
mrmacplusbut that 9.10 doesn't01:14
ron_otry a Sabayon Live CD and see if it works..01:16
ron_oit has kernel 2.6.32.xx01:16
mrmacplustime to waste another cd :)01:16
ron_oSabayon is a Gentoo fork01:16
ron_oit's the kernel that matters here.01:16
mrmacplusno portage please01:17
mrmacplusand I'm running low on cds01:17
ron_onahh, just to see if it's a kernel issue.01:17
ron_owell, for a new computer you could use a thumb drive.01:17
mrmacpluscan't spare a flash drive01:18
mrmacplusright now at least01:18
ron_oI had an intel that needed a very up to date kernel, and Sabayon saved me until the kernel was upgraded.01:18
mrmacplusi know about unetbootin01:18
mrmacpluswhat does Fedora 12 or whatever's the latest have?01:18
ron_othe very lates: linux (
ron_osame as Sabayon's...01:19
mrmacplusso tiny7 doesn't have the wireless drivers either01:19
ron_oGo Live first, then dive. :)01:19
mrmacpluswe might just use his restore disks01:19
mrmacplusdespite the bloatware01:20
ron_ogetting xfce on fedora, is that hard?01:21
mrmacplusi wouldn't think so01:21
mrmacpluswe're not planning on using xfce though01:21
ron_oit supports it. I hear so much about fedora, I'd like to try it.01:21
mrmacplussomething like openbox01:21
ron_oI like fluxbox, but I install xfce and then install fluxbox.. that way there's support from the community without going it alone.01:22
mrmacplusi dislike fluxbox01:23
ron_oI've got a new hard drive, and am not sure how I want to partition it. Should I dual boot with another OS, or just use Virtualization.01:23
ron_oso hard to decide.01:23
ron_odual boot is great, since you might screw up your other OS. However, a liveCD can do as well.01:24
ron_oEven with a core2duo overclocked, virualization takes a huge hit on resources.01:24
mrmacplusso here comes bloatware01:24
mrmacplusWindows 7 restore disks :(01:25
ron_oman, I love windows in a way. There's no OS with so many choices for apps... I hate it because you can't do anything without an application.. sucks sometimes... but I really hate it because it's so darn insecure.01:26
ron_oif they could fix that part I'd go back in a second.01:27
Deviouzhi ron01:27
mrmacplusoh, it seems as though we can still dual-boot even while using the toshiba restore disks01:27
ron_ohey Deviouz01:27
Deviouzif you will do a dual boot, make sure you install the windows first, otherwice it will kill grub01:27
mrmacplusi know01:27
ron_omrmacplus, don't know your level, but you need to install linux last.01:27
ron_ohehe. :)01:28
mrmacplusi'm not that much of a noob01:28
ron_osame thought....01:28
Deviouzalrighty then:)01:28
mrmacplustwo years ago today I killed this comps MBR01:28
mrmacpluswhile trying to install linux to an external drive01:28
mrmacplusit was Mandriva Linux01:28
mrmacpluswe just need to get linux for him so he can use the net securely01:30
mrmacpluswithout antivirus software taking up resources01:30
ron_ohehe, so true. re: antivirus..01:33
mrmacplusso the recover disks have an option to install to the first patition01:34
mrmacplusso I'm gonna use gparted to get the drive partitioned01:34
mrmacplusyou just gotta love over complicated installs xD01:35
mrmacpluswell the screen res is better now01:36
ron_oin paritioning a harddrive, is there any benefit to having a primary partition over a logical parition?01:39
ron_olike should /boot be on a primary and should /home be on a primary?01:39
mrmacplusnot sure :P01:40
mrmacplusbut xubuntu doesn't appear to recognize the keyboard01:40
mrmacplusso I'm rebooting01:42
mrmacplusthis is more work than it should be01:43
mrmacplusand even then there's no wireless networking01:44
mrmacplusso i'll have to use ndiswrapper01:44
ron_oit doesn't make a difference. A partition is a partition.01:44
mrmacplusi know01:45
mrmacplusbut I have to type gparted :p01:45
ron_oI meant for me... hehe..01:45
ron_otalk about being self involved. :)01:45
mrmacplusthe keyboard works01:48
ron_omrmacplus, you just look like you are enjoying yourself way too much. :)01:48
ron_oand I thought it was worry before.01:48
ron_oyou were actually bragging instead.01:48
mrmacplusand now I'm gonna allocate 30gb to windows01:48
ron_oonly 30GB? that's just for the OS, no?01:49
mrmacplusthen the rest to a files partition and linux01:49
mrmacplus30gb isn't enough for just a windows 7 install?01:50
mrmacplusi've fit it under 20gb01:51
ron_owbat a fricking pig!01:51
ron_oman, that's huge/01:51
ron_ono wonder why Vista didn't work.01:51
mrmacpluswell, here goes :P01:53
ron_oI bet the Windows programmers were following the scrape, patch and tape programming techniques to get it all running.01:53
mrmacplushaha yeah01:53
ron_othat's one thing about the open source community. You can only hide bad programming for so long.01:54
ron_oI mean, Ubuntu can still fit an entire OS in under 700MB..01:54
sugar2kliking xbuntu 9.10 on my CF72 Toughbook01:55
ron_oeven under 4.7GB, some are embarrassed at its size.01:55
ron_osugar2k, got a new HD and am going to upgrade soon.01:55
sugar2kcool ! new HD space is good...01:56
ron_ohowever, it's mostly to consolidate some older HDs and also I have some with some screwed up OSs... I have to gather the data off them and retire it.01:57
ron_oplus, my other HDs will be for just backup...01:57
sugar2kyeah, i run ubuntu 9.10, kubuntu 8.04 and openSUSE 11.2 & Xbuntu - too many distros ;)01:57
ron_owow, yah.. confusing..01:58
sugar2ki do wish xbuntu had better menu editing01:58
ron_oI go with xubuntu and stick with fluxbox as my main.01:58
ron_oI know.. it has nothing for menu editing.01:58
sugar2ki like openbox, Crunchbang on the Dell Mini 901:59
ron_ostrangely, fluxbox does.01:59
Sysiisn't there menuconfig in 8.04?01:59
sugar2kmight try fluxbox on xbuntu01:59
ron_oSysi, yah, but not what you think it is...01:59
ron_oit's very, very basic.01:59
Sysiwell, idk, never needed that02:00
ron_oit should be called, menu-config-fantasy.02:00
ron_osugar2k, the thing about fluxbox is that all configs are in text files..02:00
ron_oeasily understood, easily manipluated; well, only after you learn the syntax02:00
sugar2ki worked out a nice Conky file on #!02:01
ron_oyah, Conky.. great.02:01
ron_ofkuxbox, really doesn't have such things as applets and the panel sucks.02:01
Sysiopenbox don't have any useless panel by default02:02
knomegosh, micro machines is way too hard02:02
ron_oI went back to XFCE a while back for 3D desktop... what's it called? Beryl?02:02
ron_oand it was cool for about 10 minutes.02:03
sugar2ki like the light pc, make you learn a bit...02:03
ron_oyah, Beryl and Compiz joined or something.02:03
Sysiand became to compiz fusion02:03
mrmacplusI love openbox02:03
mrmacplusor PekWM02:03
ron_othe problem is, no matter how fast any system is, conservation of resources is always a valid attitude.02:03
ron_oI mean, I've got a core2duo overclocked and sometimes programs kill my CPU (when they go awry)02:04
mrmacplusthis is like a 2.2ghz turion02:05
ron_oit's like, resources are free to take as long as they are there, ya know.02:05
mrmacplusthe one i'm repairing is02:05
mrmacplusmy main comp is a 733mhz G402:05
sugar2ki like Crunchbang cause it's light and dark..02:07
mrmacplusnow it's not automounting these drives02:08
mrmacplusoh well02:08
mrmacplusI'll go with Fedora02:10
Sysifedora is nice, but ubuntu seems to work more often02:11
mrmacplus9.10 doesn't have acpi support with this comp02:11
Sysii don't have 9.10 support02:12
sugar2ki have Chrome and T-Bird 3 running in Xbuntu 9.1002:14
sugar2klater - everyone have a great new Decade !!02:15
ron_oext4 over ext3?02:19
ron_oreally, ext4 was what ext3 was supposed to be, right?02:19
Sysiext4 ♥02:19
Sysiext4 is faster02:19
ron_oext4 is that good?02:19
ron_oshould all partitions be ext4?02:20
Sysiwell, i use that02:20
Sysiswap shouldn't :P02:20
knomegood night guys02:20
knomehave fun02:20
ron_oWindows souldn't either? ;->02:20
Sysior morning02:21
ron_oyou know, I was thinking the difference between Windows and Open Source OS, Linux in this case. And with Windows you are generally held to their standard.. you must use their file system.02:21
ron_othere's so many choices in linux.. like Reiser or XFE (is it?)..02:22
ron_ofor a production machine I would think the filing system would be very important indeed.02:22
ron_oa filesystem*02:22
ron_otoo many beers. :)02:23
Deviouzexuse me but I gotto drop in, ext3 is actually better than ext4 in one sence02:23
Deviouzwith ext 3 you can allways restore data deleted by misstake, in ext4 there is no way to do this02:24
ron_owell, Reiser is better for small files, like on certain web servers... but it's not great for a general use filesystem, IMHO.02:24
ron_oext3 is just ext2 Journalled, yes.02:24
Deviouzext4 is pretty fast though, I hope it will be as good as ext3 some day02:25
ron_oI'm going to go with ext4 with backup of anything important.02:33
ron_othe thing is we need to add perfomance now to any filesystem, because the HDs are getting so darn big and now we have SSDs..02:34
ron_owow, things are getting complicated to say the least. Nothing is easy with computers.02:34
ron_oCan HDs actually get much bigger than 2TB without creating too much heat? I doubt it.02:37
ron_owell, SSDs can, but not the spindle kind.02:38
ron_othat's one reason why I didn't go to 1.5TB and stuck with a 1TB.. I heard so many problems with 1.5TB drives, I was hoping I could avoid disaster.02:38
Balsaqjotta aivan -lta te joka kirjailla ilmaista koodikielellä , kiittää te05:41
Balsaqwelcome to xubutu Moon_Doggy06:28
Balsaqxubuntu i meant06:29
Moon_Doggywhen i started up 2 hours ago my panels were gone and totem and x-chat started by them selfs, but x-chats network list was missing06:29
Balsaqi hate that when that happens06:29
Moon_Doggydo you know why it happens06:31
Balsaqnot a clue06:31
Moon_DoggyANYWAY TO FIX06:32
Moon_Doggybout caps06:32
Balsaqare you on a computer that has xubuntu installed to the hard drive all by itself?06:34
Balsaqi am a non tech Moon_Doggy so i am hoping that one of the Pro's steps in here...i use 9.04 and have never had any issues, so i am not a good one too help06:36
Balsaqare you on 9.10?06:36
mrmacplusI got xubuntu installed on this06:43
mrmacplusbut I can't find out how to edit GRUB or find out which wireless driver to install under ndiswrapper06:44
mrmacpluslspci says this comp has a realtek 817206:46
mrmacplusas wireless06:46
mrmacplusand I can only boot the computer with the boot param scpi=off06:47
mrmacplusany ideas?06:49
crawlerhi.  my VNC server dies at least 3 or 4 times per day, and i have to restart it (using the command: x11vnc -safer -usepw -forever).  is there a log file or some way to diagnose why this is happening?07:10
silarehi all. How do I import Albatross's window border theme to GNOME?10:54
silareOr is there an import out there? I can't find one.10:54
Ov3rf10wif you using ubuntu go to #ubuntu10:55
silareI'm on Xubuntu right now. I have a friend asking if there's a way to make a port.11:08
=== hhlp_ is now known as hhlp
Skinkiehi all, is it possible to directly upgrade from 8.10 to 9.10?16:48
Skinkiei have installed 8.04, and it forced me to do 8.10... but i rather want to avoid 9.0416:48
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading16:56
likemindead(Sorry... I've always gone for fresh installs...)16:56
Sysi/msg ubottu upgrade16:57
Sysior /msg ubottu upgrade | <nick>16:58
Skinkiei'm going to try the .iso upgrade using the cdrom upgrade feature16:58
halHappy New Year!19:12
ron_owhen you format a HD in ext4 (this time), why is 2-3% of each partition used?19:24
ron_oand, yah, Happy New Year...19:24
ron_onevermind. Ext4 uses space for the journal..19:28
ron_odidn't know it would be that much.19:28
ron_oI was figuring like 50MB of so..19:28
ron_ofrom wikipedia: Some file systems allow the journal to grow, shrink and be re-allocated just as would a regular file; most, however, put the journal in a contiguous area or a special hidden file that is guaranteed not to move or change size while the file system is mounted.19:31
ron_oobviously, a static journal is safest. Perhaps too, less chance of fragmentation.19:32
pdg1I've got a really basic question. I went from Ubuntu to xubuntu. I've got two HDD's. an 8GB and a 250GB. I used the install wizard and selected the full space of the 8GB HDD... but I can't remember how to remount the 250GB. I've been searching for a while now and I'm starting to feel really dumb20:30
djura-sanmount -t your_fs(ext2,3,4...) /disk /mount_point20:34
djura-sanlike: "mount -t ext3 /dev/sda4 /media/disk"20:34
pdg1what if i can't find it in media20:35
djura-sancreate mount point wherever you want20:36
Deviouzif you want it mounted on startup, then you must edit fstab20:37
Deviouzotehrwice you must do it every time you boot20:37
Deviouzput this in your /etc/fstab file "/dev/sda2       /media/media     ext3    defaults        0       2"20:37
Deviouzwithout the quotes20:38
pdg1frriiick... I hate being stupid20:38
pdg1alright.. thanks :D20:38
pdg1oh... how do i find out what filesystems i have to mount?20:39
pdg1isn't it like... mount fs ls20:39
pdg1or somehting20:39
Deviouzwhat fs do you have on that disk?20:39
Deviouzdid you format the disc in linux?20:40
Deviouzor windows?20:40
pdg1you like.. what format is it in?20:40
pdg1it's ext320:40
Deviouzthen you just put that as I said and reboot the computer20:40
Deviouzno need to do anything more20:40
pdg1okay. but i mean... how do i find out if it's sda1.. sda220:41
Deviouzsda1 is allways the system20:41
Deviouzand any other will be sda2, sda3 and so on20:41
pdg1so it must be sda2 because i have no other drives20:42
DeviouzI see20:43
Deviouzyou can type "df" in the terminal20:43
Deviouzthen you get a list of all avalible HDD's20:43
pdg1oh, that's what the other guy said :P20:44
Deviouzoh, yes he did:)20:44
Deviouzyou see the disk pdg1?20:48
Deviouzif not you can try df -a20:49
pdg1hmm I'll paste what i see20:52
Deviouzhm, do you have the other hdd on a controller?20:54
pdg1i sure as snot hope i didn't accidentally reformat that HDD in my drunken new years stupor20:54
DeviouzI not see your other hdd in there20:54
Deviouzopen terminal and type "df -a" and paste again20:55
pdg1it was like... 3:00 and i got the great idea to isntall Xubuntu :P20:55
Deviouzanyway you seem to have installed xubuntu on the right one:)20:56
pdg1yeah.. I'm not overly concerned20:56
pdg1 be working... and I don't think i could fry my hard drive :P20:57
Deviouz:) lets hope that20:57
Deviouzstill dont see it20:58
pdg1that's kind of funky...20:59
Deviouzmaybe you installed it wrong?20:59
pdg1the Hard drive or linux?20:59
Deviouzhow did you install int in the box?20:59
pdg1well it's been sitting there since the last OS i had on there20:59
pdg1and Ubuntu picked it up okey20:59
Deviouzwhat kind is it?21:00
pdg1um. Maxtor i think21:00
Deviouzis it the older type with a flat cable or a thin cable?21:00
pdg1yeah... older :P21:00
pdg1maybe a reboot would resolve?21:01
Deviouzdo you know how to a ide disk depending if master or slave?21:01
Deviouzif you have it on the far end of the cable, you should put it as master right?21:01
Deviouzin middle ,slave21:02
pdg1the 8GB is set to master... none of them are on cable select21:02
Deviouzthats wierd?21:02
Deviouzhey, do this21:02
Deviouzinstall gparted and have a look at it21:03
pdg1good idea :P21:03
Deviouz"sudo apt-get install gparted"21:03
Deviouzyou have a better suggestion?21:03
Deviouzthat kinda dangerous for a noob dont you think?21:04
balvonasto see something without changing?21:04
balvonasof course it's safe21:05
pdg1yeah... I also let my kid play with matches so he knows that fire is dangerous :P21:06
pdg1just joshin' I don't really have a kid21:09
pdg1which is probably a good thing21:09
balvonasand that kind of supporters giving advices in official Xubuntu channel:D oh my god21:09
DeviouzIm just trying to help balvonas, whats your problem?:O21:10
Deviouzand why do you think that cfdisk is any better than gparted??21:10
Deviouzgparted is probably THE BEST program to handle partitions ever created!21:11
Deviouzbut hey if you still want to belong to the stoneage go ahead21:11
Deviouzbesides, its much easyer to handle a partition within a gui21:12
Deviouzspecially when you dont know how to write commands21:13
Deviouzubuntu xubuntu is supposed to be easy, then give easy support!21:14
Deviouzhows it going pdg1?21:18
Deviouzit still not show up?21:20
pdg1my computer sucks21:20
pdg1it's just slow21:20
Deviouzsorry to hear,21:20
pdg1hopefully I'm going to be giving it some more RAM and retiring it as a NAS21:21
pdg1then upgrading to a new crappy computer :D21:21
pdg1cheap/free computers FTW21:21
Deviouzmaybe you can try fluxbox, that will speed it up even more than xfce21:22
pdg1you mean like DSL?21:23
pdg1yuck :P21:23
Deviouzno that is a desktop, like gnome21:23
pdg1yeah... but DSL uses flux and icewm out of box21:24
pdg1right :P21:24
Deviouzoh yea you mean damn small linux21:24
Deviouzyep its butt ugly but fast:)21:26
=== Pupuser402-2 is now known as PDG1
PDG1so.. funny thing Deviouz. I found it. cool. but I've got sda1 and sda2 as well as sda5 which is a swap21:39
PDG1I'm not sure... but I think that means i did something wrong when i formated the drive21:40
bboyxAny help for installing  and using applications. Installed google earth via package manager but can not find or open?/21:46
PDG1that's odd21:50
Deviouz<bboyx> maybe it could help if you type googleearth in terminal?22:13
ron_oDeviouz, you didn't ask him quick enough. :/22:23
ron_oI'm going to install Xubuntu 9.10 on a new HD on my system, while keeping my old hard drive intact. I'm just going to install and then change the boot order in my BIOS. Are there any issues with doing something like this?22:24
ron_oI don't think there should be.22:24
ron_oI did this before years ago, and for some reason (maybe coincidence) the file system got hosed on my other hard drive.22:25
Deviouzoh, sorry, Im cahtting in several channels here22:25
Deviouzyou will still have the old OS on the old HDD?22:26
ron_oI've tried to avoid that, if it could even happen, by using gparted to do all my HD partitioning and file system creation.22:26
ron_ostill have it on the old HD.22:26
Deviouzand what is that? windows?22:27
ron_ono, xubuntu 9.04..22:27
ron_oI'm using old HDs as backups and/or storage...22:27
DeviouzI recommend removing that disk, otherwice it will be confused about wich one to start, if you are having grub on both22:27
ron_oeventually, I'll be deleting everything on old HDs and having everything on this one.22:27
ron_obut if I change things in my bios, grub won't have a chance of getting confused.22:28
=== Pupuser402-2 is now known as PDG1
Deviouzgrub is still the starter for your two disks,22:29
ron_oremoving it won't be a big deal.22:29
ron_oI'll do that.22:29
Deviouzyes just disconnect it if you are not using it, then you are on the safe side22:29
ron_obut when I use it in the future to copy my /home directory, won't that cause any issues?22:29
Deviouzyou will have the system on this new disk and home on the old?22:30
Deviouzim not sure I understand your setup here22:30
PDG1i'm still confused. xubuntu ran super before i made the switch to 9.10 why is it eating my computer alive?22:31
ron_olet me explain. I have a few disks I'm running with this system I am on now (9.04). I bought a new HD, which I want to install 9.10 on, from a clean install...22:31
ron_oI want to use my new HD, the 1TB drive and use my old Hard Drives as backups...22:32
ron_oPDG1, run htop and see what's eating up your resources, to start.22:32
Deviouzand you will also use that old system disk as backup?22:33
PDG1WAH only 5000k free in memory22:33
ron_oDeviouz, well, no... the old system will be erased, eventually, and I'll be using the old hard drives as backup..22:33
ron_oPDG1, what's eating up all your memory? Click on MEM at the top and it will show you which app is killing your system.22:34
Deviouzyou still have things on it you want to save?22:34
DeviouzI see22:34
Deviouzwell, it will be really messy with two grubs starting two disks same time,22:35
ron_oPDG1, I hate to say it but I have many apps, usually my web browsers that kill my computers resources and I have to restart them to get things back to normal.22:35
Deviouzmaybe you can delete grub from the old disk22:35
Deviouzthen it wont interfere22:35
Deviouzand you still have the stuff for later22:35
ron_obrowsers are really complicated apps..22:35
ron_oDeviouz, great idea... just make a backup...22:36
ron_oI'll backup grub and rename it... that way the MBR won't be looking for it.22:36
ron_ojust to be on the safe side, I'll disconnect it.. what's the harm.22:37
Deviouzyes I dont see any problem copying data to or from it as you asked22:37
Deviouzyou can just delete grub from the old one22:38
Deviouzits easy to install again if you need it22:38
DeviouzI like to do it with a windows sytem diskette:P22:38
Deviouzthat will erase any trace of grub:)22:39
Deviouzfdisk / mbr22:39
ron_owindows suks... at least there's some use for it. :)22:39
Deviouzyes I know but taht diskette can come in handy sometime22:39
Deviouzthe ultimate bootcd is nice too22:40
ron_oyah, that reminds me. Just tried to use an old maxtor diskette to check out drives. Unfortunately, it only recognizes IDE drives. And I thought I had one over on them. :)22:40
Deviouzwell, good luck:)22:41
ron_oyah, I have bootcd too.. it is good, but on me system, I need a very late kernel.22:41
ron_othanks Deviouz... will be getting to it shortly.22:41
ron_oI'm excited about a clean install with 9.10, the new hard drive (yah!) and getting things in order around here. (got a few disks with bad OSs/Filesystems with important stuff on them)..22:42
ron_oam using ext4 too. :P22:43
ron_ofor everything. Hope it works out well.22:43
ron_ohehe: Bloomberg mentions ubuntu as an alternate to Windows: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601039&sid=aZ.Y_dCigYME22:46

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