lloowenHello all. I'm having problems getting the wifi on my acer extensa 5220 to connect to the internet. When I go to the network configuration GUI I can see that the wifi is working as it sees available networks. However the security settings used by my wireless router is 'wpa-psk' an option not available on the network configuration GUI. Please does anyone know how I can configure my wifi? I'm currently using another OS so as to be able to u00:27
BluesKajlloowen, I have an extensa as well, and i use wpa2 on wicd network manager00:29
BluesKaj!wicd | lloowen00:30
BluesKaj!info wicd00:30
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.1-3ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 415 kB, installed size 2464 kB00:30
lloowenBluesKaj: what do you mean '!info wicd'?00:34
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BluesKajexactly what it says , lloowen , download wicd and install, it will work. Make sure you remove network-manager before trying to use wicd .00:37
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ilumiwhats the fix for encoding h264 with aac?00:47
The_shark_001does anyone use sleep mode?01:07
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ErtainHello everyone.  Might someone point me in the direction of the chatroom for discussing nVidia cards?01:25
yofelErtain: if it's kubuntu specific here, if you use the driver from the nvidia site #nvidia, if others: state the issue01:26
Ertainok yofel01:26
coreyByo Daughain  any idea how to run nautilus as root?01:27
yofelcoreyB: a) why would you want to do that, b) sudo nautilus from konsole should work01:30
coreyBim tryin to install apache01:30
coreyBand im on the last instruction and it says ' PREFIX/bin/apachectl start' and i installed apache in /usr/local/apache201:30
coreyBok yofel  got it started :)01:31
DaughainSorry, coreyB , Trying to learn perl scripting. =)01:32
DaughainAMong other things.. =)01:32
coreyByofel,  now how do i edit files in /usr/local/bin?01:32
carpiiin kde theres a system settings app where you can say files should be double clicked, rather than single clicked.01:33
DaughainOpen em in kwrite or gedit?01:33
carpiihow can i run this from cmdline?01:33
coreyBah good idea Daughain01:33
DaughaincoreyB:  I;ve been editing enough things recently. =)01:34
DaughaincoreyB:   Is your install kubuntu, or ubuntu anyway?01:35
coreyBi like using ubuntu commands :P01:35
DaughaincoreyB:  I'm just not sure if gedit is in kubuntu.01:35
coreyBapt-get install gedit01:35
carpiianyone?  plz help :(01:35
Daughaincarpii:  No clue how to run it from command line.01:36
carpiiim running a kde app on mac, but of course ive no kde start menu01:37
carpiiyet i need to tweak some kde settings01:37
carpiiwhich is why im stuck01:37
yofelcarpii: run 'systemsettings'01:37
DaughainStick around and men=bbe someone whoknows more than me has an answer.01:38
carpiii tried that, but i think thats kde 4 only.01:38
carpiiand i think my crap is kde 3.5x01:38
yofeloh, no idea then01:38
* carpii weeps loudly01:38
carpiiok thx01:38
jacob_anyone wanna tell me why the hell my speakers aren't working01:39
carpiiare you sure your ears are working?01:39
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* Daughain chuckles.01:39
DaughainTurn up the volume?01:40
Derath-Srvrjacob: check PCM level?01:41
carpiiok it seems on kde 3.5 the app i needed was kcontrol :)01:41
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tim_my screen keeps blanking with the screensaver off and the power settings set to not blank. what's going on?01:44
Fanfaretim_: check also settings in powerdevil applet.01:45
tim_Fanfare: where can i find the powerdevil applet?01:47
tim_Fanfare: i see a "let powerdevil manage screen powersaving" in the power management, but not settings for powerdevil, can I just turn this setting off and call it good?01:55
Fanfaretim_: try to disable powerdevil if u dont use it anyways...01:59
tim_Fanfare: I guess I don't, I'll try it now. It will be a while to see if it works. Thanks.02:00
JCDGhellos friends02:03
Fanfarehi JCDG02:05
JCDGHi Fanfare , I've got an issue with my start menu, I don't have an option to shutdown the machine, only, to hibernate, suspend, and change sessions...02:06
rstob911JCDG: are you using the live cd02:10
FanfareJCDG: systemsettings > Advanced > loginmanager  there is a tab u can tell who is allowed to shutdown aso.02:11
JCDGrstob911, no I'm using the kububntu desktop, installed on ubuntu..., ok Fanfare I'll checkit02:13
FanfareJCDG: are u loging in with gdm or kdm?02:14
JCDGFanfare, with gdm, and in that tab you mentioned, it says that everyone can shutdown the machine...02:15
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spacitymedicquick question... anyone able to tell me what is making my mic not work?02:29
ilumiwhats the fix for encoding h264 with aac?02:32
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Oxymisdoes the cim8738 chipset work with linux?02:44
Oxymisfor audio?02:45
FanfareJCDG: that could be the reason! try switch to kdm.02:53
DaughainWHat package(s) do I need to compile C in ubuntu?02:55
DaughainGonna be one of those days.03:03
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alexandernstJust wondering what happened with 4.4 RC1. Anyone?03:18
alexandernst(according to Release Plans, is had to be out 2 days ago)03:18
ScuniziHow do I restart the LPR system?03:20
Scunizior is it LPRNG03:21
ilumiwhats the fix for encoding h264 with aac?03:34
ilumiDaughain: build-essential03:39
Daughainilumi:  Thanks, there an interface for it, or commandline only?03:39
ilumiDaughain: if you want an IDE get eclipse, but you still need the other package03:40
Daughainilumi: IDE?03:40
ilumiDaughain:  Integrated development environment03:41
Daughainilumi:  OK, I dont know anything about coding, just trying to get an add-on for xchat compiled.......So, what is the best way for someone like me to acheive this.03:42
ilumiDaughain: to compile get the build-essential,03:43
DaughainOK, I did that. how do I use it?03:44
ilumiDaughain: and read what you need to compile in the readme file03:44
ilumiusually just make to build and make install to install03:44
DaughainOK,  did that. Not sure what I am supposed to do with the command line. Use it in term and cd to the dir the file is in?03:45
ilumiyeah cd to the dir where the files are03:45
ilumithen make,03:45
ilumithere should ber a readme to tell you what you need and how to do it03:46
DaughainThe readme does *not* appear to be written for newbs like me. Every time I have tried the command it gives me, I get a list of errors, and no compiled anything.03:47
ilumibecause you need to install additional packages before you can build03:47
DaughainHere's the command I was given;  gcc -Wall -O1 -shared oper.c -o oper.so03:47
DaughainMebbe you can tell me what else I need to compile it?03:47
ilumithe list of reuqired packages (libs) should be there03:48
DaughainNope.......All it says is that it wil compile and run in 'linux'.03:48
DaughainOnly reqs given are for xchat 2.x or newer. =(03:49
ilumipost hte readme to pastebin03:49
ScuniziIs there a different sane front end for kde besides xsane?03:52
ilumiDaughain: this is the command you need to run03:54
ilumigcc -Wall -O1 -shared oper.c -o oper.so03:54
ilumiDaughain: from the directory where the files are03:54
DaughainYup.  And when I run it I geta collection of errors, and no compile.03:55
DaughainGimme a min......03:55
ilumiDaughain: well all i can tell you is to try what is says, to recompile using the -fPIC option04:04
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DaughainUmmmm......Did I mnetion how much of a newb I am??  Where do I put those modifiers?04:05
ilumiDaughain: try gcc -fPIC -Wall -O1 -shared oper.c -o oper.so04:06
DaughainOk. =)04:07
pyklerI upgraded to kde4.4 and i lost the desktop swwitcher, i had to manually ad plasma widgets that the thing said wer running but i couldnt see them and the sys tray doesnt show all the apps, and turning off autohide doesnt help04:07
DaughainI dont understand why it gives those undefineds, though, I checked the orig, and they are both defined, granted, as variables...04:08
DaughainOK, if compiled, it should be in the same folder, riught?04:08
ilumiDaughain: yeah04:08
DaughainCool. =) That time it worked. =)04:08
DaughainThanks, I spent an hour or more messing with it and getting nowhere.04:09
DaughainNOw to see if it fails to load like everything else has. =)04:09
DaughainOK......That worked....Woohoo....04:11
ilumiwhat plugin is it?04:11
DaughainThe opnly thing that loads is in C.04:11
DaughainAn Operplugin04:12
ilumii like xchat,04:12
DaughainNone of the damn perl script I found would load.04:12
ilumiquassel kinda sucks04:12
DaughainI'm moving from mirc......And, I;ve been scropting that for years, so, stock clients are of no use to me...04:12
DaughainSo need to learn perl or python or something...04:13
DaughainBut, I cant even find a loadable script to see how it works yet.04:13
DaughainHalf the shit on xchat.org are dead links.04:13
ilumiyeah, i guess the wizards use something else04:14
ilumiprobably some command line irc clients04:14
* Daughain shakes his head..04:14
DaughainI have no clue....04:14
DaughainI can learn it if I have something to tinker with, but, until I find my example, I'm stuck.04:15
* Daughain is a mechanic by trade.04:15
ilumiexamples of what?04:16
Daughainperl or python scripting.04:16
DaughainTrying to code in C is beyond me.04:16
ilumithere is a good tutorial on reddit, look up carlh04:16
ilumibut it's a lot of learning04:17
DaughainThat will just bore me, and I wont learn......A bunch of scripts that I can dig through and edit and see what they do, that way I learn.04:17
ilumiyou can just google for scripts04:18
jacob_Daughain: Say little Johnny wanted to go on a mission04:23
jacob_Daughain: Say little Johnnies mission was to do this04:24
jacob_Make the KDE an EXACT replica of GNOME04:24
nixternalDaughain: if you can, a good book is "Python for Unix and Linux System Administration"04:27
nixternalI even think there is a website, probably O'reilly since it is their book, that has the scripts and what not to tinker with04:27
nixternalalso check out Dive Into Python, it is a PDF and a good bit of info04:27
DaughainWhat is the differewnce tween perl and python?04:28
nixternala lot :)  python is a bit more high level which is easier to learn that perl...04:29
nixternalif you have the patience and a high pain tolerance, go for perl...python is seriously really easy to learn, and you could be darn near an expert in a week with it, perl on the other hand is like drinking a gallon of moonshine and then trying to configure emacs perfectly04:30
* Daughain nods..04:30
DaughainWhich is closer to this: http://pastebin.ca/63619804:33
DaughainThats not minem but an example of what I am used to writing.04:34
nixternalis that what I think it is? an antique mIRC script?04:36
ilumii think c might be easier lol04:36
Daughainnixternal:  :P YTes, it is.04:36
nixternalmIRC scripts are close to shell scripts actually04:36
DaughainWHats a shell script?04:36
nixternalbash scripts, shell scripts...all the same....scripting you would do in your terminal with a bunch of shell commands04:37
* Daughain is a mechanic.04:37
DaughainCars, semis and hi perf.04:38
nixternalhttp://www.freeos.com/guides/lsst/  <- good shell guide including scripting04:38
DaughainOK, lets try it this way. I dont evenknow enough to know what questions I should be asking in the first place hgere.04:39
nixternalthat's why you are here :)  obviously you know enough to get yourself started04:39
DaughainI learned mirc scripting over the years by doing it,.04:39
Daughainnixternal: Actually, I dont, or I wouldnt be so fruystrated here....I dont know how or what to ask.04:39
nixternalright, and that is pretty much the same way you can learning shell scripting which is great for tinkering with your Linux box, python scripting, perl scripting, and so on04:40
nixternalyou have to be patient, or yes, you will get frustrated easily04:40
nixternalwhat exactly are you trying to do?04:40
Daughainnixternal: Actually, I dont, or I wouldnt be so fruystrated here....I dont know how or what to ask.?04:40
DaughainDammit, I hate that button.04:40
nixternalwas going to say, that looked a bit familiar04:41
* Daughain grins.04:41
DaughainThat and csps lock, neeed to remove both those buttons... =)04:41
DaughainOK, I do mirc scriopting, what languyage is closest to that?04:42
JCDGhello Daughain04:42
DaughainHeya, JCDG04:42
nixternalshell scripting looks fairly similar, but mIRC scripting is just for mIRC, shell scripting you would do in the Linux shell.... all it is, is taking a bunch of linux command line command, stringing them together, for whatever outcome you wnat04:43
JCDGHow's everything Daughain? I come back with a new issue lol04:43
DaughainLOL, dont we all?? =-)04:43
JCDG I've got an issue with my start menu Daughain , I don't have an option to shutdown the machine, only, to hibernate, suspend, and change sessio04:45
Daughainnixternal:  You mentioned earlier that python is a high level language, as opposed to perl being low level, mirc scripting (while being exclusive to mirc) is written like a high level language. Is python similar to it?04:45
DaughainJCDG:  As far as I know, in kde environ, there is no shutdown opition, unbkless you write an edit for one. And, if ya do, please let me have a copy., =)04:45
nixternalsimilar in easyness, yes...similar in functionality maybe a tad bit, but very different with syntax04:46
JCDGDaughain, so I can never shutdown my machine???...isn't that weird???...04:46
ilumiwhat? kde doesnt have shutdown?04:47
DaughainNo, logout then choose shutdown from the power button icon on the bottom right of the screen.04:47
nixternalilumi: alt+f2 then type shutdown :)04:47
nixternalor it is in the menu04:47
ilumii have it in the munu04:47
DaughainNo shutdown in the menu. =(04:47
DaughainYou using kubuntu, ilumi?04:47
nixternalit should be under Leave in the menu04:47
nixternalthe bottom button04:48
ilumik leave shutdown04:48
nixternalOK, I have to go out and make one more pass at this snow...when will it stop snowing in Chicago!!!04:48
DaughainNot all of us are using kubuntu. I'm sing ubuntu with kde installed afterwards.04:48
Daughainnixternal:  Send some down here, I wanna see these people in the snow. =)04:48
ilumiah, prob something messed up04:48
JCDGYeah It should be there...is it a desing flaw in Kde??? or is a "feautere"?04:49
DaughainDunno.....I do know that I'm not the only one with this issue. =)04:49
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DaughainI logout and use the power button icon on the bottom right corner of the change user screen to shut down.04:49
JCDGfeature I meant...04:50
DaughainJCDG:  Dunno, may be as ilumi  said, somethng messed up, or a minor bug.04:50
JCDGI found an answer but it is by moidifing the gdm and replacing it with the kdm04:51
DaughainThat makes sense....04:51
JCDGsudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm04:52
JCDGI have to study more about them, so I can understand why this is the fix...04:52
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Daughaingdm would be the gnome desktop manager.04:53
JCDGSo the DM manages even the shutdown option?04:54
DaughainI expect something was incomplete on install, so, kdm doesnt fully implement over gdm...04:54
DaughainIts is an option via the desktop, so yes.04:54
JCDGIn the installation of kubuntu-desktop it asked me if i wanted to use kdm or gdm, but i chose gdm04:55
JCDGI did not know that I was going to have some issues like this one...:(04:56
DaughainThat might be it.....gdm doesnt integrate with kde very well....My guess of course. May very well be a bug.04:56
JCDGSo, should I report it to launchpad?04:57
ilumiwhy not just install kubuntu? unless you feel like messing around04:57
DaughainBecause I already had ubuntu installed?04:57
JCDGUhmmm I should do a backup of my 160GB of information, and then do the installation...04:57
JCDGand, I don't know, I think is better and faster to install the kubuntu desktop..04:58
DaughainAnd, the idea of learning while I grow my system is appealing. :P04:59
JCDGthey should integrate in a veeery good way...04:59
DaughainSome days I hate being in help channels...04:59
JCDGDaughain, why so???...04:59
DaughainI soooooooo wanna scream 'dumb btch' right now...05:00
DaughainJCDG:  I op in a help chan on another server...O got some moron in there right now who doesnt een know what a file extension is.05:00
ilumiJCDG: you dont have to backup, you can reuse home partition05:00
JCDGilumi, how Can I do That?....05:01
JCDGDaughain, just take a deep breath and count to 100000...05:01
ilumiJCDG: when you reinstall just assing /home to the same partition and DO NOT FORMAT05:01
DaughainJCDG:  I have been...05:02
* Daughain grins.05:02
ilumiJCDG: also keep the same file system, but yeah, you should test it, you dont want to loose 100gigs of data05:03
* Daughain did that last week. =)05:04
JCDGilumi, hehehe yeah I should do a backup first...05:04
JCDGDaughain, and what happened???..05:05
DaughainI'm out about 100 movies. =)(05:05
JCDGSheet!!!...That's a lot...05:06
DaughainJCDG: Tell me about it. )05:07
DaughainFor some reASON WHEN i COPIED THEM BACK TO THE hd, they got moved  instead...I thought I still ad them backed up, so I went ahead with another reinstall.05:08
DaughainOops. =)05:08
DaughainAnd some of them were dan ard to find in the first place. =(05:08
JCDGUoops man!!! So sorry!!! like Begotten??? ehehehe...and BTW I can install gnome in Kubuntu like I did with kubuntu desktop on ubuntu?05:09
Planetarysoo my sda is all windows and my sdb is mosly ubuntu it has a boot, / , /home , swap partions on it. when i boot from the ubuntu drive it says no operatings system found, but when i boot from the windows drive i get grub and can boot ubuntu. why is that and is that bad???05:10
DaughainNO, like 'Worlds Fastest Indian',05:10
DaughainAnd a few russian  and asian titles.05:10
DaughainDOnt ask what they were, I dont even have the fonts to spell em, if I remembered them. =)05:11
JCDGPlanetary, the grub could somehow be installed on the windows partition???...05:11
JCDGDaughain, I've never ever heard of that movie...05:12
faileasJCDG: sure. that's what chainloading does05:12
DaughainJCDG:  I could prolly make a list of ones ya havent heard of. =)05:13
PlanetaryJCDG, i have no idea how it got there. i just installed ubuntu. is this going to be a problem? it annoys me I feel that somthing is wrong05:13
ilumiPlanetary: yeah, grub installed on the sda05:14
ilumiPlanetary: doesn't matter as long as it works,05:14
JCDGDaughain, do a list and send it to me...It would be good to see a few of them man...05:15
DaughainHOrror? And do they have to be american?05:16
Planetaryilumi: in terminal it says grub command not found05:16
DaughainJCDG: I have about 4 or 5 regions worth of movies, mostly horror, norror/comedy, and SF.05:17
DaughainJCDG:  So, if subtitles are bad, let me know. =)05:17
JCDGhehe for sure man...05:17
ilumiPlanetary: grub is not a command05:17
JCDGIs there a shortcut on the keyboard to show the hidden files??05:17
ilumiPlanetary: dont worry about it05:18
Planetaryilumi: i mean its not installed05:18
DaughainFor dolphin./05:18
ilumiPlanetary: it's fine, do locate grub05:18
DaughainI forget the one for nautilus.05:18
titan_arkHey everyone, I am facing trouble with the wubi installer. Unable to get the 64 bit version installed no matter what!05:19
DaughainDo you have an x64 chip?05:19
JCDGThanks, I was used to crtl+h on gnome05:19
Planetaryilumi: ok a bunch of stuff came up05:19
titan_arkrunning an Intel C2D T655005:19
titan_arkand Win 7 home premium 64 bit on it05:19
DaughainYou sure? Some of the hyperthreading P4's read as dual cores, but are still only 32 bit05:19
ilumiPlanetary: if you can boot, means everything is ok05:20
Planetaryilumi: ok thanks. just seems a bit odd05:20
DaughainJCDG:  Remind me about that list when I am done with this moron.05:21
ilumiPlanetary: not really, it took over the windows loader, or whatever it's called, you can choose windows or linux when you boot right?05:21
JCDGDaughain, sure man...I hope I'm still here, 'cause my clock indicates 12:52am...LOL05:23
DaughainI have the same clock, JCDG ... =)   I'm'a gonna slap this stupid twat!!!!!05:23
JCDGDaughain, man are you in LatinAmerica?05:23
DaughainJCDG:  USA, flip side. =)05:24
titan_arkI though mounting an image of the amd64 and trying the wubi from it would help, but it again starts DLing the i386 torrent else it gave me an error the 2nd time I tried.05:25
JCDGhehehe...far away...:)..05:25
DaughainSame time, different place. =)05:25
* Daughain chuckles.05:25
DaughainWubi, thats the wierd windows+Linux instal thing, right?05:27
DaughainWhat windows ver are you using?05:27
titan_arkWin 7 Premium05:28
DaughainX86 or X64?05:28
DaughainHmmmm.......Wonder if this might be a new bug.05:28
titan_arki am sure05:28
DaughainOK, how you doing the wubi? via dl? or cd?05:29
titan_arkfirst tried Dling wubi and then mounted  iso on a virtual driveand tried its wubi05:30
d7gonzoHey everybody!05:30
titan_arkcould i post the log file somewhere, if you wouldn minf looking at it?05:31
Daughainpastebin.ca is our freind here, titan_ark05:31
DaughainJust post the link when ya get it ul'd.05:32
titan_arkDaughain, http://paste.ubuntu.com/353299/05:32
DaughainGimmea few while it loads.05:33
titan_arkSure, thx a bunch05:34
ilumid7gonzo: hey05:34
d7gonzoilumi: how goes? i've never been here before. installed kubuntu a couple months ago on a laptop, and i'm lovin it. Came across Quassel and decided to give it a shot.05:35
d7gonzoi have used irc before though...many moons ago05:36
Daughaintitan_ark:   How many of those drives are virtual?05:37
d7gonzoanybody have any hints about openning .daa files?05:37
titan_arkonly 1 virtual drive and 1 iso on my system05:38
titan_arkI just made a clean install of win 7 feew hours back05:38
Daughainclean, as in full reformat?05:38
DaughainAnd drives G and H are virtual?05:40
titan_arki was facing this trouble b4 and had quite a few isos so thought something is awry as I screwed up experimenting with virtual box and a few distros of ubuntu fedora and OS X so i made a clean install again.05:41
titan_arkG is physical, H is virtual05:41
DaughainOk....Well, considering the list, I had to ask, y'know? =)05:41
DaughainAnd the iso is mounted on H:?05:41
titan_arkreading the log drives me crazy05:42
DaughainLook at lines 158 - 17705:42
ilumid7gonzo: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-do-i-open-daa-direct-access-archive-files-under-linux-or-unix-oses/05:43
titan_arkYeah, I did see that05:43
titan_arkso something wrong with the image?05:43
titan_arkI DLed it thrice now!05:43
DaughainEither the image or the virtual drive........I used to use Alcohol 120%, you happen to have a copy?05:44
titan_arkusing Daemon tools. Cant afford a paid version of Alcohol :P05:45
DaughainOK, I never heard anything bad about Daemon either....05:45
titan_arkOkay, so Il DL the trial alcohol and try again05:46
DaughainI know ya dont wanna hear this, but, ya might wanna dl the iso from another repo....Its looping trying to install, but keeps not finding the iso.....05:49
DaughainAnd, I did a wubi on XP a while back using alcohol, so I know it will install that way.05:50
titan_arkOkay that is possible. I DLed it both the times from the UCSB location.05:50
DaughainSave the alcohol dl for now..05:51
Daughaindaemon tools is just as good.05:51
titan_arkAh, just installed :P05:51
d7gonzoilumi: thanx!05:53
titan_arkgah when I have mounted the disk why in the world is it DLing the i386 again!05:53
ilumid7gonzo: np05:53
titan_arkWould a Jap repo be good?05:54
titan_arkTired of doing this now :(05:54
DaughainNo clue......I use US edu repos.05:55
lordganeshhow to start internet using mobile in kubuntu05:55
titan_arkhmm same here05:55
Daughainlordganesh:   Buy a lot of ram?????05:55
DaughainThought ya just said it was installing, titan_ark05:59
faileaslordganesh: you might want to be a bit more specific05:59
faileaswhat kinda mobile connection, what adaptor?05:59
titan_arksick speeds x( will try torrent06:00
d7gonzoilumi: perfect! thanks again. i was looking for a converter, but ended up trying to get acetone going, but it turned out to be a bit of a pain06:01
* darkdelusions kicks Daughain06:04
* Daughain bitchslaps darkdelusions 06:05
DaughainSup, man.06:05
DaughainWish it were so here.....06:05
darkdelusionslet move over to the off topic06:05
Daughainbabying the computer lliterate through installing mirc.06:05
DaughainIlliterate, even.06:05
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
titan_ark_Damn it, another image through torrents and the same problem :(06:37
DaughainOK, not the image then.06:38
DaughainFresh install of daemon tools?06:38
DaughainOf course......06:39
DaughainClean copy of deamon?06:39
titan_ark_Clean copy?06:39
titan_ark_Even if I DL the wubi installer and install I am facing the same problem06:40
DaughainAs in no problems or issues with the install?06:40
titan_ark_I wonder what is wrong.06:40
DaughainThe log show the same problem?06:40
titan_ark_Well, same thing happened even with alcohol.06:40
titan_ark_Holy crap, my stove is smoking.06:41
titan_ark_be back in a while06:41
* Daughain nods.06:41
DaughainStill have a stove?06:45
titan_ark_No OS no dinner :|06:45
DaughainLeast ya have a stove? =)06:46
titan_ark_lol yeah06:46
DaughainWhy not just part the hd and install a true dual boot?06:46
titan_ark_I did that in Nov, but I dont get all drivers for my notebook.06:47
DaughainWhich os?06:47
titan_ark_Ubuntu Karmic06:47
titan_ark_This is the latest log:06:48
DaughainWhat notebook?? 9.10 on my gateway had no issues..06:48
titan_ark_Ah, its an HP dv4t 1400 CTO06:48
titan_ark_I end up without audio, and wireless drivers keep giving up and I need to re package em06:48
DaughainThis may take a min, I just shut down firefox. =)06:49
titan_ark_lol okay06:49
titan_ark_I need to do something for chow too :P06:49
DaughainTrying to figger out what is eating my ram.06:49
darkdelusionstitan_ark_:  are you still trying to install deamon tools?06:50
darkdelusionsor what was the paste bin for06:50
darkdelusionsDaughain: what is titan trying to do06:51
titan_ark_unable to get wubi to install the amd64 on my notebook. Tried DLing wubi and also by mounting the image and running wubi.06:51
DaughainTrying to figure out why his wubi install keeps failing.06:52
titan_ark_time after time it starts DLing the i38606:52
DaughainAnd, according to the log, it looks like it loops onto tryng to fnd the installer file.06:53
DaughainI'll stick with my all black. =)06:56
darkdelusionstitan_ark_: are you running it under administrator06:58
darkdelusionsor as administrator06:58
darkdelusionsUAC might be killing it06:59
titan_ark_well i have just 1 log in06:59
darkdelusionsgo into the install06:59
titan_ark_i guess it should be as admin06:59
darkdelusionsright click on wubi06:59
darkdelusionsand select run as administrator06:59
DaughainShit, i forgot about that in windows...07:00
darkdelusionsI am going out ona limb there but its worth a try07:00
darkdelusionsI disable it07:00
darkdelusionsas soon as I install windows07:00
titan_ark_wat abt compatability with win 7?07:01
titan_ark_i am running it as vista compatible07:01
titan_ark_same sh** again07:03
titan_ark_log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/353330/07:05
titan_ark_I had even tried putting the ISO in the same location as the wubi i DLed and then ran it, but still it starts DLing the i386 iso07:08
darkdelusionstitan_ark_: This one I am stumped on cause i have never tired to use wubi07:09
darkdelusionsand google is comming up fail07:10
darkdelusionstitan_ark_: are u trying to get the 32 or 64 bit version?07:11
titan_ark_tried googling it a lot until I ended up using virtual box07:11
DaughainI'm out of ideas too.......07:11
titan_ark_I am trying the 64 bit version07:11
DaughainThe one time I used wubi, it ran no issues, though, I was on an x86 system...07:11
darkdelusionsare you using vista07:12
titan_ark_Nope, WIn 707:12
DaughainHe has 7, I was on XP.07:12
titan_ark_*Win 707:12
DaughainI'm wondering if that is the issue....07:12
darkdelusionsYou said you where running it under compatibity mode right?07:12
darkdelusionsdid it do the same thing when you tired to run it under 7 as well07:13
titan_ark_I ran it as Vista compatible cos I read somewhere that wubi is unstable on 707:13
titan_ark_Yes, same07:13
* darkdelusions kicks Daughain agian07:13
darkdelusions... hum07:14
darkdelusionstitan_ark_:  I am still Consulting god on this one give me a few minutes07:16
darkdelusionserr google :)07:17
DaughainSame thing. =)07:17
titan_ark_Trying again, without compatibility.07:17
titan_ark_:D okay07:17
darkdelusionsDid you down the 32 or 64 version of the cd image?07:17
darkdelusionsand your using wubi off the autorun right?07:18
titan_ark_Tried off the autorun and also after opening the image and then running it07:19
noaXessgood morning..07:19
noaXessis it possible to start two different folders in dophin's split modus?07:20
darkdelusionsnoaXess: you mean by default07:23
darkdelusionsdo you man can you navagate to another folder in split screen mode?07:24
titan_ark_Okay, now I tried putting the iso in partition D, and ran the wubi from there and get an error: "Coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, NoneType found"07:24
titan_ark_And I see this in the log:07:24
titan_ark_01-07 23:21 ERROR  CommonBackend: Invalid md5 for ISO D:\kubuntu-9.10-desktop-amd64.iso (18ecb71bff567ce7a91443720a86473e != 5a996e0d794e35509d0275d411a3e737)07:24
titan_ark_01-07 23:21 DEBUG  TaskList: ### Finished check_iso07:25
titan_ark_01-07 23:21 ERROR  TaskList: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, NoneType found07:25
FloodBotK1titan_ark_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:25
* Daughain chuckles..07:25
darkdelusionstitan_ark_:  did you get the image off kubuntu or ubuntu's site?07:26
DaughainWhats the md5checksum show?07:26
titan_ark_I have tried the Kubuntu site and also visa torrents07:26
titan_ark_this is the one I got thro torrent07:26
darkdelusionsgo to the offical site07:27
titan_ark_Daughain, its a huge file, and pardon my noobness, how do I figure it out07:27
DaughainDUnno, I honeslty never looked at one before... =)07:27
Daughainpastebin and lets take a look? =)07:28
titan_ark_darkdelusions, I did try one from the Kubuntu site first07:28
titan_ark_Daughain, sure07:28
titan_ark_this os the md5 file in the iso07:29
* Daughain bitchslaps darkdelusions a few times...07:30
DaughainI'm beginning to thin the issue isnt in the iso.....07:30
darkdelusionsI am reading the launch pad on the check sum error07:30
titan_ark_DLing the iso again from another location off the Kubuntu site07:31
DaughainCheck lines 27 and 28 on the md5, titan_ark_07:33
darkdelusionsfor the check some erro try this07:33
darkdelusionsgo https://bugs.launchpad.net/wubi/+bug/465936 and try the 168 version of wubi07:34
titan_ark_Daughain, okay.07:35
darkdelusionsor get the latest wubu installer from http://wubi-installer.org/07:35
darkdelusionsagian I am shooting in the dark here07:35
DaughainThat was what I just found int he md5......./install/mt86plus07:35
titan_ark_darkdelusions, I have tried the latest from the site it starts DLing the i386 everytime no matter what07:35
DaughainDefault install seems to be x86, not x6407:36
DaughainTheworkaround darkdelusions  found may be your key, titan_ark_07:36
titan_ark_Yeah reading, both :)07:37
darkdelusionsthe wubi installer07:37
darkdelusionsdoesnt let you select which version of you want07:37
darkdelusionslike 64 or x8607:38
titan_ark_No it doesnt07:38
* Daughain nods.07:38
darkdelusionsI am confused by that07:38
DaughainLines 27 and 28..07:38
titan_ark_it does the 64 if you have a 64 bit processor and OS and if you want the x86 one should have the i386 iso in the same location.07:39
darkdelusionstitan_ark_: I mean do you have more then 3 gigs of ram?07:39
titan_ark_Daughain, saw that they are totally different from the log file07:39
titan_ark_darkdelusions, yes, I have 407:39
DaughainThe md5 tels you what is loaded on the instaler package you are using.07:40
DaughainLeast, thats my understanding, and this seems to bear that out.07:40
DaughainTells you if your instaler is corrupt.07:40
DaughainIt may default to i386 because a lot of people dont even know what kind of processor they have.07:41
darkdelusionsI has an idea :)07:41
DaughainYou do??07:41
* Daughain runs and hides.07:41
darkdelusionsIt looks like there is a --32bit flag for the wubi installer07:42
darkdelusionsI bet you there is a --64bit07:42
titan_ark_n00b here :P07:42
darkdelusionsgo to dos07:42
darkdelusionsnavigate to where the wubi installer is hidden :)07:42
Daughaindarkdelusions:   Thats what the workaround ya found says. :P =)07:43
faileasits called command prompt. dos is mostly dead ;)07:43
darkdelusionsfaileas: meh :)07:43
darkdelusionsfaileas: is still dos in my book :)07:43
faileasmore precisely cmd.exe ;)07:43
DaughainCept for the guy in here the other day wanting to create a bootable dos thumbdrive.07:43
faileasyou could use run as well though07:43
faileaser.. that's easy07:43
faileasget the HP  disk tool. its what a lot of people prepping for a liveusb do07:44
darkdelusionsfaileas: I am a command line person :)07:44
faileassome things an't as usable on cli ;p07:44
darkdelusionsI use unetbootin to create my live usb :)07:45
faileasmost newer drives are bootable07:45
faileassome older ones needed to be formatted a certain way to be07:45
* Daughain goes for some food.07:46
darkdelusionsI think i am gonna go stand outside in my wonderful 4 degree weather07:46
harmagentdarkdelusions: I'm comming to where you are... because it's -10F here07:48
harmagentwind chill is -3307:49
DaughainI miss those days.07:49
Daughain18 here.07:50
harmagentmakes me glad I work from home :)07:50
DaughainI'm wokring on getting there.07:50
darkdelusionsharmagent: I am a florida boy this below freezing for 3 days is gonna kill me :)07:51
darkdelusionsThe wind thou is the only thing that kills me07:52
DaughainDamn, Tn is warmer than Fl??07:52
harmagenthahah... yeah I'll bet07:52
darkdelusionsDaughain: na i am in texas07:52
DaughainWhere in Tx, darkdelusions ?07:52
DaughainI just moved from the Dallas area.07:53
harmagentI would love to visit FL again... Id be in a t-shirt running around yelling "woohoo!! it's above 0!!!"07:53
darkdelusionsNorth Dallas07:53
Daughainharmagent:  LOL07:53
harmagenttip: dont ever move to south dakota LOL07:53
* Daughain nods to darkdelusions 07:53
DaughainYou get fios.....07:53
darkdelusionsNo I am in an evil apartment07:54
darkdelusionsand I am stuck with TWC07:54
harmagentwhat's the up/down speeds on fios?07:54
darkdelusionsit depends on the package07:54
harmagentwhat do you get for around $55/month?07:54
darkdelusionsI can't remember07:55
darkdelusionsWell it look like titan might have gotten his stuff working07:55
Daughaina 20M duplex runs abput $70ish/mo07:55
DaughainI think 55 gets you a 10M07:55
DaughainSince I pay 70ish/mo anyway......07:56
harmagentif I dont have a verizon home phone it says I can get 15/5 for $55/month07:56
DaughainSpring for the extra 20 and go 20M07:56
harmagentno doubt07:57
harmagentI have 25 down right now07:57
darkdelusionsYa we are gonna rint a house in april07:57
darkdelusionsand I am gonna get a 20 down07:57
DaughainOurs us supposed to go up to aboput 18 down this month....07:57
DaughainStill only about 2M up, though.07:57
harmagentyea so is mine07:58
DaughainNext time i move, I think I am gonna call verizon first. =)07:58
harmagentbut 250k/sec works for me07:58
harmagent(on the upstream side at least)07:58
harmagentthe 25 down is really nice07:58
Daughain20 down would make me happy, specially with 20M up on the other side.=)07:59
DaughainThe hilarious part s, noone at comcast seems to kmnow what a duplex is.07:59
Daughaintitan_ark: Any love?08:00
titan_arkI am in!08:01
DaughainCool. =)08:01
titan_arkThe alternate wubi file worked :D08:01
harmagentDaughain: I'm sure someone does... but you cant reach them by phone. and it's just the one person. they work in a bunker deep underground :)08:02
titan_arkWireless not working but :(08:02
Daughainharmagent:  No, they telecommute, and only pick up the phone if it is the owner of the company calling.08:02
DaughainHey, bet its true! =-)08:03
harmagentand even then they flip a coin to see if they are going to answer lol08:03
DaughainAnd they still get away with it. =)08:03
Daughaintitan_ark: what card do you have for wireless?08:03
titan_arkIt is a broadcom08:04
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx08:04
NoviceAnyone know how to get radeon 1650 pro to work on kubuntu 9.10?08:04
titan_arkdarkdelusions :) thx for the link! it worked08:04
* darkdelusions flexs08:04
titan_arkI think this wubi file must be updated on the kubuntu site08:05
titan_arkrather than laving people frustrated :P08:05
darkdelusionstitan_ark:  I told ya I consulted god aka google08:06
darkdelusionsdo you know what broadcom card your using08:06
titan_arkooh nope :P not now08:06
titan_arkcan chk online from the HP site08:07
darkdelusionsor you could right click on my network places08:07
darkdelusionsand look for wireless08:07
ubuntuanyone RO ?08:07
darkdelusionsits should say something like broadcom XXXXX08:07
ubunturo = romania ... :|08:08
titan_arkI have enabled wireless connections, but it does not show me the wireless connection08:08
titan_arkor card08:08
darkdelusionsbroadcom card tend to be shortbus special08:08
titan_arkI am on a wired connection now08:08
darkdelusionsfrom what i have gathered reading the forums08:09
Daughainru hwinfo08:09
Daughainrun, even./08:09
DaughainOooh...May need to install it....08:09
titan_arkmakes no sense to me :P08:09
DaughainI *think* I have a braodcom on realtek controler.....08:10
darkdelusionsyou can try lspci | Wireless I think that the command I am thinking of08:11
darkdelusionsyou can try lspci | grep Wireless I think that the command I am thinking of08:12
d__hehe... on kubuntu 9,1008:12
d__heil ubuntu!!08:13
darkdelusionshwinfo might be the best route08:14
darkdelusionscause atm I can't think of what I am trying to do :)08:14
titan_arkah got it08:14
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx08:14
Daughainlspci doesnt show wireless.08:15
darkdelusionsuse that link08:15
darkdelusionsDaughain: ya it does :)08:15
Daughaindarkdelusions:  It didnt for me. =(08:15
titan_arkjust called my pal whoa lso has a broadcom card and said on his the B43 was instable (Ubuntu Karmic)08:15
titan_arklspci just showed mine :P08:16
darkdelusions07:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 4965 AG or AGN [Kedron] Network Connection (rev 61)08:16
DaughainThe joys of using a different OS. =)08:16
=== kb is now known as Guest7389
Daughainlspci doesnt like me.08:17
darkdelusionsDaughain: are u using lspci or the command I listed above08:18
darkdelusionswith the grep statement08:18
dmbkiwiI'm trying to run a bash script as sudo, which contains a "let" command.  However, if I run it with sudo (via cron), I get an error "11: let: not found".  I know that let is an internal command, but is there a way around this?  I simply want to do "let a=a+1".08:18
darkdelusionstitan_ark: the boardcom wiki i just linked you will get you up and going08:19
DaughainThe one you listed above shows as 'Wireless: command not found'08:19
darkdelusionsI messed up08:19
Daughainlspci simply does not include wireless.08:19
darkdelusionsits lspci | grep  Wireless08:19
darkdelusionsminus the xtra space08:19
titan_arkdarkdelusions, yes I saw that. Just googling and supposedly the STA driver is better so just trying to find how to install it08:19
darkdelusionsdmbkiwi: paste bin you scrip and let me play with it08:20
DaughainThats the lspci output.08:21
darkdelusionsDaughain: you lspci hate you08:21
Daughaindarkdelusions:  Ayup08:22
darkdelusionsyour lspci hates you :)08:22
darkdelusionsDD now with more engrish08:22
DaughainI got wireless, veen using it for a while now....Using it now. =)08:22
dmbkiwidarkdelusions: thanks - http://pastebin.ca/174245408:22
DaughainMoree toys.08:22
DaughainMight be the difference tween kubuntu and ubuntu.....Not sure.08:23
DaughainDont see why, though.08:23
darkdelusionsdmbkiwi:  you could run the hole script as root08:25
DaughainOk, why use let in the first place??08:25
* Daughain <=== Not a scripter.08:25
darkdelusionsdmbkiwi: on my lazy apt script I use sudo -v08:25
DaughainLooksllike you could remove the 'let' and it would read the same.08:26
dmbkiwidarkdelusions: but how do I do that from a cron job - I'm running the script from /etc/crontab with the following line:08:26
darkdelusionsdarkdelusions: ahh08:26
darkdelusionsdmbkiwi: ahh that is a good question :)08:27
dmbkiwi*/10 * * * *    root    /usr/local/bin/spindowntv08:27
darkdelusionsnot sure if the guys in #bashscripts are awake but they might be more useful08:27
dmbkiwidarkdelusions:  thanks08:27
* Daughain waits for an answer.08:27
noaXessis there an official mozilla firefor or thunderbird channel?08:27
darkdelusionsdmbkiwi: I have never try a cron job script before08:28
darkdelusionsmost of mine are HI I AM LAZY lets make this even more stupid simple08:28
darkdelusionslike my lazyapt script :)08:28
darkdelusionsso all i have to do is type in apt i for installs or apt p for purge :) or apt a for aptitude :)08:29
* Daughain bitchslaps darkdelusions again...08:29
* darkdelusions opens up a fresh can of woop arse on Daughain..08:30
dmbkiwidarkdelusions: different issue - I think you are talking about aliases there.08:30
DaughainI still want to know why it wont run with the 'let' statement removed from the rest of the line.08:30
darkdelusionsdmbkiwi: its more then alias's but ya08:30
dmbkiwiDaughain: you can with "let a=0".  But changing "let a=a+1" to "a=a+1" gives an error.08:31
dmbkiwiDaughain: maybe I should write it in python.08:32
DaughainStrange, its the same either way.....08:32
DaughainWell......a=a+1 isan absolute, while let a=a+1 may be a variable....08:33
DaughainI think I need to learn python too.08:33
darkdelusionstechnical according to the bash scripting guide that would work08:34
darkdelusionslet COUNTER=COUNTER+108:34
dmbkiwiDaughain: try it in an interactive shell - a=a+1 results in $a being "a+1", as opposed to "1"08:34
Daughaindmbkiwi:   a+1 /= 108:35
darkdelusionsa = var08:35
DaughainYes, allows progressive increase by '1' each iteration.08:36
dmbkiwiDaughain: what do you mean by a+1 /= 108:37
DaughainI'm still stuck on the 'let' call.08:37
=== ocs is now known as faLUCE
darkdelusionsgetting yelled at by the bot in 3 2 108:38
darkdelusionsThe let command carries out arithmetic operations on variables. [3]  In many cases, it functions as a less complex version of expr.08:38
Daughain'/=' means does not equal08:38
Daughain== does equal, or true..08:39
Daughain<=  less than or equal to.08:39
Daughain>=  greater than or equal to.08:39
Daughaindarkdelusions:  OK, that explains it.=)08:40
dmbkiwiDaughain: am struggling with expr now - how does that work?08:40
Daughaindmbkiwi: No clue......I'm not a scripter, yet./08:41
Daughaindmbkiwi:   Thats why I am asking all kinds of dumb questions.=)08:41
dmbkiwiDaughain: ok - will fucking google it ;-)08:41
Daughaingoogle likes me about as much as lspci does. :P08:42
faileasDaughain: tools neither love or hate08:44
faileasyou just need to learn their odd ways08:44
Daughainfaileas: If I run a command, and it fails to produce the output it is supposed to, it hates me.08:45
faileasDaughain: what were you looking for?08:46
faileasand did you ask nicely?08:46
DaughainWe were discussing lspci as a method of looking up wireless card data.08:46
faileasfor that it sucks08:46
DaughainMy lspci output has no listing for wireless.08:46
dmbkiwiDaughain: darkdelusions: got it - a=0 / a=`expr $a + 1`08:46
faileasyou want LSHW08:47
=== kb is now known as Guest76515
faileaswas it a pci wireless card?08:47
faileaslshw is a lot easier to read, and more comprehensive. though if its a USB card, lsusb might do too08:47
DaughainNIfty command.08:47
DaughainI tend toward hwinfo.08:48
faileaseheh. it is. one of the things i picked up along the way, along with htop08:48
titan_arkstill discussing that? I got the sta drivers from the broadcom site but cant seem to find instructions to build it08:48
Daughainconversations go round, titan_ark08:48
DaughainInstaling htop now......08:49
DaughainWill htop show ram users as well?08:49
DaughainCool, it des....brb08:50
darkdelusionstitan_ark:  where did you get the file from08:51
darkdelusionslet me download it and look at it08:51
titan_arkfrom the broadcom site08:51
titan_arkcant seem to find sensible instructions to get it working but08:52
darkdelusionsthe frist thing you need is build-essentials08:52
darkdelusionsthere might be a package for this some where thou08:52
titan_arkdarkdelusions, I am a n00b trying to get around and learn :P08:53
Daughainfaileas: Mebbe you can help me with a lmsensors issue...??08:53
titan_arkcant figure out how to do it08:53
Daughaintitan_ark:  Do you have a readme file?08:53
darkdelusionstitan_ark: rofl ok first thing08:54
titan_arksupposedly Ubuntu allows you to get the driver in its software listing08:54
titan_arkDaughain just lisence  :P08:54
faileasDaughain: the one tome i had a lmsensors issue, it was a box too old to support it ;p08:54
titan_arkI think I shall try an update and hope it sets it right08:55
Daughainfaileas:  I need to be able to read the output from lmsensors and apply it to a karamba theme.08:55
faileasok, outta my depth ;p08:55
faileasthough pipes, and probably cut will be needed08:55
Daughainfaileas:   Ya got my hopes all up..... =)08:55
Daughainfaileas:   I'm editing an older script to work with my machine.08:56
faileasDaughain: well lets see. you need to take info from lm sensors. strip part of it (use cut) then pass it on the karamba?08:56
titan_arkMy battery seems to drain really fast :-o08:56
Daughainfaileas:  Actually, if you could just tell me what to use to display the sensors output, I can prolly get the rest.08:57
darkdelusionstitan_ark:  ok battery thing first08:58
dmbkiwiDaughain: just use the command sensors08:58
darkdelusionsleft clik on you battery icon08:58
darkdelusionsand choose powersave08:59
darkdelusionsso it will dim you screen08:59
faileasDaughain: the command is sensors, as dmbkiwi said08:59
titan_arkIt is in powersave!08:59
=== root is now known as Guest70893
dmbkiwiDaughain: to set up, run "sensors-detect" via sudo and just follow your nose09:00
darkdelusionstitan_ark: go to the K menu>Applications>System>Hardware drivers09:00
darkdelusionsand see if the Broadcom STA wireless driver is listed there09:01
DaughainI'm realy beginning to hate this bash shell.09:01
dmbkiwiDaughain: don't bash the bash09:02
faileasDaughain: too used to dos? ;p09:02
DaughainNo, gnome. :P09:02
titan_arkYes! It is there.09:02
titan_arkI tried activating it and get an error.09:02
faileasDaughain: eh. i tend to use yakuake for my terminal needs09:03
titan_arkFailed to lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock09:03
darkdelusionsdo u have kpackage manager open09:03
darkdelusionsor running updates?09:03
titan_arkrunning update09:04
darkdelusionswait till thats done09:04
Daughainfaileas: I just installed kde, so, still getting used to it.09:04
DaughainThough, I think I found the answer to my questions...09:04
darkdelusionsonce that is done do the hokey pokey and turn your self about09:04
faileasDaughain: yakuake is a drop down terminal. guake is the closest equivilent to it for gnome09:04
darkdelusionsthen go into the path i told you earlier09:05
titan_arkdarkdelusions, dint get you09:05
Daughainfaileas:  darkdelusions mentioned it earliere......Unfortumately, there are more things that I need/want to do/learn that I need to take a break and start concentrating on just a few. =)09:05
darkdelusionsnothing I am being slap happy09:05
* Daughain chucles.09:06
faileasDaughain: eh, if you need to use terminal, it'll make it WAY easier09:06
Daughainfaileas:  I found a nifty plasmoid that puts term 1 click away.09:06
faileasf12 pulls down a window. do what you need, hit f12 again09:06
* darkdelusions slaps Daughain with another cactus agian09:06
* Daughain drops a snowman on darkdelusions 09:06
darkdelusionsi have no clue why i like abusing you :)09:07
titan_arkokay update done, saving a reboot09:07
* Daughain shrugs......09:07
DaughainI return the favor?09:07
=== mark___ is now known as markthefart
* faileas ponders making a cd of the other varient of ubuntu he uses09:07
DaughainBacups ever hurt, faileas09:07
faileasnaw, i mean an actual CD09:08
DaughainIsnt that a backup?09:08
darkdelusionsfaileas: i stoped making CD's because i tend to loose them or cant find my sharpy09:08
faileasi use this wierd little mongrel distro on one of my systems09:08
darkdelusionshe means burning another iso09:08
faileaswith a few mods, i could probably whack it into a bootable cd with reconstructor, and put it on my dropbox if anyone needs it ;p09:08
* Daughain chuckles..09:09
* faileas wishes there was a properly skinny ubuntu varient like the one i use ;p09:09
DaughainI need another XP box.09:09
faileasMost of my boxen dualboot09:09
faileasother than my server, and the one with no hard drive09:09
DaughainActually, I just need another laptop.....09:10
darkdelusionsI have 2 hard drives i swap them if i want my windows box09:10
DaughainNo...I do need another XP box....09:10
faileasnever can have enough hardware ;)09:10
darkdelusionsI just want a netbook09:10
* faileas has *takes a look*09:10
Daughaindarkdelusions:  So do I, actually.09:10
DaughainWaiting for those 2-4G SSD models come down to about $50.09:11
darkdelusionseven with windows 7 i cant stay in windows for very long anymore09:11
faileasan xp box for gaming, a dualboot for everything else, and a old laptop i need to find space for in my room which runs my mongrel linux09:11
darkdelusionsmy linux drive is in my laptop more then my WIndows Drive09:11
darkdelusionsbut I am sadastic and like challanges09:12
DaughainI keep one XP box for smartphone apps and three bots.09:12
faileaswell, i use kubuntu mostly. I actually find not being able to do the middle mouse swipe and paste, the biggest pain in windows09:13
darkdelusionsI find not being able to shade things in windows annoying09:13
darkdelusionswithout an xtra program09:13
DaughainI just find windows annoying.09:14
faileasi never met an OS i truely hate09:14
faileaswell OS X.. i have a mild dislike for09:14
DaughainI have an issue with a tihing telling me what I can and cannot do.09:14
darkdelusionsDaughain: turning off uac make that problem go away quickly09:15
DaughainGetting rid of windows males it permanent. =)09:15
Daughainmakes, even.09:15
DaughainAnd, linux is so much more flexible.09:15
darkdelusionswell you could think of sudo as a kinda uac :)09:15
darkdelusionsbut no one complans about sudo :)09:16
Daughainuac wasnt the issue......updates that crash the system....."windows genuine advantage"......Need I say more?09:16
darkdelusionsI just hate having to pay for 15 copies of windows :)09:17
DaughainHell, my cell phone has better security than windows does.09:17
darkdelusionsfor each machine :)09:17
DaughainI dont pay.09:18
darkdelusionsi have 5 computer tbh :)09:18
titan_arkSystem hangs if I try activating the STA ddriver09:18
DaughainLittle thing called GA hack.09:18
darkdelusionswell umm09:19
titan_arkWhen I try sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter09:20
DaughainIf rim would port BB desktop for linux, I would be set.09:20
titan_arkThen I get this error: Errors were encountered while processing: bcmwl-kernel-source09:20
titan_ark fakeroot09:20
pawel_121_you can only imagine how insecure windowses are, if very old viruses steel feel good there must be enormous numbers of longstanding holes09:20
darkdelusionsi mean titan_ark you try following this http://djkaos.wordpress.com/2008/10/25/installing-broadcom-80211-linux-sta-driver/09:20
darkdelusionsDaughain:  I think I have a howto for BB on linux09:21
Daughainpawel_121_:  There are....And they just keep ading more.09:21
pawel_121_Daughain, yes and anti virs just try to workaround design problems09:22
Daughaindarkdelusions:  Remoind me another day..... =) Thats just one in a long llist of things for me. =)09:22
Daughainpawel_121_:  I agree, thats why I'm here. =)09:22
pawel_121_Daughain glad to hear this :)09:22
=== rolo is now known as rolo_
rohdefhow do I make Huawei E220 work in Kubuntu?09:23
DaughainAnd, as much as she hates it, so is the wife.09:23
Daughainpawel_121_:  There are exactly 3 apps that make me keep an XP box.09:23
pawel_121_Daughain, I also keep it, but only for some games09:24
DaughainBB desktop, BBSAK, and Blackra1n.09:25
DaughainActually, if I could switch my old lappy to linux, I thikn I could get the DVD, flopy, and wireless back on it.09:26
darkdelusionsOk sleep need to be up and read to go do crap around 10 tomarrow09:27
DaughainPeace, darkdelusions09:27
darkdelusionstitan_ark: send me a priviate message and let me know if the guide I sentyou works out for you09:27
darkdelusionsnight guys09:28
* Daughain drops a snwball down darkdelusions shirt09:28
rohdefhow do I make Huawei E220 work in Kubuntu?09:29
darkdelusionsDaughain: check out barry for your blackberry09:30
darkdelusionssudo apt-get install barry09:30
Daughaindarkdelusions:  I have, like I said, thats for another day.09:30
darkdelusionsDO IT NOW!09:30
darkdelusionsna but look up barry09:30
titan_arkdarkdelusions, sure shall try that now09:30
darkdelusionsI have never used it09:31
DaughainGood ole barry project.09:31
darkdelusionsbut i ditched by BB for android :)09:31
DaughainANother iteration or two for android and I willas well.09:31
darkdelusions2.1 is pretty much the cat meow :)09:31
DaughainI almost bought the G1. =)09:31
darkdelusionsI have one of those collecting dust somewhere09:32
DaughainSeems to depend on the hardware it is running on from what I've seen.09:32
darkdelusionsits my wireless modem :)09:32
* Daughain chuckles..09:32
DaughainGood use.09:32
darkdelusionsif your with t-mobile get nexus 109:32
darkdelusionsif your not with t-mobile get the nexus 1 :)09:33
darkdelusionswell not really09:33
darkdelusionscause edge sucks09:33
DaughainAfter the fun I had hackingmy berry, I doubt I will buy another tmo branded phone again.09:33
darkdelusionsDaughain:  the Nexus 1 is not a tmo branded09:33
DaughainBaicaly, I have free web access.09:33
darkdelusionsit sold by google09:33
titan_arkthere seem to be so many bugs on the nexus 109:33
DaughainOh, ya. the new one...09:33
titan_arkat least thats what the many blogs say09:34
DaughainHavent looked too much into that one yet.09:34
darkdelusionsbut it only really worth a hoot if you have t-mobile09:34
Daughain3G phones useless if you dont have 3G locally. =)09:34
DaughainPeace, bro.09:35
darkdelusionsIf i dont force myself to sleep I will till stay up till 5 talking to you like i did lastnight09:35
darkdelusionsor the other night09:35
Proximacan anyone help me with ubuntu in private please09:35
DaughainAsk here, Proxima09:35
darkdelusionsProxima: its best if you ask in the channel and have a community effort at fixing your problem09:36
darkdelusionsjust ask titan_ark ;)09:36
Proximaok when running a live cd the system asks for a username and password  what should i type09:36
DaughainWhen does it ask this?09:37
Proximaok thanks09:37
DaughainDuring the install?09:37
titan_arkProxima, pls dont mistake the :D for your query, it was to what darkdelusion suggested. I am a n00b.09:37
ProximaWhen i boot from the cd...09:37
Daughaintitan_ark:   Aret we all...?? =)09:37
Proximait prompts for those09:38
titan_arkDaughain, well I am the lowest level.09:38
DaughainJust hit enter and see what happens.09:38
ProximaThe very first display09:38
Daughaintitan_ark:  Dont be so sure, I only instaled ubuntu a month ago. =)09:38
titan_arknice :)09:38
DaughainProxima:  Umm....which OS?09:39
titan_arkI have been trying for a long time.09:39
Proximaubuntu 9.04 desktop edition09:39
titan_arkhas left me wondering :(09:39
Daughaintitan_ark:  Well, that was Jaunty, tried the upgrade to Karmic, and that kinda failed, so, wernt with a fresh install.09:39
DaughainOooohh....Leme think.....09:40
darkdelusionsumm the live cd user name and password is ... let me look09:40
DaughainOnly had Jaunty for a week....09:40
titan_arkDaughain, Ive used xubuntu 8.10 on my ol ol box after i got this notebook never was able to get ubuntu working fully09:40
titan_arkNow I am determined to do it!09:40
DaughainCool. =)09:41
darkdelusionstitan_ark:  I will help you with it tomarrow09:41
darkdelusionsor at a later date09:41
titan_arkdarkdelusions, sure :) I shall try as long as I can stay up09:41
DaughainI finally got pissed off after vista crashed wihtin 5 hours of my getting this lapy, and XP x64 had no drivers, so....Asked around and was pointed to ubuntu.09:41
darkdelusionssome of the steps in that are not needed09:42
darkdelusionsProxima: what are you trying to do09:42
Daughain9.04 had sound issues for me, but that was solved with 9.1009:42
titan_arkDaughain, thats 1 reason I hate notebooks, compatibility issues.09:42
DaughainI hate desktops, they take up too much room.09:43
ProximaTo boot from the cd and install later but it wants username and password09:43
titan_arkI was running xubuntu on my 6 yr old box with just 256 MB RAM and a P4 1.9 :P09:43
darkdelusionsthe install should not be asking you for a password09:43
titan_arkI remember runing the live CD days back, no passwords asked.09:43
darkdelusionsthe live CD should automagicly load you into X09:43
titan_arkI am certain.09:43
DaughainNo, which is what I am stil trying to fgure out....09:43
DaughainWHere did you get the cd, Proxima09:44
darkdelusionshe means cronical09:45
titan_arkI guess Proxima means, the CD they ship.09:45
darkdelusionsthe company behind ubuntu09:45
tsimpsondarkdelusions: it is "Canonical Ltd."09:45
DaughainProxima: dl the iso from the ubuntu site and burn your own cd.09:45
tsimpsonnot "cronical"09:45
darkdelusionstsimpson: i am tired :) spelling is not a skill i have when I am tired ;)09:46
Proximaok thanks09:46
tsimpsonProxima: you could try the username "ubuntu" with no password09:46
Proximalet me see09:46
darkdelusionsstill odd that its asking for an L&P09:46
tsimpsonit is odd, but it did happen to me once a few years ago09:47
* Daughain nods.09:47
darkdelusionstsimpson: humm I will have to remember that thou ;)09:47
Proximaek ook09:48
darkdelusionsaka i will forget it in 5 minutes09:48
DaughainProxima: That work?09:48
darkdelusionsok i am not kidding now09:48
Proximaha ha dark09:48
Daughaindarkdelusions:  Get ya ass to bed. :P09:48
Proximaits loading ill let you know09:48
Proximaubuntu has its own formater ryt09:50
* Daughain nods.09:51
DaughainIt'll get to that after a bit.09:51
Proximaill be with you now now09:51
DaughainSup, titan_ark09:55
titan_arkstruggling to get the wireless on09:55
* Daughain nods.09:55
titan_arksitting in the corner of the room with a wire plugged in hurts :P09:55
titan_arkwth cant install vlc!09:56
titan_arkErrors were encountered while processing:09:56
titan_ark bcmwl-kernel-source09:56
titan_ark fakeroot09:56
titan_arkE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)09:56
FloodBotK1titan_ark: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:56
titan_ark:( oops09:56
titan_arkany idea what this means?09:56
tsimpsonthat says there was an error trying to install those packages, the errors were earlier in the output09:57
Daughainpastebin/imagebin is our freind.09:57
titan_arkpls have a look09:58
tsimpsonwell, the good news is vlc was installed09:59
titan_arkyes I saw that10:00
titan_arkbut what is with this error?10:00
tsimpsonthe errors are between line 138 and line 14510:01
tsimpsonyou should report a bug against those packages I guess10:01
ProximaTsimpson i did what u told me and it workd bt the screen doesnt display anythng10:03
titan_arkAny pointers on how to do that? (n00b here)10:03
tsimpsontitan_ark: use the command "ubuntu-bug bcmwl-kernel-source" and "ubuntu-bug fakeroot", that will start a wizard to report the issues10:04
tsimpsonProxima: have you tried booting into "safe graphics mode"?10:04
Proximano i booted normaly nw10:05
Proximashould i try safe graphic mode10:06
tsimpsongive it a go10:06
titan_arkI am getting "ICE default IO error handler doing an exit(), pid = 4313, errno = 11"10:06
titan_arkwhen I try those commands10:07
tsimpsondid it still work though?10:07
titan_arkyes it has created a report10:09
titan_arkfilling the forms now10:09
titan_arkaha at the end of filling the forma nd submiiting launchpad site gives an error!10:11
titan_arkwow what a day10:11
faLUCE hi. do you know any good mini-itx product with ubuntu and a DVI video output?10:11
tsimpsontitan_ark: try a longer summary10:11
tsimpsonor possibly a shorter summary, I can't remember which has the issue ;)10:14
tsimpsonone of them often causes an OOPS error10:14
titan_arkwell my summary was really short, I shall try a longer one10:14
titan_arktsimpson, any suggestions on getting a  broadcom wireless driver on?10:14
tsimpsonI've never owned a broadcom, so I can't really help10:15
titan_arkah okay10:15
titan_arkI got the package and this: http://djkaos.wordpress.com/2008/10/25/installing-broadcom-80211-linux-sta-driver/10:16
titan_arkbut dunno how to go about it10:16
tsimpsonyou can give the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx a go10:16
titan_arkbcmwl-kernel-source fakeroot E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)10:18
titan_arkI get this again10:18
DaughainThe kanji looking thing is neat10:29
titan_arkdamn, the driver is activated but still cant connect!10:32
titan_arki keep getting the fakeroot error also10:32
DaughainWHat command would i use to find my dl bandwidth?10:55
=== hazan is now known as sasaa
harmagentI use bwm to see current bandwidth being used on the network interface. its not pretty... and there are better tools out there but I mention that one because 1)  I use it frequently  and 2) I cant think of any of the other ones right now10:59
Daughainbwm doesnt do anything.11:07
DaughainIs that an app?11:08
Daughainfaileas: Do you know what term command to use to pull up ul asnd dl stats?11:09
DaughainIf ya still here.... =)11:09
faileasthere was an app i used to use for that..11:10
faileasgimme a moment11:10
DaughainNo worries.11:10
faileasmy compy is a little slow cause i'm setting up a VM11:11
DaughainI know what its like. =)11:11
faileasand i can't remeber - using apt to jog my memory ;p11:11
DaughainIsnt there anything native?11:11
faileaseh, i can't remember. DOOM. must be old age catchin up on me11:12
Daughainfaileas:  LOL11:12
DaughainQBee: Morning.11:13
faileasDaughain: i'm SURE i have one installed11:13
Daughainfaileas:  No worries, I'm still working on this karamba thee.11:13
DaughainQBee: WHat can we do for ya?11:13
QBeesorry, 1st time i use quassel11:13
QBeejust testing connection, dont worry, thanks anyway, ;)11:14
faileasah hah!11:14
faileasDaughain: vnstat is what i use11:14
Daughainfaileas: LOL and thanks. =)11:14
faileasDaughain: well, i'm proficient at 2 OSes. both of which run a crapload of non standard apps11:15
DaughainI'mproficient at 1 OS that I cant stand....And learning the one I like.11:15
DaughainAMusing, and true. =)11:15
faileasi wouldn't mind a copy of 711:15
faileasand its easier for me to get a linux install 'to spec' than windows11:16
DaughainI cringe at the thought of trying it.11:16
faileasfor one thing, it handles more common archives11:16
faileasits.. suprisingly good11:16
DaughainI beleive that.11:16
Daughain7 or linux? =)11:16
plan_richhey can somebody help me with the link command ln? basically i know to link files, but somehow this does not work ondirectories...11:16
faileasoh, hard choice11:16
faileasboth! ;p11:16
faileasdepends on the box tho11:17
DaughainI dont want to deal with the issues involved in windows anymore.....UNless I;m getting paifd. =)11:17
Daughainplan_rich: That would be a question for faileas11:18
faileasi haven't needed to do links yet11:19
faileasso i can't help with this one11:19
plan_richhm i got it :D ln -s -t /var/www /home/rich/link links directories11:19
plan_richi missed that on the manual page11:19
faileasyay for TFA11:19
DaughainThere never seem to be manual pages for what I want to do...11:19
faileasthough --help would have shown you that too11:20
faileasDaughain: at some point irc and web are the best help. I totally love superuser (its a site) for that... especially when (and it happens sadly often) i can't get answer here11:20
Daughainfaileas: There stands the chance that at some point I will know enough to need those resources, but not llikley anytime soon. =)11:21
faileasI used to think that :)11:21
DaughainAbd, in this case, I doubt there is any kind of manual for how to rewrite someone elses script to fit your own system.11:21
faileasbeat it till it works11:21
DaughainThats what I'm doing.=)11:21
DaughainAnd, in the process, learning a shitload.11:22
faileaswait till the point you need to beat a whole system into working11:22
DaughainHey, in a month, I went from my frst install to sutting here answering questions.....Not too bad.11:22
faileasi remember my first system11:23
DaughainThat may be when I get around to putting kubuntu on my old toshi lappy.11:23
faileasmandriva, which my ex said was good... where the sound stopped working11:23
faileasnow? i'm beating things into working like a pro ;p11:23
DaughainSOunds like my Jaunty instal. =)11:23
DaughainSoent a week trying to get sound.11:23
DaughainSpent, even.11:23
DaughainAnd, I'm using a gateway lapy.11:24
* mostafa saying hello to all :)11:24
faileasi gave up11:24
faileaswell there was other thing too11:24
DaughainMorning, mostafa11:24
faileasi think the turning point was my PIII ;p11:24
mostafaDaughain:  hello11:24
faileasnothing to lose, nothing to blow up :)11:24
Daughainfaileas:  LOL....I didnt know these servers were here, so, I got my sound working using web only for info11:25
* jussi01 reminds that chatter is in #kubuntu-offtopic :)11:25
DaughainI was running mirc under wine, and hadnt found xchat yet.11:25
DaughainWhat ya need mostafa ?11:26
faileasWell, ubuntu lacked a manual till recently, so its not suprising11:26
mostafaDaughain:  I'm new in kubuntu11:27
mostafaDaughain:  I was using GNOME before11:27
mostafaDaughain:  I'm a little confused here :D11:27
DaughainWell, I'm new to kde as well, what ya need help with?11:27
Daughainjussi01: :P11:27
Daughainmostafa: Tell us what ya need, and someone will get ya squared away.11:28
mostafaDaughain:  firs I added my language , OK if I need something will let you know11:29
Daughainfaileas:  vnstats may prove interesting to translate into this theme.11:29
Daughainmostafa:  NP.11:30
* mostafa loves GNOME much more11:31
DaughainTake a few hours to meet kde, mostafa. I'm much happier with it, since I h=got all my workspaces set up the way I need them.11:32
mostafaDaughain:  I can't install updates !11:33
Daughainmostafa: Install what updates?11:34
DaughainPlease be a little more specific.11:34
mostafaDaughain:  media codecs11:35
Daughainmostafa:  Also, are you using kubuntu, or rir you install kde in ubuntu?11:36
mostafaDaughain:  I'm using kubuntu11:36
Daughainmostafa: Ok, well, Ill try to help ya. =)11:36
mostafaDaughain:  THANKSSSSSSSSSSS11:36
Daughainmostafa:  You can use term, known as konsole in kde11:37
Daughainclick on the little blue ball on the bottom left hand corner, that has all the contents you used to find at the top left.11:37
mostafaDaughain: KONSOLE ? WHERE IS?11:38
Daughainmostafa: Slow down and I will tel ya. :P11:38
DaughainThat little blue ball is called Kickoff aplication launcher.11:38
Daughainclick on it and go to applications.11:39
mostafaDaughain:  :p11:39
Daughainscroll up to system, and then scroll down to terminal11:40
* mostafa getting familiar with kubuntu11:40
DaughainHey I use a widget to give me one-click access to term.11:40
Daughainright click on the desktop, select add widgets, scroll down to konsole, click on it, click the button labaled add widget11:41
* mostafa is updating his kubuntu 11:42
mostafaDaughain:  thanks :p11:42
DaughainThat gives you a widget to access term. Very useful, too.=)11:42
DaughainThats on workspace #4 for me.11:43
Daughainmostafa: Just use my name so I know ya askin a question. =)11:46
* mostafa faces the first bug in kubuntu !11:49
Daughainmostafa: could you add your question after my name? =) I'm editing a theme on another workspace11:49
DaughainWhat ya find?11:49
mostafaDaughain:  I installed a new theme and I clicked on folder view , the application crashes11:50
Daughaindolphin, or kde?11:51
Bonsterhow u fix this? http://img340.imageshack.us/img340/9012/imageprw.jpg11:51
mostafaDaughain: KDE11:51
Daughainmostafa: Err......Is the theme you dl'd a kde theme?11:51
DaughainBonster: Lemme take a look.11:51
mostafaDaughain: kde yes11:52
Daughainmostafa: OK, you are using kde4.3.2?11:52
mostafaDaughain:  I don't know , I installed kubuntu 9.1011:53
Daughainmostafa:  Ok, did you make sure the theme was for kde4+?11:53
mostafaDaughain:  I clicked on new theme , and I installed one from the list11:54
DaughainBonster: Search for the plugin and install it.11:54
Daughainenrold: WHat ya need?11:55
enroldnothing thx11:55
mostafaenrold: hello dude ;)11:55
enroldi only look around11:55
enroldhi mostafa XD11:55
frchrishi guys wondered if any1 here could help with tidying up my startup and shutdown sequences?11:56
Daughainmostafa: Try dling the theme from kde-look.org and instaling it m,anualy via the readme dirs.11:56
Daughainfrchris: Thats out of my league, bug jussi0111:56
jussi01nope, out of my league also11:57
DaughainWe runnin out of helpers tonight.....11:57
mostafaDaughain:  thanks11:57
frchrisk just thought i'd try - installed Ubuntu 9.10, switched to KDE but startup insists on going via Ubuntu screen and have to power down via login screen11:58
Daughainfaileas: you have any ideas for frchris ?11:58
Daughainfrchris: That seems to be normal, happens to me as well.11:58
frchrischeers Daughain11:58
enroldbb guys XD11:59
* mostafa respects kde but going back to gnome !11:59
frchristhought i might be missing something11:59
Daughainfrchris: The fix involves editing the gdm and kdm.conf files, if I remember correctly.11:59
DaughainI just havent gotten that far yet. =)11:59
frchrisooh - ok...11:59
frchrismust admit i'm a bit of a Linux newbie11:59
frchrishave to look that one up11:59
Daughainfrchris: Goes like this, replace the contents of the gdm with the contents of the kdm12:00
Daughainfrchris: I think.12:00
mostafaDaughain:  thanks :) , I go to reinstall ubuntu :)12:00
Daughainmostafa:  lol, well, ya can always install kde via synaptics.12:00
DaughainIn some ways it seems that method is more stable.12:00
Daughainfrchris: gdm== gnome desktop manager12:01
faileasfrchris: remove gdm, install kdm12:01
faileasand it should ask you whuch one you want12:01
mostafaDaughain:  the gnome is much easier for me :)12:01
Daughainfrchris: kdm ==KDE desktop manager12:01
faileaser... actually it should ask you which one you want, the moment you have more than one DM installed12:02
DaughainDoesnt, bug.12:02
frchrisoh excellent i'll go give it a try :)12:02
DaughainMost bugs are. =)12:02
* mostafa bye all12:02
faileasit seems to for me12:02
Daughainfaileas: That one just doesnt bother me that much.12:02
DaughainSafe travels mostafa12:02
frchrisThanks Daughain and faileas - off to play with my gdm and kdm lol12:03
faileasDaughain: you only see your desktop manager if you switch off ;p12:03
memenodedolphin wont connect to sftp.. "URL cannot be listed"12:03
Daughainfaileas: Yup, and, once I solve this ram issue, I prolly wont reboot more than once a week or so.12:04
* faileas tends to average months12:04
Daughainfaileas: If it stays stable, months arent out of the question. =)12:04
DaughainJust wish I knew how to track what was using how much ram.....12:05
faileashow about..12:05
DaughainTried it, cant make sense out of it.12:06
DaughainTons of numbers, but the tags at top are meaningles to me.12:06
faileashtop f6 select mem%12:06
DaughainGimme a min. =)12:06
faileasmem% = memory percentage ;p12:08
DaughainI know what *that* means. :P f6 gives me an unknown flag error.12:08
faileasthats odd12:11
Daughainf6 as in the keystroke?12:12
Daughainor written out?12:12
DaughainThey give me 2 diferent errors. =)12:12
faileasstart htop12:12
faileasTHEN f612:12
FloodBotK1faileas: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:13
faileasoops >_> i didn't mean f6 as an arguement on the command line. its what you press in the app ;p12:13
DaughainOK, lemme try...12:14
frchrisHey there Daughain solved the problem and works beautifully12:14
faileaswhat did you do?12:15
Daughainfrchris:  Cool...Eventualy I wil get around to doing it. =)12:15
frchrisused "sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm" and then it allows you to select which manager you wish to use12:16
faileasahh k12:16
frchrisproblem solved :-)12:16
frchristhanks guys12:16
DaughainWell, since I'm already in ter,..... =)12:16
frchrisloving my new linux universe!!!12:16
DaughainNp, frchris12:16
matty3269Mornin all :-)12:16
DaughainHOw many workspaces you using?12:17
DaughainMorning, matty326912:17
Daughainfaileas: My ram hog is kde.12:18
frchriswell off to play thanks again Daughain and faileas12:18
memenodewtf.. "Protocol not supported sftp"12:19
memenodesays konq12:19
DaughainWho uses konq?12:19
happymemenode: fish?12:19
happyDaughain: eh hem12:19
memenodeI've always used sftp12:20
memenodeit's on KDE4.412:20
memenodefish works..12:20
happyDaughain: old konq > new konq + dolphin12:21
Daughainhappy: Dont like dolphin, dont like konqueror.12:22
memenodeI like dolphin :P12:22
memenodewhen everything works12:22
memenodewhich often doesn't..12:22
DaughainIts ok, but I prefered the nautilus gui12:22
memenodecause KDE4 is still buggy12:22
soeehey guys when can we expect kde 4.4 rc1 in updates ?12:22
DaughainSo I keep discovering....12:23
DaughainSo far nothing to make me give up kde, though.12:23
happyDaughain: same here12:23
memenodeyeah.. that was back on 4.1 and earlier :P12:23
memenodethat was giving up worthy12:23
DaughainOk, back to my editing.12:24
Daughainfaileas:  Not so sure vnstats wll work for me....That grid layout makes it impossible for me to translate it how I need.12:30
DaughainAnyone know a non-graphical commandline app to view network traffic?12:41
Vroomfondlebwm will give you a rough overview12:41
DaughainIs that a non-graphical command line interface?12:42
DaughainAnd ascii counts as graphical.12:42
Vroomfondletcpdump, then ;)12:43
memenodeomg what idiot thought it's a good idea to make middle click copying be the same as ctrl-v copying.. what a huge usability regress12:43
Daughainmemenode: lol12:43
DaughainVroomfondle: OK, lemme try that and see what I get,12:43
DaughainVroomfondle:  "no suitable device found" I thin I missed something there.12:44
* Vroomfondle looks at OpenSUSE and notes that it distinguishes middle-click from ctrl-c/v, so can't be a KDE4 thing12:44
memenodenow just selecting text is like you did ctrl-c, previously though it was selecting was pasted with middle click and ctrl-v was pasting only what you copied via ctrl-c12:44
VroomfondleDaughain: yeah, IIRC you have to give it a network device e.g. /dev/eth012:44
* Daughain nods.../12:45
Vroomfondlememenode: probably configurable in System Settings?12:45
memenodelooking now..12:45
DaughainOK, so much for that. Tired of searching for wlan0.12:51
DaughainTime for breakfast and a movie.12:52
soeeim using oss for my sound card but when i try to play sound in my java program i get some errors with Pulse Audio, any idea how set oss of java ?12:56
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=== happy is now known as happy_
=== kishore_ is now known as kishore
files22NEW TORRENT SEARCH SITE http://Torrentpirates.org13:26
=== pjelinek is now known as pjelinek_
=== pjelinek_ is now known as pjelinek__
ergheziwhy google desktop dont index any file?13:43
ergheziAlso, I can not enter to google desktop prefrences.13:44
AlexZionhi everyone, how can I set up my grub2 with acpi=off and noapic options ?13:49
ergheziAlexZion: #grub13:49
AlexZionerghezi: grub2 in Kubuntu karmic .....13:50
ergheziAlexZion: not important:D13:50
AlexZionI mean , should I edit the /etc/default/grub, or something else ?13:51
AlexZionerghezi: could you help me please .....13:54
ergheziAlexZion: I have a problem with GRUB too:D13:55
AlexZionok , so we are on the same trouble ...13:55
ergheziAlexZion: i want to see theme on grub213:56
ergheziAlexZion: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/01/make-grub-themes-beautiful-look-nicer.html13:56
fujimitsuAlexZion: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="acpi=off" in /etc/default/grub and run update-grub or grub-mkconfig again13:56
fujimitsui was told this at #grub13:57
AlexZionahh ok , so after I change the file , I forgot to update the grub , that's why it didn't works ....13:57
erghezifujimitsu: :D13:57
AlexZionI'll try again , thanks fujimitsu13:57
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BluesKajhowdy folks14:10
nabilhas anyone had success in printing to HP laserjet 1600 using kubuntu 9.1014:14
fire`lalalanabil: I'm using a laserjet cp2025dn without problems14:17
RiotingPacifistnabil: not sure about the speific model but as long as i've had hpjip installed (and cups and all that) my hp inkjet has been fine, do you have hplip installed?14:17
AlexZionhow can I remove grub2 from a partition ?14:18
RiotingPacifisthow long till 4.4 rc1 is ready and packaged for the ppas?14:18
RiotingPacifistAlexZion: uninstalling grub2 should do it, but it may leave your system unbootable14:18
fujimitsuAlexZion: #grub is more appropriate for grub related questions14:19
AlexZionmy problem is that trying to set it up , I install it in another partition for a mistake14:19
AlexZionok , I'll try it14:19
RiotingPacifistAlexZion: in that case i think what you need to do is install it properly where you want it, then just remove it from the wrong partition when it's unused14:22
=== jonathan__ is now known as Neremor
JuJuBee_I tried installing msttcorefonts yesterday but I think it did not work. Now when I try to install anything using apt-get it seems like it is trying to re-install msttcorefonts. How do i get this to stop.  this is the output anytime I use apt-get... http://paste.ubuntu.com/353492/14:31
ilumiJuJuBee_, remove the msfonts or try to repair14:37
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
JuJuBee_ilumi: how ?  I tried to apt-get remove msttcorefonts but it still happens14:40
fujimitsuis there a download source for it in your sources.list?14:41
=== hhlp_ is now known as hhlp
ilumiJuJuBee_, try sudo apt-get -f remove purge msttcorefonts14:42
JuJuBee_fujimitsu: not sure... what should I look for?14:42
JuJuBee_I will try that14:42
JuJuBee_ilumi: without the remove...14:43
ilumiJuJuBee_, why14:43
ilumiyou need to remove if you going to purge14:43
JuJuBee_it did not work as remove purge14:43
ilumitry remove -purge14:44
DaughainThat was interesting....14:44
fujimitsurun kpackagekit > settings > edit software sources  - if there is one in there for those fonts, removing it might help14:44
DaughainThink I need to reboot.14:44
DaughainJust need to figure out how. =)14:44
JuJuBee_E: Command line option 'p' [from -purge] is not known.14:44
ilumiDaughain, still?14:45
JuJuBee_fujimitsu: doesn't look like anything there for msfonts14:46
ilumiJuJuBee_, maybe it's already removed14:46
ilumiJuJuBee_, do aptitude show msttcorefonts     , see what is says14:47
fujimitsuJuJuBee_: have you logged out since you first removed the fonts?14:47
RiotingPacifistjust jumpinh half-way through here, but have you tried firing up aptitude as it has nice dependancy resolution principles14:47
tsimpsonif a package is already removed (but not purged) you need to use dpkg: sudo dpkg --purge msttcorefonts14:47
JuJuBee_fujimitsu: no14:48
fujimitsui'd try logging out for good measure14:48
JuJuBee_fujimitsu: will do14:48
fujimitsumaybe something needs resetting . logging might do it14:49
JuJuBee_fujimitsu: no joy... I logged out and back in and tried installing something and at end it goes through the fonts again...14:50
ilumiJuJuBee_, do aptitude show msttcorefonts     , see what is says14:51
=== Dekans_ is now known as Dekans
JuJuBee_ilumi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/353501/14:51
RiotingPacifistJuJuBee_: just fire up aptitude and see if it offers a good fix (sudo aptitude)14:52
ilumiJuJuBee_, well, its no longer installed14:53
ilumiso do the sudo dpkg --purge msttcorefonts14:53
JuJuBee_I purrged the ttf-mscorefonts-installer and that seems to have fixed it.  Thanks to both14:55
BluesKaj"fire up aptitude" , wow ,now there's a propellerhead expression :)14:57
RiotingPacifistwhat aptitude lacks in super cow powers it makes up for in it's tui that offers advanced apt features without needed to do them the hard way.15:00
BluesKaj I use aptitude as well, but never heard it referred to like some barbeque :)15:01
zegeniesoooo, how long before we have 4.4 RC1 packages available? :)15:07
islingtonzegenie: I joined to ask just that, the beta2 packages built remarkably quickly15:10
tsimpsonas soon as they get packages made, built, and tested :)15:10
BluesKajzegenie, someone mentioned yestrday that kde 4.4 RC  is delayed by 2 weeks...could be a rumour15:16
zegenieBluesKaj: it's not, it's out today15:16
zegeniethere's a second RC coming out jan 20th, which was originally unplanned IIRC, but the RC release announcement is already out on kde.org15:16
zegenietsimpson: thanks, that means absolutely nothing :)15:16
tsimpsonzegenie: because there is no answer to your question :)15:17
tsimpson"it'll be ready when it's ready" is the only answer anyone can give15:17
zegeniegood thing I also lurk in -devel then, so I could get an answer from someone that actually has something to do with it :)15:17
zegenieand not just someone who doesn't know15:17
zegenie"I don't know" is also a perfectly fine answer if you don't15:18
zegenietho most people tend not to say anything if they don't know15:18
* tsimpson knows more than you know he knows15:18
islingtonzegenie: go take a look at the repo where the packages are building15:19
tsimpsonError: no error15:20
zegenieislington: I would if it showed anything ;)15:23
RiotingPacifist4.4rc1 will probably be ready in ~12hrs15:41
RiotingPacifistso short of any hiccups it should be available by tomorrow15:43
RiotingPacifist:s how can you have a planned rc2? rc15:44
RiotingPacifistrcs >1 should always be unplanned but allowed for15:45
humanI think, the repository is not working now!15:45
humanI cannot get packages!15:45
RiotingPacifisthuman: it's working for me15:46
humanI type sudo apt-get install kstars15:46
humanand got "E: could not find package"15:47
genii!info kstars15:47
ubottukstars (source: kdeedu): desktop planetarium for KDE 4. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.3.2-0ubuntu1.1 (karmic), package size 818 kB, installed size 3168 kB15:47
geniihuman: Did you do already the sudo apt-get update?15:48
RiotingPacifisthuman: actually i'm using the gb mirror, maybe the us mirror is down but ubuntu.com is doing fine15:48
NeteHow do you get knetwork to run on startup15:49
humanI have reset my Xorg15:49
RiotingPacifistNete:  system-settings has an autostart section add it to that15:49
RiotingPacifisthuman: before installing software you have to run apt-get update15:50
arnaldocan anyone help me to set my wireless in kubuntu15:50
humansudo apt-get update?15:50
geniihuman: sudo apt-get update                will get the list from servers of what there is to install, yes15:50
NeteRiotingPacifist: What category is it under?15:50
RiotingPacifistarnaldo: do you know what chipset you have? if not pastebin lspci15:50
RiotingPacifistNete: advanced>advanced user settings15:51
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://ubuntu.pastebin.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic15:51
human<genii> I am receiving the localization packages now15:51
humanthe system was broken when I have done it last time...15:52
arnaldo00:00.0 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8366/A/7 [Apollo KT266/A/333]15:52
arnaldo00:01.0 PCI bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8366/A/7 [Apollo KT266/A/333 AGP]15:52
arnaldo00:09.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4401 100Base-T (rev 01)15:52
arnaldo00:10.0 USB Controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82xxxxx UHCI USB 1.1 Controller (rev 80)15:52
arnaldo00:10.1 USB Controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82xxxxx UHCI USB 1.1 Controller (rev 80)15:52
arnaldo00:10.2 USB Controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82xxxxx UHCI USB 1.1 Controller (rev 80)15:52
FloodBotK1arnaldo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.15:52
humanI have installed Kubuntu without sudo apt-get update a week ago15:53
humanand could install kstars15:53
humanOh! I can install kstars!!! Thanks!!!!15:54
RiotingPacifist!pastebin > arnaldo15:56
ubottuarnaldo, please see my private message15:56
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RiotingPacifistyou got cut off before i saw your chipset15:57
RiotingPacifisthuman: package lists change over time, if your package list is old you can't install software that has changed since your packagelist was created15:58
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humanI have installed it successfully a week ago, and now I have package conflict with mysql-server5.015:59
=== robert__ is now known as ram_dac
RiotingPacifisthuman: run sudo aptitude and look at fixes then pick one15:59
arnaldosorry about it16:00
visheshHi. I want to include the the backports repository in order to get the latest updates. Could some one tell me what line to add. I'm a little confused.16:00
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
RiotingPacifistarnaldo: no problem but if i can't help you until you pastebin your lspci output16:00
humanOK I'll do it now . I want to install "mysql-server-5.0" but system does not allow install it... It worked a week ago... I wonder)))16:00
arnaldoRiotingPacifist how can  I send you the chipset details?16:01
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://ubuntu.pastebin.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic16:01
RiotingPacifist^copy and paste it to pastebin then post a link to the channel16:01
visheshUhm anyone? Should I include the launchpad ppa or karmic-backports?16:02
RiotingPacifistarnaldo: do you have a usb wireless chip, the lspci output doesn't have any wireless chips16:03
humanOh, I have to install mysql-server-5.1 instead of mysql-server-5.0))))) And no conflicts16:03
humanthe mysql-server-5.0 is obsolete?16:03
EagleScreenvishesh: it is not necessary to use the backports16:04
RiotingPacifistvishesh: i'm not 100% sure but i think karmic-backports is what you want, unless you want to be running beta software16:04
EagleScreenvishesh: packages in backports sometimes break things in the system16:05
arnaldoRio- this is very old machine and I got the usb antenna to have wireless16:05
visheshYea. I know that. But I want to get ktorrent's latest version.16:05
visheshIs their any other way? Without possibly breaking the system?16:05
EagleScreenvishesh: what version do you want?16:05
arnaldoit was working but now is kind of challege to make it works16:05
iconmefistovishesh: you can do it easily in kpackagekit16:05
visheshI have 3.2. I wanted 3.3. How?16:06
NeteRiotingPacifist: Thanks I got it....16:06
iconmefistovishesh: in kpackagekit, go to settings, updates tab, "unsupported updates" is backports16:06
BluesKajzeltak, got a site that has the whole RC 4.4 package not just individual apps etc ?16:07
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
RiotingPacifistvishesh: i don't think either backports or the ppa have 3.3, ktorrent is not part of kde16:07
visheshiconmefisto: Yea. I got that. I meant is their any way to install the latest kTorrent without possible breaking the system or should I just take the leap?16:07
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
visheshRiotingPacifist: Really?16:08
NoviceI keep getting this http://pastebin.com/m3c1d3c79 error message whilr trying to install ati Catalyst any clues what I may be doing wrong?16:08
EagleScreenvishesh: it may be possible16:08
RiotingPacifistarnaldo: i'm not sure about usb wireless16:09
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs16:09
BluesKajoops wrong nick zeltak , sorry :p16:09
geniiNovice: You're calling the shell script without arguments. Hangon a minut16:09
RiotingPacifistvishesh: yeah ktorrent isn't part of the main kde bulk, i have the 4.4beta2 installed but my ktorrent is still 3.216:09
EagleScreenvishesh: would u like to try ktorrent 4.0~beta ?16:10
visheshRiotingPacifist: Damn. I'll look for the lanchpad repository. Maybe .. I'm not too keen about compiling from source.16:10
geniiNovice: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Jaunty_Installation_Guide#Installing_the_drivers_manually                     if you have different than "jaunty" put that name in the command16:10
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=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
Novicegenii: thx16:11
RiotingPacifistarnaldo: if you run lsusb you might be able to get the chipset of the usb pen that will help, but i can't be much use past that16:11
geniiNovice: Yer welcome16:11
EagleScreenvishesh: http://packages.debian.org/experimental/ktorrent16:11
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
Pici!nickspam > dendrobates16:12
ubottudendrobates, please see my private message16:12
EagleScreenvishesh, this is for 3.3.2 http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/ktorrent16:12
vishesh@EagleScreen : Thanks. I was still going through the launchpad page.16:13
arnaldo Rio pls look at ithttp://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m45471a7a16:13
SkyBonlooks like RC1 has come out16:13
SkyBonwhen will packages be available?16:14
RiotingPacifistvishesh: https://launchpad.net/~mieszkoslusarczyk/+archive/kde-extras-snapshots https://launchpad.net/~baudm/+archive/backports?field.series_filter=karmic offer it for karmic16:14
RiotingPacifistSkyBon: tomorow16:14
EagleScreenvishesh: take care, newer packages for ktorrent in the beta backports of kubuntu PPA, may break your system because it depends on KDE 4.4beta2 and Qt4.616:14
SkyBonoh damn great16:15
SkyBonkubuntu always lags behind openSUSE ((((16:15
EagleScreenSkyBon: yes, in all expect package management16:15
vishesh@EagleScreen : Thanks for the warning. I'm installing the backports as well. Worst case scenario ..I'll have to file a couple of bug reports, and use GNOME for a while.16:15
RiotingPacifistSkyBon: well probably in about 10hrs but definatly by tomorow16:15
RiotingPacifistSkyBon: if you love openSUSE so much why don't you marry it?16:16
SkyBonbuggy and bloated16:16
=== Tocks_ is now known as Tocks
RiotingPacifistvishesh: if you use aptitude or apt pinning or some of the guis you can roll back to previous versions of packages16:18
arnaldono solution?16:18
RiotingPacifistarnaldo: you have a Linksys chip but i don't know much about usb-wirelss, try the forums or google16:18
RiotingPacifistarnaldo:  the line "1737:0077 Linksys" will probably help on google16:19
arnaldolet me try16:21
RiotingPacifist!wireless > arnaldo might also help16:21
ubottuarnaldo, please see my private message16:21
SkyBon@RiotingPacifist, but how can he roll back if not from package cache?16:21
RiotingPacifistSkyBon: well if hes enabeling the ppa the old packages will still be in the official repos16:22
SkyBonah ok16:22
spacitymedicHello! I need some help with the audio on my computer... my mic is not being recognized... any ideas?16:23
SkyBonbut only if it doesn't depend on another ppa packages...16:23
RiotingPacifistSkyBon: aptitude / pinning / gui's can handle that for you16:23
EagleScreenKDE 4.4 RC1 will be uploaded to Beta PPA soon16:24
SkyBonspacitymedic, version of Kubuntu and KDE?16:24
spacitymedic9.1 xubuntu16:25
spacitymedicerr... i'm in the wrong channel right?16:25
=== jonathan____ is now known as jwagner
SkyBonlet #xubuntu be with you ;)16:26
spacitymedicah. ok.16:27
spacitymedic how do i get to where ever it is I need to be?16:27
SkyBonjust go to channel #xubuntu16:27
SkyBonyou will get community support for Xubuntu and XFCE there16:28
Icari|maci have a broadcom wired and wireless card [seperate cards] and after my internet died this morning it seems that i cant get an ip address on wireless, and on wired the system is not even finding that the cord is connected, any suggestions?16:29
SkyBonver Kubuntu, KDE?16:30
spacitymedicHey thanks a million16:30
Icari|macusing wicd16:30
Icari|mackde 416:30
SkyBonok, ok16:31
SkyBonany msgs from knetworkmanager?16:31
Icari|macwicd cant get ip address16:31
Icari|maci was trying to use knetworkmanager and i could not connect at all, wicd would connect atleast16:32
SkyBoninstalled anything lately?16:32
Icari|macthere was an update this morning, i dont know what was in it16:32
Icari|macbut i dont think the update finished downloading16:33
SkyBondownloading or installing? Oo16:33
Icari|mac"unable to get ip address" is the error i get from wifi16:33
=== Y0Y0 is now known as yoyo
Icari|macit was downloading then the system froze, so i am not sure how far it got16:33
SkyBonat least it didn't finish downloading, right?16:34
Icari|maci dont think so16:34
Icari|macsudo dpkg --configure -a is not showing any output16:34
Icari|macsudo ifup eth0 outputs "Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0"16:35
DaughainHey, I have a shutdown option now.16:35
Icari|macit was automatic notification and i just installed it16:35
Icari|macor told it to do so16:35
SkyBonhmmm ok16:35
SkyBontry aptitude update && aptitude safe-upgrade and we'll see if the problem vanishes16:36
SkyBonjust because it could be broken packages as well16:36
Icari|maceven if i have NO internet access? wired is not even connecting for some reason16:37
Icari|macwired connection is not showing up in wicd16:37
SkyBonare you now here from another pc?16:37
SkyBonor just another os?16:37
Icari|macmy macbook16:37
SkyBonah alright16:37
SkyBondo you have livecd?16:38
Icari|macin live cd the network connected fine last week when i had a problem with wifi, but wired was working fine then16:39
SkyBonwell, try now16:39
SkyBonmaybe it is not an os issue16:39
Icari|macwell the broadcom restricted drivers will not install in live cd, but i can test wired network16:39
SkyBonat least this16:40
SkyBonas 2 problems appeared simultaneously16:40
SkyBonthey are at least connected to each other16:41
Icari|maci am not sure few days ago wifi worked when wired was not found16:41
DaughainReboot router?16:42
Icari|macdone a few times today16:42
SkyBonmaybe check cords connection?16:43
SkyBontoo loose or smth like that16:43
Icari|macthe wired network lights dont appear to be on when the wired network cord is plugged in16:43
Icari|macnow in live cd i am seeing the lights on, around the network cord16:44
=== kiran is now known as Guest36037
SkyBoninternet ok?16:44
Icari|maci am checking16:45
EagleScreenIcari|mac: I also use Broadcom Wifi16:46
Icari|macyes wired is working in livecd16:46
SkyBonit is a kubuntu issue16:47
EagleScreenIcari|mac: do you want to use it in Live CD? karmic?16:47
SkyBonhe just checked hardware16:47
SkyBonoh sorry :)16:47
* Daughain chuckles.16:47
SkyBon*she just checked hardware16:48
DaughainIcari, not Icarus...??16:48
Icari|macjust Icari16:48
SkyBonlet's boot back to kubuntu16:48
Icari|maci am16:48
Icari|macwired network is not being found in wicd16:50
Icari|macon reboot16:50
Icari|macand wireless is not getting an ip address16:50
SkyBonaccess to router?16:51
Icari|maci am on wireless on my macbook16:51
SkyBoni mean access from desktop pc16:52
SkyBona.k.a. kubuntu pc16:52
Icari|macno it is not connecting to the internet in anyway, no network access16:52
Icari|macwired is not found and wireless is not getting ip address16:52
Icari|macbut the wifi was fine this morning16:52
Icari|macbut i have had this ip address problem before, only fix was a reinstall of the os :(16:53
Icari|macwhen i do ifconfig, i see eth0 eth2 eth2:avahi and lo is that normal?16:54
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Icari|macwhere eth0 is wifed and eth2 is wifi16:54
SkyBonshould bbe16:54
Icari|macwhat is eth2:avahi?16:54
DexterF_im on a 9.04 machine, owner says no updates in weeks. indeed manually updating from konsole pulled a lot of stuff but in systray no notifier showed up. did before.16:56
DexterF_what happened? how do I get notified of updates?16:56
SkyBon@IcariImac this means that eth2 runs via avahi16:57
Icari|maci have not seen that before16:57
EagleScreenDexterF_: check the config in Kpackagekit -> Configuration -> Updates or so16:58
=== root is now known as Guest76970
SkyBon"i discovered that i have internet connection when there's no etho:avahi in the device list in network."16:59
Icari|machow do i make it go away?16:59
Icari|maci like using linux but this is making me want to go back to windoze :(17:00
DexterF_was there a inconsistency in the 9.04 mirror lately? got a kde4.2.2 package that can't be installed, no further reason17:04
BluesKajtime for my daily consitution/walk ...bbl17:04
EagleScreenDexterF_: what happens whith that package, any error message?17:05
Icari|macno one has any other ideas/suggestions?17:05
SkyBon@IcariImac http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5766177&postcount=617:05
Icari|mac"connection failed: unable to get IP addres"17:05
SkyBontried anything like that in kubuntu?17:06
Icari|maci tried http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3013656&postcount=2 and no luck17:06
SkyBonactually the best thing here is to reinstall17:09
SkyBonjust because I think it is related to a broken update installation17:09
Icari|maci have had this machine for about 1.5 weeks and i have reinstalled/installed 2 times17:09
SkyBonwhat about the last time?17:10
SkyBoneverything was the same?17:10
Icari|maclast time was one week ago17:10
Icari|macwhen i got the wifi working the first time17:10
SkyBondid you have the same issue?17:11
Icari|macyes, network was not connecting but wired network atleast worked then17:12
Icari|macmaybe i should try changing my wifi channel, i dont know but worth trying i guess17:13
SkyBoneverything is worth trying actually17:13
Icari|maclet me try that and i will return17:13
Icari|macno luck with changing the channel on the router17:18
SkyBonEagleScreen, are you here?17:20
Icari|maci was here last friday talking with Jason__ when we got it working17:21
SkyBonI don't know much about Broadcom WiFi17:21
SkyBonwe need someone who has experienced Broadcom WiFi troubleshooting17:22
=== trinity is now known as Buddha
SkyBonIcari, consider leaving a note at Ubuntu Forums, ok?17:22
Icari|machttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8604486#post8604486 was posted last friday by Jason__17:23
Buddhaalcohol 52?17:25
SkyBonand it looks like that Broadcom is to blame...17:25
Buddhaare u there?17:25
SkyBonbut nvm17:25
SkyBonIcari, describe your issue at forums, hope smb will help...17:26
devilMCacidhey there. just wanted to reconfigure the x of my kub. 910 with sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg , nothing happended17:27
devilMCacidthought sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg would work for sure but no window opens17:28
humanhow can I get sound in Youtube when I use Konqueror?17:30
humanI could get in Firefox only when I use Gnome, but how to do it in Kubuntu?17:32
humanDoes anybody know that?17:34
=== kb is now known as Guest95171
iconmefisto_human: is it working in firefox?17:36
humanonly if I use GNOME, not in KDE...17:37
iconmefisto_how did you install flash plugin?17:38
soeehuman: u dont have sound in any browser ?17:39
=== kiran is now known as Guest47564
Guest47564hello people i have some problem with some c code. can someone help me?17:44
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
Icari|maclooks like this morning in the updates that got downloaded/installed was a new kernel17:48
humanI do not have17:48
humanI'll reboot now17:48
Icari|macthe wifi does not work even with the old kernel17:49
ngong_upgraded to 9.10, boot stucks, any good advice other than: "save date and reinstall from sratch"?17:50
ngong_date <- data17:51
Koliangong_: when does it get stucked?17:52
ngong_Kolia: 1 get 3 messages:17:52
alexb1hello; I have a wacom bamboo tablet and I can't make it work on kubuntu karmic. Tried already http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7234134&postcount=17617:53
ngong_1. usb_id[308]: unable to access '/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.3/usb5/5-217:53
ngong_2. init: ureadahead main process (329) terminated with status 517:54
Icari|maci found out why wired network was not working, i had it hidden in wicd17:54
ngong_3. fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16 \n /dev/sda1: clean, ....17:54
ngong_Kolia: than nothing, I can reboot with ctrl-alt-del17:55
ngong_google reports lots messages about getting stuck while upgrading to 9.10, however I did not find any solution or advice how to proceed17:58
iconmefisto_ngong_: tried booting older kernels?17:59
ilumingong_, when it gets stuck, whats on the screen18:00
alexb1the tablet doesn't appear on xsetwacom list18:02
ngong_iconmefisto_: pressing esc, I can see only 9.04, booting the newest .17 leads to this problem18:03
iconmefisto_ngong_: so you can boot from other kernels? or not?18:05
ngong_iconmefisto_: nope18:05
ngong_iconmefisto_: none is working, tried two18:05
ngong_ilumi: iconmefisto_: kubuntu welcome goes and than some messages: (1) unable to access some usb, (2) init: ureadahead main process (336) terminated with status 5, (3) fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16 ... clean ...18:07
ilumingong_, try to boot in "safe mode"18:08
ilumingong_, i guess you need to press esc when grub starts18:09
ilumingong_, to get the menu18:09
ngong_ilumi: you main (recovery mode) did so, same result18:09
ngong_ilumi: with lots of more messages, seems the disk has a problem18:10
ilumingong_, yeah, your best option is to start from scratch18:11
ngong_ilumi: eg.: ... name="/usr/sbin/tcpdump" name2="default" pid=326,18:11
ilumingong_, upgrading sucks18:11
ngong_ilumi: does this tell that the disk has a problem?18:12
ilumingong_, you can get into console?18:12
ngong_ilumi: no18:12
ngong_I can ctrl-alt-del to reboot18:12
ilumingong_, it doesnt look like a harddrive problem18:13
ilumingong_, how long do you wait before restart?18:14
ngong_ilumi: the longest was half an hour18:14
ilumingong_, ok, yeah it's messed up18:15
ngong_ilumi: but there is no disk access while waiting18:15
ngong_ilumi: ok, firstly I'll save the data with another computer18:15
Fazer2resolution on my laptop has changed to 1024x768, how can I change it to other? there is no other proper option in Screen settings, only 800x60018:15
ilumingong_, you mean you made a backup?18:16
=== rosa is now known as logicsniper
iconmefisto_ngong_: maybe run fsck on your partitions from a livecd18:16
ngong_iconmefisto_: ok18:17
BuGo_laptopi am using ubuntu but i want to set theme for KDE applications. how can i do that?18:20
IzinucsOther than kmymoney is there anther program that also has invoicing? hopefully kde oriented18:20
BuGo_laptopany suggestions?18:21
Fazer2BuGo_laptop: you have to install gtk-engines18:22
BuGo_laptopand then?18:22
=== melissa is now known as melissawm
Fazer2BuGo_laptop: and then in Preferences change Qt Settings to use proper engine18:22
NeteHello, When I start my laptop up it used to connect automatically to the internet but now it doesn't. I put Knetworkmanager to run on startup but it didn't. Any suggestions?18:24
BluesKajNete, have you configured network-manager options?18:27
=== dione is now known as Dione-Munir
NeteBluesKaj: I have it set to automatically connect to a certain network18:28
BluesKajauto connect but with what security options ?18:28
=== Chisper is now known as Urthanhassen
NeteBluesKaj: None18:30
NeteNo security18:30
javialguien me ayudaaaaaaaa18:30
Kolia!es |javi18:30
ubottujavi: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.18:30
javisoy nuevo en esto  del ubuntu18:30
BluesKajNete, not a good idea , you should at least use wep encryption18:30
Urthanhassentendrás más posibilidades si hablas en inglés18:31
javigracias, pero mi inglkes es algo malo18:31
Urthanhassenentonces conectate a un canal como #kubuntu-es18:31
Urthanhasseno usa google para traducir (no recomendado)18:31
BluesKajjavi /join #kubuntu-es18:32
NeteBluesKaj: Do you mean as in passwording the wireless connection, or setting a password so I can't access it w/o authorization18:32
javiwenas a todos18:32
BluesKajNete, both18:32
Urthanhassenjavi escribe lo que dice BluesKaj18:32
javinete, both18:33
BluesKajUrthanhassen ,  En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.18:33
NeteBluesKaj: thank you for trying to help me, but will this fix the auto-connect to what it used to be?18:34
UrthanhassenI'm only help Javi to join18:34
javialguien me ayuda con una tarjeta bradcom para poner en mo modo monitor18:34
BluesKajNete, dunno for sure but not using any encryption on a wifi setup is asking for ppl to hack into your data18:35
BluesKajjavi, can you take a hint ?  En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.18:36
=== phoenixz is now known as fS-Ex
Urthanhassenhe gone18:36
Nete BluesKaj: We don't live in the city, and we know all our neighbors. Someone in my family has a Win2000 Laptop and it won't take encrypted networks....18:37
BluesKajyou can stay if you use english , Urthanhassen18:37
Urthanhasseni'm doing iy18:37
Urthanhassenonly use spanish for help somebody18:38
BluesKajNete, my laptop showed the same probs so I switched to wicd18:38
BluesKaj!info wicd | Nete18:38
ubottuNete: wicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.1-3ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 415 kB, installed size 2464 kB18:38
BluesKajUrthanhassen, then help ppl in spanish at #kubuntu-es , not here18:39
UrthanhassenIs any way to install Wireless Manager on Kubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10?18:40
Urthanhassennot all knows how to do it18:40
BluesKajUrthanhassen, read my post above about wicd18:41
Urthanhassenwhere is it?18:41
humanHelp!! no Sound in youtube18:41
BluesKajwww.wicd.net, Nete , Urthanhassen18:42
humanbut I have the computer with available sound (Kubuntu). I can not remember what had I done at the second!18:42
Nete BluesKaj: Ok, I installed it. If I just use a passphrase for accessing the wireless then no one can actually hack my laptop, right?18:42
Netew/o the wireless pass18:42
BluesKajNete, remove network-manager before trying to use wicd18:43
Koliaactually installing wicd will remove network-manager no?18:43
KoliaBluesKaj: ^^18:43
NeteBluesKaj: Can I just disable it18:43
BluesKajalways use a pw , there ppl driving around in vehicles checking for unsecure networks even rural areas , Nete18:44
BluesKajtry to disable network-manager , but I don't think it will work18:45
NeteBluesKaj: I'll make a pw for my connection to the modem. My Dad's Win2000 doesn't really have personal info, and it can't connect if there is a pw18:46
BluesKajI trust my neighbours too, but it's not the neighbours you should worry about18:46
NeteKolia: KNetworkManager was uninstalled when wicd was installed18:47
KoliaNete: i thought so. Now everything should be OK for you :)18:48
Koliawicd works perfectly18:48
BluesKajNete, it didn't uninstall on my sons laptop when I installed wicd on his , if it was installed with a package manager ,make sure you use that to uninstall18:49
KoliaBluesKaj: you install wicd with apt-get install?18:49
BluesKajKolia, no I downloaded the app from the site18:49
NeteBluesKaj: I used adept to install wicd and I just checked on Knetwork and it was not installed18:49
NeteKolia: Thanks. I'm going to see if when I start up my computer if I connect automatically.18:50
NeteBye for now18:50
BluesKajthe guy has no patience18:51
BluesKajwicd has to be configured , it doesn't work out of the box18:52
NeteBluesKaj, Kolia, I'm back and the connection was automatic! Thanks18:53
Netewicd rules18:54
BluesKajdid you setup a pw ?18:54
NeteBluesKaj: No18:54
* BluesKaj shakes his head18:54
NeteBluesKaj: I'll have to think of something 128 chars though, and that might take a while18:55
NeteBluesKaj: of course Kwallet takes care of that18:55
NeteBluesKaj: I'll have one generated18:55
BluesKajno not necessary just think of a phrase in your life history that you won't forget18:55
NeteBluesKaj: It doesn't have to be 128 chars?18:56
BluesKaj128 is the digital encryption18:56
NeteBluesKaj: What if I don't have a life history18:56
Netehmm...Year 1? No. Year 2? No. Year 3? No. Year 8? No. Year 11? No. Year 15? No.18:58
KoliaBluesKaj: when you install wicd from apt-get it removes automatically the network-manager18:58
NeteBluesKaj: seriously, though... Kwallet is going to remember any old thing I put18:59
BluesKajsomething that happened ...it doesn't matter what , as long as you can remember it letter for letter18:59
BluesKajans number18:59
BluesKajkwallet is evil , i don't trust it , but be my guest18:59
BluesKajyour passphrase is encrypted in wicd so no need for kwallet19:00
NeteBluesKaj: Ummm.... it was made by people like you...and me. it's open src isn't it? Should be to bad19:00
NeteBluesKaj: I shoot it the next time I see it pop up!19:01
BluesKajKolia, wicd should remove network manager with apt , yes i should have mentioned that. I've been using the app from the site because I transferred it to a USB stick for storage19:03
NeteHello, Why does Windows slow down the more you use  it, and Linux speeds up?19:03
BluesKajNete, because it's windows and uses DLLs etc19:03
BluesKajand needs defragging every week19:04
NeteBluesKaj: When I first stared Kubuntu it wasn't too fast... now after using it for a time, it is blazing! amazing!19:05
Netefaaast startups19:05
Netegimp loads fast19:05
BluesKajthe devs are doing their best to make it fast,stable and reliable19:05
BruceWHello is there anyway to get a hold of a old version of amarok?19:06
BruceWI liked how amarok was int Kubuntu Hardy Heron19:06
NeteBluesKaj: nice19:06
BruceWHello is there a way to get a hold of a old version of amarok?19:08
=== AllYourBases is now known as Guest42129
KoliaBruceW: some people did it, don't ask me how though :/19:11
KoliaBruceW: have you asked on #amarok?19:11
adolfoqualcuno mi puo aiutare? ho dei problemi a scarirare dalla rete IORC, sia con Konversation sia con xchat ed anche con Kvirc19:12
BruceWKolia: no but I will do that now :)19:12
BruceWKolia: I hate the new amarok :(19:12
Pici!it | adolfo19:12
ubottuadolfo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)19:12
coreyBhey is there anyway to get gtk-recordmydesktop to record what i hear on my computer?19:17
Peace-coreyB: use recorditnow19:19
Peace-it's made in qt19:19
Peace-so for kubuntu19:19
Peace-use this one19:20
coreyBokie dokie thanks19:21
Peace-coreyB: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2009/11/02/recoditnow-screencast-kubuntu-9-10-kde4-series/19:22
coreyBso should i use the script of recorditnow?19:22
Peace-well arecordmydesktop creates better syncro video audio19:23
Peace-on my computer19:23
Peace-but if recordmydesktop working fine on your pc19:23
Peace-with nice audio you shoudl use only recorditnow19:23
coreyBokay man thanks mate :)19:23
Peace-coreyB: and arecordmydesktop was created by me xD19:25
coreyBseriously? lol19:28
Peace-on my computer recordmydesktop doesn't work well on audio19:29
Peace-so i have fixed by myself19:29
Peace-using arecord  to record audio19:29
Peace-and recordmydesktop to record video19:30
Bonstertry recorditnow19:30
marianset up19:30
Peace-no way man19:30
soeeany inf when rc1 will be i repos?19:30
humanno sound19:30
BonsterRC1 is out?19:31
Peace-no the problem it's crappy audio19:31
Peace-that is a bug19:31
soeeBonster: yes kde 4.4 rc119:31
Bonstersoee, not for kubuntu tho19:32
soeeBonster: thats why im asking when do wee see it in repos19:32
BonsterPeace-, try the program recorditnow like i said b4, might be better19:32
phoenixzIm playing an mp3 with orpheus, command line mp3 player, it uses mpg123 to play the mp3's and the mpg123 is taking about 98% CPU on my dualcore 1.86GHz CPU.. if it cant get 90+%, it starts creating noise and skipping.. this is not normal, is it??19:32
Peace-Bonster: i am the one has said recorditnow19:33
Peace-Bonster: record it now uses recordmydekstop19:33
Peace-so it has tha bug too ...19:33
phoenixzBesides that, pulseaudio taking 50%... these values are nuts..19:33
Peace-i have spoken about that with the developer19:33
Bonsteroh ppl had better luck with recorditnow then gtk-rmd19:34
=== Dekans is now known as Dekans[afk]
Peace-Bonster: you should read what i have said to recorditnow developer on kde-apps19:34
Peace-Bonster: he said he will add arecod like audio recorder just for this situation...19:35
Bonsternot sure usually gets tearing thats as much as i get when using gtk-rmd19:35
Peace-gtk.rmd it's only a gui19:36
Peace-like recorditnow19:36
Peace-the engine is always recordmydekstop19:36
Peace-so a bug on recordmydekstop it's a bug for everyone if you use gtk.rmd or recorditnow19:37
mariannu stiu19:37
Peace-and this is the bug...19:37
Bonsternot really, my friend was using gtk it wasnt working for him, but recorditnow was very smooth , so there is a difference somehow19:38
Peace-you are a newbie19:38
Bonsterim talking form experience19:38
Peace-i am talking like programmer19:38
Bonsternot just codes or backends19:39
Bonsterso then explain to me then why one works and the other doesnt19:39
Bonsterif u say is the same backends19:39
Peace-mauybe 2 different audio card...19:39
Bonstersame one19:39
Peace-different version...19:40
Peace-different settings?19:40
Peace-a lots of stuff you could get19:40
Peace-but recordmydekstop has a bug like i have posted before19:40
Bonsterthen like i said 2 different things19:40
Peace-no time right now19:41
craftyquackdoes any one know how to install KDE 4.4 RC on KDE 4.319:49
craftyquacki mean PPA for KDE 4.4 RC19:49
Koliawait a few hours i guess?19:49
Bonsterdid they fix the nepomuk search?19:50
KoliaBonster: ?19:52
Peace-here nepomuck works19:52
craftyquacki don't know19:52
shadeslayerPeace-: :o19:52
Peace-just a little fix to do bu it works19:52
shadeslayerPeace-: on 4.4 beta 1?19:52
Peace-kde 4.3.419:53
shadeslayerPeace-: ah that old problem ><19:53
kriss3duhmm anyone here using virtualbox ? im having problems starting a machine19:53
Peace-ok :D19:53
Peace-kriss3d: which version ?19:53
kriss3dit says 3.0.8 in the virtualbox version19:54
Peace-:) ok19:54
kriss3dwhen i try to start a machine it gives me the error of missing the kernel drivers.. and it tells me to install the Virtualbox-ose-source package19:54
apparlePeace-: but my RAM usage goes up slowly by 400MB when neopmunk is rnning19:55
kriss3dafter doing so (via the kpackagemanager) it still gives me same error19:55
Peace-kriss3d: i guess you need to add the module on the kernel19:55
Peace-i try to remember19:55
kriss3duhmm thats one of the things i havent ever done before.. at least i dont think i have19:56
Peace-kriss3d: have you upgraded ?19:56
Peace-or changed something in these days?19:56
Peace-lsmod | grep box19:56
Bonsteranyone got this? http://img340.imageshack.us/img340/9012/imageprw.jpg19:56
kriss3dhang on19:56
Bonsterdoesnt seems to have virtuoso in the repos19:57
Peace-Bonster: i think i have seen in some machine19:57
Peace-but i have not tested really well19:57
kriss3dPeace-:  doing a lsmod | grep box dont return anything19:57
Peace-kriss3d: yea you need of the module19:57
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox19:57
IzinucsIs there an installed or available tool to adjust the "tap" sensitivity of a laptop's touchpad?19:58
Bonsterget the vbox from the site is better19:58
KoliaBonster: libvirtuoso? librdf?19:58
KoliaBonster: libvirtuoso4, librdf0  Dunno if it will make the trick though.19:59
kriss3dBonster:  well i just used the kpackagekit and got it from there20:00
Peace-kriss3d: try this sudo modprobe vboxdrv20:00
Peace-kriss3d: that could be enought20:00
kriss3dPeace-:  it doesnt return anything20:00
Peace-kriss3d: yea i know try to start virtualbxo20:01
BonsterKolia, yea i dont got libvirtuoso, u have it in urs?20:01
KoliaBonster: sorry i mixed it up with libsoprano4 :/20:02
=== fer is now known as Guest94155
Koliano libvirtuoso20:02
KoliaBonster: librdf installed?20:02
Bonsterkriss3d, ppl usually use this vbox http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads20:02
BonsterKolia, yea i got that install20:03
kriss3dty.. i was advised to add the repo first then try reinstalling..20:03
kriss3daparently im missing some files which means a busted install20:03
KoliaBonster: try asking on #kde20:04
Guest94155can I put my actual ubuntu ( with the programas etc...) on a ISO and install it into an other computer?20:04
BonsterKolia, did they told me to go away20:04
human_I have local network with two kubuntu with apache+php+mysql and it works, but i cannot start sound on youtube at one of our comps20:04
=== Dekans[afk] is now known as Dekans
KoliaBonster: classic :)20:04
BonsterKolia, yea im use to it20:05
Koliawell wait a bit, there must be someone able to help you20:05
IzinucsWhat happened to the ksynaptics tool for touchpad adjustments?  gsynaptics is still in main :(20:05
BonsterKolia, does the search works for u tho?20:05
Koliaon 4.3.4 at least20:06
Kolianot checked in trunk20:06
PerSeLI have a question20:14
PerSeLhow do i install sh file?20:14
Bonsterusually right click on it20:15
Bonsterand allow executing20:15
Bonsterthen double click and it runs20:16
PerSeLahh k20:16
Bonstersame goes for other bin exe ..etc20:17
DekansBonster: exe are often widows binaries20:17
Dekansnot linux20:17
Bonsteryea i no20:17
PerSeLwindows i know20:17
PerSeLi don't know kubuntu at all20:18
Bonsterbut some requires permission also20:18
PerSeLguys what are the dif between the mind and kubuntu?20:18
PerSeLsry i mean mandvira20:18
PerSeLor it's mandvira or... lol20:19
Bonsterman diva20:19
PerSeLi just know it isn't free20:19
apparlePerSeL: :D20:19
PerSeLbut they both use kde20:19
PerSeLI just know that ubuntu is always updated from the server20:20
Bonsterim guessing is debian/ red hat differences20:20
PerSeLwell to be true I don't know them :)20:20
Bonsterrpm vs deb20:21
apparlePerSeL: I read somewhere in a review its not that good...... the gui looks poor.... but I have not tried20:21
Bonsterisnt OpenSuse the best KDE right now tho?20:21
PerSeLi just ubuntu is the easiest with drivers20:22
PerSeLbecause I tried it20:22
PerSeLI don't know how it goes with others20:22
PerSeLthat's why I'm asking20:22
Bonsterhavent use the others20:23
Bonsterthem think they use yum20:23
Bonsterinstead of apt20:23
soheylsh ./filename.sh20:23
apparlePerSeL: I started on linux with kubuntu and am still using it..... I have  tried some other live CDs but I think kubuntu is the best20:24
apparleBonster: depends on how you see it....... I don't like someone messing with the default look ........ also I love debian packaging20:24
PerSeLwell i tried some bsd, some other unknown stuff, also ubuntu, never tried kubuntu, opensuse, mandriva,20:25
FireCrotchI've had an interesting phenomenon happening lately... quassel tries to send msgs to random nicks - most recent was "OMFG51995" and "OMFG59679"20:25
FireCrotchNot quite sure what is going on there20:26
Bonsterapparle, is usually like that majority of the time20:26
apparleBonster: :)20:27
ngongafter upgrading disk had problems, fsck made it to be readable without errormessages, however, no data below my home directory is shown. Is there any recommendable recovery software for scanning the disk?20:34
iconmefisto_ngong: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery20:39
Bonsteruse livecd20:40
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FloodBotK1doomuser5: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.20:57
kaddii need help with kopete, anyone around?21:00
kaddihow do I join a group chat21:00
apparleguys how to setup dual monitors21:00
ubottuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama21:04
ubottuxinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead21:06
ubottuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama21:06
PerSeLI got 1 more question21:06
PerSeLhow do i install nvidia driver?21:06
PerSeLit's .run21:06
PerSeLwhat I'm supposed to type in terminal?21:07
happy_PerSeL: you can install the nvidia driver with the restricted driver manager21:08
iconmefisto_have you tried installing from Hardware Drivers?21:08
happy_iconmefisto_: thats what I meant ^21:09
PerSeLbut there is nothing in the list21:09
iconmefisto_happy_: yeah you beat me to it21:09
PerSeLso how can I fix it?21:10
PerSeLi got 7300gt nvidia21:10
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto21:10
PerSeLjust downloaded it from the official site21:10
iconmefisto_PerSeL: to run it type ./installer.run21:11
Quintasanhell no21:12
QuintasanPerSeL: you can install it via Jockey but you need to install jockey-gtk package because the KDE one somehow refues to work :S21:13
iconmefisto_PerSeL: you   can use jockey-text in CLI21:13
geniiTheres also jockey-text , I believe21:13
apparleQuintasan: kde one works if you install the associated driver packages (like fglrx or nvidia-glx) and then use it just to activate the driver21:15
PerSeLwell when I'm clicking on it i get nothing21:17
PerSeLand can't run it from terminal21:17
PerSeLwell how can I install the driver :\21:17
PerSeLwell my card it listed here21:18
iconmefisto_PerSeL: try  sudo jockey-text -C   does that find the driver?21:19
PerSeLthere is no available graphics drivers for your system etc.. etc...21:21
PerSeLit's nvidia 7300 gt21:21
iconmefisto_are you running intrepid?21:22
PerSeLwhat is that?21:22
PerSeLI'm just installed kubuntu21:22
PerSeLcause I wanted to try it with 1 game21:22
iconmefisto_it's an old version of ubuntu. the link you gave above is for intrepid21:23
PerSeLbut somewhy I get no driver installed for my graphic card21:23
PerSeLi use the last kubuntu21:23
PerSeLjust dled and installed21:23
PerSeLother comp got ubuntu and there is not prob with drivers21:24
PerSeLso kinda strange21:24
PerSeLcan't i install the driver i just dled from nvidia?21:24
titan_arkI tried all day yesterday to get Kubuntu on my notebooka nd something or the other doesnt seem to work right21:24
KoliaPerSeL: have you tried to install from the "hardware driver" dialog instead?21:24
iconmefisto_PerSeL: maybe try what apparle said, install nvidia-glx-173 and then try to activate it with Hardware Drivers21:25
KoliaPerSeL: oh sorry you tried already.21:25
PerSeLi opened this hardware and i see nothing there21:25
PerSeLjust a window with no possibility to press on any key21:25
PerSeLhow do i install this glx 173?21:26
PerSeLsudo apt-get nvidia-glx-173?21:26
iconmefisto_assuming that's the one for your card21:27
iconmefisto_apt-cache search nvidia-glx   will show you others21:27
Kolia185 is newer21:27
PerSeLwhen I type sudo apt-get nvidia-glx-17321:28
PerSeLit writes me invalid nvidia-glx-17321:28
soheylsudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-17321:28
PerSeLahhh k running the install now... doing something there21:29
PerSeLnumbers and text is running :)21:29
emilhi all21:32
PerSeLok it did something21:32
PerSeLhow do i know if it installed it?21:32
PerSeLi mean my driver card21:33
emili've on my desktop some online stations,but i can't open them with amarok;why?21:34
KoliaPerSeL: alt+f2 -> start to type "Hardware.." to get the hardware drivers dialog21:35
Koliait should be listed there now21:35
Koliaand maybe enabled. if not you can maybe activate it there21:35
PerSeLwell now it found something in hardware drivers21:36
PerSeLso i'm installing the rec. one21:36
BluesKajhmm, trying to figure out the /etc/network/interfaces settings for wifi rt2870 adapter/driver ...it's a toughy for the likes of me :)21:40
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
BluesKajrt2870 is a ralink driver and there's not much documentation out there for setting up in  /etc/network/interfaces21:42
michaeljwjrDoes anyone have a recommendation for video editing software that allows me to add captions and make titles and such. Kinda like Windows Movie Maker21:56
apparlemichaeljwjr: I am not sure about features but kdenlive is a very good video editor21:57
apparlemichaeljwjr: check the wesite21:57
michaeljwjrapparle: Thanks, installing it now21:58
Netehow to unistall konquerer?21:59
matty3269Nete: perhaps try sudo apt-get remove konqueror22:01
matty3269Nete: perhaps try sudo apt-get remove konquerer **22:02
Netematty3269: E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)22:03
NeteE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?22:03
matty3269Nete: Do you have KPackageManager open?22:03
NeteNo, adept22:04
matty3269Nete: ok close anything that will be using aptitude and try again.22:04
Netematty3269: ok22:04
Netematty3269: I retried removing it with Terminal. It says the package is not to be found.22:06
Netematty3269: I'm trying to remove it because I'm having conflictions with firefox.22:07
matty3269Nete: just to make sure that it you have spelt it correct, it is konqueror22:08
matty3269Nete: I did spell it correct the first time but corrected myself wrongly, :)22:08
Netematty3269: I did spell it wrong. LOL22:08
matty3269Nete: has it gone?22:09
Netematty3269, Yes22:09
matty3269Nete: yw22:09
Xaositect_perhaps anyone can suggest some foobar2000-like player? i don't feel like using amarok, though i wans some features like downloading/reading from tags lyrics / quick customizable search (facets in foobar)22:11
Xaositect_and customizable interface xD22:11
matty3269Xaositect_: are you a fan of iTunes? Im sure there is an app you can get that works very much like it22:14
matty3269Xaositect_: perhaps try songbird22:15
Xaositect_itunes. hmm not really. i just prefer ascetic interface..22:15
Xaositect_matty3269, ok, thanks... i'll check22:16
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Carlinhahi! Alguém ai fala português?22:23
Kolia!pt | Carlinha22:27
ubottuCarlinha: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.22:27
PerSeLif i'm in console22:46
PerSeLhow do i restart comp?22:46
soheyluff under ubuntu: sudo shutdown -h now ?22:47
soheylah dawn that is shutdown...22:47
soheylsudo shutdown -r now22:47
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Guest18726jest ktos z polski??22:52
MamarokEnglish, please!22:52
Guest18726anyone from poland?22:52
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.22:53
Guest18726i just installed kubuntu 9.10 on my asus22:53
Guest18726it's great22:54
Xaositect_oO separate polish channel?22:57
Koliawhy not?22:57
Xaositect_maybe i'll be lucky to find belarusian one xD22:57
mauriIm still continuing to receive this messegner when quassel starts "[NickServ] This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>."   help me please22:57
coreyBmauri,  did you register that nickname? if not, then you wont be able to use it22:58
Xaositect_lolyeah, 3 users22:58
mauricoreyB: but im writting here however22:58
coreyBmauri,  it changes the nick automatically within a minute22:59
apparlemauri: have you registered this nick?22:59
mauriapparle: i dont know22:59
apparlehave you ever specified an email id or password here on IRC23:00
mauriapparle: no23:00
mauriapparle: im looking at23:01
MamarokcoreyB: it will only change it the owner is online23:01
apparlemauri: then you better choose a different username and you are going to come here frequently23:01
coreyBdifferent from the other networks i suppose, Mamarok23:02
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mauriapparle: okk23:02
mauriis someone tried the teletect with vlc?23:03
maurihas someone tried the teletect with vlc?23:12
Xaositect_err.... core error.... songbird can't play nor flac nor ogg nor mp323:14
Xaositect_what am i doing wrong?... it's all ok with amarok23:15
DexterFafter 804-910 upgrade my sounds seems a lot quieter than before, have to crank Master and PCM all the way up and still had to give my HiFi another notch.23:20
DexterFAny idea why?23:20
DexterFalsa, not pulse23:20
crimsunDexterF: which kernel are you using?23:21
DexterF2.6.31-16-generic. crimsun23:22
crimsunDexterF: use http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh, please .23:22
DexterFcrimsun: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=283d35eb875930ed00c5c7987c50305be2953d5523:23
crimsunDexterF: you need to increase you Wave* playback levels23:25
crimsunyour Wave*, rather23:25
DexterFcrimsun: what's it with the *? you mean all the Wave sliders? this is a 2.0 setup23:26
DexterFcrimsun: DUH23:26
DexterFok, thanks23:27
DexterFI totally neglected the "Wave" slider, thought "PCM" did that. Just wander what PCM is for then...23:27
crimsunthe Tritech codec is completely screwed23:27
DexterFlike how?23:28
crimsunwell, the driver currently doesn't handle independent pcm volumes per-channel23:28
crimsunso PCM ties them all together based on certain register toggles23:28
crimsunif you're (un)lucky enough to have a 'Master', that really isn't a "master" so much as a "master front", and even then it isn't completely related to front because the IEC* controls affect it...23:29
DexterFare you a developer?23:29
DexterFthought so :)23:30
DexterFhappen to know if the botched Terratec Cinergy .ko will be fixed in the next kernel update?23:30
DexterFhad to compile v4l manually... at first didn't know where to start, so long since I ran a make menuconfig :)23:31
crimsundo you have a bug report I can reference?23:31
DexterFno, I just notived that it's a known issue.23:32
DexterFactually I now have 3 sliders that affect the final volume: Master, PCM and Wave. And "Wave" doesn't even appear in KMix, I only found that one in alsamixer...23:32
DexterFcrimsun: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/490099  not limited to the T2 then, I guess23:35
crimsunDexterF: I don't think so; there isn't any usable debugging information. "It froze" and "it doesn't work" are pretty useless. :/23:37
DexterFguess I'll file a bug report.23:38
crimsunif that one matches your symptom and hardware precisely, just add to that bug report23:38
crimsunthe lack of a backtrace or serial console output or anything, really, makes it pretty dead as a defect report23:39
newbie123abchow can i get KDE 4.4 RC1?23:40
DexterFbah, bugger, what am I saying - it's fixed here. wouldn't even know how to revert, after all it went in "make install".....23:40
DexterFnewbie123abc: even better: at pearsoncomputing.com you can get KDE*3* packages! yay!23:41
newbie123abcDexterF: deb packages23:42
DexterFnow for some Glenmorangie.23:42
DexterFnewbie123abc: uh huh. but if you're as newbie as your nick suggestes don't let me throw you off the track, kde4 is official and getting the old kde3 in is only for people like me who think that kde4 is a step in the wrong direction, nowhere near ready and a usability catastrophy23:43
newbie123abcDexterF: ZZZzzZZZzzZZZzzz...23:44
coreyBhey Daughain  whats the thing to install to watch bought DVD's?23:56

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