mwhudsonjml: hello again00:29
jmlmwhudson, hi00:29
mwhudsonjml: call?00:29
jmlmwhudson, I'll just finish replying to this email00:29
mwhudsonjml: ok00:29
mwhudsoni promise not to rush off to shout at incompetent retailers for at least a few minutes00:30
MTeck-Linuxmwhudson: sounds like fun...00:31
mwhudsonotoh, i do need to phone my isp today00:35
wgrantHmm. This 410 Gone stuff is killing some of my scripts.01:53
wgrant(some uploads by people appear to have deactivated themselves)01:53
wgrants/appear/that appear/01:53
wgrantjml: What are your flights to Wellington?02:06
jmlwgrant, qf 4702:06
jmlwgrant, I think I'll be arriving some hours before you.02:06
wgrantAh, yes, the early one.02:07
wgrantQF117 gets in at something crazy like 2315.02:07
* thumper goes to pack02:42
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jmlmwhudson, does ec2 land run the script in-process now?03:41
mwhudsonjml: i haven't done anything in that direction03:42
jmlmaybe I'm just being a bit silly03:42
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mwhudsonjml: hey, use-testtools ping03:47
jmlmwhudson, progress has been made03:47
mwhudsonjml: hooray03:47
jmlmwhudson, I've got a separate branch that fixes all of the upcalls03:48
jmlmwhudson, I'm just verifying it now.03:48
spmjml: for a *very* brief period I read that as "I've got a separate branch that fixes all bugs"<period>. I was briefly elated and then reality kicked in. :-)03:51
jmlspm, I didn't have that much time over the holidays :)03:52
spmjml: shame...03:54
jmlmwhudson, I'm going to merge in the upcall branch and the fix-import-warnings branch and give the use-testtools branch another spin on the ec2 test wheel04:19
mwhudsonjml: groovy04:22
mwhudsoni guess i'm going to stop for the day soon04:22
jmlmwhudson, thanks for the reviews04:23
jmlmwhudson, I probably won't need any more.04:23
mwhudsonjml: cool04:24
cody-somervillewgrant, you around?04:48
jtvthumper: I'm looking at turning my new build-farm job class into a BranchJob... does it have to live in the same file as the other branchjob types though?  It doesn't seem quite right to me.05:18
wgrantcody-somerville: I am now.05:26
* wgrant loses a battle against reverse-engineering his ACPI DSDT.05:27
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mwhudsonjtv: it probably shouldn't05:37
jtvmwhudson: that was my feeling too.  My one qualm is that it breaks with tradition for BranchJob—the whole hierarchy now is one big file AFAICS and I may have to put more stuff in __all__ to break that open.05:39
* jml just put a bunch of stuff in __all__ for branch jobs05:47
* jml afk -- cleaning laptop05:57
thumperjtv: I'm fine with stuff being in different modules05:59
thumperjtv: and I'm about to turn my laptop off05:59
thumperjtv: any other questions before Sunday?05:59
jtvthumper: not yet, so it'll have to wait.  :)  Thanks, see you there.06:00
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adeuringgood morning08:39
arnaudHi all08:58
arnaudI am currently trying to setup launchpad on my Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop08:58
arnaudbut a problem occured :08:59
spivjust one problem? ;)08:59
arnaudhere is the pastebin :09:00
arnaudwhile making the: make schema09:00
spivarnaud: random guess is you don't have the 'python-dev' package installed.09:01
arnaudspiv: ok, i'll try to setup this package09:02
spivWell, I assume there's a list of required packages somewhere.09:03
arnaudin the https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting page, the required packages are setup automatically by the rocketfuel-setup script09:04
spivAh, hmm.09:04
spivSo that installed the 'launchpad-dependencies' package?09:04
arnauddon't know09:04
wgrantJaunty is no longer well tested, but it's meant to wokr.09:05
wgrantTry to install launchpad-developer-dependencies, and see why it fails.09:05
arnaudwith python-dev, it's better, i don't have the error anymore09:06
arnaudit's building09:06
spivHmm, launchpad-dependencies package does depend on python2.5-dev, so that's odd.09:07
wgrantarnaud: Is launchpad-developer-dependencies installed?09:07
wgrantI suspect not.09:08
arnaudwgrant: not yet09:16
arnaudwgrant: launchpad-soyuz-dependencies: Depends: dpkg (>= 1.15.4) but 1.14.24ubuntu1 is to be installed09:18
wgrantHm, that's meant to be fixed.09:18
arnauddpkg can not be upgraded09:20
wgrantspiv (or anybody else around): Want to copy dpkg from Karmic in https://launchpad.net/~launchpad/+archive/ppa to Jaunty?09:20
wgrantEr. From *Hardy* to Jaunty.09:21
wgrantarnaud: For now, grab and install https://edge.launchpad.net/~launchpad/+archive/ppa/+files/dpkg_1.15.4ubuntu2~launchpad1~bigjools1_i386.deb09:21
spivwgrant: I've never done that before, and I think 8:20pm on a Friday isn't a good time to start ;)09:22
wgrantspiv: Possibly not.09:23
arnaudit's 10:20 in France ;)09:24
arnaud10:20 AM09:24
arnaudok, launchpad-developpers-dependencies are now going to be installed09:34
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deryckMorning, all.11:12
henningejtv: you dropped out on the internal server11:34
jtvhenninge: last thing I got from you was the link to the linux-ng page; did you get any of my answer?11:35
henningejtv: why don't I see the template here? Another bug or  new feature?11:35
henningejtv: yes, I did. I will do it.11:35
henningejtv: I meant this: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/util-linux-ng/head11:36
henningejtv: there is a template, I can see it on +templates but it does not appear on the productseries page.11:36
henningeam I missing something?11:37
jtvhenninge: looks to me as if the oops is caused by the translation focus... that project has no "trunk" series.  The page tries to present a link to the upload page for the translation focus series, but it ends up adding a +upload-translations to the _project_ page.11:37
henningeit's not deactivated.11:37
jtvI do see it in the full templates list...11:37
henningejtv: they have a development focus but it's called "head"11:38
henningeI guess wemust be assuming "trunk" somwhere?11:38
jtvhenninge: exactly; I think they ended up with no translation focus at all11:38
henningejtv: the product home page says, "head" is the focus.11:38
jtvhenninge: that's development focus... didn't we just add a separate translation focus?11:39
henningeoh, that is what I might be missing!11:39
henningejtv: right, I remember now ... ;)11:39
henningejtv: maybe the oops and not seeing the template are related to this situation.11:40
jtvhenninge: that's what I was thinking... I guess what I said about it earlier was lost11:41
henningejtv: bug 50472711:49
mupBug #504727: Translation focus gets confused when the development focus is removed or renamed <oops> <Launchpad Translations:Triaged by henninge> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/504727>11:49
jtvhenninge: thanks11:51
* henninge now tries to reproduce this locally11:52
jtvyes, first thing to do now is figure out whether any of that supposition is actually true :-)11:52
henningejtv: is the translation focus a database field on productseries or is it an emergent property?11:52
jtvhenninge: it certainly wouldn't be on productseries!11:53
henningeerr, on ...11:53
jtvproduct :)11:53
henningeoh, right! ;)11:53
jtvIt's a db field there11:53
henningejtv: Funny, find devel/lib/lp -name "*.py" | xargs grep -i "translation.?focus" returns nothing11:57
henningejtv: is it "translatable_series" ?11:58
jtvno focus11:58
jtvbtw try grep's -r option, plus -I (capital i) to skip binaries.  :-)11:58
jtvLooks like we're not using that db field yet in devel... but then how could it be on edge?12:00
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jtvhave a good weekend, everyone!12:56
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=== bac changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: Launchpad Development Channel | Week 1 of 10.01 | PQM is open | https://dev.launchpad.net/ | Get the code: https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting | On-call review in #launchpad-reviews | Use http://paste.ubuntu.com/ for pastes | Channel logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/
bachi sinzui14:14
sinzuihi bac14:15
bacsinzui: i was looking at bug 473917 as something to just knock out quickly.14:15
mupBug #473917: Help for creating mirrored branch on new project is blank page <trivial> <Launchpad Registry:In Progress by bac> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/473917>14:15
sinzuibac: that is a good choice.14:16
bacsinzui: i have a few questions: 1) why are we assigned it? 2) the URL is wrong but the wiki does a redirect, so do we want to fix it?14:16
bacsinzui: i've already made the fix and can easily land it.  it's cleaner to not have to do the redirect.14:17
bacsinzui: and 3) can i get an r/rs for http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/353487/14:17
sinzuibac: we have a zero trivial bug policy. So when I found it, and knew it only shows on registry pages, I targeted it to this mielstone14:17
sinzuirs=me, and you get the karma14:18
bacsinzui: how much karma for a free cup of coffee?14:19
sinzuiI do not know. I can triage a lot of bugs in the time it takes to brew coffee14:19
bacsinzui: unless i'm mistaken it only shows up on https://code.launchpad.dev/foofoo -- just want to make sure i haven't missed something14:19
sinzuiI think that text appears on the series +index14:20
sinzuibac: If I am mistaken, then we have stolen a code-team trivial bug, but they had months to fix it14:21
bacsinzui: i'll look again but i think it is purely code app14:21
sinzuibac: there are 2 other trivials in our bug list14:22
marssinzui, around?14:59
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allenapbac: I'd like to add an agenda item to https://dev.launchpad.net/ReviewerMeetingAgenda, but it's still got the old stuff there. Can I just replace it?15:43
bacallenap: why don't you let me clean it up and then i'll ping you15:44
arnaudhi back15:44
allenapbac: Brilliant, thank you.15:44
arnaudI am trying to setup Launchpad locally15:45
arnaudI got this error :15:45
arnaudOSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'sourcecode/mailman'15:45
mrevellDoes our stylesheet not support unordered lists in the main div?15:45
arnaudwhile executing 'make schema'15:45
bacallenap: carry on!15:47
allenapbac: Thanks.15:47
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Ursinhasalgado, hi :) re. the missing oopses yesterday, they were deleted by the oops_prune script, that removes unreferenced oopses more than 40 days old16:17
maxbIn a bzr url like lp-64863440:/// .... what actually is that number?16:18
salgadoUrsinha, oh, ok.  thanks for investigating that16:20
Ursinhasalgado, no problem16:21
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bacallenap: is that your branch that is running on buildbot now?16:48
allenapbac: Yeah, along with several others.16:50
bacallenap: looks like a major regression.  the shipit tests are failing due to 'mark@hbd.com' addresses, which have been gone for months16:50
* bac confused16:50
allenapbac: Wow.16:51
bacsalgado: ^^  ??16:51
salgadobac, allenap buildbot must have failed to fetch the most recent shipit branch16:51
salgadoI've seen that a few times already16:52
allenapsalgado: The first error in https://lpbuildbot.canonical.com/builders/lp/builds/482/steps/shell_7/logs/summary also shows a bzrlib issue.16:52
bacallenap: like 'force' buildbot needs a 'euthanize' button16:52
allenapbac: Yep, this is a wasted run.16:53
salgadoshell_6 [pull new sourcecode revisions failed]16:53
sinzuiis there any chance that ISD reverted code that reintroduced the old address?16:53
salgadosinzui, ^16:53
salgadofailed to pull new sourcecode revisions16:53
allenapsinzui: I think it's using the code that's on the buildbot slave image.16:54
allenapsinzui: Which is probably pretty old.16:54
allenapsalgado, bac: I'm sure you've seen this, but the branch it's looking for is missing.17:00
bacallenap: i've not seen such a thing before17:00
allenapsalgado: Yeah, lp:~launchpad/pygettextpo/trunk has dropped off the map.17:01
salgadooh, pygettextpo17:01
allenapAh, sounds like someone knows what's happening :)17:01
salgadoprobably the one who's to blame for that17:02
* salgado goes for the quick and dirty way to fix it17:02
salgadoallenap, now it exists and the next build should work17:04
salgadothat will give us time to get the buildbot image updated17:05
marssinzui, do you know how I would go about getting your new findPerson() API parameter using launchpadlib?  Do I have to check out trunk, or write a patch, or something similar?17:06
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sinzuiyou may need to delete your local cache. It just works because launchpadlib gets the edge WADL which has the current API17:07
marssinzui, so just use my currently installed launchpadlib version, magic will happen?17:08
sinzuimars: yes. I did nothing to start using the new API17:08
marscool :)17:08
bachi sinzui17:44
bacEdwinGrubbs: do you know much about the IPickerEntry structure?17:45
bacEdwinGrubbs: i just made a change to person_to_pickerentry but i don't know how to test it.  i can't seem to find any existing tests for that set of code.17:46
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bacEdwinGrubbs: oops, i've got to step out now.  perhaps we can discuss it later.17:47
sinzuihi bac17:59
EdwinGrubbsbac: I don't remember if I wrote any tests for that besides the tests for +huge-vocabulary. What changes are you making? I am working on that also.18:08
EdwinGrubbsgary_poster: ping18:08
gary_posterEdwinGrubbs: pong18:13
EdwinGrubbsgary_poster: I'm working I making vocabularies secured utilities, and I ran into some issues that I would like your opinion on. Do you have time to look at my abbreviated diff with notes? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/353566/18:16
gary_posterEdwinGrubbs: yes.  Talking with someone else then will move to this.  I expect I'll be able to focus on this in about 30 min.  That OK?18:18
EdwinGrubbsgary_poster: that's fine. thanks18:19
gary_postercool np18:19
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EdwinGrubbsmars: ping19:16
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DaveWhiteHey all, I've just installed and run launchpad, and then reconfigured it for remote access. When I try to restart apache... got as far as typing that before I figured out where I messed up ;-)20:04
marshi EdwinGrubbs20:16
EdwinGrubbsmars: would you like to take a look at the changes I made to the JS reviewer guidelines regarding modules and namespaces. It's not a big deal if not. The only item that didn't come up in the reviewer meeting is that I removed the requirement for @namespace, since that seems redundant, because it should match the module name. https://dev.launchpad.net/JavaScriptReviewNotes20:18
marsEdwinGrubbs, ok, I think removing @namespace should be fine.  I do not think our doc tools us it at the moment.20:20
marsEdwinGrubbs, that looks like a good change.  I like the explicit examples of the gotcha namespace code.20:23
bachi EdwinGrubbs20:32
baci made the change in this MP https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~bac/launchpad/bug-419930/+merge/1701520:32
EdwinGrubbsbac: hello20:32
bacEdwinGrubbs: see line 9 of the diff20:33
bacEdwinGrubbs: if an email address was hidden there was an uncaught Unauthorized exception which broke the picker and the person wasn't displayed20:33
bacEdwinGrubbs: salgado asked for a test for that change but i'm not sure how to test it20:34
EdwinGrubbsbac: Yes, that is the same code that I'm working on in the bug that I stole from you yesterday.20:35
bacEdwinGrubbs: ok20:35
bacEdwinGrubbs: do you want me to back out that change from my branch?20:36
bacEdwinGrubbs: it was a drive-by fix WRT the rest of my branch20:36
EdwinGrubbsbac: I'm going to change all the vocabulary zcml from using <utility> to <securedutility> so that objects returned from vocabularies are wrapped in security proxies. You won't need to check the hide_email_addresses attribute then.20:37
bacEdwinGrubbs: if you have a handle on it i'll just back my changes out.  just be sure hidden email address don't bust it.  sound good?20:38
EdwinGrubbsbac: I don't know if that affects the rest of your branch, whether you would need to call canRead() or as gary prefers try/except UnauthorizedError.20:38
bacEdwinGrubbs: it has nothing to do with my branch20:38
bacEdwinGrubbs: i just noticed the Unauthorized in the server logs and traced it back20:38
EdwinGrubbsbac: oh, I didn't notice that removeSecurityProxy() is what is leaking email addresses in your case and not vocabularies that aren't security proxied. I don't think my branch will affect anything except that drive-by like you said.20:42
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bacEdwinGrubbs: can i chat with you on skype real quick?21:10
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