nhandlerjames_w: This is a public channel00:23
persianhandler: Which is why it suddenly worked : the universe conspiring to maximise your facial egg quotient00:24
nhandlerThe one email I got was to complain that I entered an invalid PPA for one of the uploads (I had an extra ~ at the beginning). I stil haven't gotten any emails for any of the earlier or later uploads (with a correct PPA)00:24
Kamping_Kaiserhow long should a redirect take? https://help.launchpad.net/BugTrackerEmailInterface?action=show&redirect=UsingMaloneEmail hasn't redirecgted after ~30 seconds00:29
wgrantKamping_Kaiser: It won't redirect because of those extra args. The problem is that there are two layers of redirection.00:31
Kamping_Kaiserwgrant: ah. I'll update the wiki page the original link was from then.00:32
Kamping_Kaiserwgrant: thanks for that.00:32
james_wI'm getting a lot of connection timeouts talking to LP currently01:19
james_wanyone else seeing this?01:19
james_wactually, seems like it may be a DC problem01:21
spmjames_w: edge? prod? any specific pages, or all?01:21
james_wseems like I can't get to anything from jubany currently01:21
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CarlFKCMake Error at cmake/FindLiveMedia.cmake:36 (message):   liveMedia headers not found02:57
CarlFKwhy I am getting that?02:58
persiaCarlFK: Try a local build, and see if you can replicate.  That's your best means of tracking it down.02:58
CarlFKthought i did, but maybe not on this box03:00
CarlFKmake makes.  dpkg-buildpackage -uc -b builds.03:04
persiaCarlFK: Try pbuilder or sbuild: there may be something in the environment that is different.03:08
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CarlFKdoesn't Build-Depends: need FindLiveMedia-dev or something?03:39
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spm** FYI. About to commence doing rolling restarts on the LP prod web servers (not edge) for a Cherry Pick. **04:17
jmlspm, dented.04:30
jmlspm, can you please let me know when it's done?04:30
spm4 of 5 app servers done; the FE's and 1 app left to do04:30
spmjml: that should be it; just verifying revnos and general workingness04:36
jmlspm, thanks. I'll wait until you've verified04:36
spmjml: all looks cool and froody04:37
spmwoo. and it works too. https://launchpad.net/~maurizioantillon (as not me shows the gone page)04:39
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Flare183Can someone fix this for me? Unable to obtain lock lp-64855248:///~richardson183/ubuntu-bots/flarebot/.bzr/branch/lock06:11
cody-somervilleFlare183, try this: bzr break-lock lp:~richardson183/ubuntu-bots/flarebot/06:13
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slytherinHow do I add a release task for a bug in LP?08:20
wgrantslytherin: "Nominate for release"08:21
wgrantJust under the table.08:21
wgrantIt could also be "Target to release", depending on your privileges.08:21
slytherinright, I don't have privileges for 'Target to release'08:21
wgrantIf you can upload to a package, nominating will actually target, despite what the link says.08:22
wgrantOtherwise, you'll need to nominate and then find somebody with privileges to approve it.08:22
jussi01is there a way, when adding people to teams using the api, that you can set an expiry date?08:29
wgrantjussi01: It doesn't look like it.08:30
* jussi01 thinks maybe its file a bug time08:30
thekornjussi01, it should be possible, but not in one function call08:45
jussi01thekorn: ok, I havent seen documentation, can you point me?08:46
thekornI'm sure there is team.addMember and membership.setexpirationdate(9 or something08:46
thekornjussi01, let me double check first ;)08:46
thekornjussi01, http://paste.ubuntu.com/353367/08:48
jussi01thekorn: ok, thanks a million! :)08:48
thekorn(note: the filter() part looks so ugly because of a bug in launchpadlib :))08:49
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slytherinIs there a DTD or XSD for the bug import format specified at https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/ImportFormat ?10:43
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AlanBellhello all11:01
AlanBellcould someone help me understand what is up with https://launchpad.net/~vorian11:02
AlanBellit appears to be the profile of "Steve Stalcup"11:02
persiaAlanBell: It's a very special case.  Best bet would be to speak to that individual.11:02
AlanBellwho is listed in kubuntu members11:02
AlanBellI have a python-launchpadlib script itterating over the members and it barfs at that point11:03
jussi01AlanBell: There?s no page with this address in Launchpad.11:03
jussi01thats what my browser says...11:03
AlanBellpersia: if it is a special case I probably don't need to know the details11:03
AlanBellmy real question is now to not barf11:04
persiaAlanBell: That's the usual answer :)11:04
AlanBelljussi01: look in the list of kubuntu members for the grey icon11:04
wgrantAlanBell: For now just catch the 410.11:04
wgrantThere needs to be a better solution, but that will have to do for now.11:05
AlanBellwgrant: ok, thanks, will do11:05
spivYes, it's a 410 Gone, not 404 Not Found.11:05
spivi.e. there used to be a user there.11:05
jussi01I think it might be worth a word to a KC member about, I can do so ;)11:05
wgrantIt's hitting my scripts too. I need to fix them.11:05
* AlanBell remembers something and makes 2+2=411:05
* AlanBell will catch the 41011:06
wgrantI just got redirected to offline.html.11:16
wgrantAny idea why?11:16
james_wwgrant: API?11:23
wgrantjames_w: Yeah.11:24
james_wI just got it too11:24
wgrantIt hasn't happened again, yet.11:24
james_wI was getting it a lot yesterday as well11:24
slytherinI have few questions about https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/ImportFormat Why is an id attribute needed for every bug tag? Isn't id auto generated?11:28
wgrantslytherin: I believe that's the bug number from the old tracker.11:30
slytherinwgrant: What is it used for?11:30
slytherinI mean when importing into LP11:30
wgrantslytherin: Optionally to create aliases, and also to avoid importing the same bug twice.11:32
slytherinok. I will add this information to my data then.11:32
slytherinI am actually writing a XSL script for converting SF exported data to the format needed by LP.11:33
wgrantThere might be an existing script to do that.11:34
slytherinwgrant: I just want to import open bugs and not complete list.11:35
wgrantslytherin: Why?11:35
wgrantNormal practise is to import the complete history.11:35
wgrantThat's much more useful.11:35
slytherinwgrant: There is no real benefit to our project of importing complete list.11:36
wgrantslytherin: You never need to refer to old bugs?11:37
slytherinNo. :-D11:37
slytherinExcept the existing references in ChangeLog and NEWS file.11:38
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akvIs it possible to remove a group from being notified with updates to a bug we haven't added our group in? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/exiv2/+bug/502565 - the Rawstudio group. None of us really care about the bug...14:14
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/502565)14:14
geserakv: bug #20498014:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 204980 in malone "bug contacts should be able to unsubscribe from implicit subscriptions" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20498014:18
kenvandineis there a way to rename a project?14:22
thopiekaris there a way to rebuild ppa at all?14:24
gesercan you be more verbose what you want to do?14:25
thopiekargeser: I want to rebuild every package in my ppa:thopiekar/poulsbo, because I updated libdrm-poulsbo which is a dependency of the most of the packages in that ppa.. so I want to rebuild the packages to update the other packages, too14:30
persiathopiekar: You need to upload new revisions to force a rebuild: there is a requirement that there be only one binary result from each source upload.14:31
geseras you need to bump the package revision for this, you need to re-upload14:31
thopiekarhmm ok, thank you, persia, geser14:32
thopiekarI at least found the probem why my package xserver-xorg-video-poulsbo doesn't wanted to build the packages :P14:32
thopiekarhopefully the poulsbo-drivers I will work on my netbook with gma50014:33
akvgeser: exactly...but it doesn't look like there is a chance of this being fixed :(14:35
thopiekarwhat means a green gear?14:42
maxbbuilt successfully, pending publication to the download area14:42
maxb~ 5 minutes14:42
thopiekarso it's going to be published in my repo?14:43
thopiekarcould you please tell me what happend here ? why has the installation of the package faild o.O'?14:46
cgreganIs there some system maintenance going on now that was not announced? We are seeing 401 error when attempting to apt-get from our PPAs14:47
cgreganand the system seems very slow14:47
thopiekaryes since the middle of that week... but it's now working better for me14:48
cgreganHmm...not for me......(Error ID:         OOPS-1469M2009)14:49
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stainanyone who knows stuff about download stats?16:46
stainbeyond 'Total downloads: 1231'16:46
beunostain, what do you mean?16:47
stainbeuno: the reason I wonder is that our release https://launchpad.net/taverna/+milestone/2.1-rc-1 has a strange high number of DLs on only the windows version16:50
stainhttps://launchpad.net/taverna/+milestone/2.1-beta-2 shows more typical distribution16:50
stainso any graphs would help.. referer-logs could explain a lot.. well.. I'm just very curious if someone is still linking to our release candidate16:51
beunostain, I don't think we can expose the access logs16:51
beunois your application packaged in Ubuntu?16:51
stainno.. but they would not download the windows installer :)16:52
stainI guess 'not yet' is the right answer16:52
beunoright, but one theory could be that it got packaged, or a ppa became available, so linux people moved more towards that16:52
stainbut it would be a lot easier now that Debian guys have made a Maven repository thingie (we bundle in ~120 JARs..)16:52
beunosalgado, is there any way to do some analysis?  &16:52
beunowow, that is a big difference16:53
stainyeah, because you see the same ppattern as from beta 2 on our latest release 2.1.0 (just smaller numbers as it just came out)16:54
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stainso I'm suspecting someone had a tutorial somewhere with a specific link.. and then you should see a peak of downloads after a specific date16:54
beunoI don't know how that data is stored16:55
beunostain, would you like to file a bug requesting daily stats?16:55
stainis it possible to get those numbers in a non-HTML way.. so I could make my own graphing with RRD or similar..?16:55
stainok, can do :)16:55
salgadobeuno, not without parsing the logs all over again16:55
beunosalgado, that doesn't sound like fun16:55
beunoso it just adds 'em up?16:55
salgadowe have daily counts, though, which could be exposed16:56
beunoI wonder if we could save them on a per-day basis16:56
beunothat would be super nice16:56
stainper day would have been brilliant16:56
beunostain, file the bug, I'll comment on the UI for it, and then we'll have to wait and see who can get the feature done16:56
beunounless you're good with python and would like to give it a try  ;)16:57
stainI was once..16:57
salgadobeuno, we could start by just exposing that on the API16:57
stainmap(sum, [x.count() for x in f.downloads()]) or something? :)16:57
stainhow much can I get in the API for this..?16:57
stainI found mainly metadata last time16:57
beunosalgado, is that something quick?  because that would rock16:58
beunostain, we need to expose the information through the API16:58
beunothen you could harvest it and graph it16:58
stainyeah.. with colours and everything.. so I'll file two bug reports then? One about API access and one for HTML access?16:58
beunoyes   :)16:59
beunothe API one seems much more likely to happen quickly16:59
salgadobeuno, just a matter of writing a new method on LibraryFileAlias (getDownloadsPerDay, maybe) and exposing it on the API17:00
beunosalgado, does that sound like something you could squeeze in?  or help stain with it if he's willing to take on the work?17:01
stainI can have a look at it on monday17:03
stainall courtesy of the British tax payer..17:03
stainis the launchpad.net sourcecode checkoutable?17:03
salgadobeuno, sure17:04
beunostain, sure, let me find you the wiki page to get it set up17:04
beunothen you could harvest it and graph it17:04
beunocopy and paste fail17:04
beunostain, https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting17:04
beunoand: https://dev.launchpad.net/Running17:05
beunostain, salgado implemented the feature, so he's your best contact point for this  :)17:05
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idnaris it possible to break a bug watch link?17:09
micahgidnar: break?17:11
idnarlike, remove the link17:12
idnarI can apparently change the URL for the link, but not remove it17:12
micahgidnar: not that I know of, you can change the upstream task to no have a bugwatch anymore, but it'll still remember the link17:13
idnarhmm, guess I need a LOSA then (or whatever); I'm trying to get rid of https://edge.launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/dosage-bugs because we migrated our bug tracking to Launchpad17:14
micahgprobably should file a request in answers.launchpad.net/launchpad17:15
idnarwill do17:15
scaloppinaHi, I've a problem with my account in launchpad17:40
scaloppinaI deregistered from launchpad and after 5 minutes I register newly with the same email account17:41
scaloppinanow my OpenID is <my username of email addressl>-deactivated-account17:42
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DavieyTrying to login to launchpad for openid purposes i recieved OOPS-1469J219820:13
Daviey(worked second time)20:14
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ftasomething wrong with the (ppa) builders? queues are growing but lots of builders are idle20:44
ScottKNot sure it's just PPA.20:46
zuwigUploaded some translations for my project, that i received via mail, how do i approve them? The ehm "button" is gray.20:47
beunozuwig, what URL is that?20:47
beunoLOSAs, are the builders ok?20:47
ScottKThey aren't.20:47
zuwigcan you view that? https://translations.launchpad.net/pdirl/1.0/+imports20:47
zuwigI can't change the "needs revie" status20:48
zuwigor.. wait... must be the name "default-xx.po" instead of "de.po" if the pot is "default.pot"?20:49
ScottKfta: Something just got reset in soyuz, so I'd check again in a few minutes.20:49
ftaScottK, ok, thanks20:50
ScottKSeveral archive buildds that were hung just went idle.20:51
geserall buildds are now occupied again20:51
geserso whatever button was pressed, it worked20:51
beuno[end nap]20:52
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zuwigSo back to my question, how do i approve translations?20:56
beunodanilos, around?20:58
beunoI don't know how that knob of translations works20:58
mtaylorhey all - I think we have a bzr mirroring issue?21:08
mtaylorbzr: ERROR: CHKInventoryRepository('http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~drizzle-developers/drizzle/development/.bzr/repository/')21:08
mtayloris not compatible with21:08
mtaylorelambert:drizzle elambert$ bzr upgrade --2a lp:~elambert/drizzle/gearman_replication_applier21:08
mtaylorbzr: ERROR: The branch format Meta directory format 1 is already at the most recent format.21:08
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zuwigLogged in with xchat instead of Chatzilla21:15
petur_Launchpad down?21:36
issyl0Hi there, I can't get onto launchpad, it's not loading (I've reloaded three times).21:36
issyl0petur_: it appears so21:36
petur_Loads _very_ slow21:36
issyl0Ah now it has finally loaded.21:38
jteeis there a way to see if a fix that has been committed to launchpad has been built yet?21:57
jteeor rather committed to karmic-proposed21:57
wgrantjtee: Has an automated comment from Launchpad Janitor saying something like "This bug was fixed in somepackage 1.2-3.4" been posted to the bug yet?22:00
jteewgrant, no... the status has changed from  Confirmed → Fix Released22:05
jteeAccepted linux into karmic-proposed, the package will build now and be available in a few hours. Please test and give feedback here. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed for documentation how to enable and use -proposed. Thank you in advance!22:05
jteethat is what the last comment was22:05
maxbIf you have the package name and version number you could look that up on launchpad and see the build status22:06
jteemaxb, its in linux (it's a kernel module)22:07
maxbtell us the bug number22:07
maxbbug 43535222:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 435352 in linux "regression: uvcvideo module makes "cannot reset port" error on usb with bison webcam (5986:0203): USB and suspend fails" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43535222:08
jteehmmmm ... it appears in the change log!22:09
jtee * USB: work around for EHCI with quirky periodic schedules22:10
jtee    - LP: #435352, #49463322:10
maxbjtee: So if you go to launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/linux22:10
maxband then click on the version under proposed, you can see its build states22:10
jteemaxb, I'm there and looking at the change log22:10
maxbAs you can see, most of them say "Successfully built  (NEW)"22:11
jteemaxb, nice!  I see 'successfully built'22:11
jteefor what I need22:11
maxbNEW means it's built but not published for download yet22:11
wgrantRight, it has new binary packages, so it's awaiting approval by the archive admins.22:12
jteeso... I need to wait for it to be 'DONE'?22:12
wgrantYou can go and get the binaries now, if you wish.22:13
wgrantClick on the build that you want.22:13
wgrantAnd grab the binaries from that page.22:13
jteei see...22:14
jteeor i could wait a bit and have a fine new belgium brew and wait for it to go 'DONE'22:18
wgrantjtee: That might not happen over the weekend.22:19
wgrantIt needs manual approval.22:19
jteethat would be quite a few ales22:19
wgrantIt would.22:20
psycoseI first did a "Also affects distribution" with an empty URL, now i would like to fill the URL so that LP can sync ... is it possible ?23:04

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