Ian_Cornelol that can't be good00:00
charlie-tcaYou want it critical, hmmm00:00
BUGabundo_its true00:00
yofelwell, I have hal installed anyway since kubuntu-desktop and lxde depend on it00:00
BUGabundo_$ apt-cache policy hal hal:   Installed: 0.5.14-0ubuntu200:00
charlie-tcaCan you add that to the bug00:00
DrHalanHey, how stable is lucid so far?00:00
BUGabundo_$ aptitude why hal i   xserver-xorg Depends hal (>= 0.5.12~git20090406)00:00
BUGabundo_DrHalan: today UTERLY BROKEN00:01
charlie-tcaDrHalan: seems to depend on whe ther or not you use a keyboard00:01
DrHalankay no update for me :P00:01
DrHalanis somebody responsilbe for the openal package here?00:01
BUGabundo_DrHalan: too late00:01
bjsniderBUGabundo_, +why not axe in #ubuntu-x?00:01
BUGabundo_its from yesterday afternoon00:01
bjsniderthere's lots of yammering about input issues in that channel00:02
yofelBUGabundo_: that's odd though, since Xorg wasn't updated since December 15th (according to aptitude changelog)00:02
BUGabundo_apporting log00:03
yofelBUGabundo_: mvo uploaded new NV driver versions though00:04
BUGabundo_dont see any NV today00:05
BUGabundo_but my probs start from yesterday upgrade00:05
yofelhm, well, my Thinkpad still works (rebooted an hour ago) and my eeePC has been running for 2 days now00:06
charlie-tcaOkay, marked triaged and critical.00:07
BUGabundo_apport over SSH sucks :(00:09
BUGabundo_still uploading00:09
BUGabundo_but no progrss indicator00:09
BUGabundo_logs added to the bug00:10
BUGabundo_any X hackers awaked at this time?00:10
BUGabundo_i *really* need a workariund00:11
BUGabundo_i bough a new LCD TV and *really* want to test it00:11
BUGabundo_without laptop, i cant reach my movies :(00:11
BUGabundo_$ pastebinit /var/log/apt/history.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/353205/00:12
BUGabundo_incase its useful to dibug00:12
BUGabundo_$ pastebinit /var/log/aptitude http://paste.ubuntu.com/353208/00:14
BUGabundo_should i nuke my xorg.conf and try again ?=00:15
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charlie-tcamight be worth a try00:18
=== agrajag` is now known as agrajag
BUGabundo_charlie-tca: X broken00:20
BUGabundo_wont even start with startx on recovery00:20
charlie-tcabad to worse00:21
charlie-tcamine is a virtualbox right now. I just reinstall if needed00:21
BUGabundo_i'm going to bed00:22
BUGabundo_lets hope someone pick this and fix it tomorrow00:22
BUGabundo_in the meantime00:22
BUGabundo_guys take care with gdm logouts or reboots00:22
charlie-tcaI see new libgnome files in latest updates00:23
charlie-tcaMaybe that got involved too?00:23
yofelcharlie-tca: could be, I have an nvidia card too but use KDE and I'm fine00:26
burzkishut down problem .. goes through what appears normal shutdown process, but then leave me a a dark screen with only a cursor.  i can type here, but doesn't seem any shell function.  ctrl-alt-del finishes shutdown after flashing briefly "init: alsa-mixer-save main process (19xx) terminated with status 1"  the 19xx has been variously 1911, 1921, 1926 ..  any ideas what this is or how to fix?  i am not a sound user really, normal setup.  t00:27
charlie-tcaI guess mine are older systems. They still use ps2 ports00:27
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yofel!hi | Umeaboy00:50
ubottuUmeaboy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:50
UmeaboyI need some help. I know that Lucid is unstable, but X crashed when I rebooted after upgrade.00:51
UmeaboyShouldn't Lucid have a xorg.conf file in /etc/x11/?00:51
yofelUmeaboy: lucid (and karmic) don't have a xorg.conf by default00:53
hggdhso you have to create one00:53
yofelUmeaboy: does it say anything useful in /var/log/Xorg.0.log?00:53
Umeaboyyofel: Look at theese files: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/37599888/failsafeX-backup-100108011324.tar00:54
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UmeaboyThis is the content of debug: http://paste.ubuntu.com/353215/00:55
UmeaboyThis is the content of messages: http://paste.ubuntu.com/353218/00:55
hggdhUmeaboy: more interesting should be the /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:56
Umeaboyhggdh: Look in the tar-file.00:56
UmeaboyThis is Xorg.0.log if you're lazy: http://paste.ubuntu.com/353225/00:58
yofelUmeaboy: are you using gdm or kdm, K/X/Ubuntu?00:58
UmeaboyGDM & Ubuntu.00:59
hggdhhum. Even Intel is failing now?01:01
hggdhUmeaboy: I have no idea, but if you are willing you can try to run with just the VESA driver01:02
yofelUmeaboy: how does it crash? black screen or...?01:02
Umeaboyyofel: Well, after I've choosen what kernel I want to load/use the preparing stage before gdm login-window appears doesn't happen.01:05
yofeluhh... the splash  is black but gdm appears? or gdm doesn't appear too?01:06
UmeaboyIt doesn't appear.01:10
UmeaboyI can reboot & copy the error-messages & get back.01:11
yofelhm, there are 2 bug reports about black screens in lucid with 82835 intel cards01:13
yofelbug 496551 and bug 49910201:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 496551 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i845] 2.6.32-7 xorg boots to black screen with i845 graphics" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49655101:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 499102 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i845g] kernel 2-6-32-9 xorg black screen intel video" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49910201:14
hggdhand I still wonder if VESA will work01:15
yofelgood question, but shouldn't failsave-x (using VESA) come up when gdm fails?01:15
yofelwell, trying it won't hurt01:16
hggdhit should, under low resolution01:18
hggdhbut if she he has xspash, I do not know01:18
UmeaboyHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Now it was okey to load the kernel.01:19
UmeaboyMaybe it was just temporary.01:19
UmeaboyI'm in Lucid now.01:19
UmeaboyNo error-message of any kind.01:20
UmeaboyWhere's the function that gathers information about your system to sen it in?01:56
IdleOneUmeaboy: System>Admin>System Testing02:01
IdleOneI think02:02
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burzkishut down problem .. goes through what appears normal shutdown process, but then leave me a a dark screen with only a cursor.  i can type here, but doesn't seem any shell function.  ctrl-alt-del finishes shutdown after flashing briefly "init: alsa-mixer-save main process (19xx) terminated with status 1"  the 19xx has been variously 1911, 1921, 1926 ..  any ideas what this is or how to fix?  i am not a sound user really, normal setup.02:11
burzkino? no hints?02:18
yoasif_anyone here ever use puppet?02:20
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UmeaboyI made a bug about my issue now: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/50454802:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 504548 in xorg "X crashes after upgrading to Lucid." [Undecided,New]02:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 504052 in plymouth "[lucid] No plymouth at boot time and mountall error" [Undecided,New]02:54
SmokexzHi, I installed ubuntu 10.04, but it won't recognize my drivers at all, does anybody know what could be the problem?03:40
bjsniderDanaG, i mentioned your full-throttle issue with the radeon driver in -x and alberto says he's going to look at it soon.03:51
bjsniderapparently the nouveau driver has the same issue03:51
DanaGThere's been some discussion on the mailing lists about PM stuff.03:59
bjsniderwell, clearly a working foss driver has to manager power conservatively. it cannot constantly be at full throttle04:09
HewHi guys. I'm getting random restarts a few times a day, and I think I may have tracked down a line in the log that might be causing it:04:15
Hewinit: mountall-shell main process (1957) terminated with status 12704:15
HewDoes anyone know how I can investigate this further?04:15
DanaGThat power devour-ment (not a word) is my big blocker that keeps me needing fglrx.04:24
bjsnideralberto says rudimentary pm features do exist in the radeon driver already but may not be properly implemented04:27
DanaGI'm building a kernel with those patches right now.04:30
bjsnidera .33 kernel or .32?04:37
DanaGdrm-radeon-testing, more specifically.04:37
DanaGNot sure, actually... I'll check again once it's built.04:46
DanaGlinux-image-2.6.32_2.6.32-10.00.Custom_amd64.deb -- ah, that's what my kernel is calling itself.05:30
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rippsOkay, nautilus is constantly crashing on me. It's receiving an illegal instruction hit_test_stretch_handle at nautilus-icon-canvas-item.c10:42
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knittlmy umlauts are broken. has anybody similar problems? i can't see them in my terminal and i can't type them13:41
knittla few days ago i had errormessages concerning locale-something13:41
hggdhknittl: yes, here also13:46
hggdhbut I noticed it with accents (grave, acute, etc)13:46
hggdh? and umlauts, now ;-)13:47
hggdhhum. Not everywhere. guake, gnome-terminal do not show composites, but Thunderbird does13:48
knittlfirefox also shows them correctly13:49
knittlbut firefox uses a separate compose as far as i know13:50
knittlbut good, i just wanted to have it confirmed. it's good to know i'm not alone :D13:50
hggdhnow, to find out if this is already reported...13:54
hggdhjust tested with gnome-terminal, it works there also13:54
knittlhggdh: all my locales are set to "C", can you check?13:55
knittlmight be related13:56
hggdhon gnome-terminal, yes.  I will force via LC_ALL, and see what happens13:56
knittlthat's weird, there's no en_EN.utf8 ...13:57
hggdhbut why am I being set to C?13:58
BUGabundo_workhggdh: thats a bug that was filed yesterday14:00
BUGabundo_workit was also set as critical14:00
* BUGabundo_work mumbles14:01
knittlBUGabundo_work: can you give me the ticket number? couldn't find it with google14:01
BUGabundo_workzero feedback on my back :( i'll spend the entire weekend without access to my laptop :((((14:01
BUGabundo_workknittl: nope. i'm on webchat. no log14:01
knittlok, i see14:01
knittli have backlog14:01
knittlgive me some keywords to grep for ;)14:02
hggdhBUGabundo_work: bug #, please14:02
BUGabundo_workknittl: locale ?14:02
BUGabundo_workbug 50414914:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 504149 in xorg "[lucid] after update keyboard and mouse do not work in X" [Critical,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50414914:02
knittlk, thx14:03
knittlhaven't tested my mouse, my touchpad works fine14:03
hggdhso you have to create oneno, this is not the same. There BUGabundo_work cannot use the kB/touchpad. Here it works, but we are thrown in LC_*=C14:04
BUGabundo_workno, its not the same14:04
BUGabundo_worki was stating *my* bug14:04
BUGabundo_worknot yours14:05
knittlwops, sry14:05
knittlBUGabundo_work: you can try install nvidia-glx-195 from the vdpau ppa14:05
BUGabundo_workand will it help me in any way knittl ?14:06
knittlyou can update your x-server14:07
knittlhggdh: from the backlog it seems sudo locale-gen helps with our issue14:07
knittlneeds reboot though14:07
hggdhknittl: will test, thanks14:09
BUGabundo_workknittl: AFAIS my X11 works! i have all my GUI up14:09
BUGabundo_workjust no mouse or keyb14:09
BUGabundo_workknittl: yes, thats it14:09
BUGabundo_workknittl: DONT REBOOT14:10
BUGabundo_workor u may get hit by my bug14:10
BluesKajhowdy folks14:10
knittlBUGabundo_work: but in your bugreport (or the report related to your problem) it says, xserver is not updated due to conflicts with nvidia-glx-19514:10
BUGabundo_workno locale is better then NO keyb14:10
knittlBUGabundo_work: ok, lol14:10
knittlhggdh: DON'T reboot!14:10
BUGabundo_workknittl: yes, i've kept it back, due to conflits14:10
BUGabundo_workit wants to remove kernel and nvdiai14:10
knittlBUGabundo_work: so, install  nvidia-glx-195 from vdpau-ppa14:10
BUGabundo_workand mess it even more ? eheh14:11
knittlthe -195 version does not conflict with xserver14:11
BUGabundo_worki'll try bjsnider ppa latter14:11
BUGabundo_workwhy is it not in the Archive YET14:11
BUGabundo_workis what makes me wonder14:11
knittljup, vdpau is the one by bjsnider14:11
knittli still have odd problems with it, which are easy to workaround14:12
hggdhBUGabundo_work, knittl heh. I *need* to reboot, anyways, to fix another issue14:12
knittl* work around14:12
hggdhthis is going to be fun14:13
knittlhggdh: then you won't have kbd nor mouse14:13
knittlalthough there's an xserver-* update running this very minute here14:13
hggdhyeeeh. Out of the fire, into the frying pan14:14
hggdhif I don't reboot, I have to hibernate (so I can get to my customer). If I hibernate, the restart will barf, and I will need to reboot.14:17
hggdhhuh. Never tried suspend14:17
hggdhOK. see you (or not) in the next 30 minutes14:17
hggdhbrrr windchill at -14C14:18
knittlBUGabundo_work: is the keyboard issue related to X only? or won't the keyboard work in the console either?14:19
BUGabundo_workohh he is gone14:21
BUGabundo_workand i didnt have a change to say goodbye14:21
BUGabundo_workwe wont see him so soon :D14:21
knittllol xD14:21
BUGabundo_workknittl: reconfiguring X11 , failed to start GDM14:22
BUGabundo_workbut keyb worked in TTY14:22
knittlso it's no problem for me. i can work in tty too :)14:22
BUGabundo_worki cant change to TTYs from GUI, cause keyb doesnt work14:22
BUGabundo_workso i cant test14:22
knittlbut recovery mode will work14:22
knittlreconfiguring x? are you installing nvidia-drivers? or updating xorg?14:23
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BUGabundo_workjust testing14:24
knittlok, ic14:26
duffydackShall I post a bug or something about my writer not being able to burn with any program in ubuntu 9.10/10.0415:22
* om26er- dont think that as a bug15:23
duffydackwell, whatever it is, my writer isnt supported at all in ubuntu.15:24
duffydackjust wanna know what I can do about it.15:24
om26er-you get any errors?15:24
duffydacksame trouble, similar writer15:25
duffydackI can read fine.15:27
duffydackJust burning is a no no15:27
* vish looks at nautilus and *sigh*15:30
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duffydackguess i`ll have to crawl back to win7 for burning :'(15:35
om26er-yesterday i used windows xp and the windows explorer was so fast to open. nautilus takes much of a time to open..15:38
duffydackbecause theres a process for it loaded on boot.. and its pretty much part of windows dna15:38
om26er-pcman is fast but lack too much feature15:39
* om26er- add real fast15:39
om26er-although the development version brings new features15:40
om26er-gnome guys might need to rework on nautilus..15:40
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duffydackstarts in a nanosecond on my i7 core 4gig ram laptop15:42
om26ergood for you15:42
om26ershould start in that time on a c2d 1gb15:43
knittlcrap, still no working umlauts15:46
hggdhand I could not resume from a suspend, and had to reboot. Got in X with no issues15:47
knittlhggdh: the bug report was/is invalid15:48
knittlxorg was at least a month old15:48
knittli rebooted as well just now15:48
hggdhknittl: at least you can type ae oe ue... I have nothing to replace a grave, acute, etc15:48
knittlno undead-accent-acute15:49
knittl'a maybe :D15:49
knittlyou from france, hggdh?15:49
hggdh(long story, so summarised a lot): no, born in Brasil, from european parents, living in the US15:50
hggdhand to boot I married a german15:50
knittlthat makes a great story to tell your grandchildren ;)15:51
knittl11:11 < wzssyqa> ripps: no ,first, dpkg-reconfigure locales,then reboot, then sudo locale-gen,then reboot15:51
knittlhm, i only did locale-gen15:51
hggdhso did I. Will get it this way now, and see if it works15:52
knittli'm grepping the log now for all sorts of problems i have :D15:52
hggdhbut this does not seem to be correct. ' dpkg-reconf locales'  just tries to regen the tables. Since they are all up-to-date, nothing is actually done15:54
knittlhggdh: i read the manpage. maybe you could try locale-gen --purge15:54
BUGabundo_workhggdh: always funny15:54
hggdhalready did --purge. But dpkg-reconf does not force --purge15:55
* hggdh bows to BUGabundo_work 15:55
BUGabundo_worki'll try with bjsnider PPA15:55
BUGabundo_workand see how that goes for me15:55
BUGabundo_workshould i PURGE hal from my system ?15:55
hggdhI think it is still used somewhere15:56
hggdhyes, lots of rdepends on hal15:58
bjsniderBUGabundo_work, you'll do what exactly?15:58
bjsniderhggdh, what were your euro parents doing in brazil?16:00
joaopintohggdh, BUGabundo_work according to some blog I have read sometime ago you can safely remove hal at this time16:00
knittllooks right, purging hal only removes hal* and leaves libcompress-bzip2-perl to be removed on autoremove16:01
knittlbut removing tells me the user haldaemon is still logged in16:02
BUGabundo_workhggdh: aptitude why hal showed only ONE16:17
BUGabundo_workbjsnider: identica ping me your PPA or email it to me, please16:18
BUGabundo_worki *MUST* upgrade today16:18
BUGabundo_workand have someone back slap alberto16:19
BUGabundo_workfor his unfinished work16:19
knittlBUGabundo_work: https://launchpad.net/~nvidia-vdpau/+archive/ppa16:20
knittlwhere's nvidia-glx-195?16:20
BUGabundo_workis xedgers even in working state?16:21
BUGabundo_workSarvatt: ping ^^^^^^16:21
bjsniderknittl, BUGabundo_work i removed the lucid packages from the ppa. they would interfere and break the new driver under development quite severely16:23
bjsniderand the new driver package does not conflict with glx-195, so there is no upgrade routine for that16:23
knittlbjsnider: so what is the recommended way to go for me?16:23
knittlinstall 190 again?16:23
bjsnideralberto has ppa builds of the new driver package, probably not 100% finished yet16:24
bjsnideri don't know how wel they work, but they're definitely close16:25
knittlthere's only -96 and -17316:25
knittli think i'll just wait till they are finished and continue using 195 for no16:25
knittl* now16:25
knittlalthough standby is not working16:25
bjsniderknittl, not that this helps, but you *are* using an unstable distro here16:26
knittli know16:27
knittli'm not complaining16:27
knittlafter all i'm using it to test it16:27
bjsniderthe nvidia-graphics-rivers package in that ppa does have the 190 driver16:28
knittlhm ok, i was just wondering, because 173 and 96 are listed16:29
knittloh. i understand now :D16:29
BUGabundo_workwell I'm COMPLAINING16:30
BUGabundo_workleaving a system without phisical access to it for two days, is unaceptalbe16:30
BUGabundo_workeven on a testing release16:31
bjsniderBUGabundo_work, alberto is in #ubuntu-x right now if you want to chat with him about it (tseliot)16:32
knittlubuntu-x? what's the x for?16:33
* BUGabundo_work puts angry face on16:33
bjsniderbtw i would stay away from using the nvidia-installer too16:34
bjsniderxis for xorg16:34
knittlk, thx:)16:34
knittli'm using jockey16:34
bjsnideryes in other words, the .run packages from nvidia16:35
bjsniderthey will be disabled in lucid and would probably...16:35
BUGabundo_workfeedback in there is almost as much as in #ubuntu-kernel16:35
bjsniderwell, i hesistate to continue16:35
bjsniderthis is going to be entertaining16:36
bjsniderBUGabundo_work, vs. the ubuntu xorg devs16:37
hggdhBUGabundo_work: apt-cache rdepends hal showed some 3016:37
hggdhah, it is xfce that still depends heavily on HAL16:38
BUGabundo_worki'm on gnome16:39
hggdhalthough rdepends show a lot of gnome packages, I think it is only recommends16:41
* BUGabundo_work gets an hammer16:46
BUGabundo_worksome ppl need it the HARD WAY16:46
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bjsniderwasn't that the tagline of some wretched movie?16:54
vitaHi all.17:00
vitaI have problem with localepurge. I tried to google for some help, but no avail so far.17:00
vitaE: Problem executing scripts DPkg::Post-Invoke 'if [ -x /usr/sbin/localepurge ] && [ $(ps w -p $PPID | grep -c remove) != 1 ]; then /usr/sbin/localepurge; else exit 0; fi'17:01
geserhave you tried running "/usr/sbin/localepurge" from a terminal to see what it complains about?17:03
vita`It has no output. So, I can't say whether it works or not.17:04
vitaI'm not the only one. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=862571117:05
yofelvita: what number does 'echo $?' give you on a terminal after running localepurge?17:06
vitaAh. So locale exits with error 117:07
geserdoes "locale" give you a warning about missing locales?17:08
vitanope, I had such problem, but resolved it by "dpkg-reconfigure locale"17:09
vita /usr/sbin/localepurge --debug also exits with 1 but no error output17:09
vitaran as root17:09
knittlmy keyboard layout always changes back to an old version :(--also my alt key seems to hang randomly17:09
vitadamn. Konversation crashed. Any ideas about localepurge when I was down?17:14
vitadpkg-reconfigure localepurge doesn't help17:21
pasjrdose Ubuntu Tweak work with 10.0117:25
Picipasjr: I assume you mean 10.04, and we don't know, as ubuntu-tweak is provided by a third party.17:27
pasjrsorry yes 10.04 finger slip.  Ok thanks I tried but keep having issues with graphics just wondered if any one had success yet17:28
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ThingymebobI'm trying to get #503548 exactly where it belongs, I'm pretty sure its a xorg/nv issue. How do I determine which is the problem18:51
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WeatherGodhello, I was looking through some documentation for testing Lucid, and I noticed that it seems like you guys still need some testing results on an EeePC 100020:57
WeatherGodI currently use one, and I was wondering how I could help20:58
WeatherGod(I am currently a member of the Bug Squad)20:58
yofelWeatherGod: welcome :P20:58
WeatherGodhi yofel20:58
WeatherGodAnyway, I got a week before the semester starts back up again, so I can do stuff now without interfering with my schoolwork20:59
yofelWeatherGod: I'm using Kubuntu lucid on an EeePC 1000H right now21:01
yofelworks fine mostly21:02
yofelthe only annoying thing is that the 2.6.32 kernel breaks the intel graphics driver on suspend21:02
WeatherGodis UNR being folded into Kubuntu?21:02
yofel(to RAM)21:02
WeatherGodI don't see a separate ISO for UNR21:02
yofelthe screen flashes from time to time and after a while turns black21:03
yofeleverything else still works, you just don't see anything21:03
DanaGhmm, after fsck... what's the next thing to come in the boot process?21:03
yofelDanaG: since we now use upstart... no idea21:04
yofelwas wondering the same yesterday21:04
WeatherGodyofel: ah, so it is still ssh-able and such?21:04
knittlwah, still no umlauts21:04
WeatherGodyeah, I gotta read up on upstart21:04
yofelWeatherGod: yes, you can even close windows with alt+f4 or witch to tty - login - and sudo shutdown21:04
yofelif you can do it blind ^^21:05
WeatherGodwell, at least it is just a graphics driver issue, which should be easier to fix than some of the more complicated issues that ususally come from suspend21:06
WeatherGodanybody know anything about UNR for Lucid?21:07
charlie-tcaWeatherGod: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook-remix/daily-live/current/21:09
charlie-tcaHello, BUGabundo21:09
yofelhi BUGabundo21:09
BUGabundolets see what i can break or unbreak tonigh21:09
charlie-tcathey killed that bug today21:09
BUGabundothey did ????21:09
BUGabundoi was speaking to them all afternoon21:09
BUGabundoand squat21:09
BUGabundobug id?21:09
BUGabundonasty nasty charles!21:10
WeatherGodcharlie-tca: thanks21:10
charlie-tcabug 50414921:10
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/504149)21:10
BUGabundohere goes nothing21:10
charlie-tcabug 50414921:10
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/504149)21:10
charlie-tcaWeatherGod: no problem21:10
yofelyay, LP broken...21:11
charlie-tcabeen bad in all the channels today21:11
charlie-tcaanyway, BUGabundo. that is the one21:11
BUGabundoRemoving all DKMS Modules21:12
BUGabundoRemoving linux-headers-2.6.32-8-generic ...21:12
BUGabundoRemoving nvidia-185-libvdpau ...21:12
BUGabundoCurrent status: 1 update [-6].21:12
BUGabundoSorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server.21:13
charlie-tcaIsn't that nvidia driver broken in lucid?21:13
charlie-tcayeah, I been fighting it all day21:13
BUGabundoso i'm stuck with NOTHING21:13
BUGabundoi'm sure it wont even boot21:13
WeatherGodwhat about the nvidia 195 drivers21:14
BUGabundolow grafics21:14
WeatherGodor is it 190?21:14
BUGabundoat least mouse works /sacarms21:14
charlie-tca504149   Changed in: xorg (Ubuntu)       Status: Incomplete => Won't Fix21:14
charlie-tcaUmm, I think it is 190, but you have to get it from nvidia's website21:15
alkisgBUGabundo: you can work with vesa + forced horzsync/vertrefresh to get the resolution you want...21:15
WeatherGodbut, if it works, why don't we get it packaged and made available?21:15
WeatherGodnote, I don't know if it works, just that it has been out for a few months now21:16
yofelWeatherGod: pretty much all nvidia users here use the packages from the vdpau ppa21:16
yofel190 is stable, 195 is beta (195 recommended for KDE)21:17
BUGabundoi dont21:17
WeatherGodok, good to know for my other computer21:17
BUGabundosome one said it was broken too21:17
BUGabundoyofel: can i install the one in PPA?21:18
BUGabundoif so, why isnt it in archive?21:18
WeatherGodwhich one is gonna be targeted for Lucid release?21:18
yofelBUGabundo: the drivers from the ppa work, why the archive still has a broken one I don't know21:18
BUGabundoppa link please21:19
BUGabundogot it21:19
yofeloh come on, just google for the nvidia vdpau ppa, but here: https://edge.launchpad.net/~nvidia-vdpau/+archive/ppa21:20
yofeland contact bjsnider if anything breaks21:20
BUGabundoyofel: thats what i did21:20
knittlyofel: he told me to use albertos ppa21:20
BUGabundosince i'm at it21:21
BUGabundoi might try NV21:21
BUGabundoanyone know if it is working ?21:21
knittli think gdm is broken atm xD21:22
knittlmy boottime is very slow (slower than karmic) can i measure and analyse it somehow? bootchart comes into mind21:23
BUGabundoknittl: py-bootchar21:24
BUGabundoknittl: py-bootchart21:24
BUGabundo!info py-bootchart21:24
BUGabundo!info pybootchart21:24
ubottuPackage py-bootchart does not exist in lucid21:24
ubottuPackage pybootchart does not exist in lucid21:24
BUGabundo!info bootchart-java21:24
ubottuPackage bootchart-java does not exist in lucid21:24
BUGabundo!search bootchart21:24
ubottuFound: bootchart21:24
knittli think booting itself isn't so slow, it's gdm after logging in21:25
* BUGabundo slap the bot with two wet throuts21:25
knittlsomethings wrong on my system somewhere21:25
BUGabundoknittl: bootchart should help debug21:25
yofel!info pybootchartgui21:25
ubottupybootchartgui (source: pybootchartgui): boot sequence visualisation. In component main, is extra. Version 0+r139-2 (lucid), package size 20 kB, installed size 156 kB21:25
BUGabundono gdm21:27
BUGabundo$ startx21:27
yofelBUGabundo: does 'sudo service gdm start' work?21:27
BUGabundo /usr/bin/X not found21:27
knittlsudo service gdm start21:27
yofelBUGabundo: uh, that sounds bad...21:27
BUGabundoyofel: $ gdm start/running21:27
BUGabundoi wish i new where21:28
hggdhsudo start gdm is the new syntax for upstart21:28
BUGabundostop and restart dont work21:28
hggdhsudo stop gdm21:28
knittlBUGabundo: then it's not running21:28
BUGabundosudo gdm stop works21:29
BUGabundowarning: unable to fid user : no seat-id foind21:29
yofelBUGabundo: maybe the update removed xserver-xorg?21:29
BUGabundoyofel: correct21:29
BUGabundonone installed21:29
BUGabundolet me tell that to tX guys21:30
BUGabundonow trying to install it21:31
charlie-tcathey should know it is bad, shouldn't they?21:31
BUGabundolets see what tries to remove now21:31
BUGabundoremoves nvidia21:31
yofelBUGabundo: yes, it will remove the nvidia glx from the archive21:32
yofelknown issue21:32
yofelbroken since before alpha1...21:32
yofelthat's why we're all using ppa packages...21:32
BUGabundoyofel: thats from PPA21:33
BUGabundolet me give it another go21:34
BUGabundoinstallin X 1:7.521:34
WeatherGodbe sure to refresh your package lists21:34
WeatherGodjust sayin'21:34
BUGabundook X is done21:34
BUGabundowhat 195 name ?21:35
BUGabundoso i dont typo21:35
yofelknittl: when did he tell you to use the other ppa, and which one?21:36
BUGabundoi dont see nvidia-glx-19521:36
BUGabundoyofel: [21:32] <tjaalton> use tseliot's ppa21:36
knittlyofel: today, around 3 pm21:36
knittlso that's 12 hours ago21:37
knittlstupid timezones ...21:37
knittlbtw, is there a solution for the ureadahead-other main process terminated with status 4 yet? and the mountall: could not connect to plymouth21:37
yofelknittl: got the ppa link?21:38
knittlyofel: yes, sec21:38
BUGabundotseliot ppa only has up to karmic21:38
BUGabundono lucid package21:38
BUGabundowrong ppa .(21:39
knittlno, it's the one i was told about earlier today21:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 503212 in mountall "mountall crashed with SIGSEGV in main() without initramfs" [High,Confirmed]21:40
yofelmeh, no 195 :/21:40
BUGabundook. package list update . now what? install blob?21:41
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
BUGabundothat guy is NOT helping21:45
BUGabundoi'm getting *really* tired with this21:45
sparrI am trying to install nvidia-glx-185 to get the nvidia graphics driver but apt wants to uninstall xorg and xorg-* when I do.  help?21:46
BUGabundosparr: forget it21:47
BUGabundoits ALL BROKEN21:47
BUGabundoi'm currently without any X21:47
sparras am I21:47
BUGabundoafter X devs _advise_ me to upgrade21:48
bjsniderthe updated nvidia drivers are going into lucid this afternoon. probably within the hour21:48
knittlBUGabundo: come on, just install xserver-xorg and things should be fine again21:48
sparrI have failsafeXserver running, but it wants to use 2048x1600, which my monitor doesn't support21:48
alkisgbjsnider: which drivers? nv, nouveau or the proprietary?21:48
BUGabundoi cant even see nvidia-graphics-drivers21:49
vividyou guys are putting beta nvidia drivers in but wouldnt put current stable into karmic?21:49
BUGabundoprob didnt build for 64bits21:49
BUGabundovivid: brokwn with X 17.5 and old HAL21:49
sparrvivid: recent decisions have driven home my decision to move back to debian for my next install, I just can't deal with the ubuntu package/release policies21:49
vivid....i use the drivers from nvidia, though im sure ubuntu will tell you it will break your system o.O21:50
BUGabundosparr: dont use devel version21:51
BUGabundovivid: thats SOOO wrong21:51
sparrBUGabundo: then I am stuck with packages 1-9 months out of date, also unacceptable21:51
BUGabundouse a rolling disto then21:51
sparrlike debian.  welcome to 3 minutes ago.21:51
vividwhats wrong about it?21:51
WeatherGodwell, I have encountered some situations where the NVidia drivers were breaking things once the users decided to turn on the proprietary stuff21:51
vividi know for a fact theyve told me before it would break my system21:52
WeatherGodand others where the proprietary stuff fixed their problems21:52
yofelsparr: and how is debian better? (unless you use sid)21:52
bjsnideralkisg, proprietary21:53
alkisgbjsnider: ppa, I assume. Thank you.21:53
vividwhy isnt 190 series in lucid even ...21:53
vividridiculous, 185 still has crashes21:53
bjsnideralkisg, no, not ppa21:53
alkisgAh, the restricted? wow..21:53
alkisgGood news :)21:54
sparryofel: debian packages tend to handle mixing distros more robustly.  and i run sid.21:54
bjsnidertargeted for alpha 2 releae21:54
sparryofel: i typically run a mix of testing, unstable, and experimental on debian21:54
WeatherGodbjsnider: good21:54
BUGabundoi run unstable at work21:54
BUGabundobut ati SUCKSSSS21:54
bjsnideryofel, i regret putting the lbobs into the ppa, and if i were you i would be rid of them and go with the new package that's coming in21:55
WeatherGodI thought ATI was releasing an open source driver?21:55
yofelbjsnider: should i install the ppa one or wait for it to be uploaded to the archive?21:56
bjsniderwait for the updates this afternoon21:56
bjsnideruninstall the 195 completely first21:56
yofelbjsnider: ok, will do21:58
sparrwhy does installing nvidia-glx-185 cause xorg* to be uninstalled?21:59
BUGabundonot compatible with 1.7.521:59
BUGabundotold u that already21:59
sparrno, I think you didn't21:59
vivid....185 is redundant anyway21:59
bjsniderit was binary-copied over from karmic21:59
yofelvivid: not until the new package acutally gets uploaded...22:00
vividforget the ubuntu package22:00
BUGabundoand why is my CPU set to performence?!22:00
vividgo to nvidia.com and download22:00
bjsniderso it is built against karmic's xserver-xorg version. it is not actually incompatible with 1.7.522:00
BUGabundovivid: DONT22:00
vividi mean, youre on alpha, not like youre going to die if it doesnt work22:00
bjsnidervivid, that would pooch your system to the point where you would have to wipe/reload22:00
yofelvivid: please stop giving advice that WILL break your system22:01
knittlbjsnider: so what is the exact/correct procedure now? purge nvidia-* and install nvidia-common?22:01
vividsee, i said that earlier, my bad22:01
bjsniderthe nividia installer does not use alternatives, so it isn't compatible with lucid22:01
hggdhvivid: the point is going to nvidia.com resolves *your* problem, but not Ubuntu' s22:01
vividsounds like systems are broken as is, but ill butt out of the conversation22:02
yofelvivid: you might want to help improving it then...22:03
vividi have22:03
WeatherGodquick question... what is it that Ubuntu need to do with the binary blob before packaging and releasing it?22:03
yofelok then :)22:03
hggdhwell, notwithstanding BUGabundo' s despair, this is an *alpha*. Systems may catch fire22:03
bjsniderknittl, check the archive for nvidia-current, not nvidia-common22:03
aciculaWeatherGod: test :)?22:03
WeatherGodbesides that...22:03
bjsniderwhen you see it there, purge the old one and install that22:03
bjsniderinstall it through jockey22:04
bjsniderjockey has to be used too22:04
aciculaWeatherGod: there is a small source shim that needs to be build22:04
knittli thought i need nvidia-common for jockey to work22:04
WeatherGodacicula: ah, ok22:04
WeatherGodand I take it that this shim is non-trivial?22:04
aciculaWeatherGod: the point people here are trying to make is not that you can not use the unpackaged stuff, just that its is really likely to break your system22:05
crimsunWeatherGod: your best bet is to ask tseliot.22:05
aciculaWeatherGod: at least to a point where most users just need to reinstall22:05
bjsniderknittl, yes that is true22:05
WeatherGodI am wondering why 190 hasn't been packaged, that's all22:05
crimsunWeatherGod: generally, it's either -ERESOURCE or lack of testing22:05
knittli'm confused22:05
acicula,you can not _not_ use,22:05
BUGabundohggdh: well it should provice a *CLEAR* path of upgrade22:05
BUGabundoand not of breakage22:05
crimsunWeatherGod: 190 has been packaged; see ~xorg-edgers22:05
bjsniderthe driver is activated through jockey. it is crucial to install it through there or the update-alternatives command will not be run22:06
knittlbjsnider: i removed all nvidia-related ppas. now i purged nvidia*22:06
knittlas preparation for the upcoming update22:06
knittlwhy can't the update-alternatives command be run through the .deb install routines?22:06
yofelnow we just have to wait for the new package to get uploaded to lucid22:06
BUGabundoforget archive packages22:07
BUGabundonot ready yet22:07
BUGabundotseliot PPA has whats need22:07
hggdhBUGabundo: yes, I am not saying otherwise. But this is part of the risk associated with running alphas.22:07
BUGabundoplus a archive mesa22:07
hggdhI my case, I am running VESA for some weeks now (since the ATI drivers blew)22:07
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
BUGabundowb DanaG22:10
BUGabundoi have metacity at full resolution22:13
BUGabundojust no 3D22:13
bjsniderright because the necessary code is not in alberto's ppa22:14
bjsniderit will be in the archive later on22:14
DanaGhmm, so what's all this new gtk alpha-channel support going to give as an end result?22:16
DanaGIt doesn't give me alpha-transparent desktop.22:16
zniavreDanaG, even if you activate rgba on murrine theme ?22:17
BUGabundoi'm good for now22:17
BUGabundogoind to upgrade my new WDTV22:17
DanaGI want to be able to set my nautilus desktop color with RGBA, not just RGB.22:18
BUGabundoand try out my new LCD22:18
BUGabundothanks everyone22:18
zniavreDanaG,  supposed you are with default theme try to modify the rgba option in it  FALSE to TRUE22:19
DanaGYeah, that works.22:20
zniavrecan i hav a screenshot please?22:20
DanaGeh, you can probably find stuff on google images.22:22
zniavrei think you are the first to try it...22:23
zniavrei do not mind22:23
zniavrenautilus is translucent too ?22:25
knittlhggdh: do umlauts work for you again?22:28
sparrshould there be a newer nvidia driver available than 185?22:31
crimsunin the repo? No. There are PPAs, however.22:31
bjsnidersparr, within a few hours22:31
zniavre173 is working ?22:37
sparrbjsnider: not to step above my place but...  shouldn't there be a process in place that stops this sort of breakage from happening?  that is, whoever "committed" (sorry, not sure about the term) the new xorg to the repository should have been stopped when it would result in this22:40
WeatherGodanybody know another way to obtain the Lucid iso from the daily build22:42
WeatherGodmy download was corrupted22:42
WeatherGodand I don't see a torrent available22:42
WeatherGodwould zsync work to correct the download?22:47
* sparr curses whatever bug has left him with just one terminal22:55
sparrguess it's time to learn how to use screen22:55
bjsnidersparr, breakage in an alpha operating system?22:56
bjsniderthe process that's in place is "use karmic"22:57
sparrforget that I am a user...  other package developers are even more inconvenienced by this problem than I am.22:58
crimsunnvidia-graphics-drivers (190.53) is in source NEW22:58
crimsunit's awaiting archive admin ACCEPT, and then it will need to build then be accepted through binary NEW then be published22:58
crimsunso, it's just a matter of time at this point22:58
crimsunpatience, virtue, etc., etc.22:59
sparrok, better question...22:59
sparrthe situation I am in right now.  could it be reproduced in karmic simply by uninstalling the nvidia driver?22:59
sparrI don't mind the lack of the nvidia driver so much as I mind the complete lack of ability to use X22:59
bjsniderif you wiped out the blob the nv driver would be selected by default23:00
crimsunI don't know the extent of nv's crippled nature. I just know that it kinda sucks.23:00
bjsnidermaybe it would work, maybe not23:00
sparrcrimsun: "kinda sucks" is not as bad as this23:01
sparrI would be happy if it fell back to vesa23:01
bjsnidervesa is being discussed as the default in lucid because of issues related to nv and nouveau23:01
sparrmeh @ default.  let's talk about fallback.23:01
bjsnideryeah, fallback23:01
sparryes, the things-gone-wrong state I am in right now is my own fault.  but that isn't always the case.  the question is why it doesn't fail gracefully when one driver is missing/broken/bad23:01
bjsnidervesa might be the thing in lucid23:02
bcurtiswxis gdm suppose to remove usplash?23:03
sparrbcurtiswx: I noticed that too23:03
sparrgdm and usplash conflict with each other now23:03
bcurtiswxok, thx23:03
sparri don't know why or if it was intentional23:03
hggdhknittl: no, no umlauts23:04
hggdhknittl: but I have not restarted yet23:04
bcurtiswxif it were intentional it would be nice to know.. so i can let the change happen23:04
cdE|Woozyit's intentional23:08
cdE|Woozyusplash is going to be replaced by plymouth soon23:08
bcurtiswxcdE|Woozy: Thanks :D23:10
knittlhggdh: hm ok, i've rebooted several times now and still no umlauts. but now it's bedtime. goodnight everybody23:11
joaopintois just me or shutter is trying to save into /home/ ?23:14
DanaGhmm, so, the power savings / gpu mode-switching works... but doesn't clock down very far at all.23:18
DanaGoh, I do see  that glitching.23:19
joaopintosparr, yes, the screenshot taking utility23:22
slewlyHi all, I'm running 10.04, and earlier today, the process "events/0" (or sometimes "events/1" -- I have a dual-core system) would spike my CPU very hard about every 0.4 seconds.  (I timed the spikes to be almost exactly 5 every 2 seconds.)23:29
slewlyThe problem has since gone away (after a few reboots, oddly).  However, were this to happen in the future, what can I do to help narrow down the cause of the problem?23:29
slewlyMy understanding is that these are kernel processes (user "root", PID 9 and 10), and that they cannot be killed.  I tried a search online, and I only found references to people having problems with events/N if they're using Ralink wireless cards or ndiswrapper.  I *believe* I use neither, and in fact, my problem persisted even after disabling my wireless (in hardware) and rebooting.23:30
slewlyThank you very much in advance for any insight.23:31
aciculaslewly: yeah its a kernel process, you can check for ndiswrapper by doing lsmod | grep ndis ?23:41

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