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shenkiarmin76: o/03:06
shenkiasac: so you need to build for armv7 but no neon?03:06
shenkifta: isn't the localtime bug (the one you were referring to as the javascript bug) fixed in newer versions of the nivia driver?03:07
persiaAnyone ever heard of "xpg3sh" as a shell?03:46
asacshenki: hi09:04
asacshenki: still there?09:04
shenkiasac: yeah09:04
asacshenki: yes. if such a disable_neon=1 flag would magically appear in gyp I would start to cry ;)09:04
shenkiokay, i will write the patch09:04
asacthere are a few other things that need to get fixed09:05
shenkiasac: why do you need this?09:05
asacwe dont have NEON on armv709:05
asacbecause not all armv7 things support that09:05
persiaHrm?  I thought it was only available on *some* armv7, rather than none.09:05
shenkiok, so some non-cortex chipset?09:05
asacyes ... also old cortex chipsets have issues - like CPU hangs etc. - I was told09:06
shenkihrm. i wonder if this stuff should be runtime-dependant, like the ffmpeg sse asm09:06
asaci asked for that in the bug09:06
shenkiwhich bug is this?09:06
asaccant remember who replied, but that guy said that chromium doesnt want it09:06
asacone sec09:06
persiaWasn't there a couple chips that claimed NEON support, but it didn't work?  I thought I saw a bug about that.09:08
asacnot sure. in the end it boils down to NEON not working eeverywhere ;)09:09
asacthats why we ended up with this approach09:09
persiaWell, yeah.  I'm just not even sure it's safe to do runtime-detect (like for altivec)09:09
shenkiasac: so what floating point hardware do these boards have?09:10
shenkiah, the dove ones. i should read the entire bug.09:11
shenki43 celcius here today, brain is suffering09:12
asaci thínk you have no specialized code for those atm09:12
asacheh. thats 50 hoter than here ;)09:12
asacare you in the outback ;)?09:12
shenkiheh, nup. i leave next to the sea09:12
* asac thinks it must be near a desert :)09:13
asaconly 48 ... its -5 atm09:13
shenkinice. i was looking at footage of england on the news, the entire landmass covered in snow. a world away.09:14
asacwe also need http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=3127409:19
asacand -fno-tree-sink for gcc44_version=1 http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=3106309:19
asac(or -fstrict-aliasing)09:19
asacshenki: ^^09:20
shenkiwoah, how did you build v8 with strict aliasing turned on?09:23
shenkiit used to not build with that... dtoa.c was the main culprit, but there was other issues iirc09:23
asacshenki: it just builds ;)09:31
asacw dont run the test suite09:31
asacbut the resulting binary worked well too09:31
shenkithere you go09:32
asacin which direction :-P?09:33
ogramind the walls !09:33
asacanyone awake with a dove board?09:44
asacpersia: how did the lsb lib packaging mess work out last night?09:50
asaci saw things about /opt etc ;)09:50
persiatet-harness is complete.  Haven't yet determined if it's sufficient to build t2c-harness yet.09:53
asacpersia: do you have a qemu chroot?10:02
asacthat works quite well for stuff not too big10:02
persiaI have hardware :)  Can't run a karmic or lucid kernel, but chroots are fine for building.10:03
persiaThe issue is more the complete lack of documentation on t2c-harness, rather than anything else.  The docs about t2c-harness talk about t2c-desktop, and the instructions for t2c-desktop don't actually do the expected stuff for t2c-harness.10:04
persiaPlus, almost none of the code is actually licensed :)10:04
persiaBut I do have a patch to make t2c-harness build for arm: it's just a matter of fiddling to get a debian/rules that can build it.10:05
asacsounds like a perfect job ;)10:08
* persia really prefers nice clean upstreams10:08
asacthat reminds me to poke ccheney ;)10:09
asacabout ugly backports for rolling ffox 3.6 to hardy ;)10:09
persiaUm, I don't want to know anything more about that.10:10
asachehe... its actually about rolling lucid webkit to hardy ;)10:10
asacincluding all the gnome libs10:10
asacrequired for that mess10:10
persiaThat's going to totally break some stuff.  Like midbrowser.10:10
persiaJust hope nobody with Ubuntu MID has backports enabled.10:11
ftashenki, yes, it's the one. there's already a patch: http://codereview.chromium.org/52510910:24
shenkifta: okay. so ubuntu still ships old nvidia drivers?10:27
ftashenki, depends. we have several flavors. but as i do backports of chromium down to hardy, i have to workaround that bug10:28
shenkii forgot that you build for old releases10:29
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ftaasac, d'oh! http://identi.ca/notice/1847470311:07
armin76ricing fail11:16
shenkiwhy do you guys have so much trouble getting it built :/11:16
shenkilooks like i was pretty lucky to have it run11:16
ograbecause we live on the edge11:18
ogralatest toolchain and compiler as well as the most modern build defaults have their costs11:19
ftaasac, boooo, upgraded my desktop (karmic), same error11:33
asacok ... escalation needed i guess11:33
asacwould love to have a working tarball for the archive upload ;)11:34
asacfta: you said that dev channel isnt updated anymore?11:34
asacmaybe because of breakages like this?11:34
asacfta: gyp was NEWed by heroic seb128 btw11:35
asaci already filed a bug ;)11:35
asacbug 50471611:35
ftano, the channels (mine) are no updated because they stopped maintaining the LATEST.txt file i use to get the revisions11:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 504716 in gyp "debian/copyright incomplete" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50471611:35
asacany info what they do now?11:35
asacor any official reason why they stopped that?11:35
ftanot yet, internal discussions still going on11:36
asacalso no reason?11:36
asacwould prefer to do uploads to archive from dev channel11:36
asacrather than random happy uploads11:37
ftabut channels are obviously frozen atm11:37
shenkidev channel has started up again yesterday11:38
ftanot in ubuntu11:38
shenkioh, your channels are frozen?11:38
asacimo they need to use the same resource that we use11:39
asacotherwise it will always end up like that11:39
ftashenki, yes, because http://src.chromium.org/svn/releases/LATEST.txt is frozen11:40
asacsimilar to mozilla build systems make install always being busted because they dont use it for their own builds11:40
shenkiasac: where does your system differ?11:41
asacfrom what i understand google uses something internally to update the channels ...11:41
asacwhile LATEST was just for chromium11:42
shenkioh. they use svn to branch and release from those11:42
shenkithose branches11:42
asacwell all the DEPS revisions etc.11:42
asacall that info isnt available ... e.g. what revision of webkit they pull for a dev update etc.11:42
asacso we cannot produce sources matchine their chrome releases11:43
asacwe can only build trunk ;)11:43
shenkiokay. i thought that was fixed a while ago...there was a windows guy who kept asking for it11:43
asacyes, they introduced LATEST.txt11:43
shenkii used to have an awesome contact in the google team, he mentord me for the summer of code11:43
asacbut as they seem to have stopped it i assume they didnt use the same ... e.g. it was just a secondary service for us11:44
shenkibut he quit not long after, and i dont really know anoyne else on the team quite as well11:44
asacimo something they dont use will never be reliable enough11:44
asacyeah. but even then. thats probably a huge process internally11:45
ftashenki, i know a bunch of people there, they are working on the problem11:45
asacmost likely someone loves their cool build system so much that they cannot move to something like LATEST11:45
asacbut i have no idea whats the status or problems are ;) ... and given that it stalled just a few days ago, i am not yet panicking ;)11:46
asacmost likely fta noticed it before they noticed it ;)11:47
shenkiare any of the ubuntu arm guys going to be at linux.conf.au?11:47
asacnot that i know. when is that?11:47
shenkiweek of the 18th11:47
shenkiin new zealand11:47
asacah. so yeah. they guy wanting to go there was pulled into something more important ...11:48
asacso no.11:48
asacis that particular important for arm?11:48
asacor just a conference you are attending and would like to meet?11:49
shenkithe latter11:49
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/353424/11:49
asacso it still works without sandbox?11:50
ftaok, there's already a popular bug: http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=3180911:50
* asac voted11:50
ograso plymouth dies12:17
asaci think we can live with that for now12:30
asacalso its not even seeded in desktop so there probably is a reason - maybe this?12:30
ogramight be12:42
JamieBennettoh, nice - http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/07/freescale-smartbook-prototype-is-a-dockable-tablet-we-go-hands/13:29
persiaI remember playing with an old HTC device like that at the shop last year, but feared I'd lose the keyboard.  This one looks a little bigger.13:30
asacplars: here ;)14:15
plarsasac: so the uboot package version is useful?  How if it is different from what's in flash?14:15
asacplars: for imx with bootfloppy the uboot package updates the bootloader on install/upgrade .. so there it should match14:16
asaci would think we are doing the same for flash on dove14:16
asacplars: does dove install update flash?14:17
* asac has no dove14:17
plarsasac: the times I've updated uboot on dove before, it was through a tftp image14:17
plarsmanual process, though there may be a better way now14:17
asacplars: ok so for now i dont see that we can do anything different than getting the information we see at runtime14:18
asacwe could mark uboot version as "MIGHT NOT BE RIGHT"14:18
asacone thing we could make happen is to pass parameters to the kernel14:18
persiaEven if there is an mtd driver, and one can access the flash, it's tricky to determine useful information from binary blobs.14:18
asacthat we can the read later14:18
asaclike teach uboot to append stuff we want to know: XX_info_uboot_version=XXX14:19
plarsasac: this might be a good one to defer till A3, when we have uboot support for imx51?14:19
asacyeah. i think so14:19
asacbut we should clarify what info we need for that item14:19
asaccurrently there is just "uboot etc." :)14:19
plarsasac: something we should probably discuss is the review of tests on suspend/resume testing14:21
plarsthe summary data for most of them is filled in, a few NEEDINFO's still there14:21
plarsbut most are not the base tests14:21
asaclet me check14:21
plarsasac: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Specs/Mobile/Lucid/ArmSuspendResumeTesting for the wiki page14:22
asacgood lp is slow as hell for me atm ;)14:22
plarsasac: heh14:22
plarsasac: one of the items targetted for A2 was to review these with you and discuss which should be targetted to do this cycle14:22
asacplars: ok lets go through them and assign priorities14:22
plarsasac: sounds good14:23
asaclet me dumb what i think maybe update the wiki for things you agree:14:23
asacnetwork -> high14:23
persiaAre these two-level priorities, beyond the BASE, STD, EXTRA we already did?14:23
asacno ;)14:24
asacso its done ;)14:24
persiaI did that last month :)14:24
plarsI wasn't part of the conversation on base, std, extra14:24
asacright. but you didnt put that in the prio column ;)14:24
plarsso that was a question I had for you14:24
plarsI'll fix that14:24
asaci think memory is not high14:24
plarsI was thinking that the intention could have been to have priority different from class14:25
persiaUm, yes it is.14:25
asacits of course important14:25
asacbut we cant test14:25
persiaIf a bank of memory doesn't come back, bad things happen.14:25
plarsmemory/ECC, my thoughts on this were to run [insert memory test here, TBD] while doing suspend/resume, see if anything ugly happens in the process14:25
asacbesides general stability14:25
persiaWe can certainly test to make sure the amount of ram is the same.14:25
persiaWe can't test the subtleties.14:25
asachow do you run a memory test in a running system?14:25
asacbut do we know that a problem would show up as "reduced amount of memory"?14:26
asacotherwise i am fine with that14:26
plarsthat sounds more reasonable14:26
asacfor me it feels more likely that the system crashes :)14:26
persiaI can't remember the command right now.  There's one that shows you the detected physical memory map.14:26
plarsasac: true, and things are using memory no matter what... should get tested implicitly to some degree14:26
asacright. what we could write is a script that fills up memory until OOM14:27
asacor something14:27
asacor just arbitrary use of something that uses lots of mem after resume14:27
asacwe can certainly compare /proc/meminfo14:28
asacis that avail on arm14:28
plarsmemtotal should match before/after suspend14:28
persiaRight.  That's enough of a test.14:28
persiaAnything else is subtle14:28
asacwe could run soimething that makes  abit extensive use of mem14:29
asacbut lets use the memtotal thing for now14:29
plarsasac: I suspect that will be implicitly covered in some of the other tess14:29
plarsfor instance, video playback while suspend/resume14:30
asacyes, but crashes in there could easily come from graphics driver etc.14:30
asacso we have to be carefuly14:30
asacsome memory intensive calculation algorithm would be a base test14:30
asacmore we cant do14:30
asacaudio devices -> the stream should resume where it stopped14:31
asachow can that be done?14:31
asacusing aplay to play something we know how long it is14:31
asacand measure the time before suspend and after resume until it finishes?14:31
asacand then if the time is close enough we are done?14:31
plarsasac: that has to be somewhat manual I'm afraid, ask the user to be aware that it doesn't start over, or suddenly skip to the end14:31
persiapacat and parec might be a test that more closely matches the audio subsystems in use.14:32
asacbut we shouldnt use any high level app to rules out app bugs14:32
plarsasac: user is going to have to listen for it anyway, aplay can't tell you if sound is actually still coming out14:32
asacright. but we can measure if it skipped something14:32
asacuser still needs to provide feedback if there was sound after resume14:32
persiaCan that just pull the standard test from the desktop hardware testing suite?14:33
asacis there such a test?14:33
persiaErr, yes, but nevermind.14:33
asaclets not check how to implement it now14:33
asacbut rather what we want14:33
plarsyes, iirc it plays a tone and asks the user if they heard something14:33
persiaWe need to test that it doesn'T skip on suspend, not that it might break on suspend.14:33
asacright. but we want to check if things got skipped ... which i am not sure how that can be a suspend/resume problem14:33
asacat least not hardware/driver14:34
asacfeels really like that skipping or starting over would be app prob14:34
asacis this spec supposed to cover that?14:34
asacif so we should use the default media player14:34
plarsI recall that was one of the things that was mentioned as an interesting way to test it during the UDS session14:35
asacwhat way is that?14:35
asacusing default media player? and getting manual confirm that the music continued?14:35
asaclets do that then14:35
plarsif there was heavy skipping, starting over, etc14:35
asacok lets do that14:35
plarseven if it's an app problem... if it's something that doesn't normally happen, but only happens when returning from resume, then it's good to catch it here I think14:36
asacfan/cooling -> we dont have fans on arm, do we?14:36
asacthats not BASE imo14:36
plarsI don't think it's *that* important to have microsecon. accuracy to determine if some amount of audio was skipped though14:36
asaccpufreq/voltage can be done by compraing /proc/cpuinfo i woul dhope14:36
asacplars: yes. lets implement that .. .asking the user if the music continued14:37
asac(explicitly saying: did it start over etc.)14:37
plarsasac: so should we cancel fan/cooling?  I haven't seen a fan on any of my arm procs so far14:37
asacmove to EXTRA14:37
asacthats currently the dump that doesnt get implemented by us14:37
asacok for cpufreq test?14:38
plarscpuinfo will not tell us that14:38
plarsiirc, bogomips only gets calculated on boot, everything else there is pretty static I think14:38
asacok. then you want to do what? see how long a algorithm takes with nice -MAX ?14:38
asacyes. but if there is cpufreq change on my intel/amd the output adapts e.g. for powersave14:38
asacif thats not good enough we should run something complex and see how long it takes with max prio14:39
asacand if it doesnt deviate consierably (like 20%) we are fine14:39
asacmakes senes?14:39
asaci am spotting media playback in STD14:40
asacso how about really keeping the desktop test case for the audio devices test14:40
asacand doing the media player tihng we discussed there?14:40
asacPLUS video14:40
plarsasac: you mean combining it?14:41
asacyes. e.g. the STD: media playback thing would get the high level app testing we discuss14:41
asacand the BASE one would be just the current test we already have14:42
asace.g. BASE == hardware ... STD  == application level14:42
plarsasac: sounds good14:42
asacSD card removal during sleep14:42
asacfor mounted devices14:42
asacwithout replug=14:42
plarsthat is what was discussed at UDS14:43
asacsame for usb/usb ... isnt that covered by the BASE HID test?14:43
plarsmounted, but should not be in use14:43
asacplars: ok so we want to see that removing mounted SD card during suspend gets unmounted on resume14:43
plarsI wouldn't think that would be in base HID14:43
asacthats easy to check14:43
asacplars: the usb/usb thing?14:43
plarsasac: right, usb14:43
asacwhy not? we have a bunch of usb stuff for HID14:43
plarsasac: ah, I'm referring to USB block devices, not char14:44
plarsusb char devs, such as kbd, mouse, etc would certainly be covered under HID14:44
asacok so cant we make a generic "block device" removal + unmount test?14:45
asace.g. combine that with the SD thing?14:45
asacanyway, if thats clear its ok to keep it14:45
plarsasac: it would save us one test, but might muddy up the results14:45
asacwe can figure that during implementation14:45
asacbut checking for something being not in mount after resume is easy enough14:46
plarsif the tester forgets to specify (we hope not, but still) then you know that there was either a problem with SD removal, or USB removal14:46
asaclets clarify on wiki that usb/usb is about block devices ... then i am happy14:46
asacSTD:NAND/MTD -> i think that should go to extra unless we know whats going on14:46
asacfor now i would think that NAND is only relevant during boot14:46
asacso it isnt even touched at resume/suspend14:47
asaccool lets move it down, maybe dropping that comment in there ...14:47
persiaUm, depends on the device.14:47
persiaNAND *is* the primary secondary storage on a number of devices.14:47
persiaBut the test is easy: just confirm you can read from the mtd14:48
persiawriting is a bonus.14:48
plarspersia: you have generic way of doing that?14:48
asacif you think its doable thats ok. is NAND a secondary storage on any of our supported devices?14:48
asachow do we detect NAND mounts?14:48
asacfor me it feels like EXTRA ;)14:49
asacbacklight ... no idea how to test that. for some devices we might be able to check the value in /sys/proc14:49
persiaplars: I have a way that works on my hardware.  No idea if it works on supported boards.14:49
asacadd persia to the comments column ;)14:49
persiaasac: Do any supported boards have built-in screens?14:49
asacno. but devices14:50
asaclike smartbooks ;)14:50
persiaYeah, but it's a lot harder to test backlights when you can't see them.14:50
plarsright, I don't have a way of testing it with anything I have at the moment14:50
persiaI'd be happy to do a backlight test, if I had a kernel :)14:50
asacwe can see them. we need a pegatron or something14:50
asacplars: manual would be only option14:50
asacimo its EXTRA too ;)14:51
asacmaybe we can ask if chaning backlight after resume works still14:51
asacthat would be more STD14:51
plarsasac: fair enough, we can easily implement a manual test for it at the moment, and that can be adapted later if we have an improved way14:51
asacwireless soft switch is a none issue ... for instance NM resets that on resume ;)14:51
asacplars: so asking if changing backlight still works or if screen is still same brightness?14:51
persiaasac: wireless soft switch is to confirm that NM *can* reset it on resume14:52
plarsasac: both!14:52
asacthe summary says its supposed to test if its the same14:52
asacproblem is that we have a race14:52
persiaThen drop it.  Doesn't make sense to test that.14:52
asacbut its doable14:52
asacwe can compare rfkill info14:53
asacthats easily14:53
persiaIf it's easy, then nevermind.14:53
asacyes. lets keep it. rfkill compare ... and ensuring that its off in the end14:53
asaca) compare rfkill output from before suspend with before NM gets resume dbus call14:54
asacb) does NM reset it14:54
asaclatter probably manually14:54
asacwe can certainly do a)14:54
asackeyboard softswitches is probably ok.14:54
asacnot sure if that is that important though ;)14:54
asacif they work its fine14:54
asacbut thats covered by HID somewhat14:55
plarshmm... is there an easy automatic way to determine if caps/num, etc are set/unset?14:55
asacencryption engine? ... maybe for installs with encrypted home check if we can still read from home?14:55
persiaI don't like the HID testcase.14:55
persiaI think the thing to check is that putting power back on USB actually restores the device function.14:55
persiaNot just removal during sleep.14:55
plarsencryption engines I believe should be in extra14:55
persiaI've had laptops where USB HID didn't work over suspend/resume.14:56
plarspersia: so a better test you think would probably be just to see if they still work after resume? makes sense14:56
persiaplars: Both make sense, but HID still working after resume is significantly more critical than being able to hotplug.14:57
asacencrypted home is a official install option. if that falls under encryption engine we should keep it in STD14:57
persiaBecause if some device has internal USB HID connections to, say, the keyboard, the end user isn't going to be able to reset it.14:57
asacpersia: HID definitly covers that it still works14:58
asacits about replugging while asleep14:58
plarsasac: I took encryption engine to refer to hardware special purpose processors that some devices may/may not have14:58
asacwe can extend that test case to ask for not replug though14:58
persiaasac: But I also want to test that it works when you don't do anything and sleep.14:58
asacplars: ok. then extra14:58
plarsif we extend it to cover ecryptfs, then it's not hardware related at all14:58
asacpersia: right. lets extend the test case ... add that to summary14:58
persiaI thought encryption was about encrypted home too, which is why I put it in STD.14:58
asacplars: yeah. not sure if the fs thing would make use of those hardware things14:59
asaci would hope it does14:59
persiaNot by default.14:59
asacbut then i dont think we support hardware that has that?14:59
persiaWell, at least usually.14:59
asacok its EXTRA14:59
plarswhich is why I think it should be in extra14:59
asaci think bluetooth feels more like STD14:59
asacbut thats not arm specific i would think15:00
asacplars: yes. thats fine15:00
plarsnothing I have has bluetooth builtin15:00
asacok lets just check what of extra might need to be std15:00
plarswould need to add a dongle15:00
asacplars: right. i would expect that devices will have that usually though. so we should ensure that test cases are there15:00
asacits something the QA team probably also would wnat15:00
persiabluetooth is extra because it's not well supported for any arch right now (although it's getting there)15:01
asacwell. its really important for us even if its not yet perfect ;)15:01
asacbut its not really arch dependent, i agree15:01
persiaAnd it'S not onboard for any supported boards.15:01
asacright. its not arm/hardware specific15:01
asacit would be a win for QA15:01
asaci am fine to keep it in extra15:02
asacjust wonder if we should maybe ask QA team to implement it15:02
asacaka suggest it15:02
persiaI think it's EXTRA in the context of suspend/resume15:02
asacfine with me15:02
asacanyone managed to keep track ;)?15:02
persiaI think it would be good to add to the standard checkbox test suite15:02
asacright. lets file a bug and mark that as DONE then ;)15:03
persiaThe channel is logged, so we have notes :)15:03
plarsasac: file what bug?15:03
persiaplars: against checkbox asking for BT testing15:03
asaccheckbox -> add bluetooth suspend/resume testcase15:03
persiacheckbox gets bluetooth "does it work" testing15:03
persiasuspend/resume gets bluetooth as EXTRA15:04
plarspersia: that may already be in the works15:04
persiaplars: That's what I heard.15:04
asacdont care ...15:04
plarsI think that oem already has some that have not been pulled in yet15:04
persiaMoving on...15:04
asacyou can file a generic bug for bluetooth support ;)15:04
asacin checkbox15:04
asacand say that we came from suspend/resume testing ;)15:04
persiaPCMCIA and eSATA are EXTRA because of hardware availability with our kernels.15:04
persiaNFS/CIFS/etc. is just app-level testing of network15:05
asacdont we have eSATA?15:05
persiaDo you?15:05
asaci dont know. thought we have SATA ... no clue what it is15:05
persiaI heard about SATA, but not about eSATA.15:05
plarswell, my sata port looks pretty external, but that's only because I don't have an enclosure :)15:05
persiaeSATA is External SATA15:05
ograasac, i think i found the partition issue ...15:05
asacogra: rocking15:06
ogra# round size to next block; note we assume blocks of 512 B15:06
ograIMG_SIZE_BLOCKS="$((($FIS_SIZE + $IMAGE_SIZE + 512 - 1) / 512))"15:06
ograthats from the original script :P15:06
persianbd\iSCSI/etc. is again just more network tests, really.  EXTRA15:06
asaci tried that15:06
ograi must have been blind to missi it15:06
asacexactly that ;)15:06
asacbut great15:06
persiamulticore runs into hardware issues, as does radio/telephony.15:06
asaci first tried round to blocks15:06
ografor what exactly ?15:06
asacthen i tried to round to cylinders  ;)15:06
asacogra: for all partitions15:07
plarspersia: otoh, I think multicore would be good to revisit if/when we have supported multicore systems, extra until then though15:07
ograIMG_SIZE_BLOCKS is used in the dd command that creates the raw image15:07
ograbefore partitioning it ;)15:07
asacthat adds meta info?15:07
ograbut uses a bs=512 ;)15:07
asacwhats the difference?15:08
asacin the end everything is zero ;)15:08
ograthat the dd'ed image has a blocksize15:08
asacso if there is no meta data then15:08
asacso there is meta info15:08
asacthats what i mean15:08
ograthere are block boundaries15:08
asacthats meta info15:08
ograits not "meta info"15:08
asacits definitly not payload ;)15:08
asacanyway very good15:08
asacnow i want my board back ;)15:09
ograits just the way the raw image is built15:09
asacstill ... its meta info ;) because its not payload15:09
asacit must be somewhere in the blob15:09
ograanyway, that should give us properly partitioning15:09
asacand does not carry data15:09
asacplease verify15:09
asacthen lets move swiftly for the uboot spec :)15:09
asacplars: so all fine?15:10
asacpersia: any of the testcases you want to be peer or even owner for?15:10
plarsasac: yes15:10
asacalso setting "fill out the wiki items" to DONE15:11
asacas i assume you add some stuff we mentioned15:11
plarsasac: yes, of course15:11
asacplars: actually all items are done, right?15:11
asace.g. we decided what is automated too?15:11
plarsasac: pretty much I think15:12
asacplars: you might want to reorder the implementation work items15:13
asacthat went into extra15:13
asacplars: anything from BASE we cant implement?15:14
asaci guess we had an idea for everything, right?15:14
plarsasac: yes15:14
plarswe're good15:14
asacthat brings us close the trendline15:14
plarsthanks :)15:14
plarsasac: I might have to move my final two items for the install testing to A315:15
asacplars: thats ok. what is blocking that?15:15
asacnote: we still have a few days left and you are not bound to freezes ;)15:15
plarsI've talked to ara about them, and have a RT ticket to get access to the system for adding the tests to the tracker DB15:15
asacthats blocking both?15:16
plarsif it happens before the cutoff, I could do it, but it may be better to wait anyway15:16
plarsyeah, but it can't really start until AFTER alpha2 drops15:16
asaclets keep them there until tuesday ... and then move them15:16
plarsso, it's better probably not to go mucking with that db right now anyway15:16
asaclets move them15:16
plarsotherwise, it's ready to go, and regardless of whether those milestones get created now, or after a2 drops, it will not change the timeline for it actually starting to happen15:17
asacplars: one thing. do you have a list of changes to RC bugs ?15:17
asacsince last meeting ...15:17
plarsno, sorry, I do not15:17
asacok moved15:18
ograhrm, no, doesnt work either15:33
asacplars: isnt bug 431963 fixed15:33
ubot4Launchpad bug 431963 in linux-fsl-imx51 "io/fs errors when launching gdm on imx51 with sata" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43196315:33
asacogra: fdisk -l looks good?15:33
ograi guess the image needs to exactly be a multiple of 51215:33
asaci would think that some of the bounds might be wrong15:34
asace.g. -115:34
plarsasac: yes, fix released for lucid, and the sru for karmic was just recently confirmed by GrueMaster15:34
asacso you probably trash the partition as i expected15:34
asacplars: why is it fix committed?15:34
plarsasac: that's for karmic15:34
asacthoght the bot always posts the default15:34
asacbug 45368215:34
plarsasac: according to the bug, the lucid task is fix released15:35
ograasac, parted needs exact 512 bytes boundaries15:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 453682 in linux-mvl-dove "late resume failure on dove" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45368215:35
asacplars: that one?15:35
plarsasac: same there15:35
ograso we need to adjust our partition sizes accordingly15:35
plarsasac: fix released for lucid15:35
asacbug 45665915:36
ubot4Launchpad bug 456659 in linux-fsl-imx51 "suspend/resume failure on imx51" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45665915:36
asacno need to comment15:36
asacjust trying to get info ;)15:36
asacbug 49988115:36
ubot4Launchpad bug 499881 in linux-fsl-imx51 "usb storage with ext4 does not work in lucid" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49988115:37
plarsasac: I haven't seen an movement from kernel team on 456659, but it seems to work better for me now on bbg3 at least, still may not be quite fixed though15:37
asacbug 45850115:37
ubot4Launchpad bug 458501 in gnome-screensaver "[armel] screensaver hangs on unlock, eats cpu" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45850115:37
plars458501 is fixed in lucid15:38
asacbug 49466715:38
ubot4Launchpad bug 494667 in squashfs-tools "[armel] non-ISO-C misaligned pointer punning causes slowness and SIGILLs" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49466715:38
* asac moves to fix15:38
plarssomeone didn't subscribe 499881 to ubuntu-armel... :)15:39
asaci searched for armel tag ;)15:39
asachopefully that has all15:39
plarsyeah, I need to pull the list of unsubscribed bugs with armel tag again15:39
plarsideally, they should also be subscribed to ubuntu-armel if we may do something with them15:40
asacmaybe compare that with the lucid list you get for ubuntu-armel ;)15:40
asacif you see a difference let me know so i can add tha to the report :)15:40
asacbug 46279815:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 462798 in ubiquity "selecting 'new partition table' confuses the partitioning" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46279815:40
plarsasac: I have a script that will show me he ones tagged, but not subscribed15:40
plarsasac: NCommander is aware of that one15:41
plarswas something we found towards the end of karmic15:41
asacthe other way around would be good for me atm ;)15:41
asace.g. not tagged but subscribed and targetted for lucid :)15:41
asacbut i can search for that in a bit on my own15:41
asacbug 45155315:41
plarsI updated it recently15:41
ubot4Launchpad bug 451553 in linux-mvl-dove "Lots of errors during install on dove" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45155315:41
asacwhats that?15:41
asacwhy is a medium bug targetted for release?15:42
asacplars: do you still see that? its old aka october15:42
plarsasac: i believe the importance may have been lowered at some point15:42
asacok untargetting15:42
plarsI still see some of those errors, last I checked, but not all of them15:43
asacmoving to normal baug15:43
plarsthe lucid task was targetted for karmic updates?!15:43
asacyeah ;)15:43
asacremoved the milestone now15:43
plarsprobably the lucid task was opened after that was milestoned15:44
plarsthat's likely what happened... neat trick though!15:44
asacbug 45853715:44
ubot4Launchpad bug 458537 in linux-fsl-imx51 "hibernate does not work" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45853715:44
plarshmm? wontfix for lucid?15:44
asacplars: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/ReleaseStatus/Lucid -> check that15:44
asacplars: wontfix is the way to untarget it ... so the "normal" task reappears15:45
asacits the only way ;)15:45
asacso ignore that. just means its not tracked by release team anymore15:45
plarsI see15:45
asacplars: the bug progress was nice this week ;)15:45
asacwell not really week ;)15:45
plarsasac: move 453682 to fix released for lucid15:46
plarsand 45850115:47
plarsI see the category now15:47
* plars needs more caffeine15:47
plarsI keep thinking the fixed this week is the backlog category for some reason15:47
plarsbecause the one under it is fix available I guess15:48
asacplars: could you test the alternate images?15:51
asacdo they work15:51
plarsasac: I have not so far, but I could pull them and take a look if you'd like15:51
plarsI thought that ogra or someone had said they had looked recently15:52
ograNCommander did say that15:52
ograbut i think he only chacked dove15:52
NCommanderogra, they boot for dove, installatoin fell flat on its face due to installability errors15:53
asacJamieBennett: ogra: plars: GrueMaster: NCommander: persia: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/ReleaseStatus/Lucid15:58
asacanything for weekly summary?15:58
GrueMasterasac: lsb-lib test porting is done; all that's left is the packaging.15:59
NCommanderasac, probably want the bug report for thumb, but I haven't written it up yet as I'm reinstalling with latest packages to get the best possible report15:59
GrueMasterI'm dropping libstdc++-tests as they only test for api existence, not functionality.16:00
asac * lsb-lib porting16:00
asacadded that to summary16:00
NCommanderasac, we also want to track alternates for this alpha, but they aren't a blocker on working/not working16:00
asacNCommander: did you read that wiki page?16:00
ograwhats https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/499881 ?16:00
asac * mobile-lucid-arm-alternate-images: DONE - verification pending.16:00
NCommanderasac, oops, sorry16:00
ubot4ogra: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/499881)16:00
asacogra: thats my usb storage not working in lucid16:00
asacworks perfect in karmic16:01
asacbut with lucid is broken16:01
ograwhy the heck is none of these bugs properly subscribed to ubuntu-armel ?16:01
ograi havent heard of either of them16:01
plarsogra: I'm pulling a list of unsubscribed bugs right now, will go through them and see if we are still missing some important ones16:02
ograthanks a lot16:03
plarsthere was another one like that I caught earlier this morning too16:03
ograthats a month old, i might have debugged it already had i known about it16:03
ograasac, ok, going through the script items manually i at least get a proper "Non-FS Data" partition again in fdisk16:05
ograand with handing -C to fdisk it doesnt complain anymore ...16:05
asacso ooo failing to biuld would be a problem?16:06
asacis it easy for us to unseed?16:06
asacor are there libs that are pulled in as base stuff?16:06
ogranot easy16:06
ograbut possible16:06
asacwhy not?16:06
ogralanguage packs16:06
asacseems we get an alpha-2 upload before a2 so i want to discuss with slangasek16:07
asacbut need to understand how bad it owuld be16:07
asacooo upload before a216:07
ograit needs some very intrusive shuffling of the translation packages to actually get everything off the image16:07
ograslangasek knows what i'm talking about16:08
ograwe did it together the last time we unseeded oo.o because it failed16:08
ograoh !16:10
* ogra glares at dd if=/dev/zero of=./boot.img bs=1024 count=$(($BOOT_SIZE / 1024))16:10
ograwhy do we use bs=1024 here ... hmm16:11
ograaha !16:17
ograhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/353529/ <- as soon as i create the second partition16:18
asacyes. i think you need to add a better start16:19
asace.g. try to add more offset16:19
ograwell, i did it manually16:19
asacor dont change the fs type before16:19
ograand made it start 1byte after the end of part 116:20
ograthe fstype is changed in the table not on the partition16:20
asactry to give it a full block offset16:20
ograyes, thats what i'll try next16:20
ograeither a full block or probably better the exact start of the next 512B block16:21
ograi think the latter will solve it16:21
ograbut i dont get why ...16:22
ograsince we dont need this in the original script on the builder16:22
ogranope, same breakage16:34
asacGrueMaster: plars: how do you organize testing of standing RC bugs? do you check each every day? or only if someone claims it to be fixed?17:12
plarsgenerally only if someone claims that it has been fixed, or that there is a test package for it.  However, some that are much more obvious will be much more likely to get noticed in testing of daily images17:13
GrueMasterI try to test once it's marked as fixed.  Otherwise, I also try to monitor the package in the manifest to see if it changes there.17:14
plarsasac: what did you recommend for cpufreq/voltage? we discussed that cpuinfo was insufficient to tell us anything there, but going back through the logs it was unclear as to whether you were suggesting to move that one to extra, or the previous item we discussed17:25
asacplars: some more or less long running computing thing that doesn consume much memory (e.g. no swapping) run with high prio17:26
asacmeasuring time17:26
asaci think priority isnt important if we look at CPU time actually17:27
plarsstill in base?17:27
asacwhy not?17:27
asacfeels doable and good to check ;)17:27
plarsI was wondering... is cpufreq subsystem not supported under arm?17:27
plarsmight give us a better test17:27
asacCPU time should be a real test. cpufreq is just exported by kernel and might not match actual performance if there is a bug17:28
asacor isnt that true?17:28
asacbut well. if we have that and the time measuring doesnt feel good, thats probably ok too17:28
plarsasac: I was thinking in terms of adjusting the freq, making sure it matches after resume17:29
ograwe could grep BogoMIPS from /var/log/dmesg :)17:31
plarsogra: iirc, bogomips only gets updated at boot, not on resume17:31
ograyeah, most likely17:32
ograogra@babbage2:~$ sudo cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_cur_freq17:34
suihkulokkimmh.. on a preemptively multitasking OS asking the cpu performance is usually wrong question17:34
plarsogra: odd, I don't see that on my b317:35
ograplars, you dont use the shiny new kernel from cooloney ;)17:35
plarsogra: ah17:35
ograi wasnt thrilled by nothing when i said we have all devices working ;)17:35
ograthat first shot is really better than any released kernel we had before17:36
asacits still kernel statistics vs. actual performance17:36
asacactual performance is the best test imo17:36
asackernel statistics could be busted17:37
asacchecking both is the best17:37
asacbecause we dont want good actual performance with busted kernel stats for instance :)17:37
ograi doubt we actually want to scale it at all17:37
ograas long as all graphics rendering is framebuffer and software based it makes no sense to scale down17:38
ograat least with the max 1GHz machines we have atm17:38
asacis that relevant?18:01
ograwell, what for is measuring good if you dont change the value anyway :)18:03
=== asac_ is now known as asac

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