vishzniavre: the nautilus changes[extra pane and bunch of other stuff] landed in Lucid07:59
zniavrevish what is the other stuff ?07:59
zniavreis  it rgba able now?08:00
vishzniavre: i think the RBGA and client side items landed too.. [i havent tried them though]08:00
zniavrehaha ...08:00
vishbleh... nautilus feels weird now :/   they moved the zoom in the center of the toolbar buttons08:00
zniavreim so sad i can't try it with my comp > installing a small soft is already a nightmare i can't think installing a full OS08:01
* vish turns off main toolbar :/08:01
vishzniavre: from the RBGA bug report is seems it has landed08:02
vishargh! two more context menu items :/   "copy to" and "move to"08:04
darkmattervish: how many times have I told you. nautilus is a worthless and convoluted pile of **** ;)08:06
vishdarkmatter: seriously... the context menu is like a takeout menu now! looks like a long list of everything i could try at some point !08:08
darkmattervish: yes, plus if I wanted a split pane I'd use gnome commander or some other filer that does it correctly. I am REALLY starting to hate the half-hearted and careless approach to software design08:10
vishhehe , now if someone wants to use the location using keyboard , they can do it _only_ with the keyboard ;)08:12
thorwilnautilus does split pane in an incorrect way?08:12
vishor i havent found a button to do it yet ;p08:12
* vish starts cursing at the window!08:13
thorwildarkmatter: the currently popular approach to "design" seems to be taking a wild guess on what might be a good strategy to then run with with an implementation, talking about and tweaking details as you stumble over them08:16
thorwilvish: any news on the book cover?08:17
darkmatterthorwil: pretty much08:17
darkmattervish: I've not seen the new context menu, so is it like a convoluted and redundant mess that does, like, copy/move with a file chooser/browse dialog while retaining copy and paste?08:19
darkmattercopy and cut*08:20
thorwilwtf: http://www.photo-editor-pro.com/08:21
darkmatterthorwil: it's GNU, deal with it :P08:22
darkmatterthorwil: I've seen worse. there was a company selling *their* office suite for $149.95 or something like that. bargain basement price for OO.o08:23
vishjust a sec let me get the default screenshots!08:28
vishdarkmatter: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1325768/Screenshot.png08:36
vishthorwil: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1325768/Screenshot-guest-home.F839KN%20-%20File%20Browser-1.png08:36
vishthorwil: cover this was the final versioni ended up with > http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1325768/Cover.png08:36
wolteroh lord.. I hope i can disable some of those08:37
wolterlike copy to and move to08:37
wolterthats so.. windows08:37
darkmattervish: yeah. pretty much the convoluted approach I thought08:37
vishthorwil: is how they want to use it > http://imagebin.ca/view/Is-TiOI.html08:38
wolteryeah well, a bit changed08:39
* vish scratches head... :/ needs to fix the "home" icon.. seems like a dwarf there ;p08:39
wolterwe made the white strip in the head more triangular, the lower "beard" a bit darker, and the "Created by" is now well aligned08:39
* vish bbiab08:41
thorwili think the shape of the eye is way off. outer corner much too high/sharp08:41
thorwilwolter: do you happen to know the page size and margins for the content?08:42
wolterthorwil, well, I use the US Letter size inkscape provides08:43
thorwilwolter: the book is in US letter format?08:43
wolterthorwil, yes08:44
wolterthorwil, is it strange?08:44
thorwilwolter: i don't know how (un)common that is. there's obviously quite some variation in book formats08:45
thorwilwill be fun if someone tries to print that on din a408:46
thorwilus letter: 215.9 × 279.4 , din a4: 210 x 297 mm08:47
thorwilwolter: what's your role in the manual project?08:48
* thorwil does household chores08:50
wolterthorwil, i am helping making chapter 908:53
wolterand also making the cover08:53
wolterwell, a version of it08:53
wolterand i made the lynx08:53
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