pleia2so, I'm looking at our current course structure with the beginning bit with lots of content, the demo and the practical section and wondering how we bring this to moodle00:36
* pleia2 supposes we should wait for cprofitt00:36
cjohnstonhowdy pleia200:38
pleia2hey cjohnston :)00:38
cjohnstonok.. so whats the scoop on mailing lists? you want them to join learning and classroom?00:39
pleia2at least classroom00:39
pleia2doctormo: you about?01:03
pleia2I am trying to sort out precisely what our course structure is01:03
pleia2we have a demo, which is the demonstration the instructor ives01:03
pleia2"pratical" which would be an activity the student does01:03
pleia2what do we call the big chunk of teaching stuff that the instructor teaches as an "overview" or whatever?01:04
pleia2before the demo and practical task01:04
pleia2in fact, what are all these things officiall called :)01:09
pleia2doctormo: this is what I have for descriptions:01:10
pleia2- Overview (pretty much the core documentation of the course, this the meat of what the instructor will teach in the class)01:11
pleia2 - Demonstration (a demonstration the instructor will complete for the class)01:11
pleia2 - Practical (a step-by-step task the students will complete on their systems)01:11
pleia2then maybe we'll have misc other stuff, like slides, config files, cookies01:11
doctormook, this is how I see it01:12
doctormoWe have the overview, which is a student visible explaination, documentation of the concepts of a subject. It should avoid giving instructions or examples and concentrate on showing things in terms. For example if you were going to demonstrate `ls` in the Demonstration section you would say `ls /tmp`, but in the overview section you would say `ls [directory]` which explains the form without demonstrating it.01:16
doctormoThe demonstration is simply the ideas put to action by the teacher01:16
doctormoIt should go from begining to end of the concept, every step and should explain what is being done. Most of this documentation is teacher only and teachers are free to do something different if they wish.01:17
doctormoThe practicals are student challenges, they could be group activities, or student self driven things. They should use all the concepts explained and shouldn't simply give command instructions... that is for the demonstration.01:18
doctormoSo we're talking about things like `Perform this action so you get this result`01:18
pleia2ok, I see01:18
pleia2looking at your apache course now01:19
doctormoOverview: The ls command (short for list) takes a directory argument and prints the contents of the directory to the standard out.01:19
pleia2would the overview be something the teacher goes through and teaches? or just background material?01:20
doctormoDemonstration: Run `ls /tmp` in a command line to show a typical list... 2) Run ls alone to show listing of current directory 3) Run `ls -l /tmp` to show using flags.01:20
doctormoPractical: List the contents of the '/etc' directory, you should get a great number of file and directory name printed to the screen.01:21
doctormoThe overview is something the teacher teaches, background is usually considered overview which the teacher teaches, but for which there is no demo or practical.01:22
doctormoBackground documents wich the teacher doesn't teach is considered a prior requirement for students to read up on before attending or taking up the class.01:23
* pleia2 nods01:23
pleia2alright, I am going to toss this up on a wiki page01:25
pleia2added a Sub Pages section on our main wiki so we can see what pages we've already created :) we've made a mess01:27
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning/LicensingTerms how complete is this?01:27
doctormoWe have a number of text docs in the trunk branch to help with licensing and formats, they should match the wiki I think01:31
pleia2the trunk branch has a barrier to entry, I am trying to make the basic stuff accessible to casual visitors01:32
pleia2(I've been inspired by the clarity and success of -manual)01:33
doctormoEr, I mean the info should be in both places01:33
pleia2gotcha :)01:33
* pleia2 digs around trunk01:33
pleia2ok cool01:35
pleia2did you look at our LicensingTerms page? It has a rationale01:35
pleia2I think it's accurate and we should keep it01:36
doctormoI'm thinking I should add a section about "You must either own the copyright in order to license the work under creative or... and then the rest"01:36
doctormoTo the text in the trunk01:36
* pleia2 nods01:36
doctormoI think the wiki is well writen, I want to take some of the text and move it into trunk01:37
pleia2ok good01:37
pleia2can we take the top off of the page saying it's not done? :)01:37
doctormoI've put a link in and updated the text for the license.README01:47
doctormoThis is the formats text, it's not been ratified, but I figured we would end up discussing it eventually after all the setup01:48
pleia2alright, I am going to do some wiki editing and stuff, I'll run it by the team when I'm done01:55
pleia2and hopefully I can get a blog post out this weekend :)01:55
pleia2hey cprofitt! I will have a thing for you to look at in a few minutes02:42
pleia2cprofitt: I finally got around to properly documenting the course layout for real life and irc courses02:45
pleia2how well does this idea translate into a moodle course?02:45
* cprofitt looking now02:48
cprofittit should translate -- those are just 'zones' or 'steps' that should be present in lessons.02:49
cprofittthe terminology or 'method' may change with the format02:49
* pleia2 nods02:50
* pleia2 resaves with some notes about "documents"02:51
nigel_nbpleia2: judging by the logs, looks like lots been happening :)22:01

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