vishah , we dont have ubottu but only log bot :)16:17
wolterhi all again18:06
wolterjmburgess, are you around?18:07
wolterYesterday I sent an email to the list but I don't really know if it got spread by the server18:07
pererik87atyoutui got quite a few email yesterday18:35
wolterpererik87atyoutu, would you know if any of those emails comes from my behalf?18:45
jussi01If you guys need an ubottu clone you can ask in #ubuntu-irc19:02
vishjussi01: sure , I'll mention it to others...[not sure it is needed here though] i was just too used to the other rooms and missed the bot ;)19:08
=== vish is now known as mac_v
wolterok, ill do19:09
=== mac_v is now known as vish
wolterOk, I formerly asked for a bot19:12
wolterthey won't give it to me.. I'm going to start breaking faces19:12
wolterjk, but yeah, I just did.. so don't worry19:12
ip3t3r_si può parlare in italiano?19:15
ip3t3r_non cosa?19:15
ip3t3r_si o no?19:15
wolteringles aqui19:17
wolternous parle anglais19:17
wolterwe talk english :)19:17
ip3t3r_ok guy.. i just would know how ca i help writing this guide19:20
wolterip3t3r_, you could write an italian translation19:20
wolterthat would be good19:20
wolteryou want to start off by joining the launchpad team19:20
wolterhttp://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual i think19:21
wolterjoin team, and then in the blueprints section you can see the undone jobs19:22
ip3t3r_in this space what do you speak bout?.. (sorry for my bad english)19:22
wolterif you have art, you could help me perfectionate the titlepage19:22
wolterchannel you mean... we speak about everything concerning the project19:22
wolteris like a general purpose channel for the project19:22
wolterip3t3r_, what would you like to help in, and how did you find out about thids?19:24
ip3t3r_channel..yes it's the correct world... :)19:24
wolterjust spreading the knowledge :)19:24
wolterip3t3r_, maybe you want to check this page out too https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual#Contributions19:25
ip3t3r_i don't understand properly.. i'm as the iron when it began red....19:26
wolterip3t3r_, are you mad? sorry if i didn't understand your metaphor19:27
wolteranyway, how can I help you understand better ip3t3r_19:28
ip3t3r_probably i need to an englsh leanguege course19:30
ip3t3r_..... don't you thing so?19:35
wolterip3t3r_, sorry, I was away.. do you mean like, english classes?19:43
wolterwell, as you may know by now, we don't give english language courses here ;)19:43
wolterip3t3r_, but really, how do you want to help?19:43
ip3t3r_i'd like to write an italian translation if it's ok...19:44
ip3t3r_now i have to go19:51
ip3t3r_thanks to the english lesson ;)19:52
wolterhi sebsebseb21:28
wolterhow are you doing?21:28
wolterhey dutchie i am concerned that the latest revision is not building21:29
sebsebsebwolter: yeah ok,  and looks like this channel is being publically logged now21:29
wolterthis is happening since revision 55 i think21:29
woltersebsebseb, how so?21:29
wolteryeah, I was requesting a bot earlier21:29
wolterat #ubuntu-iirc21:29
wolterand they said I could just get a clone of ubottu at some site21:29
dutchiewolter: what's it saying?21:30
wolterjust go to #ubuntu-irc and say !botclone21:30
sebsebsebwolter: yeah not sure, but I think ubottu is only meant to really be used in the main channels21:30
wolterdutchie, that file titlesec.sty is missing21:30
sebsebsebI notice jussi01 and  jpds  are in here as well now, hello21:30
wolterwe can name it differently though, if that was the problem21:31
wolteryou know them?21:31
dutchiewolter: install texlive-latex-extra21:31
sebsebsebwolter: not really,  I know they are Ubuntu ops though21:31
sebsebsebwolter: how's the art work coming along?21:32
jussi01Have you guys thought of collaborating with the writers of the ubuntu book? or other publications?21:33
sebsebsebjussi01: humphreybc started the project, but he isn't here right now,  I only found out about it the other night, and then told wolter as well21:34
* jussi01 honestly cant see a need for it, but if thats what people want to put time into...21:34
sebsebsebwell  ideally he wants it in the ISO,  and he said that jono and jorge castro are also interested in the project21:35
sebsebsebit's  going to be a free PDF21:36
sebsebsebjussi01: have you been on the wiki site?21:36
sebsebseband if not in the ISO,  on the download page for Ubuntu at least, that's what they want21:38
sebsebsebjussi01: there's been a lot of media attention as well21:39
sebsebseba lot of articles/blogs about it and such21:40
woltersebsebseb, check it out at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/Screenshots21:41
woltergod... why is texlive so big...21:51
wolteri mean, its just text rendering, isn't it?21:52
sebsebsebwolter: I saw those covers before,  I thought you might have made something new by now21:52
wolteroh no21:54
wolteri have not21:54
wolteri certainly have not sebsebseb21:54
sebsebsebwolter: I just seen I got a thing in the comments section on that page as well :) although Humphrey did say about how he would add my comment21:58
sebsebsebwolter: seems it might have been edited a tiny bit,  but in that case that's pretty much what I put, well I can check my log22:06
wolterthanks for the feedback22:06
wolteranyway, i'm off now i think22:08
sebsebsebwolter: ok22:09
wolteranyway, if humphrey isn't here when i come back, i'm going to break his face22:09
Kr0ntabHappy Friday23:58
Kr0ntab"So... what do you have planned for the weekend?"... "Oh, I'm gonna party like it's 1999 and draft documentation!"23:59

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